17 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/15-16/2020

The US may ban the supply of aircraft engines to China

The administration of US President Donald trump is considering a ban on deliveries to China of aircraft engines produced by General Electric Corporation and French Safran, as it is afraid of Chinese analogues.

The Russian interior Ministry explained the act of a police officer who hit the girl in the stomach

The police explained to Daria Sosnovskaya that the employee hit her in the stomach at an unsanctioned rally on August 10 to prevent illegal actions, her lawyer Tatyana Molokanova told RIA Novosti.

In the letter, the head of the Department of public order protection during mass events of the Department of internal Affairs for the CAO, Alexander mahonin, writes that Sosnovskaya took part in an uncoordinated action, behaved “emotionally and aggressively”. In his opinion, the girl saw that the police officer dropped the “baton” and reached for it and took a wide step, “to have time to step on the baton and the hand of the police officer.”

“This is why a police officer, in order to prevent misconduct, first pushes your leg and only then pushes you into the abdominal area,” he wrote.

In St. Petersburg, more than ten people were detained at a picket against changing the Constitution

The action in the form of single replaceable pickets was held on Saturday near the Moscow railway station. Participants are opposed to changing the Constitution, as well as in defense of political prisoners. OVD-info reports that the police regard the event as uncoordinated, although the format of the event does not require coordination, MBH media reports»

Zelensky said he wanted to hold ” elections in Crimea»

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said at the Munich security conference that he would like to hold elections throughout the country in October 2020, as well as “on the territory of Crimea” broadcast of Zelensky’s speech was conducted by the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Lukashenko has threatened Russia to start taking transit oil

Alexander Lukashenko said that if there is an insufficient supply of oil by the Russian side Minsk will begin to pick her up from the transit pipeline. The President of Belarus stressed that “he did not blackmail anyone, but honestly said” that 1.5 million tons of oil was not delivered under the agreement, and the country intends to get this shortage, BelTA reports

Russia is preparing a response to the possible actions of the Belarusian President.

“Transneft” in a hurry considering changing the route of delivery of oil to European consumers. The transit of all oil through Belarus will be stopped in the first case of unauthorized selection, the Nezygar Telegram channel notes.

Pre-installation on Russian SOFTWARE gadgets will start with search engines

Search engines and navigators will be the first programs that will be pre-installed on gadgets in compliance with the Federal law “on consumer protection” changed in the fall of 2019. The corresponding decree of the Russian government is published on the legal information portal regulation.gov.ru.

The SSJ 100 manufacturer will contact the Prosecutor’s office

Sukhoi Civil aircraft company (GSS) plans to appeal to the Prosecutor’s office after its former designer Vadim Lukashevich told about the failed flight tests for the evacuation of passengers. This was reported in the press service of the company, reports RBC.

Earlier, Vadim Lukashevich said that the Sukhoi Superjet failed tests for the evacuation of passengers, which took place in early February 2020. As evidence, he published a video showing the ramp bursting during the opening from the plane.

Onishchenko said that there is no HIV epidemic in Russia

Former head of Rospotrebnadzor, state Duma Deputy Gennady Onishchenko believes that today there are modern treatment courses, and with HIV infection, you can ” live, give birth to children, live as long as your generation lives.” As of December 2019, the number of people infected with HIV in Russia was 1.06 million.

It is considered to be a developed epidemic in HIV, when 1% of the total population is infected. Each infection has its own threshold. We have 1% of 148 million — how much? Know how to count? There is no epidemic. – Gennady Onishchenko, Russian politician

Scientists have questioned the benefits of medicinal herbs

The study of the properties of herbs used in folk medicine should be continued, according to scientists, February 15, RIA Novosti reported. The publication gives examples of complications that occurred after trying to treat various herbal collections. Often these plants are used in collections, which makes its own adjustments. The results obtained now are often contradictory or inaccurate.

Yandex revenue increased by 39%

Yandex’s largest source of revenue remained advertising. In 2019, revenue from this resource increased by 18% and amounted to about 121.7 billion rubles. Indicators Of “Yandex.Market” in the report was not considered in April 2018, “Yandex” has sold the share in the service of “Sberbank”.

The Central Bank of Finland will take measures to reduce the debt burden of the country’s population

The Finnish authorities are concerned about the growth of debt on loans in the country. According to the credit history Bureau Asiakastieto, the number of Finns who lost the ability to pay bills increased by eight thousand people last year and reached 382 thousand.

The debts of pensioners are growing especially fast. In 2019, the number of non-payers among citizens over 65 years of age increased by 9%. Approximately one in ten of the loan debtors in Finland has reached retirement age. To remedy the situation, the government has developed a special program. In the Ministry of justice of Finland, the main problems are the availability of micro-loans and the ease of obtaining loans.

Russia accused Turkey of handing over us MANPADS to terrorists

A Russian military and diplomatic source accused Turkey of handing over us-made man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS) to terrorists in Syria. This is reported by TASS. Messages of similar content are also cited by RIA Novosti and Interfax. According to the source, this is the main concern at the moment.

“Over the past five days, two Syrian army helicopters have been shot down,” the source said.

The American MANPADS got to the terrorists precisely because of supplies from Turkey, since they did not have such weapons before, he stressed.

The US will increase duties on aircraft imported from the EU

The US authorities have decided to raise duties on aircraft imported from the European Union (EU), according to the website of the office of the United States trade representative. Duties will be raised from 10% to 15%, the report says. It also notes that the decision will take effect on March 18, 2020.

Mexico has changed its mind about buying Russian military helicopters

Mexico has changed its mind about buying a batch of military helicopters from Russia. This is reported by El Universal, citing a source in the Mexican foreign Ministry. The reasons for this decision are not reported.

Turkey has started building two observation posts near Aleppo

The Turkish army has begun erecting two observation posts near the city of al-Atarib, West of Aleppo in Syria. This is reported by Al Mayadeen TV channel. It is noted that the posts will be in the settlements of Tavvama and Kfar-Karmin, which are located in the Idlib de-escalation zone, where clashes between the government forces of the SAR and Turkey recently occurred. According to the channel, these posts Ankara intends to prevent the offensive of the Syrian military, which is currently continuing near al-Atarib.

In the United States reported the destruction of the stage of the Soviet rocket in orbit

The third stage of the Soviet carrier rocket “Cyclone-3” collapsed in space 29 years after launch. This is reported by the 18th space squadron of the US air force. As a result of the destruction, 75 pieces of debris were formed.

This year, 40 thousand Tatarstan citizens will have their retirement postponed

Eduard Vafin, Manager of the Russian Pension Fund’s RT Division, said that forty thousand Tatarstan citizens will not be able to retire this year due to the pension reform. About 20 thousand residents of the Republic will receive pensions in 2020

Russians want to be required to change their passport after 60 years

Russia may introduce a new age for obtaining a passport with an indefinite validity. Handling such an initiative (available NEWS.ru) Vladimir Petrov, Deputy of the legislative Assembly of the Leningrad region, sent a letter to the Minister of internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

Uzbekistan launches agro-and ecotourist project in the Aral sea region

Foreign tourists will be offered to plant trees themselves at the bottom of the dried-up Aral sea, a representative of the state Committee for ecology and environmental protection (Goskomekologiya) of the Republic told RIA Novosti on Friday. The project will be implemented on the basis of the international innovation center of the Aral sea region.

“We are launching the My garden in the Aral Sea project, which involves planting trees by tourists who will visit these places,” said a representative of the state environmental Committee.

Located on the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the Aral sea was the fourth largest lake in the world by area until 1960. Excessive water consumption in the Amu Darya and Syr Darya has led to a shortage of water resources in their lower reaches, in particular, to the drying up of the Aral sea.

Muscovites began to close car numbers with money

Unscrupulous drivers hide registration signs to avoid paying for Parking. Usually they were hidden by disks and pieces of paper, now they went further. According to the Agency’s interlocutor, some drivers cover their numbers with money or dummy bills. However, according to Sereda, the inspector in any case has the right to remove a foreign object from the license plate. If Parking is not paid for, the car owner will receive a fine.

Vehicle registration rules have changed

Since the beginning of this year, the region code on car numbers must correspond to the place of residence of the car owner. That is, a person who is registered in Novosibirsk, buying a car, for example, in Irkutsk, will no longer be able to drive in their native region with the numbers of another region. The scheme is quite simple: after buying a car in a foreign region, you need to get a certificate of registration of the vehicle from the local traffic police, in other words, STS and a virtual number.

Public utilities will be forced to take selfies with garbage

Electronic control will be installed for each garbage truck in Novosibirsk. Carriers of municipal waste will be obliged to remove all stages of loading and removal of garbage from the site on a smartphone and then send these images to the regional operator at the headquarters. To do this, each garbage team is planning to issue gadgets. Thus, the regional operator for handling solid municipal waste, LLC “Ecology-Novosibirsk”, is trying to strengthen control over its contractors.

“Children’s Liturgy” in the Moscow Church of Christ the Saviour.

“Children’s Liturgy” is a traditional format of worship in which children take part: as worshippers and singers, as servants and attendants at the altar. This is the Patriarch’s initiative – he heads the service,” Archpriest Alexander Ageikin, Chairman of the Church and public Council for the development of Russian Church singing, and rector of the Epiphany Cathedral in Yelokhovo (Moscow), told RIA Novosti.

Leader Rammstein has created a new music project

According to today News Ufa, till Lindemann, who is the leader of the popular German rock band Rammstein, has created a new music project. It is called a Russian swear word. Moreover, a video clip for the new band’s song has already been shot. The name is quite decent Till the End, although ambiguous. But it is noteworthy that the clip is posted on a porn site, since the content there does not pass censorship on ordinary resources.

Death of a child who the authorities refused to buy medicine for

Two-year-old Zakhar Rukosuev died on January 30. He had a rare orphan disease-spinal muscular atrophy. The local Ministry of health refused to buy the necessary medicine, citing a lack of money. The cases were initiated under the articles on causing death by negligence and negligence.

After the child’s death, his father Nikita Rukosuev came out with an empty stroller and a portrait of his dead son to the building of the regional government. He held a placard: “Governor, who will answer for the death of my son?”.

The remuneration of the members of the Board of “Rosneft”

Remuneration to members of the Rosneft management Board for 2019 amounted to 3.545 billion rubles, the salary of members of the Rosneft management Board for 2019 amounted to 762 million rubles. The amount of bonuses for the period amounted to 1.510 billion rubles. At the moment, the company’s Board consists of 11 people.

Revenues of Gazprom Board members for 2019 are 1.332 billion rubles. At the same time, the salary of Board members is 821 million rubles, and bonuses are 479.6 million rubles. Other types of remuneration decreased — 31.18 million rubles. Gazprom’s Board currently consists of 14 members.

Members of the Board of Russia’s largest private oil company, LUKOIL, received revenue of 1.684 billion rubles in 2019. The Board of LUKOIL consists of 14 people.

Russian Ambassador to Turkey began receiving threats

Moscow is confident that Ankara will ensure the security of the Russian Ambassador and other Russian citizens in full, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday. So he commented on the statement of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrey yerokhov that against the background of the aggravation of the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib, he began to receive threats.

Russian pricing in construction is not objective

The Russian construction industry needs to adopt international pricing standards. This opinion was expressed on Friday by Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin after a conference call with the governors. Khusnullin noted that at the initial stage,” we need to try to bring the existing prices into line as much as possible”, since pricing in construction can not be called objective. According to him, there is a very large variation in prices in the regions.

“What is wrong pricing? This is an incorrect definition of the contract price at the start. Accordingly, a competition was held, but the price was incorrectly determined, and the object will not be built. You can’t risk it. The price must be objective, ” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

The salary cap in the KHL will be limited to 900 million rubles.

The decision on a strict salary cap for clubs in the Kontinental hockey League (KHL) from next season, adopted by the former management of the League, will remain in force. This was announced by the new President of the KHL Alexey Morozov.

“Now we are moving, on the horizon of the playoffs. There are plans for the strategy, the introduction of the ceiling and floor of salaries. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we develop and legalize player rentals.

The management of the boarding school robbed children with disabilities

In Vyshny Volochok, Tver region, the entire management of the boarding school No. 1 for children with disabilities was detained. The Director, the chief accountant, and her daughter, the accountant, have been stealing budget funds for years… Until the figure of six million appears in the case. During the search, the suspects found entire collections of expensive items …

Russians prefer abroad

Russians made almost 18 million tourist trips in 2019 – 11% more than a year earlier, according to statistics from the border Service of the FSB of the Russian Federation.

The most popular countries for Russian tourists were:
Turkey (5.3 million visits, 17.7% more than in 2018),
Italy (967 thousand, plus 20%),
China (930 thousand, plus 26%).
Thailand (822,7 thousand visits, a decrease of 3.5%),
Spain (822,000, plus 5.3%).

The top ten also included Germany (755.6 thousand), the UAE (755 thousand), Cyprus (665 thousand), Greece (611.8 thousand) and Tunisia (552.1 thousand).

22 apartments will be confiscated from the Deputy head of the traffic police of the Voronezh region

A successful high-ranking police officer, Igor Kachkin, could not prove to the Prosecutor that 22 apartments (for 50 million rubles) were bought by him with legitimate income. The Ministry of internal Affairs of the region assured that the culprit was brought to “strict disciplinary responsibility”.

The priest of the Russian Orthodox Church called civil wives free prostitutes

Civil wives are temporary comfort, and in fact — free prostitutes. This opinion was expressed by the Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on family issues, Archpriest of the Russian Orthodox Church Dimitri Smirnov, Interfax reports.

“I don’t want to say” I’m a free prostitute”, so they say:” I have a civil marriage, ” — said the Archpriest. “No, you just provide services for free — that’s all, and no one considers you a wife,” the priest added.

Earlier, Smirnov also surprised the public by saying that Russia exists only thanks to missiles, which are the salvation of the Russian people, their culture and temples. If not for the missiles, the country would have been destroyed long ago, Smirnov said.

In Moscow, the winner of a cake-eating contest died.

Under the terms of the competition, it was necessary to eat the largest number of confectionery products for a certain time. According to Baza, the girl in the final put several cakes in her mouth at once, choked and suffocated. She was 23 years old. The competition was held on February 15 at the Killfish bar.

Russian regions ‘ public debt may rise again this year

The public debt of Russia’s regions may grow again this year — additional funds, in particular, will be required for the implementation of national projects. This forecast was made by the credit rating Agency of the NKR.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the total state debt of the regions as of January 1, 2020 amounted to 2.1 trillion rubles, having decreased by 100 billion rubles over the year. This is the minimum amount of regional state debt since 2014.

The authorities are beginning to promise Russians a rich pension

If you refuse to receive a pension for a while, you can get it later in a higher amount, said Professor Alexander Safonov. So, if you retire five years later, it will grow by 30-40% compared to the established normal age, the expert noted, and the pension deferred for ten years will grow more than twice, on average up to 33-35 thousand rubles per month. In addition, it will also be increased for all past planned indexing. However, according to Safonov, there are cases when it is more profitable to retire and continue working, but then a person will receive a pension without annual indexing

The damage from oil pollution has increased five times

Environmental damage from oil pollution increased from 1 billion rubles in 2017 to 5.1 billion rubles in 2018. this follows from the latest report of the Ministry of natural resources, which was reviewed by Izvestia. Most of the violations were committed by enterprises in the Central and southern parts of the country, as well as in Siberia and the Urals.

Gazprom is waiting for a marathon of renegotiations of contracts with Europe

Gazprom expects a wave of renegotiations of long-term contracts with its old customers in Western Europe, which will expire in 2021-2024. During this period, the monopoly is coming to the end of contracts with the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Serbia, Italy, Turkey and Hungary with a volume of more than 30 billion cubic meters. According to Kommersant, difficulties may arise due to lower prices and increased supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to the European market.

In 2019, Sberbank increased payments to the management Board

Sberbank of Russia in 2019 increased payments to the Board by 14.5% – up to 6.32 billion rubles, according to the Bank’s quarterly report. Of the remuneration paid, a fixed portion accounts for 1.39 billion rubles, while another 4.91 billion rubles is a variable remuneration. It includes official salaries, vacation pay, and average earnings for the period of business trips. Another 13 million rubles were paid to members of the management Board for performing the functions of members of the Supervisory Board.

“Obligations to pay long-term remuneration based on shares as of December 31, 2019 amounted to 3.8 billion rubles,” the report says.

Remuneration to members of the Sberbank Supervisory Board in 2019 amounted to 63.1 million rubles, which is 19.4% less than in 2018 (78.3 million rubles).

A data Bank on air quality has been created under the UN auspices

A new project, the world’s largest air quality data Bank, was launched at the tenth session of the world urban forum in Abu Dhabi. Today, 9 out of 10 people, which is 92% of the world’s population, breathe air whose pollution level exceeds acceptable standards, according to the UN news center.

Currently, the database receives data from more than 4 thousand providers, including governments. Today, 3.5 billion people live in cities – 55% of the world’s population, and by 2030, the number of citizens will increase to 5 billion, which will make up 75% of the earth’s population.

Nike has released new Adapt BB 2.0 sneakers with automatic lacing

The American company Nike launches sales of its new self-lacing sneakers Adapt BB 2.0 from tomorrow. This is reported by iXBT.This Shoe is an improved version of last year’s Adapt BB. They are also focused on basketball players.

Moscow will allocate loans to Havana in excess of 1 billion euros

The amount of loans that Moscow plans to allocate to Havana for the implementation of joint projects may amount to more than 1 billion euros, Russian Ambassador to the island Andrey Guskov said in an interview with RIA Novosti

Russian Navy commander-in-chief Admiral Evmenov to visit Cuba

The six-day working visit of the commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Nikolai Evmenov, to Cuba at the invitation of the Cuban side begins on Sunday, February 16. This is stated in the message of the Russian defense Ministry

Zelensky made a new proposal for the separation of forces in the Donbass

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has launched a new initiative to separate forces in the Donbas. The politician suggested splitting the demarcation line into sectors, and then organizing a phased withdrawal of troops. At the same time, the OSCE must verify the withdrawal of military equipment separately in each of the sectors.

Pompeo promised Eastern Europe $1 billion for energy security

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said during a speech at the Munich security conference that his country will allocate $1 billion to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that are part of the” three seas Initiative”, AFP reports.

Erdogan says Russia is leading the war in Libya

In support of his words, Erdogan told about a certain photo, which allegedly shows the commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar, Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the head of the General staff of the armed forces, Valery Gerasimov, and someone whom the Turkish leader called the head of Wagner.

All of them are top Russian military officials, and they run Wagner. And they still continue to claim that they have no ties [to Wagner]. Currently, Russia is leading the war [in Libya] at the highest level, ” Erdogan claimed..

Erdogan threatens Russia with huge losses in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement in which he said that he refuses to previously put forward a demand for the need to stop the offensive operation of the Syrian army by the end of February, giving an ultimatum that the CAA and Russia immediately stop the offensive, saying that otherwise huge losses will begin in Syria

The Pentagon will get rid of hundreds of outdated aircraft

The US Department of defense intends to get rid of outdated or too expensive to operate aircraft in the next five years. Not only attack planes and bombers, but also heavy drones will be scrapped. According to the Pentagon, this is necessary for ” confrontation between Russia and China.”

In Egypt, archaeologists have unearthed a huge tomb with a 28-meter mine

German archaeologists have published a report on the results of a large-scale study of the ancient Egyptian necropolis located in Assiut al-Gabri, which was conducted for 16 years. As a result of this work, scientists were able to find the largest tomb for its time with a 28-meter mine

According to scientists, this tomb has a unique architectural structure. It took six archaeological seasons to excavate it. According to the preliminary version, the tomb belonged to the ruler JEF-Ayhapi I, who lived around the 1900s BC. In the necropolis of the city, this tomb was the largest. This year, scientists expect to complete all relevant work and open the facility to tourists.

Man-eating sharks have settled in the area of us beaches

Near public beaches in North and South Carolina and the state of Florida, increased activity of great white sharks was recorded at the end of January. To detect this helped the tracking devices that are installed at the sharks. The size of the sailed individuals varies from 2.4 to 4 meters in length.

Walt Disney will shoot a movie about Rapunzel

Employees of the Walt Disney film Studio want to create a full-length feature film about Princess Rapunzel based on the Grimm fairy tale. Ashley Powell will create a draft of the script. The Walt Disney Studio is currently searching for a suitable Director of the film

Turkey will remove the continuation of the series ” Forbidden fruit»

The Turkish production company of Mediapan decided to remove the continuation of the project. The creators will introduce new characters that will bring more drama to the story. The fourth season will be released in 2020-2021.

The new Marvel movie will feature a family of gay superheroes with two children

A new Marvel movie will show a gay superhero family raising two children. In accordance with the words of one of the artists, all those present burst into tears during the filming of the kiss scene. In the marvel feed, you can see a gay superhero.

Published trailer for the third season of “Castlevania»

Netflix has released a full-fledged trailer for the third season of the animated series Castlevania, based on the famous game series. The project launched on Netflix in 2017 with four episodes, and a sequel of eight episodes appeared a year later.



Limp Bizkit will open the Russian tour with a concert in Krasnodar

The group will meet with Moscow fans on February 22 at the Megasport sports Palace. Special guests at all Limp Bizkit concerts in Russia will be the electronic project Blvck Ceiling and the Moscow Duo IC3PEAK. The group Limp Bizkit was founded in 1994.

Alliance group has released a new album “Space dreams»

Alliance group has released a new album “Space dreams”. The album consists of 7 tracks written by Igor Zhuravlev together with musicians in different years of the band’s existence, but first recorded during the reunion of new wave classics.

Tame Impala’s new album “the Slow Rush»

Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala has released their fourth Studio album. The album was named “the Slow Rush”. The album has 12 tracks, including the 2019 single “Borderline”. You can listen to an almost hour-long album in Yandex.Music” and “Vkontakte”.

The cost of the PlayStation 5 console became known

IHS Markit estimates that the production price of each console was $ 381. Therefore, if the company decides to maintain the same level of profitability, the price tag of the PlayStation 5 will be at the level of $ 470. Right now, the most expensive PS4 Pro costs almost $ 400.

Google accidentally leaked information about Android 11

Google accidentally published information about the unannounced Android 11 OS on its official website. The information was quickly deleted, but users managed to distribute it over the Network.

Android 11 will get an enhanced personal data security system, expanded support for foldable devices, and new ways to “engage” users. Attention should be paid to three key postulates. The first refers to high-quality protection against hacking, the second provides for a change in the system itself that can affect the performance of applications, the third indicates the presence of new functions and APIs. This section is intended for neural networks, biometrics, and content sharing. In March, the manufacturer promises the first preview for developers. Full information about Android 11 features will appear at the Google I/o conference.

Nokia will introduce the first push button phone with Android

Foreign sources say that the company plans to introduce the Nokia 10 smartphone and the first push-button phone based on the Android operating system, as well as a smart watch and several new products. Now HMD Global is looking for an alternative to introduce their devices.

New territories suitable for development will appear in Russia

Canadian scientists from the University of Guelph conducted a unique study that proves that global warming will lead to the formation of vast areas in the North of Canada and Russia, suitable for farming. About this writes phys.org.

“Areas that are not currently suitable for agriculture are likely to become quite suitable in the next 50-100 years,” concluded associate Professor and research associate of the Department of geography, environment and Geomatics (GEG) Krishna Bahadur K. S.

Apple is developing its own 5G antenna for new iPhones

According to network sources, the American company Apple is developing its own antenna module for future iPhone smartphones with support for fifth-generation communication networks (5G).

In April, the image service will start working.canon

Canon has announced a free image service.canon, designed for direct transfer of photos and videos to devices and web services. It includes free cloud storage with automatic download of files from Canon cameras. The service will start working in April this year.

Sony has started selling a remote control for a TV with built-in acoustics

Japanese technology brand Sony has released an unusual device called SRS-LSR200 worth $ 180. We are talking about a portable speaker system that can become a remote control for the TV. In this case, the device can not be called a hybrid

The new generation of Samsung smartphones will support Bitcoin and Ethereum

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 smartphones now have a feature for storing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies that support the ERC20 Protocol. To do this, the company has implemented a processor in phones that can work with private keys from blockchain wallets, which it announced on its official website.

Broadcom announced the first mobile chip with Wi-Fi 6E

The chip was named BCM4389. It will support not only the new Wi-Fi standard, but also the Bluetooth 5 standard that was recently released. The chip is going to be used only in smartphones. With Wi-Fi 6, the actual data transfer rate reaches 400 Mbit / s. With the new chip, data transfer is promised at speeds up to 2.1 Gbit / s.the Delay is only 2 MS. Due to the growing popularity of wireless headphones, the company has also installed a MIMO radar in the chip.

Scientists have reanimated the idea of classical time crystals

In systems that are fully described by the laws of classical physics, temporary crystals can occur. Such objects violate the symmetry of the revolution in time and periodically return to the original state, just as ordinary crystals repeat in space. Previously, physicists tried to create such a state of matter only in quantum systems. Now it turns out that classical time crystals can be obtained experimentally, moreover, they can occur in nature during natural processes, the authors write in the journal Nature Physics.

Scientists have taught the neural network to recognize nodes in polymers

A team of Asian researchers developed algorithms that taught the neural network to recognize nodes in polymers. According to the scientists, the results of their work demonstrated 99 percent accuracy in recognition.

The immune system makes a person to forget information

According to today News Ufa, scientists from China conducted research and found that memories in the human brain begin to destroy immune cells. They are called microglia – a type of neuroglia located in the brain and spinal cord. And immunity is their main function.

Created a “smart” bandage for non-healing wounds

Scientists from the University of Nebraska have created a “smart” bandage for non-healing wounds. It can automatically deliver the correct dosage of medication to the damaged part of the skin. Non-healing wounds can occur as a complication after diabetes.

Scientists plan to restore forests using tree clones

Scientists using nanopreparations obtained seedlings of coniferous and deciduous trees that are characterized by increased survival in the open ground. The burned-out areas were seeded with special seedlings that were grown in the laboratory using the method of microclonal reproduction.

In the Moscow metro found microbes from new York

The most popular bacteria found in the Moscow metro are identical to microbes from the new York city subway. This conclusion was reached by scientists who studied samples taken from the floor, handrails and in the cars of the Moscow metro. At the same time, there were almost no pathogenic bacteria in the samples. An international consortium explores urban microbiota around the world.

“The objectives of this work are to describe the diversity, find common patterns of ecology of such microbial communities and create a basis for a more targeted analysis of microorganisms living in public places,” TASS quotes the explanation of one of the authors of the work, a biologist from ITMO University, Alexander Tyakhta.

Remains of a giant prehistoric horned turtle found in Venezuela

Apparently, the individual found in the Colombian Tatacoa desert is one of the largest turtles known to science. The new remains also revealed that ancient turtles had horns — most likely, they served as protection from even larger crocodiles and other predators

Dinosaurs were warm blooded

Researchers at Yale, Cambridge, and several other universities conducted chemical analysis of the shells of various species of dinosaurs and found evidence that representatives of all species could be warm-blooded

An antenna will appear in the desert to communicate with the Moon and Mars

DNS is currently used to communicate with Voyager, New Horizons, and other expeditions. The new deep Space Station-23 (DSS-23) antenna, which is being built at the Goldstone Observatory in empty Mojave, will be the first new DNS site in the United States since 2003.

A light sensitive liquid was developed for cleaning teeth

Specialists have developed a photosensitizer that is designed for the use of light-sensitive liquid at home. Treatment with a photosensitizer begins with the patient rinsing the mouth with a light-sensitive liquid that contains a light-absorbing compound

Irkutsk is preparing a program for new deep-sea research of lake Baikal

“Rifts” Director of the experimental design Bureau of ocean technology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Sukonkin told TASS that deep-sea habitable vehicles “rift-1” and “rift-2” (which are now called “Baikal-1” and “Baikal-2” in connection with new plans to study the lake), began to be created in the 1980s for the Academy of Sciences.

In Switzerland, they learned to print 3D objects within a few seconds

Swiss scientists have learned how to print 3D objects in a few seconds. This discovery was made by representatives of the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne. In addition to excellent printing performance, the developers have achieved excellent quality of recreating printed objects