17 Фев, 2021

Sberbank bought the developer of Yo-mobile

Sberbank bought the Yo-engineering company from the Belarusian company Keiji Impex, which was developing the Russian hybrid Yo-mobile, according to SPARK-Interfax.

«Russian Post» to prepare for the remote sale of prescription drugs

The All-Russian Union of Patients (VSP) has proposed to use the resources of the Russian Post for distance selling of prescription medicines, Izvestia reports. A representative of the Russian Post said that the post is now awaiting a wholesale license to trade in medicines and, upon receipt, it will be technically ready for such an opportunity.

“We have almost all the technical capabilities for this. We are integrated with large pharmacy chains and will soon receive a wholesale license, ”the newspaper reports a message from a Russian Post representative. He clarified that some post offices already have a retail license to sell drugs. The wholesale license, according to the Russian Post, will allow it to store and transport medicines.

In jail for participation in protest actions

One of the main activists of Novosibirsk, raising three children, ended up in a pre-trial detention center because of her participation in a rally in support of the Khabarovsk ex-governor Sergei Furgal. Yana Drobnokhod went to a solo picket on Lenin Square on February 15, violating the conditions of detention under house arrest. Earlier she was involved in the case of repeated violations of the law on mass events and a call to extremism

In an interview with Precedent, Yana Drobnokhod stated that she was put in the dock eight times, this time they want to hide him in a pre-trial detention center, although she did not violate anything for her, she is a peaceful protester.

The number of victims of domestic violence in Russia

As a result of domestic violence in Russia in 2018, 5,000 women died. This is 61 percent of all cases of unnatural deaths of Russian women during that period, recounted by the Consortium of Women’s Non-Governmental Associations based on an analysis of court sentences.


Deutsche Welle presented a video with Rogozin and the robot Fyodor

In the presented video, details begin to fall out of the dancing robot «Fedor», then it breaks. «How do you like that, Elon Musk?» — asks Rogozin’s caricature. Earlier, Deutsche Welle employees have already drawn caricatures of Rogozin, including a «flight to Mars»

For what and how Russian drivers were fined in 2020

In 2020, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, more than 145.5 million fines were issued against car owners using automatic cameras. This is 19.2% more than in 2020. The data were provided to Kommersant upon a request from the police. The total amount of fines was not disclosed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

  • overspeeding (124 million regulations);
  • non-compliance with the requirements prescribed by road signs or markings of the carriageway (13.6 million);
  • driving on a red light or a prohibiting gesture from a traffic controller (5.2 million);
  • violation of the rules for the location of a vehicle on the carriageway, oncoming passing or overtaking (2.9 million);
  • driving a vehicle in the presence of malfunctions or conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited (2.8 million);
  • violation of the rules for using seat belts or motorcycle helmets (2.6 million);
  • non-compliance with the requirements for compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners (2.6 million);
  • failure to provide an advantage in the movement of a route vehicle or a vehicle with the included light and sound signals (1.9 million);
  • violation of traffic rules by a pedestrian or other person involved in the process of road traffic (1.4 million);
  • failure to provide benefits to pedestrians or other road users (1.2 million).
  • The number of drunks on the roads remained almost the same — just over 550 thousand such drivers were identified

Mass searches of journalists and human rights defenders began throughout Belarus

In Belarus, on February 16, security officials came with searches at more than 20 addresses in different cities. Operational events are held by members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the human rights center Viasna, as well as representatives of the independent Trade Union of workers in the radio-electronic industry, Tut.by reports. Belarusian mass media report that besides Minsk, searches are taking place in Mogilev, Gomel, Vitebsk, Brest, Svetlogorsk and other cities.

Ozon established a microfinance company

Marketplace Ozon has established its own microfinance company, it follows from the data of the SPARK-Interfax system. Ozon Credit is not yet in the register of microfinance organizations maintained by the Bank of Russia. Ozon has registered the company and is now going to enter it into the state register of MFOs, a representative of the marketplace told Interfax.

VTB offered the Ministry of Finance to increase the supply of ruble government debt

VTB CEO Andrey Kostin believes that good macroeconomic indicators make it possible today to painlessly increase the volume of government debt denominated in the national currency

Wage arrears in Russia

The wage arrears in Russia as of February 1, 2021 amounted to 1.873 billion rubles, according to the materials of Rosstat. Compared to the level as of January 1, 2021, the total debt increased by 15%, or by 244.2 million rubles.

Of the total amount of unpaid wages as of February 1, 2021, debts formed in 2021 account for 95.7 million rubles (5.1%), in 2020 — 879.8 million rubles (47%), in 2019 and earlier — 897 million rubles (47.9%).

Ukrainian thermal power plants demanded from the authorities to ban electricity imports

The Ukrainian Energoatom and the country’s largest combined heat and power plants (CHP) demanded from Kiev to ban the import of Russian and Belarusian electricity, as well as to influence the lifting of price restrictions on tariffs. The association explains its demand by the fact that due to increased imports, local producers are suffering.

“We ask you to make a decision immediately <…>. Stop importing electricity for private companies within the framework of the United Energy System of Ukraine, ”the Ukrainian Energy Association said in a distributed open letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal, quoted by TASS ..

China becomes the EU’s largest trading partner for the first time

The Eurostat report says that in 2020, the PRC ousted the historical ally of the US alliance from the first line. The castling was due to the pandemic and Brexit. Russia dropped to fifth place, losing to Switzerland and the United Kingdom that left the European Union.

Paris airports to be converted to serve hydrogen aircraft

French airlines Airbus and Air France-KLM, ADP Groupe airports and Choose Paris Region have teamed up to develop infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell aircraft. According to FutureFlight, the alliance will act in accordance with the European Commission’s plan to create conditions for the introduction of hydrogen aircraft by 2035. The new strategy, spearheaded by Choose Paris Region, covers all airports in Paris and involves the integration of hydrogen into all activities of the ADP Groupe.

Blood pressure control patch developed in USA

Engineers from California have developed a special patch that is able to control blood pressure and monitor the body, reports Media Stream. They created new items and said that the patch is able not only to control blood pressure, but also to measure heart rate, as well as glucose, alcohol and caffeine levels.

A hologram obtained without wave addition

Physicists were able to create a quantum hologram without the direct superposition of two light waves. Instead, they used the interconnection of entangled photons. Experts noted that not only a new way of creating holograms, but also quantum communication works on the properties of entangled particles.

Actors in the sequel to Captain Marvel

Marvel has selected the actress to play the supervillain in the sequel to Captain Marvel. One of the main roles in the blockbuster will be played by the star of the TV series «Scum» Zawi Ashton. The role of Captain Marvel in the sequel will again be played by Brie Larson. Iman Vellani and Tejona Parris will also star in the film comics, writes the Federal News Agency.

The plot of «Captain Marvel 2» is not disclosed. It is also not known which character Ashton will play. Films Nia Dacosta. The premiere of the second part of Captain Marvel is scheduled for 2022.

Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer Season 2 Official Trailer

Netflix to release documentary on Britney Spears

Streaming service Netflix has launched a documentary about the life and career of singer Britney Spears. Bloomberg writes about it. It is known that the development of the picture was entrusted to the Emmy nominee Erin Lee Carr, who is known for her works on justice, women’s rights and the Internet. The date of the premiere of the film and other details have not yet been announced

VTB and Sberbank announced their readiness to continue helping the budget

VTB and Sberbank announced their readiness to continue helping the budget by purchasing government bonds. In 2020, they bought out the «lion’s share» of the record placement of the Ministry of Finance of 5.3 trillion rubles. This year it is planned to place government bonds for 3.7 trillion.

The State Duma adopted a law on fines for foreign agents:

  • the dissemination of information about NPOs and physical persons-foreign agents without mentioning this status will face a fine of up to 50 thousand rubles (only the media will be fined)
  • the production of materials by an NCO-foreign agent without a label on its status will be punished with a fine of 100 to 300 thousand rubles for officials and from 300 to 500 thousand for legal entities
  • fines for legal entities for the activities of an NCO-foreign agent without registration increase to 5 million rubles

Pensioner was fined for participating in the action on January 31 in Kaliningrad

The 74-year-old pensioner was fined 180 thousand rubles for participating in the action on January 31 in Kaliningrad. According to Pavel Zuev, at the rally he was photographed by the employees of Center “E”, then detained and a protocol was drawn up. In court, Zuev said that he was receiving a pension of 15 thousand rubles, writes «7 × 7».

Earlier, administrative cases were initiated against the pensioner for participating in the action «He is not our king» in 2018 and for a picket in 2019 in support of the doctor Elina Sushkevich, who was accused of killing a baby. Then he told reporters that he suffers from diabetes and spends 2 thousand a month on test strips.

WTO will be headed by a woman for the first time

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is the first woman and the first African to become CEO of the organization. She was the managing director at the World Bank and served two terms as head of the Nigerian Ministry of Finance

Putin urged to see the growing power of Russia in sanctions

The anti-Russian sanctions of the West, due to which banks were cut off from capital markets, oil and gas companies — from modern technologies, and the military-industrial complex — from clients, are associated with the strengthening of Russia’s position in the world, President Vladimir Putin believes. Russia’s containment policy is gaining momentum as the country grows stronger, Putin said during a conversation with chief editors.

“As soon as we began to stabilize, to get up on our feet — that’s all, then the policy of containment began immediately,” he said during a meeting, a fragment of which was shown by the Russia-1 TV channel.

In his opinion, both the protest activity and the activity of the opposition in the country are explained by the attempts of the West to contain Russia.

The President of Russia instructed the government to develop measures for the employment of the unemployed

«Ensure the development and implementation of measures to promote the employment of unemployed citizens, including subsidizing employers to hire citizens from among the officially registered unemployed,» the president ordered.

Putin also ordered to provide vocational training and additional vocational education for the unemployed. The head of state expects a report on the measures taken by March 1, then — once a quarter.

For the return of the dominant to Lubyanka

Mikhail Shvydkoi, who was once the Minister of Culture, and now the President’s Special Representative for International Cultural Cooperation, also spoke out for the return of the dominant to the Lubyanka. The way Lubyanskaya Square has changed during Soviet life indicates that a dominant is needed there, the official said at a meeting of the public chamber of Moscow.

“She was there, and she is needed there,” an Open Media correspondent present at the meeting quoted him as saying.

However, the monument, which can become such a dominant, should contribute to the consolidation of society, «and not another squabbles and squabbles over who is there,» Shvydkoi stressed. According to him, at this place there may be a monument not to Dzerzhinsky, but, for example, to Yuri Andropov, who also «played a big role in the life of this place.»