6 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/05/2020

Trump suggested that Democrats blame Russia for the failure of the vote in Iowa

Us President Donald trump did not rule out that the Democratic party will blame Russia for the failure of the vote counting system. He wrote about this in his Twitter account.

The Iowa branch of the Republican party tweeted a message saying that us President Donald trump received an overwhelming majority of votes and won.

Sanders ‘ staff announced his victory in the Iowa Caucuses

The headquarters of Senator Bernie Sanders announced the victory of his candidate at the Caucuses (meetings of voters) in Iowa, citing “internal data”. Employees of the candidates ‘ headquarters conducted independent calculations during the voting process.

Donald trump’s annual address to the nation

Three years ago, we launched the great American comeback. Today, I stand before you to report some amazing results. The number of jobs is growing at an incredible rate, incomes are increasing, poverty is decreasing, crime is also decreasing, trust is growing, and our country is once again thriving and highly respected.

America’s enemies are fleeing, America’s future is bright. Our economy is doing better than ever. Our armed forces have been completely rebuilt, and no one in the world can match their power, even close. Our borders are protected. Our families are thriving. Our values have been revived. Our pride is restored.

The days when other Nations used and even despised our country are far behind us. In fact, unfair trade with us was probably the only reason I decided to become President. China has been doing this for decades. Now we have changed that, and at the same time our relations with China are probably better than ever. This is because, frankly, they never believed they could get away with anything and no one would say, ” Enough!»

Now we have a new limit — the path to the stars, destined for America by fate itself. I ask Congress to fully Fund a program that will make the next man and first woman on the moon American astronauts-so that it becomes a launching pad for America to become the first country to plant its flag on Mars. God bless America!

In Russia, it will be easier to obtain citizenship

The bill proposes to exclude such a mandatory condition as disability. According to the document, the decision to grant citizenship to minors in a simplified manner can be made even if the applicant is 18 years old during the period of consideration of the application submitted by his legal representatives.

Trump promised to” crush the tyranny ” of Maduro in Venezuela

The head of the United States, Donald trump, in the presence of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, called President Nicolas Maduro an “illegal ruler” and promised to “break the power of tyranny.”

The United States is leading a coalition against Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Nicolas Maduro. Maduro is an illegitimate ruler, a tyrant who mistreats his people. But the power of Maduro’s tyranny will be crushed and broken. — Donald trump, 45th President of the United States

The Ministry of internal Affairs has prepared a law on the deportation of sick foreigners

Decisions on deportation can be made by the Ministry of internal Affairs, the Ministry of health, the FSB and the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance authorities. They will also decide how to send sick citizens to their homeland. Citizens with dangerous diseases will be provided with treatment, support and transportation before being expelled from Russia.

Such a law is certainly necessary. This is an example of the spread of coronavirus, and previous infections — swine and avian flu, SARS. The world has become global, and security issues in it require the state to take measures to protect its citizens. – Andrey Isaev, Russian politician

Tyumen region will become a quarantine zone

Russians and citizens of other countries who have decided to leave the Chinese province of Hubei will undergo a two-week quarantine in the Tyumen region, Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova told reporters. According to Golikova, the Tyumen region was chosen as “the most prepared region”.

In Novosibirsk, a permit was issued for the construction of the fourth bridge

Vis group received permission to build the first stage of the fourth bridge in Novosibirsk. The information appeared on February 4 on the Municipal portal of Novosibirsk. The authorizing document itself has not yet been published

Analysts have recorded a decrease in demand for gasoline in Russia

For the first time since 2015, sales fell to a minimum. According to statistics that Were published online the day before, in 2019, demand for gasoline fell by 1.4%, falling to the lowest values for the first time in five years and reaching a record low of 35.5 million tons.

The cost gap between renting and buying a home in the US is narrowing

Compared with the previous year, rents increased by 4%, and mortgage payments decreased by 1%, according to a new study Realtor.com, which analyzed housing costs in 593 U.S. counties with a population of more than 100,000 people.

New restrictions are being prepared for users of winter tires

The state Duma has started discussing measures to reduce the damage caused to roads by studded tires. We are talking about a speed limit for cars with such tires, a fine for improper use of seasonal tires, and the return of the mandatory identification mark “sh”. This sign is necessary so that cars with studded tires can identify automatic cameras. The published initiatives may later be included in the draft law, the rules of which will affect millions of citizens.

The Ministry of natural resources of Russia has published “a Detailed schedule for the implementation of the state program” environmental Protection for 2019 and for the planning period of 2020 and 2021″. According to the Federal project plan, funds for reducing emissions have been identified: 17.3 million rubles for 2020 and 20.2 million rubles for 2021.

“A comprehensive action plan has been implemented to reduce emissions of pollutants into the air in major industrial centers, including the cities of Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Lipetsk, Magnitogorsk, Mednogorsk, Nizhny Tagil, Novokuznetsk, Norilsk, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Cherepovets and Chita,” the schedule says in the section “Expected result of the event”.

Moldova hopes to get a $200 million loan from Russia

Currently, negotiations on obtaining a loan are at the final stage, the first tranche of $200 million can be sent to Moldova in February-March 2020, said the country’s President Igor Dodon. This is reported by TASS. The President explained that these funds will be used to repair 340 km of national and regional roads in Moldova. Repairs are due to begin in may 2020.

Free visas to Sri Lanka are no longer issued

Sri Lankan officials are not going to extend visa-free entry for citizens of 48 countries from February 1 this year. Among these States is Russia. Information about this appeared in late January, but later it was denied. Partners of Russian travel companies have not confirmed that the simplified visa scheme will continue to work. The Embassy of Sri Lanka has not yet confirmed the information that tourists will be allowed free of charge.

Russia has returned more credit than was given

For the first time since 2010, foreign governments returned more loans to Russia than they received. According to the Federal Treasury’s budget execution data, the borrowers paid 250 billion rubles, while Moscow lent 215 billion rubles.

Norwegian authorities are discussing the introduction of a tourist tax

According to the portal, a survey of residents of these cities showed that 65% of citizens are in favor of introducing a tourist tax. According to the mayor of the municipality of strand, Jan Ove Trygstad, the tourist tax is a forced measure that can solve the problem of deterioration of popular tourist areas in Norway.

The Central Bank has warned of a new method of credit fraud

The Bank of Russia noted the emergence of a new scheme in the Arsenal of black lenders: an individual or individual entrepreneur is given money, then the lender disappears, and for a long time the debtor simply has no one to pay the debt, while under the terms of the agreement the interest rate can grow, the debt increases rapidly. After some time, the lender returns unexpectedly and takes to the court with a demand to immediately repay the entire amount with interest.

In Russia, the volume of real estate transactions decreased

Rosstat recorded a decline in the sector of real estate transactions by 0.6% in 2019, which was the lowest figure for the first time since 2009. Last year, real estate transactions created more than 9.3 trillion rubles of added value, which is 9.4% of the total GDP.

The number of subscribers “Tricolor” has ceased to grow

The subscriber base of the largest pay-TV operator in Russia, Tricolor, has stopped growing, Kommersant reports. It is specified that the number of subscribers stopped at 12.23 million connections.

The Russians could not explain the reason for the price increase

The majority of Russians could not explain the reason for the price increase, could not give a correct definition of inflation, or do not know what it is (62 percent). This is stated in the report of the National Agency for financial research (NAFI). The study is at the disposal of the ” Tape.roo»

New cars have risen in price due to the tax, recycling fee and benefits

According to the Association of Russian automakers (oar) and Russian Automotive Market Research, Russian-made passenger cars in the past year rose by an average of 8.6% (up to 1.3 million rubles), and imported cars, the price of which grew faster, became more expensive by 9.4% (up to 3.8 million rubles), according to Kommersant»

Tesla’s market capitalization exceeded $ 140 billion

Tesla shares soared 19.89% to $780 apiece in Monday trading. As a result, the market capitalization of the electric car manufacturer, breaking record after record, reached $140.6 billion.

I was hoping for an Amnesty, but I got a sentence. Billionaire complained to the FSB

Data from the Amnesty Declaration was used by the FSB to seize assets worth 36 billion rubles, Konstantin Ponomarev complained about this in his letter to Dmitry Medvedev, RBC reported on February 5. Ponomarev believes that the Declaration that he filed in order to get an Amnesty for capital was illegally used by law enforcement officers to arrest his assets.

Russian tablets will be purchased for the population census

The Board of Directors of Rostelecom has agreed to change the state contract with Rosstat for the provision of services during the all-Russian population census in 2020, as well as the parameters of contracts with Russian tablet manufacturers for the supply of 360 thousand devices for a total amount of no more than 7.2 billion rubles, the company said.

Saudi Arabia sold Tesla shares just before they took off

The Saudi sovereign wealth Fund (PIF) was once one of the top 5 largest shareholders in Tesla, and it owned 8.2 million shares of the company. However, at the end of last year, only 0.039 million securities remained, according to Tesla’s financial report.

In the second half of 2019, the company’s stock soared from $200 to $400 apiece on the back of an excellent third-quarter report, and PIF preferred to lock in profits. Yesterday, Tesla stock prices reached almost $1000, taking advantage of demand thanks to another strong quarterly report, driven by record sales.

General Motors cut its net profit by 16 in 2019%

The net loss for the fourth quarter was $ 194 million, while a year ago there was a profit of $ 2.044 billion. The diluted loss per share was $ 0.16 compared to a profit of $ 1.4 for the fourth quarter of the previous year.

Realtors have recorded an increase in demand for small-sized housing in Moscow

Over the past ten years, the demand for secondary small-sized apartments has increased by 4.5 times. We are talking about one-room apartments of 30 square meters, one bedroom — up to 41 square meters and two — bedroom 55 sqm About it in a press release reported by analysts of a real estate company “Inkom-real Estate”. In the secondary market of the capital, the share of small apartments is the largest in the category of one-bedroom apartments — 12%. These are the objects that most often move from the primary to the secondary segment.

Dyson patented headphones with built-in air purifier

The British company Dyson has patented headphones with a built-in air purifier. The relevant documents were published by the UK intellectual property Office, according to Bloomberg. Judging by the image, the headphones will be equipped with a filter.

The US conducted a new test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile

The Pentagon conducted another launch of the Minuteman III Intercontinental ballistic missile to ensure the reliability of its systems. This is reported by the press service of the us air force global strike Command. It is noted that the launch was carried out from a mine at Vandenberg air force base in California.

Putin said that the government does not have time to swing

Putin stressed that he expects the government to work specifically on each of the identified areas. No excuses from members of the new Cabinet will be accepted, the President concluded.

This is a very large-scale work. It is very important because we will not be able to concentrate any other chance, any other amount of money that we have concentrated to achieve our national development goals in the coming years, or even decades. — Vladimir Putin

Putin has demanded from the government to achieve a breakthrough in reducing bureaucracy in

Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded that the government of Mikhail Mishustin achieve de-bureaucratization and wasteful spending. President Putin said this today, on February 5, at a meeting with the government.

The Russian government has been assigned the main task

The main task of the government is to create confidence in people in the future, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting with Vladimir Putin. He assured that all members of the government are focused on fulfilling the instructions of the head of state and understand the importance of the tasks set.

In Kuban, the equipment of the gas station was set up for under-filling of fuel

In the city of Korenovsk, Krasnodar region, ten people were convicted of fraud at Rosneft-Kubannefteproduct gas stations, the press service of the Krasnodar regional court reported. The defendants were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of one and a half to four years with serving the sentence in a colony-settlement.

The court recognized that the attackers installed special equipment at the gas station, which distorted data on the amount of released fuel and made it possible to under-supply fuel to customers. As a result, forming surpluses, from the implementation of which the attackers systematically received money.

Ex – officials from Kochenevo received terms for a bribe

Former officials of the administration of the Kochenevsky district of the Novosibirsk region were found guilty of receiving a bribe in the amount of 600,000 rubles for registration of title documents for a land plot near the railway station of the working village of Kochenevo.

The European court of justice awarded compensation for illegal searches and torture

The European court of human rights awarded 50 Russians compensation of more than a million euros for illegal searches and torture by security forces, according to the organization’s website.

Growth of the number of financial pyramids in Russia

In 2019, the Central Bank found 237 organizations with signs of financial pyramids, mainly limited liability companies and Internet projects, as well as credit consumer cooperatives, Valery Lyakh, Director of the Department for combating unfair practices of the Bank of Russia, told reporters. This is significantly more than in 2018 (168) and 2017 (137). In General, over 2015-2019, the regulator has identified 922 likely a pyramid.

Russia has sharply increased the supply of chickens to Ukraine

Chicken exports to Ukraine from Russia doubled in 2019. This is evidenced by data from the Federal customs service (FCS). The main supplier — “daughter” of the American company Aviagen, located in the Tula region, found out NEWS.ru.

Both demand and supply have declined in the labor market

The center for macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting (cmacp) notes that during the past year, the number of jobs was at the level of 73.4-73.5 million people, while in 2018 the figure was higher by 400 thousand, Kommersant reports. However, demand for labor remains higher than during the 2015 crisis, when demand fell to 72.5 million people.

The maximum Deposit rate continues to fall

At the end of January, five of the largest banks in Russia lowered their ruble Deposit rates. Sberbank’s maximum retail Deposit rate dropped from 5.85% to 4.5% per annum. Rosselkhozbank has reduced the ruble rate by 0.1 to 0.45 percentage points. VTB also reduced rates in the main line of retail deposits by 0.05–0.2 percentage points to 4.55% per annum (4.7% including capitalization).

The Bank of distressed assets entered the top three in terms of net profit

According to the reports of commercial banks published by the Bank of Russia for 2019, in addition to Sberbank (981 billion rubles) and VTB (213.8 billion rubles), trust Bank entered the top three in terms of net profit with the result of 56 billion rubles.the Bank of non-core assets was created by the Central Bank on the basis of trust Bank in may 2018.

In Libya, calculated the loss from the blockade of oil shipment ports

Libya’s losses as a result of blocking the country’s offshore oil terminals and fields amounted to $931 million, the national oil Corporation (NOC) of Libya reported on Tuesday. Oil production fell to 187,000 barrels per day, the company said.

Russia increased oil exports to foreign countries in January

In January 2020, Russian oil exports to foreign countries amounted to 21.3 million tons, an increase of 3.6% compared to January 2019, according to the operational summary of the Central Department of energy.

Saudi Arabia urged to reduce oil production

The government of Saudi Arabia called on the OPEC+ member countries to significantly reduce oil production for a while. The country believes that this will help compensate for the negative impact of coronavirus infection on demand in the oil market. This was reported by representatives of OPEC.

The Ministry of Finance did not abandon the tax maneuver in the oil industry

The Ministry of Finance does not plan to abandon the tax maneuver in the oil industry, the Deputy head of the Department said. Earlier, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko claimed that Moscow is allegedly trying to put pressure on Minsk with a tax maneuver in the oil sector. However, Russia denied the connection of the tax maneuver with the intention to affect relations with Minsk.

Gazprom is again preparing to turn off gas to the Yurginsky machine-building plant

According to the press service of Gazprom, the situation with the debt of the Yurginsky machine plant has been dragging on since 2013. And “KS” has already written twice that the gas supplier made a decision to stop the supply-in the summer of 2016 and in the spring of 2018.

Putin and Erdogan discuss coordination of actions in Syria

The Kremlin noted that the telephone conversation was initiated by Turkey. According to Reuters, Erdogan also discussed with Putin the attack on Turkish soldiers in Syria on February 3. According to the Turkish President, these events are detrimental to joint peace efforts in the region.

Berlin artist tricked Google Maps

The artist put 99 phones in a cart and drove it through some streets of Berlin. The streets were empty at this point, but on the map they were painted in red and maroon colors, showing heavy congestion. Trying to avoid a virtual traffic jam, some drivers changed their route.

The artist said that the purpose of the campaign was to show how much the modern world depends on apps and gadgets, how they affect everyday life and how dangerous manipulation of electronic technologies is.



Bloomberg learned about the us plans to leave one of the WTO agreements

The administration of US President Donald trump is exploring the possibility of withdrawing from the world trade organization (WTO) agreement on government procurement. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing informed sources.

British Ambassador to Russia on the Skripal case

Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, who were exposed to a nerve agent in the spring of 2018 in Salisbury, are doing well, British Ambassador to Russia Deborah Bronnert said. However, she refused to disclose the location of the victims. Bronnert also did not specify whether the Skripals live in the UK or some other country, Kommersant reports.

“I can’t tell you where they are, because we respect the right of people to make their own decisions. Both the government and the police will always be guided by the wishes of individuals, ” the diplomat said.

According to her, London does not intend to change its position on the Salisbury poisoning case, but is ready to cooperate with Moscow on other issues, even if the points of view do not agree. We are talking about international issues, including the situation in Libya and Iran, as well as culture, trade, etc.

The largest aircraft will receive a hybrid propulsion system

The British company Hybrid Air Vehicles has started developing a hybrid propulsion system for its promising airlander 10 hybrid airship, the largest aircraft in the world. According to the company, in the new propulsion system, electric motors, which Hybrid Air Vehicles is currently creating, will be responsible for creating the driving force. The developers intend to present the first Airlander 10 with a hybrid propulsion system in 2025.

Poland has not yet been invited to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow

“The invitation has not been passed yet, and at the moment this issue is not on the agenda,” Peskov told reporters in response to a question about whether the Polish leadership was invited to Moscow for the celebrations in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory and whether the President of the Republic Andrzej Duda will come to Russia.

US may expand sanctions against Nord stream 2»

The us Congress may adopt new sanctions against the Nord stream 2 project if Russia tries to lay the remaining kilometers of the pipeline. This is reported by the German newspaper Handelsblatt, referring to Washington’s diplomatic circles.

The WTO has supported the Ukrainian appeal in a dispute with Russia

The world trade organization (WTO) has partially supported an appeal filed by Ukraine over a dispute with Russia over the import of railway equipment. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to an informed source.


Develop and fix the motto of Russia in the Constitution

Member of the Public chamber of Russia Sultan khamzaev sent a letter (a copy is available to RT) to the co-chair of the working group on the preparation of proposals for amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation Pavel Krasheninnikov with a proposal to develop and include in the basic law the national motto of Russia

In Russia, before the state Duma elections in 2021, a party boom began

In 2019, the Ministry of justice registered information about the organizing committees of 39 new parties. This was reported by the newspaper Vedomosti, which belongs to the family of Demyan Kudryavtsev. 17 of them appeared in September-December last year, and another 4-in January 2020.

The names of the seven future parties mention the words “people” and “justice”: “Good to the people”, the Party of the people, “We are of the people”. The list includes the parties “stopzhkh”, “Right to arms”, “Decent life”, “Strong people” and “political party Dedicated to Russia”. There is also one environmental party, the Green alternative.

According to the law on parties, the organizing Committee must hold a constituent Congress within a year of its mandate. Then the party must register branches in at least 43 regions within six months. Having reached the required minimum, the party will receive state registration and the right to participate in elections.

China saw hostility in Pompeo’s trip to Eurasia

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo’s intention to discuss China’s internal Affairs with Central Asian diplomats at the C5+1 meeting is an attempt to denigrate China. This is stated in the official statement of the Chinese Embassy in Uzbekistan, published on February 4.

Zelensky found a use for the money received from Gazprom

Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky proposed to direct the $2.9 billion that Naftogaz received from Gazprom as part of the execution of the Stockholm arbitration decision to implement infrastructure projects, Interfax reports, citing Zelensky’s press service.

There is no need to enter into a conflict with Russia at this stage

Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey does not intend to aggravate relations with Russia because of the situation in Idleb. The Turkish leader noted the presence of joint strategic facilities with Moscow

“We do not need to enter into a conflict or serious contradiction with Russia at this stage. We have strategic projects with it, such as Turkish stream and Akkuyu nuclear power plant. There is no question that we will abandon the s-400 air defense system. The one who stands up with anger will sit down with damage to himself, ” the Sabah newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying.

State tests of the Armata tank are planned to be completed in 2020

“State tests of the Armata tank are planned to be completed in 2020. According to the results of tests, the Russian defense Ministry will determine the delivery time of mass-produced equipment to military units, ” said Denis Manturov, Minister of industry and trade of Russia

Pentagon confirms placement of nuclear warheads on submarines

The us Department of defense on Tuesday confirmed the deployment of ballistic missiles with reduced-power nuclear warheads on submarines to deter Russia.

Russian high-precision “Krasnopol” again seen in Syria

Artillery in Syria uses guided 152-mm Krasnopol shells against terrorists. A photo of soldiers posing with this high-precision ammunition against the background of the 2A65 Msta-B gun appeared in the Network.

France to send 600 people to Africa’s Sahel region

French foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that the state not only confirms its commitment to the Sahel region, but also decided to send 600 more people to participate in operation Barkhan, Le Figaro reports.

UN security Council to hold emergency meeting on Syria

“The United States, France and the United Kingdom requested a briefing to the UN security Council on the situation in northwestern Syria with the participation of special envoy (UN Secretary General for Syria Geir) Pedersen and representatives of the UN Office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs,” the Agency said.

Lithuania announced Russia’s military buildup near Kaliningrad

Baltrenas noted that with the advent of the motorized rifle division near Kaliningrad, new units will be created and the total number of soldiers will increase. As a result, the number of weapons near Lithuania will grow. Tanks, for example, according to his estimates, can become twice as many — up to a hundred cars in the region itself

Russian adviser and his wife died in Tskhinvali

Russian adviser in South Ossetia on health and social policy, doctor of medical Sciences Igor Gal and his wife died in Tskhinvali, details are being clarified, a source in law enforcement agencies of the Republic told Interfax on Monday

Zelensky asks the Verkhovna Rada to allow foreign troops to enter the territory of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has submitted a draft law to the Verkhovna Rada in which he asks the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to allow foreign troops to enter the territory of Ukraine in 2020 to conduct joint multinational military exercises. The bill was registered and published on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The French President said that Russia is trying to revise the history of the Second world war

Emmanuel macron, in a speech to students in Warsaw, said that the Russian side is trying to interpret the events of the war and make the Polish people guilty. He said he wants to “confirm France’s solidarity with the Polish people in the face of those who deny reality” and seeks to falsify history.

WADA decided to suspend the Russian team from participating in the 2022 world Cup

The world anti-doping Agency (WADA) has decided to suspend the Russian team from participating in the 2022 world Cup, according to the Arabic TV channel beIN Sports.

“The world anti-doping Agency has notified Russia of a ban on participating in the 2022 world Cup in Qatar,” beIN Sports tweeted, citing a channel reporter.

Cheese and jamon from the St. Petersburg store burned in the oven

According to the Rosselkhoznadzor Administration for Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad region, 396 kg of cheeses, yoghurts and butter from Estonia, Finland and Germany, 53 kg of sausages, meat products and ham from Latvia, Germany and Spain, as well as 7 kg of Finnish fish were confiscated from a retail outlet in the Primorsky district. All dairy and meat products were destroyed by burning on February 4, the Ministry reported

In Russia, there are not enough medicines to treat cancer in children.

Russian doctors reported that they are experiencing a large shortage of drugs to treat cancer in children. In the clinics printed out the last reserves Oncaspar and Cytarabine (Cytosar), which are used in the treatment of leukemia.

Professor Alexey Maschan, Director Of the Institute of Hematology, immunology and cell technologies of the Dmitry Rogachev NSPC, told Izvestia that hospitals have Russian analogues of foreign drugs, but they are not suitable for all children and help in treating them worse.

“In Russia, there is only one domestic analogue, which is called “Vero-Asparaginase”. We checked it and found low activity, ” Maschan explained.

The doctor noted that due to the use of Russian analogues, the number of relapses of lymphoblastic leukemia in the last two years among children increased from 4 to 15%.

Anatoly Serdyukov’s family owns three houses on Rublevka

The family of former Russian defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov owns two land plots of more than 150 acres located in the village of Zhukovka on the Rublevo-Uspenskoye highway in the Moscow region. This is reported by “Project”.

According to two extracts from the unified real estate register, the plots belong to the Cyprus company Zapadni Enterprises Limited. In 2012, Izvestia linked this offshore company with Serdyukov’s sister, Galina Puzikova. Zapadni Enterprises recorded one of Puzikova’s three apartments in Molochny pereulok in Moscow. The cost of real estate is at least 1.2 billion rubles.

The Russian Prosecutor’s office apologized to Ivan Golunov

The Prosecutor’s office of the Western administrative district of Moscow has apologized to Medusa journalist Ivan Golunov for illegal criminal prosecution, according to the Prosecutor General’s office

Karat plant has threatened to move part of its cheese production from Russia

The possible actions of the Moscow plant “Karat” (manufacturer of processed cheese “Druzhba” and “Yantar”) to transfer part of the production capacity from Russia to Belarus in the case of the introduction of mandatory labeling of dairy products became known from the minutes of the meeting held on January 30, 2020 in the Ministry of agriculture.

Development of Internet technologies in Russia under state control

According to the road map project called “New Internet communication technologies”, it is proposed to develop recommendation content systems, speech and gesture recognition technologies, and computer graphics in the country. In addition, Rostelecom pointed to the need to create a domestic messenger, browser, and mobile operating system.

The company explained the development of these areas by saying that foreign companies and organizations using the same tools can influence Russian users and manipulate public opinion. The development of software and technologies that will be similar to foreign ONES will require about 52 billion rubles from the budget and over 207 billion investments outside the budget

A new line will appear in receipts for housing and communal services in a number of regions

16 regions have been identified where voluntary housing insurance programs against emergencies will be launched in 2020. This is stated on the website of the all-Russian Union of insurers. The list of pilot regions includes the Moscow region, St. Petersburg, Leningrad, Tver, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Omsk, Pskov and Saratov regions, as well as the Zabaikalsky, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar and Khabarovsk territories.

“It is assumed that payments for insurance will be included in the utility bills — the citizen will be able to decide whether to pay for insurance or delete it from the payment card. This approach and subsidizing insurance from the Federal budget will significantly reduce the cost of insurance, ” said Igor Yurgens, President of the VSS.

Google reveals YouTube revenue for the first Time

Over the past year, YouTube has earned about $15 billion in advertising, according to RBC, citing a corporate report from Alphabet. At the same time, it is noted that in the past three months, advertising revenue was $5 billion. Google bought YouTube about 15 years ago for $1.65 billion. Since then, this is the first information about the service’s advertising revenue.

The hole in the “Union” will remain a secret

Dmitry Rogozin, head of the Roscosmos state Corporation, said it was too early to reveal the reasons for the “hole” in the Soyuz MS-09 manned spacecraft. Rogozin said this on Twitter, responding to one of the users.

In Moscow, fined drivers of new year’s transport for garlands

The traffic police found that the new year’s design of public transport in Moscow violates the current rules. Drivers and officials responsible for releasing electric buses decorated with festive light garlands to the line have been fined

Cadastral chamber launched a single website for real estate services

The launch was reported to RBC. The report says that the new unified site presents the main areas of work of the Federal registration service-service for ordering extracts from the state register of real estate (usrn) online, access to the public cadastral map and certification center.

Shares of “Yandex” has updated the historical maximum

Yandex shares are trading above 3 thousand rubles apiece. This is evidenced by the data of the Moscow exchange. As of 10:24 Moscow time, one Yandex security is estimated at 3003.6 rubles, which is a new record

The Russian economy is preparing to surpass the German one

According to the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation, in a couple of years Russia will be able to displace Germany from the five largest economies in the world. But this requires that the Russian GDP growth rate exceeds 3% annually. So, the Department assumes that in 2021, the growth will be 3.1%, and then increase to 3.3% annually, RIA Novosti reported. According to the calculations of the Ministry of economic development, in this case, Russia will catch up and overtake Germany in terms of GDP calculated by purchasing power parity (PPP).

In Russia, the average size of the “loan to salary” has increased»

In 2019, the average size of the “loan to salary” increased by 7.7%, reaching 8.2 thousand rubles. This was reported by representatives of “nbki”. The largest micro-loan was issued in Moscow (11.8 thousand rubles). The smallest loan was issued in the Udmurt Republic (6.9 thousand rubles).

China to issue bonds to fight coronavirus

The Chinese development Bank plans to issue special bonds with a maturity period of one year to raise money for the fight against coronavirus, RNS writes, citing foreign sources.

VTB structure withdrew from the capital of the gold miner Petropavlovsk

VTB Bank (Europe) SE (VTB structure that United the group’s subsidiaries in Germany, Austria and France) withdrew from the capital of the gold mining company Petropavlovsk. It owned 9.06% (300 million shares) in a repo-purchase transaction with the obligation to sell back after a certain period at the price specified in the agreement. The deal was worth $28.4 million, the gold miner said in a statement on the London exchange’s website.

Sanders ‘ staff announced his victory in the Iowa Caucuses

The staff of Senator Bernie Sanders announced the victory of his candidate at the Caucuses (meetings of voters) in Iowa, citing “internal data”. Employees of the candidates ‘ headquarters conducted independent calculations during the voting process.

Finland has promised to issue Schengen visas to Russians more often

Finland will become more loyal to Russians with a positive visa history and will more often and easier to issue Schengen visas for five years, Finnish Consul in Russia Jussi Palmen told RIA Novosti.

Increase responsibility for accusing the USSR of starting the Second world war

At the round table ” Historical memory. Spiritual lessons of the great Victory “the head of The state Duma Committee for the development of civil society, religious and public associations Sergey Gavrilov recalled that recently there are accusations, including in the Russian media, about the responsibility of our country in the outbreak of the Second world war, “based on fakes of foreign intelligence services”. The MP stressed the dangerous nature of such publications.

“This is an attempt to shift responsibility to the USSR for the crimes of fascism, that is, the division of responsibility between Russia and Germany,” explained Sergey Gavrilov.

Production and sale of Blackberry smartphones will be discontinued

Production and sale of smartphones of the legendary canadian brand Blackberry will be discontinued. This was announced by the Chinese company TCL Communications, which owns the rights to release Blackberry devices.

The Fujifilm X100V camera is presented at a cost of 1399 dollars

Fujifilm has introduced the x100v compact camera, which was previously announced the day before. The manufacturer calls the x100v the fifth generation of the Fujifilm X100 series.

Notepad, WordPad, and Paint can be removed from Windows 10

Microsoft released the Windows 10 build number 19551, in which you can delete Notepad, Paint, and WordPad. This feature is expected to be released with the release of Windows 10 20H1 in April or may.

Scientists have revealed the secret of the mysterious ice rings on lake Baikal

According to a hydrologist from the University of Toulouse, Alexey Kuraev, the results of the research showed that the rings are formed in the presence of warm whirlpools that circulate clockwise under the ice cover. In the center of the whirlpool, despite the warm water, the ice does not melt, because the currents are weak. But at the border, the flows are stronger, and warm water leads to rapid melting.

Scientists installed sensors during field work by drilling holes near the ice rings, and measured the temperature and salinity of the water column at a depth of 200 meters. The water in the whirlpools was 1-2°C warmer than the surrounding water.

Google paid app developers more than $80 billion

Google has announced that Google Play Store payments to app developers around the world (except China) have reached more than $ 80 billion.

Tomsk has created a record bright visible range laser

Russian physicists from the Institute of high-current electronics SB RAS in Tomsk have achieved the generation of laser pulses with a power of 40 terawatts — a record for visible light sources. The achievement was made possible by using a hybrid installation scheme and amplifying the second harmonic of radiation, according to the publication “Science in Siberia”.

Scientists told about the effect of the alarm clock melody on performance

Melodious alarm sounds help you Wake up faster and give you a sense of cheerfulness. This statement was made by scientists from the Royal Melbourne University of technology

An electrical stimulator turned jellyfish into high-speed cyborgs

The usual electrical muscle stimulator made a splash and turned jellyfish into high-speed cyborgs. According to today News Ufa, experiments conducted by scientists have shown that electrical stimulation can significantly increase the speed of movement of the jellyfish.

Tesla autopilot found a dangerous vulnerability

Russian and Israeli scientists managed to cheat the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) in the Tesla Model X electric car by using a conventional projector. To prove the vulnerability of modern autopilot systems for cars, engineers conducted several experiments. They ” put ” pedestrians, various markings and cars on the road, using a projector attached to a flying drone. As a result, the AI of the electric car perceived them as real threats and forced the transport to go to the oncoming lane, where it could well be a real car.

Novosibirsk scientists have developed a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis

The publication “Science in Siberia” reports that specialists of the Federal research center for fundamental and translational medicine have created a drug for the treatment of tuberculosis without side effects. Scientists using a biocompatible polysaccharide improved the previously existing anti-TB drug “Isoniazid”.

Biologists have solved the causes of the ” chaos paradox»

The discovery was unexpected, since earlier the appearance of chaos was associated with the influence of changing external factors. And it turned out that just non-changing, constant environmental factors, such as temperature, lighting, and others, lead to chaos. This phenomenon was called the “chaos paradox”by biologists.

Extinguished cigarettes declared dangerous to health

A study conducted by American scientists showed that during the day each “bull” allocates about 14 percent of the nicotine that gets into the air when Smoking a cigarette. According to scientists, the results provide new evidence that Smoking can harm not only the smoker himself or, through “passive Smoking”, those who are near him, but also anyone who is often in rooms with ashtrays. Two studies published in the International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health and Science of the Total Environment were devoted to the results.

Doctors managed to transplant heart cells for the first time

The method was discovered in 2012. It was initially tested on pigs. Japanese scientists placed heart stem cells on biodegradable sheets. They activate the growth factor of the cells. The human body does not reject cells obtained in the laboratory, since they belong to the patient himself. The first patient who was put a “patch” on the heart has already started the rehabilitation process.

Solar panels can collect Solar energy even at night

To achieve this goal, scientists have recommended thermoradiation elements. They use radiation cooling for their work. They are currently undergoing tests at the University of California. Their task is to use different types of materials when creating solar panels, in order to get the result when using infrared radiation. The next step for scientists will be to study the best combination of materials and electronics for making solar panels with greater efficiency at night.

Scientists have shown what the Earth will be like without oceans

The planetologist explained that the purpose of his work was to show what the Earth would look like with dry oceans and seas. If the water level falls, the first continental shelves that are the edges of the continents will be under water, but now they are flooded.



NASA has detected anomalous phenomena in the ionosphere of Mars

NASA scientists, after studying images obtained from spacecraft observing Mars, made an unexpected discovery. They found anomalous phenomena that can block signals from cosmic radio streams like a mirror image.

British satellite Internet will come to the market of Kazakhstan

On February 7, the British company One Web plans to launch 34 spacecraft from the Baikonur cosmodrome as part of the deployment of the global satellite network, the press service of the head of the Kazakh government reports the results of negotiations between the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin and the head of the company Adrian Steckel

“The parties discussed the prospects for the implementation of the project on universal coverage of the territory of Kazakhstan, including remote and hard-to-reach areas, with high-speed broadband Internet via communication satellites,” the press service of the government reported.

Astronomers conducted a “census” of the galaxy’s smallest dead stars

American astronomers have almost doubled the number of small white dwarfs known to mankind, orbiting each other at a short distance. These pairs of luminaries will help scientists study low-frequency gravitational waves in detail for the first time, the press service of Harvard University said on Tuesday.

“As a rule, we consider such pairs of stars as” germs ” of supernovae. In the future, these luminaries will merge, generate a powerful flash and turn into an object whose nature is still not clear. On the other hand, it is already clear that all the stars we have discovered will be excellent sources of gravitational waves for the LISA Observatory, ” said Warren brown, an astronomer at Harvard, quoted by the University’s press service.

Iran has started developing space capsules for astronauts

The development of space capsules to be sent to earth orbit was carried out at the research center of the Ministry of science of Iran, the country’s Minister of information and communication technologies Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said, according to the ISNA news Agency.

Maxar will develop a robotic system for satellites for NASA

The American aerospace Agency NASA has signed a contract with Maxar Technologies Inc to develop a robotic system for performing operations on spacecraft. This is reported by the press service of Maxar

Why hasn’t the universe died yet

Gravitational waves may hide evidence of the theory that the universe “survived” the Big Bang thanks to a phase transition that allowed neutrino particles to create an imbalance of matter and antimatter, say physicists in a study presented in the journal Physical Review Letters

Astronomers reveal the mystery of the Martian pole

For several decades, astronomers have been trying to find the cause of the formation of a huge ice cap at the South pole of Mars. Consisting of layers of frozen carbon dioxide and water ice, it has a depth of almost 1 km. Theoretically, such a structure can not exist, since ” dry ice” (CO2 ice) is less thermally stable than water.

Planetary scientists at the California Institute of technology managed to solve this mystery. Scientists have developed a model that takes into account several factors at once, according to the Phys.org These include changing the angle of the red planet’s axis, increasing atmospheric pressure (which occurs when ice turns into gas), and how these types of ice (“dry” and water) reflect the sun’s rays