11 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/10/2020

Iran unveiled a new missile with composite motor

The Iranian military has unveiled a new short-range Raad-500 missile with a new generation composite engine that makes it lighter than the Fateh-110 missile, and the missile’s range has increased by 200 km, Mehr reports.

North Korea decided not to send a delegation to the Munich conference

The North Korean authorities decided not to send their delegation to the Munich security conference, despite the initial agreement, said the head of the ICB, Wolfgang Ischinger.

Ischinger previously reported that the conference was attended by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of the DPRK, Kim sung Kyung. His arrival in Munich could be the first time in the history of the Munich conference that a North Korean delegation takes part in the event.

Demand for Finnish visas in St. Petersburg increased by a quarter

St. Petersburg residents are in a hurry to take advantage of the new rule, according to which Finland can issue a Schengen visa for a period of five years. In this regard, the number of citizens applying for a Finnish visa has increased by a quarter.

Rules for issuing preferential medicines have been tightened in Russia

When prescribing drugs that have anabolic activity during a course of treatment for more than 30 days, additional control actions will be required in the form of established labels with the signature of a healthcare professional, a seal impression for paper prescriptions, a set mark and an enhanced qualified electronic signature for prescriptions in electronic form.

The engine of the Arctic nuclear icebreaker broke down during testing

As “Kommersant” found out, during mooring tests, the propeller motor on the right shaft failed due to a short circuit. The reasons for the failure and recommendations for restoring the engine should be determined by the Baltzavod Commission by February 20. If you need to replace the engine, it can seriously affect the delivery date of the “Arctic”, scheduled for the beginning of summer.

Gazprom has become a “national treasure” in the portfolios of private investors

The Moscow exchange has calculated which stocks are most in demand among Russian private investors, and published the data in the form of a report called “private investor’s Portfolio”.

The most popular share in the portfolios of individuals as of January 31, 2020 was the Gazprom share. Its share is more than a quarter-27.1%. The second most popular security is LUKOIL’s share, but Its share is already 9.9%.

In addition to these two companies, the top ten included shares of VTB, Magnit, Surgutneftegaz, Sberbank, Norilsk Nickel, Severstal, RusHydro and Yandex.

Japan has named the release date of its cryptocurrency

Japan should issue a digital yen within 2-3 years, said Kozo Yamamoto, head of the Commission for research on banking and financial systems of the liberal democratic party of Japan.

Russians in January began to actively buy currency

Interest in foreign currency is associated with a slight drop in the dollar and Euro, according to the Bank’s data. At the same time, in mid-January, the dollar and Euro rates gradually began to move up, reaching 63.03 rubles and 69.41 rubles, respectively, by the end of the month

Russian gas can go to China via Mongolia

Russian gas supplies to China may go through Mongolia. As energy Minister Alexander Novak noted in his article in the Energy policy magazine, various routes for laying the Power of Siberia-2 gas pipeline route are currently being discussed”

Turkish military killed again in Syria

As the NTV channel reports, citing a statement by the Turkish authorities, the Syrian army again fired at an observation post in the North of Idlib, where the military was located

A repeated signal from deep space has been detected

An international team of astronomers has discovered for the first time the so-called fast radio burst (FRB), which is repeated on a regular cycle. It is estimated that this powerful signal reaches Earth from deep space every 16 days.

The three largest parties in Ireland received an equal number of votes in the election

In Ireland, the results of early parliamentary elections are being summed up. According to the exit poll, the three largest parties — the conservatives, liberals and national Republicans-received roughly equal numbers of votes.

The President of Ukraine will take part in the Munich conference

The head of the Munich security conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, said that the event, which will be held in Bavaria on February 14-16 and will be the 56th in a row, will be attended by the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky.

“The new newspaper” wants to sue the media Prigogine

Novaya Gazeta and the newspaper’s journalist Denis Korotkov sued RIA ” Federal news Agency “(part of the Patriot holding of entrepreneur Yevgeny Prigozhin): the lawsuit concerns the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation.

RIA FAN publications claimed that Korotkov is allegedly linked to the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” in Russia and is working with militants on the order of Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

Investment to launch serial production of the Baikal aircraft»

Production of a light multi-purpose aircraft “Baikal” on the basis of Ulan-Ude aviation plant (U-UAZ, part of the holding “Russian Helicopters”) requires investment of 2.2 billion rubles. This was reported by the head of Buryatia Alexey Tsydenov in an interview with TASS

The Ministry of defense of Ukraine did not support the withdrawal of troops in the Donbass

The Ukrainian defense Ministry has studied the issue and concluded that the withdrawal of forces contradicts the Minsk agreements. The Treaty prescribes foreign formations to leave Nezalezhnaya, and other armed organizations to disarm and disband. However, it does not say anything about the movements of forces in the region….

Military with state awards will be given discounts on food and clothing

Russian military personnel with state awards will receive discounts from 3 to 20 percent in chain stores. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the Russian defense Ministry.

So far, Promsvyazbank, Voentorg and the Russian Army are participating in the pilot project. The project is still experimental. It is expected that in the future the list of retailers willing to cooperate with the Ministry of defense will expand. So, the Agency is already negotiating with X5 Retail Group.

More than 19 thousand companies closed in the Novosibirsk region during the year

Last year, 19.2 thousand companies closed in the Novosibirsk region, which is almost a thousand more than a year earlier. The number of closed IP — 16 thousand, this is 750 IP more than in 2018. This is evidenced by the data of the research of SKB Kontur, conducted by order of RBC Novosibirsk.

Creditors of Sibmost Novosibirsk agreed to a settlement agreement

“On further bankruptcy proceedings in respect of the debtor: a decision was made to conclude a settlement agreement and appeal to the arbitration court with the appropriate application,” – said in a statement published by the temporary Manager of Sibmost Sergey Kryazhev.

The Sibmost website clarifies that the settlement agreement provides for debt restructuring. The monitoring procedure was introduced in the JSC in may 2019. According to Kommersant-Siberia, creditors have filed claims for 8 billion rubles against the company.

The plane flew across the Atlantic in record time

A British Airways Boeing 747 flying from new York to London broke the record for the longest flight across the Atlantic, covering the route in four hours and 56 minutes. According to the newspaper The Independent, the reason that the liner came close to the sound barrier and reached a speed of 800 miles per hour, was a powerful tailwind caused by the storm “Ciara”.

A teacher from Primorye explained the rules of the Russian language to the children with a Mat

In Ussuriysk, a teacher at school # 14 explained the rules of the Russian language to children using an example of an obscene phrase. The Prosecutor’s office of Primorsky Krai on 7 February the incident began check of observance of the legislation on education and on basic guarantees of children’s rights, – informs the press-service of supervising Department.

Russians will be allowed to choose any nationality in the census

Residents of Russia will again be able to choose any nationality in the population census, which will be held this year, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on nationalities Ildar Gilmutdinov

Lawyers recommend that pensioners withdraw their entire pension from Bank cards

First, a large amount of money stored on the card can be an acceptable prey for hackers, who can take advantage of many different ways to wean them from gullible pensioners.

Secondly, the Bank can block the card at any time if it considers that “suspicious transactions”are being carried out on it. As a result, the pension will not be available.

If pensioners have unpaid loans or debts, bailiffs may well pay attention to their Bank account, arresting it and taking all the money in payment of debt obligations.

Windows 10 has ads in the start menu»

This isn’t the first time Microsoft has done something like this. We remember how in January we already saw an ad for the Office 365 office Suite in the built-in WordPad editor. Now we see tiles that say, ” Are you still using Firefox? It’s time to switch to Microsoft Edge.”

Switzerland to introduce criminal penalties for discrimination against sex minorities

In Switzerland, a referendum was held that raised the issue of introducing criminal penalties for discrimination against sexual minorities. In SWI swissinfo.ch it is reported that 63.1% of the country’s population voted for the adoption of the law.

The number of bankrupt developers has increased in Russia

According to the National Association of housing developers (NOZA), the number of bankrupt developers in Russia has doubled since 2018. By the end of 2019, the number of failed companies reached 508. The financial Institute for housing development “Dom. RF” provides data from the Unified register of problematic objects, which still has 17.4 million square meters.

Stores will be able to connect to the Central Bank’s payment system without banks

Stores will be able to connect to the Bank of Russia’s quick payment System (SBP) to accept payments via QR code without the participation of banks. This will be possible thanks to payment aggregators that enter this market.

Banks and the tax service will carefully monitor the income of Russians

We have already started testing a modern system that will allow us to track transfers of Russians to Bank cards. This was reported by several Federal media outlets. Indirectly, this information was confirmed by the new Prime Minister (previously head of the Federal tax service) Mikhail Mishustin. He announced a more thorough control over the income and expenses of Russians.

If employees of the Federal tax service suspect that you are not receiving money as a gift or related assistance, they will charge personal income tax, and may also issue a fine, experts say. All regular transfers fall under suspicion.

In Russia, the threshold for individual investment accounts will be raised

Russians will be able to top up individual investment accounts (IIS) of the second type up to 2.5 million rubles annually. Anatoly Aksakov, head of the state Duma Committee on the financial market, told Izvestia about this.

Currently, you can add up to 1 million rubles to the second type of account in Russia. According to the authors, this initiative will make the second type of AIS more popular

A Russian will pay for energy modernization

Electricity consumers will pay for the modernization of thermal power plants in the far East through a new surcharge to the price for power. As follows from the proposals of the Ministry of energy, part of the financial burden will fall on the far Eastern Federal district, but the largest share will be taken by other regions. This will allow RusHydro to return investments in four new projects in the far Eastern Federal district worth 171 billion rubles, but the basic yield will be 12.5% against the usual 14% for the market.

Europe is discussing “sanctions against meat»

The British press reports on the beginning of a lobbying media and public campaign to introduce a pan-European “tax on meat”, designed to save the planet from global warming and at the same time to punish meat eaters, achieving a reduction in beef consumption by 67 percent.

The former head of the FIU will return to work on the pensions Russians

Former head of the Pension Fund of Russia Anton Drozdov, will oversee pension issues within the Ministry of Finance. So, he will be in charge of non-state pension funds (NPF) and the development of a guaranteed pension plan (GPP). In addition, the Deputy Minister will be responsible for currency control.

In connection with the appointment of Anton Drozdov, top managers of the NPF recalled the complex and opaque system of transitions between funds, which was administered by the Pension Fund.

“It has repeatedly become a source of scandals related to the risks of illegal transfers of pension savings or, conversely, blocking legitimate transfers, “writes Kommersant.

Found the most expensive room in St. Petersburg

This housing is worth 6.3 million rubles in the Central district of the city with an area of 20 “squares”. This is stated in the material of the real estate Agency ” Shares.ru”, received at the disposal of ” Lenta.ru». The minimum transaction budget in this area is 900 thousand rubles. With this kind of money, you can buy an 11-meter room

More than 80% of corporate networks in Russia were dangerous

Most (81 percent) of corporate and government networks were infected with malicious software. This conclusion was reached by Positive Technologies specialists, who analyzed the internal traffic of state organizations, industrial enterprises and other structures, Izvestia writes»

Roskomnadzor warned about fraudulent mailings on behalf of the Agency

Roskomnadzor has warned the operators of personal data about fraudulent mailing on their behalf. A message about this appeared on the official portal of the Department.

“When receiving official letters from Roskomnadzor, please pay special attention to the sender’s email address. All Roskomnadzor email addresses end in @rkn.gov.ru”, – it is said in the message.

Jysk stores will appear in Russia in the spring

The media call it a Danish competitor of IKEA – both chains sell inexpensive furniture and home goods. At Jysk 2800 stores in 52 countries around the world. Turnover for the 2018/19 fiscal year is 28.3 billion Danish kronor (about 3.8 billion euros), and profit before taxes is 3.2 billion kronor.

The time frame for issuing permits will be reduced

It is noted that the changes will affect 47 types of permissions. Among them, registration of various vehicles, business works, block of permits for import and registration of medicines, registration of licenses for private detectives, and so on. According to the Prime Minister, it is planned to reduce a number of positions by two or three times, and somewhere up to one working day.

In Russia, allowed to grow hemp and poppy

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has signed a decree allowing the cultivation of certain varieties of drug-containing plants on the territory of the country. They will be used for industrial purposes, according to a document published on the legal information portal. It says that in Russia it is allowed to grow varieties of sleeping poppies. These plants will be used to create psychotropic and narcotic substances for medical purposes.

The part of the Russians ceased to pay the mortgage

By the end of 2019, the amount of overdue mortgage debt in Russia is 72.6 billion rubles. At the same time, some Russians — residents of half of the regions — actually stopped servicing loans, according to the materials of the Debt Consultant collection Agency posted on the organization’s website.

“According to our estimate, there are already more than 22.3 thousand problematic mortgage apartments in the whole country, for which borrowers have stopped paying loans,” says Denis Aksenov, General Director of the Debt Consultant collection Agency. — And this is only apartments that are mortgaged by banks, the real number of apartments, taking into account the sale of mortgages, is 1.5 times more. This volume is beginning to influence pricing in the secondary housing market. You need to understand that not all of them will appear on the market at once.”

In 2019, the Republic of Crimea (an increase of three times), the Karachay-Cherkess Republic (1.9 times), the Kostroma region (30 percent), and the Bryansk region (27 percent) became the leading regions for a sharp increase in overdue mortgage debt, analysts calculated

In Russia, they propose to change the order of medical examination of drivers

The United Russia human rights center suggested that the Ministry of health and the Ministry of internal Affairs change the procedure for medical examination of drivers. The state Duma suggests that the police first look at the clinical signs of intoxication, and not the fact of the presence of prohibited substances in the body.

According to the deputies, such drugs can be in the blood completely by accident. For example, if a person eats pastries with poppy seeds, the examination can show the presence of a small amount of opiates, and popular heart drops contain phenobarbital at all.

Scientists have found that the” normal ” pulse of all people is very different

Scientists have proved that the average pulse rate at rest simply does not exist, writes Medikforum. The pulse rate was affected by age, gender, weight, Smoking, and physical activity levels. For a long time, the normal resting heart rate was considered to be from 60 to 100 beats per minute. Now, these limits have grown from 40 to 109. On average, men’s heart rate ranged from 50-80, and women’s heart rate ranged from 53 to 82.

Krasnoyarsk territory asked the Federation for money to repair roads

Krasnoyarsk region intends to increase funding for the national project “Safe and high-quality roads” at the expense of Federal funds. This was stated by the Governor of the region Alexander USS during the all-Russian conference call in Moscow

The ROC is going to build 100 more churches in Moscow

In the next 10 years, about a hundred more Orthodox churches may be built due to the expansion of Moscow, said Vladimir resin, curator of the program for building Orthodox churches in the capital, a state Duma Deputy.

A journalist from China wrote about the settlement of the Baikal coast by the Chinese

Baikal in winter attracts tourists with its mystery, writes the correspondent of the publication Baijiahao (China). They want to feel the crackling frosts and see the” blue eye ” of Siberia. At any time of the year, the lake is beautiful. There, according to the Chinese correspondent, businessmen from China are building numerous tourist bases for their compatriots on the lake, and plan to open hotels.

“The settlements near lake Baikal will soon be fully occupied by the Chinese. Every year, tourists from China come here, but this does not bring much income to the region, because Chinese tourists have their own operators, hotels, and drivers,” the author of the article explained.

He emphasizes that now the influx of a large number of Chinese tourists worries Russians. Local residents regard this as an occupation of their land. A particularly tense atmosphere has developed in the resort village of Listvyanka in the Irkutsk region. The author also notes that the lake is located on the territory of Russia, but 300 years ago it allegedly belonged to China.

Lavrov said Russia is ready to exchange ambassadors with Ukraine

Russia is ready to exchange ambassadors with Ukraine again, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. According to him, Kiev is to blame for the deterioration of relations, which was the first to recall its diplomat. In addition, the Minister condemned the “artificial creation of barriers” for citizens of two neighboring countries — someone went to the Crimea, and he was “removed from the list”.

“It seems that someone there mentioned the probability of [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky’s decision to return the ambassadors. We won’t mind. Even in the current conditions, our countries are highly interconnected, ” the Russian foreign Minister said

The Pentagon revealed the purpose of low-power nuclear charges on submarines

The US explained why American submarines are armed with low-power nuclear warheads. The head of the Pentagon, mark Esper, said that the US intends to contain conflicts in this way. He also mentioned some “different opportunities” that can be obtained through such weapons.

Iran was unable to put the satellite rocket into the desired orbit

Iran launched a rocket with the Zafar remote sensing satellite, but it failed to reach the desired orbit. A representative of the country’s defense Ministry told Reuters. According to him, the rocket was launched, and everyone thought that everything would go well

“The launch vehicle successfully launched the Zafar satellite into space, but the rocket failed to gain the necessary speed to put it into orbit,” the report said

The us and Ukrainian military will conduct an observation flight over Russia

In the period from February 10 to 14, a joint mission of the United States and Ukraine will perform an observation flight over the territory of Russia, the head of the Russian center for reducing nuclear danger, Sergey Ryzhkov, told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper. The flight will be carried out under the open skies Agreement.

Palestinian radicals fired a rocket at Israel from the Gaza strip

One rocket fired by Palestinian radicals from the Gaza strip landed in Israel. The attack occurred on the evening of Sunday, February 9. According to the press service of the Israeli army, the launch was noticed after the air alarm was triggered.

The Admiral Kasatonov frigate tested an electronic warfare system in the Barents sea

The Northern fleet frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” conducted a stage of state tests in the Barents sea, the crew worked out setting passive interference and false targets with electronic warfare systems. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Northern fleet.

To complete the “Nord stream-2»

The pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky, a Gazprom vessel that energy Minister Alexander Novak called capable of completing the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline, left the port of Nakhodka and headed for Singapore.

The Akademik Chersky left the port on the evening of Sunday, February 9. According to Vesselfinder, the pipelayer is heading to Singapore and will arrive there on February 22.

The Russian barge Fortuna was also named as a pipe-laying vessel that can complete the Nord stream-2. However, experts pointed out that Fortuna is not allowed to operate in Danish waters due to the lack of a dynamic positioning system on the ship.

China has spent about $10.3 billion fighting the coronavirus epidemic

This is reported by the Ministry of Finance of the country. It is specified that financial institutions at all levels of government have allocated a total of 71.8 billion yuan for the prevention and control of the spread of the disease. The Central government spent 17.3 billion yuan (approximately $2.5 billion).

The police prevented the shooting of the Pussy Riot clip on ” Lenfilm»

“We have here the cops and” eshniki “< … > they went first to take an explanation that” propaganda of homosexuality and extremism “we will not have here, then went to the authorities of” Lenfilm”, and after half an hour in the entire building turned off the light, “— said” Mediazone ” member of the group Nadezhda Tolokonnikova

“The video was supposed to have riot police, but instead of the movie came a real outfit. The song is about resistance to the authorities, ” said the interlocutor of “Mediazona”.

The FTX exchange issued the Trump-2020 token.

Futures allows traders to open long and short positions-for the re-election of Donald trump and for his loss in the presidential race, respectively. If trump wins the 2020 election, the token will cost one dollar, if he loses, it will cost zero dollars.

“If you believe that the chance of a trump victory is 52%, the token should be traded at the price of 52 cents,” the exchange itself explains. By 19: 30 Moscow time on February 9, the token was trading at 62 cents

The Results Of The “Oscar»

  • Best film — South Korean drama “Parasites»
  • Best foreign film – ” Parasites»
  • Best Director-PON Jun-Ho (“Parasites»)
  • Best original screenplay — ” Parasites»
  • Best actor-Joaquin Phoenix (“the Joker»)
  • Best actress-Renee Zellweger (“Judy»)
  • Best supporting actor-brad pitt (“Once upon a time in Hollywood»)
  • Best production designer — ” Once upon a time in Hollywood»
  • Best supporting actress-Laura Dern (“Marriage story»)
  • Best soundtrack — ” the Joker»
  • Best cinematography — ” 1917»
  • Best sound mixing — ” 1917»
  • Best visual effects — ” 1917»
  • Best sound editing — ” Ford vs. Ferrari»
  • Best editing — ” Ford vs. Ferrari»
  • Best song — “I’m Gonna Love Me Again “(“Rocketman»)
  • Best adapted screenplay — ” jojo the Rabbit»
  • Best documentary — ” American factory»
  • Best animated film – ” toy Story 4»
  • Best feature short film — ” Window opposite»
  • Best animated short film — ” Love for hair»
  • Best makeup and hairstyles – ” Scandal»
  • Best costume design — ” Little women»
  • Best documentary short film – ” Learn to ride a skateboard in a war zone (if you’re a girl)»

Two tourist boats collided in Thailand

At least two people were killed and 22 others were injured when two high-speed tourist boats collided off the Eastern coast of Phuket island in Thailand. According to local police, both victims are children from Russia, a 12-year-old boy and a six-year-old girl.

In Perm, a rally was held because of the rise in the cost of travel in transport.

About 1 thousand citizens in Perm came to a coordinated protest against the cancellation of the train on the Perm 1 — Perm 2 stage and the rise in the cost of travel from 20 to 26 rubles. Citizens gathered, despite the cold -20 degrees.

The train connected the most remote Ordzhonikidzevsky district with the city center. residents could get to Perm-2 in 30 minutes. From January 27, they arrive at the Perm-1 station, where there is a rather bad transport interchange. The mayor’s office sent minibuses to help passengers, but they could not cope with the flow of citizens rushing to work. As a result, in late January and early February, a transport collapse occurred in Perm. At the same time, public transport costs 26 rubles.

318 million rubles for decorating the Main temple of the Russian Armed forces

The property management of special projects of the Ministry of defense will spend 318 million rubles for the purchase of religious products and plaster products for the Main temple of the Armed forces, which is being built in the Patriot Park near Moscow.

The Agency divided the tender into three purchases. Thus, the purchase and installation of religious items will cost 260 million rubles. Another 38 million rubles were allocated for decorating the temple with plaster products. The Administration will spend 16 million rubles to install the roof on the North and South porches of the Church,

52 billion rubles from the budget for surveillance of the population on the Internet.

Rostelecom has sent a draft road map “New Internet communication technologies” to the Ministry of communications. Within the framework of the project, it is planned to create a platform for collecting the “digital footprint” of Russian users, as well as develop a replacement for foreign browsers, messengers and operating systems. This will require significant investments – 52.3 billion rubles from the budget and 207.3 billion rubles from extra-budgetary sources

Sacred graves of Indians blown up for the construction of the ” Trump wall»

The construction of a barrier on the US-Mexico border, known as the” Trump wall, ” will affect the reserve, where the sacred graves of one of the native American tribes who lived here are located. This is reported by the Washington Post.

About a third of the Russian population are ” quiet alcoholics”

“There are abusers who have not reached either the narcologist or the doctor. This is one glass, 50 ml of strong alcohol, for a month every day. After a month, the liver marker will show that the person is abusing. There are about 30% of such people in the population, ” said the Chief narcologist of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Brun on the air of the Pozdnyakov program on Monday.


The all-Russian census in 2020 will not affect residents of Donbass, said Deputy head of the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat) Pavel Smelov


An 8-core Intel CC150 processor is on sale

Recently, the 8-core Intel CC150 chip has moved into the category of conventional models that can be purchased in a regular online store. On Taobao have started selling the CPU. In terms of performance, this CPU is between Core i7-8700K and Core i7-9700K.

Manturov spoke about the lack of Chinese components in factories

Enterprises in Russia have faced problems with the supply of Chinese components, but there is no acute shortage, said the head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov. According to him, this is not due to fears that goods with the virus will come to Russia, but to the fact that there is limited shift work in China.

The data CENTER advocated lowering the speed limit

Mikhail Kizlyk, head of the Moscow traffic management Center, believes it is necessary to reduce the non-fined threshold for speeding and raise fines for traffic violations. He said this to the Autonews portal.

The head of the data CENTER drew attention to the conclusions of experts that reducing the non-punishable threshold for speeding to 10 km / h will reduce the death rate in an accident by ten percent, and lowering the threshold to 5 km / h — by 15%. In addition, Kizlyk noted the level of fines for traffic violations in Russia.

The Ministry of communications will display all budget institutions in the social network

All budget institutions in regions and municipalities must maintain pages in social networks, for this purpose the Ministry of communications is already creating a special common platform, said the head of the Ministry Maksut Shadaev, speaking at a strategic session of the Russian accounting chamber on the priorities for the development of the North Caucasus.

The Minister did not specify which social networks are in question. He said that a single platform for maintaining both sites and pages in social networks for budget organizations will be created for this purpose

Scientists were able to extract electricity from the rain

Researchers in Hong Kong have unveiled the first efficient generator that can produce electricity thanks to raindrops, according to Engadget. The presented prototype uses a field-effect transistor structure to instantly produce a surprisingly high voltage from water droplets – a single drop can collect 140 V, or enough power to briefly light 100 small led lamps.

French revolutionary faience of the late XVIII century

Exhibition ” Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood. French revolutionary faience of the end of the XVIII century ” will open on February 12 at the State historical Museum. It will present revolutionary faience as a special phenomenon in the applied art of France. The exhibition includes about 50 ceramic items from the collections of the State historical Museum, the Museum of modern history of Russia and a private collection. Many items are exhibited for the first time.

UN servers hacked through Microsoft Sharepoint breach

At the disposal of the media was a secret UN report, which claims that last summer were “compromised” dozens of servers in the offices of the organization in Geneva and Vienna. This may have led to a leak of confidential data.

One of the cyber attacks targeted the UN human rights Office; the attackers managed to hack the directory service and gain access to the list of Committee employees and some information about them, including email addresses.

Telegram allowed you to create sites based on TON

Telegram opened the possibility for developers to use a tool called TON Sites. It allows you to create an entry point for other services in the shared TON network. HTML pages that are loaded from TON Sites have the ability to display links created using the “ton://” Protocol. They are focused on making payments made by users through the TON Wallet.

Immune cells remove unwanted memories

Chinese biologists from Zhejiang University were able to identify the mechanism of influence of microglia (immune cells that act as macrophages in the Central nervous system) on the process of forgetting. The researchers presented their findings in the journal Science

Developed a test for determining depression by blood test

Japanese scientists have discovered a biochemical marker of depression that appears in a person’s blood even before the onset of obvious signs of this serious disease. This means that it will be possible to start correcting a person’s condition before it goes to a difficult stage.

Scientists have identified the cause of the extinction of mammoths

After the extinction of the species on the continent, the island population was no longer replenished. Therefore, scientists have long suspected that at least one of the reasons for the extinction of island animals was the accumulation of harmful mutations as a result of closely related crossing — inbreeding.

A virus with an unknown genome has been detected in Brazil

According to BioRxiv, the so – called Yaravirus, named after Yara – or Iara, the figure of the water Queen in Brazilian mythology-was discovered on lake Pampulha, an artificial lake in the Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte.

Only six of the detected genes have a distant resemblance to known viral genes documented in public scientific databases. A search of more than 8,500 publicly available metagenomes gave no clues as to what Yaravirus might be closely related to.

Scientists have created a 3D printer for printing bio-skin

For almost 10 years, scientists have been working on creating a portable device that can print artificial skin, according to the publication Biofabrication. The unique printer creates sheets of material from stem cells that can be converted to other types of cells.

Melting Arctic ice changes ocean currents

A new NASA study shows that the main ocean current in the Arctic is accelerating and becoming more turbulent as a result of the rapid melting of sea ice. It is part of the Arctic environment, which is currently flooded with fresh water, as a result of anthropogenic climate change

Russian scientists have come up with a way to reduce the cost of solar panels.

The efficiency of conventional silicon solar cells is only 20-25%. Scientists were able to create the top layer of a solar cell on a silicon substrate under experimental conditions and assemble a small prototype of the battery. You can also build up intermediate layers. If there are more of them, then each layer of the solar battery will better absorb its part of the solar spectrum. As a result, the likely effectiveness of the development was estimated at 40%.

In Chernobyl, found mushrooms that absorb radiation

Research by Arturo Casadeval of the albert Einstein College of medicine in new York and his team has shown that fungi found in Chernobyl, such as Cladosporium sphaerospermum, Cryptococcus neoformans, and Wangiella dermatitis, are able to withstand ionizing radiation at about 500 times the background level. In addition, they do grow faster in the presence of radiation.

These fungi can not only tolerate high doses of radiation, but also absorb it. Known as “black mushrooms” or radiotrophic mushrooms, these few species contain melanin — the same pigment found in human skin that helps protect against UV radiation. Scientists believe that the pigment allows them to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth.

The space probe Solar Orbiter went to the Sun

In the United States, the Atlas-5 launch vehicle was launched with the Solar Orbiter, a research spacecraft for studying the Sun. This was reported on February 10 by the US national Aeronautics and space administration (NASA).

NASA engineers repaired Voyager 2 at a distance of 18.5 billion km

NASA engineers managed to turn on one of the energy-intensive systems and scientific equipment. Now Voyager 2 itself and the communications system between NASA’s jet propulsion Laboratory and the probe are in stable condition.

The device receives scientific data again, and the team of specialists continues to evaluate the performance of the tools after a brief shutdown. The rest of the hardware is undergoing diagnostics that will determine when all systems can be started again.

Voyager 2, like its twin, was launched in 1977. For more than 40 years of flight, it circled Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and then crossed the border of the Solar system and ended up in interstellar space at a distance of 18.5 billion km from Earth