8 Фев, 2021

News digest for 02/06-07/2021

The Russian Foreign Ministry reported that they had summoned representatives of Sweden, Poland and Germany. They were lodged with a protest in connection with the “recorded participation of diplomatic officers” in the actions on 23 January. In accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the diplomats present at the rallies have been declared persona non grata. They were ordered to leave Russia in the near future.

“The Russian side expects that in the future the diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Sweden, the Republic of Poland and the Federal Republic of Germany and their personnel will strictly follow the norms of international law,” the Foreign Ministry said.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the expulsion of diplomats is further damaging Moscow’s relations with Europe and promised to respond if the decision does not change.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova spoke on the air of Dozhd about the Swedish diplomat who took part in the action in St. Petersburg. The Swedish embassy in Moscow explained that he watched the demonstration «which is standard diplomatic procedure.»

Merkel condemned the situation with Navalny

Merkel condemned the situation with Navalny, as well as the decision of the Russian authorities to expel three European diplomats, including a German representative, because of their presence at uncoordinated protests.

“In connection with the events in Russia, we have already said that we reserve the right to continue the imposition of sanctions, especially against individuals,” she stressed.

In Myanmar, protests continue against the seizure of power by the military.

Thousands of people are marching through the cities. Local authorities are preparing for a harsh crackdown on protests.

Participants of the performance were detained in Moscow

In Moscow, participants in an art project who had arranged a photograph were detained: they were guarding the word «Freedom» in the snow in the form of riot police. Among the detainees is the photographer Emmy America with a film crew, one of the detainees told Meduza

Students from Moscow and Belgorod said that they were deceived into flash mobs

Students of two Moscow universities — the Timiryazev Academy and the Kutafin Moscow State Law University — were invited to flash mobs dedicated to the Russian flag and the fight against the pandemic. It turned out on the spot that these were flash mobs for Putin. Students of the Belgorod Institute of Arts and Culture faced a similar situation

Konstantin Ernst is now a full cavalier

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the General Director of Channel One Konstantin Ernst with the Order of Merit for the Fatherland, 1st Class. Ernst is now a full holder of this award.

Montenegro overturned the verdict in the case of attempted coup

The Court of Appeal of Montenegro overturned the verdict in the case of the attempted coup in the country. This is stated in the court’s decision, which drew attention to the publication Balkan Insight.

The Court of Appeal stated that the verdict was passed with violations, and the existence of the crimes for which the persons involved in the case were convicted had not been proven. The case will be sent for reconsideration. It will be held with the participation of other judges.

Prosecutor for Navalny was taken under state protection

State Prosecutor for Alexey Navalny, Yekaterina Frolova, is under state protection. After the court replaced Navalny’s suspended sentence with a real one, Frolova’s phone number and address were published on the Internet

Biden offered to deny Trump access to classified information

US President Joe Biden believes that his predecessor, Donald Trump, should not disclose the intelligence that is usually provided to former American presidents. Biden announced this to CBS.

Because of his eccentric behavior, not related to the storming of the Capitol, Biden explained.

Pavel Durov announced the blocking of telegram channels

The founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, announced the blocking of channels where the home addresses and phone numbers of Russian judges, security officials and journalists were published. According to Durov, this decision was made, in particular, in connection with Apple’s position — due to the existence of such channels, the corporation did not approve the release of the emergency Telegram update for iOS

German actors come out

185 German actors and actresses have collectively come out as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-queer, intersex and non-binary people. Their portraits and interviews were published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazine.

Also, the actors and actresses who came out published their manifesto on the Internet. It is available in 16 languages, including Russian.

The St. Petersburg Ombudsman took control of the story of a deaf-mute disabled person

Alexander Shishlov will monitor the appeal against the verdict, the head of the press service of the authorized representative, Yulia Volkova, told the publication «Podyom».

“We will monitor the appeal regarding the situation with the disabled Agafonov. We are already receiving many complaints against court decisions, awaiting the results of the appeal, analyzing court decisions ”.

The Krasnoselsky court of St. Petersburg fined Yevgeny Agafonov, a hearing-impaired and non-speaking disabled person, 5 thousand rubles for blocking roads and chanting slogans during an uncoordinated march on January 31.

Agafonov himself said at the trial that he was going to the store and found himself in the crowd of protesters by accident, he did not hear the calls of the police, he did not understand the words of the police, and he was never provided with an interpreter at the department. Meanwhile, in the protocol, law enforcement officers indicated that Agafonov «together with other participants in the public event chanted slogans.»

World Food Price Index

According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), the real world food price index is now 112.7 points (100 points = average prices for 2014-2016). A year ago, in 2020, it was 99 points. A new round of growth in food prices is both inflation and a deterioration in the quality of life of the poorest segments of the population.

In general, the current level of food prices cannot be called high when you look at the entire history of the index since the early 1960s. In 1975, for example, this index was 137 points, and values ​​of about 120 were recorded during the crisis of 2009 and 2012.

At the same time, for almost 20 years (from the mid-80s to the mid-00s), it practically did not rise above 80 points and often dropped below 70, and even after 2012 it stabilized around 100 for a long time.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has set up a TikTok account.

The official representative of the department, Maria Zakharova, confirmed to Rise that the account belongs to the ministry.

«We have been planning for a long time. And the development of events in recent weeks has accelerated the process. This is not a tribute to fashion, but just informational work.»

Maria Zakharova did not specify whether she would participate in the creation of content for the account herself. The first publications there were «exposing» Navalny’s remarks about a vaccine created in Russia.

They did not choke them, but let them breathe in a bag

In the program «Evening with Vladimir Solovyov» on «Russia 1» political scientist Alexander Sosnovsky said that the police helped the girl to cope with anxiety, and did not torture her at all.

“There is such a state — an increase in anxiety, when a person hyperventilates. This means that his number of sighs and exhalations increases with tremendous speed, and he reaches a state where he can completely lose consciousness. So the best remedy is when a person is allowed to breathe in a bag. I’m not joking «

Alena Kitaeva, a 21-year-old volunteer at Lyubov Sobol’s headquarters, said earlier that she was detained at the rally on February 2 and at the Donskoy police station, officers put a bag from Pyaterochka on her head and began to strangle her to find out the password from her smartphone.

The Ministry of Emergencies of Russia, following the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has a TikTok account.

The department is going to publish «challenges, tricks from rescuers, first-person videos, life hacks, poems, drawings, graffiti and songs of the Ministry of Emergencies.»

Two officers of the Russian Guard detained in Dagestan

The Investigative Committee of Russia announced the arrest of two officers of the Russian Guard in the case of a murder in Dagestan. The day before, right in the office of the head of the criminal investigation department of the Sovetskiy ROVD of Makhachkala, two riot policemen shot and killed the former head of the village of Novokuli Abakar Kaplanov.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the republic, the cause of the conflict was a dispute over a land plot. The brother of the murdered Ramzan Sultanov told reporters about this. According to him, Kaplanov was summoned to the police station because they wrote a statement against him «about some land.» There, two riot policemen “fired 38 bullets at him” (according to other information — 36).

Latvia will begin to fine for viewing Russian TV channels

The Latvian Seimas approved amendments to the Law on Protected Services, according to which individuals will face a monetary fine for watching illegal content via satellite TV. The Delfi portal reports.

It is assumed that the amendments to the law will restrict viewers’ access to unlicensed viewing of Russian TV channels in the republic, the authors of the initiative reported.

Previously, the law provided for sanctions for broadcasting prohibited content for commercial purposes. Now the responsibility for watching Russian TV channels will begin to be extended to individuals.

National security lessons are being introduced in schools in Hong Kong.

It was said in Beijing to contain the pro-democracy protest movement in Hong Kong, which involved thousands of children.