12 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/11/2020

Currents in the world’s oceans are accelerating faster than scientists expected

Scientists from an international research group have found that modern ocean currents are moving faster than 20 years ago. According to “Mir 24″, the most accelerated currents in tropical latitudes.

This will affect temperatures and weather conditions, although more analysis will be required for accurate forecasts, ” said Alex sen Gupta, a member of the working group from the University of New South Wales.

Turkey launched a massive attack on the Syrian army

Turkish armed forces hit 101 Syrian army targets in response to shelling in Idlib, the Turkish defense Ministry said.

This dastardly attack was repeatedly responded to, enemy targets were destroyed, and the blood of our soldiers was not avenged — ” Altun wrote on his official Twitter page.

Belarus has revealed the cost of oil supplies from Russia

Belarus insists that the price of Russian oil should be formed on the same principles for Minsk and Western consumers, first Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy told BelTA.

“Now the price for us is 17% lower than the world price, this is only for the amount of duty. And if we remove the duty and take the net price between companies, it is, in fact, global. And Russian companies say: you will pay us more bonuses, ” the official said.

He explained that when talking about the world price, he is referring to the cost of Brent oil, and by adding a premium to the price, Russian companies want to increase it.

The amount of monthly mortgage payments for Russians was more important than the term

This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the research of Raiffeisenbank. According to the data obtained, for 78 percent of Russians, the amount of the monthly payment was more important than the term of the mortgage loan

At the same time, 44 percent of respondents intend to repay the mortgage ahead of time or partially ahead of time. The main reason for refusing this option of closing the loan is the lack of extra money, this was indicated by 75 percent of respondents. At the same time, 22 percent do not know why to pay the mortgage ahead of time.

Kommersant learned about the Ministry of Finance’s plans to raise the tax

According to the publication, the Ministry of Finance has developed proposals for increasing the met for companies that produce minerals that are not related to hydrocarbons. The newspaper notes that this is done in the framework of the order of the head of state Vladimir Putin.

“The government is looking for an opportunity to increase budget revenues at the expense of companies that produce other minerals besides oil and gas,” the article says.

According to the newspaper, this initiative may affect the coal industry most seriously. Miners of diamonds and raw materials for the production of mineral fertilizers can also fall under the innovations

ALROSA increased sales of diamonds and diamonds in January

The volume of sales of diamond products of ALROSA in January 2020 in value terms amounted to 405 million dollars (the figures are given taking into account the integration of the “Crystal” software), which is almost 44% higher than the same period last year, according to the company’s message.

Sberbank in January earned a net profit of 80.2 billion rubles

Sberbank published financial results for January 2020 in accordance with Russian accounting rules. The Bank earned a net profit of 80.2 billion rubles and issued a record amount of loans for January.

The oil industry can’t handle the glut

Three of the world’s largest oil traders Vitol SA, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and Litasco SA are among those interested in renting supertankers to store oil that has nowhere else to go due to a sharp drop in demand. Importers request deferrals and declare force majeure, writes Bloomberg, citing sources familiar with the circumstances of the case. Representatives of all three companies declined to comment.

Russia has promised to invest $20 billion in Iraq

Russian oil and gas companies can invest up to $20 billion in Iraq, first Deputy head of the Federation Council Committee on economic policy Yuri Fedorov said at a meeting with the Iraqi Ambassador in Moscow, Abdel Rahman Hamid al-Husseini

Ira citizenship for investment program “frozen”

After January 31, 2020, the government cannot make decisions on granting citizenship until it submits new rules for issuing passports to Parliament. So far, the government has not submitted such plans and some parliamentarians are already threatening to sue if it issues someone an investment passport.

The Russian delegation left Ankara without a deal in Idlib

Russian representatives leave Ankara without reaching any agreements on the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib. This was reported by Reuters on February 11, citing its own diplomatic source in Turkey.

Russia plans to deploy air defense assets at a military base in Kyrgyzstan

“As part of this work, we plan to introduce unmanned aerial vehicles into the United Russian military base in the near future and organize the use of unmanned aerial vehicle units,” said state Secretary – Deputy defense Minister Nikolai Pankov, speaking at the state Duma on the ratification of the Protocol between the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan on the status and conditions of the United Russian military base on the territory of this country. – The next stage will be the deployment of air defense equipment at the Russian military base. In addition, the infrastructure of the Kant airfield will be reconstructed, ” Pankov added.

The average salary in China was 90 thousand rubles

The average salary in 38 major cities in China was 9311 yuan, which is approximately equivalent to 90 thousand rubles. In Beijing, the average salary exceeded 12,300 yuan, which is about 120 thousand rubles

Moscow authorities will allocate funds to disperse the clouds

TASS reports with reference to the public procurement portal that the Moscow authorities are going to allocate 451.8 million rubles in 2020 for cloud dispersal:

“Providing services for weather protection of the city of Moscow during the celebrations of may 1, Victory Day, Russia Day and city Day in 2020 …»

TASS cites figures on past sky-high spending:

“… in 2019, the city authorities allocated 410.56 million rubles for” cloud dispersal ” before the holidays of may 1, 9, June 12 and on city Day, in 2018-400 million, in 2017 – 293 million.”

St. Petersburg business will suffer from tax reform

In St. Petersburg, the effect of the abolition of the single imputed income tax (UTI) will be dramatic, RBC Petersburg experts said — the city has a large share of businesses that use this tax regime.

In most other regions, including the neighboring Leningrad region, the reform initiated by the Federal government will primarily affect the labor market, as it will lead to massive job cuts. Both the direct impact on budget revenues and the indirect impact on jobs are unfavorable for regional economies.

According to the forecast of RBC Petersburg interlocutors, the negative consequences of the abolition of the UTI will be more noticeable than the fiscal effect that the state expects.

The Russian foreign Ministry allowed the Normandy summit to be disrupted in April

Kiev’s statements and the level of implementation of the agreements reached at the Normandy summit in Paris in December call into question the new Normandy summit in April. This was announced by Russian Deputy foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko, RIA Novosti reports.

Russia has created a complex for hidden verification of people at airports

Russian concern ” RTI ” has created a demonstration sample of the inspection complex, which can secretly detect dangerous objects and prohibited substances. This is reported by the company’s press service. The complex was developed at the research Institute of long-Range radio communications (NIIDAR, part of RTI”)

Operators want compensation for free access to sites

Commission of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) for communications and it insists on payment operators and Internet companies to cost-free subscribers ‘ access to socially significant sites, the newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to the proposals of the Commission following the meeting at RSPP on 7 February.

The Prosecutor General’s office named the regions of Russia with the most violent collectors

In Ugra, along with Buryatia, Voronezh, Perm, Volgograd and Rostov regions, there were cases when collectors released personal data of debtors and confidential information.

“Everywhere, prosecutors have suppressed the facts of psychological pressure, humiliation of the honor and dignity of citizens,” the Ministry said in a statement.

Such methods of pressure on debtors are noted in the Udmurt Republic, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Ulyanovsk regions and other regions.

The Prosecutor General’s office also found that in the Altai territory, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Volgograd and Orenburg regions, collection agencies hired employees without first checking whether they had a criminal record, Life writes.

Construction of incineration plants will increase the fare in the metro

To subsidize the construction of RT-invest incineration plants in the Moscow region and Kazan, a “green tariff” was introduced — renewable energy sources, an agreement on the supply of capacity to the wholesale electricity market.

“This is 67% of the revenue of thermal processing plants. This gives a rise in price in the first price zone of the wholesale electricity market and capacity, which applies only to industry, of 0.1%, “said Andrey Shipelov, co-owner and CEO of RT-invest, in an interview with RBC.

Rostec asked me to give him control over the purity of the air

Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov suggested that President Vladimir Putin appoint the state Corporation as the “sole executor for the creation, implementation, development and operation” of the Federal state information system for atmospheric air quality in order to implement the Clean air project.

The Central Bank named the share of microloans to the most credited borrowers

In the fourth quarter of 2019, 53.7% of microloans were issued to borrowers with a debt load of more than 50%, according to Finmarket according to the Central Bank. Almost 40% of the issued microloans were for borrowers with a PD of more than 80%.

The chamber has announced reviews of the “Roskosmos»

The Russian chamber of accounts will conduct several audits related to the activities of Roscosmos in 2020. The list of inspections for this year is published on the official website of the accounting chamber.

Inter RAO’s net profit increased by 15% in 2019%

Cash on the company’s accounts in 2019 decreased from 101.9 billion rubles to 47.6 billion rubles. Financial indicators for 2019 were also disclosed by JSC inter RAO – electric generation, which manages Russian power plants of inter RAO with the exception of the Omsk, Tomsk regions and Bashkiria.

German banks ask for permission to operate with cryptocurrency

Member of the German Parliament Frank Scheffler explains the emerging demand of banks for digital money not only as a result of the introduction of new legislation, but also the growing popularity of blockchain technology.

The Philippines terminated the military Treaty with the United States

The decision to terminate the agreement was announced by President Rodrigo Duterte in January, after Washington refused to issue a visa to Philippine Senator Ronald dela Rosa. This step is considered by the President as interference in the internal Affairs of Manila. According to the Manila Bulletin, the agreement will expire 180 days after Washington receives the letter.

The Treaty on the status of foreign armed forces was signed in 1998 and regulates the rules of entry and stay of American military personnel in the Philippines, providing also a legal basis for conducting joint exercises on the territory of the country.

$700 million to fight Russia

The white house has developed a draft budget that would allocate $ 700 million to counter Russia, as well as $ 24 million to fight “Russian propaganda and disinformation.”

The center for nuclear medicine in Ulan-Ude will be built in February

In Ulan-Ude on the territory of the cancer clinic on February 10, the ceremony of laying the stone Of the center for nuclear medicine was held, according to the website of the city administration.

Russian hospitals will stop receiving stents and catheters from abroad

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to restrict the import of medical devices for cardiovascular surgery in state institutions for two years. The initiative is being implemented by Boris Mendelevich, a member of the state Duma Committee on health protection, doctor of medical Sciences. This was reported by the “parliamentary newspaper”. The decree says that it is forbidden to purchase imported stents for coronary arteries and catheters if at least one Russian supplier participates in the competition.

“Of course, support and development of the domestic industry is an important strategic direction. However, at all times in our country, the priority has always been the person with his needs and requests, ” Mendelevich explained.

In Kamchatka, doctors were forbidden to communicate with journalists

Doctors of the infamous Kamchatka regional hospital, where there is a constant shortage of medicines, and doctors write letters to the Governor, were forbidden to communicate with media representatives. The order was signed by Andrey Kislyakov, who was appointed chief doctor of the hospital only today, February 11.

The Pushkin Museum will open an exhibition of tattoo art

The Pushkin state Museum of fine arts will open an exhibition “Tattoo” dedicated to the art of tattooing. The exhibition will start working on March 2. The project was implemented jointly with the French Museum named after Jacques Chirac.

“Totems, myths, images: zoomorphic ceramics of the I-III centuries ad.”

The exhibition “Totems, myths, images: zoomorphic ceramics of the I-III centuries ad” opens on February 12 at the State Museum of the East. Ceramic vessels with zoomorphic handles from the Museum’s collection will be presented, which will introduce the viewer to the ceramic art of the Sarmatian-meotic tribes of the North-Western Caucasus.

“Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood”

Exhibition ” Freedom. Equality. Brotherhood. French revolutionary faience of the end of the XVIII century ” opens on February 12 at the State historical Museum. For the first time in Russian Museum practice, it will present revolutionary faience as a special phenomenon in the applied art of France.

Pedro Almodovar adapts the play by Jean Cocteau

Pedro Almodovar told about plans to screen Jean Cocteau’s play “the Human voice”. This is reported by European media. The Director plans to make a short film, in which the main role can be played by the Oscar winner Tilda Swinton. Shooting should start in the near future, and the picture should be ready for the autumn film festivals.

Silver coin for the 150th anniversary of Ivan Bunin’s birth

A commemorative silver coin with a nominal value of 2 rubles for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Russian writer Ivan Bunin will be released in 2020. This was announced by the head of Rospechat Mikhail Seslavinsky at a meeting of the organizing Committee for the preparation and celebration of the anniversary date

Pushkin’s memory was honored in Moscow with a minute of silence

On February 10, the State Museum of Alexander Pushkin held a minute of silence in memory of the great Russian poet. It was dedicated to the 183rd anniversary of the poet’s death. Since the first year of the Museum’s operation, this event has been held annually on February 10.

Netflix has renewed the series “Sex education” for a third season.

The announcement was also accompanied by a new video in which Alistair Petry, who plays the role of Director, talks about the characters and their problems, concluding the monologue with the phrase “you will learn the answers in the third season”.



BTS group presented a photo shoot for the album “Map of the soul: 7»

Members of the South Korean band BTS presented a photo shoot for their new album “Map of the soul: 7”, which is released in February. The photos appeared on the team’s official instagram account.

Details of the plot of the film on Mortal Kombat became known

Producer Todd garner assured that the tape will definitely and with all possible respect pay tribute to the canonical confrontation between Sub-zero and Scorpio. Also, according to him, the picture will not roll down to a typical cgi-action movie, since real masters of martial arts were involved in creating action scenes. In addition, garner clearly hinted that not all the characters will live up to the final and promised that the film will not disappoint true fans. Warner Bros. Studio will release the movie on January 14, 2021

Roskomnadzor unblocked more than 2 million IP addresses

Roskomnadzor has unblocked more than 2 million IP addresses, according to the website monitoring the register of banned sites of the organization. On January 10, at 12.15 MSK, the registry had more than 2.8 million blocked IP addresses. As of February 11, 9.32, there were 749,000. It is not known which resources belong to the remaining ones.

Russia has launched the world’s largest production of graphene nanotubes

The Russian company OCSiAl, which has emerged from The RUSNANO portfolio group, has launched Graphetron 50 in Novosibirsk, the world’s largest facility for the synthesis of graphene nanotubes that radically change the characteristics of various materials

“I am deeply convinced that this is not an event of regional or even Russian significance, but absolutely of international significance. There is nothing comparable to this on the globe. We are talking about an industrial plant that produces a material that has a strength 150 times higher than steel. If we are seriously talking about a new technological era, of course this is the era of digital technologies, but also the era of materials, “Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO, told reporters.

Gazprom will switch to Baikal processors EN masse»

As CNews found out, Gazprom is going to massively use the modular computers of the Russian company Fastwel, originally developed on AMD chips, but later modified for domestic Baikal-T1 processors.

Wheels with actuators allowed to control the tilt and ground clearance of the robot

Australian engineers have tested a four-wheeled car with a new type of wheel that allows you to change the height of the axis relative to the ground and the gear ratio on the move. The wheel contains three linear actuators that can move and displace the wheel hub relative to its rim, thereby changing the movement characteristics. An article on wheel modeling was presented at the ICRA 2019 conference, and a video of the prototype testing was posted on YouTube



Mobile operators told about testing ” sovereign Runet»

As it turned out, during the inspection, numerous problems were found. They originated with VimpelCom, MTS, Rostelecom, ER-Telecom holding and TTK. Yekaterinburg-2000 and Tele2 worked out test scenarios without failures. All test participants declined to comment on the results.

Problems included a drop in speed and signal strength. In some cases, there were communication interruptions, and the transmission of commercial traffic was interrupted. In addition, there were problems with the software. Although in some cases it was reported that there were no significant failures.

The most interesting thing is that in no case was it possible to block Telegram, which uses its own proxy servers and encryption systems. So far, further tests have been deemed impractical, and the expansion of the filtering system has not yet been reported.

The patch for the treatment of diabetes has been successfully tested

Researchers conducted successful preclinical testing of the “smart patch” for diabetic patients. It is reported that the “smart patch” independently controls the level of sugar. This is due to the built-in microneedles, which were created from a glucose-sensitive polymer.

Recipe for the biggest soap bubble

According to Physical Review Fluids, this recipe was developed in the laboratory of Emory University (Georgia) after many experiments. The study helped to study the effect of surface tension and various hydrodynamic phenomena.

Let’s look at the recipe itself:

half a teaspoon of guar gum powder, three tablespoons of alcohol; mix and after dissolving add 940 milliliters of water and stir gently for ten minutes. After that, you need to let the mixture stand, and after half an hour, mix again until thick. After that, add half a teaspoon of baking powder and three tablespoons of dishwashing detergent.

Scientists have learned to bend diamonds

According to today News Ufa, experts have learned to bend diamonds using an electric field. While the experiment was conducted on diamond nanoigles, they were able to bend at an angle of 90 degrees and not destroy. In the future, this technology can be used in the development of supercapacitors, in air filtration, and in the manufacture of optical filters.