20 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/19/2020

Russian banks have mastered a new method of unfair sales of services

Russian banks have mastered a new method of unfair sales of services, Izvestia reports, citing Mikhail mamutu, head Of the Bank of Russia’s service for consumer protection and ensuring the availability of financial services

Mamuta said that from February to December last year, the Central Bank received 3.8 thousand complaints about misselling sales without proper information. According to him, 2.2 thousand requests from them related to the activities of banks. The expert also said that credit organizations offer new financial products to consumers without telling them about the risks associated with them.

Thus, banks do not inform citizens that deposits differ from investment instruments, since the latter do not guarantee profitability. For example, in 2018-2019, banks actively sold investment life insurance (IRS) under the guise of deposits.

“It was a typical misselling — people do not understand what kind of financial product they acquired. For example, most of them did not know that in case of early termination of the HIC agreement, they can not return their money in full, since they are invested in assets with a certain period of time,” Mamuta said.

According to him, clients understood everything only when they decided to withdraw funds ahead of time. However, if six months or a year passed, the cooling period was no longer valid. Mamuta recalled that the Central Bank last year issued an instruction that requires banks to disclose information about the IPO.

Source: Lenta.ru

Russia has banned Chinese citizens from entering

Chinese citizens were banned from entering Russia for tourism, work and private purposes, the office of Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova, who heads the headquarters for the fight against the COVID-19 coronavirus, reported. The pass through the Russian borders is suspended from midnight on February 20. In addition, from 0:00 on February 19, they will temporarily suspend the receipt of documents, registration and issuance of invitations to enter Russia for private and educational purposes to Chinese citizens. The restriction will not affect transit passengers.

The order was signed by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin following a staff meeting “due to the deterioration of the epidemiological situation in China and the continued arrival of Chinese citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation”.

Surkov dismissed as Putin’s assistant

Vladislav Surkov leaves the civil service-Vladimir Putin on February 18 dismissed him from the post of assistant to the President by his decree. The document is published on the Kremlin’s website and comes into force from the date of signing. As an assistant to the head of state, Surkov supervised the Ukrainian direction.

Russia has reduced investment in us government securities

Russia in December 2019 reduced the volume of investments in us government securities compared to November by about $ 1.5 billion-up to $9.974 billion, according to materials published on Tuesday by the us Treasury Department.

Russia will change the frequency distribution scheme for 5G

Auctions for frequencies for 5G networks scheduled for 2020 may be canceled. Instead, Telecom operators were asked to develop a new standard in the existing bands, and use the new frequencies only for tests. This follows from the draft decision of the state Commission on radio frequencies for the next meeting, RBC writes.

Ukraine to sell three unprofitable ports in the Black sea

Three state seaports of Ukraine (Belgorod-Dniester, Skadovsk and Ust-Dunaisk), which have access to the Black sea, were included in the list of objects to be privatized because of their loss, the state property Fund of Ukraine (FGI) said on Facebook

In the US, a Mexican “recruited by the Russian government” was arrested

In the United States, Mexican citizen Hector Alejandro Cabrera Fuentes was arrested, allegedly acting in the States on behalf of the Russian government without notifying the Prosecutor. This is reported on the website of the us Department of justice. The Department said in a statement that Fuentes, who lives in Singapore, is accused of conspiring to commit a crime.

“According to court documents, an official from the Russian government recruited Fuentes in 2019 and instructed him to lease certain property in Miami-Dade County (Florida),” the document clarifies.

Turkish hotels concerned about Erdogan’s policy

After the Turkish President’s statement about Syria, local Newspapers started spreading information about possible problems with the tourist business. Hotels in Turkey fear that the number of tourists from Russia may significantly decrease. As you know, the security of the Russian Embassy in Ankara decided to strengthen.

Thailand to host yoga festival

From February 21 to 23, Thailand will host the annual Hua Hin Yoga Festival. This is the second time the event will be held at the Hua hin resort. Anyone can come to the festival, and the entrance to it will be free. Yoga classes will be held on the beach from 17: 00 to 18: 00 at Soi 75-75/1. Since a large number of participants have already registered for the event, the first day of the festival will consist of three stages. After yoga classes, participants can stay for music yoga, listen to live music on the beach, and visit a health food market. Also on these dates, yoga courses will be held at the G Hua Hin Resort and Mall.

In Russia, alcohol, cigarettes, gasoline and cars will rise in price

In Russia, an increase in excise taxes on alcoholic beverages from January 1 will lead to an increase in prices for beer by 0.8%, wine by 3.5%, and spirits by 1.2%. Alcohol will rise in price in 2020, according to the report on the monetary policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

In addition, excise taxes on gasoline, diesel fuel, cigarettes and passenger cars have increased since January 1. According to the Bank of Russia’s forecast, cigarette prices will rise by 1.4%. Gasoline will become more expensive by 0.7%, diesel fuel-by 0.5%. Cars will go up by 0.2%. According to the regulator, the total contribution of the increase in excise taxes to annual inflation may be about 0.15 percentage points, RIA Novosti reported.

Molecule found for potential treatment of Parkinson’s disease

Researchers from the University of Helsinki (Finland) found that the BT13 molecule has the potential to both increase levels of dopamine, a chemical that is lost in Parkinson’s disease, and to protect brain cells that produce dopamine from death. In the future, treatment with this molecule can stop or slow down the course of the disease, reports the press service of the charity Parkinson’s UK. The results of the study are published in the journal Movement Disorders.

Russian m & a market in 2019

In 2019, the volume of the Russian m & a market increased to $55.71 billion, or 31.8%. During the reporting period, a total of 422 transactions involving domestic companies were registered in this segment — an increase of 26% over the previous year.

SSJ100 plane made an emergency landing in Vnukovo

The Sukhoi Superjet plane made an emergency landing in Vnukovo after the landing gear malfunction sensor was triggered, an emergency services representative told RIA Novosti.

Internet aggregators will be obliged to accept the Mir card

The bill proposes to extend the obligation to accept the Mir card to the owners of aggregators and to sellers (performers) who “sell goods and provide services remotely,” according to the explanatory note to the document. Currently, domestic cards must be accepted by all sellers whose revenue reaches 40 million rubles. at the same time, it is planned to gradually reduce the revenue threshold from September 1, 2020 to 30 million rubles, and from January 1, 2021 – to 20 million rubles.

The Russian Duma introduced a bill to reduce VAT

In Russia, it was proposed to reduce the value added tax (VAT) from 20% to 15%. The corresponding bill was submitted to the state Duma by the faction of the Fair Russia party, TASS writes with reference to the leader of the political force, Sergei Mironov.

Gazprom to place 10-year Eurobonds

Gazprom is placing 10-year Eurobonds worth $2 billion at 3.25%, a banking source told Interfax. Gazprom did not enter the Eurobond market for exactly a year. In February 2019, the gas monopoly placed 7-year Eurobonds worth $ 1.25 billion at 5.15% with demand exceeding $5 billion.

In “Rosneft” commented on the U.S. sanctions against his “daughter»

The us Treasury Department has previously imposed sanctions against Rosneft’s structure, the Swiss company Rosneft Trading. The reason was its activity in the oil sector of Venezuela.

Xiaomi will release a new generation smart protective mask

Against the background of global air pollution and the coronavirus outbreak in China, the demand for protective face masks has increased significantly, and it is not going to decrease yet. According to foreign media, Xiaomi has patented a new generation smart face mask.

China to lift duties on US goods

The Committee on customs tariffs under the state Council of the people’s Republic of China will start accepting applications from Chinese companies for exemption from import duties on 696 commodity items from the United States from March 2 this year. As stated in a statement published on Tuesday, the Department, such permits will be valid for one year.

In the center of Rome found a possible tomb of Romulus

An ancient tomb has been discovered in the center of Rome, which may be the resting place of the legendary founder of the Eternal city – Romulus. It was located under The Roman forum, according to The Daily Mail. Archaeologists found a stone sarcophagus measuring 4.6 feet (about 140 centimeters).

250 trucks with Turkish tomatoes cannot enter Russia

250 trucks with Turkish tomatoes are not able to enter Russia. For the tenth day, Turkish truckers stand on the Russian-Ukrainian border. According to TASS, citing Turkish media, the problem arose because of the excess of quotas for imports to Russia.

Russian planes will not be able to fly over the territory of Turkey

Information about the ban began to speak after one Russian plane was refused to provide Turkish airspace. Because of this, the plane was forced to turn around. At the moment, there are no comments from the Russian defense Ministry on this incident.

Matvienko offered to help Zambia in mineral exploration

Russia could offer its assistance in exploration work to Zambia, said the head of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko, while on an official visit to the President of Zambia, Edgar Chagwoy Lungu, – TASS reports.

“We know that Zambia has large reserves of mineral resources… we could, of course, under certain conditions and mutually beneficial agreements, help in the exploration of minerals, mineral resources, if Zambia is interested in this,” Matvienko said.

We will find possible options to help Finance Zambia

The center for nuclear science and technology is the beginning of technological cooperation between the countries. in the future, Zambia plans to build a nuclear power plant, which, according to Valentina Matvienko, can qualitatively change the economy of Zambia.

“Now the start of construction of the center for nuclear science and technology has been suspended due to incomplete resolution of financial issues… I hope, I am sure that together we will find possible ways to facilitate financing,” Valentina Matvienko addressed President lung

“Dry” became a branch of “Corporation “Irkut”, a branch of the

The United aircraft Corporation announced the inclusion of Sukhoi Civil aircraft (SCS), which produces Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, as a subsidiary of the manufacturer of MS-21 Airliners, IRKUT Corporation.

The merger of the two companies in the UAC was explained by the formation of the civil aviation Division and the consolidation of the main research and production capacities of the civil aviation industry, which “will allow more effective implementation of existing programs and development of promising projects”.

“The main efforts of the division in the near future will be focused primarily on the completion of tests and the deployment of serial production of the MS-21-300, the modernization of the Superjet 100 and its business version, the creation of a unified system of after-sales service and marketing»

Singer Zivert appears bald in new video

Russian singer Julia Zivert (Zivert) in the video for the song “Credo” appeared before fans in a new, unearthly image. The actress gave up her usual crazy wigs and curls and appeared in the frame completely bald.

At the festival” Rock over the Volga “will perform” Splin»

The group “Splin” will support the festival “Rock over the Volga”, the organizers said. Fans will be able to see them on the stage of the Samara stadium. Also among the headliners of this forgotten festival is the famous American band Papa Roach, as well as Russian rock stars: Zemfira, “Bi–2” and “Mumiy Troll”will perform their hits. Entrance to the festival will be paid.

Disney wants to shoot another “restart” of the movie ” planet of the apes»

The film is not expected to premiere until 2022. Recall that the first film in the “planet of the apes” franchise was released in 1968. In total, the series consists of nine films (one remake and a “restart” trilogy).

Xiaomi has agreed to pre-install Russian software on its devices

According to a representative of Xiaomi, the practice of pre-installing applications from local developers has already been carefully worked out and is actively used by the company. Earlier, the Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung announced its readiness to follow the requirements of the law on pre-installation of Russian SOFTWARE.

Negotiations on a cease-fire in Libya suspended

The Libyan government of national accord (NTC), Faiz Sarraj, has suspended ceasefire talks organized by the UN in Geneva, Reuters reported, citing a statement from the government’s presidential Council. The reason was the firing by the Libyan national army (LNA) of Marshal Khalifa Haftar on a warehouse of weapons and ammunition, as well as a Turkish ship in the port of Tripoli.

Alexander Lukashenko is on an official visit to Egypt

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is on an official visit to Egypt, the press service of the head of state reported. In Cairo, Lukashenko will hold talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Moscow is dissatisfied with Turkey’s implementation of the Sochi agreements

Turkey’s implementation of the Sochi agreements has ceased to satisfy the Russian side. On February 19, the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov told reporters at a briefing. According to him, this happened after the militants ‘ offensive in the Syrian province of Idlib. At the same time, Russia continues to maintain working contacts with Turkey in order not to allow the situation in Idlib to escalate.

A bribe for accepting the suit. The court imposed a penalty-a fine.

The 235th garrison military court sentenced the Deputy chief of the 704th military representation of the Ministry of defense, responsible for receiving products and equipment for the aerospace forces and space industry units, major Alexander Kuzmin, for receiving a bribe of 200 thousand rubles. This is reported by Kommersant.

According to the publication, the officer received a monetary reward for approving the tests and acceptance of the Orlan-ISS spacesuit intended for sending to the International space station (ISS). He was sentenced to the most lenient punishment — a fine of 2.1 million rubles with the deprivation of the right to hold positions in state agencies for two years, but with the preservation of his officer rank. When passing sentence, the court took into account Kuzmin’s impeccable service in the defense Ministry since 1998, departmental awards, the presence of two minor children and a partial confession of guilt.

Russians will not receive a percentage of excess oil revenues

The state Duma Committee on budget and taxes rejected a bill to create a national savings Fund at the expense of oil and gas super-revenues of the budget for the subsequent distribution of them among citizens. The document was submitted to the Duma by deputies from Fair Russia. The draft law proposed distributing the funds of the national savings Fund to all Russians in equal shares every year.

Reasons why Uighurs can be sent to an educational camp in China

  • “while surfing the Internet, I accidentally got on a foreign site»;
  • “I talked to people abroad»;
  • “I made a passport for myself, but I didn’t use it to leave the country»;
  • “has an extremely intricate network of social connections.”

These statements became known after a document with the personal information of several thousand residents of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region came to journalists

The budget of the Krasnoyarsk territory did not have time to spend money

The Krasnoyarsk Governor of the USS ordered a luxury room with a sea view in a historic hotel for 250,000 rubles for three nights for housing at the investment forum in Sochi. But the forum was canceled because of the coronavirus, and the trip to Sochi did not take place. The regional budget did not have time to spend money, a representative of the USSA told Open media.

In Greece, powerful rallies against the new pension reform.

Because of the government’s plans to give social insurance to private companies and cut social payments, the capital’s carriers stopped working. They were joined by employees of public services and medical institutions.

The engine on the icebreaker” Arctic ” was found to be faulty

The propeller motor (GED) on the right shaft of the nuclear icebreaker “Arctic”, which broke down in early February during mooring tests, apparently, will not be able to be restored, sources told “Kommersant”.

The Leningrad electric machine building plant stated that it is impossible to restore the operation of the previously failed propeller motor (GED) on the right shaft of the nuclear icebreaker “Arctic”.

Denis Konovalov, who was detained in the Golunov case, gave a confession.

Former police officer Denis Konovalov, who was detained in the Golunov case, gave a confession. This was reported by lawyer Alexey Kovrizhkin. Konovalov told investigators that he gave Ivan Golunov drugs on the instructions of his boss Igor Lyakhovets. Denis gave the exact time and place when he planted the substances. Lyakhovets does not admit his guilt and denies all the charges.

“Project” calculated the number of security forces in Russia

About one in 57 people in Russia works in law enforcement agencies. This is stated in the study of the “Project”, dedicated to the security forces. In General, about 2.6 million Russians are employed in law enforcement agencies

Thus, the army has 793.5 thousand active military personnel. The number of internal troops exceeds the size of the active army by 30%. The Ministry of emergency situations employs 118 thousand people, and the Federal penitentiary service employs 211 thousand people. The Federal security service has a similar number of employees – at the level of 200 thousand people. The number of employees of the Federal security service who monitor the security of high-ranking officials is about 50 thousand people, and the Federal bailiff service-55 thousand people. The Federal customs service has a comparable number of employees-about 49 thousand people. The Prosecutor General’s office employs 33,000 people, and the Investigative Committee employs 19,000 people. The number of Rosgvardiya is about 300-400 thousand people. The number of the Federal security service, information about which is classified, experts estimate at about 200 thousand people. Another classified Agency is the foreign intelligence Service. According to the expert, there are not many scouts: within 12-14 thousand people.

The Estonian Parliament condemned the Russian position on the history of the Second world war

The Estonian Parliament at a meeting on Wednesday adopted a statement “On historical memory and falsification of history” condemning the Russian position on the history of the Second world war.

“Supporting Poland and other European States that the Russian Federation has recently ranked as the culprits of the Second world war, the Parliament condemns the attempts of the Russian authorities to rewrite history, denying the role of the Soviet Union as one of the main initiators of the Second world war, shifting responsibility to the victims of aggression,” the statement said.

According to Estonian parliamentarians, ” the Second world war was a direct consequence of the non-aggression Treaty or Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and its secret Protocol concluded by national socialist Germany and the Soviet Union on August 23, 1939.”

The Russian government refused to impose a tax on associated petroleum gas

The government refused to impose a tax on associated petroleum gas. This was stated in “RBC” with reference to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, who oversees the Russian fuel and energy sector..

Rosneft’s net profit in 2019 

Rosneft’s net profit under international financial reporting standards (IFRS) increased by 29% in 2019 compared to the previous year and reached 708 billion rubles, compared to 549 billion rubles in 2018.

Rosneft reduced the amount of debt by 907 billion rubles in 2019

Rosneft last year reduced the total amount of financial debt and trade obligations by 15.6%, or 907 billion rubles, according to the company’s financial statements for 2019. It is noted that net debt and trade obligations decreased by 174 billion rubles.

Russia’s Goznak to print 300 million banknotes for Venezuela

The Venezuelan government has ordered the printing of 300 million banknotes from Russia’s Goznak, according to Bloomberg, which has a copy of the contract signed in November 2019. The order will cost the Venezuelan budget $7.4 million.

The US plans to limit the supply of components to China

The restrictions will affect all manufacturers that trade with China and, first of all, those who cooperate with Huawei Technologies Co. Caution in discussing this issue is explained by the fact that the introduction of additional rules will limit not only China, but also the ability of American companies to supply Huawei equipment from their foreign factories

The US Navy will install the most powerful supercomputer for military purposes

The US Navy wants to use the Cray supercomputer for military purposes. The information was provided to the Ministry of defense. The performance of the Shasta-based supercomputer will be 12.8 petaflops.

Forecasters found a flock of birds measuring 145 kilometers

American forecasters found a huge flock of birds. It is reported that its size reached 145 kilometers. The birds were sent from Cuba to the United States.Tsch

Haftar’s army destroyed a Turkish ship in Tripoli

In the Libyan national army (LPR), the haftar caliphs said they destroyed a Turkish ship with weapons in the port of Tripoli, Interfax reported . The LNA explained that it is a ship that delivered weapons and ammunition to the city on Tuesday.

The end of the war in the Donbas cannot be accompanied by the loss of territories for Ukraine.

Alexey Danilov, Secretary of the national security and defense Council (NSDC), said this in an interview with Ukraine 24 TV channel.the video is available on YouTube.

Russia has a “smart” sensor for garbage cans

The device was developed by The roselectronics holding company of the rostec state Corporation. It is installed in garbage cans and works offline for up to five years. The sensors not only track how full the container is, but also signal that the container is heated if it is set on fire or overturned.

VIA the processor returns to the market

VIA is going to introduce ITS new processor for x86-compatible systems for the first time in 15 years, which is designed to be installed in a CPU socket. Some sources claim that the chip will be called CenTaur, but it doesn’t officially have a name yet.
Leaks report that CenTaur (an unofficial processor name from VIA) will get 16 MB of third-level cache, a DDR4 memory controller with 4 channels, and 44 channels of the PCIe version 3.0 bus. It is also known that the chip will be produced according to 16 nm technorms at the TSMC plant, but there is no data on the price or date of the announcement yet.

The US wants to use locusts for military purposes

American researchers are going to make locusts “cyborgs” for military service. Their task is to search for explosives and other dangerous substances. The development of the project was ordered by the us Navy. It was launched in 2016. $ 750 million has already been invested in research. a Summary of scientific research in this direction is provided by New Scientist.

Immune cells consult with neighboring cells

Scientists have found evidence that the migration of immune cells to the site of infection is not only the result of activation of the immune system. The results of the corresponding study are published in the journal Nature Communications, reports ToDay News Ufa with reference to vevby.ru.

It turned out that immune cells analyze neighboring cells before determining whether the immune system should be turned on at full capacity. Understanding this algorithm will help develop new ways to treat chronic autoimmune diseases, as well as mobilize the immune system to fight cancer. In addition, the information obtained can be used to develop effective medicines.

More evidence has been found for the effect of the gut on Parkinson’s disease

American scientists have found a mechanism that allows young mice to defeat Parkinson’s disease at an early stage. This is an enzyme called glucocerebrosidase, which is used by immune cells to break down extracellular clusters of proteins. Young mice have a lot of it, so even “infection” with Parkinson’s disease takes several months. And in old mice, it is not enough, so they have protein lumps deposited in the brain. Adding this enzyme to the body can help cope with Parkinson’s disease — not just in mice, but probably in humans. The work is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.