5 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/04/2020

Trump won the Republican Caucuses in Iowa

President Donald trump won the Republican party Caucuses in Iowa. This is stated in the Twitter of the Republican party. Formally, trump has rivals in the primaries season, but they do not conduct an active campaign and do not really claim to win

Captured militants declared Turkish support for terrorists in Aleppo

The Turkish side supported the Jabhat al-Nusra group (banned in Russia), helping them with finances and providing manpower. This was stated by militants who were captured by the SAA in the vicinity of Aleppo.

Ukraine has announced new lawsuits against Russia

Ukrainian justice Minister Denis Malyuska announced new lawsuits against Russia in the near future. He said this in an interview with the portal”commander-in-Chief”. At the same time, he refused to disclose the details of the claims, noting that “we are also being watched from that side”.

“We are currently at the stage of collecting evidence and justifications. Let it be a surprise, ” added Malyuska

Erdogan greeted the honor guard in Kiev with the words ” glory to Ukraine»

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan greeted the guard of honor in Kiev with the slogan “Glory to Ukraine”during his visit to Ukraine. The video was published by the office of the President of Ukraine on Facebook. During the official meeting ceremony of the two leaders, they listened to the national anthem of Ukraine, after which Erdogan addressed the guard.

Krasnoyarsk corrupt doctor exposed by military counterintelligence agents

Military counterintelligence agents found that a medical worker for a monetary reward — 50 thousand rubles — agreed to help a resident of Krasnoyarsk be released from military service on appeal, giving him a false diagnosis. A criminal case was opened against the doctor

Lukashenko explained the detention of the heads of sugar factories with their ties to Russia

According to the President, the detained managers of sugar factories” at bargain prices “sold the products of their enterprises to the Russian “gasket” and received bribes for this

“This has never happened in Belarus. They created a “pad” in Moscow — a trading house. They put their own people there. Belarusian sugar was sold to the trading house from the factories at bargain prices. Those who increased the price, sold on the market. The difference was paid by bribes to the Directors of factories, ” Lukashenka told reporters (quoted by BelTA).

Lukashenko accused Moscow of cheating on gas prices

“Belarus wants the warmest, kindest and friendliest relations with the fraternal people. But if you promised in 5 years-when Beltransgaz (now Gazprom transgaz Belarus) bought-to bring us to domestic prices, so withdraw. Why are you deceiving us? Moreover, you do not deceive, but you think that we have forgotten it, ” Lukashenka said, as quoted by the state Agency BelTA.

Washington and Minsk will resume the work of embassies.

Both countries confirmed their intention to ensure the work of diplomatic missions after the talks between Pompeo and Lukashenko. First, Washington announced the sending of its Ambassador to Minsk, after which the Belarusian foreign Ministry also announced a mirror action.

“I will not say that the Americans are such great friends. But the period of this cold, when we looked at each other through some kind of embrasure, a thick reinforced concrete wall, ended. And no one needs to moan, worry and sob in this direction. We are establishing relations with the greatest Empire — the leading country in the world, ” BelTA quoted Him as saying.

Rating of Ukrainians ‘ trust in President Vladimir Zelensky

The rating of Ukrainians ‘confidence in the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky at the end of January was 59%, making him the only Ukrainian politician with a positive balance of this indicator, according to a survey conducted By the sociological group” Rating”

Norwegian authorities did not allow Russian dancers to enter

Norwegian authorities have not allowed members of the song and dance Ensemble of the Northern fleet of the Russian Federation to enter the country, according to Norwegian media. The ensemble is to take part in the Barents Spektakel festival in Kirkenes. The decision to refuse entry was made by the Norwegian foreign Ministry and the Ministry of defence.

The reports note that the reason was that in order to obtain a visa, members of the ensemble had to pass fingerprints, but in Russia, military personnel are forbidden to undergo such a procedure.

Air tickets abroad in Russia will rise by almost 3%

On the night of February 5, air tickets abroad will rise in price by almost 3% due to currency conversion by the International air transport Association (IATA), the Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) reported. The changes only apply to international flights.

The Russian authorities were just looking for an excuse

German secure email service blocked by Roskomnadzor mailbox.org he did not provide this Agency with any information about his users, the owner of the service peer Heinlein told Open media. According to him, all the “secret” information that Roskomnadzor allegedly sought from him for months was published on the service’s website a long time ago. The Russian authorities were just looking for an excuse to block it mailbox.org in Russia, says Heinlein

Omsk schoolchildren were allocated 5 rubles from the budget for Lunches

The 5 rubles a day allocated by the order of the Ministry of education of the Omsk region for hot Lunches for schoolchildren have no relation to the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, Ilya Krylich, the press Secretary of this Department, told Open media.

“A family that receives a subsidy of 10 rubles can add a certain amount to a hot meal, can get a hot lunch, or can fully eat on this subsidy — a drink and a dish»

The Ministry of justice will change the rules of communication between collectors and debtors

The new version of the Federal law on the recovery of overdue debt will give collectors the right to name and identification code. It will be assigned to their employees by employers. Another provision of the bill provides that the same requirements will apply to robot collectors: they will be able to tell debtors only the name and identification number. This is reported by RBC with reference to the draft Federal law on the return of overdue debt

In Khakassia declared a lack of money for schools and kindergartens

The Ministry of Finance of Khakassia reported that the budget for the current year is not balanced by 14 billion rubles, which is why schools and kindergartens may remain without electricity and food, which follows from the Ministry’s reference, which RBC has read. The regional Finance Ministry plans to apply to the Federal center.

Science and technology in developed countries by the end of 2019

High-tech exports

China: $654 billion
Germany: $210 billion
US: $156 billion
Russia: $10 billion

Scientific article

China: 426 165
USA: 408 985
Germany: 103 122
Russia: 59 134

International patent application

US: 56,142
China: 53,345
Germany: 19 883
Russia: 963

Russian Finance Ministry wants to reduce income tax for foreigners

The Ministry of Finance has developed a bill to reduce the personal income tax for non-residents from 30 to 13% and sent it for approval to other agencies, Interfax reports, citing the document. The Ministry of Finance estimates the loss of personal income tax revenues at 3.8 billion rubles.

Amendments are made to article 224 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation. The 13% rate is set regardless of the category of taxpayer. The new rate for non-residents will not be effective until 2021, according to the Agency. If the law is adopted, it will come into force one month after the official publication, but not before the beginning of the next tax period.

France is just a Pro European country

France is neither Pro-Russian nor anti-Russian, but simply a Pro-European country. This was stated by President Emmanuel macron at a press conference following a meeting with his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

“France is not Pro-Russian or anti-Russian, it is Pro-European,” the President said.

Macron expressed hope that Poland and the entire Polish people will be able to trust Europe, which will protect the country if it is attacked, and European countries, in turn, need to show their “firmness” in the current relations with Moscow.

“We must be demanding in our political dialogue with Russia»

According to Macron, the dialogue with Russia also serves as a necessary condition for making progress on resolving the situation in the South-East of Ukraine.

Poland and France agreed to resume the work of the Weimar triangle”

This was stated by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron in Warsaw. He noted that after Brexit, the population of Poland, France and Germany will make up 42% of the entire population of the EU. The Weimar triangle initiative (Poland, Germany and France) was intended to promote cooperation between the three countries. The last meeting of the leaders of the countries within the “triangle” was held in 2011.

Major financial centers in the world

According to surveys of top managers, this is new York or London. In third place with a margin of 15(!) time goes Singapore. Some put Dublin, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, the UAE and Paris in first place. Special originals indicate something else.

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation refused to apologize to Ivan Golunov.

The Prosecutor General’s office of the Russian Federation did not apologize to the journalist Ivan Golunov for illegal criminal prosecution and forwarded this issue to a lower court, said his lawyer Sergey badamshin.

“Deputy head of the Department for supervision of the investigation in the Ministry of internal Affairs … he pointed out that “an apology to the rehabilitated person for the harm caused to him is brought by the Prosecutor who directly supervises the criminal case,” badamshin said.

Ankara supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“I want to emphasize once again that Turkey does not support the illegal annexation of Crimea. Turkey supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea, ” Erdogan told reporters in Kiev.

Turkey did not arrive to participate in a joint patrol with Russia in Syria

“Due to the non – arrival of the Turkish side to participate in joint patrols, Russian military police units unilaterally carried out patrols along the route: Kobani – Garib-Harab – NAS-Itviran – Takhtani – Badfik-Itviran – Faukani – Garib – Kobani checkpoint in the province of Aleppo,” major General Yuri Borenkov, head of the Russian center for reconciliation of warring parties in the SAR, said at a briefing.

Repression in Runet has become less widespread, but more severe and targeted.

This is the conclusion reached by experts of the human rights group Agora and the Roskomsvoboda organization, who prepared the next annual report on the restriction of Internet freedom in Russia (the document is published on Tuesday).

The authors of the study recorded 438,981 cases of interference with Internet freedom last year – a third less than the year before. Moreover, if the number of cases of restricting access to Internet resources has sharply decreased (from 488,609 cases to 161,490, the authors of the study explain this primarily by a decrease in the activity of the authorities ‘ harassment of the telegram messenger), the number of information bans by state authorities is steadily growing. Since 2016 the number of such bans has increased more than 10-fold, from 24,000 to 272,875, with more than 4.74 million Internet resources being blocked along the way, the report says

Britain to ban hybrid car sales by 2035

“Demonstrating the urgent actions of the UK to reduce emissions, the government plans to end the sale of new cars and minibuses with petrol and diesel engines even earlier, by 2035, as well as to include hybrid ones for the first time,” the TASS newspaper reports, citing the bill.

Putin introduced new positions in the Secretariat of the Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council

The decree signed by the President is published on the official website of legal information. From published information it is known that there the post of head of Secretariat of the Chairman of the security Council of the Russian Federation and Deputy head of the Secretariat. Moreover, the Deputy Chairman of the Russian security Council will have an assistant.

Alleged CIA agent sentenced to death in Iran

An alleged CIA agent has been sentenced to death in Iran for spying on Iran’s nuclear program. The official representative of the Supreme court of Iran Golyam Hossein Ismaili told reporters on Tuesday

Pompeo said the US is ready to provide Belarus with oil

The US Secretary of state appealed to Minsk to join the WTO and unleash its economic potential through active development of the private sector of the economy. The US is ready to fully provide Belarus with oil.

Lukashenka informed about the planned meeting with Putin

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that on February 7, he plans to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The President’s remarks are quoted by BelTA.

This was preceded by continuous contacts at the working level. They continue. Indeed, such a meeting with the President of Belarus is being prepared for Friday. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Russians appreciated the work of the Medvedev government

The majority of Russians (74%) negatively assessed the work of the former government led by Dmitry Medvedev. This is evidenced by the Levada Center survey published by the Kommersant newspaper. According to the study, only 22% of respondents positively assessed the activities of the retired Cabinet of Ministers.

Almost half of Russians do not expect any changes in the country

85% of respondents had never heard anything about Mikhail Mishustin before Vladimir Putin proposed his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister. 46% of respondents do not expect changes as a result of the reshuffle, while 38% still hope for a new Cabinet. 9% expect changes for the worse.

Estonia accused Russia of falsifying history

A hundred years have passed since the conclusion of the Tartu peace Treaty with the Soviet Republic, and the head of the Estonian foreign Ministry Urmas Reinsalu, laying a wreath at the monument to Kalevipoeg, said that the Tartu peace acts as a legal continuity. After the ceremony, the Estonian foreign Ministry announced that Russia denies annexation of Estonia, hence justifying the policy of violence of totalitarian regimes. Estonia condemns this, Interfax reports.

Turkey will help Ukraine with its military equipment

During the visit of the Turkish delegation to Kiev, an agreement on military and financial cooperation between the two countries was signed, according to the website of the Ukrainian President. It is reported that Ankara approved the allocation of 200 million Turkish liras (about $36 million) to the Armed forces of Ukraine for the purchase of Turkish goods for “military and dual-use”.

In Aleppo, Syria, killed an ally of Iranian General Soleimani

The murder of one of the commanders of the Iranian special forces “al-Quds” of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, Asghar Bashabur, took place in the province of Aleppo (Syria), al Arabiya reports on February 3. Recall that a month ago, on January 3, another commander of the al-Quds special forces, Qasem Suleimani, was killed in Iraq.

A contingent of Turkey in Syria of Damascus gives the troops to occupy an important position

The advance of the Syrian Arab army units to the city of Saraqib (Idlib province, Syria) is being held back by Turkish troops, al-Watan writes on February 3. It is specified that the advance of the Syrian troops is hindered by a column of Turkish armored vehicles. Turkish observation posts have also been strengthened at Saraqib.

Iraq wants to work with the Pro-American coalition in a new way

Recall that the Iraqi military continues to cooperate with the United States, despite the aggravation that arose in the middle East between Washington and Tehran, and in which Baghdad was also involved. He said that the Islamic state group (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation) did not remain in Iraq and that therefore “military operations are over”.

“So now we need to develop a new mechanism for cooperation with the coalition forces and the forces of neighboring countries that helped Iraq in the fight against is (an organization whose activities are banned in the Russian Federation).”

In Yemen, the renewed rebel offensive

In Yemen, the ceasefire that has been in effect since October has been broken. The Houthi rebels in the new offensive approached the capital of the country by 30 km. They defeated several brigades of the government army.

Disney has revealed a teaser for new Marvel series

Disney has released a teaser for the new series of the Marvel universe. The video with the presentation of the first three TV projects was shown during the super bowl in the United States. The universe is expanding — ” the video description says



Shooting of a sports drama about the KAMAZ-master team has started in Russia»

In Naberezhnye Chelny, the shooting of an eight-part NTV sports drama about the KAMAZ-master team began. It is expected that the shooting of the project with the working title “Master” will also take place in Kazan, the Astrakhan region, Moscow and Kazakhstan.

Another contemporary art fair Art Russia will appear in Moscow

Recall that in the fall in Moscow for the seventh time held the fair of contemporary art Cosmoscow, and in the spring of last year, the first fair of the same profile Da!Moscow. And all of them are based in the same Gostiny Dvor.

Association “New urban artists” is holding an exhibition for the first time

The first Moscow exhibition of the Association “New urban artists”, which is attended by artists with a special mentality, will be held in Moscow on the site “ROSIZO” from February 7 to the end of the month. The exhibition includes 40 canvases created by nine authors between the ages of 20 and 40.

In the house of Picasso adapted poems by Mikhail Gutseriev

The authors of the work were the poet Mikhail Gutseriev and the composer Viktor Drobysh. The song “For the very first time” has already firmly entered the artist’s repertoire and the creative group approached the video shooting as creatively as possible, and most importantly-chose the right and interesting place for filming.

Theory Of a Deadman released the album ” Say Nothing»

Canadian rock band Theory Of a Deadman has released a new album, “Say Nothing”. “Say Nothing” is the seventh numbered longplay behind the cult Theory Of a Deadman

The first trailer of the cartoon “Minions: Gravitacija»

Today, February 3, the debut trailer for the cartoon “Minions: Gruvitation”was released. The video was published on the YouTube channel of the Illumination Studio. The animated film will be a continuation of the “Despicable me” franchise about the adventures of yellow cephalopod minions.



Annual snow and ice sculpture festival in Japan

The annual snow festival “Yuki Matsuri” opens in the Japanese city of Sapporo on the northernmost island of Hokkaido. Three festival sites in different districts of the city are available to visitors at once. The main one is located in the area of the Central Odori city Park. It exhibits dozens of sculptures made of snow and ice, including a 14-metre copy of the Lazienki Palace in Warsaw. An international competition for the best snow sculpture is held in the same place. It is attended by representatives of 11 countries and regions, including Mongolia, Thailand, Australia, Finland and Macao

70th Italian song Festival in Sanremo

The 70th anniversary festival of Italian pop song SANREMO-2020 will be held in the Ariston theater from February 4 to 8. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the show, the “Fashion side of the Festival” exhibition opens on February 4, which will end on February 23.

The Academy awards will be available to watch live in Russia

The live broadcast will take place on the night of February 9-10 at 4:00 Moscow time. It is noted that viewers will later be able to watch both the full version of the event and a special 90-minute version. Award entries will be available until the end of March.

Modern Indian art to be shown in Moscow

The largest exhibition of contemporary Indian art will be held at the Tretyakov gallery from June 17 to September 6. The exhibition will include works by more than 60 Indian artists, including Nalini Malani, Vivan Sundaram, Bhupen Hahar, Anish Kapoor, and Amar Kanwar.

In parallel with the exhibition, there will be an extensive program of lectures on the history and development of art since the independence of India in 1947. There will also be video screenings, concerts, performances by dance groups and a gastronomic festival – all at various venues in Moscow.

Benny Andersson announced the release of new songs by ABBA

Famous composer benny Andersson announced the release of new songs from the Swedish band ABBA. He does not rule out that this may happen before the end of this year

McDonald’s released the first karaoke mask for Instagram

McDonald’s restaurant chain has launched a branded karaoke mask on Instagram-in honor of the release of ” Double big Mac “and” big Mac BTS”. It allows users to sing about “grilled meat patties and special sauce”in their Stories.

Festival of neoclassical music Xvoya Neoclassic fest

From March 1 to 20, the largest festival of neoclassical music in the country, Xvoya Neoclassic fest, will be held in Aptekarsky ogorod. Young composers and performers from all over Russia will take part in it. Concerts will be held in the subtropical greenhouse of the Botanical garden.

Dutch synth-pop artist Thomas Azier will perform in Ulan-Ude

The first festival of modern music “UU” will be held in Ulan-Ude from February 26 to 29.SOUND”. On the second day, February 27, Dutch synth-pop artist Thomas Azier will perform on the stage of the Sports complex.

The Director of “Rocketman” wants to make a movie about the musical group The Clash

Director Dexter Fletcher, who made a film about Elton John “Rocketman”, said that he wants to make a new picture that tells the story of the cult British punk rock band The Clash.

The network posted an excerpt from the canceled TV series of George Lucas, “Star wars»

On the video hosting YouTube published a video with footage of the series on the universe of “Star wars”, which George Lucas planned to release in the noughties. The series, tentatively titled “Star wars: the Underworld”, was never launched, most likely due to the high cost of production.



A sequel to the death Note was released. It consists of a single issue

The new issue of “death note” consists of one issue with a length of 87 pages. The original manga ran from 2004 to 2006 and had 108 chapters. In 2017, Netflix released an adaptation of the death note, but it was not considered a success.

Xiaomi unveils ultra-fast 100-watt charger

Xiaomi has officially revealed its ultra-fast 100-watt charger. It is able to charge the 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 100% in just 17 minutes.

Enthusiasts have created a program to run 36 thousand Flash games

Enthusiasts have created a launcher (launcher) called Flashpoint, which allows you to run more than 36 thousand Flash games. This was announced on February 3 by the PCGamer portal. Flashpoint allows you to run Flash games for free and download them to the user’s computer if necessary. It is also reported that gamers can download a full archive of available games, the total weight of which is 288 GB.

Google accidentally sent out user videos to strangers

Content downloads may not be complete, and users may receive videos that do not belong to them. As a” solution ” to the problem, Google asks users to delete the previous download and export the data again. The error has already been fixed on the service itself.

Google is testing a paid service for selecting and printing the best photos

The American Corporation Google has started testing a new paid service designed to select the best user photos and print them in the format of 10×15 centimeters.

Firefox will inform users about the collected telemetry

Firefox has a special page where users can see what telemetry Mozilla extracts from their browser. You can get to this page simply by typing about:telemetry in the address bar.

This page provides detailed information about browser settings, installed add-ons, operating system, hardware, details about the browser session and running processes. In short, all the data that SOFTWARE developers usually collect about people in order to promptly fix bugs and keep statistics of the user base.

ZDNet journalists note that a Firefox engineer who wished to remain anonymous told them that this page was primarily intended for developers themselves to help them catch bugs in test installations. But in the end, it was decided to move the page to a stable branch, as a PR move, so that users are less worried about what data the browser collects about them.

The world’s first “open” social network…

The non-profit organization DFINITY, led by Briton Dominic Williams, created an open version of LinkedIn, called LinkedUp, to demonstrate how a website can be hosted directly on the Internet, rather than through Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure servers.

“Big tech companies have taken over the Internet and suppressed innovation by owning their own infrastructure and relationships with users,” said the owner of DFINITY. “As a result, a handful of commercial companies have created a monopolistic and closed Internet.”

“The original Internet was created in order to maintain communication even in the event of a nuclear attack. It was open, had no permit, and did not belong to any company. It’s just a Protocol that connects computers to form a network, ” said Dominic Williams.

Ubuntu surpassed Windows 10 in speed

The Ubuntu distribution bypassed Windows 10 in terms of speed. System performance testing was carried out on the basis of a budget laptop, as reported by the specialists of the Phoronix portal.