27 Feb, 2020

News digest for 02/26/2020

The Pentagon has adopted ethical guidelines for artificial intelligence

The Pentagon said it has officially adopted the ethical principles for using artificial intelligence in weapons. The recommendations were passed to defense Minister Mark Esper in the fall of 2019 after a 15-month period of developing the ethics of combat vehicles.

The United States must accelerate the introduction of artificial intelligence and become a leader in its application in order to win the battles of the future and protect the international order. – Mark Esper, American politician

The US has expanded sanctions against Russia

The US state Department announced the introduction of sanctions against 13 organizations and individuals in Russia, Iraq, China and Turkey, RIA “Novosti”reports. This was announced by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo. The reason for the restrictions is called “support for the Iranian missile program”.

“The United States is imposing sanctions on 13 foreign organizations and individuals in China, Iraq, Russia, and Turkey in accordance with the nonproliferation law in Iran, North Korea, and Syria (INKSNA),” Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said in a statement

40 million rubles for the Governor’s PR in the media

The main Department for information policy of the Moscow region has placed three tenders on the public procurement portal for media coverage of the activities of the regional Governor Andrey Vorobyov. The total cost of all three contracts is 41 million rubles.

The first state contract for 24.7 million rubles involves providing services to cover the activities of public authorities of the Moscow region, its social and economic development. This information should strengthen trust in Andrey Vorobyov and create a “positive image of the Moscow region as a region”.

As part of the second state contract worth 9.9 million rubles, the contractor must ensure the publication of positive materials about the Governor Andrei Vorobyov in the daily Russian print media of social and political orientation under the General heading “Our Moscow region”.


in Kazan, the court arrested for 8 days an activist who demanded the resignation of the interior Minister of Tatarstan. Earlier, 2 more activists were arrested for the same pickets-Elena Izotova for five days and Anatoly Malov for ten days.


The Church is switching to cashless payments

In 12 Orthodox churches in the Voronezh region, it is now possible to make donations using a Bank card. Terminals were installed at the request of many believers. It also became necessary for the convenience of parishioners. This was reported by the diocese in response to a request from the online newspaper “Voronezh Time”.

The government of the Saratov region has reduced the living wage

According to the decree of the government of the Saratov region signed by Prime Minister Alexander Strelyukhin, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the subsistence minimum is set at 8809 rubles (in the third quarter — 9339 rubles). For the able-bodied population in 9509 rubles (10092 rubles in the previous quarter). For pensioners, the cost of living decreased by 431 rubles (to 7311 rubles), for children — by 514 rubles (to 8964 rubles).

This value is needed to assess the standard of living of the region’s population and provide targeted social assistance to low-income families and citizens. It consists of an estimate of the consumer basket, as well as mandatory payments and fees. That is, according to the calculations of the authorities, this is the amount that residents are able to live on, buying food, basic necessities and paying for housing. For three months, the cost of living in the region has decreased by more than 500 rubles.

Mishustin promised to correct the law on public procurement

“The form of bidding is much more important than the content and result. So it turns out. Of course, this needs to change. We should essentially look at the root-which of the contractors is able to perform the work, and not understand at the entrance that many will not be able to approach the work . Therefore, the Choice of public procurement contractors will become more accurate, and the number of public procurement methods will be reduced to three. -Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said at a meeting with members of the Council for strategic development of the Kurgan region.

The IOC announced the possible cancellation of the Tokyo Olympics.

According to international Olympic Committee member dick pound, this decision may be made in connection with the coronavirus. The final fate of the Tokyo Games will be decided in three months, according to AP News.

“We are waiting until the end of may. I hope that the epidemic will be under control, ” pound said.

Unprofitable Virgin Galactic rose by $ 5 billion in two months

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic shares have risen 200% since the start of the year, with no profit, services or new customers. Bloomberg writes about this.

At auction in new York on February 20, Virgin Galactic securities reached a historic high of $ 42.4 per share. The company’s market value rose from January’s $ 2.4 billion to nearly eight billion.

United Russia will change its name and unite with the People’s front

By the state Duma elections in 2021, United Russia will unite with the all-Russian people’s front — the new structure will have not one leader, but three co-chairs. Moreover, Dmitry Medvedev will not be among them and will lose the post of party leader. Sources close to the presidential administration and the government, as well as several interlocutors in United Russia, told Medusa about this.

The batteries from the starch

Dr. Hoon-JI Jung and his research team at the energy storage research Center of the Korean Institute of science and technology (Kist President Lee Byung-Gwon) have announced the development of an improved anode made of silicon and ordinary corn starch for the familiar lithium-ion batteries that can increase the battery capacity four times.

Comparison with graphite anode materials and allows fast charging to a capacity of more than 80% in just five minutes. It is expected that the new materials applied to batteries for electric vehicles will increase the driving distance more than twice.

The US is the largest debtor in the UN

This was stated by Russia’s permanent representative to the UN office and other international organizations in Geneva, Gennady Gatilov. He said that Washington did not pay more than $1 billion in contributions. According to him, due to the fact that the United States does not fulfill its financial obligations, the organization is experiencing great difficulties in its daily work, in particular, holding events.

In mid-October 2019, the Russian foreign Ministry said that Washington was trying to undermine the work of the organization by not paying contributions to the UN. The diplomatic Department noted that more than 50 countries did not pay to its budget in total.

The businessman then spoke about his relations with Prime Minister Mishustin

Entrepreneur Alexander Udodov gave an interview to the Izvestia newspaper, where he said that he is married to the sister of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, has no relation to” tax schemes ” and runs a diverse business. Open media, which previously described Udodov’s participation in the 2 billion rubles VAT Scam, found that Udodov had misrepresented or distorted the facts in several places in the interview.

212 million rubles for the PR company of the 75th anniversary of the Victory

One of the companies of the IMA group became the only participant and winner of two contests of the presidential administration to ensure the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory. The winning company IMA-press for 185.1 million rubles will provide technical support and content for the 75th anniversary site, conduct promotions and design the international press center. This Agency will receive another 27.1 million rubles for the production of Souvenirs dedicated to the holiday for journalists. Thus, the total amount of “winning” contracts “IMA-press” will be 212.2 million rubles.

The ima-press PR company is part of the IMA group, which has received state orders for 3.6 billion rubles over the past nine years, with a significant portion coming from the Moscow city hall.

Zelensky did not receive an invitation from Russia to the 75th anniversary of the Victory

The office of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that Kiev has not yet received an official invitation from Russia to the parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in Moscow, according to “Ukrainian truth”.

Which industries are dominated by American companies?

First of all-in IT: here 73% of the market is divided between companies from the United States. 65% of the medical market (especially in the part not related to pharmacology (where the US has only 46%): biotechnologies, equipment, medical services of various kinds). 64% of the communications market, mainly media and entertainment.

Americans lose mainly in more “simple” industries: mining (only 12%), textile industry, energy (which includes the production of fuel). Rather weak results in automotive and electronics manufacturing



The Netherlands will classify the identities of 13 witnesses in the MH17 case

All personal information about the witnesses in the case of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777 over the Donbas in 2014 will remain secret from the General public. This is reported by the NOS TV channel with reference to the available documents.

The Deputy head of the traffic police explained where his family has 22 apartments

“Of my declared property, I have only one apartment and one room in the hostel. Everything else belongs to the parents, who are essentially individual entrepreneurs, ” he said.

Kachkin’s father Nikolai called reports about his son’s apartments “real slander” and “black envy”, because all the real estate, according to him, was earned by honest work. He built the 270-square-meter mansion in 1992, when he was the Director of a furniture factory. He himself lives on a pension and income from his point of inspection and car wash, writes ” Gazeta.ru».

The all-Russian trade Union of teachers proposed to fine teachers for insulting them.

The trade Union has developed a bill designed to introduce liability for disrespectful attitude to teachers. To do this, it is proposed to amend the Federal law “on education” and the Code of administrative offences.

According to Izvestia, parents of hooligans can pay from 500 to three thousand rubles, and in the case of an attack on a teacher — up to five thousand rubles. The amendments also imply liability not only for parents, but also for officials and legal entities. for the latter, the fine for insulting a teacher will be from 100 to 150 thousand rubles.

The Ministry of education did not approve the idea of fining teachers for insulting them

The Russian Ministry of Education does not support the idea of introducing fines for insulting teachers and warns that bans and fines alone cannot create a comfortable psychological environment in schools. So the Department commented on the proposal of the all-Russian Union of education.

A student at a school in Ulyanovsk tried to kill a teacher

A 15-year-old student of a school in Ulyanovsk hit a 59-year-old teacher in the stomach with a kitchen knife before a lesson in the mathematics room. Investigators opened a criminal case on the fact of attempted murder. The suspect was detained, the victim is in a state of moderate severity, the press service of the Ministry of health of the region told RIA Novosti

It will be “like a different institution of the presidency»

Surkov, in an interview with the Director of the Center for political conjuncture Alexei Chesnakov expressed the view that in case of clarifying the powers of the President in the new Constitution legal logic will cause the count of presidential terms will have to again. According to the politician, this will be “like a different institution of the presidency.”

Zelensky called the” return ” of Crimea a national idea of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, speaking at the Age of Crimea 2020 forum, said that the” return ” of Crimea is part of the national idea of Ukraine.

The Libyan army shot down a Turkish drone over Tripoli

A Turkish TB2 drone was shot down over Tripoli by the Libyan national army (LNA), the LNA press service said on Twitter on February 25.

Erdogan has not received support from the US on the situation in Idlib

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he has not yet received the necessary support from the United States on the situation in the Syrian province of Idlib. He noted that he expects to discuss this issue again with American President Donald trump.

The Federation Council approved the law on the title ” City of labor valor”

The law establishes the legal grounds for awarding the honorary title of the Russian Federation “City of labor valor” to those cities whose residents provided uninterrupted production of military and civilian products at enterprises, while showing mass labor heroism.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed Russia

“Turkey is trying to facilitate all attempts to prevent the humanitarian crisis in Idlib in Syria, and at the same time Russia refuses to see the terrible situation (in Idlib),” Sabah quoted the President as saying. “We are running out of patience with the fact that the forces of the Assad regime are besieging our observation posts. We won’t take a step back. We will force the regime’s troops to withdraw from the zone (de-escalation) in Idlib in Syria, ” Erdogan warned.

Sanctions against Russia for Crimea should be strengthened

“If the sanctions do not produce the expected effect, this does not mean that they should be canceled, just the opposite… they must be consistently strengthened… Sanctions are the only way to resolve an armed conflict through peaceful political and diplomatic methods. Effective sanctions, of course, are expensive. However, the war and the discrediting of the main provisions and principles of international law – even more expensive”,- said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko

Where will driverless cars be tested

The Russian government has expanded the list of regions where driverless cars will be tested from 2 to 13. The experiment will begin on March 1, 2020. the corresponding resolution is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

The tests will be held in the Vladimir, Leningrad, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novgorod and Samara regions, the Chuvash Republic, the Khanty-Mansiysk and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous districts, the Krasnodar territory and St. Petersburg , the document says. Now the experiment is taking place in Moscow and Tatarstan.

The Russian government has distributed support to universities

MIPT, MISIS, Tomsk state University, HSE, ITMO University, MEPhI and Novosibirsk state University will receive the largest subsidy – 875.7 million each.

Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Sechenov University, RUDN, and St. Petersburg Polytechnic University will receive 437.89 million each. Peter the Great, Tyumen state University and Ural Federal University. Yeltsin’s.

The Baltic Federal University will receive 125.1 million each. Kanta, far Eastern Federal University, Nizhny Novgorod state University. Lobachevsky, Samara University. Korolev, St. Petersburg electrotechnical University LETI, Siberian Federal University and South Ural state University.

The state children’s medical center in Moscow will buy an iconostasis

The children’s medical center in Moscow, where charity funds regularly raise money for the treatment of children, needed an iconostasis, Open media found. The clinic is ready to pay a million rubles for it. The medical center will install this equipment in its own temple, and will pay for it not with budget money, but with funds from business activities and donations, says the clinic’s employee. That is, including money that is collected by philanthropists

Russian-made tablets for the census will cost one and a half times more expensive

Russian-made tablets for the census will cost the budget almost one and a half times more expensive than tablets made by China’s Huawei, which Rosstat was going to buy for the same purpose, Open media noted.

According to the decree signed by Prime Minister Mishustin, Rosstat will receive 2.3 billion rubles from the government’s reserve Fund for the purchase of 97,481 tablet computers that will be used for the all-Russian population census in 2020. That is, the cost of one tablet will be about 23,000 rubles.

According to Reuters, the tablets were to be manufactured by the Chinese company Huawei and equipped with the Russian-made Aurora operating system. Thus, each tablet computer was supposed to manage the budget of 16 000 rubles. However, in December, the government ordered Rostelecom to cancel the results of the competition in order to purchase Russian-made computers

A celebration of Regardie will hold NGOs with foreign funding

Asgardia will celebrate his birthday in the Kremlin Palace, having spent almost 20 million rubles. The festival is organized by a Fund associated with Cyprus offshore companies, which has received funding from abroad for three years, Open media reports.

Pop stars and Cossacks will congratulate rosgvardeytsev, who “in concert form” will tell about the participation of Rosgvardiya in key events in the life of the country, as well as about the care of the service for the families of fallen soldiers

The accounting Chamber calculated the share of internal contracts in the state order of different regions.

The rating of regional protectionism (according to 44-FZ) is formed on the basis of the share of “internal” contracts from the total volume of Contracting in the region. “Internal” contracts are contracts concluded between customers and suppliers from the same region.

The leaders were Chechnya (1st, 90.5%), Karachay-Cherkessia (2nd, 86%) and Ingushetia (5th, 80%). Tatarstan (3rd with 86%) and the Irkutsk region (4th with 82%) were among the top five.

In the Federation Council proposed to fine for swimming in the wrong places

The Federation Council proposed to Supplement the new edition of the administrative Code with the article “Violation of the rules for protecting people’s lives on water bodies”, which provides for fines for swimming in the wrong places, playing ball on the beach in places not designated for this purpose, as well as jumping into the water from berths and “giving false alarm shouts”.

The maximum fine is planned to be set at 50 thousand rubles, the corresponding proposals (available to RIA Novosti) will be sent to the Ministry of justice.

Inspection for old cars

From March 1, a new GOST approved by Rosstandart comes into force, according to which old and retro cars will undergo a special examination to obtain a vehicle passport. It is expected that such rules will apply to cars older than 30 years. Experts will check the General technical condition, engine, components, chassis, external condition and interior.

The Russian state Duma will allow the destruction of illegal alcohol

In March, the state Duma plans to consider the government’s bill on the destruction of alcohol, which has become the subject of administrative violations. Parliamentarians are ready to support it. As explained to Izvestia in the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers, a special body that will deal with the liquidation will be determined later.

Smart speakers can track users

Smart speakers can become a tool for stealing users ‘ personal information. This was stated by Alexander Tokarenko, a member Of the Association of heads of information security services, Sputnik reports.

The people of Azerbaijan remember the victims of the massacre in Khojaly

On February 26, Azerbaijan remembered the victims of the Khojaly tragedy. On this day, 27 years ago, the city of Khojaly was captured during the Karabakh conflict, which led to mass civilian casualties.

Import of unregistered medicines

On March 1, a law comes into force that allows the import of unregistered medicines to the territory of Russia, if they are vital to patients. The corresponding verdict is made by a special medical Commission. The permit will be valid until January 1, 2024

Schools and health centers cannot access the Internet

Due to the lack of computers and network equipment, schools, paramedic and midwifery centers and other socially important facilities were unable to use the Internet, which they were connected to under the “Digital economy” program. This was reported to RBC by several participants in the telecommunications market who signed contracts for connecting to the wired Internet with the Ministry of communications.

Of the 100 thousand objects of the program, it was planned to connect 26 thousand — in 2019, 32 thousand — in 2020 and 42 thousand-in 2021. at the end of 2019, the Ministry of communications reported on the connection of 17.7 thousand objects

Compulsory treatment

The government of the Russian Federation has instructed the Ministry of internal Affairs and the Ministry of justice to work out proposals related to the prevention of offenses by March 1. This is an initiative to send citizens who have repeatedly committed offenses under the influence of alcohol to compulsory treatment. Courts will have the right to send for mandatory treatment

About the quality of roads in the Novosibirsk region

The auditors identified numerous facts of misrepresentation by officials of statistics, system violations of the technological process of work production by contractors, incorrect maintenance and acceptance of both the work itself and the design and estimate documentation, as well as the lack of measures to eliminate violations

The format of cash receipts will change significantly from March 1

The Federal tax service of Russia makes changes to fiscal documents. Most of the amendments relate to the details of a paper cash receipt — the letter “M”will appear next to the name of the marked product. However, only the marking code will be displayed in the electronic receipt. Alcohol, tobacco, and fur products must be cliched. The changes will soon apply to clothing, shoes, and medications.

Changes in advocacy and advocacy

Changes affecting the regulation of advocacy and advocacy will come into force on March 1. It is possible to include in legal aid agreements a condition according to which the amount of remuneration is made dependent on the result of the lawyer’s assistance. The exception is legal assistance in criminal cases and cases of administrative offenses. In addition, it will be possible to suspend the status of a lawyer for personal reasons on the basis of an application.

Aggregators displace taxi drivers

The appearance of taxi aggregators has increased the number of Muscovites using this type of transport almost six times (since 2012), and at the same time has almost tripled the income of the capital’s taxi drivers. This is the conclusion of the authors of the taxi market research of the Higher school of Economics

Russia will introduce fines for Parking in taxi and truck yards

The Ministry of transport is developing a system of fines for Parking in the yards of residential buildings of transport owned by legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. According to Kommersant, the corresponding item will appear in the new code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation (administrative code).

Residents of Khabarovsk can not return the money for” burned ” trips to China

The company, which is the main organizer of tours to Hainan island, refers to force majeure and the slowness of Chinese partners. After the suspension of Charter flights, the operator offered to return half of the cost of the tour within seven working days, and the second half or postpone for a new trip, or pay within three months.

This spring’s gastronomic event will take place at the Le Meurice hotel in Paris.

For one evening, all guests can immerse themselves in the surreal world of Salvador Dali. The famous artist was a frequent guest of the hotel, and in his honor even named the restaurant Le Dalí, which will be one of the sites of the “Surreal dinner” on March 19, 2020.

Surrealist Dinner is not an ordinary dinner, but a real immersive show in extravagant settings with a tasting of Haute cuisine, which is served alternately with enchanting stage performances. The author and Creator of “Surreal dinners” was the designer and architect Charles Kaisin.

Force companies to carry oil and gas in Russia

As Kommersant found out, the government has returned to the idea of obliging state-owned oil and gas companies to use vessels under the Russian flag for export. Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, following the results of the Marine Board, on February 19, instructed to work out the issue, as well as to think about making appropriate changes to the strategic planning documents. Experts believe that we can only talk about new projects, and we need incentives for registering and building ships in Russia.

Yandex placed $1.25 billion in convertible bonds

Yandex has placed convertible bonds worth $1.25 billion through 2025, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. Under the terms of the placement, the bonds will be converted into class A shares (which gives the right to one vote for each share, and can be freely traded on the exchange)

Russia has increased non-oil exports to China

Russia increased non-commodity exports to the people’s Republic of China in monetary terms by 19% last year compared to 2018. The figure increased to $ 14.5 billion. Such estimates are given by specialists of the Russian export center.

Kazakhstan plans to issue government bonds on the Russian market

On February 26, first Deputy head of the government of Kazakhstan — Minister of Finance of the Republic Alikhan Smailov told reporters. According to him, it is planned to issue Treasury bonds of Kazakhstan worth at least $500 million on the Russian market.the Minister explained that the Russian market has less currency risks and cheaper rates.

Gazprom structures buy their own gas for almost 1 billion rubles

LLC Gazprom Teploenergo Kirov bought gas for boiler rooms for 938 million 138 thousand 226 rubles from the only supplier of LLC Gazprom Mezhregiongaz Kirov.

According to the agreement, gas will be supplied to 19 boiler houses: in Kumeni, Vichevschiny, Vozhgaly, Bykovo, Ryabinovo, Poroshino, Kirov (on Krasny Khimik and in Raduzhny), in the Kominternovsky, Makarie, Malaya Subbotikha, Bolshaya Subbotikha, Bogorodskoe, Vakhrushi and Murygino. Deliveries are designed for three years, with an annual delivery volume of 50 thousand 558 cubic meters.

Gazprom Neft to allocate 50% of IFRS profit to dividends

Gazprom Neft will allocate 50% of its net profit under IFRS to dividends for the second half of 2019, Alexey Yankevich, the company’s Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance, said during a teleconference.

“We have a decision to move to 50% [of net profit under IFRS], which we made at one of the last boards of Directors. Accordingly, all our decisions that will be made on the dividend line this year will meet the 50% target, ” Yankevich said. – Dividends for the first half of 2019 have already been announced, dividends for the second half of the year will be 50% of the profit for the second half of 2019.”

Erdogan announced a bilateral meeting with Putin on March 5

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin is also planned during the summit on Syria, which will be held on March 5 in Istanbul.

The US is going to limit the sale of chips for Huawei

This initiative was announced during the consideration by officials of the possibility of reducing sales to China of various products. In addition, the new restrictions will oblige foreign firms using equipment manufactured in the United States to cooperate exclusively with licensed companies. For example, Kirin processors manufactured by the Taiwanese company TSMC may stop being supplied for Huawei. As a result, the company will be left without its own chips.

US extends anti-Russian sanctions over Crimea

Donald trump extended for a year the sanctions against Russia imposed because of the situation in Crimea in March 2014. This is stated in the notification that the President sent to Congress.

Russia has come up with ways to improve the country’s image abroad

The Russian Council on international Affairs (RIAC) named ways to improve Russia’s image abroad. This is written by RBC owned by Grigory Berezkin. The Council presented the report ” 10 steps towards effective public diplomacy in Russia»

Putin proposed 40 candidates for the new composition of the Public chamber

Russian President Vladimir Putin initiated the formation of a new composition of the Public chamber. He identified 40 possible candidates and invited them to become part of the Advisory body. The Kremlin’s website clarifies that all these Russians have special services to the state and society.

An employee of the Russian interior Ministry who owns a billion-dollar fortune has been found.

This is reported by the telegram channel Mash. According to the channel, we are talking about Colonel Sergei Terentyev. He served as an official representative of the Russian interior Ministry in Abkhazia, and previously served as police chief of the interior Ministry’s Central Federal district office. In 2015, he retired from law enforcement. Currently, Terentiev lives in France with his family in a mansion. Currently, the Russian Prosecutor General’s office is studying all the materials collected on Terentyev.

Lucasfilm company presented a new era of ” Star wars»

A video has appeared online saying that the events in the new Star wars Saga will take place 200 years before the episode “the Phantom menace”. The new era was called “the Rise of the Republic” (Star Wars: The High Republic). It is known that the company will first release books and comics

Dzhigarkhanyan established his award

From September 24 to October 3, 2020, the first international festival “Dzhigarkhanyan Award” will be held, the winner of which will get the right to be staged in the theater under the direction of Armen Borisovich. This year the festival will be dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the people’s artist of the USSR, President of the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and the 25th anniversary of the theater

Princess Nokia announced two albums at once and released a single from each of them

Singer Princess Nokia has announced the release of two of her albums for tomorrow, February 26, writes Pitchfork with reference to the Platoon label. The albums will be called ” Everything Is Beautiful “and” Everything Sucks”.

MegaFon launches 5G roaming network

The first country where Russian subscribers will be able to use the fifth-generation roaming services is Romania, a MegaFon representative said: The company has agreed with the Orange operator, which is represented in Romania and 22 other countries.

Xiaomi introduced new wired low-cost headphones

All the technical characteristics of the headphones were not disclosed, but it was said that they installed drivers with diameters of 10 and 8 mm, and this will provide a rich bass and a wide range of high frequencies. The new product is called Mi Dual Driver

Huawei will create an artificial intelligence ecosystem in Russia

Chinese company Huawei will create an artificial intelligence ecosystem in Russia. The project will attract more than 100 thousand developers and more than 100 partners. More than 20 universities will be involved in the initiative.

Presented headphones with noise reduction Honor Magic Earbuds

Chinese brand Honor has developed new noise-canceling headphones Magic Earbuds. It is assumed that they will compete with popular accessories Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Apple AirPods Pro. Representatives of Honor noted that the new product is intended for users who play sports.

Nokia to re-release push-button 5310 Xpress Music

Nokia purposefully plays on the nostalgia of users and one by one revives the legendary smartphones. Now the new Nokia 5310 Xpress Music has appeared in the CHINESE tenaa database. There it appears under the model number TA-1212.

IPhone 12 will get support for ultra-fast Wi-Fi

Recall that the release of the new iPhone line is scheduled for September. According to insiders, the series will consist of four smartphones: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All models will receive an OLED screen that will range in size from 5.4 to 6.7 inches.

CRISPR slowed the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

American geneticists managed to slow down the development of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in mice using gene therapy. Scientists used the crispr/Cas9 base editing method to reduce the expression of mutant superoxide dismutase-1, which resulted in increasing the life expectancy of sick animals and easing the symptoms of muscle damage. The article was published in the journal Molecular Therapy.

The new therapy has cured mice from severe diabetes

A new technique for growing pancreatic cells from stem cells has made it possible to achieve impressive results in the treatment of severe forms of diabetes in rodents. Two weeks after the procedure, the blood sugar concentration of the test animals returned to normal and remained the same for several months. The next stage is clinical trials of the method in humans.

Stroking the cat for 20 minutes helps relieve stress

It turned out that the best way to calm the pet is to stroke it. Participants only needed to pet the cat for 15-20 minutes to relieve stress. In addition, during this time, the animals themselves calmed down, which had time to get used to the person.

Because of climate change, the Colorado river began to dry up

Environmentalists have concluded that climate change has increased the temperature by 1.4 degrees over the past 100 years. In turn, this reduced the average annual water consumption of Colorado by 11 percent. In addition, environmentalists determined that the hot climate caused a decrease in snow cover and river flow. According to scientists, the earth absorbs more sunlight and that part of the water that could get into the river, evaporates. Experts noted that if the reservoir dries up, 40 million people will be at risk of water shortage.

Boeing confirms cooperation with Voronezh plant

Boeing has confirmed the purchase of parts for the Starline manned spacecraft from the Voronezh enterprise. The corresponding message appeared on the Corporation’s social network page on Twitter

Elon Musk was allowed to assemble Starship ships in the port of Los Angeles

On February 25, the city Council of Los Angeles allowed the American company SpaceX to lease long-term production space in the port of Los Angeles for the construction of Starship spacecraft that can fly to Mars. City Councilman Joe Buscaino said on Twitter.

Chinese satellites successfully launched into orbit from the Xichang cosmodrome

The launch of the long March 2D rocket was carried out by China from the Xichang cosmodrome in Sichuan province for the first time since the Chinese New year, on February 22, Hotgeo reports. The XJS-C, XJS-D, XJS-E and XJS-F satellites were delivered to orbit by the Long March 2D rocket

The Russian chamber of accounts did not see the benefits of special economic zones

The accounting chamber analyzed the work of special economic zones (SEZs; at the beginning of 2019, there were 26 zones in 23 regions), territories of advanced socio-economic development (TOCER; now there are 85 TOCER), industrial parks (61 parks in 32 regions) and industrial clusters (45 clusters in 35 regions).

Preferential conditions created for investors in certain zones do not give the necessary boost to the regional economy, according to the report of the accounting chamber, which Vedomosti has read. A representative of the accounting chamber confirmed the authenticity of the document.

As for TOCER, the auditors note, while these territories contribute to the outflow of money from the regions, and not to the growth of the economy — in 2017, the far East received less than 1.5 billion rubles, in 2018-2.4 billion rubles due to the current TOCER regime

Why do Russians refuse employers because of low wages

30% of Russians who have passed all stages of employment do not go to work, according to a survey conducted by the Superjob service, RIA Novosti reports. The most common reasons for refusal are low wages (26%), dishonesty of the employer (23%) and inappropriate working conditions (22%). The remoteness of work from home is also important for Russians, one in ten said.

Only 3% of Russian citizens are concerned about the” gray “salary and a wide range of responsibilities, while 2% of job seekers indicated distrust of the company, antipathy to the management and work team, lack of official employment, and an intuitive sense of”not mine” as reasons for refusing employment.

Veterans will be provided with push-button mobile phones

The state has agreed with mobile operators to issue free push-button phones to veterans of the great Patriotic war on Victory Day, a source close to the Ministry of communications told Izvestia. It is assumed that communication services will be free for them

Prices of new buildings rose to the highest level

Prices for apartments in Russian new buildings rose to the highest level in the history of the market. Over the past six years, the average cost of new housing in the country’s major cities has increased by 35.5%. This is reported in the study of the Federal portal “World of apartments”.

Traffic police will start tracking sharply braking cars

The Ministry of internal Affairs and traffic police warning system about sudden braking of cars will appear in Russia by 2022, data on unusual behavior of cars will be automatically transmitted from internal systems to a special digital platform, spokesman for NP GLONASS, representative of the working group of NTI “AutoNet” Yaroslav Fedoseyev told RIA Novosti

Russia is not included in the list of the safest countries for tourists

The French travel insurance company has compiled a list of the safest countries for tourists in 2020, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Express edition. To determine the dozens of safest tourist countries, analysts collected data on natural disasters, transport infrastructure, the quality of medicine and health care systems, the level of crime and the terrorist threat.

Based on these criteria, the safest country for tourists to visit is Switzerland, which has excellent medicine, a small percentage of crime, violence and accidents. In second place was “Singapore”, which in all respects is not worse than Switzerland, but the air quality leaves much to be desired. Norway closes the top three. The list also includes countries such as Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland and Japan.

The Central Bank told about the number of counterfeit money in Russia

Most of the fakes identified in 2019 came from five-thousand-dollar bills, which were seized in the amount of 28,668 banknotes. The second place is occupied by banknotes with a face value of one thousand rubles. A total of 8,602 counterfeit thousand-dollar bills were identified in 2019.

Russia has invested billions in gold

Russia has invested billions in gold and this, experts say, can bring good returns. Now there is an increase in prices for this precious metal. The price of gold rose to $ 1691.7 per Troy ounce. Silver is also getting more expensive, which has already reached $ 18.84 per ounce.

Mortgagees will be allowed to sell the problem collateral on their own

Mortgage borrowers may be legally allowed to sell their own homes that are secured by a Bank. The corresponding amendments to the law “on mortgage (real estate pledge)” were made to the state Duma by Irina Yarovaya, Kommersant reports»