22 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/21/2020

Us intelligence warned of “Russian interference” in the election

Representatives of the us intelligence community have warned members of the house of representatives that Russia is allegedly interfering in the us presidential campaign in 2020 to help the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, get re-elected for a second term.

The newest Russian “Mace” lost to the 30-year-old American ” Trident»

Konstantin Sivkov, a military expert, said that the R-30 Bulava-30 ballistic missile, developed in Russia and adopted 2 years ago, is inferior to the 30-year-old American UGM-133A Trident II D5, known as the Trident.

The Ministry of industry and trade proposed to increase the transport tax on old cars

The Ministry of industry and trade plans to increase the base rate of transport tax on cars of the Euro-3 environmental class and below. This was stated by Deputy head of the Department Alexander Morozov.

“But our transport tax is already included in the cost of fuel, and we pay it annually. Now the Ministry of industry and trade proposes to reform and remake the transport tax into an environmental one. But it is absolutely impossible to administer this system. Our environment will become better when consumers have economic incentives to purchase new cars. They don’t drive the old ones because they want to spoil nature, ” Dmitry Klevtsov, Vice-President of the Russian Federation of car owners, commented on the initiative in an interview with RT

Fears of Russians in case of Putin’s departure

In connection with the likely departure of Vladimir Putin from the post of President, Russians are most afraid of the aggravation of the struggle for power, the redistribution of property, and the loss of the country’s authority. This is stated in the report Of the center for political conjuncture ” Leave can not stay»

The Kremlin responded to the report ” you can’t Leave and stay»

“And where, I want to ask political scientists, where do they go all the time Putin. He is at the beginning of his presidential term. They always go somewhere and then discuss it furiously. I leave without comment the eventual fears, ” said Vladimir Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

The Duma adopted in the first reading bills on small business development

The first initiative concerns entrepreneurs who use the simplified tax system (STS). Currently, there are strict criteria for small and medium-sized businesses, according to which the income should not exceed 150 million rubles, and the number of employees should not exceed 100 people. If at least one condition is violated, the entrepreneur must switch to the normal tax system.

The second initiative is related to the fact that legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who use the “simplified procedure” and use cash registers in their work will have the right not to submit a tax return to the Federal tax service. It will be enough to send a notification in electronic form through the taxpayer’s personal account.

“The amount of tax payable to the budget will be calculated by the tax authority on the basis of information received by the tax authority about the calculations made, recorded by cash registers,” the explanatory note says.

The number of criminal cases against businesses has increased dramatically

The course announced by the authorities to humanize the criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs has resulted in a sharp increase in the number of cases of economic crimes. This was stated by the Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs under the President of Russia Boris Titov.

The Central Bank of Russia blocked more than 23 thousand operations in the SBP

The Bank of Russia blocked about 23.5 thousand suspicious transactions in 2019 as part of the rapid payment System (SBP), Interfax reported, citing a presentation by the first Deputy Director of the Central Bank’s Department for information security, Artem Sychev, presented at the Ural forum.

Rosimushchestvo has completed the privatization of the ” firm Melody»

The state sold at auction 100% of the “company Melody”, which owns the largest audio archive in the country. About this “Vedomosti” with reference to the final Protocol of the auction.

Two companies participated in the auction. “Studio Soyuz” offered 320 million rubles for the asset, and the winner – “FORMAX” – 329.6 million rubles. the Total cost of real estate “Melodies” experts estimate at 300-350 million rubles.

The all-Union company of gramophone records “Melody” has long been the only record company in the country. The firm has owned the Melody music library for 47 years and real estate.

Caviar was called useless in the world liver

Alexander Savelyev, head of the fisheries information Agency, told the Moscow radio station That salmon caviar is considered a delicacy only in our country, Belarus and Ukraine.

We have the illusion that our red salmon caviar is some kind of fantastic brand that is just being chased around the world. This is one of the misconceptions. No one in the world needs this. Everyone in the world considers it a liver, that is, the entrails of fish. In addition to Russia, there is no market for this caviar.

From Alaska, caviar, which costs 8-10 dollars in wholesale there, is most often delivered to Hamburg in refrigerated containers, and from there it is Packed into banks and sold in Ukraine and Belarus …

This is a cynical situation in our fish market

“Crab is much more expensive to sell there. There is no effective demand on the Russian market. Our quality wild fish is in demand all over the world. It is out of competition at all world auctions, because it is a fish of the Northern seas, it is fatter, polyunsaturated fat, the most useful for humans. It is expensive, so Russian fishermen are interested in selling it for export. This is the cynical situation we have in the fish market.”

Floating spaceport “Sea launch” is transported from the United States to Russia

The Odyssey platform of the Sea launch project has started to be loaded onto a Hong Kong ship, according to data from a specialized ship traffic monitoring site. Thus, the relocation of the sea launch site from the American port of long beach to the Slavyansky ship repair plant in Primorye began.

Pharmacy margins rose for the first time since 2016

At the end of 2019, the average margin for medicines in Russian pharmacies increased to 24.6%. this increase was the first time since 2016 and is associated with a drop in demand for medicines. Izvestia got acquainted with the analytical data of the DSM Group company»

In Russia, the demand for new buildings collapsed

In Russia, the demand for new buildings has collapsed, despite the lowering of mortgage rates. At the end of 2019, it decreased by two percent to 783 thousand signed equity participation agreements (DDA). The real demand from buyers, excluding legal entities, decreased by seven percent.

Belarus bought Russian oil through traders

It is specified that Belarus purchased 160 thousand tons of Russian oil. At the same time, the company refused to name the amount of the transaction, citing trade secrets. BelTA clarifies that the arrival of two oil tankers in the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda is expected in March.

“Russian oil, but took from traders and without a premium. We took into account the short delivery time, ” Belneftekhim said. The company noted that the Russian owner of this oil could earn “more even without a premium” on delivery.

Lukashenko told about the telephone conversation with Putin

“Vladimir Putin made a proposal for us to think about it, including on oil supplies to Belarus. Of course, we are now (this was an unexpected offer) trying to short-calculate it. But it probably doesn’t matter. Because the product is Russian. Russia may sell it at fair prices, or it may not sell it at fair prices. Because he’s a monopolist. We didn’t get oil from anyone else. The same is true for gas, ” Lukashenka said at the beginning of the meeting with the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region.

“By the way, Vladimir Putin proposed a formula to calculate how much we will lose from reducing the customs duty in 2020 to the level of last year,” Lukashenka added.

The Kremlin commented on Lukashenka’s words about compensation for Belarus

“Various issues related to the supply of Russian oil and the cost were discussed during the telephone conversation… Today, this topic was touched upon and discussed by the two presidents. I can’t tell you the nuances, ” said Dmitry Peskov, the press Secretary of the Russian President, in response to a question about whether the information about the compensation offered by Putin is true. The spokesman stressed that ” work will continue on this issue»

Who told about bullying in the Novosibirsk house of veterans was fired

Irina Shulgina, a volunteer at the Novosibirsk veterans ‘ Home, was fired from the Orthodox Church’s Sunday school, where she worked as a Deputy Director. Before that, the woman told Taiga.information about bullying of pensioners.

Residents of Russia may start to be fined for borscht in dachas

The Federation Council of the Russian Federation sent to the Ministry of justice proposals for a new version of the administrative Code, which provide for a fine for residents for borscht on their personal dacha and personal plots. On February 21, RIA Novosti reported.

Car sales in China plunged 92%

Car sales in China fell 92% in the first two weeks of February. The indicators were affected by the spread of coronavirus, which caused buyers to stop visiting car dealerships, writes Bloomberg.

The EU condemned the offensive by Syria and its allies in Idlib

The European Union called on all parties to the conflict to immediately cease hostilities and fully comply with their human rights obligations, and also recalled its proposal to refer the situation in Syria to The international criminal court.

Trump criticized the awarding of the main “Oscar” to the film “Parasites”.

“What a terrible Academy award this year. And the winner is a movie from South Korea. What the hell is going on? We have enough problems with South Korea in trade, and here they give them a prize for the best movie of the year. Is this normal?”- he said at the rally.

The trailer for the Thriller “Run” with Sarah Paulson was released

The main role in the film was played by Sarah Paulson, known for the series “American horror story”. The film tells the story of a girl confined to a wheelchair.



Putin awarded General titles to 60 security forces

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded General titles to 60 employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Rosgvardiya, FSIN, FSSP and the Investigative Committee, the corresponding decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs Irina Volk received the title of major General of the police.

Previously, she had the rank of Colonel. A RBC source in February 2019 said that the position of assistant to the interior Minister, which is occupied by the Wolf, implies a General title and it can be assigned after a year of successful service.

Putin’s autograph was sold at an auction in Moscow for 340 thousand rubles.

The autograph of Russian President Vladimir Putin, addressed to the American artist Valentin Zorin, sold for 340 thousand rubles at an auction in Moscow. This was told in the press service of the auction house “12th chair”. In the autograph, the head of state thanked Zorin for the gift-the book “the Unknown about the known”.

The auction also sold an autograph of George Martin, the author of the novel “Game of thrones”, which was left on the Russian edition of the book during the writer’s only visit to our country. The buyer paid 15 thousand rubles for it.

Twitter will attract users to check information for authenticity

Twitter is exploring the possibility of attracting its own users to check information for authenticity, NBC News reported, citing the company’s presentation. The developers describe the “community Notes” system as analogous to discussions in Wikipedia. Users can add comments, additional information, and important context to their tweets. If the community decides that the information in the tweet is unreliable or misleading, an orange or red bar will appear below it.

National cryptocurrencies are useless and do not give the economy anything new

This was written by the consultant to the Bank of Finland Aleksi Makeup in your blog. According to the expert, there are already enough digital payment systems, such as PayPal, AliPay, and Revolut, so it does not make sense for the Central Bank to create an analogue of Them.

“It is very important to find out whether the Central Bank in terms of digital currency can give something that is not currently available in the payment market»

He noted that the use of a distributed registry by Central banks will also not be useful. Blockchain is slow, poorly scalable and difficult to control, so agencies are more suited to the familiar, proven database, the expert believes

The Central Bank announced an increase in demand for foreign currency in Russia

Net demand for US dollars increased by 59%, and for the European currency more than doubled. So, in the last month of last year, dollars were bought by 36% more than a month earlier, and euros-by 55%. The volume of purchases of foreign currency in cash by the population from authorized banks in December reached $ 2.8 billion (an increase of 41% for the month).

Gazprom and Wintershall start gas production in the North sea

Wintershall Noordzee B. V. (WINZ) has announced the start of production at the Sillimanite gas field in the North sea. WINZ is a joint venture between Gazprom EP International B. V. and the German Wintershall Dea, both companies own 50%.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia called the current mortgage refinancing rate

Mortgage refinancing in Russia in February 2019 is carried out at a rate of approximately 8.7%, Deputy Finance Minister Alexey Moiseev said on the TV channel “Russia 1”. According to him, the Ministry is seeing a “huge wave of refinancing” of loans that Russian residents received earlier.

The Central Bank will print money to pay off Sberbank’s minority shareholders

The Central Bank will turn on the printing press to fulfill the terms of the deal to sell Sberbank to the Ministry of Finance, three sources familiar with the situation told Izvestia. In fact, the Bank of Russia currently has only two alternatives for financing the purchase of shares from minority shareholders. From the point of view of risks to the economy, this option is absolutely safe.

In addition, all three interlocutors of Izvestia confirmed that the price of the offer to minority shareholders will be similar to the cost that the Ministry of Finance will pay for Sberbank. That is, slightly below the market.

The trailer for the third season of “wild West World” was released»


The head of the Ministry of construction reported an increase in housing prices in Russia within 4%

“I state the fact that in 2019 the price per square meter for housing in the whole country increased by about 4%. Naturally, Moscow and St. Petersburg are separate and give the largest increase in price. If we remove them, the price increase will be even less, ” Yakushev said in an interview with the Izvestia newspaper.

He stressed that there was no catastrophic increase in prices with the transition to project financing and the use of escrow accounts.

In Russia, Studio apartments have become significantly more expensive

This trend is typical for almost all new buildings in the largest Russian cities, according to analysts of Avito real estate. Studios rose in price in 20 of the 24 cities considered in the study. In the whole country, the cost of studios in 2019 increased by 9% to 88 thousand rubles per square meter. Simultaneously with the increase in price, the square footage of Studio apartments in new buildings has decreased. The average Studio area in Russia has decreased by 2% (about 27 square meters).
Perm – 18%
Rostov-on-don – 16%
Nizhny Novgorod – 14%
Saint Petersburg – 11%
Krasnoyarsk – 11%
Kaliningrad – -4%
Moscow – -9%
Saratov – -22%

The Ministry of health said that they do not have money to help children with SMA

To provide medicines for patients with spinal muscular atrophy who have already started receiving treatment, 239 million rubles are required in 2020, but there are no funds, said Elena Baibarina, Director of the Department of medical care for children and maternity services of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

According to the Ministry’s calculations, 38 billion rubles will be required for the purchase of drugs for all Russian patients with SMA from 2021. According to charity funds, there are approximately 900 SMA patients in Russia, of which about 700 are children.

Federal budget expenditures on state media

Russia Today will receive 27.4 billion rubles from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation in 2020. VGTRK – 24.17 billion rubles, “First channel” – 6.5 billion rubles, MIA “Russia today” (RIA Novosti) – 7.5 billion, TASS and “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” – 3 billion.

Gusinoozerskaya GRES dumped waste water into the river

Residents of Gusinoozersk contacted the regional branch of the onf, who reported that waste and drainage water is discharged into the tel river, tributaries of lake Gusinoye, during the production of electricity at the GRES. Public figures sent a request to the regulatory authorities for verification.

In Kyoto, tourists are attracted by ” Emptiness”

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, tourist traffic in Kyoto has declined, so local merchants have launched a new tourist campaign, “Emptiness”. They believe that a series of advertising posters should attract travelers to attractions, according to NewsOnJapan.

To solve the problem, merchants from Kyoto have launched a new advertising campaign that attracts travelers to the city. Four photos of popular attractions deprived of people were taken for the campaign. Among them is the Arashiyama bamboo forest. Traders hope that the lack of crowds will attract tourists at least for the sake of beautiful photos.

Russia and Qatar introduce visa-free regime

The website of the Russian foreign Ministry informs that since February 23, 2020, in accordance with the agreement, citizens of both Russia and Qatar who do not intend to work, study or live in the territory of another state are exempt from visa requirements. The period of permitted stay of Russian and Qatari citizens on the territory of another country without visas must not exceed 90 days during each 180-day period.

Alfa-Bank’s net profit almost halved

The net profit of the Alfa-Bank banking group under IFRS amounted to $704 million at the end of last year, which is 1.9 times less than the result of the previous year, according to the report of the financial organization.

Oil refining in China collapsed by 25%

A 25% drop in the daily volume of oil refining compared to the average of February last year occurred at Chinese refineries, Bloomberg reported on February 19. Refining in China fell to 10 million barrels per day from 11.4 million at the beginning of the month.

Gazprom will lose more than 300 billion rubles in the chayandinskaya Scam

Gazprom will not have enough gas to fill the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, through which Russian “blue fuel” should be supplied to China, says Vyacheslav Shchegolev, a leading engineer of the production and technical Department of the management of works and construction of fixed assets of Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk, in an interview with MBH Media»

In a letter to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Viktor Zubkov announced that a planned gas production from the field is stored only on one third of the wells in the other third of the gas is only partially, a third non-existent. This was due to the fact that the wrong drilling fluid was selected during drilling and due to insufficient geological exploration. The corresponding letters were also sent to the chamber of Accounts and the presidential administration.

The price of electricity in Finland has turned negative

In Finland, windy weather in winter allowed wind generators to operate at full capacity. As a result, this led to a negative price for electricity, according to Nord Pool.

A billion barrels of oil found in Nigeria

A new oil field has been discovered in the North-East of Nigeria, the country’s oil resources Minister Timipre Silva announced, on February 18, according to the Africa Oil & Power portal. The volume of the open field is estimated at 1 billion barrels.

The Greek delegation left in protest of the NATO parliamentary Assembly

The Greek delegation left the NATO parliamentary Assembly in Brussels in protest at the actions of the President, who did not allow Greek deputies to inform NATO member States about Turkey’s illegal actions.

Turkish missiles fired at Russian military in Syria

Russian military base “Hamim”, located on the territory of Syria, came under rocket attack from the so-called zone of de-escalation. According to sources, at least 7 missiles were fired at the Russian military, while the attack was carried out from the city of Jisr al-Shugu, where militants were seen a few hours before.

Given the distance to the front line in this direction, experts note that only the Turkish t-122 Sakarya MLRS, which use long-range missiles, could attack the Russian military air base

Putin called for clearing strategic sectors of the economy from crime

The head of state demanded that the special services provide anti-corruption protection for national projects. Vladimir Putin said that it is necessary to clear strategic areas of economy from crime. He said this during a meeting of the FSB Board.

Saudi air defenses intercepted ballistic missiles fired by the Houthis

Saudi air defense systems intercepted and destroyed ballistic missiles fired by supporters of the Yemeni rebel movement Ansar Allah (Houthis) from the territory of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in the direction of the Kingdom.

Ukraine is developing amendments to the Minsk agreements

Ukraine is developing a “new edition” of the Minsk agreements, Ukrainian foreign Minister Vadim Prystayko said on February 20 on Voice of America radio (media-foreign agent). The Minister noted that the year 2020 has already come, and peace between Donbass and Ukraine has not been achieved.

The Russian nuclear-powered Peter the Great’s insulation dried up and crumbled

Modernization of the project 1144 heavy nuclear-powered missile cruiser Peter the Great (Orlan cipher) may be significantly limited due to various factors, including financial ones, mil reported.Press FLOT an industry source familiar with the situation. According to him, the update will definitely affect the main power plant of the ship. Another source told the Agency that a full-scale modernization of the ship will require, in particular, the re-laying of cable routes

In July 2017, Alexey Rakhmanov, President of the United shipbuilding Corporation, said that the modernization of the Peter the Great could take 3.5 years.

The US Navy plans to create a new generation cruiser

The US Navy plans to develop a new generation of heavy warship. This will be a cruiser-type ship. The design program is designed for five years. According to Military Watch, the development of the ship will use proven technologies that integrate into the new design of the hull that meets the modern requirements of the United States Navy

Germany and France will create a sixth-generation fighter

The defense departments of France and Germany are going to sign a contract to create a sixth-generation fighter. After the Franco-German statement, Spain also decided to join the project. The first stage of the SCAF project is planned to take about a year and a half.

The US has revealed the cost of its missiles

During 2019, us aircraft spent 7,423 rounds of ammunition in Afghanistan and another 4,729 in Iraq and Syria. In the current year, the expenditure amounted to 415 and 68 units, respectively. In this regard, the air force plans to order air-to-air missiles AIM-120D extended range (AMRAAM) at a price of just over a million dollars apiece. An old AIM-9 Sidewinder costs $472 thousand.

The most expensive in the list is the AGM – 88G air-to-surface missile. the Modern modification of the long-range munition for destroying enemy radars is estimated at 6.1 million dollars. The AGM-158C LRASM anti-ship missile costs four million. The price of the universal Hellfire varies greatly: for the air force, the missile is supposed to be purchased at 70 thousand dollars apiece, for the Navy – at 45, and for the air force of the land forces-at $213 thousand.

Bombs are much cheaper. A standard unguided Mk 82 munition weighing 500 pounds (approximately 226 kg) costs $4,000. High-precision GBU-53 StormBreaker-220 thousand

Car for 30 million rubles “to ensure performance»

The Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation announced a tender in Moscow for the purchase of a business-class passenger car “to ensure the performance of official activities” of the Department’s senior staff. Information about this appeared on the public procurement website. The auction will be held behind closed doors, so no documentation has been published. However, it is indicated that the Agency of Sergei Shoigu is ready to buy a car for 30 million rubles. Applications for participation in the tender will be accepted until February 26. The delivery date of the vehicle to the Ministry of defense is November 10, 2020.

“The purchase is carried out at the expense of an inter-budget transfer from the budget of the subject of the Russian Federation,” the application says.

In Petrozavodsk, pickets began against the indexation of benefits for 21 rubles

At the same time, the monetary content of the head of the region only increased one and a half times last year and exceeded 7 million rubles. The Yabloko party proposed indexing payments to veterans by 1,000 rubles, but the parliamentary majority did not support this proposal

The state Duma approved the right of FSO employees to cause harm to Russian citizens

In the state Duma in the first reading adopted a bill that allows employees of the FSO to use physical force, weapons, special equipment and military equipment without the threat of being held responsible for the harm caused.

The bill gives FSO employees the right to use weapons in the event of an “appropriate threat” to those they protect. The document stipulates that the security forces will not be liable “for damage and losses caused to individuals and organizations when using physical force, special means, weapons and military equipment”, if their use was carried out in accordance with the law

Published trailer for the series “Hunters” with al Pacino

The network has a trailer for the series “Hunters”, directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rehon. In the series, al Pacino played the role of Meyer Offerman, the leader of the Avengers group



One of the founders of Pink Floyd will perform in Russia

Nick Mason, one of the founders and drummer of the cult band Pink Floyd, will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg with his project Saucerful of Secrets. This is reported in a press release received by the editorial office of ” Lenta.ru».

Moses Samni released the first part of the new album

American singer Mosnes Samni released the first part of the new longplay “græ”. Pitchfork writes about this. On the record, Samni moved away from the dreamy R’n’b, which remembered his previous large-scale release “Aromanticism”, in the direction of melodic and rhythmic electro-soul. The second part of the album will be released on may 15, after which the album will be available on vinyl and CD.

Ozzy Osbourne released a new album — “Ordinary Man»

Legendary rock musician Ozzy Osbourne released his 12th and first solo Studio album in ten years-“Ordinary Man”. The album was recorded in just four weeks, and Ozzy admitted last September that he felt like he was dying until he started making music again.

The Weekend released the title track from the new album

Canadian singer the Weekend (Abel Tesfaye) has published his new song After hours from the album of the same name, which will go on sale in March. The video is available on YouTube. The song is dedicated to a girl with whom the musician did not have a relationship.

Sensational find in Pushkin’s Memorial apartment

A unique painting was discovered in the Pushkin Memorial apartment in St. Petersburg. It hung for several decades in the Museum’s living room, but it was only possible to establish the authorship during the recent restoration.

It turned out that the landscape belongs to the brush of the Dutch artist of the XVII century, Gerrit Mas. His work is very rare in our time, before this discovery, only two surviving paintings of the master were known in the world. The landscape has been in the living room of Pushkin’s apartment since 1937 and has always been considered the work of an unknown artist. The find is already being called a sensation.

The release date of the last “Star wars” is named»

It became known that the release of the final episode of the Saga ” Skywalker. Sunrise ” in online cinemas is announced on March 17. The relevant information is published on The star wars YouTube channel.

In addition, distributors announced the release of “Star wars” on Blu-Ray film will be released on March 31 this year. It is noted that both editions will be supplemented with bonus content and a documentary about the shooting. In addition, the Studio intends to re-release all previous parts of “Star wars” in 4K quality

HTC has introduced new models of VR-helmets of the Vive Cosmos series

HTC, which introduced the Vive Cosmos self-contained VR helmet last year, announced three more models of the Vive Cosmos series today.

The 5000 mAh battery is charged in 38 minutes

Today, Black Shark officials confirmed the characteristics of the next black Shark 3 gaming smartphone, which relate to the battery and charging speed. The presentation of the new product is expected in March this year, the smartphone has already passed 3C certification. in Addition to the standard version, there will be a Pro version

Black Shark 3 will be the company’s first 5G smartphone, it will get a 2K screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and a single-chip Snapdragon 865 system. The equipment will include LPDDR5 RAM and UFS 3.0 flash memory, as well as stereo speakers, NFC and WiFi 6 support.

The Team Group PD1000 external SSD is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 interface

The device measures 107 x 40 x 10.9 mm and weighs 75 g. it is equipped with a USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, which allows you to get read and write speeds of up to 1000 MB / s and 900 MB/s, respectively. The advantages of the PD1000 also include the degree of protection IP68. The drive is available in 512 GB and 1 TB capacity

Xiaomi has started supplying smart TVs to Israel

Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi has officially started selling its TVs to Israel, Xinhua reported on February 18. The Israeli company Hemilton Group became the importer of equipment.

Xiaomi introduced an electric razor with five blades

The MIJIA electric shaver comes with five cutting heads, which is the maximum number of cutting heads in the global razor industry. Five knife heads are well suited for cutting Asian men’s beards.

Xiaomi has started selling a charger with gallium nitride

The charger is called Xiaomi GaN Type-C 65W. it, like the original Mi 10 Pro charging, produces 65 watts, while it is almost twice as small. The cost of new items in China is 20 dollars

Google will check Android apps that request geolocation data

The new Google Play policy will also require developers to get approval for publishing software that requests confidential information. Softmakers will have to submit a corresponding application, which the company will be guided by the following questions:

  • Is this feature of obvious value to users?
  • Are users willing to grant the program access to geolocation data in the background?
  • Does the function match the main purpose of the app?
  • Is it possible to provide similar functionality without accessing GEODATA in the background?

Facebook will pay for users ‘ voice messages

The social network Facebook launches an innovation that will pay users for their voice recordings. The authors of the Pronouncements program plan to use this data to improve speech recognition technologies.

Physicists found no difference between matter and antimatter

Physicists found no difference between matter and antimatter. Scientists believe that in the first moments of the Universe’s life, matter and antimatter were approximately equal. According to today News Ufa, in a new series of experiments, CERN scientists first measured the so-called Lamb shift for antimatter.

Scientists have found a way to accelerate the growth of cabbage

Russian scientists have created a new film for covering beds, providing it with special nanoparticles that convert ultraviolet light into visible light by plants, which increases the yield of some varieties of cabbage has risen to 40%

Scientists have created a fast-decomposing bioplastics that protects against ultraviolet light

Bioplastics created by scientists from the University of Oulu will help keep food fresh. It is able to block ultraviolet radiation and is more sealed than traditional plastics, according to a study published in the journal Macromolecules and Biomacromolecules