13 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/12/2020

Us regulator launches investigation into tech giants ‘ past

The us Federal trade Commission (FTC) has announced the opening of an antitrust investigation against Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, its parent company Alphabet, and Microsoft

Sanders won the primaries in new Hampshire

The politician took to the stage in new Hampshire and declared his victory. He expressed gratitude to the people who helped him, as well as to his opponents.

“We’re going to Nevada, we’re going to South Carolina, we’re going to win in these States as well,” Sanders said.

The FSB demanded access to the correspondence of Russians

The FSB sent letters to Internet services included in the register of information distribution operators (ORI), including Avito, Habr, and Rutube. The security service demanded to hand over the keys to decrypt users ‘correspondence and provide round-the-clock access to the companies’ IT systems. The letters were sent out in the summer of 2019, and Medusa only became aware of this now.

The US will continue to restrict Iran’s missile program

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the States will continue to restrict Tehran’s missile program in connection with the failed space launch undertaken by Tehran. On Sunday, February 9, the Iranian authorities reported the launch of the Simorg launch vehicle with the Zafar remote sensing satellite.

The US intends to allocate almost $ 29 billion for nuclear weapons in 2021

The us administration plans to allocate $28.9 billion in fiscal year 2021 for programs to modernize the us nuclear Arsenal, according to the Pentagon’s distributed reference materials.

The Pentagon cuts spending on the fight against “Islamic state»*

The Pentagon plans to cut funding for the Syrian democratic forces to $200 million, a third less than in 2020. The money will be used to help ensure security in the liberated areas and eliminate the constant threat of ISIL* to prevent the re-establishment of the “Islamic state” * and to establish conditions for long-term stability.

Total for the fight against ISIS * trump is requesting $900 million for 2021. This is 30% less than the level of the current year. The Iraqi security forces, which continue to conduct anti-terrorist operations, will receive $645 million for this purpose.

* – an organization whose activities are prohibited in the Russian Federation

In Simferopol, switch to water supply on schedule

Earlier, the head of the administration of Simferopol Elena Protsenko noted that socially significant objects: schools, kindergartens, hospitals and others will not fall under this restriction. Also, since February 4, the city has stopped working car washes, except for those that have a closed cycle or imported water.

Kiev has offered to exchange the water for the Crimea on the war in Donbass

The head of the Ukrainian faction “Servant of the people” David Arahamiya offered a compromise: to resume pumping water to the Crimea in exchange for concessions in the negotiations on the Donbass. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to his statement on the TV channel “Direct”.

“If you give water to the Crimea, but have a great advantage in the negotiations on the Donbass, my personal position, I will consider this a sufficient compromise,” Arakhmiya said.

The MP said that such an agreement can be reached if, in exchange for the supply of water, the armed groups will withdraw to Rostov, and Ukraine will restore full control over the border.

The Kremlin will announce an additional day off for voting on the Constitution

The Kremlin plans to schedule a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution on a weekday. The main date being considered is Wednesday, April 22, four sources close to the presidential administration told RBC. It is expected that this day will be declared a holiday, two people close to the Kremlin said.

The idea belongs to the presidential administration and is linked to the expectation of a higher turnout, said one of the sources close to the Kremlin. On a normal weekend, people may have their own plans, which they may not refuse, and if they allocate a weekday for voting, declaring it non-working, then more people may come to the polling stations, he explained.

Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) was born on April 22, 150 years ago.this day also marks the international Mother Earth day, established in 2009 at the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly.

The CIA has read the secret correspondence of more than 120 countries for half a century

German broadcaster ZDF and the American newspaper the Washington Post reported, citing CIA documents and the Federal intelligence service of Germany that U.S. intelligence and Germany since the 1970-ies received information from a Swiss company-manufacturer of cryptographic hardware Crypto AG to examine the contents of the secret correspondence of more than 120 countries in the world.

The US has expressed dissatisfaction with Turkey and Russia over the situation in Idlib

The US has made it clear to Russia and Turkey that they do not like what is happening in Idlib, white house national security adviser Robert O’brien said on Wednesday. But they are not going to take any measures to resolve the conflict, which they have nothing to do with creating. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

The Kremlin expressed extreme concern about the situation in Idlib

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is concerned about the” free position ” of terrorists in Idlib, the correspondent reports “Газеты.Ru”.

The Kremlin is concerned about this situation, and we have made no secret of it. Unfortunately, for a long time, terrorist groups have been quite at ease in the Idlib zone, and even organize attacks. – Dmitry Peskov, Russian statesman

Erdogan blamed the Russian military for the attacks in Idlib

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has accused the Russian military of attacking civilians in Idlib, Ahval quoted Him as saying. According to the politician, the regime of the country’s leader Bashar al-Assad is currently operating in the Syrian city, and the Russian military and militants supported by Iran are attacking people.

Erdogan has threatened to shoot down all planes over Idlib

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to shoot down all planes in the skies over Idlib province in Syria if they pose a threat to Turkish forces in the region. This is reported by the Daily Sabah. According to him, Ankara will not hesitate to hit targets that pose a direct threat to the military in the area.

“The planes that bombed civilians in Idlib will no longer fly so freely,” the head of state assured.

Erdogan added that the Sochi agreements reached with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Idlib are no longer valid, since Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and others have grossly violated it.

Poland asked Gazprom for data on the Nord stream — 2 case»

Poland requested information and documents from Gazprom to conduct an investigation in relation to Nord stream-2. the request was received from the Polish competition and consumer protection Committee (UOKiK).

Smuggled cigarettes from Belarus found in 70 Russian regions

Contraband cigarettes from Belarus were found in online stores in almost all regions of Russia, RIA Novosti reported, citing a study by the it company Evotor. In the course of the study, they took into account only sales of brands that are not legally delivered to Russia. The demand for smuggled cigarettes is explained by the fact that the average price of a pack of Belarusian cigarettes is two times lower than the legal one, and is approximately 55 rubles against 93 rubles.

Golodets received a position on the Board of Sberbank

Her appointment was confirmed by the head of Sberbank, German Gref, stressing that Golodets ‘ candidacy should be approved by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. According to him, the former Deputy Chairman of the government will oversee the medical direction in the credit organization, in the ecosystem and in the digital economy, TASS writes.

Residents of Russia told about their spending on vacation in 2019.

According to a study by OneTwoTrip, 11.5 % of Russians last year allocated more than 200,000 rubles for vacation, 8.2% of our fellow citizens allocated 300,000 rubles for this purpose, and 9% – more than 400,000 rubles.

However, most residents of the Russian Federation rested on more modest amounts. Thus, the corresponding expenditures of 19.9% of respondents amounted to 60,000-100,000 rubles, and 16.6 % – 100,000-150,000 rubles. Another 13.3 % and 8% of respondents said that the vacation cost them 40,000-60,000 and less than 40,000 rubles, respectively.

Rostelecom to buy 55% of Tele2 shares

Today, Rostelecom signed a deal with VTB Bank and other investors to buy 55% of Tele2 shares. Now Rostelecom already has 45% of the mobile operator, and now it is increasing its share to 100%. The purchase of 55% of Tele2 shares will cost Rostelecom 132 billion rubles.

The Ministry of Finance has collected more than a billion rubles from the Novosibirsk agricultural company

In 2009, the company received a loan from the Bank in the amount of 860 million rubles for the purchase of raw materials. Half of this amount was provided with a state guarantee. Therefore, after the bankruptcy of TD Sakho Himprom, the Bank collected the debt from the Ministry of Finance, and the Department, in turn, accused the company of misspending funds.

Russian billionaire buys Real hypermarket chain

German Metro AG has reached an agreement to sell the Real hypermarket chain to a consortium of investors from SCP Group and x+bricks. This is written by RBC with reference to the company’s message. SCP Group Advisory is affiliated with the family of Russian businessman Vladimir Yevtushenkov and Sistema holding.

Premium Chinese crossovers from Chery will be sold in the US

Chery signs a contract with a partner in the States themselves – a California company HAAH Automotive, which was organized by Duke Hale, who has experience working in local offices of Volvo and Mazda. Now HAAH is dealing with the issue of delivery to the United States of cars of another Chinese brand-Zotye, which should debut in the country before the end of this year.

As for Chery, this company plans to sell in the United States and Canada crossovers of its subsidiary brand Exeed, created specifically for the premium SUV segment. However, another trademark is registered for North American buyers – Vantas.

HAAH Automotive plans to localize production, but this is all that is known about the local Assembly, neither the site nor even the country has yet been designated.

One of the largest airlines in Italy reported on the elimination of

Air Italy will stop operating flights and begin the liquidation process. This was reported on Tuesday, February 11, on the company’s website. It is noted that flights departing in the period from 11 to 25 February will be performed by other air carriers, the time and date of departure will remain the same

In Ukraine, they offered to sell land for “protection” from Russia

Kiev economist and President of the Ukrainian cooperative Alliance Zinovy Svereda made a proposal to sell land on the Eastern border of the country to us companies to protect them from Russian “aggression”. This is reported by the Browser portal.

“I would personally say — let’s sell the border territories of Sumy and Kharkiv regions to American companies as much as possible, because American troops come to places where there is American private property, where there is their interest,” Obozrevatel quotes Him as saying

In the Novosibirsk region three times violated the rules for collecting dead wood

In 2019, only three violations of the new rules for collecting dead wood were recorded in the Novosibirsk region. Two incidents were related to an attempt by villagers to remove dead wood from the forest under the guise of dead wood. In each case, the violators had to pay a fine of 3,500 rubles.

The Russian state Duma refused to ban a new increase in the retirement age

The state Duma rejected a draft law on a moratorium on a new increase in the retirement age in Russia until January 1, 2030, thus refusing to prohibit the possibility of another reform.

The initiative was opposed by the Committee on labor and social policy. They said that Russian legislation does not provide for the institution of a “moratorium” on the adoption of any regulations. This position was supported by the majority of deputies. As a result, the proposal was rejected during the discussion.

A nurse from Germany told about the differences between Russian and German doctors

A nurse from Germany, Maria gerlitz, found out how German doctors differ from Russian doctors while practicing in a hospital in Nizhny Novgorod. She said this in an interview with MDR.

According to Herlitz, German doctors are more polite to patients, but they are inferior to Russian doctors in some aspects of diagnostics.

“To listen to the patient with a stethoscope, to feel it with your fingers-they are simply better trained for this,” the nurse explained, referring to the fact that Russian doctors have to learn different techniques in diagnostics, since most local residents can not afford expensive examinations.

She also noted that in Germany, specialists rely more on the results of laboratory tests and computer diagnostics, while in Russia they still resort to traditional methods of examination. She also drew attention to the fact that often Russian doctors do not inform patients about the methods of treatment and prescribed medications

Changed the terms of storage of accounting and personnel documents

Rosarchiv order No. 236 of 20.12.19 approved a new list of standard management archival documents and their storage terms. In particular, the order established that invoices will have to be stored for 5 years instead of 4. and the books of income and expenses in the USN will need to be stored for only 5 years (and not permanently, as now). The new rules will take effect on February 18. From the same date, the current list of documents, UTV, will become invalid. order of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation from 25.08.10 No. 558.

Boeing did not receive new orders in January for the first time in almost 60 years

American aircraft manufacturer Boeing for the first time since 1962 did not receive any new orders for the delivery of aircraft in January, Reuters writes, citing company materials. Boeing’s main competitor, the French Airbus group, received 274 new orders in January.

Huawei may have access to phone networks

Us officials believe that the Chinese company Huawei may in the future have access to telephone networks around the world through “secret doors” used only by law enforcement agencies. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal.

The largest producers of beer out of the brewers Union

Baltika, Heineken and AB InBev Efes Breweries have announced that they are withdrawing from the Union of producers of beer and non-alcoholic beverages in Russia, Interfax reports. The decision was made due to disagreements with other members of the brewers ‘ Union over the fight against illegal products, price regulation and formulation

Rules for compensation of damage to property owners proposed to change

The Ministry of economic development proposed to change the rules of compensation for losses to owners of land and real estate located on it. This is stated in the draft law posted on the portal of normative legal acts.

According to it, in addition to owners, tenants of agricultural land and industrial premises will also be able to claim compensation for losses. The amount of losses will be determined based on the actual damage and lost profits. It is also proposed to develop rules for assessing damage to agricultural plantations. It will be possible to compensate the damage both with money and with real estate. Compensation will also be required if the quality of land deteriorates, the rights of land owners are restricted, or if zones with special use of land are changed.

The traffic police will have the right to cancel the results of an illegal inspection

The traffic police will have the right to cancel diagnostic cards if it turns out that the car did not arrive at the point, or passed it with violations, follows from the draft government resolution. Information will be passed to insurers.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation will sell Sberbank to the government at market value

The Finance Ministry and the Bank of Russia has developed and submitted to the government a draft law on the Central Bank from Sberbank capital, involving the purchase of a package of the regulator at the expense of the national welfare Fund (NWF) at the market value stated in the materials on the official website of the Ministry.

The number of Russian regions with budget deficits has doubled

The number of Russian regions that ended 2019 with a budget deficit more than doubled compared to the previous year — from 15 to 35, according to data from the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of consolidated budgets of subjects, which RBC reviewed.

The Ministry of economic development will launch an online service for bankrupts

The online service will store all information about assets sold in bankruptcy proceedings. This was reported by RBC Deputy head of the Ministry of economic Development Ilya Torosov. This measure will increase transparency and competition at auctions, as well as increase sales and repayment of debt to creditors. The timing of the service launch is unknown

“This will be a special electronic platform where all information about bankruptcy procedures and objects in the tender mass will be posted in advance before the auction. The information can be filtered and prepared for the start of trading, ” RBC reports Torosov.

Russia’s trade surplus has significantly decreased

The trade surplus of the Russian Federation in 2019 decreased by 16% compared to the same period last year, or by 33.7 billion dollars, amounting to 177.2 billion dollars, according to the Federal customs service (FCS) of Russia

Tax benefits for contracted landlords

The Ministry of construction proposes to provide tax incentives for landlords who have signed contracts in order to bring the rental housing market out of the shadows. At the same time, it is proposed to establish administrative responsibility for illegal housing delivery, Director of the housing policy Department of the Ministry of construction Olga Kornienko said on Tuesday at a meeting of the Federation Council Committee on Federal structure, regional policy, local government and Northern Affairs.

The Ministry of construction will develop a program for the construction of rental housing

The Ministry of construction of Russia and Dom. RF will develop a program for the construction of non-commercial social rental housing. It will be intended for people with low incomes who can’t buy a home with a mortgage. This is reported by the press service of “Dom. RF”.

Five new airlines will be created in Uzbekistan

“The Ministry of transport of Uzbekistan, the state tourism Committee and a number of other agencies have been instructed to create five new airlines by April 1 this year. This will increase the frequency of flights on existing routes and open new destinations, ” the draft State program for 2020 says.

The plans also include increasing the number of countries whose citizens will be granted a visa-free regime with Uzbekistan.

Us residents ‘ debt on loans exceeded $14 trillion for the first time

The total debt of Americans on loans in 2019 increased for the year by $601 billion and reached a record $14.15 trillion. Such data is available on the website of the Federal reserve Bank of new York. Most of the total amount — $9.56 trillion — is mortgage debt, which increased by $433 billion over the year.

Net capital outflow from Russia decreased by 21.5%

In January 2020, net capital outflow from Russia amounted to $7.3 billion, which is 21.5% less than in January last year. These are the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The regulator attributes the decrease in capital outflows to an increase in external assets and a decrease in foreign liabilities of banks with little balanced financial flows in other sectors. Earlier, the Central Bank reduced its forecast for capital outflow for 2020 from $20 billion to $15 billion. capital Outflow from Russia in 2019 amounted to $22 billion, decreasing by 2.9 times ($63.3 billion in 2018).

MTS raised 30 billion rubles from VTB to refinance debt

“The total debt of the company is 376 billion rubles, and the net debt is 307 billion rubles. on a business scale, borrowing is not extraordinary, “said Timur Nigmatullin, investment Manager at OTKRITIE broker. He believes that big business usually does not seek to repay the debt, but only refinances as the loan expires.

He suggests that the company also needs additional liquidity, as it will soon pay dividends and needs a source of funding

In Bali, 40,000 bookings canceled, hotels reduce prices

Hariyadi Sukamdani, Chairman of the Indonesian hotel and restaurant Association (PHRI), said more than 40,000 hotel bookings in Bali had been cancelled since the outbreak

The Bakhrushin theater Museum will conduct a large-scale restoration by 2022.

It is planned to restore all the monuments on the territory of the historical estate of A. A. Bakhrushin, as well as its branches in Moscow and Zaraysk

“Historically, this period [the last 10-15 years] was a stage in the formation of a strategic plan for the development of the Museum, which we started implementing a few years ago, having carried out a large-scale restoration of the facades of the Main house, the carriage house wing, where we opened a new exhibition hall. The implementation of this plan is designed for the period until 2022, ” the Museum’s Director Dmitry Rodionov told TASS.

Russians are more likely to visit Sri Lanka and the Maldives

The number of Russian tourists in Sri Lanka in 2019 increased by a third compared to 2018, and there is also an increase in the Maldives, Russian Ambassador to Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives Yuri Materiy said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“At the end of 2019, Sri Lanka was visited by more than 86 thousand Russians, which is 34.2 percent more than in 2018, the Maldives-more than 83 thousand people, an increase of 17.5 percent,” he said.

The presence of direct flights from Moscow to Colombo and Moscow to male contributes to the increase in tourist traffic, the Ambassador said. Also, local authorities organized the receipt of entry visas directly at the airport of Colombo on arrival, and an agreement on mutual visa cancellation was signed between the Maldives and the Russian Federation in the summer of 2019, Matheri recalled

Gazprom said there were no plans to split the company

The idea of dividing Gazprom into mining and transport companies and liberalizing gas exports (only Gazprom can export pipeline gas in Russia) “does not have the support of the country’s leadership.” This was stated by Kirill Polous, head of the Gazprom Department responsible for development strategy

Libya’s oil revenues fell to zero in January

Libya’s oil export revenues fell to zero in January, the Central Bank said, after the forces of national army commander Khalifa Haftar blocked major oil ports, Reuters reports.

Samsung unveils new flagship smartphones

One of the main features of the smartphone is a camera that works on the basis of artificial intelligence, with the largest sensor that the company has ever produced. There are three models in the new line-Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

In Poland, Russian-speaking visitors were beaten

In the Polish city of Torun, visitors from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus were beaten for speaking Russian. This was written on his Facebook page on February 9 by one of the injured poles, who was with the visitors. The incident occurred on the night of February 9.

British artist David Hockney’s painting sold for $30 million

A painting by English artist David Hockney, The Splash, went under the hammer in the British capital for £23.1 million ($29.8 million). This is stated in the message of the auction house Sotheby’s, which held on Tuesday the auction of modern art.

Britain may abandon gas heating by 2050

By this time, the boiler boilers that supply gas to buildings must be disconnected from them or upgraded to meet the government’s plans to reduce the amount of carbon entering the atmosphere

An epidemic that is not talked about

Yuri Duda released a film about something that is not widely talked about — the spread of HIV in Russia. A film about people living with HIV, or constantly in contact with people with HIV infection.

The amount of debt Russians for alimony

At the end of 2019, the amount of Russian alimony debts amounted to 152 billion rubles, updating the historical maximum. The number of debtors has decreased compared to 2018, but the amount of unpaid alimony has increased by 13%, Izvestia reports, citing reports from the Federal bailiff service (FSSP).

Japan to develop means to combat North Korea’s ballistic missiles

The Ministry of defense of Japan intends to develop means of electronic warfare against ballistic missiles launched in the DPRK. We are talking about using powerful radiation to disrupt the exchange of telemetry information between the missile and the ground base from which it was launched. As reported by the Sankei Shimbun newspaper, work on creating the system begins this year and should give a result in five years.

18 launches are planned at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in 2020

About this informed the General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin. As previously reported in the state Corporation, more than 40 launches of Russian space rockets are planned for 2020. Launches will be made from the Baikonur, Vostochny, Plesetsk and Guiana space centers. In 2019, Russia conducted 25 launches of Russian space rockets. As reported by Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, the launch program for 2019 was completed by a little more than half.

The share of Russians who do not have savings has reached a historic low of 36%.

This is evidenced by the data compiled by Sberbank’s “Ivanov index”, which assesses the level of consumer sentiment of the Russian middle class. In General, the consumer confidence index continues to show negative values, although it shows positive dynamics

Police officers who tortured the teenager were sentenced to real terms

In may 2019, in Kolpino, St. Petersburg, two PPP employees suspected 17-year-old Vadim Koval of shoplifting, although he did not steal anything. He was taken to the Department, where they tried to extort a confession from him under torture. With shouts of “Now we will repel you” the guy took off his pants and underpants, and inflicted 14 blows with his feet and a rubber baton on the buttocks and head.

The police pleaded guilty and paid the victim 50 thousand rubles. Dmitry Gerasimov, the guy’s lawyer who cooperates with the “Zone of law”, said that the Prosecutor’s office requested 3.5 years of imprisonment for one of the policemen, and 3 years for the other. However, the court issued a more lenient sentence: 1 year and 8 months and 1 year and 6 months. They were banned from holding positions in the civil service for two years, so they can still return to their professional, slightly immoral activities.

The mayor’s office renamed the Park next to the temple under construction, without asking the residents.

Previously square thetribunal part of the square of the Fallen Fighters were known as Heroes Park. Now the mayor’s office on its website refers to it as the Alexander square. Volgograd residents are outraged that they were not asked. And it doesn’t matter that there is no Park or square there yet – the trees were destroyed..

The Kremlin will spend 54 million on food for foreign delegations.

The budget allocated 54 million rubles for President Vladimir Putin’s meals during his foreign trips. The corresponding agreement is posted on the public procurement portal, MBH media reports.

The contract was awarded to MSK, which is affiliated with Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin’s cook. The firm will also provide catering for events related to visits to Russia by foreign heads of state and foreign politicians. The purchase was made from a single supplier. The contract runs until the end of 2020.

Sony Studio will release an untitled film based on Marvel comics

An unnamed project created in conjunction with Marvel, which is scheduled to premiere on October 8, 2021, has appeared in the Sony Studio’s release schedule. At the moment, it is not known which film is in question.

In 2020, Sony will release two projects based on Marvel comics — “venom 2” and “Morbius”. In July 2021, the third spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland will be released, but the Studio has not yet revealed its plans for a franchise about characters associated with the popular superhero.

The trailer for the second season of “Modified carbon” was released»

Streaming service Netflix has presented a trailer for the second season of the science fiction series “Modified carbon”, which will tell about the future of the main character Takeshi Kovac.



Aerosmith band to perform in Moscow

The American band Aerosmith will perform at the VTB arena in Moscow on July 30, 2020, according to event organizers.

“One of the most successful rock bands in the history of the genre is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a large-scale European tour. On July 30, Aerosmith will perform at VTB arena. Tickets are on sale from February 18, ” the message reads.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was founded in 1970 During the existence of the group has sold about 150 million albums. The band’s awards include four Grammy awards, six Billboard Awards, and 12 MTV Awards.

A Rembrandt painting was “found” at the Pennsylvania Museum

Employees of the Allentown Museum of art (Pennsylvania) found out that the picture, which they thought was painted by Harmens van Reyn from Rembrandt’s Studio, actually belongs to the artist’s own brush. This became clear after experts removed layers of varnish and later recordings during the restoration process.

“Portrait of a young woman” was given to the Museum in 1961 by a Foundation created by the magnate Samuel Kress, owner of a collection of works of art from the Renaissance period. The restored painting can be seen in the Museum starting from June 7, 2020.

Microsoft has released a Windows 10x emulator

Microsoft released the first emulator to test the new Windows 10X operating system, which was released in November 2019 on a Surface Neo laptop with two displays. But nothing was told about the system itself, or the timing of its release

Chinese and American scientists have developed an ultra-efficient water desalination device

The development by MIT and the Shanghai transport University consists of several layers of solar evaporators and condensers arranged vertically and covered with a transparent aerogel-insulator.

The passive desalination system produces 5.5 liters of drinking water per hour per square meter of solar material, extracting it literally from the air using solar energy. This is 2 times more effective than the best examples of such devices that have existed so far. At the same time, the developers are confident that they will be able to increase the performance of the prototype by at least 7-8 times. The system they created is guaranteed to solve the problem of lack of drinking water in all dry regions.

Apple is developing low-cost airpods Pro Lite headphones

This year, the American company Apple plans to update a number of its products, according to the online publication DigiTimes. It is expected that there will be AirPods Pro Lite-a “Lite” version of wireless headphones, which will be more affordable.

Xiaomi has released an anti-spyware gadget for 14 dollars

The Smoovie multi-function infrared detector scans rooms for hidden cameras and can be used as a device that protects against theft and loss. In this case, you just need to attach it to valuable property and then it will vibrate and give an alarm, which can prevent the loss of items.

The design of the camera detector is made in a compact and lightweight style. It weighs only 34 g and has a cord with which the device can be hung if necessary. The detector is very easy to use and you only need to turn on the power and press the function key to activate it. After that, you only need to perform a scan and monitor the sensor, which will signal when suspicious items are detected.

Taste preferences of butterflies are inherited

Scientists conducted a study that proved that new taste preferences that each insect acquired during life can be inherited.

Scientists have learned to generate random numbers using crystals

The mechanism for generating random numbers using crystals was published by scientists from the University of Glasgow in the UK on February 10 in the scientific journal Matter. To generate numbers, the scientists used a physical solution that, under special influence, acquired a randomly rigid crystal structure.

Scientists have created a stable chip for a quantum computer

According to experts, it was possible to achieve success by introducing quantum dots into a silicon chip, thereby turning them into artificial atoms with a large number of electrons, according to TASS-Science. This scientific breakthrough will create stable cells in the memory of a quantum computer.

The accelerator of brain recovery after stroke is presented

According to scientists, X-receptors located in the cortex of the brain are damaged during hemorrhage and become more sensitive. Because of this, a person who has experienced a stroke becomes weaker and quickly loses coordination, according to the Russian newspaper.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to speed up the recovery process and this became possible when x-receptors were stimulated by a gene expression regulator, i.e. the retinoid x receptor (RXR). It turned out that it stimulates phagocyte cells and helps clear the brain of dead cells after a stroke. Thus, the risk of inflammation of the brain tissue is significantly reduced.