3 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/02/2020

Pete Buttigic is out of the us presidential race

Pete Buttigich, a 38-year-old openly gay former mayor of South bend, Indiana, has dropped out of the race for President of the United States. He said this on March 1 during a speech in South bend, according to CNN.

“At this stage of the race, the best way to keep faith in our goals and ideals is to step aside and help unite our party and our country. So, tonight I make the difficult decision to suspend my campaign for President,” Buttigic said.

Canada launches extradition process for Huawei CEO to US

Canada has officially begun the extradition process for Huawei’s Chinese chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou three months after her arrest in Vancouver, CTV News reported, citing the justice Department. This decision was made after a “thorough review” of the evidence in the case. The statement said that “there is enough evidence” to refer the case to a judge for her extradition to the United States. The hearing is scheduled to begin March 6 in Vancouver in the Supreme court of the canadian province of British Columbia.

The fed will support the economy amid the risks of coronavirus

The us Federal reserve is ready to take measures to support the country’s economy amid risks from the coronavirus, Federal reserve chief Jerome Powell said. Over the past day, stock indexes of leading developed and developing countries lost 3-5%, and over the past week, the decline was 10-15%

Banks have reduced the issuance of credit cards to Russians by 20%

Banks issued 20% fewer credit cards to Russians in January than in 2019. their issuance declined for the first time in at least five years this month, RBC reports, citing data from the credit history Bureau Equifax for the period from 2015.

Russia does not guarantee the safety of Turkish aviation in Syria

Moscow has warned Ankara of possible consequences when Turkish fighter jets are in the sky over the Syrian province of Idlib, the airspace over which was closed by Damascus. The reason for this was the events of the last days.

North Korea launched two unidentified projectiles towards the sea of Japan

Interfax, citing South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, reports that the projectiles were launched from an area near the city of Wonsan. Their type and altitude are not specified. The launch came two days after the Republic’s leader, Kim Jong-UN, attended an exercise aimed at checking the combat readiness of units in border areas.

Regions of Russia with the highest loan delinquency

Ingushetia has the highest share of overdue debt among Russian regions, and the most disciplined entities for returning Bank loans are Sevastopol, the NAO, Crimea, and Chukotka. Such data is contained in the RIA Novosti study. The average value of the share of overdue loans to the population at the end of 2019 was 4.1%.

Russia has postponed the introduction of free access to significant sites

The Ministry of communications failed to agree on the release of a government decree in time, according to which Russians will get free access to socially important Internet resources. This was reported by the Kommersant newspaper, citing a source familiar with the situation.

Tinkov posted a bail of £20 million in the case of claims of the us tax authorities

Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov has posted a bail of £20 million for permission to remain free during the trial in a London court in the case of tax claims by the United States. This was reported on March 1 by the Sunday Express.

The cost of housing services for Russians will be revised due to the warm winter

The cost of heating will be revised due to the abnormally warm winter, told the newspaper “Izvestia” in the Ministry of construction and housing. Residents of regions where payments for this service are calculated evenly throughout the year can expect a reduction, rather than using General house counters

OneWeb will allocate the largest capacity to work in Russia

The British company OneWeb plans to allocate the largest capacity to work in Russia. This was announced by the company’s CEO Adrian Stekel.

“The country for which the largest capacity will be allocated is Russia. Our system is ideal for Russia, ” Stekel said in an interview with Vedomosti.

OneWeb is now forming a group of about 600 satellites, which is designed to provide high-speed Internet access in any, even the most remote corner of the Earth.

Power machines decided to exit the joint venture with Simens

Alexey Mordashov’s Power machines company, which produces gas turbines, plans to sell its 35% stake in Siemens gas turbine technology. According to preliminary estimates, the value of the stake may be from 6 to 10 million dollars. The parties agree on the cost of the transaction. This is reported by Kommersant. The Power machines company plans to create its own machines without the participation of Siemens with the support of the state

Hina Matsuri is celebrated in Japan on March 3

In Russian, this holiday is called girls ‘ Day, or the holiday of dolls. Both names are correct, because on Hina Matsuri it is customary not only to congratulate little Japanese women, but also to exhibit compositions from traditional Hina-ning dolls.

The festival dates back to the medieval Heian period, when it was believed that dolls could take away people’s misery. By tradition, on this spring day, all Japanese girls wear long-sleeved kimonos, dress up their best dolls, and put them on a special step stand called hinakazari. And then call the guests to drink tea with sweets, accept gifts and go with their parents to the temple, where they pray for their health.

The Exhibition “Tattoo”

The gallery of art of Europe and America of the XIX-XX centuries Of the state Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin opens an exhibition “Tattoo”, dedicated to the art of tattooing. The exhibition will include about two hundred works-paintings, graphics, photography, sculpture, traditional and decorative arts, archival and ethnographic materials.

Sakhalin-2 LNG plant to be completely shut down for repairs

Sakhalin Energy, the operator of the Sakhalin-2 project, will conduct the largest planned preventive maintenance (PPR) in the company’s history, during which it will stop both lines of the LNG plant. This was announced by the Director of production of Sakhalin Energy O. Myklestad

According to the Department of engineering and maintenance, the plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will modernize the 1st of the main compressors, repair gas turbines, upgrade the emergency protection system and replace the shipping hoses at the gas shipment terminal.

TRANS-Baikal region TO expand borders for new investment projects

According to the press service of the Governor, potential investors expect to equip the complex for transshipment and storage of liquefied natural gas and petroleum products in Zabaikalsk and to establish in Chita the production of steel grinding balls and shovels for industrial enterprises and farms.

The Ministry of natural resources of Russia presented the concept of packaging recycling by the manufacturer

The main goal of the extended producer responsibility (ROP) mechanism is to create economic conditions for the transition to a cyclical economy in which the maximum amount of resources is extracted from waste and reused for its original purpose. The environmental fee is paid every six months from the entire mass of the package released into circulation (100% recycling rate).

In order to encourage the maximum involvement of resources in secondary turnover, it is envisaged that the sale of secondary resources to producers will be recognized as a non-commercial activity and that individuals who sell secondary resources will no longer be charged a tax on personal income, as well as that a zero or reduced rate of value-added tax will be established for regional operators and producers of secondary resources.

Vladimir Putin signed a number of laws:

About the maternity capital after the birth of the first child. It will be 466 617 rubles. The amount of payment will also be increased by 150 thousand rubles at the birth of the second child.

About free hot meals for Junior high school students.

The law obliges the media and Telecom operators to notify the population of emergency situations.

Law on the abolition of administrative responsibility for the use of Nazi symbols not for propaganda purposes

Rosstat revealed the salaries of Russian officials in 2018

The average salary of a civil servant in Federal agencies in 2018 was 126.6 thousand rubles, according to Rosstat data. This is almost three times higher than the average Russian salary (43.4 thousand rubles).

From the data of Ministry to be that most are employees of the government staff 240,4 thousand RUB, administration of the President 236,7 thousand RUB and the Federation Council— 186,4 thousand rubles. While in the chamber the average salary is 186,3 thousand RUB Slightly less prepared in the state Duma — is 158.9 thousand.

Employees of Rosnedr (62.2 thousand rubles), Rosarchiv (63.2 thousand rubles) and Rosrezerv (64.2 thousand rubles) receive the least.

When calculating the average salary, only the number and income of employees in the Central offices of departments and ministries were taken into account. Such services as the FSB, SVR, FSO, and the Federal service for technical and export control (FSTEC) and The main office of special programs of the President (GSP) were not taken into account.

Recall that over the past 11 years, the share of household income that is completely dependent on payments from the budget has increased from 22% to 34%, and the share of consolidated budget expenditures allocated to support households – from 45% to 60%

The 2020 summer Olympics in Tokyo can be held without spectators

According to the Daily Mail, an option is being considered in which the Olympics will only be shown on television. This solution will satisfy multimillion-dollar TV contracts and is considered as an alternative to canceling the event or postponing it.

The situation on the border of Greece with Turkey

The situation with illegal migrants on the border with Turkey threatens the national security of Greece, said the official representative of the Greek government Stelios Petsas.

According to him, thousands of migrants who accumulate at the border, seriously threaten the country. Petsas also accused Turkey of encouraging migrants ‘ attempts to enter the European Union.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reportedly said Athens would protect its borders and warned refugees from the Middle East not to try to enter the country, as they would be expelled

Austria to send border police to Greece

Austrian interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that the authorities are preparing to send border police to Greece to curb the flow of migrants, which increased with the opening of the EU-Turkey border amid the aggravation in the Syrian Idlib.

“We must be clearly focused on stopping people at the outer border,” Nehammer told OE24 TV.

France ready to help Greece and Bulgaria protect borders from migrants

“Full solidarity with Greece and Bulgaria. France is ready to contribute to the efforts of the Europeans and quickly help protect the borders, ” said French leader Emmanuel macron.

According to him, in order to avoid a migration and humanitarian crisis, the EU countries must act together.

Psychiatrists found Ramil Shamsutdinov sane.

The conscript soldier who shot his colleagues was examined at the Serbsky Institute. This was reported to RT by the Moscow Public monitoring Commission. They specified that Shamsutdinov is now transferred to Chita

The biathlon world Cup in the Czech Republic will be held without spectators

Czech Prime Minister Babis confirmed that the stage of the biathlon world Cup in Czech Nova Mesto will be held this week without spectators

Ukraine’s national debt has been reduced by a billion dollars

In the first month of 2020, Ukraine’s national debt decreased by $ 0.94 billion (1.1%) to $ 83.43 billion. This is evidenced by data from the Ministry of Finance.

Residents of Transbaikalia are ready to ask for gas from the leader of China

A rally for gasification of the region was held in Chita. On it, people urged the authorities of the region and the country to pay attention to the TRANS-Baikal region, which still has not solved the problem with gas, writes the local portal Zab.ru Roman Berg, a member of the legislative Assembly of Transbaikalia, also spoke at the protest. He said that he received offers from voters to address Chinese President XI Jinping with a request to lay a gas pipe in Transbaikalia. According to him, tired of the inaction of the authorities, local residents are ready to ask for gas from the leader of China.

“Let them put a pipe here from Manchuria, and we will buy our own gas with a cheat,” the address said, as quoted by Berg. “It’s a shame! Shame on the state! – the Deputy added from himself.

RSC Energia has patented a method for plugging a hole in a spacecraft

The manufacturer of Russian Soyuz spacecraft, rocket and space Corporation Energia, whose ship was found to have a drilled hole in 2018, has patented a method for sealing such holes with a napkin and glue. the patent and its description are published by the Federal service for intellectual property.

“The task of the proposed invention was to develop a method for sealing a defect in the form of a hole in the shell of a manned spacecraft with a characteristic size of up to ten millimeters in space flight when air flows through it into the surrounding space,” the patent explanation says.

Norway’s sovereign wealth Fund plans to divest shares of four companies

The world’s largest sovereign wealth Fund, the Norwegian government Pension Fund Global (GPFG), is planning to get rid of the shares of four companies because their production generates a significant amount of greenhouse gases, according to Johan H. Andresen, Chairman of its ethics Supervisory Board.

He did not list the names of firms, but noted that according to a study of the oil, steel and concrete industries, these companies had the worst performance for their field compared to other companies from these areas. Andresen added that he had already passed recommendations for adding them to the blacklist to the Norwegian Central Bank, which manages the Fund, and that it should disclose them soon.

Americans believe in other countries interfering in their elections

And this belief has strengthened very well over the past two years. If in 2018, a total of 67% of the US population believed that other countries with a relatively high probability of interfering in their elections, now 71% of the population believes in this country. And the main increase is due to those who believe that intervention is “very likely” – 39% against 32%.

Especially strong growth is seen among supporters of Democrats – there is a total of 84% believe in intervention. Among Republicans, there are far fewer of them,” only ” 59%.



In Russia, recorded an increase in the number of cases of real estate scams

The number of detected fraud attempts in real estate transactions has increased several times in recent years, RBC reports, citing data from the Federal notary chamber. While in 2017, 94 attempts to commit fraud were detected in 25 regions, in 2018 their number increased to 150 in 34 regions of Russia.

“For the incomplete year 2019 (from January to October inclusive), there are already 186 in 30 regions of the country,”the chamber said.

The leader was the Krasnoyarsk region, where the number of detected attempts of fraud with real estate reached 62, in St. Petersburg-59, the Moscow region-39, 27 cases were detected in the Novosibirsk and Rostov regions, the Sverdlovsk region-22, Bashkiria-22

The Red cube retail chain is closing its stores

Once Russia’s largest gift store chain, Red cube, which had about 200 outlets, is leaving the market. The company has notified its partners of the closure, who now want to claim damages in court.

The state Duma introduced a bill to ban the transfer of debt collectors for housing and communal services

To ensure unconditional protection of the rights of citizens proposed to prohibit management companies, TSZH and an conclusion to the collectors of the contracts on the overdue debt for housing or granting them power of attorney, — Spring quotes “Interfax”.

In Yakutsk, they proposed to introduce a tax on dogs

Yakutsk authorities plan to discuss the introduction of a tax or levy on dog owners to compensate for the cost of fighting stray dogs. This was stated by the mayor of the city Sardana avksentyeva.

Natalia Oreiro canceled the anniversary tour of Russia

The tour of the Uruguayan singer Natalia Oreiro “20 years together” is canceled, the program had about 10 performances in Russia. A concert tour was scheduled for March.

Human rights activists proposed to abolish the punishment for prostitution

As it became known to Kommersant, Russian human rights activists sent detailed comments to the Ministry of justice on the draft new Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation. The document was developed by memorial PC with the participation of OVD-info and the Civil assistance Committee, which eventually obtained a detailed list of shortcomings of the current administrative Code. Human rights activists suggest stopping the persecution of sex workers, clarifying the concept of drug propaganda, taking a closer look at the issue of expelling migrants, and stopping punishing those who incite hatred against “social groups”. At the same time, human rights activists speak of “profanation” of public discussion, pointing out that the Ministry of justice gave only 20 working days to prepare a response to the 800-page draft of the administrative Code.

Altai sugar plant can’t sell its products

For the second year, the country’s sugar industry has been suffering from overproduction and low prices. In 2020, three large enterprises closed, RBC writes. At the Cheremnovsky sugar factory (part of the Moscow group of companies “Dominant”), a difficult situation is also developing, its head Alexander Fadeev told Tolk. The main problem is overstocked warehouse and too low purchase price.

Oil supplies from Russia to Belarus fell by 76%

It is noted that in the first two months of 2020, oil supplies from Russia to Belarus amounted to 709.14 thousand tons. This is a 76% decrease compared to the same period in 2019.

Additional services are offered to include in the cost of the loan

We are talking about health insurance, legal advice, and some commissions. With the participation of the Central Bank, amendments to the law on consumer credit are currently being developed, which involve the introduction of all such services in the calculation of the total cost of credit (PSK).

Poles in the form of the red Army staged a “shooting” in Krakow

Polish nationalists in the form of red Army soldiers used fake pistols to shoot people in the clothes of peaceful poles and called it a performance. This is reported by Komsomolskaya Pravda.

Turkish troops bombed a Syrian military airfield

Turkish troops attacked a military airfield, which is controlled by government forces of the Syrian Arab Republic in the area of Neirab in Aleppo province. This is reported by CNN Turk, noting that as a result of the operation, the object became ” unusable»

80 thousand Uighurs were removed from their region by the Chinese authorities

Tens of thousands of ethnic Uighurs have been transferred to work in conditions resembling “forced labor” in factories across China, according to a report by the Australian strategic policy Institute (ASPI), according to Reuters.

“In conditions that strongly resemble forced labor, Uighurs work in factories that are part of the supply chain of at least 83 well — known global brands in the technology, clothing, and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony, and Volkswagen,” says the introduction to the ASPI report.

The report from the Australian think tank also said that the transfer of labor was part of a government program. In addition, the report notes that workers “lead a harsh, isolated life”, are forbidden to practice religion and are required to attend Chinese language classes. ASPI reports that Uighurs are being tracked electronically and are prohibited from returning to the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous region.

The Chinese will replace Russian engines on their own fighters

The media reported that the Chinese will replace the Russian engines on the fifth-generation j-10 fighters with their own. The country has already established the production of new parts. The Military review writes about this, referring to Chinese television.

The Belarusian military will conduct exercises with the British Marines

“As part of the preparation of the peacekeeping company of the 103rd Vitebsk separate airborne brigade to participate in UN peacekeeping activities, a joint training of Belarusian peacekeepers with a unit of the British marine corps will be held from March 1 to 14,” the Ministry of defense informs RT

500,000 homeless people live on the streets of the United States

The Senator from Vermont and candidate for President of the United States on Sunday on his Twitter page wrote that more than 500 thousand homeless people live on the streets of the United States.

The FSB will allow ex-employees to travel abroad if they ask.

Less than three months later, the state Duma banned former FSB employees from leaving Russia, as the FSB itself actually allows them to go anywhere, Open media found. The draft order of the security service States that its former employees will be able to go abroad if they have “humanitarian reasons” – to visit close relatives, to be treated in a foreign clinic, or even for any other reason that the security service’s leadership agrees to.

Percentage of single-person households

Do you live alone or with someone? According to statistics, 25% of households in Russia consist of one person. Most people living alone in the Scandinavian countries: 44% in Norway, 42% in Sweden, 41 in Finland.



The anniversary international Bach-Fest festival starts in Yekaterinburg

This year, the main theme will be Italian art, which inspired the German composer. The concerts will continue until the end of March. Seven programs are waiting for the audience.

The band Lindemann began a tour of Russia with a concert in St. Petersburg

The German-Swedish metal project Lindemann, which was created by Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann and Swedish musician Peter Tagtgren, opened a tour of Russia on March 2 in support of the new album “F&M”. The band’s first concert was held in St. Petersburg at the SIBUR Arena.

Sebastian PLANO will come to Russia for the first time

Argentine composer and multi-instrumentalist Sebastian PLANO will visit Russia for the first time with concerts in the spring of 2020. On March 28, he will perform in St. Petersburg in the Greenhouse of the Tauride garden, and on March 29, he will perform at the Mosconcert on Pushechnaya platform.

Xiaomi unveils new wireless charging technology

According to today News Ufa, the xiaomi charging presented is currently the fastest. It fully charges the 4000 mAh battery in 40 minutes. A big plus of the new technology: there is almost no heating of the smartphone and charger

Apple will remove all cutouts and connectors from the iPhone

Apple is working to eliminate any cutouts and connectors in iPhone smartphones. According to today News Ufa, after removing the 3.5 mm headphone Jack, Apple developers are thinking about eliminating the connector for charging and data transfer

Trailer for the movie “Artemis Fowl»

Disney Studio has published a trailer for the new adventure film “Artemis Fowl”on its YouTube channel. The film is a film adaptation of the eponymous series of fantasy novels by writer Jon Colfer. The story will tell about a young guy who suddenly finds out about the existence of a magical world.



Kim Bodnia will play Vesemir in the second season of the Witcher»

Netflix announced the actor for the role of Vesemir in the second season of “the Witcher”. The most experienced Witcher will be played by Danish actor Kim Bodnia, who is best known for the TV series “Killing eve” and ” the Bridge»

Radishchevsky Museum opened an exhibition for the anniversary of Alexander III

In 1885, Alexander III became the patron of the radishchevsky Museum in Saratov. Much that came from Alexander III is an integral part of the permanent Museum exhibition. The exhibition will present various gifts to the Emperor’s Museum.

Tambov will host a festival of puppet theaters

As part of the festival, performances will be shown at several theater venues in the city. These include the Main stage of the Tambov academic drama theater, the Chamber stage and the stage of the Tambov puppet theater.

Greenpeace wants to close access to cloud services for oil and gas companies

Greenpeace, an environmental organization, is calling on major public cloud service providers Amazon, Google and Microsoft to increase their commitments to fight climate change by stopping sales of their technologies to oil and gas sector participants.

GIF Hack vulnerability allows hackers to read other people’s WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp messenger has discovered a new vulnerability called gif Hack. It allows hackers to read other users ‘ chats freely. The mechanism uses the functionality of animated gif images.

Scientists have discovered a unique feature of a dog’s nose

The dog’s nose was sensitive to infrared heat radiation. It is millions of times more sensitive than a human. This was stated by scientists from Lund University and the University of Eotvos Lorand eötvös

The human and bee brains work almost the same way

The basic rhythm (alpha rhythm) of the insect brain is an exact copy of the rhythm that determines the work of the human brain. It is assumed that studying the work of the bee brain will help to better understand how cognitive processes in humans take place. First of all, we are talking about attention and memory.

A new membrane for the fuel cell has been created

Russian researchers for the first time created a metal oxide electrolyte for a hydrogen fuel cell with the desired set of properties. The results are presented in the journal Solid State Sciences.

“We want to create a fuel cell that generates electricity at a temperature of 300-500 °C. This will allow us to replace polymers and platinum with complex metal oxides. This will reduce the cost of final devices, improve their stability and other characteristics, ” says one of the researchers, Professor of the Department of physical and inorganic chemistry Of the Institute of natural Sciences and mathematics of Urfu Irina Animitsa.

In a person in love, 2 types of “useful” hormones are released at once.

Australian scientists from the University of Sydney in the course of their research came to very interesting conclusions. It turned out that when communicating with the person we love, our body will release oxytocin. High levels of this hormone help the body cope with stress and even overcome harmful addictions to alcohol or cigarettes. A low level of oxytocin leads to some problems with our health. In particular, scientists talk about obesity and fatigue.

To protect themselves from bats, moths have learned to suppress sound

Many species of moths cannot hear such high-pitched sounds, but nevertheless exist in the same environment as bats, without losing in numbers. Therefore, scientists suspected the existence of alternative methods of protection against detection by echolocation.

German researchers found the skull of a very small dinosaur.

A tiny skull found during excavations at one of the Felberg quarries belonged to a lepidosauromorph. One of the researchers at the State Museum of natural history of Stuttgart claims that this type of dinosaur was previously unknown to science and existed on the planet about 240 million years ago. According to the remains found in Germany, scientists have calculated what could be the length of the body of a tiny dinosaur, which is only 10 centimeters.

American scientists have described the mechanism of transition from order to chaos

In the US, scientists were able to describe the mechanism that accompanies the process of transition from order to chaos. The corresponding work was carried out by specialists from SEAS. In the course of their experiment, the authors tried to understand the fundamental causes of turbulence observed when vortex rings collide in a liquid. It was possible to decipher the dynamics by means of software reconstruction of the 3D picture of the event, which was recorded on a camera with ultra-high resolution. Due to the numerical simulation of the collision, it became possible to analyze the transition of an ordered fluid flow to a chaotic one.

Solar storms can cause disruptions in whale and bird navigation

According to media Stream, during a new scientific project, the researchers decided to learn about cases of whales being thrown ashore depending on the frequency of flashes on the sun. Experts noticed that whales could be found twice as often on the shore during the period of solar activity. As the authors of the scientific study explained, if the sun emitted the highest level of radiation, such cases became four times more.

Inert gas improved the quality of cutting solar cells

Experts have improved the method of laser cutting during the Assembly of large solar cells. The flow of inert gas that is fed to the cutting site can reduce the area of those zones that make solar cells less efficient.