8 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/07/2020

The United States suspected Russian satellite spying

Russian space satellite. Kosmos 2543 was suspected of spying on the USA 245 reconnaissance spacecraft. An employee of the University in Indiana drew attention to the strange movements. He was confused by the fact that every 10 days the device approached a neighbor to collect information, even calculated the distance – from 150 to 300 kilometers

The US-owned reconnaissance spacecraft USA 245 made several maneuvers and evaded the approaching Russian satellite inspector Kosmos 2543.

Philip Morris paid 24 billion rubles after claims of tax authorities in Russia

Tobacco company Philip Morris has published a report on financial results for 2019, which refers to the payment to Russia of $374 million (approximately 24.3 billion rubles) for ” excise taxes and VAT after the audit.”

The President of Turkey had brought Moscow and Damascus to a military ultimatum on Syria

The Turkish leader said that during a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin the day before, I stressed that the forces of the Assad regime should first of all retreat beyond the borders outlined by the Sochi agreements, that is, behind the observation points of the Turkish armed forces.

At the moment, two of Turkey’s 12 observation posts are already located in the rear of Assad’s forces. We hope that by the end of February, the forces of the Assad regime will retreat behind the observation posts of the Turkish armed forces in the Idlib de-escalation zone. Otherwise, Turkey will be forced to achieve this on its own, ” the Turkish leader said.

According to him, the Turkish armed forces will strike in response to any attacks and attacks on Turkish soldiers and “friendly forces”.

Ankara will take retaliatory steps without any warnings and make no distinction as to which force struck,” the President warned, according to the Turkish Anadolu news Agency.

Found accelerator recovery of the brain after a stroke

After a stroke, brain neurons die and accumulate, leading to necrosis of brain tissue. Studying the mechanisms of brain recovery after a stroke, scientists from the Texas medical center (USA) found an accelerator for this process. The inflammatory stimulator was the retinoid X receptor (RXR). Experiments with mouse models have shown that it enhances the action of phagocytic immune cells, which remove dead cells after a stroke.

Google has registered a trademark for the new operating system

It became known that Google has registered the trademark “Pigweed”, which is supposed to be intended for the new operating system of the company. According to available data, the trademark is registered in the category ” computer software»

Russia has put 34 British communications satellites into orbit

Russia has put 34 British oneweb communications satellites into orbit, according to the Roscosmos Twitter page.

Boeing refused to help in the investigation of the 737 crash in the Netherlands

Boeing has refused to help Dutch authorities with a new investigation into the crash of a Boeing 737 near Amsterdam in 2009, the New York Times reported. According to the newspaper, the Netherlands initiated a new investigation after the publication of nyt material about Boeing’s concealment of its partial responsibility for the crash.

Britain has decided to lift some of the sanctions against Russia

The UK government has decided to lift some of the sanctions on Russia at the end of the transition period after Brexit. The corresponding statement was published by the Department of international trade on the government’s website

The list of Russian products that are expected to be exempt from anti-dumping duties includes: aluminum foil, ferrosilicon, seamless pipes and pipes made of iron or steel, pipe fittings made of iron and steel, urea and ammonium nitrate.

The Americans destroyed the C-400 from a helicopter

The American company Bell has shown on the official Youtube channel an animated video in which their new “brainchild” Bell 360 Invictus destroys on the ground SAM very similar to the Russian S-400 “Triumph”. In the story, a promising helicopter takes off on a combat mission, controlling kamikaze drones.

The United States announced the murder of the leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

The US military in a special operation in Yemen killed the leader of the banned terrorist organization al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) Qasim al-Raimi. This is stated in the message of the White house. His Deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was also killed.

Putin urged to consistently remove universities-dummy

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for consistently removing dummy universities. The President also asked to introduce a distribution system in universities. According to the President, it is important to identify specific measures to modernize higher education in Russia and implement them as quickly as possible.

Russians began to save more

The all-Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) published data from a monitoring study of consumer and credit confidence of Russians, as well as their attitude to Bank deposits.

23% of respondents believe that now is a good time to make large purchases, the opposite opinion is held by 58%. Compared to the same period last year, this share decreased by 3 percentage points (61% at the beginning of 2019).

72% of Russian citizens believe that today is not the most favorable time for lending. 14% of citizens disagree with them. However, the credit confidence index in early 2020 increased by 5 percentage points compared to last year and amounted to 29%.

71% of citizens believe that it is better to spend at a minimum and save money for the future. A year earlier, 67% of Russians thought so. 48% of respondents believe that it is better to put free money in the Bank, and 32% suggest that, on the contrary, it is better to take money from the Bank.

Teenagers decided to offer self-employment from the age of 14

Registering and working as self-employed should be allowed from the age of 14, according to the government Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI). The idea was included in the package of measures proposed for the development of youth entrepreneurship on behalf of the President.

Work for yourself, earn no more than 2.4 million rubles a year and pay a tax of 4% when working with individuals and 6% when working with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

In Russia, considered the damage to Russian roads from congestion

Tens of billions of rubles are calculated as annual damage to Federal highways from trucks loaded above the norm. Write about this “Izvestia”, citing data of the Federal road Agency. According to the Agency, for 10 months of 2019, almost 1 million violators of weight and size parameters were recorded.

Samsung began to block smart TVs of Russians

Blocking some functions of Samsung TVs in Russia is due to the fact that they have not received certificates for use in the country, according to an official statement from Samsung Electronics, available on the website of the Russian representative office

Putin signed a law on children’s right to housing after their parents ‘ divorce

According to the document published on the official Internet portal of legal information, a parent who lives separately from the child must pay for the costs associated with providing him with housing. In case of refusal, the court has the right to involve the parent in fulfilling the obligations

Poland refused Russian coal

Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin said that the country’s state-owned companies will refuse to purchase coal in Russia. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Polish radio station RMF FM. He added that Poland will also refuse to import coal from the United States, Mozambique and Colombia, completely stopping supplies from abroad.

Poland in 2019 purchased 18-19 million tons of coal, more than 70 percent of deliveries were made by Russia. The main state-owned companies importing Russian coal are Uglekoks and Polish energy group (PGE).

Vladimir Putin signed the law on patents for farmers

For all those who join the Patent tax system (PSN), there is a condition-they are allowed to have no more than 15 employees, and the income must not exceed 60 million rubles per year. A patent can be purchased for a period of 1 to 12 months.

The patent replaces the payment of personal income tax and VAT. The principle of calculating the value of the patent is based on the potential annual income of the individual entrepreneur (it is determined for each type of activity allowed for the application of the PSN). This income is indexed by a deflator coefficient. The tax rate is 6%.

The accounting chamber named the main problems of Russian science

Financing in this area still lags behind the level of developed countries, the auditors say. In terms of relative expenditures on science (1.1% of GDP), Russia is in 34th place, and in terms of internal research and development expenditures per researcher, it is in 47th place ($93 thousand). In terms of the number of patent applications, Russia lags behind the United States by almost 16 times, and China by 38 times.

Reasons for low productivity of domestic science.

  • The legislation does not include a system of state support for science.
  • The mechanism of expertise of scientific and technical results assigned to the Russian Academy of Sciences is not applied.
  • There is no comprehensive system for monitoring the performance of research activities, which should be taken into account when allocating budget funds for research and development work.
  • There is no demand for the results of scientific activities of the business.
  • Insufficient level of scientific publications: only 5% of Russian articles in the Scopus database for 2018 were published in journals that are in the top 10 in terms of citation (in the US, this share is 22%, in Germany-19%, in China-17%).
  • Weak involvement of young scientists and leading scientists, including foreign ones, due to institutional barriers and low development of the labor market. Measures to attract personnel are not effective enough. The decline in the number of scientists has been observed since 2001 (with the exception of 2014-2015), and compared to 1993 (1.315 million people), this figure has almost halved.
  • Decrease in the number of researchers under the age of 29 since 2001.

VTB is switching the entire banking network to paperless technology.

This is stated in the Bank’s message. The digital format for signing documents will be available to customers in the first quarter of 2020 at all points of sale – about 1.5 thousand VTB offices across the country.

China refused to accept liquefied gas

The China national offshore oil Corporation (CNOOC) refused to receive liquefied gas from suppliers due to force majeure. This is reported by Reuters on February 6. We are talking about refusing to accept LNG from at least three suppliers.

Control zones in forests where fires are not extinguished will be eliminated

Control zones in Russian forests where fires are not extinguished, if they do not threaten the population and economic facilities, will be abolished in 2020 — Deputy Minister of natural resources and ecology of the Russian Federation – head of the Federal forestry Agency Sergey Anoprienko. Rosleskhoz made this decision in connection with large-scale fires in the Siberian forests in the summer of 2019

Moscow plans to launch a monitoring system for taxi drivers

The system for monitoring taxi drivers, which will track the time of work and rest of drivers, as well as the availability of driver’s licenses and insurance, is planned to be launched in the capital during 2020, said Deputy mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia”.

According to the Deputy mayor, this will be a special city software, and aggregators will connect taxi drivers through a gateway that takes into account the working hours of each taxi driver. The new system will make it impossible for such a switch. In addition, it will allow the police to understand online who is driving a taxi or car sharing machine.

In Moscow, doctors were detained on suspicion of stealing cancer drugs for 100 million rubles

This was reported by TASS official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Irina Volk. According to her, investigators found that the head of the Department of one of the cancer clinics in Moscow and two doctors forged reporting documents, stole drugs from clinics and sold them through pharmacy networks of fake distributors.

Scientists have grown date palms from seeds-contemporaries of Christ

In Israel, scientists have grown six date palms from seeds found during archaeological excavations in the Judean desert. Radiocarbon analysis showed that some of them are more than two thousand years old — although this is not an absolute record, the seeds still turned out to be one of the oldest that have preserved germination to the present time.

The grown seedlings were named after biblical characters: Uriel, Jonah, Adam, Boaz, Judith, and Anna, and their genetic analysis allowed us to shed light on how breeding was organized in the territory of ancient Judea.

Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Caracas.

In Venezuela, he was nine years ago, when the country was led by Hugo Chavez. The Minister will be received by President Nicolas Maduro, and a working meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart, Jorge Arreas, will also take place.

Evgenia Markova became the new Director of Roskino»

Previously, the film company was headed by Ekaterina Mtsituridze. Yevgenia Markova was nominated by the organization’s Board of Directors with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation.

A new stage is beginning for roskino, where It will have to build a professional national system to support sales of Russian content abroad and make the country a reliable partner for international film production, says Markova.

Media reported the detention of the Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian armed forces

The Deputy chief of the General staff of the Russian Armed forces, Colonel-General Khalil Arslanov, who became a defendant in the criminal case of embezzlement of 6.7 billion rubles, was detained, an informed source told Interfax

Simferopol asks God to give water

The head of the Simferopol administration, Elena Protsenko, commented on the introduction of a water supply restriction regime in the city due to its shortage and low-water winter, noting that she hopes for precipitation and God’s help.

“The main thing for us is precipitation-it is very important. We hope, of course, that there will be snow, rain and God’s help, ” Protsenko told reporters, commenting on the tense situation with the city’s water supply.

According to the order of Metropolitan Lazarus of Simferopol and Crimea, prayers for the sending of rain began to be held in churches in Crimea, according to the “Rise” with reference to the diocese.

“We started last week. Services are organized in all churches. They also consecrated reservoirs, ” said the representative of the diocese.

Continue to engage in “business” by adopting “necessary” laws

The initiative of state Duma deputies to change the rules for the use of studded tires in Russia to reduce damage to roads may be of commercial interest, according to the Chairman of the all-Russian public movement “Movement of motorists of Russia” Viktor Pokhmelkin.

“It seems to me that someone’s commercial interest is behind all this initiative. It’s not clear which one. For example, when the spikes sign was introduced as mandatory, and a year later it was canceled, many people who traded this sign earned money. I do not rule out that there is still some kind of game going on for the realization of commercial interests»

He also noted that to date there is no evidence that studded tires so much harm roads.

“In winter, studded rubber helps with ice. In winter, a normal driver will drive more carefully than in summer. In the ice, no one will accelerate, ” Pokhmelkin added

17 million rubles for connecting a private house to gas

The gas pipeline to Krestyanskaya street in Kyshtym has already been laid. a local resident applied to the branch of Gazprom gazoraspredelenie Chelyabinsk to sign a contract for technological connection, construction of an intra-house gas pipeline and construction of a gas boiler house. At the beginning of the year, the agreement on connecting the capital construction object to the gas distribution networks was submitted for signing. The amount for gas companies ‘ services amounted to 16.9 million rubles, of which 80% must be paid in advance.

At the same time, according to the resident, a special valve for connection is located near his home, however, according to the compiled documentation, the length of the gas pipeline will be more than 12 thousand meters.

The Portuguese Parliament will limit the issuance of so-called ” Golden visas»

The Portuguese Parliament approved an amendment at a meeting on February 5 that provides for restrictions on the issuance of so — called “Golden visas” – residence permits (residence permits) that are granted to foreigners in exchange for investment. This initiative was made by the ruling social party of Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

According to the adopted document, a residence permit will not be issued for the purchase of real estate in major cities, such as Lisbon or Porto. Exceptions to the rules will be other internal municipalities in the North-West of Portugal and Autonomous regions-the Azores and Madeira.

This measure is aimed at easing pressure on the real estate market in Lisbon and Porto, promoting investment in regions with low population density, creating new jobs and restoring cities of cultural value.

Tinkoff invests in startup for European markets

TCS Group (the parent company of Tinkoff Bank and Tinkoff insurance) plans to invest €25 million in creating a FINTECH company focused on retail customers in Europe, with the exception of the CIS, according to the group’s disclosure on the London stock exchange.

You can get a loan at the grocery store

Russians can apply for insurance, get a consumer loan or get a Bank card at the checkout in the store. Sberbank plans to launch such a service in retail outlets in rural areas by the end of this year, the credit organization told Izvestia.

Mortgage market in Russia

In December 2019, the average mortgage term reached 218.3 months, or 18.2 years. The index increased relative to the end of 2018, when mortgages were taken for an average of 16.7 years, and also increased by a quarter relative to the pre-crisis period: at the end of 2013, mortgages were taken for an average of 14.7 years. At the same time, the average indicator in the market of new buildings has always been slightly higher – 18.6 years.

The average amount of a mortgage loan in the country is 2.24 million rubles, the loan amount has grown on average by 100 thousand rubles annually over the past five years. The maximum number of mortgage loans for 2019 was issued in December (145.2 thousand loans). At this time, the mortgage rate dropped to 9% per annum for the first time. The largest number of housing loans were issued in Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg. In the Ulyanovsk region and Nenets Autonomous district, mortgage issuance rates fell by 24.5% and 24%, respectively, at the end of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018.

The Ministry of emergency situations warns that an ice drift has started on the Volga

Phobos specialists reported the beginning of an ice drift on the Volga – in the Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, and Tver regions. The Ministry of emergency situations issued an emergency warning about possible flooding of lowlands and overflows of roads in Yaroslavl, Rybinsk, and four districts of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

In Montenegro, the police refused to protect the processions of believers

Montenegro’s police refused to protect mass processions and prayers of believers in connection with the controversial law on religious associations, the Agency reported on Wednesday

“Knowing the circumstances and the current situation, the police made a decision and in the coming period will not provide security at the marches, and the responsibility for possible incidents and violations of order on the streets of cities will be borne by the organizers,” the police Department of Montenegro reported.

Catherine Palace lifted the ban on photography

In the Amber room of the Catherine Palace, photography and video shooting were allowed. the ban was lifted at the request of visitors and during a decrease in the tourist flow, the press service of the Tsarskoye Selo Museum-reserve reported.

“There are two conditions for photo and video shooting in the Amber room – to do it with an Amateur camera and without a flash. The Museum responded in this way to numerous requests from visitors, ” the Museum’s press service told RIA Novosti.

Residents of Berezovsky are against building a Church near the school

Some residents of the village of Monetny (Berezovsky city district, Sverdlovsk region) opposed the construction of a temple near the children’s art school. In their opinion, this is “unethical”, since children will watch funeral processions and beggars, and the bell ringing will interfere with music. Residents insist on moving the construction site. Local authorities are ready to hold a vote on the choice of the site.

Cancellation of the visa regime between Russia and Qatar

Mutual cancellation of the visa regime for trips for up to 90 days will take effect between Russia and Qatar from February 23, the Russian foreign Ministry said on its official website. Citizens of Qatar and the Russian Federation who do not plan to work, study or live in the territory of another state will be exempt from the visa procedure. The period of visa-free stay will be 90 days. As reported by IA REGNUM, a preliminary agreement on the abolition of visas for citizens was signed by Russia and Qatar on December 27, 2019.

US spending on the war in Iraq is estimated at trillions of dollars

The United States spent $ 1.9 trillion on the war in Iraq. This is reported by the Military Times. This figure includes not only funds allocated to the campaign, but also spending on Iraq by the state Department, providing for war veterans, and more.

The exhibition “Extemporary: art beyond time” will open in Perm»

This is part of a large Russian-Danish project curated by Toke Lukkeberg, Director of the TRANEN center for contemporary art in Copenhagen. Works by artists from Denmark, USA and Russia. The exhibition is supported by the Embassy and the Ministry of culture of the Kingdom of Denmark

Lionsgate Studio has started developing a sequel to the movie “Get knives”.

Ryan Johnson will again be the Director and screenwriter of the film, and actor Daniel Craig will again play the main role in the film. Now we are looking for the optimal date for the premiere

Foals will come to Russia again

British indie band Foals will return to Russia at the end of summer 2020. The band will perform on the stage of the Adrenaline Stadium club on August 27. Last year, the team released the album “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost” in two parts, the songs from which will be performed at the upcoming Moscow concert.

Skalova requested approximately 27 billion roubles to create 6G networks

The SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology plans to attract investments of almost 27 billion rubles to create a center in Russia for the production of components for 6G networks. According to the Institute, the developed systems will become the basis of the high-tech market and can be involved in the creation of radars, ultra-high-frequency on-Board electronics, ultra-precise navigation, etc. according to preliminary estimates, the creation of production will require at least 12.6 billion rubles until 2024, and the authors of the presentation indicate the amount of 26.9 billion rubles.

150 years since the birth of the philosopher, historian and public figure Peter Struve

In tsarist Russia, he was arrested and exiled, but later, being against the October revolution, he emigrated from the country, joining the White officers. For the last time, Struve was sentenced to death at home if returned. But he never returned to Russia – he lived and worked in Prague, Belgrade, and Paris. He taught, studied philosophy, and edited numerous Newspapers and magazines. All of Peter Struve’s children and grandchildren have somehow connected their lives with literature, becoming leading experts in the culture of Russian emigration in France.

“Yuri Annenkov. Revolution outside the door”

The Museum of Russian impressionism will open the exhibition “Yuri Annenkov. Revolution outside the door.” It will run from February 13 to may 24. For the first time, the artist’s work will be presented in this volume: more than 100 paintings, graphic portraits and sketches for productions from leading museums and private collections in Russia and France. For the first time, works from the collection of the National center for art and culture of Georges Pompidou in Paris, created by a master in exile, will be shown. The exhibition will also include works from major Russian museums and private collections.

Christie’s trading results

At the auction of impressionism and modernism held in London on February 5, Christie’s set a new record for the work of Tamara de Lempicka – “Portrait of Marjorie ferry”. The painting was sold for £16 million, 200 thousand pounds. The previous record for a work of Lempicka was $13.5 million dollars.

Another auction record was set by Georg gross’s painting “Dangerous road”, which went for £9 million 700 thousand pounds – this is more than six times higher than the previous price record for the artist’s work, set in 1996. This is a rare surviving painting from a series of 20 works depicting night Berlin and painted in the last months of the First world war.

And the top lot of the auction was Rene Magritte’s painting “Towards pleasure” in 1962, sold for almost £19 million pounds.

Platonov arts festival has announced the programme for the 2020

The international Platonic art festival, which will be held in Voronezh for the tenth time in June, will welcome more than 400 participants from 19 countries. It will be held from 5 to 21 June. According to the artistic Director of the festival Mikhail Bychkov, the show will open with a street show “Giant” performed by the Italian street theater.

In addition, another street performance, more than 30 theatrical performances, six concerts of academic music and two concerts of other genres are planned. In 2020, the poster will feature both new names for the festival, including artists who have never been to Russia, as well as the brightest participants of previous years.

Russian expert found “bookmarks” in Huawei chips»

Almost anyone with minimal network administration skills and knowledge of network commands can take full control of devices with certain HiSilicon chips. This is the conclusion of the system architect Mail.ru Group Vladislav Yarmak, as reported by the portal CNews with reference to the materials posted by the specialist in the open access.

The low-level firmware built into the chip always “listens” to several network ports (TCP 23, 9527, and 9530) while waiting for commands. When accessing them via Telnet (the Protocol for remote terminal access), just enter the root user name (full access rights) and one of the six passwords (123456, jvbzd, hi3518, k1v123, xc3511, xmhdipc). The problem is not so much in the availability of this interface at any time, but in the fact that the above passwords can not be changed — they are embedded in the firmware code and can not be corrected. And you can’t replace it either, because it is a closed proprietary software and there is simply not enough information to create an alternative.

Video surveillance servers, network video recorders, and IP cameras based on HiSilicon chips are vulnerable. It is the processor division of Chinese electronics and IT equipment manufacturer Huawei. No comments have been received from the company yet. Vladislav’s colleagues are currently adding to the list of compromised devices. There are concerns that this approach can be used by a world-famous company not only in a single product line.

Sony Walkman anniversary player to appear in Russia

The anniversary player will go on sale on February 7 at a price of 22,990 rubles. Previously NEWS.ru he said that Sony has launched a page for the next-generation PS5 console on the official PlayStation website. It is available in several countries, including Russia.

Developers have updated the design of Google Maps apps

Google Maps apps are 15 years old. In honor of this event, developers have updated the design of programs for owners of iOs and Android devices. Using Google Maps, more than 1 billion users explore the world, say the American Corporation

The manufacturer of graphic tablets Wacom was suspected of spying on users.

According to independent developer Robert Heaton, drivers for these devices send information to the company’s servers about what is happening on the computer.

The radiation of the iPhone 11 Pro is twice as high as the standards that are safe for humans

According to the results of testing conducted by the independent RF Exposure Lab from San Marcos, California (USA), commissioned by the manufacturer of protective cases Penumbra Brands, the radio frequency radiation of Apple iPhone 11 Pro smartphones is more than twice the threshold of the safe norm set by the Federal communications Commission (FCC) for the radio frequency radiation of cell phones.

Viber messenger now has the “My notes” feature»

The creators of the popular viber messenger have announced a new feature that gives the service the functionality of an organizer. We are talking about the “My notes” function, which is already available in the latest beta version of Viber.

Instagram divided accounts by popularity

Instagram has added “Categories” to user subscriptions. Now users can see which accounts they interact with the least and which are most often shown in the feed.

The us has developed a platform for optical computing

The optical computing platform was developed by researchers from McMaster University and the University of Pittsburgh. The message was published on February 3 on the website of McMaster University. The developed technology is based on combining the technology for creating a girdrogel, developed at Harvard, and the technology for conducting light measurements, developed in the laboratory of McMaster University. The results of the study are the basis for the development of a fundamentally new technology for creating computer technology.

The idea of optical computing is to control the propagation of light in a special environment using only electromagnetic radiation.

Provide energy to hundreds of led lamps with a single drop of water

A group of scientists, led by researchers from the City University of Hong Kong, developed a drip-based electric generator with a field-effect transistor structure (PTS). The device provides high energy conversion efficiency and specific power several orders of magnitude higher than that of analogues without PTS. An article about the development was published in the journal Nature.

Scientists have turned hydrogen into metal: the fuel of the future

According to a paper published on the Nature portal, researchers from the French Commission for alternative energy and atomic energy (CEA) were able to give a sample of hydrogen a shape in which it exhibits the properties of a metal.

According to NASA representatives, metallic hydrogen is a potential fuel that will not only radically change the earth’s energy system, but also give us a chance to carry out space flights that we can only dream of.

Elon Musk has launched a service for renting space rockets

For just $1 million, anyone can send a cargo weighing up to 200 kg to a solar synchronous orbit. Each subsequent kilogram of cargo on a Falcon 9 launch vehicle costs $5, TechCrunch writes. In addition, SpaceX offers potential customers launches to low-earth, geo-transit, and translunar orbits “at affordable prices.”

Who needs it? Companies that want to send a satellite into space, but can’t fully lease a rocket that costs $60 million to launch.

Created a rocket engine that runs on fuel from plastic waste

Scottish company Skyrora has successfully tested a 3D-printed rocket engine that runs on fuel derived from plastic waste. The startup team is developing a new launch vehicle to launch several small satellites into low earth orbit.

Why didn’t the universe cease to exist

Physicists were able to explain why the universe did not cease to exist after the Big Bang. Scientists believe that the created balance of matter and antimatter keeps afloat such a giant cosmic formation

“Echo” detected from the black hole»

Scientists think that this event was caused by a combination of gravitational waves. This phenomenon describes the Stephen Hawking hypothesis. Stephen Hawking’s assumption is that the boundaries of a black hole do not have a perfectly flat structure. A new study has shown that an “echo” that sounds from one side proves that there are uneven borders. The researchers want to perform a second analysis that will have a higher reliability score.