24 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/22-23/2020

Sanders received information about Russia’s attempts to interfere in his presidential campaign

Us officials have told us Senator Bernie Sanders that Russia is trying to interfere in his 2020 presidential campaign, the Washington Post reported. According to them, US President Donald trump and other lawmakers were also warned about possible Russian interference. The sources added that it is not yet clear “what form the Russian aid has taken.” Mr. Sanders said that he “doesn’t care who Putin wants to be President.”

“My message to Putin is clear: stay away from the American election, and as President, I will take care of it,” Mr. Sanders told the newspaper.

Trump called disinformation statements about Russia’s intervention in the next elections in the United States

“Another disinformation campaign launched by Democrats in Congress. It is claimed that Russia prefers me to any candidate from the do-nothing Democrats who, two weeks later, still can’t count their votes in Iowa.”

Sanders won the democratic primary in Nevada

After counting the votes in the democratic primaries in the U.S. state of Nevada, Senator Bernie Sanders won the vote for the right to run for President of the United States from the Democratic party.

Russian officials ‘ expenses for air travel

The center for anti-corruption research and initiatives, transparency international, examined travel expenses for 22 Federal ministries in 2018.

The cost of air travel for Federal civil servants since 2018 has amounted to more than 6 billion rubles, according to Vedomosti’s assessment of public procurement data. Of those few ministries and departments that reveal data, most fly on business trips the employees of the Ministry of foreign Affairs (RUB 1.3 billion in 2019), followed by the State courier service (GFS) (239 million roubles), Ministry of industry (101 million rubles), the office of the Council of the Federation (86 million rubles), the Ministry of economic development (72 mln), the Ministry of Finance (64 mln).

Sanders urged Putin to “stay away” from the us election

One of the main contenders for the role of the us presidential candidate from the Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, sent a warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin via the media to “stay away” from the American electoral process.

Switzerland started testing the national cryptocurrency

The Central Bank of Sweden, together with the consulting company Accenture, is searching for a technical solution to create an electronic crown, according to the regulator’s website. The pilot project will last until February 2021.

The Russians are allowed to drink energy

Yes, energy increases the acidity, stimulates the activity of the pancreas, but for a healthy person it is not dangerous. The main thing, according to the nutritionist – do not abuse such drinks and do not take them ” buckets»

For businesses on “simplified” will cancel the filing of the Declaration

Businessmen on the “simplified tax system” with the object of taxation in the form of income will be able to refuse to submit a tax return to the Federal tax service. To do this, you need to notify the tax service through your” personal account ” of the taxpayer on the official website of the Department

The media published Putin’s instructions to fight HIV

Russian President Vladimir Putin demanded to increase the coverage of antiretroviral therapy for people with HIV twice, up to 90%, “having worked out the issues of reducing selling prices with pharmaceutical manufacturers and implementing centralized procurement.” This was reported by Kommersant with reference to the list of instructions of the head of state on combating infection. According to the newspaper, the document was signed on December 31, 2019.

The US conducted exercises in case of Russian attacks

The United States has conducted military exercises in case Russia launches a nuclear strike on Europe, a senior Pentagon official said. A representative of the us Congress also took part in the exercise.

The scenario included a freelance situation in Europe, when a war is being waged with Russia, and Russia decides to use limited low-power nuclear weapons against an object on the territory of NATO, the Pentagon quoted the representative as saying. After that, the Minister of defense is connected, then the President. And in the end, a decision is made on how to respond to this, – added the representative of the military Department.

US to tighten rules for issuing green cards

The us administration will tighten the issuance of green card visas to foreigners who expect to receive state benefits from February 24, the press service of the White house reported. The us Supreme court rejected the latest lawsuit to block the introduction of the new rules.

“We are pleased with the decision of the Supreme court, which on Friday evening lifted the latest injunctions… As a result, the us Department of homeland security will be able to begin implementing these rules on Monday, ” the report said.


according to a survey by the Public opinion Foundation (POM), almost 40% of Russians save on food.. Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov could not answer the question of how to live on 12 thousand 130 rubles (minimum wage) per month. According to him, this is not part of its functions. “This question is rather rhetorical,” he replied.


The collapse of cargo transportation across Russia

The number of abandoned trains on Russian Railways networks has reached a historical record of 1.8 thousand per day, Kommersant reports, citing internal statistics of the transport monopoly. The number of trains that dispatchers were forced to leave without movement is many times higher than the norm: in 2014-18, an average of 666 trains were idle per day. Last year, the figure doubled (1,246 trains), and in 2020m – soared by another 1.5 times.

Levada center: 80% of Russians see the West as a friend and partner.

16% of respondents consider the West as a rival, and 3% see it as an enemy, according to the survey of sociologists. At the same time, Russians treat EU countries better than the United States. 49% of respondents reported a good or very good attitude to the EU, and 42% to the US.

The Ministry of health confirmed that the hospital Engels fed for 26.8 rubles per day.

Earlier, the Saratov reporter published an article that says that 26 rubles are allocated per day for feeding a patient at the Engel hospital. In addition, according to journalists, the food Department, where they prepare hospital food, is completely unsanitary.

Lukashenka threatens to enter the Chinese market if the Rosselkhoznadzor does not lift the restrictions

“We trade not only in Russia, but also in the European Union, and even more with China. Therefore, Dankvert [head of the Rosselkhoznadzor Sergey Dankvert] should be told to stop abusing us, otherwise we will simply go to the Chinese market, ” Lukashenka said.

The policy itself came and ” knocked on the door”

Musician Sergey Shnurov, who joined the “party of Growth”, said on Saturday on the TV program” Central television “on the NTV channel that the policy itself came to him and”knocked on the door”.

“This is the case when politics itself came to me, knocked on the door. I was forced to look at these political faces of ours because I was leading Instagram, which is quite acutely political. And at one point it seemed to me, perhaps presumptuously, that I could explain to these people, including people in General, that our country can be made better, ” said Shnurov, adding that for the first time he was commenting in the media on his entry into the party.

Some ECtHR judges previously worked for the Soros open society Foundation»

The leader of the French national Union party, marine Le Pen, said that the authorities should stop taking into account the decisions of the ECHR because of his connection with billionaire George Soros.

“The court of cassation and the State Council must now stop enforcing the ECHR’s decisions. The free state must resist these anti-democratic manipulations»

An investigation by lawyer Gregor Puppenk indicates that some of the ECHR judges previously worked for the Soros open society Foundation, or were employees of non-governmental organizations associated with the billionaire.

The current situation in the Syrian province of Idlib can be compared to a war

“I can describe what is happening there in Idlib right now with the word ‘war’,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said.

According to Erdogan, about 150 Syrian soldiers were killed, 12 tanks, three armored vehicles, and 14 howitzers belonging to the Assad army were destroyed.

The US authorities decided to lower the status of Russia

The US authorities decided to downgrade Russia’s status in terms of exports of us sensitive goods and technologies. Russia will be relegated to the D category of countries of concern for the export of nuclear and missile technologies. Now Russia is marked With the a label for the export parameters of nuclear and missile technologies, as well as the vast majority of Western countries.

As a result of these amendments, the United States will no longer issue licenses to export to Russia materials that can be used for the manufacture of chemical or biological weapons, technologies that are dangerous from the point of view of nuclear proliferation, and missile technologies (including ballistic missiles, launch vehicles, sounding missiles, as well as unmanned systems-cruise missiles, reconnaissance drones, etc.). Americans are prohibited from supplying such systems to Russia.

The EU failed to agree on the community budget for 2021-2027

European Union heads of state failed to agree on a community budget for 2021-2027 at a two-day summit in Brussels, European Council President Charles Michel has announced.

“Unfortunately, we were not able to reach an agreement. We have worked very hard, but we need more time»

Difficulties with reaching an agreement are also related to the fact that the EU left the UK, which had the second largest (after Germany) EU economy. After Brexit, a hole of €60-75 billion was created in the budget

The share of the country’s total wealth is concentrated in the hands of the richest percent of the population

According to the World Inequality Database, Russia is in the first place (out of the countries considered) for this indicator: 43% of the total wealth of all citizens of our country is concentrated in the hands of the 1% of the wealthiest of our citizens. In the US, 39%, in India, 31%, and in China, just under 30%.

In Europe, wealth is much more evenly distributed: the richest percent in the UK has less than 20%, in France 23%.



Artificial intelligence has found a new antibiotic

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of technology created a neural network – an algorithm that learned to choose among a sea of chemical compounds those that best inhibit the growth of bacteria. An antibiotic from artificial intelligence has proven effective against the most drug-resistant bacteria. The program was trained on E. coli and 2335 molecules

From which countries does the most money flow through migrants?

Russia is in 5th place. Migrants working in our country sent almost $ 22 billion to their homeland in 2018.

The US is in first place: 68 billion. On the second: more than 2 times behind, Saudi Arabia. Switzerland (26 billion), Germany (25), France 15 billion

Earth formed faster than previously thought

Scientists from the center for the study of the formation of stars and planets at the University of Copenhagen and the Paris Institute of Earth physics conducted isotopic studies and found that the Earth was formed over 5 million years. This is much faster than previously thought.

The US has no plans to deploy new nuclear missiles in Europe

Washington plans to respond to the collapse Of the Treaty on the elimination of intermediate-range and shorter-range missiles (INF) by deploying conventional weapons in Europe, not nuclear weapons. This was announced on Friday at a briefing for journalists by a high-ranking Pentagon representative.

We have no intention of deploying a new low-power nuclear weapons system in Europe. Our response to Russia’s violation of the [Treaty] is conventional weapons. We will respond with conventional cruise missiles and conventional ballistic missiles of the radius that covers the INF Treaty, but we have no plans to make them capable of carrying a nuclear charge, and we have not discussed their deployment on their territory with the allies at the moment, ” he said

Britain intends to return the passports of the old sample

The new passports will be made in the old blue and gold design, as before 1988. The back side will feature the emblems of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. As he wrote NEWS.ru, Russia intends to simplify obtaining citizenship for residents of four countries.

Facebook accused of failing to pay taxes for 9 billion dollars

The us tax administration (IRS) has accused the Facebook Corporation of withholding nine billion dollars in taxes, according to Reuters. The Agency demanded to recover this amount from the company through the court.

Peskov commented on the investigation of the murder of Nemtsov

Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov commented on the journalists ‘ question about the OSCE’s interest in investigating the murder of politician Boris Nemtsov, saying that under current legislation, this should be handled by the investigative authorities of the Russian Federation and no international investigations can be conducted on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Google and Huawei will continue to work together

In the US, a ban was imposed on Google’s support for Huawei. The reason is a falling out with Beijing over a trade deal. However, the US company said it was interested in a partner and intended to continue working on current contracts as far as possible.

In the United States conducted tests of laser satellite communications for attack UAVs

Tests of the laser satellite communication system for military drones were conducted by the American company General Atomics, according to the website FlightGlobal. The scientists managed to conduct a successful communication session between the laser system they developed and the satellite in geosynchronous earth orbit

Lenovo has released a laptop with a new GeForce MX350 video card

In fact, the MX330 is a renamed MX250, but the new MX350 has become a stripped-down modification of the GTX 1050. Lenovo was the first company in the world to release a laptop with the GeForce MX350.

Apple to release cheaper version of AirPods Pro wireless headphones

Some sources indicate that the model will be called AirPods Pro Lite, indicating more simplified characteristics. The headphones will lose active noise reduction. The release of new wireless headphones AirPods Pro Lite can begin by the second quarter of this year.

Google, Facebook and Yandex servers will be placed in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan it is planned to host the servers of Google, Yandex and Facebook. As the February 21 edition reports Kun.Uz this was stated by the first Deputy Minister for the development of information technologies and communications Olimjon Umarov.

Private WhatsApp chats were not completely private

Google indexes invitation links to WhatsApp group chats that may have been meant to be private. This means that anyone with a simple search can find a large number of WhatsApp group chats.

OTKRITIE Bank has launched a “coffee Shop” for informal communication of employees

OTKRITIE Bank used the hackathon tool for the first time to solve the problem of developing communications in the company. Nine development teams competed with each other to create a “coffee Robot”. His task is to connect two strangers to each other employees from the same office.

Early interbreeding of ancient human populations was revealed

A new study has documented the earliest known interbreeding event between ancient human populations – a group known as the “superarchaika” in Eurasia, crossed with the ancestor of the Neanderthal denisovans about 700,000 years ago

By changing gravity, scientists have learned to predict an earthquake

Experts have learned to predict earthquakes based on temporary and minor changes in The earth’s gravity. The new algorithm, which was created by researchers from Germany, can record fast elastic-gravitational signals with high accuracy.

Diamond microlens were able to focus x-rays

To grind the lens, physicists used an electronic lithograph that allows real-time control of the lens shape and geometry. Experts used an x-ray source to test the composite optical system.

CRISPR has been taught to correct DNA without cutting off defective areas

The crispr/Cas9 gene editing method corrects genetic errors using so-called scissors: a defective section of DNA is cut and replaced with the correct one that was previously created in the laboratory. Now scientists from the Netherlands have presented a tool for applying CRISPR without incisions. This solves a key problem with this method of gene editing — erroneous cuts of healthy parts of DNA.

Adding copper to the fuel will increase the speed of missiles five times

A team of scientists from nust MISIS conducted a comprehensive assessment of the effect of nano-and micro-additives of aluminum, boron, zinc, Nickel, copper and molybdenum on the combustion rate of solid fuels containing aluminum powders.Gorenje The experiment showed that the most effective additives are copper nanoparticles. Adding it to the fuel will increase the speed of the missiles five times. An article about the development was published in the journal Propellants, Explosives, and Pyrotechnics.

Unknown fish species discovered in Arctic lakes

Russian researchers who studied reservoirs in remote areas of Kamchatka, Koryakia and Chukotka found several dozens of fish species unknown to science that developed separately from their relatives for more than 200 thousand years.

Found a way to reduce the toxicity of contaminated soils

Biologists have concluded that adding bio-carbon to the soil in combination with bacteria resistant to heavy metals is effective for restoring polluted soils, and the positive changes caused by treatment can be traced to all levels of plant organization

HBO confirmed the release of a new episode of the series “Friends»

A new episode of the series “Friends” will be released on the HBO Max platform in may this year. This is reported on the website of the Warner Media Corporation, which includes the hbo television network. The series will be available to subscribers of the new service along with all 236 episodes of the series.

New “Star wars” announced»

The second season of the show will be released on the platform in October this year. Recall that in may 2019, the Walt Disney company announced the rolling schedule of three as yet untitled films in the “Star wars” series, which will be presented on December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024 and December 18, 2026.

The festival of popular science films “Future doc” opened in Perm»

The event is held in Perm for the second time. This year will last until March 1. The show will feature seven Russian and foreign films about science and the latest technologies, a discussion club, a lecture hall, and well-known scientists.