21 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/20/2020

Sanders vs. Bloomberg: democratic debate in Las Vegas

Las Vegas hosted a debate of candidates for the nomination for the us presidential nomination from the Democratic party. They were attended by six politicians: Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, former Vice President of the United States in the Obama administration Joe Biden, former mayor of South Bend (Indiana) Pete Buttigic, Senator from Minnesota Amy Klobuchar, Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren and former mayor of new York billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg will pay $2.5 thousand a month to each campaigner in social networks

Michael Bloomberg, uses his huge financial resources to buy the post of President of the United States. Project participants will be required to publish daily campaign messages in support of the candidate from the Democratic party of the United States and send SMS messages.

It is noted that at the first stage, 500 people from the state of California will become participants, and if the project justifies itself, the billionaire will distribute it in other States.

The US will develop a new Intercontinental ballistic missile

The American company will receive $ 13 billion to develop a missile to replace the Minuteman III ICBM, which has been in service since 1970. Money for research will be allocated in parts until 2025. After that, it will take another $ 7.3 billion to complete the research phase.

Russian scientists have developed an economical waste disposal strategy

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University have developed a strategy for joint utilization of industrial and municipal waste by burning it as part of a composite fuel. They are sure that this will save one and a half times more money than when using traditional coal, RIA Novosti writes.

Composite fuel is a modern energy resource of thermal power plants (TPP). It is used instead of coal to generate electricity and heat. Its advantage, in comparison with coal, is its low cost and lower emission of sulfur and nitrogen oxides with flue gases into the atmosphere.

Electronics manufacturers asked for preferences

Domestic manufacturers of high-tech products asked the government to introduce 15 percent price preferences for all types of goods and services when purchasing state agencies, according to a letter from the Association of electronics developers and manufacturers (ARPE) to Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, a copy of which is available from RBC

Debts for garbage removal in the Moscow region reached three billion rubles

For the municipal service “Handling solid municipal waste”, the total debt of consumers reached three billion rubles to the management company “Regional operator “(part of the structure of “RT-invest”), while the most tense situation was in the urban districts of Mytishchi, Odintsovo, Leninsky, Istra, Krasnogorsk and Domodedovo.

Instead of a natural reserve, a landfill will be set up

Instead of the previously planned nature reserve, a 416-hectare landfill will be created in the Leningrad region. This was reported by “New Petersburg”. As indicated, the project of a solid waste landfill (MSW) with a volume of 1 million tons per year is being prepared by the government of the Leningrad region.

Burning dump named after Tuleyev

The dump in Zagorsk rural settlement is the legacy of the Listvyansky section, the company was closed, but the dump was forgotten. The locals themselves named this dump after Tuleyev.

When experts began to examine the dump, it turned out that 20 hectares were burning. At a depth of one meter, the minimum temperature is 300 degrees, the maximum is 600. In places, the content of methane in the air exceeded the MPC by two times, carbon monoxide by five or even ten times, according to activists.

Production of fabric masks was established in the Novosibirsk region

On February 19, the Minister of industry, trade and business development of the region Andrey Goncharov opened a new production of wide-purpose fabric masks at Medsklad in Berdsk. This is the first company in the Novosibirsk region engaged in the production of fabric masks.

The ability of the brain have been detected in human skin

The researchers studied the ability of different skin cells to interact with each other. It was found that keratinocytes regulate the functions of melanocytes, which produce melanin that absorbs ultraviolet radiation. The keratinocytes with the melanocytes creating close ties that remind you of connections between neurons. This type of intercellular communication was previously considered by scientists as a bright sign of the nervous system.

Kudrin specified the amount of unfulfilled budget expenditures for 2019

Non-execution of the Federal budget for 2019 broke the record, amounting to 1.122 trillion rubles, said the head of the Russian chamber of accounts Alexey Kudrin, presenting a report on the results of the corresponding audit.

Sberbank may enter the list of strategic enterprises

Sberbank may be included in the list of strategic enterprises after the transfer of a controlling stake in the Bank to the Government, Deputy Finance Minister Vladimir Kolychev said at a meeting of the state Duma Committee on the financial market.

So far, Sberbank has not summed up the results. According to our expectations, Sberbank will have about a trillion profits, and 50% of the profits will be transferred to shareholders. The Central Bank now has a controlling stake… Yes, 250 billion rubles. – Vladimir Kolychev, Russian writer

Port fee rates may rise 10 times or more

FAS sent to the Ministry of transport, Ministry of economy and industry Association draft changes to the rates of port dues to the FSUE “Rosmorport” (RMP). We are talking about lighthouse, icebreaking, navigation and channel port fees for foreign and coastal navigation.

For all ports, it is proposed to adopt a single maximum rate of fees, which will be valid from 2020 to 2022, writes Kommersant. According to some indicators, they are more than a hundred times higher than the current values: for example, in the port of Sovetskaya Gavan, the maximum rate for the navigation fee in coasting is 177 times higher than the current one (0.07 rubles per ton against 12.39 rubles), and in De Castri-154 times. Of the 54 ports, an increase in the maximum values of at least one of the charges is ten or more times observed in 33 ports.

Russian wages have risen faster than prices in a decade

Over the past ten years, Russian salaries have increased 2.5 times in the commercial sector and 2.6 times in the public sector,while prices have doubled. This is stated in the study of the audit company FinExpertiza, the data of which is cited by “Izvestia»

NOVATEK dividends for the 2nd half of 2019

The company’s normalized net profit for 2019 amounted to 245 billion rubles, which is 5% higher than the level of 2018. according to calculations, the dividends for the 2nd half of 2019 will amount to 10.2 rubles, which corresponds to a half-year dividend yield of 0.9%.

Tanzania’s foreign exchange reserves have increased

Tanzania’s foreign exchange reserves have now reached $5.5 billion, the East African news portal reported on February 19. According To the Bank of Tanzania, the accumulated reserves cover the country’s imports for four months

HSBC’s net profit in 2019

The British-Hong Kong banking group HSBC Holdings plc reduced its net profit by 42% in 2019 compared to 2018, to $ 8.708 billion, according to the Bank’s financial statements. The banking group’s revenue for the year increased by 4.3% to $ 56.098 billion

Debt on loans in Komi increased over the year

As of January 1, the volume of debt (loan portfolio) of Komi residents to banks for residential mortgage loans increased by 9.3 percent compared to the beginning of 2019 and amounted to 57.9 billion rubles. The share of overdue loans was 0.6 percent

Belarus has reduced exports of potash fertilizers

In the past 2019, Belarusian exports of potash fertilizers decreased by 5.8% compared to the previous year and amounted to 6.23 million tons (in terms of 100% of the active substance). This is stated in the published materials of the National statistical Committee of Belarus.

Prices of industrial producers in Russia in January

Producer prices of industrial goods in Russia in January 2020 increased by 0.9% after a 0.4% decline in December. This preliminary assessment is provided by the Federal state statistics service (Rosstat)

Pentagon suspends program for the creation of medium-range missiles

The US army refused to develop a mobile intermediate Range Missile (MIRM). The $ 90 million project is not included in the Pentagon’s budget plan for fiscal year 2021, although it was previously reported that the military will spend a billion dollars to build the missile in four years

Russian air strikes in Idlib and Aleppo

The Russian aerospace forces attacked terrorists in the Syrian provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. On Tuesday, February 18, AMN reports. According to the newspaper, the Russian military concentrated most of its strikes in the area of Jisr al-Shugur. At the moment the defense Ministry does not disclose the results of the operation

United Russia from the state Duma claims that pensioners are grateful for the pension reform

Duma Deputy from United Russia Svetlana Bessarab believes that in Russia we do not have to talk about the dramatic financial situation of pensioners. This point of view, it is defended on the channel “Tsargrad”. We discussed raising the retirement age in 2018. According to her, in her practice, she has repeatedly encountered the grateful attitude of older people to the resonant reform.

“On the contrary, they say at receptions: it is good that they raise pensions. Because the situation that has developed, was already inadequate simply. It was necessary to raise. Today we have no poor pensioners in Russia. Both recipients of social pensions and recipients of old-age insurance pensions-they got out of this poverty, ” Bessarab said.

Yakubovich proposed setting a minimum pension for the Minister of labor

Earlier Yakubovich said in an interview with the portal Teleprogramma.pro that the size of his pension is 23 thousand rubles. Everything is solved very simply: if the Minister of labor and social security of our country received 23 thousand rubles a month or just the minimum pension that we pay, everything would be normal

Notify the dispatcher if there are Chinese in the cabin

In Mosgortrans confirmed “Rise” sending messages to drivers with a request to notify the dispatcher if there are Chinese in the cabin. The press service of the company stressed that the monitoring data is sent to doctors.

“Taking into account the decision taken by the Government of the Russian Federation on February 20 to restrict the entry of Chinese citizens, we are monitoring in order to ensure comfort and safety in transport. Data is sent to doctors and, if necessary, preventive measures are taken.

An art Park will appear in St. Petersburg: “it’s not a pity for Peter»

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the budget expenditures for the creation of a new public space in St. Petersburg-the art Park “Tuchkov Buyan”. Putin’s words are listed on the Kremlin’s website.

At a meeting with St. Petersburg Governor Alexander Beglov, Putin said that the construction of the Park “is not so harmless” for the Federal budget. Beglov agreed with this, after which Putin added: “it’s not a pity for Peter.” According to the terms of reference, it is planned to spend no more than six billion rubles on the Park.

The Ministry of economic development recognized that Russia is dying out

The Ministry of economic development in the updated forecast of socio-economic development lowered expectations for the growth of the population of Russia until 2024. The forecast is included in the package of documents submitted to the state Duma together with amendments to the Federal budget for 2020-2022. As of January 1, 2020, the permanent population of Russia is 146.74 million people.

The updated forecast, based on new measures to support the birth rate announced by the President in his address to the Federal Assembly, assumes that the population of Russia will be:

2020 — 146.8 million instead of 147 million people from the previous version of the forecast;
2021 — 147 million (147.3 million people);
2022 — 147.2 million (147.7 million);
2023 — 147.4 million (148.2 million);
2024 — 147.5 million (148.7 million).

The Ministry of construction linked the rise in prices for new buildings with the whitewashing of the industry

These processes are also caused by Bank support for development projects. This was reported today by Deputy Minister Nikita Stasyshyn. At the same time, he noted that in Russia, the volume of new housing construction has decreased by almost 40% due to the underdevelopment of networks.

A priest sprinkles Holy water on parishioners with a hose



The country is ruled by Putin, the military and the FSB, according to citizens

According to the Levada center, which Open media has, the influence of the security forces has grown dramatically after the annexation of Crimea and has continued to grow in recent years. At the same time, the influence of business and the media, as well as the Church and political parties, is falling.

“All this looks like a hard — line authoritarian regime, where the main ones are repressive bodies, “Lev Gudkov, Director of the Levada center, comments on the results of the survey to Open media

A mass swim of surfers is not entertainment, but a protest action.

The Australian government has allowed Norwegian oil producer Equinor to start drilling wells in the Great Australian Gulf. But the risks are too great. Modeling the negative development of the situation by the experts of the Wilderness Society showed that the development of oil and gas reserves can lead to an environmental disaster on the entire southern coast: southern smooth and humpback whales return to these waters in winter for the sake of procreation.

Sergey Shnurov will head the list of the party of growth in the State Duma elections

Shnurov was asked to join the growth Party on the direct instructions of the presidential administration, a source close to the AP told Open media. That is why Boris Titov agreed to give him the first number on the party’s list for the state Duma elections, he explains.

The presidential administration has long planned to participate in the Duma elections Shnurov, officials chose the party from which he should be nominated, explains the source OM. However, the Kremlin was concerned that the musician did not have the highest rating among Russians, especially among women, which was shown by public opinion measurements carried out by order of the presidential administration, the official said

Traffic police and bailiffs began to catch malicious defaulters on the roads

The state traffic Inspectorate and the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) started large-scale work after the accident in the center of Moscow due to the fault of a malicious defaulter of fines with the dead and six damaged cars. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, more than 70 motorists and 180 legal entities across Russia more than 1 thousand times violated traffic rules and did not respond to penalty orders. More than 10 thousand citizens and more than 3 thousand legal entities did not pay from 100 to 1 thousand fines.

In Moscow arrested six citizens of Kyrgyzstan on the case of extremism

Petty-bourgeois court of Moscow arrested six citizens of Kyrgyzstan, suspected in the creation of an extremist organization, reports TASS. “The court arrested six citizens of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan before March 17,” the court’s press service told the Agency

Jennifer Lawrence to star in Comedy

Jennifer Lawrence will star in Adam McKay’s new film “Don’t Look Up” (ed. – literal translation of “Don’t look up”). The Comedy film is set to debut on Netflix later this year, Variety reports. McKay himself wrote the script, it is about two ordinary astronomers

Published the first footage of the anime on ” Modified carbon»

The Netflix Twitter account published the first footage of the anime on “Modified carbon”. The premiere of the new product will take place on March 19, the creators promise “even more action, mystery and cyberpunk than ever before.”

Martin Scorsese told the details of the plot of his new film

American Director Martin Scorsese told the details of the plot of his new film “Killers of the flower moon”, which will be based on the book of the same name by author David Grann. According to the Director, the film will be similar to a Western, which will take place in 1921-1922 in Oklahoma.

The 70th Berlin international film festival begins its work

The main competition of the Berlin film festival in 2020 included 18 films. The main competition will be judged by a jury headed by British actor Jeremy irons. The winners will be announced on February 29.

Production of refrigerators “Saratov” will be closed due to unprofitability

Saratov electric aggregate production Association (SEPO) “Plant of electric aggregate engineering” stops production of refrigerators “Saratov” due to unprofitability, the press service of the Ministry of industry and energy of the region told TASS.

The court extended the ban on the sale of cryptocurrencies Telegram

The Federal court for the southern district of new York extended the ban on the sale of digital Gram tokens for Telegram

“The temporary ban has been extended,” judge Kevin Castel said .

At the moment, it is not known how long the ban will last. The judge said that the term for extending the restrictions will be determined later. At the same time, representatives of the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States, acting as plaintiffs in this process, insisted on extending the ban for the entire duration of the trial

Chelyabinsk teacher indexed pension

The pensioner from Chelyabinsk Elena Carpena the Kremlin has sent its January increase in their pension. After indexing by 6.6 percent, the woman received a payment of more than 1 ruble and 10 kopecks. Since it is not calculated for the entire pension, but for a certain minimum.

According to 74.ru, a former teacher with 33 years of experience initially received a pension of 7200 rubles. By December 2019, the amount has grown to 9224 rubles, and now it is owed 9225.

Peskov answered a question about low incomes in Russia

It is impossible to expect immediate results in improving the incomes of Russians, but it created a whole program and a lot is done to gradually raise the standard of living of citizens, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov after addressed to Vladimir Putin the question of the citizens of St. Petersburg about low wages and pensions of citizens.

Which country is considered the main economic force in the world?

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, more and more are China. This is especially noticeable among Western countries: more than half of the population of Germany puts China over the United States, almost half of the population of France and China. In the UK, about parity.

The United States is most often put over China by China’s neighbors – in Japan, only 25% of the population say that China is dominant, and in South Korea, 12% at all. Russians also put China in first place: 48% against 15% in the United States



In Russia, he began to catch Chinese and any people of Asian appearance on the streets.

The administration of the “White gardens” sent a notice to the tenants of the complex, which warned about the RAID of the Rospotrebnadzor.

“At the moment, the forest service of Sanepidnadzor and the police are conducting a city RAID on the street To identify people of Asian appearance (primarily Chinese citizens), checking documents and identifying potential signs of a viral disease, followed by a medical examination in an ambulance,” the letter reads, which was read by OM.

An employee of the Moscow Rospotrebnadzor hotline confirmed to Open media that the service checks people of Asian appearance near the White gardens business center. According to him, Rospotrebnadzor conducts similar checks throughout Moscow, without specifying where such posts are located. “We are not obliged to answer such questions,” he said.

Allow to vote on changing the Constitution in the workplace

Deputy Chairman of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev said that polling stations are planned to be organized at enterprises with a staff of 200-300 people. Citizens will be able to register for additional polling stations through the Mobile voter system.

Recall that the authorities plan to hold a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution on a weekday – April 22, which will be declared a weekend

Festival of Russian culture in Israel

The M. ART festival of Russian culture opens on February 20 in Israel. It will present leading productions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi theaters to tel Aviv residents. The program includes more than ten cultural events from the field of Russian dramatic art, Opera, ballet, modern dance, music and cinema. The review will last until March 7.

Garage Museum presents an exhibition about closed mystical communities

The Garage Museum continues the exhibition “We keep our white dreams”. The project presents works about the life, work, and personal tragedy of people whose search was closely linked to mystical practices, secret knowledge, and closed communities. The exhibition brought together more than 150 works of art, various artifacts and archival evidence. The project was the result of a study conducted by the Garage Museum team together with art critic Alexey Ulko and artist Alexandra Sukhareva. The exhibition will run until may 10.

Megan Fox and Bruce Willis will play FBI agents

An FBI agent (Fox) and a Florida officer (Hirsch) join forces to investigate a number of unsolved murder cases. Willis will play the partner of Fox’s character, an FBI agent. Production of the Thriller will begin on March 9 this year in Puerto Rico

Kirill Serebrennikov will make a film about Josef mengel

Russian theater and film Director Kirill Serebrennikov will screen the novel “the Disappearance of Josef Mengele” (La Disparition de Josef Mengele), according to Variety. It is also noted that Serebrennikov, with the participation of the author of the book Olivier guez, developed an adapted film script.

Ex-members of Judas Priest founded their own band

Former Judas Priest guitarist K. K. Downing (pictured) started his own band with other ex-members of the band. According to Rolling Stone, the new band called KK’s Priest includes vocalist Tim Owens, who sang at Judas Priest from 1996 to 2003, and drummer Les Binks, who played there from 1977 to 1979, as well as guitarist A. J. Mills (Hostile) and bassist Tony Newton (Voodoo Six).

The band is currently working on their debut album, which will be released on the Explorer1 Music Group label.the release date and title have not yet been revealed. In addition, this year the musicians will give concerts and perform at festivals, performing new songs and old hits of Judas Priest.

Kia and Hyundai have developed a “smart” gear shift system

Kia Motors and Hyundai Motor have announced the creation of the world’s first predictive shift system. It selects the optimal sequence based on data received from the navigation system, cameras, and adaptive cruise control radar

Google has introduced a new version of the Android 11 operating system

Google has made Android 11 Developer Preview available to developers. According to today News Ufa, Google for some reason decided to release a new version of Android a month earlier.

In Russia, launched the payment of gasoline by QR code

As noted in the press service of the National payment card system (nspc), the owners of gas stations due to the new payment method will be able to save more than 1 million rubles a year by reducing transaction costs. By summer, the QR code will be used to pay for fuel at more than 2,000 gas stations, and by the end of the year, quick payment will be available at 4,000 gas stations.

Leica has released new versions of three Summicron m lenses

The range of Leica lenses has been expanded with new versions of three Summicron m models.two of them are Summicron — M 28 f/2 ASPH. Edition ‘Safari’ and APO-Summicron-M 90 f/2 ASPH. Edition ‘ Safari’ – the design corresponds to the Leica M10-P Safari camera, released a year ago.

The photographer plane based on the serial An-140 was created in Russia

The photographer plane based on the serial An-140 was created in Russia, the press service of the United aircraft Corporation (UAC) reports. The car was built at the experimental machine-building plant. V. M. myasishcheva, which is part of the UAC transport aviation division.

IOS 13.4 can send digital keys for a car

In order to avoid unpleasant security situations, each access to the car is performed using the “CarKey” function and confirmed by identification. That is, the co-owner who received the keys must pass verification using Face ID or Touch ID. It is not yet known when this feature will appear in the public domain. It is believed that it will appear with the release of iOS 13.4, approximately on March 31.

Mozilla has launched an Android app for its VPN service

Mozilla, the company behind the popular Firefox web browser, has been working on creating its own VPN service for a long time. Now it has been announced that a beta version of the Firefox Private Network VPN client, available by subscription to users of Android devices, has been launched.

Facebook is changing the principle of news feed formation again

Facebook users will be able to set up a news feed in one of three delivery modes, TechCrunch writes. The social network is testing an interface in which the audience can choose one of three algorithms for ranking publications: by popularity, by chronology, and posts that have already been viewed.

Facebook representatives confirmed to the publication that the feed can be configured in one of three formats. However, sorting is now only available within the company. A more understandable and convenient feed can increase the amount of time that users spend on the platform, the publication notes.

Quantum neural network has learned to work with quantum data

Physicists generalized the concept of an artificial perceptron to quantum systems and developed a quantum neural network capable of performing arbitrary calculations. The neural network has shown good predictive ability in the task of determining a random multi-bit transformation even on a noisy sample, and the training method presented by scientists potentially gives an exponential acceleration in the training of deep neural networks. The work is published in Nature Communications.

In the cave cemetery of the Neanderthals discovered a new “flower grave»

In the famous shanidar cave, which is located on the territory of Iraq, scientists were able to find new remains of a Neanderthal. Pollen was found near the remains, so we can assume that people put flowers on the graves. The remains that were found recently were located in a very deep place in the canal. The skeleton is complete. It can be assumed that the person died in middle or old age. The gender has not yet been determined

Iranian robot Suren-3 was taught to drill walls and take selfies

Although Japan and South Korea are considered the most advanced countries in the field of robotics, Iran also contributes to the development of AI and androids. Scientists from the University of Tehran presented a new version of the robot Suren-3, which was taught to drill walls and take selfies.

Anti-social behavior can be traced in the brain of criminals

As a result of the research, a group of scientists-psychologists from the United States, great Britain and New Zealand found out the features of the structure of the brain of criminals. According to today News Ufa, experts have found that anti-social behavior is observed in the brain structure of repeat offenders. Scientists say that if you compare people who practice anti-social behavior with ordinary people, you find structural differences in the brain. On average, they have a smaller brain surface and cortical thickness.

A light-sensitive liquid has been developed for brushing teeth

Experts have developed a photosensitizer designed to use light-sensitive liquid at home. Treatment with a photosensitizer begins with the person rinsing their mouth with a light-sensitive liquid that contains a light-absorbing compound. Scientists claim that this method of treatment only affects harmful bacteria, leaving the beneficial bacterial flora in the mouth diverse.

Artificial pulmonary valve adjusted to the growing heart

American and British biologists have created an artificial lung valve that can adapt to the growing heart, and tested it on sheep, according to Science Translational Medicine. In the case of people, a similar valve will avoid a lot of operations to reinstall prostheses, which now have to be done by children and adolescents due to the fact that old implants are becoming small.

Scientists have found that walking does not prevent weight gain

The experiment showed that increasing physical activity will not lead to weight loss. But experts say that walking has had a positive impact on the health and emotional state of students. Also, long walking weaned them from a sedentary lifestyle.

New artificial wings powered by sunlight

Researchers from China have developed artificial wings, which leads to the movement of the sunlight. Using tiny wings that can work faster than butterfly wings, you can create flying robots or devices for collecting solar energy, reports the EurekAlert portal!. The article appeared in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Scientists have developed a porous alloy for implants

Employees of the laboratory of medical alloys and implants with shape memory of the Siberian Institute of physics and technology of Tomsk state University have completed testing of the porous SHS-TiNi alloy.

“Titanium nickelide is one of the most well – known materials with shape memory effect and is widely used in medicine,” says Ekaterina Marchenko, senior researcher at the laboratory of medical alloys and implants with shape memory at TSU SFTI. – As part of the project supported by the RNF grant (No. 18-12-00073), we received an alloy with increased corrosion resistance. It was possible to improve the functional characteristics by modifying the gas medium in which the alloy is synthesized.”

The Solar Orbiter station sent the first scientific data

The Solar Orbiter, developed by the European space Agency (ESA) with the participation of NASA, was launched using an Atlas V 411 launch vehicle early last week. The device will have to examine the polar regions of the Sun in detail for the first time.

Blue Origin is ready to replace the Russian RD-180

Plant for the production of new engines for carrier rockets of a series of VE-3 and VE-4 were to replace the Russian RD-180 engines company Blue Origin has invested the last 9 years has already been completed in Alabama. Serial production of new installations will start in the summer of 2020