26 Фев, 2021

Moscow will purchase screens with face recognition function

The Moscow authorities will spend 932 million rubles. for the purchase and installation of 316 multimedia screens with cameras equipped with a face recognition function at 85 stations of the Moscow Metro, Kommersant found on the government procurement portal. It follows from the tender documents that the screens will broadcast advertisements, metro messages, and also observe passengers. But cameras on screens could also collect data about people for marketing purposes, experts warn.

Amendments were made to the profile committee of the State Duma on imprisonment for insulting veterans

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov (Communist Party of the Russian Federation) and deputies of all Duma factions have submitted a bill on punishment for insulting veterans of the Great Patriotic War to the State Duma Committee on State Construction, said one of the co-authors of the document Irina Yarovaya.

A bill on punishment for denying aggression against Ukraine was submitted to the Rada

A group of deputies from the ruling Ukrainian party «Servant of the People» submitted to the Verkhovna Rada two bills on punishment for collaboration, writes «Strana.ua»

The first bill on «collaborationist activities» provides for liability for those who collaborated with Russia, the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics and the Crimean authorities. Public denial of «armed aggression against Ukraine» and support for the actions of Russia, the authorities of Donbass and Crimea were also attributed to such activities.

Another introduced bill «establishes additional legal grounds for the liquidation of political parties, public, charitable or religious organizations, trade unions and public formations» that cooperated with Russia or the authorities of the territories not controlled by Kiev. We can talk about the prohibition of the UOC-MP and the deprivation of its main shrines, «Strana.ua» notes.

Academicians warned about the onset of the Little Ice Age

Instead of global warming, our planet will face a small ice age, — such a statement was made by the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, authoritative oceanologist Gennady Matishov. He disagrees with those who argue that the Earth is “overheating,” there is no global warming. If this were so, the ice in the Arctic would have melted long ago.

A computer model has been created to calculate the melting of glaciers on Earth

Scientists at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in Germany questioned the established scientific model that correlates sea level with the volume of glaciers in the past, and solved the long-term missing ice problem in the last ice age. The results of the study, published in the leading scientific journal Nature Communications, will help to accurately reconstruct the climate in ancient times and predict it in the future.

The head of Kamchatka spoke about negotiations with Japan on fish storage

The authorities of Kamchatka are negotiating with Japan on the temporary storage of fish for further export back, said the governor of the region Vladimir Solodov in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The fishermen are now in a stalemate. Refrigerating capacities are gradually being filled, issues of using refrigerating capacities of neighboring countries, in particular, Japan, in order to then be able to re-export, have been worked out, — said Solodov

Nvidia’s quarterly revenue

American GPU maker Nvidia Corp. increased its net profit in the IV quarter of fiscal year 2021 (ended January 31) by one and a half times, and its revenue exceeded $ 5 billion for the first time due to high demand for games and renewed interest in cryptocurrency mining

How much is gasoline in the USA for today

Many people are interested in US gasoline and diesel prices. The answer to this question is not difficult to find on the Internet. But information from several sources is usually the difference

Regular is an American analogue of 92nd gasoline, its cost averages 42.5 rubles per liter.

Midgrade / plus — the same 95th, slightly more expensive due to the higher octane number. The cost varies within 47 rubles per liter.

Superpremium — an analogue of 98th gasoline, which has not gained popularity in Russia due to its rarity and high cost, in the USA it is quite in demand. American oil companies add many additives to this gasoline that improve its performance and have a beneficial effect on the technical condition of cars. This type of fuel is loved by Americans for its positive performance indicators. The cost of gasoline at gas stations is about 55 rubles. for one liter.

Gasoline prices in Tula (Russia) as of February 24.

The fuel price index is given by Petrol Plus.

For Tula residents, 1 liter of diesel fuel will cost 47.95 rubles. This price has been held since February 16. The average price in Russia, for comparison, as of February 24 is 47.95 rubles per liter.

Gasoline AI-92 in the Tula region costs 43.65 rubles. The average Russian price is slightly lower and amounts to 43.5 rubles per liter. Prices for this type of gasoline are stable and have not changed since February 13.

AI-95 gasoline has risen in price. As of February 24, it will cost the Tula people 48.69 rubles. Previously, it cost 48.45 rubles per liter. The average price in Russia today is 47.8 rubles.

Xi Jinping announced the elimination of poverty in China

China has managed to completely overcome poverty, announced the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping. The issue of poverty has been completely resolved, poverty on a regional scale has been overcome, the Chinese leader said. He stressed that almost 99 million rural residents and 128 thousand villages were able to get out of poverty, Interfax reports.

Russian President’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov said that Moscow welcomes China’s victory over absolute poverty.

The Kremlin promised to continue work to combat poverty

Russia is constantly working to combat poverty, although sometimes this is hampered by various factors. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, RBC correspondent reports.

Scientists have found a way to reactivate senescent stem cells

The older a person becomes, the more rapidly his stem cells lose their ability to divide and produce new neurons. This leads to memory impairment. Scientists at the University of Zurich have discovered the mechanism responsible for the aging of stem cells and have tried to figure out how these cells can be reactivated.

Scientists create micrometer-sized crystal of space-time

A unique crystal of space-time consists of magnons (quasiparticles corresponding to the elementary excitation of a system of interacting spins) at room temperature. Using a Maxymus scanning transmission X-ray microscope at Bessy II at the Helmholtz Center in Berlin, the scientists have removed the repetitive periodic structure of magnetization in the crystal.

In 2012, Nobel Prize winner in physics Frank Wilczek discovered the symmetry of matter in time. He is considered the discoverer of these so-called time crystals, although as a theorist he predicted them only hypothetically.

Blocking websites using services from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon

The American non-profit organization Economic Security Project has released a browser plugin that blocks sites that use services from Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon.

The new expansion is called Big Tech Detective. It can be installed by users of the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

It keeps track of where requests are sent when visiting Internet resources.

If you configure the plugin to block websites that connect to the services of one of the four digital giants, then when you visit them, a large red notification window will pop up.

However, the extension does not necessarily signal the sending of user data to companies. For example, a site can be blocked if it uses fonts from Google Fonts or is hosted on Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services cloud platforms. At the same time, the plugin can ban the site if it detects built-in trackers of four companies.

According to The Verge, the extension displays a red blocking window when visiting Netflix, Vimeo, Yahoo, Ask.com, DuckDuckGo, Fastmail and other popular sites.

Taking into account the experience of Russia and Kazakhstan

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko considers it necessary to seriously build, and in some places to restructure the work of the Security Council of Belarus, taking into account the experience of Russia and Kazakhstan. He stated this on Thursday during a meeting with the Secretary of State of the Security Council of the republic, Alexander Volfovich.

«Of course, the main issue is the apparatus of the Security Council and the functioning of the Security Council as a whole, which is chaired by the president ex officio. In accordance with our conditions, we need to seriously build, and in some places restructure the work of the council. The Security Council should meet regularly. fundamental issues of security and defense of our state should be discussed, «Lukashenka said, quoted by the BelTA news agency.

Military coalition against Russia in the Black Sea

Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia announced their intention to create a coalition in the Black Sea to oppose the Russian side. This is reported by EVO-RUS.COM with reference to its own source

List of companies that refused to participate in the Nord Stream 2 project.

Reuters has published a list of companies that have refused to participate in the Nord Stream 2 project. In total, the list includes 18 companies, including the French insurance company AXA Group and the American oilfield services company Baker Hughes. Also on the list are the German concerns Bilfinger SE and Munich Re Syndicate, the international certification and classification Det Norske Veritas (DNV GL), and the Swiss Zurich Insurance Group.

In addition, the list includes AEGIS Managing Agency, Arch Insurance, Aspen Managing Agency, Beazley Furlonge, Canopius Managing Agents, Chaucer Syndicates, Chubb Underwriting Agencies, Hiscox Syndicates, Markel Syndicate Management, MS Amlin Underwriting, Tokio Marine Kiln Syndicates, Travelers Syndicate Management.

Venezuela announces EU ambassador persona non grata

By the decision of [Venezuelan] President Nicolas Maduro, we handed Isabel Brilante Pedrosa a note declaring her persona non grata, ”said Bolivarian Foreign Minister Jorge Arreas, whose speech was broadcast on Telesur TV

Biden overturns Trump’s order to ban foreigners from entering the United States

US President Joe Biden on Wednesday canceled another decree from his predecessor, Donald Trump, barring certain categories of foreigners from entering the country. This was reported by the press service of the White House.

This harms the United States, including preventing family members of US citizens and lawful permanent residents from reuniting with their families. It also harms the industries of the US economy that employ specialists from all over the world. And this harms people who received immigration visas as part of the annual lottery, the head of state explained his position.

Putin warned of preparing provocations against Russia

The authorities have information about the provocations being prepared against Russia related to the fight against the coronavirus. President Vladimir Putin warned about this, writes TASS. According to the head of state, a targeted campaign with unsubstantiated accusations is being conducted on a number of issues.

Arctic LNG 2 to supply over three million tons of gas to China

Novatek has signed an agreement with the Chinese Shenergy Group for the supply of over 3 million tons of liquefied natural gas from the Arctic LNG 2 project to China over 15 years, the Russian company said. LNG will be supplied on DES terms to terminals in China, says Novatek

US plans to reduce technological dependence on China

The US is highly dependent on other countries for high-tech products, and President Biden is looking for ways to reduce this dependence. Citing the LA Times, the source said the president has ordered a review of the supply chain for semiconductor products, «high-capacity» batteries and rare earths to ensure reliable access to them. Although China was not named explicitly, anonymous officials said the US was «overly dependent» on the country. The goal, they said, is to “close the gaps” and create “diverse and sustainable” supply chains.

China strongly protests the United States

China protested strongly to the United States over the passage of an American destroyer through the Taiwan Strait. This was announced on February 25 by the official representative of the Eastern Combat Command of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLA) Senior Colonel Zhang Chunhui.

The actions of the American destroyer artificially create risk factors and deliberately undermine peace and stability in the region. We strongly oppose this, » Zhang Chunhui said on the department’s Weibo page.

Czech Airlines intends to fire all employees

Czech state-owned Czech Airlines (Czech Airlines) has notified the country’s employment department of plans to lay off all 430 company employees, Hospodarske Noviny and Seznam Zpravy reported, citing the head of the aviation workers union Teresa Loffelmanova.

Complex quantum operations have an upper speed limit

The journal Physical Review X published an article that an international team of researchers was able to experimentally show the speed limit for complex quantum operations. So, it turned out that the speed limit of complex quantum operations is lower than that of simpler ones. The quantity is associated not only with energy uncertainty, but also with the number of intermediate states.

The fact that there is a speed limit in the microworld became known six decades ago. The fundamental speed limit for simple systems was established by Soviet physicists Leonid Mandelstam and Igor Tamm.

Yandex was obliged to stop downgrading the positions of companies in search results

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) ordered Yandex to stop providing its own services with advantages in the search engine. We are talking about «Yandex.Market», «Kinopoisk», etc. and the decrease in the positions of other companies in the search results. One month was given for the execution of this decision.

As the FAS recalled, in case of failure to comply with the warning within the prescribed time limit, the antimonopoly body will be obliged to open a case on violation of the antimonopoly legislation.

ISS crew discovered six cracks in the body of the Russian module

At least six cracks may be in the body of the Russian Zvezda module of the International Space Station (ISS). Because of them, air leaks occur. As it became clear from the crew’s negotiations with the Earth, the first of them will be finally repaired next week.

As a specialist from the Moscow Region Mission Control Center told Sergei Ryzhikov, on Thursday there will be an examination of crack number three, which was found next to the docking station. Three more cracks are being examined on Friday.

Naftogaz announced March gas prices for Ukrainians

The company set the gas price for residential consumers in March at UAH 6.86 / m3. This price includes VAT and does not include distribution costs. For customers of the «Annual» tariff, the cost of gas will be 4.73, 5.24 or 6.45 UAH / m3, depending on the terms of the contract. As a supplier of «last resort» (PON) Naftogaz will charge 6.99 UAH / m3 from customers in March.

Full-length animated film about Beavis and Butt-head

Comedy Central is working on a feature-length animated film about Beavis and Butt-head. This was announced to investors at the presentation of the new Paramount + streaming service.

Unknown painting by Van Gogh put up for auction in Paris

Van Gogh’s painting Street Scene in Montmartre was presented in Paris. Previously, it was in private collections, so the general public did not know about it. The canvas was created in 1887, and since then it has never been exhibited. Now that the painting is up for sale, it can be seen at Sotheby’s in Paris, Amsterdam and Hong Kong

Issuance of mortgage loans in January 2021

According to the United Credit Bureau (OKB), banks issued 86 thousand mortgage loans in January 2021, which is 11% more than in January 2020. This number of loans is a record for the first month of the year.

Among the 30 regions leading in the number of issued mortgage loans, the best dynamics was observed in the Tyumen region (+ 26% compared to January 2020), Krasnodar Territory (+ 25%), Orenburg Region and the Udmurt Republic (+ 24% each) and Yugra (+ 22%). The smallest dynamics are in Kirov, Samara and Nizhny Novgorod regions (+ 3% each), Omsk region and Bashkortostan (+ 2% each) and Perm region (+ 1%). In St. Petersburg in January, banks issued 7% more mortgage loans, and in Moscow — by 16%.

Criminal case opened against shaman Gabyshev

We are talking about the events of the end of January, when the security forces forcibly took Alexander Gabyshev to a mental hospital. The next day, a check on the use of violence against government officials was already underway in his house.

The Russian Ministry of Finance revised the structure of the National Wealth Fund

The Russian Ministry of Finance has revised the structure of the National Wealth Fund towards diversification: now it will have 35% dollar, 35% euro, 15% yuan, 10% British pound and 5% yen. Previous structure: 45% dollar 45% euro and 10% pound

Foreign currency accounts of Russian companies and individuals

Russian companies keep currency in their accounts in record volumes for 3 years ($ 163.1 billion), the inflow was mainly due to oil and gas companies, senior managing director of the NKR rating agency Proklov told RIA Novosti.

At the same time, after two months of growth, Russians’ foreign currency accounts are shrinking — people withdraw more than they save — due to the holidays and low deposit rates.

Russians consider the most appropriate symbol of the country

The brown bear, according to 62% of Russians surveyed by VTsIOM. In second place with a large margin (only 11%) is the tiger (Amur or Ussuri), in third place (9%) is an eagle or two-headed eagle. The dog got 7% ​​of the votes, the wolf and the lion — 5% each, another 3% suggested a cat or a horse. 2% suggested moose, deer or lynx, and 15% found it difficult to answer.

Vladimir Vasiliev was sentenced to colony for high treason

In the Trans-Baikal Territory, Russian Vladimir Vasilyev was sentenced to 8 years in prison for treason. A TASS source claims that he passed information, which is a state secret, to the Chinese special services.

Moscow City Hall has developed its own messenger

The RBC journalist found the TDM Messenger application in the Google Play store for the secure communication of officials. According to RBC, it was developed by the Moscow mayor’s office.

The publication contacted the Moscow Information Technology Department. They did not comment on the development of the messenger in essence, but said that the department «is systematically testing new solutions.» The app soon disappeared from the store.

Debts of Russians for housing and communal services

If by October 2019 the total debt of residents was 570 billion rubles, then by October 2020 it had grown to 625 billion rubles, according to Rosstat for Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

New York police used a robop at the crime scene.

The robot was involved in an operation to catch robbers who invaded a building in the Bronx. Robops Digidog was sent to check for hostages in the apartment. The Boston Dynamics $ 75,000 robot entered the city’s police department last year. It is designed for emergencies dangerous to humans.

Criminal case opened against Rusal employees

The case was initiated due to violation of the rules for the operation of gas cleaning equipment of the Krasnoyarsk aluminum plant and leakage of hydrochloride into the atmosphere. So far, the investigation is only establishing the identity of the perpetrators.

Back in the fall of 2020, the head of Rosprirodnadzor, Svetlana Radionova, complained to the Rusal plant. According to the then estimates of her department, the plant did not monitor harmful emissions — the concentration of hydrochloride around was exceeded by more than two times, and hydrogen fluoride — more than three times. Radionova then promised to transfer all the materials of the check to the Krasnoyarsk environmental prosecutor’s office.

The Bank of Russia presented how the digital ruble will work:

  • the Central Bank itself will store digital rubles
  • open digital wallets will be free
  • it is not planned to accrue interest on the balance of accounts in digital rubles
  • the owner of the wallet will dispose of it without restrictions — there will be no limits on operations
  • for the use of digital rubles, including for payment or transfer, there will be minimum commissions, the same for everyone — and maybe there will be no commissions at all

Chinese court ordered a man to compensate his ex-wife for housework

A Beijing court ordered a man to pay his wife compensation for the housework she did during their five-year marriage upon divorce. The woman received more than seven and a half thousand dollars. But Chinese social media Weibo thought it was too little compensation

Moscow authorities announced the improvement of embankments and squares

In February, the Moscow Mayor’s Office announced three competitions for large-scale improvement of city streets worth more than two billion rubles, according to the Kommersant newspaper.

German citizen accused of spying for Russia

The German prosecutor’s office accused the FRG citizen Jens F. of cooperation with the Russian special services. According to the investigation, the accused worked for a company that carried out an order for the Bundestag. He gained access to the plans for the territory used by the parliament and handed them over to an employee of the Russian embassy in Berlin.

McDonald’s has a secret intelligence unit.

McDonalds employees receive a minimum wage of $ 7.25 an hour. To fight for better working conditions, they created the Fight for $ 15 movement in 2012. Its activists are organizing strikes and protests and demanding from the American authorities and business to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. McDonald’s has created a secret unit of intelligence analysts who spy on activists. The investigation was published by Vice

Navalny Awarded the Geneva Forum for Human Rights Prize

Alexei Navalny was awarded the Courage Prize of the Geneva Forum for Human Rights, according to the politician’s website. The Geneva Forum on Human Rights has been held since 2009 during the meetings of the UN Human Rights Council. The presentation will take place in June.

Former Russian finance minister compared bitcoin to a pyramid scheme

Former Minister of Finance of Russia, President of FC Otkritie Bank Mikhail Zadornov compared Bitcoin to a financial pyramid.

“As a professional financier, I generally exclude [bitcoin] from even some serious analysis or perception. There was Mavrodi and MMM, for me bitcoin is a synonym for about the same pyramid, ”he said.

Which countries claim land in Antarctica

Countries close to the southernmost continent are Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. They each lay claim to the piece closest to themselves, and Australia and New Zealand even divided their claims so as not to overlap.

In addition to them, they claim their piece of Antarctica:

Great Britain (and this is a big chunk, about the size of Argentine — and for the most part coinciding with it);

France (narrow sector between the two Australian ones, which houses the French research station);

Norway (large chunk free of claims from other countries)

And then there is the Antarctic sector, which goes into the emptiness of the Pacific Ocean, to which no one has yet claimed. But there aren’t even research stations there