23 Фев, 2021

Oregon authorities find racism in mathematics

The American state of Oregon found the idea of ​​white supremacy in the traditional mathematics course. According to the state education department, it manifests itself in a focus on finding the right answer, Fox News reported.

For example, the department sent out invitations to teachers for the Pathway to Math Equity Micro-Course.

«The idea that mathematics is purely objective is unambiguously false, and teaching it even less so,» the course website says.

According to its authors, the belief that there is objectivity or neutrality is a characteristic of white supremacy. Instead of the usual course, teachers are encouraged to use «ethnomathematics», which would identify ways of using mathematics to promote racism.

Russia and the UAE will create an enterprise to develop a supersonic aircraft

Russia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) form a joint venture to develop and build a supersonic passenger business jet. The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov told the journalists about this during his working trip to the UAE.

Posts of a Penza eighth-grader on VKontakte will be checked for extremism

Penza police officers are checking the posts of an eighth-grader from school # 66 for extremism and calls to overthrow the government, in which she reported on the upcoming uncoordinated protest action on 23 February. The application with a request to conduct such a check was written by the school administration. The first secretary of the Penza regional committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Georgy Kamnev, announced this to «7×7». Communists and activists of the Penza Komsomol believe that law enforcement officers are trying to intimidate them, and still intend to carry out the planned action.

This is a mockery and the Lukashenka regime laughs

“There are only 90 people under sanctions. This is a mockery, and the Lukashenka regime laughs, «said ex-presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, stressing that the EU has taken» ridiculously few «steps against the official Minsk.

According to her, the sanctions that have been introduced by Brussels to date are not enough to put pressure on Lukashenka and his entourage. Tikhanovskaya believes that Western countries should abandon «financial support for the Lukashenka regime» and continue to impose new sanctions against the incumbent authorities of Belarus, who have been convicted of human rights violations, as well as against judges «passing sentences of innocent»

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on the transshipment of oil products

Russia and Belarus signed an intergovernmental agreement on the organization of transshipment of more than 9.8 million tons of Belarusian oil products in Russian ports in 2021-2023, the TASS correspondent reports.

The document was signed by the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Savelyev and the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus Alexey Avramenko. The agreement will be valid until December 31, 2023 with the option of automatic renewal.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Russian Federation began to purchase equipment for reading correspondence in Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook

According to the CNews portal, the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs announced a tender for the supply of knowingly imported hardware and software systems, with the help of which it will be possible to hack gadgets and extract the necessary data.

The complexes will be used so that you can copy data, including those that have been deleted or hidden from gadgets running on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone and others. The complexes will also have to track the message history.

The secret of the inscription on the painting «The Scream» by Edvard Munch is revealed

According to the New York Times, art critic May Britt Guleng examined the inscription and came to the conclusion that it is absolutely identical to the artist’s handwriting. In the corner of a famous painting from 1893 depicting a screaming man is written

«Only a madman could write that.»

Earlier it was assumed that the inscription was made by a vandal, but the curators of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design of Norway said that Munch wrote these words himself.

Rosreestr will strengthen control over the use of summer cottages

Rosreestr has developed amendments to the law on horticulture and horticulture, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta with reference to the State Secretary — Deputy Head of Rosreestr Alexei Butovetsky.

Soon, control over the use of summer cottages may be strengthened. So, if summer residents begin to use their hundred square meters for inappropriate purposes: for example, they open a car wash, a car service or a farm for growing poultry or farm animals, they may be deprived of their allotment.

China imposes new restrictions on online lending platforms

The Chinese regulator has imposed new restrictions on banks and financial institutions working with online micro-lenders, including those led by the fintech company Ant Group (a subsidiary of Alibaba, founder Jack Ma). Bloomberg writes about it.

Now banks have to limit the total volume in conjunction with online lending platforms. Its level should not exceed 50 percent of the amount owed. The volume of co-lending with one platform must be below 25 percent of the bank’s net capital.

New technology enables the design of human cells

“To create a new cell, we will first code the desired biological function in a piece of DNA. Then this program already matches the encoded part with a human cell, also simulating its behavior and then allowing it to be activated in response to certain signals, ”says Joshua Leonard, biologist at Northwestern University.

A study in which dozens of similar genetic circuits have been developed and then tested and described in great detail has already appeared in the journal Science Advances.

Transatlantic trade existed before Columbus?

Two archaeologists from the University of Alaska at Fairbanks have found several blue Venetian beads from three different archaeological sites, carbon-dated to the 15th century, between 1397 and 1488.

Recall that the first expedition of Christopher Columbus took place in 1492. The flagship of his voyage was the Santa Maria Karakka, the ships Niña and Pinta then docked in Haiti, but not in Alaska.

James Bond film premiere

The premiere of the 25th film of the movie saga about agent 007 James Bond «No Time to Die», the world release of which was postponed to October, will take place in Russia on September 30th. This was reported to TASS by the press service of Universal Ristires International Russia.

Mironov headed the united party

As a result of the voting, Sergei Mironov headed the united party «Fair Russia — For Truth». Zakhar Prilepin and Gennady Semigin, leaders of the For Truth and Patriots of Russia parties, have been elected co-chairs. The full name of the new political organization is the socialist political party «Fair Russia — Patriots — For the Truth».

Putin supported the unification of «Fair Russia» with two parties

The unification of «Fair Russia» with two political parties will allow Spravossy to prove themselves in the upcoming parliamentary elections, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to the Russian leader, «Fair Russia» is one of the most authoritative parties in the state.

Equating defamation of veterans with the rehabilitation of Nazism

State Duma deputies have developed amendments on criminal liability for humiliation of honor and dignity of veterans. They are prepared for the second reading of the bill, which strengthens the responsibility for the rehabilitation of Nazism.

The authors of the amendments are Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya (who initiated the law on responsibility for the rehabilitation of Nazism), Chairman of the Defense Committee Vladimir Shamanov, Chairman of the Committee on Information Policy, Information Technology and Communications Alexander Khinshtein and Deputy Chairman of the Committee Sergei Boyarsky.

Belarus issued an ultimatum to the West

Head of the Department of International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus, Assistant to the Minister Oleg Voinov informed foreign diplomats about plans to hold joint exercises with the Russian Federation «West-2021» this year, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic reported on Monday.

“It has been reported that in case the Western countries continue the policy of escalating tensions, the Republic of Belarus reserves the right to take a number of additional steps in the field of national security in 2021,” the ministry said in a statement.

China I’m sorry to lift duties and sanctions

Chinese Foreign Minister, Member of the State Council of the PRC Wang Yi calls on the US administration to abolish the increased import duties on imports from China and sanctions against companies and research structures of the PRC in order to normalize bilateral relations as soon as possible.

EU sanctions against Russian security officials

The foreign ministers of the EU countries at a meeting in Brussels agreed on a decision on the introduction of individual sanctions against the leaders of a number of Russian power structures. It is reported by Reuters with reference to a diplomatic source. The security forces who have come under the sanctions will be banned from entering the EU. Their assets in community banks will be frozen.

According to the source, the head of the Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service Alexander Kalashnikov, the commander of the Russian Guard Viktor Zolotov and the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov will fall under the sanctions. Officially, the names of the new persons involved in the sanctions lists were not announced.