2 Mar, 2020

News digest for 02/29-01/2020

Biden is leading in the primaries in South Carolina

On February 23, it was reported that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is leading the Nevada primary for the Democratic presidential nomination with 46.6% of the vote. The second place with a large margin is occupied by former us Vice President Joe Biden, who received 19.2% of the vote

The US and the Taliban signed a peace agreement

The us special representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad and the Deputy leader of the Taliban (banned in Russia), the head of the Qatari political office of the movement, Mullah Abdullah Ghani Baradar, signed a peace agreement between the US and the Taliban.

Lermontov was arrested for the poem ” Death of a poet»

(February 18) on March 2, 1837, Mikhail Lermontov was arrested for his poem “The death of a poet”, dedicated to A. S. Pushkin, and an investigation was launched into the case of “impermissible poems”, which was observed by the Emperor himself.

March of NEMTSOV 2020 ” For the change of power!»

According to the “White counter”, more than 22 thousand people came to it. The Ministry of internal Affairs reported about 10,5 thousand participants. In the near future, read reports on the “Medusa” campaign in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A March in memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in St. Petersburg

A coordinated action in memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in St. Petersburg. The organized March started from the Gorkovskaya metro station and ended at Trinity square near the Solovetsky stone, a monument to victims of political repression.

In Yekaterinburg, a March and rally were held in memory of Nemtsov.

They were held in one of the sleeping areas of the city, only there the authorities agreed to approve the opposition action. According to various sources, 250 to 500 people took part in it, local journalist Maya Pakulova told Open media

In Kemerovo, the event was held in one of the city’s Hyde parks

The authorities offered to hold the event in this place, but it could be done either early in the morning or late in the evening. Officials referred to the fact that from 7 to 19 hours there are planned actions of “Patriots of Russia” and “Combat brotherhood”. As a result, more than 20 activists took to the main streets with single pickets. After the pickets, opposition supporters went to one of the Hyde parks and made sure that no events were taking place there.

The last city where the action in memory of Boris Nemtsov ended was Kaliningrad.

In Kaliningrad, a rally in memory of Boris Nemtsov was held in South Park, a place on the outskirts of the city where the city authorities agreed to the action. About 150 people took part in the rally, according to Sever.Realities”.

25 years ago, journalist Vlad Listyev was shot dead

On the evening of March 1, 1995, Central television lost the author and first host of the famous Soviet and Russian TV shows, Vladislav Listyev. ORT’s CEO was shot dead in the entrance of his own home at the age of 38. A quarter of a century has passed since the investigation began, but the perpetrators have not been found.

Turkish military shot down two Syrian planes

In Idlib, Syria, Turkish troops shot down two su-24 fighters belonging to the regime of Bashar al-Assad. The pilots ejected and reached the ground safely. In addition, two air defense systems were destroyed, one of which shot down a Turkish drone.

Norilsk Nickel intends to invest in a project to create a resort on the Peninsula

This was announced on Saturday by state Secretary, Vice-President for interaction with authorities and management of Norilsk Nickel Dmitry Pristskov during a visiting meeting of the government of the Murmansk region in Monchegorsk.

“Norilsk Nickel plans to create a unique world-class resort on the Kola Peninsula similar to Rosa Khutor. It will also be possible to receive cruise ships in the port of Liinahamari, which is located in transport accessibility from the Korzunovo airfield in the Pechenga district, which we plan to revive. The total amount of capital investment will be more than 14 billion rubles, ” Prystankov said, adding that Norilsk Nickel plans to invest 10.5 billion rubles. According to the company’s plans, the facility will be created by 2030, and 500 new jobs will be opened

The main prize of the Berlinale was awarded to the Iranian film ” Evil does not exist»

The “Golden bear” of the 70th Berlin film festival was awarded to the film “Evil does not exist” by Iranian Director Mohammad Rasulof. He was unable to attend the award ceremony and was banned from leaving the country. His daughter won the prize.

Russian drug manufacturers were left without raw materials from China

Russian pharmaceuticals are among the industries that are significantly dependent on Chinese supplies, industry and trade Minister Denis Manturov said on Thursday. The crisis in China’s industry promises problems for Russian drug manufacturers, who buy a large share of raw materials in China. According to Manturov, the Russian authorities continue to monitor the situation, and “do not see a tragic situation yet.”

According to RNC Pharma, China accounted for 52% of import purchases of active pharmaceutical ingredients (AFI) in the first half of last year. A year earlier, this share was even higher, reaching 59.8%.

Branch “Mail of Russia” opened in the building unheated container

In the Konakovsky district of the Tver region, the Russian Post office was moved from the school building to an unheated construction container, reports tvtver.ru.

“It is very cold here, there is no water or toilet. In the trailer there is one small window-it is closed with a lattice for safety reasons, ” says the only employee of the Department.

Prime Minister Mishutkin expressed a sense of shame and regret

“It is very sad that the hospital is in such a state. It is impossible to be treated here, or, probably, to work qualitatively. This causes only regret and shame, ” Prime Minister Mishutkin said after visiting the Kurgan emergency hospital

The Prime Minister promised to send 200 million rubles for its repair and new equipment from the government’s reserve Fund.


The Federal tax service said that exempting low-income Russians from paying taxes does not make sense and can lead to large budget losses. Increasing the rate for the rich will bring “pennies” and will not solve the issue of social justice


Ella Pamfilova abolished the expert Council at the CEC

The Chairman of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova abolished the Scientific expert Council (NES), which operated under the Commission. A RBC source said that the NES was disbanded immediately after Council member Boris Nadezhdin prepared a letter criticizing the vote to change the Constitution. The expert suggested holding a special session of the CEC on this issue, and also started collecting signatures of NES members under his letter.

Krasnoyarsk residents at a rally against the “black sky” demanded the resignation of the Governor

About a hundred people came to the action. At the rally, signatures were collected for the resignation of Governor Alexander USS, slogans were heard: “We are for gasification”, “We are for clear sky”. Speakers criticized the Governor for inaction and promoting the interests of his family. We talked about the growing level of Oncology. Speakers demanded to close those companies that refuse to install cleaning filters. At the end of the meeting, a resolution was adopted: take emergency measures to prevent an environmental disaster

Which countries lose the most from air pollution?

According to a recent report by CREA, China is the first largest loss, losing 6.6% of its GDP due to air pollution. This is followed by a small (and, it would seem, not particularly industrialized?) Bulgaria with 6% and Hungary with almost the same result. Ukraine loses 5.8% of its GDP (4th place), Belarus 5.4% (6th place), and Russia 4.1%.


The speaker of the Federation Council criticized the development institutions

Matvienko: development Institutions are a good thing, fashionable, but some serve as pads for pumping money. Sometimes it seems that they are designed to employ the right people. We need a serious revision. Save only the effective ones, and eliminate the rest.

Major Russian development institutions: VEB, RUSNANO, venture capital company, Rosselkhozbank, Rosagroleasing, House of the Russian Federation

Turkey has opened its borders with the EU to Syrian refugees

“We have long said that we are not obliged to accept such a number of refugees. You promised to help us, but you’re not doing anything. Already 18 thousand refugees have passed, and today, perhaps, there will be 25-30 thousand. And we will not close our doors, because the EU must keep its word, ” Erdogan said.

London will reduce the speed limit

The mayor of London said that the speed limit on the city’s main streets will be reduced to 20 mph (~32 km/h). A measure that will help save a huge number of lives and completely get rid of serious injuries on the roads.

From this day on, unregistered medicines can be officially imported into Russia.

We are talking about drugs with narcotic or psychotropic substances – diazepam, midazolam, lorazepam, phenobarbital and others. According to the document, it is allowed to import medicines in the form of capsules, tablets, elixirs and solutions. To obtain drugs, a medical Board must provide a documented conclusion that domestic analogues are not able to help a specific patient.

Options for completing the Nord stream-2 are being discussed, but there are no results yet

“Now the pipes are no longer being laid, this process has been suspended. Alternatives to continuing the pipe-laying process are being discussed, but no results have yet been achieved. I can’t say more, ” said Hans-Ulrich Engel, chief financial officer of German BASF (one of the main shareholders of Wintershall DEA).

Minsk is ready for substantive talks with Warsaw on oil supplies

“We were in talks with PERN on this issue. And if earlier the possibility of using this direction was estimated as 50% to 50%, now there is a result of these negotiations – the statement of the Polish operator about the possibility of reverse, – said the press Secretary of the Belneftekhim concern Tishchenko. – This is profitable and interesting for us, since it reduces transportation costs for oil supplies in this direction. And this allows us to consider this option of oil supply in more detail.”

Retro cars in the Russian Federation from March 1 can ride on common rights

The new GOST will be applied voluntarily and will apply to motorcycles, cars and trailers from 30 years and older, as well as to trucks, buses and trailers that are not intended for commercial transportation of passengers and cargo, older than 50 years, with the original engine, body and frame (if available), preserved or restored to its original condition.

In new York, a ban on the use of plastic bags comes into effect.

New Yorkers currently use 23 billion plastic bags a year. About 85% then end up on the streets, getting stuck in branches, harming birds and residents of reservoirs. Officials and environmentalists believe that this can make people approach consumption more consciously and carefully.

In Krasnoyarsk, an emergency mode was introduced

In Krasnoyarsk, for the first two months of the new year, five residents have already received fatal injuries from attacks by stray dogs. One woman was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The head of the city administration of roads, improvement and infrastructure Yevgeny Petryuk was sent under house arrest for two months: the IC opened a criminal case on the article of negligence that caused the death of two or more persons.

Ukrainians have tightened their entry to Russia

The rules come into force on March 1. The fact that the authorities in Kiev want to ban citizens from traveling to Russia on internal passports was announced on December 18. In the simplified border crossing mode, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry sees a threat to state security

The US aircraft carrier entered the Mediterranean sea

The us Navy carrier strike group led by the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower passed the Strait of Gibraltar and entered the Mediterranean sea. The aircraft carrier is being escorted by the missile cruisers USS San Jacinto and USS Vella Gulf, as well as the destroyers Truxtun, USS James Williams and USS Stout.

Pensioners began to be deprived of housing benefits

In different regions of Russia, pensioners began to be denied some benefits for paying for housing and communal services. According to PRIMPRESS, social services explain such refusals quite simply. Once an elderly person is registered in the same apartment with their children and / or grandchildren, they are no longer in dire need.
Luxembourg has made public transport free of charge

Luxembourg was the first country to make public transport free for residents of the Duchy and for its guests. You will not have to pay for travel on buses, trams and trains from Saturday, February 29, AFP reports.

Tricolor will stop showing more than 30 channels

The operator said that from March 1, 2020, it will not show more than 30 thematic channels that are included in the “Red Media”package. Among them, nine sports channels, in particular, “Match Premier”, “Match Soccer 1”, “Match Soccer 2”, “Fighter”, “Match Game”.

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov called on the faithful not to obey the authorities

Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov urged parishioners not to obey the authorities if their decisions contradict the faith. Thus, he commented on the message that the Italian authorities closed the temples to avoid the spread of the coronavirus.

In the broadcast of the program “answers of the priest” on the TV channel “Spas”, he called on parishioners to break the law and gather at night for the communion rite, and also said that for violating the rules “there will be no executions”. Later, Spas TV channel deleted the release of this program.

“Real price” of mortgages in Russia

The” real price ” of a home loan in Russia does not exceed 5% when the official current rate is 9%, Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska wrote in his Telegram channel.

Half of legal entities ‘ bankruptcies are in three areas

Every second bankruptcy of legal entities in Russia falls on the spheres of trade, construction and real estate market. This trend has continued over the past nine years, according to statistics from the Federal register of legal entities (“Fedresurs”), which was reviewed by Izvestia»

In 2019, wind became the largest source of renewable energy in the United States.

According to the U.S. energy information Administration (EIA), wind farms generated 300 million MWh of energy last year. This is 26 million MWh more than hydroelectric power stations.

Vekselberg and Trotsenko set up a joint venture to consolidate small airports

Airports of regions by Viktor Vekselberg and Novaport holding by Roman Trotsenko and the Kazakh investment Fund Meridian Capital have created a joint venture called ABS (Airports of a large country).

The Russian government approved Arctic preferences for the Murmansk region

Regional initiatives to reduce taxation and introduce other support measures for investors in the Arctic zone (AZ) have been agreed at the Federal level, said the head of the Murmansk region, Andrey Chibis. This was reported by the portal on February 29 Хибины.сом.

The Azerbaijani oil is flowing to Belarus

Azerbaijan’s state oil company Socar will start shipping oil to Belarus at the end of March. This is reported by TASS with reference to the Deputy head of the Department for organizing events and public relations of the company, Ibrahim Akhmedov.

“It is planned to start shipping oil to the port of Supsa around March 20,” he said. According to Akhmedov, it is assumed that the volume of the first tanker batch of raw materials will be about 85 thousand tons.

Greece blocked NATO statement in support of Turkey

Greece decided to block the NATO statement on the situation in Idlib, in which the North Atlantic Alliance decided to support Turkey after the death of 33 soldiers as a result of a strike by the Syrian government army, according to the publication To Vima, citing its sources.

Turkey’s destruction of “Shell-C1” in Syria caught on video

Turkey’s destruction of the Russian-made Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft missile and gun system (zrpc) in the northwestern part of Syria was caught on video. The corresponding video was published on Twitter by the clashreport channel. According to the user ragipsoylu, among other Russian-made air defense systems that Turkey managed to destroy in Syria, the Buk self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system is listed.

The German defense Minister called on the EU and the US to increase pressure on Russia

The head of Germany’s ruling Christian democratic Union (CDU) party, defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, in an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), called on the European Union and the United States to “increase pressure” on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

A vote of no confidence in the government was submitted to the French Parliament

French MPs have twice passed a vote of no confidence in the government after Prime Minister Edouard Philippe’s decision to pass the pension reform bill without a vote.

The us tax service has launched a case against Oleg Tinkov

The us tax service initiated legal proceedings against Oleg Tinkov, the founder and head of the Board of Directors of Tinkoff Bank. This was announced on February 27 by TCS Group Holding Plc (the Bank’s parent company). It is noted that the court hearings relate to tax disputes

In Poland, the largest exercises on the transfer of US troops to Europe began

In Poland, the largest in recent years, the DEFENDER 2020 exercise has begun, which will work out the transfer of American troops to Europe, Polish national security Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said on Twitter. “About 37,000 soldiers will take part, including 20,000 from the United States,” he wrote.

Abkhazia introduces the death penalty for drug distribution

The death penalty for the distribution of large-scale narcotic drugs is being introduced in Abkhazia. The relevant law comes into force on Sunday, TASS reported in the country’s Parliament.

International festival “Triumph of jazz” will be held in Moscow in March

The XX international festival “Triumph of jazz” will take place in the House of music in Moscow on March 13, 14 and 15, which will be attended by American and Russian performers, according to the official website of the mayor of the capital.

Singer Grimes released a video for the track ” Idoru»

Singer Grimes released a video for the track “Idoru” from her latest album, “Miss Anthropocene”, which was released a week ago. In the video, in addition to Grimes herself, there is footage from the anime “Revolutionary Girl Utena” and a cosplay for the main character from the video game “NieR: Automata”.

Lady Gaga released a clip shot on an iPhone



Huawei and Honor smartphones now have Google’s replacement

The network published the first screenshots of the Chinese branded search engine from Huawei. The images were shared by an insider under the nickname RODENT950. The search app will be installed on Huawei and Honor smartphones.

Published a list of smartphones that will get MIUI 12

The list of smartphones that will upgrade to MIUI 12 is very large and there are more than 40 models in it. The list of models was shared by the adimorahblog thematic resource. As for the changes in the new shell, it will improve the work of the utility for cloning the application, and the dark theme will integrate even more into the system. They will also update the interface and improve support for screens with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Facebook Messenger will get a redesigned interface

According to online sources, the popular messaging app Facebook Messenger will receive an updated interface design that will simplify the process of interacting with the messenger. Mass distribution of the new version of the app is expected to begin next week.

Performance of Core i7-10700KF was at the level of Ryzen 7 3800X

According to SiSoftware, operating at an average frequency of 4.9 GHz, the chip consumed 250 watts of power. The performance of the Core i7-10700KF is estimated at 294.33 billion operations per second (GOPS), which is comparable to the performance of the eight-core Ryzen 7 3800X processor, which is 308.90 GOPS.

Google Translate database has been updated with five languages

The Google Translate database has been updated with five languages: Tatar, Turkmen, Uighur, Odia, and Kinyarwanda. The five languages added for the first time in four years are spoken by more than 75 million people worldwide.

Two separate neuroanatomic subtypes of schizophrenia have been identified.

According to today News Ufa, researchers analyzed the results of brain scans of more than 300 patients. The first subtype showed a decrease in the volume of gray matter, in the second subtype, the volumes remained almost normal

Previously, it was thought that schizophrenics differ in a significantly smaller volume of brain tissue. However, the study found that the brains of the “test subjects” did not differ from the healthy ones. Therefore, as scientists have calculated, in the future the diagnosis will sound not just as “schizophrenia”, but as “this subtype of schizophrenia”.

Fluorescence was recognized as a common property of amphibians

During a new study, American biologists discovered more than 30 amphibian species that can glow. According to media Stream, frogs, newts and salamanders were among the animals that have biofluorescence.

Experts have suggested that the ability to glow in the dark helps them detect their counterparts if they are in the dark. In addition, amphibians can resort to this to hide from predators.

Low growth of bacteria was associated with high resistance to antibiotics

Those bacteria that not only reproduce slowly, but also initially have small sizes compared to other cells of their kind, are more likely to experience the effects of antibiotics, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This was shown by the example of Escherichia coli (Escherichia coli). The ydcl gene is responsible for these features.

In Myanmar, biologists found cave cockroaches

Two new species of cockroaches have been discovered in amber found in a cave in Myanmar, reports phys.org. an international team of researchers extracted insects from amber and examined them. New species of cockroach were named Crenocticola svadba and Mulleriblattina bowangi. Both belong to the Nocticolidae family, famous for their long limbs.

The study showed that these cockroaches lived in the Cretaceous period, approximately 99 million years ago. According to experts, the insects are perfectly preserved and very similar to modern cave cockroaches-they have the same small eyes and wings, but long antennae and legs. Biologists have not yet been able to explain how ancient cave cockroaches got into amber.

A new mutation leading to severe combined immunodeficiency is described.

According to a study published in Science Immunology, a breakdown of the PAX1 gene interferes with the normal development of thymus epithelial cells. As a result, they are unable to control the maturation of T-lymphocytes and they are formed in insufficient numbers or are not functional. For the treatment of such patients, the authors of the article suggest using a thymus tissue transplant instead of a traditional bone marrow transplant.

Scientists told what dreams are peculiar to people with high intelligence

Experts conducted an experiment that found a relationship between a person’s intelligence and the dreams they see. It turned out that people with high IQ levels are more likely to observe colorful and vivid dreams.

Scientists have discovered a switch cellular aggression

It is known that in the processes of neurons, so-called motor proteins “move” vesicles-vesicles with special substances – neurotransmitters through microtubules. It is thanks to these substances that neurons communicate with each other or with cells of a particular tissue. As a result of this communication, muscle contraction appears. In a recent study, experts from Belgium suggested that switching to fat storage increases cellular aggressiveness in relation to their tissue environment. The researchers also found a so-called molecular switch to fat, which turned out to be the transforming growth factor protein beta2

Scientists: Fat relieves stress from blood vessels

Scientists working at the University of Michigan said that fat is able to remove mechanical stress from blood vessels. This is a component that facilitates internal organs. In science, it is called it’s.Tsch

Autoimmune antibodies suppress depression

Scientists analyzed medical databases and found that people with autoimmune antibodies in the blood and weakened blood-brain barriers are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety.

Cheap diamonds will be made from oil waste

Stanford University scientists have found a way to quickly make diamonds. This process does not require a catalyst: special cell molecules are extracted from oil and natural gas, and then heated by a laser under intense pressure.

In China have discovered an ancient green plant

In China, experts have discovered fossils of the oldest green plant. It turned out to be an algae that is about a billion years old. It had a bright green color, as it contained a large amount of chlorophyll

The creation of a Russian reusable rocket has begun

It was decided to start working on creating a flight demonstrator of the domestic reusable launch vehicle. According to today News Ufa, it was named “Krylo-SV”. The work has been entrusted To the Foundation for advanced research, and the project has already been approved. It will develop reusable returnable cruise missile units. Krylo-SV is a reusable stage of a light-class launch vehicle. The dimensions of the original are 6 m in length and 0.8 m in diameter. The estimated flight speed is Mach 6 numbers due to the new “Vortex” engine, which is being developed.

India has presented plans for space launches in 2020

India’s launch plans for 2020 also include two test launches of the SSLV light launch vehicle. The development and production of these missiles is carried out by the ISRO NewSpace India Limited division together with several private companies.

The space Observatory began scanning the Universe

Our Observatory is not the first to scan the sky with x-rays. 30 years ago, the German ROSAT device has already made a map of the Universe, registering about 150 thousand x-ray sources.

NASA’s mission to the asteroid Psyche will launch Falcon Heavy

According to NASA, the launch of the mission will cost approximately $ 117 million; it is indicated that this will be the first Agency mission launched using the Falcon Heavy super-heavy launch vehicle as the main payload.