4 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/03/2020

Trump won all the GOP primaries in ” super Tuesday»

The current President of the United States, Donald trump, in” super Tuesday ” won the primary elections (primaries) in all 13 States where they were held by Republicans. Mr. trump received 100% of the delegate vote in Maine and Minnesota, where he had no rivals. Mr. trump received 100% of the delegate vote in Maine and Minnesota, where he had no rivals. He also won in Alabama, Arkansas, Vermont, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, and Utah.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the Democrats in the super Tuesday primaries in eight States.

Biden won the Virginia primary

Former Vice President Joe Biden won the democratic primary in Virginia, according to the results of counting 99% of the votes . Biden gets 54.4% of the vote, Bernie Sanders 23%. No other Democrats won more than 15% of the vote and won’t get delegates from the state.

Former us Vice President Joe Biden is leading the Democratic party in the primaries in five us States, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Minnesota and Oklahoma. So far, there are no official data on the results of the vote.


Putin introduced amendments to the Constitution in the Duma

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin said that all changes are set out on 24 pages of the project. They were sent to the relevant Duma Committee on state construction and legislation.

“There is an amendment that speaks about our identity, amendments that consolidate our traditions, culture, and history. Here, if we talk about the list, it is quite broad, ” – said Vyacheslav Volodin. – the Russian Federation, United by a thousand-year history, preserving the memory of ancestors who passed us ideals and faith in God, as well as the continuity of the development of the Russian state, recognizes the historically established state unity,” – read the amendment Volodin.

Constitutional changes made by the President of Russia

  • mention of God;
  • regulations on the inadmissibility of alienation of the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • ban on foreign accounts and citizenship for civil servants;
  • marriage as a Union between a man and a woman;
  • Russian Russian as a state-forming state (also implies that the state language in the country is Russian, while the Republic of the Russian Federation has the right to set their own languages);
  • regulations on the succession of the Russian Federation in relation to the USSR.

The Ministry of transport of the Novosibirsk region announced a large-scale under-repair of roads

According to the head of the regional Ministry of transport Anatoly Kostylevsky, every year about two billion rubles are allocated to eliminate under-repair of regional roads. By the end of 2019, 38% of regional and intermunicipal routes in the Novosibirsk region have been restored to normal.

Former Minister of sports Balls appointed the Deputy head of “Gazprom oil»

Gazprom Neft’s Board of Directors has appointed former Russian sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov as the company’s Deputy General Director for working with Federal authorities, Gazprom Neft said in a statement. The Board of Directors also included Kolobkov In the company’s management Board.

Bashkir prisoners were offered to switch to edible spoons

The office of the Federal penitentiary service in Bashkiria called for replacing aluminum spoons with edible analogues in the canteens of subordinate institutions. The initiator of this proposal was the company “First edible spoons”, said the head of the organization Vadim Fattakhov.

Budget savings from the pension reform exceeded 20 billion rubles

The pension reform allowed the budget to save 21.5 billion rubles on payments for 2019, Izvestia reports, citing a special assessment by the National rating Agency (NRA). It is noted that the savings were achieved by reducing the number of recipients of the old-age insurance pension.

The United States set a record for oil production in 2019

The average level of daily oil production in the United States reached a record 12.23 million barrels in 2019,which is 11% higher than in 2018. This was reported on Monday by the energy information Administration (EIA) of the American Ministry of energy.

Russia and Belarus have made changes to the gas supply agreement

Russia and Belarus signed a Protocol on amending the intergovernmental agreement on the procedure for setting prices for Russian gas when it is delivered to Belarus and tariffs for gas transportation through the territory of Belarus, the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation said.

In mid-February, Russia and Belarus agreed on Russian gas prices for 2020. As it was announced, Moscow will continue to supply gas on the terms of 2019.

Lavrov said that trump agreed to a meeting of the leaders of the” five ” of the UN security Council

American leader Donald trump agreed to a summit of leaders of the permanent members of the UN security Council, which was proposed to be organized by Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Turkey reported the Downing of a Syrian plane

The Turkish military shot down a Syrian air force L-39 plane over Idlib, the Turkish defense Ministry said. The Department noted that this happened as part of operation “Shield of spring”, which began on the first of March. State television of Syria confirmed the attack on the plane. A military source in the Arab Republic said that the aircraft fell in the area of Maaret Nuuman, shot down by an air — to-air missile of the Turkish air force. The fate of the crew is not yet known.

Turkey reported the neutralization of 320 Syrian soldiers in Idlib

The Turkish defense Ministry has notified the neutralization of 327 Syrian soldiers in Idlib over the past day during operation “Shield of spring”, RIA Novosti reported.

The Syrian army command reports about the successes in Idlib province

Units of the Syrian government army were able to capture several villages near the settlement of Serakib in Idlib province, which were previously under the control of armed opposition groups. This was reported by the Syrian news Agency SANA on Tuesday, March 3.

Lukashenko told about the us loan for the pipeline

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the United States can provide the Republic with a cheap loan for the construction of a pipeline for pumping oil. His words are quoted by RIA Novosti.

“In particular, we can expect that we will get very cheap loans from them for the construction of the same unfortunate pipe from the Baltic,” the Belarusian President said.

According to Lukashenka, ” somewhere we need a couple of jumpers that the government expects to build for three years.” He stressed that this should take no more than one and a half to two years.

Rosneft paid $250 million to Kurdistan consultant

Rosneft’s trading division Rosneft Trading paid $250 million to an unnamed consultant who helped it conclude an oil production deal in Iraqi Kurdistan, Bloomberg reports, citing reports from Rosneft’s Singapore division.

Named the main owners of Russian gold

The list compiled by Forbes magazine included 17 people.
The first place in the rating was taken by the family of billionaire Suleyman Kerimov, who controls the largest gold mining company in Russia, Polyus»
In second place was the owner of Yuzhuralzolot and Petropavlovsk, Konstantin Strukov.
The third place went to the Nordgold company of Alexey Mordashov’s family.
The top five also included Alexander Nesis and partners with Polymetal, Iskander Makhmudov, Andrey Bokarev and Andrey Kozitsyn with UMMC.
The second five Forbes included Arkady Bolshakov and partners with Pavlik, Sergey Dokuchaev, Natalia Opaleva and Valerian Tikhonov with GV Gold, Viktor Vekselberg with Kamchatka Gold, and Vladimir Hristov with Susumanzoloto.
The list is completed by Eugene Shvidler, Roman Abramovich, David Davidovich and Valery OIF with the company Highland Gold.

Banks began to get rid of loans to Russians

Sales to Russian debt collectors on recently issued Bank loans doubled in 2019, according to the materials of the First collection Bureau (PCB) and the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA

For example, the number of loans increased from 6.2% to 13.3%, and the volume increased from 2% to 7.4%, which is 3.7 times. Loans issued over the past three years are considered fresh in these cases.

Alexey Navalny, his wife, parents and children have their Bank accounts blocked.

The same thing happened with the Director of FBK Ivan Zhdanov. Also, Navalny was sued by Oleg Deripaska (although in the file of the Arbitration court, his name is written as ” Deripaska»)

The Moscow police started summoning people who sent money to Alexey Navalny’s FBK with subpoenas for questioning. Tatyana Solomina, a lawyer for one of the donors, told Open media about this.

According to her, the Colonel who conducted the interrogation especially wanted to find out whether the donor was harmed by payments of 1000 rubles a month that he sent to the FBK. And at the same time, for some reason, the investigator was very interested in the property of the person who sent donates and his income over the past few years

Belarus has reduced export duties on oil

Since March 1, Belarus has reduced duties on oil and oil products exported outside the customs territory of the EAEU by 14.8%. In accordance with the decision of the government of the country, the duty rate for oil is reduced from $78.5 to $66.9 per ton, for straight – run gasoline – from $43.1 to $36.7, for commercial gasoline-from $23.5 to $20. The duty on light and medium distillates, as well as DT, benzene, toluene, xylene, and lubricating oils is reduced from $23.5 to $20.

Iran has successfully implemented the project on APG utilization

Iran has successfully implemented a national waste-to-energy project on harg island to curb associated petroleum gas (APG) or flare gas from petroleum products in the oil and gas fields of the Persian Gulf. This was reported by the Iranian Mehr News Agency

In Poland, the exercise began with the participation of the military from the United States

Large-scale military exercises Defender-Europe 20 (“Defender of Europe 20”) began in Poland with the entry into its territory of the first columns of us soldiers and military equipment. This was announced on Saturday on Twitter by the Minister of national defense of the Republic Mariusz Blaszczak.

Parliamentary elections were held in Slovakia

Slovakia was considered one of the most loyal EU States to Russia. Now it can not only join the active supporters of sanctions, but also try to prevent the construction of the Nord stream-2 gas pipeline.

Hospitals will be awarded quality of service stars

Roszdravnadzor in the regions will divide hospitals and clinics into three levels and will assign them special information signs that will be placed on buildings. Evaluation of medical institutions with the assignment of a sign confirming the level of the clinic will be carried out every three years by a special Commission, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” with reference to the explanation of the Ministry of health of the draft order submitted for discussion.

It is planned to divide medical institutions into three levels, depending on their compliance with 22 criteria. The first level will include clinics that meet 8 criteria, the second — from 15 to 18, and the third — from 19. The Ministry of health explained that such a system of levels will help improve medical care in hospitals and clinics and increase the satisfaction of citizens with its availability and quality. The result of the assessment will be the assignment of a special information mark of compliance to the medical institution.

The UN Commission accused the Russian aerospace forces of war crimes in Syria

The Russian air and space forces (VKS) carry out indiscriminate attacks on localities in the Syrian province of Idlib, which is a war crime. This accusation against Moscow is stated in the report of the UN Commission on Syria, the Turkish Anadolu Agency reports.

In the Federation Council proposed to establish a day of liberation of the Crimea

A member of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs, Senator from the Crimean region Sergey Tsekov proposed to establish a new regional memorial date – the day of the liberation of Crimea from the occupation by Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine discussed the exchange in the “all for all” format

During the meeting, the parties discussed the issue of mutual release of detained persons in the “all for all” format, which was agreed by the leaders of the “Normandy four” at the summit in Paris in December 2019. Representatives of the Ukrainian and Russian delegations took part in the negotiations.

Turkey used the first “swarm of drones” in Syria»

According to RBC, UAVs were used to fight Russian-backed parts of the Syrian government forces. According to the source, Turkey used for coordinated actions an “unprecedented” number of drones, which for the first time in history allowed to take control of such a large territory.

Iran launched a missile attack on Turkish troops on the border with Syria

It is reported that the missile attack was carried out from the territory controlled by Iranian forces, however, according to the official version of the Turkish authorities, Damascus is behind the attack.

The Taliban announced the resumption of military operations in Afghanistan

A representative of the radical Taliban movement banned in Russia has announced the end of a partial truce in Afghanistan, TASS reports. The Taliban intend to resume military operations against government forces.

The EU Council will hold an emergency meeting on the situation of migrants

The EU Council will hold an emergency meeting on the migrant situation on March 4, Reuters reports. The interior Ministers of the 27 EU member States will consider ways to help Greece and Bulgaria patrol the EU’s external border.

Apple has agreed to pay compensation to owners of older iPhones.

Apple has agreed to pay compensation totaling up to $500 million to owners of older iPhones whose phones have become slower after the launch of new versions of iOS, according to Reuters. Apple did not admit the abuse, but agreed to pay compensation to avoid legal costs in the case.

The Corporation will have to pay compensation of $25 to owners of a number of older versions of the iPhone in the United States. This amount may be slightly reduced or increased depending on how many people will have to pay compensation, but the total amount should not be less than $310 million.We are talking about American owners of iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 7, 7Plus and SE, who installed iOS 10.2.1 or later versions of the operating system, and owners of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with iOS 11.2 and later.

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange announced the delisting of 46 trading pairs.

On March 6, the trading platform will stop supporting some pairs with Ethereum, Bitcoin, DAI and the Japanese yen. This number includes assets such as OKEx Token, Verge, Nucleus Vision, Hydro Protocol, Medicalchain, OmiseGO, and 0x. All of them will remain available in other pairs.

“Delisting is a General measure aimed at consolidating and increasing liquidity on Bitfinex to improve the trading experience for our users»

Most popular democratic institutions

According to Pew Research Center surveys, in most countries of the world (including Russia), the most popular institutions of democracy are fair trial and gender equality. For example, 63% and 54% of the population support them, respectively.

Eight people attended a rally in support of Putin

Eight people attended a rally in support of Putin held in Chita on March 2. The action was held at the site of the Zabaikalsky Uzory theater, Sibir told the editorial Board.The realities of activist Stas Zakharov. According to Zakharov, the rally was organized by the well – known blogger Alexey Zakruzhny (Lech Kochegar) in order to confirm or deny the official statistics, according to which the Russian President is supported by 86% of residents, and gasification of Transbaikalia-no more than 30%.

The financial regulator recognized cryptocurrencies as financial instruments

The German Federal financial supervision authority (BaFin) has recognized cryptocurrencies as financial instruments. The regulator explained that the definition of digital money is the same for several organizations, including the group for developing financial measures to combat money laundering (FATF).

“Cryptocurrencies are digital values that have not been issued or guaranteed by any Central Bank or government authority and are not necessarily associated with a currency defined by law, and that do not have the legal status of currency or money, but are accepted by individuals or legal entities as a means of exchange and can be transmitted, stored and traded electronically»

Earlier, 40 German banks asked for permission to make transactions with bitcoin. This was made possible by the introduction of the fifth EU Directive, which allows financial institutions to conduct operations with digital coins while complying with measures to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Tomsk mayor appoints 2019 patrons

The mayor of Tomsk, Ivan Klein, awarded the honorary badge “patron Of the city of Tomsk” to his wife, General Director of JSC “Tomsk beer” Galina Klein, as part of the awards ceremony for patrons of the city at the end of 2019, the city administration reported on Monday.

“The title of” patron Of the city of Tomsk “in 2019 was awarded to the General Director of JSC” Tomsk beer “Galina Klein and the head of JSC “Vostokgazprom” Vitaly Kutepov, ” the message reads.

The press service of the Tomsk administration RIA Novosti explained that the title “patron Of the city of Tomsk “is awarded for the long-term contribution of business structures to the development of the city, and the winners are determined by a special Commission depending on the contribution and financial participation.

The Russian state Duma has set a salary for conscripts

In addition to salaries for military positions in the amount of 2 thousand rubles per month, the initiative provides for a number of additional payments. The monthly allowance for performing tasks that are directly related to the risk to life and health in peacetime will be up to 1 thousand rubles, for commanding (directing) a military unit – up to 800 rubles, for working with information that is a state secret – from 200 to 500 rubles. The bill also provides for the establishment of a one-time allowance for dismissal from military service in the amount of one salary.

Moscow’s state employees began to be attracted to vote on the Constitution

The turnout of Muscovites to vote on the Constitution will be provided by employees of the state budgetary institution “zhilishchnik”, employees of the capital’s universities and other state employees, according to “Open media”. Judging by the tables and orders, each employee was told to bring at least 10 people with them and mark them in the list, the newspaper reports. And that’s not all. The management of the Moscow state University of food production obliged all its employees to register on the website of state services, through which they will need to attach themselves to the sites and, possibly, vote.

Gazprom has reduced the price of gas for Bulgaria by 40%

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said that Gazprom has reduced the price of gas for the Republic by 40%. In “Gazprom export” TASS confirmed the conclusion of the agreement.

“As part of the procedure for reviewing the price of Russian natural gas supplied to Bulgaria, Gazprom export and Bulgargaz reached a mutually beneficial solution and signed an agreement,” the company said.

The new government stripped producers of promised subsidies for 2020

The government has reduced the amount of budget funds that Russian producers expected to receive in 2020. In total, the subsidies were to amount to more than 2 billion rubles. Of these, 770 million were intended for rebates, and 1.25 billion for subtitles and voice-overs in foreign languages, as well as for promotion and advertising at festivals and film markets. As a result, the amount was reduced to 70 million, which will be used for the pilot project of rebates.

Loznitsa’s film about Stalin’s funeral is not given a rental certificate

The Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation has not yet issued a rental certificate and does not comment on its decision. At the Lendok film Studio, where Sergei Loznitsa, who now lives in Berlin, once worked and is working on the release of his film, they say that the premiere is postponed indefinitely.

Japanese Duo “hide-hide” presented a new program in Moscow

The popular Japanese Duo “hide-hide” presented a new program in Moscow – “West meets East”. This name applies to the band’s work as a whole – it performs traditional Japanese music, world classics, and arrangements of songs by Russian composers.

Award Of Erasmus

One of the most prestigious prizes in the Netherlands – the Erasmus prize – was awarded to British artist Grayson Perry. Since 1958, it has been awarded to people or institutions that have made a significant contribution to European culture. Previously, among its winners were Marc Chagall, Henry Moore, Ingmar Bergman, and others. the Monetary equivalent of the award is €150 thousand.

Grayson Perry is known for his prints, woodcuts, sculptures, and installations. He is best known for his ceramics, which explores and subverts British social norms, gender balances, and the relationship between culture and craft. Perry became the first British artist to receive this award since 1968.

Petroglyphs of lake Onega and the White sea

The UNESCO world heritage center confirmed that the previously received set of documents for the nomination “Petroglyphs of lake Onega and the White sea” meets all the necessary requirements. The future of the applicant for inclusion in the world heritage List will be in the hands of experts who will review the documentation and make recommendations to the world heritage Committee.

Petroglyphs of lake Onega and the White sea are located in Karelia. These world monuments of monumental fine art are one of the largest in terms of the number of images and the area of distribution of rock art complexes.

James Gunn has finished shooting a new suicide Squad

American Director James Gunn, author of the dilogy “Guardians of the Galaxy”, announced the end of the shooting of “suicide Squad”. The day before, the Director’s Instagram showed a photo of the entire team working on the film.

The trailer for the dark universe: Apokolips War cartoon was released

Published the first trailer for the animated film “Dark universe: Apokolips War” (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War). The video was posted on March 2 on IGN’s YouTube channel. It is expected that the picture will be the largest crossover in the DC universe.



All-Russian festival of Russian music to be held in Pskov

From March 19 to 23, 2020, Pskov will host a festival-competition of Russian music dedicated to M. p. Mussorgsky and N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov. The festival events will take place in Pskov, Velikiye Luki, and the Mussorgsky and Rimsky-Korsakov estate museums.

The Johann Sebastian Bach festival will be held in Kislovodsk

Dedicated to the 335th anniversary of the birth of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, the festival “I, Lord, your Creation…” will be held in Kislovodsk, Stavropol territory, from March 12 to April 4.

“The opening of the festival will take place on March 12 in the Scriabin hall of the North Caucasus state Philharmonic society. V. I. Safonov, ” the press service of the Kislovodsk city administration reports.

“4 positions of Bruno” released a new mini-album “Sacred”

Yekaterinburg electronic trio “4 positions of Bruno” has released a new mini-album “Sacred dance”. You can listen to the four-track record on Yandex.Music”, in “Vkontakte”, on YouTube and Bandcamp

Huawei abandons its cloud brand in Russia

China’s Huawei will abandon its own cloud brand Huawei Cloud in Russia and will develop cloud technologies together with Sberbank on the SberCloud platform. Kommersant writes about this with reference to representatives of both companies.

Honor View 30 Pro goes on sale in Russia

The new Honor View 30 Pro has arrived in Russia and is already available for order. Today is the first day of special sales in the official Russian online store Honor. There will be three in total: March 3, 10 and 17.

Microsoft has started deploying new icons

In December, Microsoft announced the release of new modern icons for devices running Windows 10. Then the list included Mail, Calendar, Calculator, Photos, and others. And last week, Microsoft rolled out new icons for insiders. Now other icons have started appearing in the app — for Photos, Voice Recorder, Feedback Hub, and Office.

Wi-Fi 7 will provide three times higher speed than Wi-Fi 6

In Russia, the certification of the Wi-Fi 6 standard has not even begun, as the Network has already started talking about the imminent appearance of Wi-Fi 7. It is known that the new technology will provide three times higher data transfer speeds than its predecessor.

WhatsApp creators are already testing a new useful feature

Recently, a dark theme was added to WhatsApp, but now, as reported by WABetaInfo, the developers plan to improve the confidentiality of user data and chats. A new feature was noticed in WhatsApp beta V. 2. 20. 66, it allows you to password protect your backup on Google Drive.

“Classmates” will restore the profile on the face

Odnoklassniki launched the restore profile feature using the face and gesture recognition system. “Odnoklassniki” will be added to friends by face As stated in the company’s message, the service is based on the social network’s own decision to determine faces based on neural networks.

Preserved traces of DNA were found in the remains of a duck-billed dinosaur

Modern techniques help to recognize fragments of cells and biopolymers. Tyrannosaurs were able to detect osteocytes with protein residues. After a few million years it turns out to find only individual DNA nucleotides

The structure of an extraterrestrial protein in a meteorite is determined

For the first time, scientists have found an extraterrestrial protein. This was stated by American researchers in the scientific publication Science Alert. Organic matter found inside a meteorite that fell to Earth more than 30 years ago.

Chinese scientists have discovered a new species of red pandas

Researchers from China managed to find out that there are two breeds of these animals. Zoologists stressed that pandas are Chinese – with red fur and striped tails, and Himalayan-with a lighter color of hair.

Red pandas are also called small pandas. The first written mention of this animal in China belongs to the XIII century, but Europeans only learned about it in the XIX century. Pandas were officially “discovered” in 1821.

American scientists have created a robot chef who cooks hot dogs

The robot had to learn how to create synthetic prostheses. However, first they decided to teach him how to do the simplest work, writes Science Robotics. Step-by-step algorithms were used to train the robot to bake hot dogs.

“Resurrect” the dead in the form of digital copies

Modern technologies that provide the work of so-called artificial intelligence do not allow you to create a working copy of the brain. This means that digital duplicates of dead people will not be able to be considered full-fledged individuals. And yet, people are already very close to such technologies.

Silver gulls use humans to search for food

Packages with food that have been in the hands of a person are more preferable for urban silver gulls, a group of researchers led by zoologist Madeleine gumas from the University of Exeter (UK) found out, on March 1, the portal Sciencealert reports with reference to the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Academics are closer to solving the treatment of bronchial asthma.

Researchers at Trinity College in Dublin found a link between caspase proteins and the development of asthma. The researchers conducted their scientific work on laboratory rodents. They found that caspases affect the development of innate immunity and are a link in the appearance of this disease not only in mice, but also in humans. According to the authors of the experiment, this scientific discovery can help in the development of a drug for bronchial asthma.

Scientists have named a way to develop the speed of light

Experts from Harvard University have announced a new potential way to achieve the speed of light during interstellar flights on spaceships. According to the new version, this will be possible when using energy from supernovae, scientists are sure.