27 Фев, 2021

From Pyongyang to Russia by railcar

Employees of the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang returned to Russia in conditions of borders closed due to the pandemic. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s office in Vladivostok, «the exit was only possible by rail, using a non-self-propelled railcar.» On the territory of the Russian Federation, they were taken by bus to the Vladivostok airport, from where they flew to Moscow.

«At first 32 hours by train, then another two hours by bus to the border and, finally, the most important part of the route — walking to the Russian side. To do this, you need to make a cart in advance, put it on the rails, place things on it, seat the children — and on the road, «- said in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s office on Facebook.

The Kremlin on the return of Russian diplomats from the DPRK on a railcar

Dmitry Peskov: Probably, it is better to evaluate Masha Zakharova, my colleague. It is better for the Foreign Ministry to assess this. Listen, the diplomatic service is very thorny, they are very difficult. She seems so, you know, very pretty and elegant, but in fact it is a very difficult, harsh and intense service. There are probably such moments.

Russian Foreign Ministry on the return of diplomats

A Foreign Ministry spokesman told Rise that since the borders have been closed for more than a year and passenger traffic with Pyongyang has been discontinued, the diplomats were evacuated as soon as possible. The issue of providing transport should be addressed to the North Korean side, added Maria Zakharova.

State employees are persuaded to collect money for payments to veterans

In the Tomsk region, employees of budgetary organizations are persuaded to transfer part of their income to the Pobeda fund. Funds are allocated from it to help veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Officials called the event «an action to transfer funds,» writes Taiga.Info.

Rosprirodnadzor filed a claim against Norilsk Nickel for wastewater discharge

The Yenisei Department of Rosprirodnadzor filed a claim against the Norilsk Nickel company in the Arbitration Court of the Krasnoyarsk Territory for 12.5 million rubles. for the discharge of wastewater into the tundra. This is stated on the court’s website.

Mortgage holders warned of new fraudulent scheme

According to lawyer Anatoly Mironov, fraudsters are forced to pay on the mortgage, slipping other details. They explain this by the changed requirements of the bank or innovations in the legislation.

«Fraudsters may know the amount of payment or the due date of the mortgage loan. Such awareness in no way confirms that they are calling from the bank. Banks never call customers with requests to make a payment using other details,» Mironov said in an interview with the agency «Prime».

The lawyer recommended to immediately stop the telephone conversation when it comes to new details for making payments. It is also worth calling the bank to report the actions of the scammers.

Russians worried about possible job loss

According to Forbes’ annual report from the Edelman Trust Barometer 2021, 79% of Russians surveyed expressed uncertainty about the stability of their employment, and 43% said they were afraid of losing their jobs in the future. 36% of Russians noted that due to the coronavirus epidemic, some of their colleagues reduced their working hours or their positions were completely eliminated. Almost half of those surveyed (48%) said the pandemic could accelerate the pace of replacing humans with artificial intelligence or robots.

Reduce the use of imported electronics

The Ministry of Industry and Trade intends to speed up the process of import substitution of radio electronic equipment in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, aviation, agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering.

The agency’s plan provides for the creation of «end-to-end projects», which are «a set of measures that include the development and organization of the production of radio-electronic products, the creation and adaptation of software (software) for it and the launch of products on the market.»

In 2019, the share of Russian electronic components in the automotive industry, shipbuilding, aviation, agricultural machinery and mechanical engineering, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, was 20% (126 billion rubles) of the total volume of 630 billion rubles.

Moscow cameras began sending out fines for invisible markings

Moscow motorists began to receive fines for violating the requirements of road markings. All regulations were issued during a heavy snowfall that hit the city in February. However, poor visibility and snow-covered roads did not prevent the automatic fixation systems from recognizing the markings.

“On a fine, according to all technical characteristics, the lane is clearly visible, while every driver can imagine what the road looks like after a heavy snowfall, when snow is flying through the windshield and is reflected in the headlights. In this situation, it turned out that the marking merged with the snow, the driver does not see it, and the camera from above perfectly distinguishes everything. This is due to the fact that the quality of photographic recording is constantly increasing, «- quotes the words of the representative of the company» Recognition Technologies «Sergey Kusov, the Autonews edition.

Rehabilitate landfills at the expense of tariffs for the population

The Ministry of Natural Resources proposed to reclaim landfills with an expiring service life by including a surcharge in the tariff for garbage disposal, RBC reports.

Based on the average values, the size of the tariff premium should be about 32 rubles per year per person, — said Roman Zemtsov, director of the Department of Financial and Economic Support of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Ministry of Finance of Belarus hope for new loan from Russia

Belarus is negotiating with Russia to attract new loans for the implementation of infrastructure projects. BelTA informs about it on Friday, February 26.

“The issues of attracting credit resources, including in Russia for the implementation of joint projects, including infrastructure, have always been raised. Behold

Ministry of Finance of Belarus hope for new loan from Russia

Belarus is negotiating with Russia to attract new loans for the implementation of infrastructure projects. BelTA informs about it on Friday, February 26.

“The issues of attracting credit resources, including in Russia for the implementation of joint projects, including infrastructure, have always been raised. Now such questions are also being worked out. Infrastructure needs to be developed, ”said Minister of Finance of Belarus Yuri Seliverstov.

Companies and funds associated with Rotenberg are developing Crimea

Companies and funds associated with Rotenberg received almost 300 billion rubles from the state. This is almost a quarter of the Crimean budget from 2014 to 2024.

As follows from the Project’s investigation, the 19-kilometer Crimean bridge across the Kerch Strait cost the budget 228 billion rubles. At the same time, during the construction period, the cost of railway approaches to the bridge increased from 6.5 to 22 billion rubles.

For the reconstruction of the children’s international center «Artek» Arkady Rotenberg received from the state 30.5 million rubles. For 5 years of construction, project estimates have grown 13 times. One fence around the camp cost 3 billion rubles

Viktor Lukashenko elected President of the NOC of Belarus

The eldest son of the President of Belarus, Viktor Lukashenko, was elected president of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of this country. He became the third president of the committee. Viktor Lukashenko is 45 years old. He is the assistant to the President of Belarus for national security, and is also a member of the Security Council of the republic.

«Since its foundation, the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus was headed by Vladimir Ryzhenkov (1991 — 1996). In May 1997, the NOC of Belarus was headed by Alexander Lukashenko, who held this post until February 26, 2021,» the press service of the committee says.

Dmitry Dovgalenok, Olympic champion in rowing and canoeing at the 1992 Barcelona Games, was elected vice-president of the NOC.

Warm currents in the North Atlantic slow down

The maximum slowdown in the movement of the Gulf Stream and other currents of the North Atlantic has been recorded over the past 100 years. This discovery was made by a group of European scientists. The research results are published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

An imbalance between two types of antiparticles found inside a proton

Researchers at the SeaQuest experiment at Fermilab (Batavia, Illinois, USA) have shown an imbalance between the lower and upper antiquarks within the proton. The materials of the scientific work appeared in the journal Nature.

Twitter has developed a paid subscription Super Follow

Social network Twitter has announced the first paid subscription Super Follow. Jane Manchun Wong, an expert on mobile applications, reported this on his Twitter account, citing a conversation between the company’s management and investors.

The paid subscription should allow content creators to receive funds directly from fans, she said. Super Follow is priced at $ 4.99 per month. It is noted that in terms of functionality it will be similar to the Patreon service.

ViewSonic Introduces 31.5 » QHD Monitor

The VX3276-2K-MHD-72 monitor, built on a 31.5-inch SuperClear IPS matrix, has appeared in the ViewSonic range. The panel is suitable for daily work and entertainment.

Retractable TV with display window

LG has patented a smart TV with an unusual design: it is a device with a retractable organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display. According to the resource LetsGoDigital, the description of the novelty was published on the website of the China’s National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

The idea is to use a stand base that will hide a flat OLED screen inside. At the same time, the base itself will receive a wide cutout, allowing you to see part of the display in a retracted state.

US tests solar panel to send electricity from space to Earth

The pizza box-sized radio frequency antenna module was first launched in May 2020 and attached to the Pentagon’s X-37B drone. It collects energy that, in theory, can be directed anywhere on the planet without using fuel.

Nigerian gunmen kidnap more than 300 schoolgirls

The incident took place in Jangeba in the north of the country. The criminals in the uniform of employees of the state security service arrived at the boarding school and forced the students into the cars with them. Militants killed one student and kidnapped 42 people in Niger state last week.

Aeroflot considered a fare with unpredictable conditions for passengers

The carrier must be able to change the date, flight, route or class of service of the flight without taking into account the passenger’s opinion. The fare can reduce the average ticket price by 2%, according to Aeroflot.

Underground Railroad Receives First Trailer And Premiere Date

Streaming service Amazon Prime Video has shared a new trailer for Barry Jenkins’ miniseries «The Underground Railroad.» The video announced the official date of the premiere: the television project of the director «Moonlight» will be released online on May 21 this year.

The cast also includes Will Poulter, Peter Mullan, Chase W. Dillon, Amber Gray, Aaron Pierre, Jared Warren, Shikita James, William Jackson Harper, Lily Rabe and Lucius Baston Jr. The plot is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Pulitzer Prize winner Colson Whitehead. Jenkins is an executive producer and director of all episodes.

Zelensky signs law on «de-occupation» of Crimea

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree on measures aimed at «de-occupation» and reintegration of Crimea. This was reported on the website of the Ukrainian head of state.

How will the Olympic torch relay in Japan go this year?

  • Torch bearers will be able to report on the run and start time only half an hour before the start
  • Accordingly, there should be no crowds of people along the sections of the run, at the start and finish.
  • For this, a broad broadcast of the relay in real time will also be organized.
  • Celebrities will run wherever it is possible to restrict the entry of people — in stadiums, schools, universities and parks
  • Spectators must wear masks, exclude loud greetings and shouts — be limited to applause
  • The relay race at the site may be interrupted if crowds cannot be avoided
  • Relay participants are advised to refuse to visit restaurants, and if this is impossible, that is, silently and not sit opposite each other.

Over 400 websites banned in Ukraine

The National Commission of Ukraine, which carries out state regulation in the field of communications and informatization, has published a list of 426 sites that are subject to immediate blocking by local Internet providers.

This is substantiated by the determination of the Goloseevsky District Court of Kiev, which demanded, as part of the consideration of a fraud case, «to seize intellectual property rights that arise from users when using web resources.»

There are more retired police officers than current employees

There are already more retired police officers in Russia than those who continue to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs — their number reached 1.108 million by January 1, 2020, Open Media found out from the EMISS system, which accumulates statistics from government agencies. The data in the system for this indicator was updated on February 17, 2021. Now the police are ahead of the Armed Forces in terms of the number of pensioners. According to the same EMISS, 1.092 million people receive a pension in the Russian Ministry of Defense.

In Arkhangelsk, students of a medical university announced the reduction of scholarships

Students of the Northern State Medical University (SSMU) in Arkhangelsk announced a reduction in the amount of the scholarship. Now university students will receive 40% less. Rector of SSMU Lyubov Gorbatova confirmed the relevant information.

The scholarship for students of the Arkhangelsk Medical University was 6,315 rubles. Now they will receive no more than 3,000 rubles. The decline will even affect social and presidential scholarships.

Benchmark invested in Sorare

Benchmark, a venture capital firm that was an early sponsor of Uber Technologies Inc., Twitter Inc. and EBay Inc., invested $ 50 million in Sorare, a digital network targeting global soccer stars such as Lionel Messi and Mohamed Salah.