19 Фев, 2021

Facebook will restrict news dissemination in Australia

Facebook has decided to restrict the distribution of news on its platform in Australia due to legislation that the authorities are planning to pass soon to protect the local media market. On February 18, all media publications were removed from the social network, Reuters reports. Pages of government services and public organizations were mistakenly removed.

“The proposed law misinterprets the relationship between our platform and contributors who use it to share news content. This presented us with a tough choice: to try to comply with a law that ignores the nature of these relationships, or to ban news content based on our services in Australia. With a heavy heart, we choose the second option, ”says a Facebook post.

Fines for threats in debt collection

The State Duma on Wednesday adopted in the first reading a government bill that provides for fines of up to 500 thousand rubles for the use of threats in collecting debts, which will also make it possible to bring credit institutions themselves to justice

The costs of Russians for car maintenance have become known

Russians spend on average 108 thousand rubles on a car. per year, according to a study by SberMarket and SberAuto. 52% of this amount goes to gasoline.

The calculations took into account the average fuel consumption of 8 liters per 100 km (AI-95, 47.5 rubles), as well as the annual mileage — 15 thousand km. Expenses for maintenance, insurance and consumables were taken into account, RIA Novosti reports.

The monetary volume of fines issued by the traffic police is growing

Kommersant analyzed the statistical reports of the State Traffic Inspectorate on administrative offenses for 2020: the data was published on February 17 on one of the departmental resources. Some of the information was previously provided to Kommersant by the Ministry of Internal Affairs upon request.

The traffic police in 2020 issued fines in the amount of 117 billion rubles, 10% more than a year earlier, follows from the official police statistics. Capital drivers have to pay the most — 23 billion rubles. There are regions in Russia where the amount of sanctions imposed for traffic violations has increased by 100% and even 200% over the year. Chukotka remains the only subject where no traffic cameras have been installed yet — hence the last place in terms of fines.

Minsk court sentenced Belsat journalists to two years in prison

The Frunzensky District Court of Minsk sent the journalists of the Polish TV channel Belsat Yekaterina Bakhvalova (Andreeva) and Daria Chultsova to a general regime colony for two years. This was reported by TASS with reference to the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ).

Daria Chultsova and Katerina Bakhvalova (Andreeva) were detained after they conducted a live broadcast from the place where the security forces dispersed protesters in one of the courtyards of Minsk on November 15, 2020.

Kommersant learned about Telegram’s plans to place bonds

Telegram decided to raise at least $ 1 billion through convertible bonds, the securities will not be placed on the exchange, said three sources in the financial market and a source familiar with the situation. Russian investors, they said, have already begun to receive offers. Telegram did not respond to the request.

Russia introduces taxation of income from operations with cryptocurrencies

The State Duma of Russia adopted in the first reading a bill on the introduction of taxation norms in the field of cryptocurrencies into the Tax Code of the Russian Federation, according to the website of the lower house of parliament on February 17. According to the document, digital currency is recognized as property, and income from operations with it will be subject to income tax or personal income tax (PIT).

Hydrocarbon reserves of Gazprom Neft

In 2020, the total reserves of Gazprom Neft (including the share in joint ventures) of the categories «proven» and «probable» increased to 3.9 billion tons of oil equivalent. The company’s hydrocarbon production has reached 22 years.

Oil workers ask to reduce taxes on oil production

The heads of oil-producing regions with a large share of mature fields and hard-to-recover oil reserves — Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug and Tatarstan — sent a letter to the president asking to reduce the tax burden, which has sharply increased after the 2020 tax reform in the oil sector.

Net profit of Gazprom Neft in 2020

At the end of 2020, Gazprom Neft’s IFRS net profit amounted to RUB 117.7 billion. This is 3.4 times less than in 2019 — 400.2 billion rubles.

The financial performance of the company in 2020 was influenced by the decline in prices and demand for oil and oil products in the global and domestic markets, as well as restrictive measures in the context of COVID-19, the company said in a statement.

Draft of a new voluntary funded pension system

The Ministry of Finance plans on December 15, 2021, to submit to the government a bill on a new voluntary funded pension system, according to the plan of draft legislation for 2021, published on the ministry’s website.

We are talking about a draft federal law, which will provide for «the possibility of citizens forming additional sources of funding for retirement income through personal contributions in the non-state pension system with stimulating state support.» It is prepared under the heading «secret». Interfax sent a request to the Ministry of Finance why the work on the document is classified

X5 Retail will start providing financial services

X5 Retail Group (a Russian retail and trade company that operates grocery chains Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel and Chizhik) plans to create a separate organization and start providing clients of the group’s stores with financial products, Kommersant writes. At the same time, the related X5 Alfa-Bank will cooperate with a new financial project, providing its banking license if necessary, but will remain only its partner. Kirill Dmitriev, curator of the payment business of Sberbank, has already been invited to lead the new financial structure

Public debt of all countries increased to a record figure

The national debt of all countries has increased by $ 24 trillion over the past year, to a record $ 281 trillion. TASS writes about this with reference to a study by the Washington Institute of International Finance

Thus, the national debt is 355% of world GDP. According to the document, $ 12 trillion of national debt falls on supporting the economy, $ 5.4 trillion — international companies, $ 3.9 trillion — banks, $ 2.6 trillion — households.

Compensation for delayed wages

Anton Viktorovich worked as a leading engineer at the Lipetsk company «Priority» for about a year and a half. And in April 2020, he decided to resign of his own free will. Contrary to the law, they refused to pay him on the day he left.

Having considered the case, the court ordered the Prioritet company to pay the engineer 3 thousand rubles as compensation for moral damage for the fact that wage arrears were paid with a five-month delay.

Ozon issues bonds maturing in 2026

Ozon will issue $ 750 million in ADS convertible bonds maturing in 2026, the company said. The bonds will have a coupon yield of 1.875% per annum with redemption twice a year. The conversion premium is set at 42.5% above the weighted average price of one ADS on the NASDAQ Global Select Market as of February 17, 2021. The organizers of the deal are Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs.

DNA extracted from teeth of three mammoths

DNA was extracted from the teeth of three mammoths, 1.2 million years old. It is the oldest gene material in the history of paleontology. Previously, it was believed that DNA in bones and teeth cannot be preserved for more than 300 thousand years. After studying the genome, it turned out that one of the mammoths found in Yakutia belongs to the as yet unexplored proboscis species.

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigns

The politician said that he is leaving his post because he did not reach a common position with his team on the arrest of opposition leader Nika Melia. Gakharia stressed that it is unacceptable to administer justice to one person if it creates the risk of political escalation.

Causes of death of the Egyptian pharaoh Sekenenr Taa II

Egyptian scientists performed CT scan of the mummy of Pharaoh Sekenenr Taa II found in the century before last. The study showed the presence of several new traumatic brain injuries in addition to previously discovered injuries that were cleverly hidden during the embalming of the body. The results of the study were published in the journal Frontiers in Medicine.

Slovenes presented a project of a hydrogen passenger aircraft

The Slovenian company Pipistrel has completed research work on the Miniliner hydrogen passenger aircraft project, which is planned to be used on short-haul routes. According to the company, the work was carried out under the UNIFIER19 project, in which the Polytechnic University of Milan and the Delft Technical University also took part.

SpaceX will launch modules for the construction of a lunar station

Representatives of the SpaceX company announced the imminent start of the construction of the lunar station. This space object was named Gateway. So far, we are talking about the ascent into the Moon’s orbit of individual modules of the station, which will be assembled on the spot. The American agency NASA takes an active part in this project.

The first to enter the lunar orbit will be a module with an electric motor and life support systems, according to representatives of SpaceX. Once fully assembled, the station will become a staging post for spacecraft that will dock before landing on the lunar surface and on their way back to Earth.

The black sensor on Chinese smartphones can be dangerous.

Many users notice that smartphones sold from China have an incomprehensible black sensor, which is not present on modern Apple and Samsung smartphones. It is an infrared (IR) sensor. There are similar ones on the control panels for household appliances, for example, in the television console, Roman Shamin, director of the Physico-Technological Institute of RTU MIREA, told the Prime agency.

The «plus» of the technology of communicating devices through an IR sensor, and not through a Bluetooth system, is the ability to quickly connect devices directly without using mutual registration systems, which always occurs when using Bluetooth.

However, such a connection is not always secure from the point of view of maintaining the confidentiality of data, since the ease of connection can cause unauthorized access to a smartphone, depending on its security settings, the expert points out.

Rosgvardia purchases foreign equipment and software

The Rosgvardia could not explain why they preferred the purchase of foreign cryptographic information protection means (CIP) to domestic ones, CNews reports.

The contract of the Main Center for Information Technologies of the Rosgvardia troops for the purchase of desktop means of cryptographic information protection with imported hardware and software was put up for an electronic auction on February 10. Bidding is scheduled for February 20.

Lenovo officially introduced two new laptops in Russia

Lenovo presented the new Yoga Slim 7 Pro and IdeaPad 5 Pro laptops, which are designed to meet modern requirements, namely high autonomy and convenience. As noted at the presentation, the new notebooks are designed to work remotely, so they use powerful batteries and high-quality screens.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro in stores will be offered at a price of 80 thousand rubles, and the IdeaPad 5 Pro in the most affordable configuration can be bought for 65 thousand rubles.

Apple Receives Variable Refresh Display Patent

A new Apple patent, released today by the US Patent and Trademark Office, describes an iPhone display that, with High Refresh Rate Mode enabled, can refresh content two, three, or even four times its native refresh rate. For example, an iPhone with a 60 Hz display will be able to automatically increase the variable refresh rate to 120 Hz, 180 Hz, or 240 Hz.

First virus for new Apple laptops created

Malware detected specifically designed for Apple’s new M1 chip. According to a report published by Mac security researcher Patrick Wardle (Via MacRumors), the new malware has been adapted and recompiled to run on the M1 chip.

Wardle discovered that it was the first known native M1 malware as an extension for the Safari adware. It was originally made to run on Intel x86 chips. The malicious extension is called «GoSearch22» and is a well-known member of the Pirrit adware family for Mac.

Introduced Vaio Z laptop in carbon fiber case

The thin and light laptop Vaio Z (2021) is officially presented: the new premium-level product is made on the Intel Tiger Lake hardware platform, and Windows 10 Home is used as the operating system. The claimed battery life on one recharge of the battery, depending on the modification, varies from 17 to 34 hours. The novelty will go on sale at a price of $ 2,570.

Work has begun on the third part of «The Adventures of Paddington»

Representatives of the Studiocanal film company announced the start of work on the third part of the film «The Adventures of Paddington». The authors of the franchise promise to approach the filming process «with the utmost skill and attention.» Reported by Variety.

Details of the plot have not yet been disclosed. It is only known that the triquel will have a different director. Paul King, who directed the first two parts, will act as a producer this time. At the moment, the director is busy filming the prequel to the movie «Charlie and the Chocolate Factory».

Disney Closes New Duck Tales After Season 3

Disney has announced that the final of the third and final season of the reboot of DuckTales will air on March 15th. According to the creators, in the last episode, the characters will «reveal some secrets» and «rewrite history.» It is noted that the timing of the final episode will be one and a half hours

Dummy drug witnesses

Vosthnye Stories and Meduza journalist Ivan Golunov published a joint investigation showing how often Moscow police use the help of attesting witnesses dependent on them to investigate drug-related crimes.

Journalists have analyzed tens of thousands of sentences handed down by Moscow courts and checked all the attesting witnesses whose names are listed in the Moscow City Court’s database of documents. A total of 56,860 documents were analyzed under 12 drug-related articles. As a result, the journalists found 142 people who regularly collaborated with the police as attesting witnesses.

Declaration Against Arrests of Aliens

Canada has signed a declaration demanding the governments of different countries to stop detaining foreigners for diplomatic pressure. In total, this document was supported by 58 states (the Land of the Rising Sun, Britain, Australia and virtually all the powers of the European Union).

The document is not aimed at a specific power, it should affect all countries in which representatives of other states are detained. Mark Garneau (Canadian Foreign Minister) said that removing human beings from families and using them to drive up the price in negotiations is immoral and illegal.

The document was developed due to the arrests of foreigners in China, Iran, the Russian Federation and North Korea. The project was launched by François-Philippe Champagne (Garneau’s predecessor, now Minister for Innovation) the previous year.

Volkswagen will expand production of electric vehicles

Volkswagen has launched mass production of its Volkswagen ID.3 electric hatchback. at a plant in Dresden, which plans to produce 35 cars per week. In 2021, the plant plans to produce at least 5 thousand cars per month, which is 2 thousand cars more than in 2020. For 2022, the brand sets an ambitious goal to produce 9.7 thousand cars per month.

US accused three North Korean citizens of cyberattacks

The United States prosecutor’s office has accused three North Korean citizens of cybercrimes and theft of more than $ 1.3 billion, CNN reports. According to the TV channel, North Korean hackers associated with military intelligence allegedly conducted operations between 2014 and 2020. Banks and companies around the world, including film studios and cryptocurrency traders, have fallen victim to cyber attacks.

Jaguar Land Rover goes all-electric

According to JLR CEO Thierry Bollore, by 2025 the entire lineup of the renowned premium brand Jaguar will be fully electric. Bollor also announced a new strategy for the company called Reimagine. Under this strategy, all attention will be focused on electric cars and the Jaguar brand will completely abandon diesel engines.

United States appeals against the refusal to extradite Assange

An appeal against the refusal to extradite from Britain the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange was filed by the US authorities. This was announced on February 17 by the organizing committee of the Don’t Extradite Assange movement.

Xi Jinping Cancels Ant Group’s Initial Public Offer

A few weeks before the financial tech giant was due to go public, a previously unreported central government investigation found Ant was hiding the complexity of owning the firm. The firm was owned by a circle of Chinese power players with ties to political families that pose a potential challenge to President Xi and his inner circle. During his eight years in office, Mr. Xi has overshadowed many of his rivals

Time included Tikhanovskaya in the global list of 100 young leaders

The American magazine Time has included ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya in the global list of 100 young leaders.

Everyone on this list is on the cusp of historic accomplishments. In fact, many of them have already done so, ”said senior editor Dan Muskai, quoted on the Future Leaders List site.

Rada found Yanukovych guilty for Ukraine’s loss of Crimea and Donbass

The blame for the events in Ukraine lies with the former President of the country Viktor Yanukovych. This was announced on Wednesday, February 17, in a resolution adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Earlier, on January 28, the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) of Ukraine charged ex-President Viktor Yanukovych with high treason in connection with the signing of the so-called Kharkiv agreements with Russia in 2010.

Yanukovych said that the Ukrainian authorities contribute to the division of the state

On the Facebook page of Yanukovych’s lawyer, an official statement by the ex-president was published, who recalled that the «Revolution of Dignity» called by the Rada is in fact a coup d’etat.

“This dubious decision (the statement of the Rada. — Comment of FAN) is once again splitting the Ukrainian society, dividing it into winners and losers. Maidan is called «a key moment in the construction of the Ukrainian state and the spokesman for the national idea of ​​freedom.» Taking into account the events of the last seven years in the history of Ukraine, such a formulation sounds mocking, ”the politician stressed.

According to the ex-president, since 2014 Kiev has failed to build a democratic state. Instead, he said, in Ukraine, “more than half of the population lives below the poverty line,” and “they are persecuted or killed for dissent”.

The Russian Federation announced the possibility of destroying satellites

The aerospace forces of Russia have sufficient technical capabilities and specialists who are able to «thin out the orbits» of western satellites. RIA Novosti news agency reports. It is noted that in the event of an aggravation of the international situation, the Russian Federation will be able not only to monitor the satellites of Western states, but also to effectively destroy them

Spanish court reopens case against billionaire Mikhail Fridman

Spain has resumed an investigation into the alleged involvement of billionaire Mikhail Fridman in the deliberate bankruptcy of Zed Worldwide. Investigator, who closed the case in December, reversed his previous decision

Guide to the area around the palace

Correspondents of Open Media toured the vicinity of the palace and, with the help of hundreds of extracts from Rosreestr and stories from local residents, compiled a guide to the Gelendzhik Riviera. Everywhere there are the possessions of people from his inner circle.

Journalist Vladimir Solovyov was banned from entering Latvia.

«Glorification of Nazism in any form is unacceptable for Latvia,» Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevich wrote on Twitter.

This happened after Soloviev, explaining on the air of the Russia 1 TV channel why he does not respect the politician Alexei Navalny, compared him with the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler and the saboteur Otto Skorzeny. Both of them Soloviev called «courageous» people. Speaking about Hitler, he said that he «was a very brave man» and, unlike Navalny, «did not mow down from the army,» and also «fought valiantly during the First World War.»

The court in Moscow recognized the legal expulsion of Pavel Krysevich

In November 2020, Pavel Krysevich, in the image of the crucified Christ, carried out an action with the burning of «materials» of political criminal cases near the FSB building on Lubyanka. In addition to administrative punishment, the actionist faced pressure at the university: the disciplinary commission and the student council of the Peoples’ Friendship University voted for his expulsion. At the meeting, it was argued that he “does not reflect the image of a student in himself”, “offends feelings” and “fights against the power”.

In early December, the rector of the university signed an expulsion order. The Apology of Protest lawyers challenged him in court as violating the rights and political freedoms, as well as the internal rules of the institution itself. Today the court dismissed the claim.

Daimler Seeks To Protect Mercedes Brand Rights

The German manufacturer is working to establish a legal framework for the use of Mercedes and trademarks, such as its famous three-pointed star logo, following the detachment of its cargo division later this year, CEO Ola Kallenius said in an interview last week.

Ukraine intends to complete the dam on the North Crimean Canal

Ukraine intends to finish building a dam on the North Crimean Canal, which will exclude the possibility of supplying water to Crimea before the «de-occupation» of the peninsula by Russia. This was stated by the Permanent Representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, Anton Korinevich, during a meeting with the head of the North Crimean Canal Department, Sergei Shevchenko.

Russians will see their purchases paid with a card in their personal tax office

Russians will be able to see their purchases, paid for with bank cards, in their personal account on the website of the Federal Tax Service, TASS reports with reference to the head of the department, Daniil Yegorov.

«It is planned to combine a personal account with the data of online cash registers, which will allow users to see information about their purchases in tax offices and declare deductions literally by pressing one button,» the agency quoted Yegorova as saying from the press service of the Federal Tax Service.

To deprive the citizens of the Russian Federation of those who call for the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov appreciated the proposal of director Nikita Mikhalkov to deprive the citizens of the Russian Federation of those who call for the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. This is reported by «Gazeta.ru».

«Surely, when we live in a time when abuses occur, this topic is very relevant. It is clear that such proposals will be discussed,» Peskov said.

The Kremlin spokesman noted that businessman Oleg Deripaska had previously come up with a similar initiative, who, however, proposed to introduce a different punishment — to qualify such calls as treason with appropriate criminal liability.

On the eve of Mikhalkov proposed to deprive Russian citizenship of those who call for the introduction of sanctions against Russia and its inhabitants. According to the cultural figure, such changes in legislation are necessary not to combat dissent and those who protest against corruption, but to resist the destruction of the country.

p. 3, art. 6 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation «A citizen of the Russian Federation may not be deprived of his citizenship or the right to change it.»

Egyptian President urged the citizens of the country to limit the birth rate.

According to him, maintaining the current rate of population growth will not allow citizens to feel the improvement in living conditions. Now in Egypt, the country’s population is adding by 2.4 million people annually, the authorities want to reduce this figure to 400 thousand.

The European Court ruled to release Alexey Navalny under rule 39.

Rule 39 of the ECHR Regulation is such an emergency mechanism when the European Court considers that before the main court proceedings any country needs to take some urgent measures that concern human life and health.

Russia, in accordance with the provisions of its constitution, will not comply with the requirement of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to immediately release Alexei Navalny, said Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy

Taking a decision on the basis of Rule 39 of the ECHR Rules in this case would be unreasonable and gross interference in the work of the judicial system of a sovereign state, determined by the transition over the «red line». Such a decision cannot be enforced from the point of view of international law, «the Ministry of Justice stressed.

The ECHR’s demand to release Alexei Navalny undermines the foundations of the rule of law in Russia, as it invites the executive to intervene directly in the activities of the court, said Andrei Klishas, ​​senator and author of Putin’s amendments.

The Kremlin called the ECHR’s demand to release Navalny «a serious attempt to interfere in internal Russian affairs.»

“We are not looking for any confrontation, but such decisions, their haste, engagement raises many questions. Once again, I want to refer to the statement of the Ministry of Justice, which declared the illegality of this decision for our court, «said Peskov