25 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/24/2020

China continues to buy oil from Iran

China still continues to buy oil from Iran, us special representative for Iran Brian hook said.

“We have introduced three sanctions against Chinese citizens and companies. We would like this number to go down to zero. So we will continue to work hard to enforce the sanctions, ” hook added.

The US will tighten the export control regime against Russia

The United States will tighten the export regime against Russia from February 24. This, according to RIA Novosti, is evidenced by the notification of the us Department of Commerce. As noted, the new restrictions will affect the sphere of nuclear non-proliferation, missile systems and UAVs.

The working group decided on the concept of voting on the Constitution.

The proposed wording of the question in the Bulletin will read as follows: “do you Agree with the proposed changes to the Constitution?”Opposite it will be two columns —” Yes “and” no”, announced the co-Chairman of the working group on amendments and the head of the Duma Committee on legislation and state construction Pavel Krasheninnikov. The question itself, which will be put to the vote, will be approved by the presidential decree on the appointment of a nationwide vote.

The entire block of amendments to the Constitution will be adopted in one package, members of the working group warned earlier. After three readings in the state Duma, at least two-thirds of the legislative assemblies of the Federation subjects must vote for the block of amendments, after which the package of amendments will be approved by the Federation Council, and then signed by the President. After that, the amendments will be submitted to the all-Russian vote as a single block. Voting will be regulated by a separate law.

The destroyer Ross entered the Black sea

The desire to maintain security in the region was explained by the command of the sixth operational fleet of the United States entering the Black sea missile destroyer Ross (DDG 71) of the American Navy. The corresponding statement was published on Sunday, February 23, on the website of the US Navy

Rastorguev has declared that Putin is the most worthy President for the Russians.

The group “lube” and Nikolai Rastorguev are known for their Patriotic songs about their Homeland . And its leader, Nikolai Rastorguev, was given a people’s artist and membership in the United Russia party. He always talked about how proud he was of his country and supported the government, and in 2015 he left for permanent residence in Germany and lives in the resort city of Baden-Baden.

In Russia, the damage caused by oil pollution has increased dramatically.

According to the Ministry of natural resources of the Russian Federation, in 2018, the damage from oil pollution increased from 1 to 5.1 billion rubles in comparison with the previous year, the Izvestia newspaper reports with reference to the Department’s report. The document States that the largest number of violations were detected at enterprises in southern Russia, as well as in Siberia and the Urals. At the same time, state spending on environmental protection during the reporting period amounted to 34.3 billion rubles, while the budget received only 13.1 billion rubles as payment for negative impact.

Experts note that although the damage in official statistics has increased, it is still very far from the real situation. According to Greenpeace estimates, about 200 billion rubles of damage was caused to water objects alone.

The main reasons for the negative trend, officials traditionally call the deterioration of pipelines and equipment of oil companies, oil transport and oil refineries. Also, one of the possible reasons may be non-compliance with the rules of operation and prevention of equipment in companies and illegal tie-ins in oil pipelines.

We’ll fill our pockets right away

The head of Evpatoria (Republic of Crimea) Roman Tikhonchuk called on his subordinates to prepare proposals for the industrial zone of the city. This is reported by the telegram channel “Rise”.

“Land is the main source of income for our municipal budget, as well as people working on the territory. We definitely have a lot of gaps there. Now think about the next hardware, as you can see… I do not know, square-nesting method, cut the city, somewhere else. I suggest that you start with the industrial zones of our city: move from the North and here, to the sea. I think that we will immediately fill our pockets there, ” said Tikhonchuk.

The number of Russian officials and their maintenance costs.

Over 30 years, the number of officials at all levels has grown significantly in Russia. according to the latest data from the Ministry of Finance (09.2019), there are about 2.4 million government employees in the country – 3.3% of the economically active population. Every Russian spends about 9,000 rubles a year to support officials.

“Doshirak” is investing in the expansion of production in Russia

Doshirak is investing 1.5 billion rubles to modernize its plant in Ryazan. According to Vedomosti, this was stated by the President of the Doshirak group of companies, Hwang Jae-Ho, during a meeting with the Ryazan Governor, Nikolai Lyubimov.

Today, more than 300 local residents work at the plant, and the modernization project will create an additional 100 jobs. The reconstruction plan will include the launch of a new line for the production of instant noodles, the construction of a warehouse, and the construction of a new fence and checkpoint.

The square at the Russian Embassy in Prague will be renamed in honor of Boris Nemtsov

The opening ceremony will take place on February 27, the fifth anniversary of the politician’s murder.

Military strategy of Ukraine

Within two to three months, Ukraine’s military strategy will appear, which will document the country’s course for membership in NATO, said Ivan Aparshin, Director General of the Directorate for national security and defense Of the office of the President of Ukraine.

Russia continues to import nuclear waste from all over the world to its territory.

Belarus and Russia are preparing an agreement on the transportation of nuclear materials to the Belarusian nuclear power plant, which is planned to be signed this year, Deputy head of the Belarusian Ministry of energy Mikhail Mikhadyuk said.

“Today we are preparing an interstate agreement on the transportation of nuclear materials, and we plan to sign it this year. And to start developing a more concrete agreement on the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel of the Belarusian NPP”

Samaritans protested against the garbage reform and the abolition of benefits for pensioners.

In Samara, about 1.5 thousand people took part in a rally against the garbage reform and the transfer of ambulance services to private hands. They also demanded to return benefits to pensioners. Citizens called for a review of the system for handling solid municipal waste, which was introduced in 2019. The removal of one cubic meter of garbage was estimated at 598 rubles. However, the protesters believe that it is absurd to calculate the fee for garbage removal by square meters, since”people do not litter meters, but people”.

In addition, Samaritans are alarmed by the new scheme of the ambulance station. From may 1, a commercial structure will provide it with a fleet for 1 billion rubles from the regional budget.

Also, participants of the rally called for the return of benefits to pensioners that were canceled several years ago.

Turkey will take more decisive steps on Syria

Ankara’s actions in Syria and Libya meet the requirements of the state’s national interests. This was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Turkey’s actions in Syria and Libya are not an adventure, but a demand for the country’s national interests,” the Turkish leader said.

If Turkey refuses to fight for its interests in Syria, Libya and the Eastern Mediterranean, tomorrow the country will “reap the heavy fruits of its mistakes,” Erdogan said. He also said that following talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, French leader Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, “a roadmap for action on Idlib has been defined.”

Assad has promised to shoot down all planes over his territory

In an official statement, the command of the army and armed forces of Syria stated that any violation of Syrian airspace will be considered as an external military aggression.

“The air defense forces were ordered to counteract all available means,” the statement said.

Thus, any aircraft that violated Syrian airspace “will be regarded as an enemy combat target that is not allowed to be in our sky,” the Syrian command said. Such aircraft will be pursued and destroyed.

Swearing in public places in the state of Virginia

Lawmakers in the us state of Virginia have voted to end a law that banned foul language in public places. Until recently, this was considered an offense and was punishable by a fine of $250.

The law did not specify what exactly should not be said. It was introduced in 1792, and at that time the fine was 83 cents. Now, starting July 1, 2020, residents of the state will be able to swear in public places without fear of consequences. The bill only needs to be signed by Governor Ralph Northam, who has already made it clear that he will support it.

Map of world countries by main export product

In Russia, many countries in the Middle East and Africa are dominated by oil and petroleum products. In Australia (a rich and developed country), the main export product is coal. Europe and Canada mainly export equipment and cars, the US everything from spare parts to electronics, as well as China. Afghanistan’s main export product is opium! And India has precious stones.


The number of shopping centers in Russia’s regions has increased by a third

In 2019, 22 retail facilities with a total rental area of 478.7 thousand square meters were put into operation in regional cities of Russia — a third higher than in 2018.

Shopping centers in Russia do not work due to fire safety violations

In Russia, 74 shopping and entertainment centers (shopping centers) were suspended due to gross violations of fire safety, the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations told TASS. For violations in 2019, fire inspectors issued 62 thousand fines of more than 1.1 billion rubles.

Sberbank and VEB will Finance the development of the Korbalikhinsky field

The korbalikhinskoye field in Altai will be developed by the Ural mining and metallurgical company. VEB. RF and Sberbank will provide UMMC with a loan of 24 billion rubles. The total cost of the project is about 38 billion, reports OTR. The project also includes the reconstruction of the Rubtsovo processing plant to increase its productivity

Curbalance Deposit of polymetallic ores is one of the largest in Russia, where production is possible by underground method. The ore there has a high content of zinc, as well as copper, lead, gold and silver.

The Central Bank of Russia continues to buy gold

Russia continues to replenish its reserves with gold, this is happening against the background of an increase in the value of this asset. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, in January 2020, Russia increased its gold reserves by 7 tons of the precious metal.

Kazakhstan’s oil exports to Italy fell by 30% in 2019

In 2018, Kazakhstan’s oil was exported to Italy in the amount of $ 11.5 billion, and in 2019-by $ 8.2 billion, which is 30% less. As a result, the share of Italy in the total volume of exports of this product fell sharply from 30.3% to 24.4%.

China reduces electricity tariffs for corporate consumers

The price reduction policy will affect 50 million consumers across China or all industrial and commercial customers, the national development and reform Commission of China reported. These measures will allow corporate clients across China to save almost 44 billion yuan ($6.29 billion) between February and June.

China’s Xinjiang electricity supply to other regions soared by 32%

The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region has transferred 10.14 billion kWh of electricity to other regions of China since the beginning of 2020, which is 32% more than in the same period a year earlier, Xinhua reported on February 20.

The growth in the volume of electricity transmitted by the region is associated with the launch of a key power transmission project located 3,000 km from Xinjiang in Anhui province in Eastern China, the Xinjiang branch of the state generating Corporation of China reported.

Rosneft has postponed the launch of 2 major gas projects

The timing of the launch of Rosneft’s 2 largest gas projects with total production of over 40 billion m3 / year of gas has been shifted due to an excess of gas on the market. Rosneft currently produces about 67 billion m3 / year of gas

Tajikistan has reduced idle discharge of water from reservoirs

In Tajikistan, the volume of water discharge from hydroelectric reservoirs past aggregates has significantly decreased-almost two and a half times over the past three years due to an increase in domestic electricity consumption, as well as the volume of its export abroad.

An antidepressant can harm the developing brain

The authors of the new study found out exactly how paroxetine negatively affects the development of the Central nervous system. Using laboratory model mini-brains, the researchers found that paroxetine suppresses the formation of synapses (the place of contact between neurons)

The first trailer for the movie “Siberia” with Willem Defoe was released

On the Youtube channel, the Match Factory posted the first trailer for Abel Ferrara’s drama “Siberia” with American actor Willem Defoe in the lead role. The premiere date of the tape is unknown.



Israel launched a missile attack on Syria and the Gaza strip

On the night of Monday, February 24, the Israeli army launched a missile attack on the territory of Syria and the Gaza strip. The military’s target was the positions of a Palestinian terrorist group. According to reports, 6 people were killed in Syria as a result of an Israeli strike.

The Israeli army said in a statement that the strike was aimed at terrorist targets of Islamic Jihad. This group was recognized as a terrorist organization in Israel. as well as in a number of other countries, including the US, Canada, and the EU.

Estonia has started developing a combat robot

Estonian company Milrem Robotics has started developing the first national robotic platform ThEMIS, equipped with weapons. This was announced to TASS at the international robotics exhibition UMEX 2020 by THeMIS program Manager Remo Oyaste.

Rostec has created an innovative foam

The material is used as a light filler in the manufacture of multi-layer parts made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, the inner skin of space vehicles, aircraft, engine fairings, the hull of small aircraft and unmanned vehicles, etc.

“The material has already been tested at the enterprises of Rostec and our partners-Kret concern, UAC, high-Precision complexes, Roselectronics, Tactical missile armament Corporation, Roscosmos state Corporation and the United shipbuilding Corporation. The results show that the development is at least not inferior in its technical characteristics to foreign models, ” said Oleg Yevtushenko, Executive Director of Rostec, as quoted by the press service

And let’s take away cars from violators! – initiative of the Moscow authorities

The need for a radical reform of the system of punishing drivers at the forum in Interfax was stated by the Deputy head of the Directorate of photo and video recording Of the center for traffic management in Moscow, Yegor Chernov.

“Until we start taking away cars for a certain number of fines, putting the offender in places that are not so remote – we will always have a problem with what will be violated. We will come to penalty points, confiscation of the car, which is inevitable. Only this will allow solving the issue of road safety fully, ” Chernov was quoted as saying.

The debt of Zelenograd residents for communal services is close to a billion rubles

Dudarov described this amount as astronomical, noting that out of 99,757 personal accounts, there are debts of 40,085 (40%), including 1,861 debtors who do not pay for housing and communal services for 6 to 12 months, and their total debt exceeds 92 million rubles. 3379 debtors do not pay for more than a year — their total debt exceeded 610 million rubles.

Trailer for the animated series “transformers»

The first trailer for the animated series “transformers: The war for Cybertron”has been published on the YouTube channel of the streaming service Netflix. The film tells about the confrontation between Autobots and Decepticons who want to find an ancient artifact that allows you to create new robots, and destroy the essence of transformers.



A drug based on the patient’s blood cells has been developed in Russia

Avoid one of the negative effects of malignant changes in the cells will help “outdoorsthe”. In this case, white blood cell genes are used in the treatment, which are taken from the patient’s own blood.

Miss marvel and Hawkeye

In new York, a presentation was held by Hasbro, during which the company presented a list of toy releases, thus shedding light on when the series about Hawkeye and Miss marvel will be released. If you believe the schedule, the Disney+ projects will air around the second half of 2021.

The Disney and Pixar cartoon will feature an LGBT character for the first time

In the upcoming animated film “forward” (“Onward”) from Disney and Pixar, for the first time in the history of the studios, an open LGBT character will appear — it will be officer Spector, who will be voiced by Lina Weite.

The trailer for the movie “Flawless” with Hugh Jackman was released

HBO has released a teaser trailer for the movie “Flawless” starring Hugh Jackman. The film will premiere at the end of April 25. In addition to Jackman, the film starred Annalee Ashford, Allison Janney, ray Romano, Jimmy Tatro, and others.



The “Golden mask” festival opens the “Mask plus” program in Moscow»

The festival of the Russian national theater award “Golden mask” opens on Monday in Moscow an out-of-competition program “Mask plus”, which will last until March 12 and will include 12 productions from seven cities and one village in Russia, the press service of the “Golden mask”told TASS.

HTC also intends to release its 5g smartphone.

The Taiwanese manufacturer announced the preparation of a device with more advanced signal transmission and reception capabilities. The basis of the new device, as experts in the field of high technology suggest, will be the Snapdragon platform.

Vivo Z6 smartphone can work in 5G networks

The basis of the new product is the Snapdragon 765g processor, which combines eight Kryo 475 cores with a clock speed of up to 2.4 GHz, the adreno 620 graphics accelerator and the X52 5g modem with support for fifth-generation mobile networks. Customers will be able to choose between versions with 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM.

China has announced the most powerful smartphone in the world

Recall that the new product received a powerful eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor. The device received 603 thousand points. The testing process was carried out in a warm room, which confirms that the new product has an active cooling system.

Full specifications of the Fujifilm x-T4 camera appeared

The camera will use An x-Trans CMOS 4 image sensor of the APS-C format (23.5 x 15.6 mm) with a resolution of 26.1 MP. It is equipped with an ultrasonic dust cleaning system and an image stabilization system with a sensor offset of five degrees of freedom.

About 500 images can be taken on a single charge of the complete NP-W235 battery. With dimensions of 63.8 x 134.6 x 92.8 mm, the camera with a battery and memory card weighs 607 g. Its price is still unknown.

Apple plans to allow third-party services by default

On iPhone and iPad devices, due to the OS feature, you can’t change the default programs. Bloomberg was able to learn that Apple is currently negotiating with third-party developers so that in the future users can assign other applications by default, such as browsers and email clients.

The new Meizu flagship will get a display with an increased frame rate

The new Meizu flagship will be equipped with a display with an increased frame rate. According to reports, the device will get a screen that updates the image 90 times per second. According to preliminary data, we should expect the Meizu 17 to appear on the shelves in April.

Xiaomi plans to release an electric bike

Xiaomi started raising funds for a new development — an electric bike-on February 22, according to the ithome portal. Externally, the bike, named No. 9 Electric Bicycle C40, looks like a moped. Range of 45 km, cruise control, ABS and smartphone control. From your smartphone, you can unlock the engine and switch the mode: traffic or Parking.

Canadian scientists have proved the inefficiency of airing rooms

Canadian scientists have proven that airing rooms does not help purify the air. The results of the work carried out by the experts are presented in the publication Science Advances. Researchers from the University of Toronto used 19 of the most popular volatile substances in residential buildings as part of their study.

All-weather radar for robomobile developed by American scientists

Ground-penetrating radar for unmanned vehicles was developed by specialists of the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT), the Engsdget portal was published on February 24. The radar will allow the autopilot to see the road in bad weather, when cameras and laser sensors are not working well.

Optical information processing

The team of scientists was able to make a breakthrough in the study of the phenomena of strong interaction of light with organic molecules. The principles of strong communication can open up the possibility for fully optical processing of information without loss of energy and signal speed during conversion to current.