14 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/13/2020

US says Huawei has “secret access” to mobile networks around the world

The Chinese company Huawei has hidden access to mobile phone networks around the world, writes The Wall Street Journal, citing statements by us officials.

“We have evidence that Huawei can gain secret access to personal information in systems it serves and sells around the world,” white house national security adviser Robert O’brien was quoted as saying by the WSJ.

According to the newspaper, the Chinese company, which denies all the charges, has been operating in this way for more than a decade.

The US offers its gas to Lithuania and Belarus

“I would very much like to see liquefied natural gas delivered via Klaipeda from the United States to the market of Lithuania and possibly Belarus,” us Ambassador to Vilnius Robert Gilchrist told the Baltic news service on Wednesday.

According to him, the States are “showing interest” in such deliveries, and Gilchrist intends to discuss this issue with the Lithuanian government in the near future.

Erdogan threatens Russia and Syria with all his military power

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during his speech in Parliament that he does not intend to put up with the violation of the agreements on Idlib. He insists that Syrian units leave the de-escalation zone and stop attacking the Turkish military.

Fine for noise in homes during the day

The Federation Council discussed the proposal of the regions to add an article to the draft administrative Code on the violation of silence in residential buildings in the daytime, Izvestia reports. If the relevant amendment is adopted, it will be prohibited to carry out repairs in apartment buildings from 13 to 15 hours, from 19 to 9 hours, as well as on Sundays and non-working holidays. Penalties will reach 40 thousand rubles.

Russians are denied entry to Israel

Over the past year, Israel has received about 6 thousand refusals to enter the country to Russians, some of these refusals are unfounded. About it the Ambassador of Russia in Israel, Anatoly Viktorov told RBC in an interview

“Among them (Russians. – RT) – tourists and pilgrims who absolutely clearly, from their point of view, fulfilled all the conditions: they bought tickets, vouchers, booked hotels, had a sufficient amount of financial resources — but they were not allowed to enter Israel,” Viktorov said.

Facebook has deleted dozens of accounts linked to ” Russian intelligence»

The social network Facebook has removed a network of 78 accounts, 29 communities and 11 public pages, explaining that they are connected to Russian intelligence. This is reported in the company’s blog.

“Although the people behind this network tried to hide their identity and coordination, our investigation found a link to Russian military intelligence services,” Facebook said in a statement.

American universities to report on ties with Russia and China

Yale and Harvard universities received letters from the US Department of education demanding information about possible ties with Russia, as well as a number of other countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Moscow court fined Facebook after Twitter

“Foreign legal entity Facebook Inc.”found guilty under part 8 of article 13.11 of the administrative Code” Violation of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of personal data”. Earlier, the court also fined Twitter 4 million rubles for refusing to transfer servers to Russia.

Tatarstan President found a business jet for 3 billion rubles

The headquarters of opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Kazan told about a private plane used by the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Investigators found that the official moves on a Falcon 8X business jet worth 3 billion rubles. The Aviaservice company became the first owner of such an aircraft in Russia, the media wrote. But it is Minnikhanov who uses the liner, according to Navalny’s headquarters.

In Russia, agriculture funding will be reduced

Funding for the “Integrated rural development” program is expected to be reduced from 2.288 trillion to 1.491 trillion rubles, according to a draft government resolution published on February 11 on the Federal portal of draft regulations.


In Russia, they plan to hold a “garage Amnesty»

The draft Federal law on “garage Amnesty” has been submitted to the government. The bill should help regulate the procedure for citizens to acquire rights to land plots and garages located on them.

Nazarbayev’s grandson asked for political asylum in the UK

The grandson of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, Aysultan Nazarbayev, who tried to commit suicide and received a one-year suspended sentence for attacking a police officer in London, has asked for political asylum in the UK. He announced this on his Facebook page.

Funds from the sale of Sberbank shares will be used to implement the message

Funds from the sale of the Central Bank’s stake in Sberbank will be sent to the budget to Finance social initiatives set out in the Russian President’s address to the Federal Assembly. This was stated at a government meeting by Finance Minister Anton Siluanov.

Sberbank revealed an increase in unemployment in the middle class

The unemployment rate among members of the Russian middle class increased by 1 percentage point in the fourth quarter of 2019 compared to the same period in 2018 — from 10.9 to 11.9%. This is evidenced by a quarterly survey (available from RBC), which is conducted in the framework of Sberbank’s research “Ivanov’s Consumer index”, where Ivanov is considered as a conditional representative of the middle class

Cargo handling in the port of Riga decreased by 25%

Cargo handling in the port of Riga in January was about 2.1 million tons, which is 25% less than in the corresponding period last year, local news Agency LETA reports.

Russians warned about rising housing costs

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agricultural and food policy and environmental management Sergey Lisovsky spoke about the reasons for the increase in real estate prices. According to him, the rise in price will occur due to the new system of lending to developers and monopolization of the construction industry, writes NSN.

“The cost of housing will increase by about 20-25 %, – he said.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to reduce the personal income tax for non-residents

We are talking about paying tax on personal income (personal income tax) received from employment. Now the amount for non-residents and residents is not equal – for the former, the tax rate is 30%, while residents deduct 13% of wages.

Russians began to buy more alcohol

The growth of alcohol sales by 2% in physical terms and 4.2% in monetary terms at the end of 2019 was recorded by Nielsen, which specializes in retail audit, in its study on alcohol market trends (RBC has read the conclusions of experts). Sales rose in all tracked categories except vodka (Nielsen does not audit quiet wines).

The Netherlands refused to hand over to Moscow the case of those accused of the MH17 crash

The Netherlands has refused to transfer criminal proceedings against three Russian suspects in connection with the crash to Moscow, Interfax reports. Russia’s request was not taken into account, while Grapperhouse added that the trial of suspects is important for establishing truth and justice.

“The government is fully confident in the independence and quality of Dutch justice,” Dutch justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus responded to a request from Moscow in the 2014 Malaysia Airlines flight mh17 crash.

Published photos of the feast of Nemtsov’s killer in the Russian colony

Photos of a feast with the participation of Zaur Dadayev, who was convicted of the murder of Boris Nemtsov, appeared in the network in the colony. Pictures on February 12, published by telegram-channel “Rise”. According to the channel, the photos were taken in July 2018, and the Scanner Project drew attention to them. The picture shows Dada, sitting in the company of other prisoners for the dinner table. It is noted that at that time, the convict was serving his sentence in the strict regime IC # 3 for former law enforcement officers in Irkutsk.

The Director of FBK became the accused in the case of the film ” He’s not Dimon»

Director of the anti-corruption Fund Ivan Zhdanov received the status of the accused in the case of the film by Alexei Navalny “He is not Dimon”. He told RBC.

“Today I was summoned to the Moscow Prosecutor’s Office, the head of the Department for control of justice handed over the indictment on 28 pages, and said that the case is ready to be transferred to the Tver district court, and this week they are transferring it there,” Zhdanov said.

Russian scientists have demanded to cancel the verdict of the defendants in the case of the organization “SETI”

More than 400 Russian scientists and scientific journalists demanded to cancel the verdict in the case of the “SETI” organization, whose defendants were sentenced to terms from six to 18 years on charges of organizing a terrorist community and participating in it.

“We demand to immediately cancel the verdict in the case of the organization “SETI”, with senseless cruelty breaking the fate of our fellow citizens. We demand to investigate the circumstances of the fabrication of this case, to punish the officials involved in it and to ensure strict compliance with the law by all law enforcement and law enforcement agencies, ” they said in a statement published on the portal scientific.ru.

The statement notes that the convicts reported the torture they were subjected to in order to obtain confessions, “but these statements were actually ignored during the investigation and trial.”

Vladimir Putin gave instructions to conduct inspections of this case

Peskov said this when asked whether the President received a check after the statements of the defendants in the “Network” organization about torture by the Federal security services.

“In General, there were instructions from the President to check this case. Including the results of discussions that took place during the meeting of the human rights Council and other appeals to the President,” the spokesman said.

In “Gazprom” named the largest debtors for gas

Gazprom Mezhregiongaz has compiled a list of the largest debtors for payment for delivered gas as of January 1. It includes organizations with overdue debts in the amount of more than 10 million rubles.

The largest debts are owed by MUE Teplosnabzhenie from Grozny (2.58 billion rubles), Bryansk sue Bryanskkommunenergo (2.45 billion rubles), Kemerovo LLC Tsentralnaya TPP (2.29 billion rubles), and North Ossetian JSC Vladikavkaz heat networks (2 billion rubles).

The leader in the number of large debtors was the Moscow region — 87 organizations with a total amount of 6.1 billion rubles, Followed by the Tver region (69 debtors, 6.4 billion rubles) and the Perm region (43 debtors, 3.2 billion rubles).

No money was found for the megaproject approved by Putin

Budget funds for the construction of a road bridge over the Lena river in Yakutia are not provided, the press service of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation told TASS.

“The existing budget projections do not provide funds for the project,” the Ministry said in response to a question.

Russia does not have time to build its part of the route from Europe to China

According to the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation, the construction of the Russian part of the international transport route “Europe – Western China” will be completed only in 2027, which is 7 years later than the period stipulated by the agreements signed at the summit of the Shanghai cooperation organization. Auditors of the accounting chamber emphasize that the postponement of construction dates will lead to an increase in the cost of the project.

To call a doctor for a child, the woman called the clinic 327 times

In the Chelyabinsk region, the mother of a two-year-old girl called the clinic more than 300 times to call a doctor at home. About it writes “tatpressa.ru” referring to the Deputy Olga Muhamediyarova. The official wrote about this case on her page in social networks. She attached a screenshot to the post that shows a list of outgoing calls. According to the chief doctor of the children’s hospital, the problem is related to the flu and SARS epidemic, so there are a lot of patients.

Bulgaria has decided to tighten the rules of rental housing

Bulgaria has decided to tighten the rules for short-term rental housing. We are talking, in particular, about the Airbnb and Booking platforms. The right to place ads there can only be obtained by those property owners where at least half of the housemates gave their consent to it, writes Investor.bg.

“Daughter” of Russian Railways put up for sale 39.81% of shares of TGC-14

A subsidiary of Russian Railways “energopromsbyt” put up for sale all its 39.81% shares of TGC-14, the initial price of the package is 2.3 billion rubles, according to a message on the website of The Russian auction house (RAD)

Tajikistan to share electricity with Afghanistan

This year, the Republic will supply about one and a half billion kilowatt-hours of electricity. For this, Barki Tojik holding plans to raise about $ 70 million.

“The cost of electricity, according to the agreement concluded with the Afghan company, increases by 3% annually. Last year, Tajik electricity was supplied to Afghanistan at a price of more than four cents per kWh, “said Mirzo Ismoilzoda, Chairman of Barki Tojik energy holding.

Tajikistan is currently negotiating the export of electricity to Uzbekistan

World mobile Congress canceled due to coronavirus

The organizer of the Mobile world Congress (MWC) GSMA (Association of manufacturers and operators of the mobile communication industry) decided to cancel the mobile world Congress in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

According to Wired, MWC organizers asked the authorities to declare a state of emergency so that they could use insurance and not pay the costs due to the cancellation of the event.

A huge cluster of great white sharks has puzzled scientists

An abnormal accumulation of great white sharks off the coast of South Carolina (USA) was recorded by employees of the research company OCEARCH, reports news.com.au.

Scientists have suggested that there is a mixing of water of different temperatures in the area, at the border of which sharks can hunt migrating fish populations. Recall that great white sharks grow up to 4.8 meters in length and are considered one of the most dangerous predators for humans in the world.

112-year-old Japanese man is recognized as the oldest man in the world

Titetsu Watanabe, a 112-year-old resident of Japan’s Niigata Prefecture, was officially recognized as the oldest living man in the world. According to the official website of the Guinness Book of records, a Japanese man born on March 5, 1907, received a certificate from representatives of the organization.


Tesla recalls more than 15 thousand crossovers due to aluminum bolts

Tesla is Recalling more than 15,000 model X crossovers (SUVs) from the United States and Canada due to possible problems with the power steering. As reported by Reuters, citing a statement from the National highway traffic safety administration (NHTSA) and the Ministry of transport of Canada, cars are being recalled due to accelerated corrosion of aluminum bolts in the power steering, which is fixed in regions with a cold climate, where they are affected by anti-icing reagents. The Ministry of transport of Canada explained that Tesla will replace the bolts and also change the steering mechanism, if necessary.

The Russian state Duma approved amendments to the Constitution

The profile Committee of the state Duma approved the second package of amendments to the Constitution. One of the key changes will be the rule on the deprivation of immunity of the ex-President

According to the innovations, the state Duma will be able to bring charges against the head of state, and the decision to remove immunity will have to be taken by the Federation Council. Another amendment implies that the former head of state will receive immunity automatically.

The state Duma Committee supported the Senate life for ex-presidents

The state Duma Committee on state construction supported amendments to the Constitution on the procedure for forming the Federation Council, the correspondent of IA REGNUM on February 12. The “presidential quota” of representatives in the Federation Council is being expanded – from 17 to 30 people, 7 of them can be appointed for life. Former presidents of the Russian Federation, in particular, will have the right to sit in the Federation Council for life. For the remaining senators, it is proposed to set a term of office of six years.

Putin’s confidence rating has halved in two years

Vladimir Putin is trusted by 35 percent of Russians – these are the results of a January Levada center poll published in Vedomosti. In November 2017, this figure was 59 percent

Kazakhstan proposed to the Russian Federation to lay The “power of Siberia-2” on its territory

Minister of energy of Kazakhstan Nurlan Nogayev at the meeting with energy Minister Alexander Novak proposed version of the passage of the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia-2” on the territory of the Republic with the further accession to the gas pipeline system of China “West – East”, RIA Novosti reported.


Nizhegorodets went on trial for shooting a helicopter of a former Deputy Governor

On February 19, the Nizhny Novgorod court will consider the case of Maxim Larin. The investigation suspects him of interfering in the private life of former Deputy Governor Roman Antonov. According to “Kommersant-Privolzhye”, in 2016, the accused took a video of a helicopter in which Deputy Valery Shantsev flew to the dacha. In addition to Roman Antonov, his wife, two children and father-in-law were recognized as victims.

The investigation and the victims believe that the flights to the dacha located on the Gorky sea are a purely personal matter, since the transport by the Eurocopter EC 120 Colibri helicopter was carried out not at the public expense, but at the expense of the private organization “Technomashholding”. For what merits this firm carried the Deputy Governor for free, it is still not clear. Checks for violations of anti-corruption legislation actually justified Roman Antonov.

Recall that in 2015, Roman Antonov received income – 4 million 987 thousand and 3 million from the sale of property. His wife earned – 1 million 945 thousand rubles.

Trailer for Wes Anderson’s new movie “French dispatcher»

The French dispatcher, starring bill Murray, Frances McDormand, saoirse Ronan, Timothy Chalamet and others, will premiere at the Cannes film festival on may 21. The film will be released in two months.



Walt DIsney will shoot a sequel to ” Honey, I shrunk the kids»

Walt DIsney Studio launches a sequel to the science fiction film “Dear, I have reduced children”. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Director will be the Creator of the original tape, Joe Johnston. Lead actor Rick Moranis will also return in the new project.

John Frusciante and Red Hot Chili Peppers performed together

American alternative rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers gave their first concert since 2007 with guitarist John Frusciante — he left the band in 2009 and returned only in the middle of last December. Frusciante replaced Josh Klinghoffer, who has played for the Red Hot Chili Peppers for the past ten years.

Soloist Rammstein will present a new album by Lindemann in Russia

Lindemann music group will present a new album in Russia. This is the second joint album by Rammstein soloist till Lindemann and musician Peter Tagtgren. The German-Swedish Duo released a second album called “F&M”, which will be accompanied by a first-of-its-kind tour.

A new office has been created in the government apparatus

“We have approved a new structure of the government apparatus today. We have a new Department for the development of priority territories. Yuri Trutnev [Deputy Prime Minister-Plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the far Eastern Federal district] will oversee it, ” the head of the Cabinet of Ministers said at a government meeting.

Russians began to treat Ukrainians worse

Ukrainian and Russian sociologists from the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS) and the Levada center studied how the attitude of residents of Russia and Ukraine to each other has changed since last year. RBC has the results of the survey.

The previous poll was conducted by sociologists in September 2019, when they recorded a record in the” post-Crimea ” period of improvement in the attitude of Russians to Ukraine: 56% of respondents said that they are good to the neighboring country (31% – bad). For four months, the share of respondents with a good attitude to Ukraine has fallen sharply: in January, they became 42%, 47% of respondents treat the neighboring country poorly or very poorly.

In Ukraine, the attitude towards Russia has also deteriorated. 49% of respondents reported a good attitude (5% less than in September), and 39% reported a bad attitude (4% more).

Peskov questioned the objectivity of opinion polls

Peskov was asked what the Kremlin thinks about the results of a sociological study conducted jointly by the Levada center and the Kiev international Institute of sociology in December and January.

“I do not know who and how they asked, in which regions, what is the sample, what are the focus groups. I would refrain from commenting, ” the Russian leader’s spokesman said.

How Russian planes are assembled

Four of the five keys that are used in aviation regiments are lying, making mistakes up to 30 percent, “Mil.Press – ” employee of the Department of Metrology of the Russian Armed forces. According to him, the design of limit keys implies the presence of a spring inside that needs to be relaxed.

“If this is not done, it is in constant tension after the first measurement. And gradually the spring weakens, which greatly affects the readings. This tool can not be guaranteed to measure the force when tightening bolt connections, ” – said the metrologist.

The expert noted that ” no one can be sure in such a situation that the nut of the main rotor hub of the helicopter or the bolts that hold the nose cone of the fighter are tightened with the necessary force.”

The aircraft will fly in any case

“We form applications for the tool that we need, and that’s it. Waiting for: will the tool or will not. Never happen. No purchases are made. The tool does not come. If something is delivered to someone, what kind of metal is it? Once they were something to give it a spin, everything will fall apart. So we don’t want to bother. It’s easier to buy in a store, mark it, and that’s all, “said the engineer of the technical and operational part of one of the aviation regiments, adding that” the planes will fly in any case»

Major international military exercises will be held in Latvia

From April 25 to may 17 and from April 27 to may 22, two major military exercises of the NATO and US combat group will be held simultaneously on the territory of Latvia with the participation of the national armed forces.

Due to problems with convertiplanes, the United States disrupted joint exercises with Japan

Scheduled for the end of January, the joint Northern Viper exercises of the land units of the Japanese self-defense forces and the us marine corps were actually disrupted by the US fault.


The number of very rich people (very-high-net-worth, VHNW) in the world last year increased by 10% and reached 2.7 million, according to data from Wealth-X. the Total value of their fortunes also increased by 10% and reached $26.6 trillion.


Citizens ask Parliament to introduce an additional tax on air tickets

Citizens of Finland believe that air tickets in the country are too cheap, given the harm that air travel causes to the climate, and ask the Parliament to introduce an additional tax on tickets.

A civil initiative with such a requirement to the government has passed the required threshold of 50 thousand votes and will now go to the Finnish Parliament for consideration, according to data from the kansalaisaloite (civil initiatives) initiative review site.

The US said it does not support Turkey’s actions in Libya

David Schenker, assistant Secretary of state for Middle East Affairs, noted that the Turkish intervention led to ” creating a balance that created more favorable conditions for negotiations.”

There is no deadlock in the negotiations between Russia and Japan on a peace Treaty

Moscow is interested in solving the problem, which is why it is negotiating, despite “sufficient differences,” Russian Ambassador to Tokyo Mikhail Galuzin said in an interview with RIA Novosti. According to him, the opinion that the parties are not interested in solving the problem of the peace Treaty is incorrect.

“No, it’s not. I can’t speak for the Japanese side, but I will say for the Russian side that we are committed to the need to conclude a peace Treaty, ” Galuzin said

Leonid Volkov told about the refusal of Alfa-Bank to return access to accounts

Alfa-Bank extended the blocking of the accounts of at least three employees of the anti-corruption Fund and one employee of Navalny’s staff after the expiration of the period for the arrest of these accounts in the case against FBK. This was stated in his blog by the project Manager of FBK Leonid Volkov.

The investigation period expired on February 3, and the arrest of the accounts was due to expire with it. Volkov expected that Alfa-Bank would automatically remove the block from the three remaining accounts (so, according to Volkov, did other banks where employees of the FBK had accounts). But the Bank refused to do this, citing the fact that it did not receive documents from bailiffs to lift the arrest. Volkov claims that such documents are not needed

The largest number of unpaid traffic fines by drivers

The largest number of unpaid traffic police fines by drivers in 2019 was recorded in Moscow and the Moscow region, the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) of Russia told RIA Novosti.

“In 2019 on execution in UFSSP Russia across Moscow were 3.3 million Executive manufactures about collecting of penalties in the amount of 2.8 billion rubles in UFSSP Russia across Moscow region had 3.7 million Executive manufactures for the sum of 2.9 billion rubles,” – said the press service of the Ministry.

Increasing the capitalization of the crypto market

The capitalization of the cryptocurrency market exceeded $300 billion for the first time since August last year, updating the six-month high. At the moment, this figure is $302 billion, since January it has increased by 58%. The share of Bitcoin among all digital assets is at the level of 62.5%, which corresponds to $163 billion.

Since the beginning of the year, the Bitcoin exchange rate has risen by 48%, to the current level of $10,400. Over the same period, the price of Ethereum has increased by 95%, now altcoin costs $255.

Kadyrov’s 23-year-old nephew was appointed head of the Chechen security Council.

Khamzat Kadyrov, the 23 – year – old nephew of Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, was appointed head of the Republic’s security Council. Previously, he served as the head of the Kurchaloyevsky district. This was written by the prefect of the Shali district, Ramzan Kadyrov’s cousin Turpal-Ali Ibragimov in his instagram.

After the Caucasus wrote about it.Realities, Turpal-Ali Ibragimov deleted his post. In the editorial office of ” Kavkaz.Realities ” left a screenshot of it.

Switzerland opens its Embassy in Belarus

Before that, for almost 10 years, only the Swiss office operated in Minsk. The warming of relations between the countries is caused, on the one hand, by the lifting of most of the sanctions against Belarus by Bern and Brussels (2016), on the other hand, by the participation of Minsk in the work of the trilateral contact group on Ukraine.