24 Фев, 2021

Germany will provide aid to Ukraine

The German government will allocate ten million euros to help families with children in eastern Ukraine, the German embassy in Kiev said. According to the release, the funds will be directed to the joint project of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), funded by the German development bank KfW, which has been implemented since 2019. The allocation of funds will make it possible to cover new settlements within the framework of the project, the embassy said in a statement.

Facebook to lift restrictions on news content in Australia

Facebook and Australian authorities have come to an agreement that restrictions on the distribution of news content on the social network will be lifted. This was reported in a statement by Facebook.

The Ukrainian government has decided to index pensions

The government of Ukraine adopted a resolution on additional measures of social protection of pensioners in 2021, a REGNUM correspondent reports. It is expected that as a result of the implementation of the decree, pensions will increase for 8 million people. The government says that the size of the pension will increase by an average of 308 hryvnia (about $ 11)

Contract for gas transit through Romania from Russia terminated ahead of schedule

The document, which was signed by Romania with the Gazprom Export company, coordinating the transportation of natural gas through the country, is terminated. The contract was terminated by agreement of both parties, as it became known from the message of the Romanian company Transgaz on Monday. Blue fuel was to be transported to third countries until December 31, 2023.

Iranian Mejlis allowed the government to take a loan from Russia

The Mejlis (parliament) of Iran has given permission to the government of the country to take a loan from Russia for $ 5 billion, ISNA news agency reported on Monday. It is noted that the funds should be spent on infrastructure projects in Iran.

Kangaroo rock art identified in Australia

Australian historians have discovered a 17,000-year-old Aboriginal rock painting, reports Mediastream. On it, the ancient artist depicted an animal that looks like a kangaroo. In addition to the kangaroo, the rock carvings show a lizard and three macropods.

Mishustin created a government coordination center

  • will be headed by one of the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Russian Federation
  • will consist of three main functional groups: situational, strategic and project
  • created to ensure prompt and coordinated actions of the federal authorities and subjects in resolving routine and emergency situations and implementing the priority tasks of the government of the Russian Federation
  • will also accumulate and systematize the experience of managing priority tasks in government bodies, develop plans, templates and recommendations for their application

No prospect of parole

A note about a tendency to run away in Navalny’s case could affect the prospects for his parole, said his lawyer Mikhailova on the air of Echo of Moscow:

«I have not heard that prisoners with such a mark go out on parole … No one will grant such a request.»

Heroes of Russian schoolchildren

Most of the surveyed Russian schoolchildren consider their parents and other family members their heroes, the press service of the Russian festival of cinema and Internet content «Heroes of a Big Country» reported.

  • To the question «who is your hero?» the guys most often called their family members: moms, dads, grandfathers, grandmothers, as well as their friends. This answer received 26.2% of the votes;
  • In second place in popularity (10.1%) were Iron Man, Spider-Man and Naruto;
  • 5.4% of those polled said they want to be like the heroes of the Great Patriotic War and modern military men;
  • 3% consider Yuri Gagarin to be an example for themselves;
  • 2.6% — Russian President Vladimir Putin;
  • 2.4% named doctors as heroes;
  • 2.1% — employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the police;
  • 2% — athletes and foreign actors;
  • About 1% of respondents consider the teachers, the Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the Russian commander Mikhail Kutuzov and the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, as heroes;
  • 0.7% of children know about the feat of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and named her name among the heroes;
  • 23.4% of the respondents did not name the heroes at all.

NASA has published a video of the Perseverance landing on Mars.

The Perseverance rover transmitted the first sounds from the surface of Mars to Earth. NASA advises listening to the recording with headphones. The space agency also revealed footage of the Perseverance landing from February 18, captured by onboard cameras.

In the next month, scientists will check the health of the rover’s systems, and then it will begin to study the rocks at the bottom of the Yesero crater. At the same time, scientists are planning to launch the first Ingenuity helicopter on Mars.

Competition and rapid evolution will help species adapt to climate change

American scientists are confident that the competition of local species with invasive aliens can cause the first to develop such changes that will help them eventually cope even with global climate change. The research results are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the article «The history of competition shapes rapid evolution in seasonal climates.»

Our results demonstrate that interactions with competitors, including invasive species, can shape the evolution of a species in response to climate change, ”said co-author Seth Rudman, associate professor at the University of Washington, Vancouver.

Are able to live and reproduce in the conditions of the Martian soil

Photosynthetic cyanobacteria of the genus Anabaena can live and reproduce in Martian-like soil with a little water. This is stated in a new study published this week in the scientific journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

Develops intelligence and helps to solve problems

Even in our time, when information technologies are developed in the world, the book is still relevant, writes Inc.com. According to the source, experts have found that reading books allows you to better memorize facts, improves emotional intelligence. In addition, as the researchers emphasize, thanks to the literature, a person learns to more effectively seek alternative solutions to difficult problems. Literature helps to resist sleep problems, relaxes the nervous system. Also, people who like to read from childhood have a more active imagination

German scientists have confirmed the non-randomness of the origin and evolution of life

Scientists at the University of Munich have shown that the properties of polymer molecules, such as proteins and DNA, allow them to enter into the process of natural selection during prebiotic (chemical) evolution. As a result, non-random chains of molecules arise. This is reported in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Apple MacBook Pro laptops return SD card reader and HDMI port

At least two MacBook Pro laptop models rumored to debut in the second half of 2021 will feature an SD card reader and an HDMI port. This was announced by TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a note to investors. The latest version of the MacBook Pro with a card reader and HDMI port was released in 2015, after which the company dropped their use in new models.

Android widgets will appear in the new version of Telegram

In the upcoming messenger update, experts have added broadcast groups, which can include an unlimited number of users, but only administrators can post messages to them. Moreover, everyone has a corresponding avatar, which distinguishes this type of group from the usual channel. An even more interesting feature is voice chats, where the administrator can give the floor to a regular participant ….

An equally important update will be the ability to clear the history of messages in private chats, groups and channels at a set interval (from one hour to seven days). This setting will significantly increase the privacy and security of Telegram users ….

Microsoft will begin to delay letters from users of branded email

Under current regulations, the company enforces send and receive restrictions to combat spam and malware that creates bulk mailings. Receive limits apply to the number of messages per hour that a user, group, or public folder receives. They are 3600 emails per hour.

If the limit is exceeded, the receipt of mail for the box will be delayed. The restriction is reset once an hour, and after the reset, the mailbox restores the ability to receive letters. The owner of such a mailbox will receive a restriction notification, and all senders will receive an NDR.

US deployed strategic bombers to Norway

American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer first arrived in Norway for the exercise, follows from the statement of the command of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa. Aircraft from Squadron 7 from Dyce AFB in Texas flew to Erland AFB in Trøndelag County.

«I look forward to the opportunity to show our ability to conduct operations from this new location and carry out a mission in a new environment. Exercises with allies such as Norway allow us to hone our deterrent and defense skills, as well as strengthen stability in the region,» the general said in the release. Jeffrey Harrigian, commander of the European contingent of the US Air Force.

Dined, went skiing and snowmobiling

The meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the President of Belarus in Sochi has ended. This was reported by the Pool of the First Telegram channel.

“With smiles and good mood. So this Sochi evening ended. Putin saw off the guest, ”the message says.

At the meeting, the heads of state discussed bilateral relations within the Union State. The parties also touched upon cooperation in the fight against coronavirus infection. Lukashenko presented to Putin cheeses and jamon of Belarusian production.

Phone call after a personal meeting

Lukashenko and Putin made a phone call after a personal meeting the day before in Sochi, the press service of the President of Belarus reports.

The parties discussed:

  • functioning of the tax system
  • cooperation in the military-industrial complex
  • strengthening joint defense systems
  • the work of the media in modern conditions (information confrontation). The main goal of all the big work is to level the living conditions for people and for business in the Union State, the press service reports.