16 Фев, 2021

Registry for accessing biometric data


A register for access to biometric data will appear in Russia

In Russia, there will be a register of state and commercial organizations that will have access to the Unified Biometric System (UBS). Now banks and — from January 1, 2021 — insurance companies are connected to the system. In the future, other organizations will be able to connect to it, for example, cellular operators or retailers included in the register.

According to the draft order of the Ministry of Digital Science, published on the portal of legal acts, Rostelecom will keep the register of organizations participating in the EBS as the operator of the system

Scientists have found a way to make concrete good for the environment.

The fact is that the production of concrete accounts for more than 8% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions (which is a greenhouse gas). Therefore, scientists want to make concrete, which, after laying, will itself absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Researchers at Purdue University have developed such a material. Scientists mixed titanium dioxide with cement paste. As a result, the size of the calcium hydroxide molecules decreased, and this made concrete more efficient at absorbing carbon dioxide, writes Popular Mechanics.

The Ministry of Agriculture wants to simplify the withdrawal of unclaimed land

The Russian Ministry of Agriculture has developed amendments to the law «On the turnover of agricultural land». They will simplify the involvement of unclaimed territories in the state’s turnover. This is reported by Izvestia. The department proposes to consider ownerless territories, the owners of which are unknown or have abandoned plots, as well as land that is not registered in the Unified State Register of Real Estate Rights.

The owner of the house in Germany, where Navalny lived, shot a parody of the plot of «Russia 1»

Putting on a wig, the owner of the villa walked through the same parts of the house that “delighted” the host of Vesti Nedeli, Anastasia Popova. In particular, the man emphasized that the journalists mistook a plate of fruit for guests, a plastic toilet brush, a candy on the bed, a pool and a small library for luxury.

The rise in food prices explained to the Russians

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov explained the rise in food prices on the air of the program «Characters from Naila Asker-zade» on the channel «Russia-1». TASS reports.

“The reason for this rise in prices is, in a sense, the successes of our agriculture in recent years. We have actually become the largest exporter, especially for wheat <…> Producers, when the price rises, it is quite natural to sell where it is higher — it is higher for export, ”the minister explained.

The Whoosh scooter rental service received investments from VTB and Otkritie

The Whoosh electric scooter rental service raised more than $ 25 million (about 1.8 billion rubles at the current exchange rate) from the closed-end mutual investment fund VTB Capital pre-IPiO Fund and the investment structure of Otkritie Bank, according to VTB’s message to RBC.

Commission for illegal cashing has doubled

The commission for illegal cashing is kept at the level of 20% («plus or minus»), while three or four years ago the cost of cashing ranged from 10 to 12%, the director of the Bank’s Financial Monitoring and Currency Control Department told Rossiyskaya Gazeta in an interview Russian Ilya Yasinsky.

Young Russians are less likely to take out mortgages

Young Russians over the past five years have become less likely to take out mortgages: the share of borrowers under 30 fell by 9.7 percentage points — to 21.1%, according to a study by the National Bureau of Credit Histories, which is at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Pollock shipments to Central Russia suspended

A 35% drop in wholesale prices for pollock due to the closure of Chinese ports caused a halt in fish supplies to the Russian market, Kommersant reports. Problems arose due to the reluctance of traders working with the fishing industry of the Far East to purchase and transport products until there is a certainty with the opening of Chinese ports for Russian fish and, as a result, the stabilization of wholesale prices, the report says.

Mishustin approved the Strategy for the development of the forestry complex until 2030

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin approved the Strategy for the Development of the Forestry Complex until 2030, the contribution of the forestry industry to the economy should double, to 1.14 trillion rubles, according to the website of the Cabinet of Ministers.

It is noted that such indicators will become possible thanks to the digitalization of the industry, the development of forest restoration mechanisms and the creation of forest nurseries, as well as the support of processing infrastructure and the expansion of the forest road network.


Today, contributions to the Russian Pension Fund amount to 22% of the employee’s annual wages fund, of which 6% is the basic part of pensions, and 16% is the individual rate, recorded on the personal account of a Russian …


Rosneft net profit under IFRS in 2020

Rosneft’s net profit under IFRS in 2020 decreased by 79.1% to RUB 147 billion. This is evidenced by the company’s reporting. Revenue decreased by 33.6% to RUB 5.757 trillion. Capital expenditures amounted to RUB 785 billion. ($ 10.8 billion), down 8.1% from 2019.

Putin asked Sechin about the average salary in Rosneft

«In general, it exceeds 80 thousand approximately a month. Those who work, they, Vladimir Vladimirovich, earn very decently … And the turnover is very low,» the head of the largest Russian oil company reported.

Japan announced its readiness to negotiate with Russia

Japan intends to seek a solution to the «territorial issue» with Moscow, despite the amendments to the Russian Constitution. This was stated by the General Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of the country Katsunobu Kato.

Putin ruled out violation of the Constitution in relations with Japan

Russia intends to develop relations with Japan, but will not undertake anything contrary to the country’s Constitution, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

We want to develop relations with Japan and will develop, but we will not do anything that contradicts the Basic Law of the Russian Federation, ”Putin said at a meeting with the heads of Russian media.

Green energy could deprive oil and gas exporting countries of income

The transition of the global economy to green energy could cost the largest oil and gas exporting countries $ 13 trillion in lost revenue until 2040, calculated Carbon Tracker, a London-based non-profit think tank that studies the impact of climate change on financial markets.

The most vulnerable are Azerbaijan, Angola, Congo, Libya, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Russia may lose 10-20% of budget revenues.

Japan prepares to launch the first electric tanker

The new ship, powered only by lithium-ion batteries, will soon begin sailing the waters off Japan’s coastline. The 60-meter E5 will be the first all-electric vessel of its type when launched in Tokyo Bay next year, shipbuilders said.

Animals unknown to science found in Antarctica

During exploratory drilling in Antarctica, British scientists discovered unknown animals resembling sponges at the bottom of the sea under an ice shelf. It was previously believed that there are no attached benthic life forms on the Antarctic coast. The research results are published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

Found a state of matter that violates Newton’s second law

The vortex — a new state of active matter — demonstrated amazing behavior, as a result of which, instead of accelerating movement, groups of quasiparticles moved at a constant speed proportional to the applied force and in the same direction of the force. This behavior seems to violate Newton’s second law.

“We were completely baffled to see these quasiparticles spinning within active matter, behaving like individual superparticles with amazing properties, including no acceleration when force is applied, and merging when colliding to form swirls of greater mass. These patterns were previously observed in animals at different stages of evolution: from worms, plants, animals and insects to fish, but rather as single structures, and not as a phase that borders on other phases, reminiscent of gaseous and liquid normal matter «, — Professor Nikolai Diamonds, who led the study at the University of Leicester

Experts propose to introduce a digital passport for electronic products

The rapid spread of navigation services, wireless data transmission technologies, etc. will inevitably provoke a surge in cybercrime. So that people can trust and rely on information received from navigation and other electronic devices, as well as suppress cyberattacks, it is reasonable to enter a digital passport of products. This opinion was expressed by Zakhar Kondrashov, General Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Microelectronic Equipment “Progress”.

Uzbekistan and South Korea set up a working group on space exploration

Employees of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in South Korea met with representatives of the South Korean Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) and SI Imaging Services.

Following the meeting, the two states formed a joint working group to implement projects in the field of space exploration and its use for peaceful purposes, Dunyo news agency reported.

LG patented a sliding smartphone with an additional screen

According to the patent documentation, the smartphone will be based on a flexible display with a sliding mechanism. An additional smaller screen with a cutout for a three-sensor camera system will be installed on the rear panel.

The secondary display will be used as a viewfinder when taking selfies. When folded, the size of the main screen will be 6.8 inches, unfolded — 7.4 inches. Interestingly, none of the patent images show any ports or physical buttons.

A trailer for the director’s cut of Justice League released

The second trailer for the director’s cut of Justice League with Jared Leto has become available online. The director’s cut of Justice League will be released on March 18 this year. The feed will be presented on the NBO Max service. The film will be released in 4 hours

HBO confirms development of Harry Potter series

One of the directors of the HBO channel, Casey Blois, has confirmed the information about the development of the series based on the Harry Potter universe. The project is at an early stage. Bloys noted that the series does not even have scriptwriters yet. At the same time, HBO noted that the Harry Potter series is a priority, as are the projects for Game of Thrones and the DC MCU.

Turkish State Channel Shows Map of Ankara’s Expanding Influence

Turkish state TV channel TR1 aired on Friday, February 12, a map forecasting the expansion of Ankara’s sphere of influence by 2050. The map was prepared by Stratfor.

According to the company’s forecast, by 2050, Turkish influence will expand to the Middle East, Lithuania, Egypt, Transcaucasia, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, UAE, Yemen, North Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, as well as on parts of the Asian republics of the former USSR and Russia.

Crimea, the republics of the North Caucasus, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territories, Kalmykia, Rostov and Astrakhan regions, as well as parts of other regions located in the south of the European territory of the Russian Federation