7 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/06/2020

The us Senate voted against impeaching Trump

The senators rejected both charges by a majority vote: abuse of power and obstruction of the Congressional investigation. In the first case, 52 senators supported trump’s acquittal, while 48 found him guilty. In the second case, 52 members of the Senate decided to acquit the President, and 47 found him guilty. Thus, the head of the White house will not be convicted and removed from power. Senators found trump not guilty on charges of exceeding authority and obstructing Congress.

“I will make a public statement tomorrow at 12: 00 from the White house to discuss our country’s victory over impeachment fraud!”- the us President wrote on his Twitter page

All 5G architecture and infrastructure was performed by American firms

The white house, together with American technology companies, has begun creating cutting-edge software for next-generation 5g telecommunications networks in an effort to weaken the dominance of Chinese company Huawei. Companies such as Microsoft, Dell, and AT&t are involved in the development.

“The overall concept is for all American 5G architecture and infrastructure to be performed primarily by American firms»

European telecommunications companies Nokia and Ericsson, which are widely represented in the American market, can also take part in the project.

As noted, the plan will rely on the efforts of a number of American telecommunications and technology companies to agree on common technical standards that will allow developers of 5G software to run code on devices supplied by almost any hardware manufacturer. This will reduce, and possibly completely eliminate, dependence on Huawei hardware.

The Committee of the state Council of China decided to reduce duties on American goods

The Committee of the PRC state Council on the tariff and tax policy took a decision to reduce duties on American products worth $75 billion the Agency says it will affect the high duties, imposed in September 2019 in response to the growth of tariffs in the USA on Chinese goods. From February 14, additional 10 percent duties on imports from the United States will be reduced to 5%, and 5 percent duties will be reduced to 2.5%.

There is no contact between Ukrainian and Iranian investigators

There is no contact between Ukrainian and Iranian investigators in the case of the international airlines of Ukraine plane shot down near Tehran on January 8, said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Ryaboshapka. According to him, several times contacts with representatives of Iran took Place at the office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, but they were not developed and were conducted through representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of internal Affairs and the Embassy.

“It’s hard for me to link this to something. Obviously, this may indicate that the Iranian side has no desire to help us in this criminal investigation. Perhaps there are other reasons, ” the Prosecutor General added.

Taiwan has imposed a total ban on entry from the Chinese mainland

Taiwan’s administration on Thursday imposed a total ban on entry from the Chinese mainland due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus, the Japanese news Agency Kyodo reported. According to him, the leadership of Taiwan also decided to completely ban entry for foreigners coming from the special administrative regions of China, Hong Kong and Macau.

Donald Trump asked Congress for money to fly to Mars and the moon

“I ask Congress to fully Fund the Artemis program so that the next man and first woman on the moon will be American astronauts and that America will be the first country to plant its flag on Mars»

Trump demanded” at any cost ” to send Americans to the moon in March 2019, allocating five years to fulfill his order to NASA. After that, the Agency announced the Artemis space program, which consists of two stages — the landing of the crew with the first woman on the moon and flights to the satellite with the creation of infrastructure on it. For this project, trump promised to allocate an additional $1.6 billion to NASA. in September of the same year, Australia joined the program

In Kursk, residents demand to close the plant in a residential area

Residents of Kursk demand to close the plant, which operates in a residential area. The Ecotex company launched the production of knitwear there. People do not understand how the administration allowed such production to open near schools, kindergartens and clinics. In addition, emissions of harmful substances exceed all permissible standards by more than ten times.

In the Chelyabinsk region, emergency workers came out to protest.

They demand to stop reducing mobile teams, increase wages, return payment for seniority, night work and other payments that were reduced or canceled completely.

Tests of a vaccine against HIV have failed

The us national institutes of health has announced that an experimental HVTN 702 vaccine for the treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has not passed clinical trials. The study was supposed to last until 2022, but it turned out that there were 129 new infections in the group receiving the vaccine, and 123 in the placebo group. It was considered inappropriate to continue the study

Russia has become the second largest energy supplier in the United States

In October 2019, Russia became the second largest supplier of oil and petroleum products in the U.S. increased 2.5 times (in comparison with the beginning of the year) to 16 million barrels, ahead of Mexico, reports the us energy information Administration US Department of energy (Energy Information Administration, EIA) in January—November last year, the data for December has not yet been published

In Russia, put up for sale the data of customers of microloans

On a specialized Internet site, data from clients of microfinance organizations (MFIs) are offered for sale. The database contains data from more than 1.2 million clients of MFO, which is in the top 10 in the market, says its seller (RBC found an ad for sale on February 2).

The ad says that the buyer can evaluate the database on the “probe”, which contains about 800 entries with the full name, phone number, email address, date of birth and passport data of Russians.

The Russian Ministry of health has developed a bill on universal iodization of food salt

The Ministry of health has developed a bill that provides for the gradual introduction of iodization of food salt in Russia, as well as its mandatory use in the manufacture of products.

The most expensive apartment in the country has been sold in Belarus

In Belarus, a deal has been closed for the sale of a 5-room apartment in a house on Rumyantsev street in Minsk, which became the largest in the Belarusian real estate market in 2019. As told in the press service of the consulting company Kalinka Group, the cost of this home in 253 square meters was approximately 83 million Russian rubles ($1.3 million) or $5136 thousand per square, which is twice the average price of residential luxury real estate

In Russia began to mirror deport Israeli tourists

Ten Israeli tourists who arrived in Moscow were deported back to Israel at the end of last week. At the same time, six of them, according to Israeli media, arrived with an excursion tour.

The following is known from the details: a group of tourists who arrived on an Aeroflot flight were immediately detained in Sheremetyevo. Next, the Israelis were called to a separate room, fingerprinted, and asked to provide a DNA sample. Then the tourists were told that they would be sent back to Israel on an evening flight. Before the flight, the tourists were left “in a small locked room”. According to the Israeli foreign Ministry, Russian border guards said that the Israelis “cannot adequately explain the reason why they are visiting Russia.”

In January, mass refusals of Russian tourists to enter Israel became the main topic of conversation at the meeting of the co-chairs of the Russian-Israeli intergovernmental Commission. The dialogue in Israel is considered “productive”. The main reason for the refusal of entry, as explained by the Israeli side – is the growing number of “non-returnees” among Russian tourists who illegally enter Israel in this way

In Russia forecasted a rise in house prices up to 25%

Real estate prices in Russia may increase by up to 25% in the next two years. The reason will be tougher requirements for developers and monopolization, told “Izvestia” in the Federation Council. The increase in property values will become apparent in the summer of 2021. When large companies realize that they are alone, they will inevitably raise prices, the senators are sure.

Rammstein leader till Lindemann shot a new video in St. Petersburg

The leader of the German music group Rammstein, till Lindemann, made a video for the song Platz eins for his solo project Lindemann. The shooting took place in the quest rooms of St. Petersburg, located in the heart of the city, on Konyushennaya square



China has tightened the rules for the import of Russian wood

A trade war is brewing between Russia and China, and the export of roundwood from Siberia has almost stopped. Chinese customs in 2020 tightened phytosanitary controls for Russian timber, and now export of roundwood was impossible. The Primorye Association of timber producers and exporters (Palex) informed the Agency about China’s new restrictions on Russian timber.

Also, according to the new requirements, the import of wood with bark is not allowed on the territory of China. If the bark cannot be removed, the supplier is obliged to carry out its phytosanitary disinfection. Pavel Korchagin, General Director of the Association, said that it is simply impossible to fulfill such requirements in the winter.

The authorities will reimburse the losses to airlines from the closure of flights to China

The Russian government is considering compensating for the losses that airlines suffered due to the closure of the Russia-China route. This was stated by transport Minister Eugene Dietrich. According to him, the authorities can only compensate carriers for direct losses.

The European Parliament considered unacceptable the designation of Crimea as Russian in Apple services

The European Parliament called the designation of Crimea as a Russian territory in Apple apps unacceptable. This is stated in the sent to the European Commission the request by the MEP from Lithuania Petras of Austrevicius.

“If multinational corporations registered in the EU, or corporations with branches on its territory, violate EU and international law and comply with the dubious laws of a third country, as in the case of Apple in Russia, what mechanisms does the EU have to assess their activities and prevent them from violating EU and international law?”- the Lithuanian politician asks the European Commission.

Russian e-visas considered a threat to the security of Lithuania

The Ministry of defense of Lithuania together with the state security Department of Lithuania published a report on threats to the national security of the country for 2020. Among the key threats is Russia’s new e-visa system, introduced in 2019. The document States that the main beneficiaries of the simplified visa regime for foreign tourists are Russian special services.

The US President Donald trump will host Huang Guido in the oval office.

“This visit is an opportunity to reaffirm the U.S. commitment to the Venezuelan people and discuss how we can work with President Guaido to accelerate Venezuela’s transition to a democratic regime that will end the ongoing crisis,” the statement said.

Putin’s legacy will be enshrined in the Constitution

Gleb Kuznetsov, head of the EISI expert Council, explained the President’s position on changing the Constitution by saying that ” Putin is thinking about the future and wants to fix his political legacy.”

“It is important for the President what will happen in the country after 2024. And not only after 2024, but beyond that, ” Kuznetsov added.

Most Ukrainians called Russia a hostile country

This is evidenced by the survey data Of the center for social and marketing research “Socis”, reports”Interfax”. 70.5 percent of respondents said that the Russian Federation takes a hostile position towards Ukraine.


Increasing the number of senators appointed by the President and the idea of a lifetime senatorship for prominent Russians will be discussed in the Federation Council-Klishas


In the US, they tested remote control for fighter jets

Boeing, together with the US Navy, tested the remote piloting system for f/A-18E/F Super Hornet carrier-based fighters and EA-18G Growler electronic warfare aircraft. According to the concern, three EA-18G were used in the tests, two of which were controlled remotely by an operator from a third aircraft. The tests were considered successful

Russian drivers will be able to appeal fines through the public services portal

You can appeal the fines that were issued for violations recorded by automatic traffic cameras. Russian drivers can send a complaint via the service to the traffic police or the court. The applicant will receive a response within three days of filing the complaint.

China was accused of unwillingness to transfer the strain of the coronavirus

China has not yet transferred the 2019-nCoV coronavirus strain to other States, including Russia. Without it, it is impossible to market a vaccine. Scientists have expressed the view that it is not profitable for Chinese pharmaceutical companies to share the strain.

Turkey in 2019 reduced gas purchases from Gazprom by 40%

Turkey reduced gas imports by 10% in 2019, while gas supplies from Gazprom to this country decreased by 40% against the background of increased supplies from Azerbaijan and purchases of liquefied gas by Turkey.

Holiday suppliers from different regions decided to unite

Olga Karyukina, Deputy General Director of Altan, stressed that there is a bad situation when suppliers, having fulfilled their obligations under contracts, must return funds to the retailer for the delivered goods. This position, taken by the holiday bankruptcy Trustee and the courts in relation to suppliers, is unfair. The requirements that are imposed on suppliers are very significant and can lead to the closure of enterprises, the dismissal of staff, and the budget will not receive taxes. Therefore, the businessmen decided to join forces.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner will leave his post.

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, which owns the eponymous social network for business communication, announced his retirement on June 1, 2020. Ryan Roslansky will be the new CEO.

How the construction of Railways affected the development of US cities

In its new infographic, the Financial Times showed how the construction of railroads from the East to the West coast of the United States has affected urban development over the past 200 years.

En+ will buy 21.37% of its shares from VTB for $1.58 billion

En+ Group is buying its own shares from VTB for $1.58 billion, the company said. The payment will be made using a loan from Sberbank in the amount of 110.6 billion rubles. the Deal is scheduled to close by February 12.

Oil producers extend talks in Vienna

Two-day talks between OPEC experts and its 11 allies (OPEC + format) during an emergency meeting in Vienna, convened because of the threat that the coronavirus outbreak in China poses to global oil demand, have not yielded results and will continue. The reason was the disagreement between Saudi Arabia and Russia over the need to reduce oil production by OPEC + countries, Bloomberg reported.

Jeff Bezos sells $1.7 billion worth of Amazon stock

Earlier, the billionaire said that he sells at least $1 billion worth of shares every year to Finance his space company Blue Origin. Amazon’s last major sale occurred in July and August 2019, when Bezos sold nearly $2.8 billion worth of shares in the company in 5 days

In 2020, the Magnit chain will open 1.3 thousand stores

One of the largest Russian retailers, Magnit, plans to open about 1.3 thousand new stores in Russia in 2020, including about 250 “stores at home”. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”.

The record for gold production was set in the Khabarovsk territory

It is noted that gold production this year was higher by 1.7% than a year earlier, when the industry produced 24.8 tons of metal. “The miners of the Khabarovsk territory have set a new historical record for gold production,” the regional administration stressed.

The government supported the draft law on CTP reform

The government’s Commission on legislative activity approved a positive opinion on the Deputy version of the bill: it does not contain “controversial” amendments, Aksakov said at a meeting of the financial market Committee (as quoted by Interfax). The deputies left in the document the right of insurers to set an individual tariff for CTP.
Parking in Moscow will rise in price again

From February 17, the paid Parking zone will include 80 new streets, nine of which are located behind the Moscow ring Road. Also, the number of streets where the most expensive fare will operate will increase – 380 rubles per hour during the day and 200 rubles per hour at night. Now this tariff is valid on 237 streets, and from February 17 it will be on 330.

In General, the city will have 1350 toll streets, according to the order of the Metropolitan Department of transport. This is more than a third of all roads in the old borders of Moscow (there are about 3,600 of them).

Google owner introduces photoshop recognition service

Jigsaw, a subsidiary of Alphabet, has introduced an interactive platform for identifying coordinated disinformation campaigns and an Assembler service that can identify edited photos even if they were created using artificial intelligence, the New York Times reports

Britain considers the purchase Of the p-8 Poseidon as a response to Russia’s “adventurism”

According to the Daily Telegraph, the chief of staff of the Royal air force of great Britain, Michael Wigston, in an interview with journalists, called the reasons for the country’s adoption of American patrol anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

French aircraft carrier comes within striking distance of Syria

“The French Navy aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle”, which heads the carrier strike group, came within striking distance of Syria. The aircraft carrier has 18 multi-purpose Rafale M fighter-bombers, two E-2C Hawkeye radar detection aircraft, and three helicopters,”Vzglyad reports.

In Yamal, two Rosreestr officials are suspected of taking bribes

In Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, the Director of the local branch of the Federal cadastral chamber and the acting Director of the property Department of the Yamal government were detained, it was reported on February 5 on the website of the SU TFR for YANAO. Accomplices are suspected of receiving bribes worth about 6.5 million rubles

The horror movie “Saw: the Spiral” with Chris Rock

Lionsgate has released a teaser for the film from the new Chapter of the Saw movie franchise, in which actor and comedian Chris Rock played the main character and served as Executive producer.



Disney has named the premiere dates of the Marvel series

Disney called the timing of the premieres of the Marvel Studios series “the Falcon and the Winter soldier” and “Vandavision”. This was reported by the Verge on February 5. According to Disney CEO Bob iger, the first film will be released in August 2020, and the second will premiere in December

The bookseller festival opened on Novy Arbat

A large-scale intellectual festival “bookseller” opened on Novy Arbat as part of the cycle of urban street events “Moscow seasons”. From 5 February, you can buy books and magazines published over the past 170 years in the shopping chalets.

“Bookseller” will be held until December 6 on Novy Arbat. Guests will find a large selection of fiction, children’s and scientific and educational literature, as well as meetings with writers, creative workshops.

Titian’s painting “CE, man” is on display for the first time in almost 100 years

In the permanent exhibition of the Pushkin Museum after a long and complex restoration process has returned the work of Titian “Behold the Man!”, written in the late 70s of the XVI century.

Exhibition of Aristarchus Lentulov In the underground Museum ” Zaryadya”

The exhibition “Aristarchus Lentulov” is part of the project # tri_, which is designed as a series of exhibitions that feature three works by a famous author or group of authors, supplemented by historical materials and video installations. Exhibitions in the framework of the #3_ project are not only small, but also short-term-they last only 2-3 weeks. For example, you can only see paintings by Aristarchus Lentulov until February 16.

Released a new trailer for the movie ” No time to die»

In the new film, bond enjoys his vacation in Jamaica exactly until his old friend from the CIA, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright), arrives on the island to ask for help. “No time to die” is the fifth and final film for Daniel Craig about THE elusive MI6 intelligence officer.



Harrison Ford will star in the sequel to the Indiana Jones movie

American actor Harrison Ford will play the role of Indiana Jones in the fifth film. This was announced by Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy. According to him, work on the script is ending.

Adam Lambert released a song with Nile Rodgers and announced the album

Adam Lambert has announced a fourth Studio album called “Velvet” – it will be released on March 20, 2020 and will contain 13 tracks, which the artist himself defines as ” elegant numbers that help to catch the mood”

Google will save Chrome and Youtube from annoying ads

Google has introduced new rules for video ads in the Chrome browser, which will allow you to get rid of the most annoying types of advertising. The new rules are based on data obtained from the international organization Coalition for Better Ads( Coalition for better advertising), which includes Google itself. According to Google, site owners have four months to adjust to the new rules and stop displaying annoying ads

The brain binds to the embryonic immune system to fight infection

Researchers led by biologists from tufts University found that the brains of developing embryos send signals to the emerging immune system that help it fend off infections and significantly improve the embryo’s ability to survive, writes eurekalert.org with reference to NPJ Regenerative Medicine.

Scientists have discovered the similarity of the language of penguins with human speech

Scientists have noticed that penguins use two rules inherent in all natural languages. One of them is Zipf’s law, according to which short words are more common in the text than long ones. The second rule – the law of Macerata, which concerns the structure of speech.