6 Фев, 2021

News digest for 02/05/2021

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has announced a tender for the revision of its official mobile application in the amount of 63 million rubles, Kommersant found on the government procurement portal. The contractor must integrate the Anti-Fraud module into the application, which will allow the application users to recognize calls from fraudulent numbers. For the module to work correctly, the application will need access to the user’s phone book, as follows from the tender documentation. The winner of the competition will be selected by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on March 1. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not respond to the request.

The law enforcement initiative may complicate the work of telephone scammers, but it also carries risks for users: their contacts will be completely open to the police and may be freely available in the event of a leak.

Google will protect Android users from being tracked by app developers

As it became known, Google is working on a new feature designed to protect Android users from being tracked by application developers. We are talking about an analogue of a similar Apple system implemented in iOS 14

Black hole in Milky Way obscured by unknown object

Scientists from the University of Michigan (USA) conducted a study on the black hole GRS 1915 + 105. Starting in 2018, it began to fade for unexplained reasons, arXiv.org reports.

Scientists have noticed a shift in the boundaries of taiga and tundra to the north

The boundaries of the tundra and taiga are shifting to the north — this is the conclusion made by the specialists of the Institute of Space Research, having studied photographs taken from space. According to Anatoly Petrukovich, Director of the IKI RAS, this indicates changes that are accumulating in nature.

Earlier, the displacement of the taiga in Western Siberia to the northern latitudes was noticed by employees of Tyumen State University, who conducted a study together with colleagues from Finland. In addition, Tyumen scientists noted that the tundra occupies less and less areas in the mountains — forests are actively replacing tundra landscapes.

Testing of the first hybrid aircraft engine started in Russia

On February 5, in Novosibirsk, the ground testing stage of the aircraft started — a flying laboratory with a demonstrator of a hybrid power plant equipped with a 500 kW superconducting electric motor, — told RIA Novosti in the Advanced Research Fund.

In the first phase of testing, an airplane with the power to the electric motor turned on took a run down the runway to test the systems’ functionality while the aircraft was moving on the ground.

The photographer who filmed the procession in support of Navalny was sentenced to compulsory labor

The Verkh-Isetsky District Court of Yekaterinburg sentenced the freelance photographer of the 66.RU portal Alexey Shkola to 30 hours of compulsory work. He was detained on January 23, when, on an editorial assignment, he was filming a procession in support of Alexei Navalny.

66.ru editor-in-chief Dmitry Shlykov told Novy Den that he considers this decision illogical, and that the defense of the media employee will challenge this decision until it is canceled. According to Shlykov, the court did not seem to hear the arguments of the lawyer that Alexey did not participate in the procession, but worked — took pictures on the instructions of the editorial board. The interlocutor of the agency emphasized that Roskomnadzor and the police still cannot finally agree on what should distinguish journalists at mass events from their direct participants

Greta Thunberg accidentally posted on Twitter a tutorial for writing posts

The document spelled out a proposal for commenting on any topic: from the British Prime Minister to the protests of farmers in India in order to attract an audience. As a result, Thunberg deleted the post with instructions. According to preliminary data, the template for the activist was made by the Canadian Poetic Justice Foundation.

Rostec named the regions where it will build waste incineration plants

At the first stage, MTPP may appear in the Sochi region, Kavminvody and Taman. The second stage involves the construction of factories in St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, the cities of Samara and Rostov regions, the newspaper «Vedomosti» writes. Now a subsidiary of Rostec, RT-invest, is already building five MTPPs in the Moscow region. It is assumed that they will burn at least 3.35 million tons of waste per year.

The infrastructure project has more than doubled in price — up to 1.3 trillion rubles. Its updated cost now includes taxes and future upgrades.

Supporters of Father Sergius announced a new possible seizure of the monastery

Supporters of ex-schema-abbot Sergius reported on a new possible seizure of the Sredneuralsky women’s monastery. Information about this appeared on the YouTube channel «Sredneuralsky Women’s Monastery». The Yekaterinburg diocese created a legal entity to return the monastery of Father Sergius to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Nun Varvara said in a new video that on January 12, 2021, the religious organization «Sredneuralsky Women’s Monastery» was registered. She also said that a new seizure of the monastery is planned.

Human sounds harm animals in the oceans

The noise created by man in the world’s oceans is carried over long distances and reaches considerable depths. The rumble of ship engines and drilling rigs, explosions of seismic reconnaissance and other cacophony deafens dolphins, whales and other marine mammals. These animals navigate space using sound waves. Anthropogenic noises prevent them from mating, foraging, and fleeing predators. The radical change in the underwater soundscape by humans is becoming a global problem. This is stated in the material of the Science publication, which is based on more than 500 scientific papers.

Scientists from the United States have discovered unexpected properties of the element einsteinium

For the first time, specialists were able to measure the length of the chemical bonds that connect einsteinium to oxygen atoms. Moreover, new oddities of this element have been found. It is noted that among the unstable particles of the 99th element there are also many stable ones. They are not capable of self-disintegration, as well as their gathering, whose life is measured in a fraction of a nanosecond.

For the first time, scientists learned about Einsteinium in 1952. It was discovered after the explosion of a hydrogen bomb and disintegrated within 20 days.

The oldest ornament found in Israel

In the area of ​​the Israeli city of Rabla, a group of French archaeologists discovered the remains of a bison, which are supposedly 120 thousand years old. The Times of Israel reports. However, researchers were surprised not by the age of the bones, but by the six stripes on them. It is assumed that they were made by a person.

Scientists argue that the stripes were not made by chance and have a symbolic meaning. They are supposed to symbolize the bond between the hunter and his victim. Using laboratory equipment, the researchers determined that the hunter was right-handed and used a sharp stone tool to create his «artwork.» The depth and shape of the stripes excludes the chance of their appearance on the bones of the animal.

Medical masks for road construction

A team of Australian researchers from the Royal Institute of Technology of Melbourne has developed a new road building material from recycled medical masks. It takes 3 million masks to lay one kilometer of the road

Heart rate measurement using the main camera of the smartphone

Google is preparing to add heart rate measurement to Android smartphones using the main camera in the Fit app version for its Pixel smartphones, writes The Verge. It will be enough for the user to place his finger in front of the main camera to start reading his pulse. The front module will be able to read the user’s breathing rate.

The company itself says that the new feature will only be designed to track overall wellness. Thus, Google disclaims responsibility for the real state of smartphone owners, as if to say: «Our pulse reading is not a complete diagnosis.»

Russia proposed to introduce a new type of loans

A new type of loans may appear in Russia — a loan for court expenses. The corresponding bill is now being studied in the Federation Council, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta»

Peloton Quarterly Revenue

Exercise equipment maker Peloton surpassed $ 1 billion in revenue for the first time in its history.Peloton’s fourth-quarter 2020 sales were up 128% year-over-year to $ 1.07 billion due to strong demand growth during the pandemic, the company said in December quarter of 2020.

Net profit of Sberbank according to RAS in January

Sberbank’s net profit according to Russian accounting standards (RAS) in January 2021 increased by 8.1%, to 86.7 billion rubles, follows from the materials of the credit institution.

Gold and foreign exchange reserves of Belarus continue to decline

Gold and foreign exchange reserves (gold reserves) of Belarus in January fell by 3.5%. This is stated in the message of the National Bank of the country (NBB). It is reported that as of February 1, 2021, the republic’s gold and foreign exchange reserves amounted to $ 7.203 billion, having decreased by $ 265 million in January.The decrease occurred after an increase in December 2020 by 1.2% (by $ 92.1 million). The NBB explained this by the planned repayment of obligations in foreign currency and a decrease in the price of gold.

The volume of overdue mortgage debt in 2020

In 2020, the volume of overdue payments on mortgage loans in Russia increased by 7 percent, or approximately 4.95 billion rubles. The total amount of delays for all the years has exceeded 77.5 billion rubles, according to the materials of the debt consultant collection agency, received by the editorial office of Lenta.ru.

All special detention centers in St. Petersburg are overcrowded

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region said that there are enough places in the region to accommodate offenders subjected to administrative arrest.

There is no shortage of places to accommodate administratively arrested citizens in the region. Accommodation and maintenance of persons subject to administrative arrest is carried out in the places provided by law. Violations of the accommodation and maintenance of such persons were not allowed, — the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Interfax.

Police officers ate some of the food that the volunteers gave to the detainees

In St. Petersburg, police officers ate part of the McDonald’s food that the volunteers handed over to the detainees at an unauthorized rally in support of Alexei Navalny. Echo of Moscow journalist Arseny Vesnin wrote about this in his telegram channel.

As Vesnin told Znak.com, he learned about the incident from the chat of people who were tried today in the Moskovsky District Court. According to the detainee, the officers of the police department No. 33 handed over to the cell what they had not eaten themselves

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region denied information that appeared on social networks that the police had eaten the products of the fast food restaurant given to the detainees.

«The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs calls a» fake «the message of a journalist of one of the radio stations that police officers allegedly ate food intended for administratively detained,» — the press service of the head office said.

Nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

Representatives of the Belarusian opposition — Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo were among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021, Newsweek reports.

Among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize are also ex-US President Donald Trump, Alexei Navalny, environmental activist Greta Thunberg, WikiLeaks, the UN refugee agency, Reporters Without Borders, ISS and NATO.

Navalny refused to plead guilty in the case of libel against a veteran

Alexei Navalny cannot be sentenced to real imprisonment in a criminal libel case, despite the recent amendments that toughen the liability for libel on the Internet, his lawyer Olga Mikhailova told TASS about this.

«Taking into account the time of the commission of the act, which is imputed to Navalny, they cannot be sentenced to the real term. After all, it took place before the entry into force of the amendments providing for the real term of punishment. law cannot. It has no retroactive effect, «- explained Mikhailova.

Decree on assessing the performance of officials of the Russian Federation

The President signed the Decree “On the assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of senior officials (heads of the highest executive bodies of state power) of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the activities of the executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation”

The list of indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the activities of senior officials (heads of the highest executive bodies of state power) of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and the activities of executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation

1. Trust in the authorities (trust in the President of the Russian Federation, top officials (heads of the highest executive bodies of state power) of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, the level of which is determined, inter alia, by assessing public opinion regarding the achievement of national development goals of the Russian Federation in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation) …

2. The population of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

3. Life expectancy at birth.

4. Poverty rate.

5. The share of citizens who systematically go in for physical culture and sports.

6. Level of education.

7. The effectiveness of the system for identifying, supporting and developing the abilities and talents of children and youth.

8. The share of citizens engaged in volunteer (volunteer) activities.

9. Conditions for bringing up a harmoniously developed and socially responsible personality.

10. Number of visits to cultural events.

11. The number of families who improved their living conditions.

12. The volume of housing construction.

13. The quality of the urban environment.

14. The share of the road network in the largest urban agglomerations that meets the standards.

15. Quality of the environment.

16. Growth rate (growth index) of real average monthly wages.

17. Growth rate (growth index) of real per capita money income of the population.

18. Growth rate (growth index) of the physical volume of investments in fixed assets, excluding investments of infrastructure monopolies (federal projects) and budgetary allocations from the federal budget.

19. The number of people employed in small and medium-sized businesses, including individual entrepreneurs and self-employed.

20. «Digital maturity» of state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local governments and organizations in the field of health care, education, urban economy and construction, public transport, implying their use of domestic information technology solutions.

WADA explained where it is possible and where it is not

WADA has clarified in which competitions the Russian flag and anthem can be performed, and at which it is not allowed

  • not allowed at the Olympics, Paralympics and World Championships
  • not allowed in competitions and series of competitions, according to the results of which the federations determine the world champions
  • not allowed in World Cups and other competitions that include rating points
  • possible in World Cup competitions that do not determine world champions
  • possible at the world championships among juniors and individual age groups
  • possible at qualifying competitions for the World Championships or the Olympic Games
  • possible at continental and regional championships.

Biden called for the immediate release of Navalny

US President Joe Biden delivered his first foreign policy speech, during which he called on the Russian authorities to immediately release opposition politician Alexei Navalny. A transcript of Biden’s speech at the State Department was published by the White House.

The politically motivated imprisonment of Alexei Navalny and Russia’s attempts to suppress freedom of speech and peaceful assembly cause deep concern for us and the entire world community. <…> Navalny became a target for exposing corruption. He must be released immediately and unconditionally

The son of Joseph Kobzon registers the Widow Kobzon trademark with Rospatent

The son of Joseph Kobzon, People’s Artist of the USSR and Deputy of the State Duma, registers the Widow Kobzon trademark with Rospatent, Open Media found. He intends to use the brand to sell wine, brandy, vodka and even sake.

A variant of the name is provided for alcohol and in French — Veuve Kobzon. The businessman also submitted a corresponding application to the department.

Alexander Lukashenko’s entourage makes money on Russians

Every year Russia loses billions of rubles on smuggling and re-export of goods from Belarus. Moscow turns a blind eye to the problem, allowing companies associated with the Belarusian authorities to make money, Proekt, BelSat and Naviny.by found out in a joint investigation.

Lukashenko completely seized the market for the production and distribution of cigarettes in the country, as well as the illegal export of cigarettes from Belarus to Russia. 54% of the illegal cigarette market in Russia is attributed to Belarusian smuggling.

In addition, Lukashenka, through dummies, completely controls the smuggling of flowers to Russia. For several years Belarus has been the main supplier of fresh flowers to Russia. Over the past five years, Belarus has increased the supply of cut flowers to Russia by more than a hundred times and has overtaken the world leaders in this field — the Netherlands, Ecuador and Colombia. Now almost every second flower bought in Russia comes from Belarus.