6 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/05/2020

Michael Bloomberg withdrew from the us presidential race and supported Biden

American billionaire Michael Bloomberg decided to withdraw from the presidential race after the failed results in the Democratic party primaries in the so-called “super Tuesday” (when primaries are held in several States at once) and supported former Vice President Joe Biden

In Russia, the system of payment for holidays and sick leave will be changed

In Russia, a reform is being prepared that will change the system of payment for sick leave, maternity leave and regular leave, the Izvestia newspaper reports, citing the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers. It is noted that from 2021 their payment will be compensated by the social insurance Fund, not the employer.

This bill gives employees a number of advantages. For example, the employer may not have the funds for the required payments. It is also a plus that the worker, receiving money for sick leave directly from the FSS cash register, will feel more relaxed. – Andrey Isaev, Russian politician

The ROC said that school education for girls is unnecessary

Girls do not need to go to school, they must learn to be mothers, the Radonezh portal quotes the words of Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov, Chairman of the Patriarchal Commission on family issues, protection of motherhood and childhood. The priest told about one of the parishioners who, when her daughter reached the age of seven, did not send her to school, but assigned her to nurse her younger children.

“It’s more important to teach a seven-year-old to treat a child, and not to read and write, which she already knows. What is there to do in this school? Learn envy, name-calling, bad words, rudeness to teachers? What? As it is, she will be a ready-made mother. Everything will be able to do, ” the Archpriest said.

The ROC explained the words of the Archpriest

Commenting on Archpriest Dmitry Smirnov’s words, Vladimir Legoyda, head of the Synodal Department of the ROC for relations between the Church and society and the media, advised to listen to the program with Smirnov’s speech and make sure that when speaking about school education for girls, the priest was referring to a specific story about a girl he knew.

The court gave the site of the library of the SB RAS for the construction of houses

It was planned to build a new building with an underground book Depository, a center for children’s engineering creativity, a Museum of science and technology, as well as a zone for joint work and educational events. The cost of building a new library building with an area of 17 thousand square meters is estimated at a billion rubles. The project has already found a co-investor in a public-private partnership

In the spring of 2019, this site was put up for auction by the DOM.RF Corporation. All because the construction did not begin. In December 2019, the developer decided to give the site for residential construction.

The project of building a new library building was included in the development plan of the Novosibirsk scientific center “Akademgorodok 2.0”, which includes urban development plans for the territories of the Novosibirsk scientific center until 2035, taking into account 45 infrastructure and scientific projects..

Near Moscow will be a paid understudy of the Moscow ring road

The Region group of companies, which market participants associate with Rosneft, is entering the market for major infrastructure projects. It intends to invest in the construction of a paid high-speed double of the Moscow ring road, which will stretch from Solntsevo through Butovo and Lytkarino to the Railway. This is reported by Vedomosti with reference to informed sources.

Putin commented on the situation with real incomes of Russians

“This, of course, is very worrying for us. I am very concerned that this stagnation has occurred in the real incomes of the population. There is an explanation, and first of all it is connected with a sharp drop in energy prices. While we were growing, oil was $100 or more per barrel, and now it is $60. Is there a difference? Almost twice as much, ” Russian leader Vladimir Putin said in an interview with TASS

When can pensioners expect a big increase in pensions

The conducted indexation of pensions is necessary only when inflation is high, but the level of the process should also take into account the possibilities of the pension system, according to Yuri Gorlin, Deputy Director Of the Institute of social analysis and forecasting of the Ranepa. RIA Novosti quoted Gorlin’s opinion on this issue.

At the moment, the Russian Federation does not need to index pension payments several times a year, since inflation is at a low level. As the employee explained to RIA Novosti, the size of the indexation is important in connection with the level of inflation and taking into account resources. Gorlin noted that there is a fairly high indexation due to the increase in the retirement age until 2024, since it is almost 3% ahead of the inflation rate.

A British court ordered Tinkov to surrender his Russian and Cypriot passports

The bail conditions for the founder of TCS Group Holding, Oleg Tinkov (the main asset is Tinkoff Bank), imply the transfer of Russian and Cypriot passports, as well as a document of Italian residency, according to the materials of the Westminster magistrates ‘ court, which RBC has reviewed.

Every fourth resident of Russia has problems paying off loans

About a quarter of Russian residents can’t pay off their loan debt on time, Elman Mehdiyev, President of the National Association of professional collection agencies (NAPCA), told RIA Novosti on March 5.

According to him, now in the work of collectors in Russia as a whole there are 7 million loans worth more than a trillion rubles. At the same time, banks annually attract collection agencies to work with 4 million loans, the total amount of which exceeds 400 billion rubles.

The Russian government has approved the concept of a tax monitoring system

This concept provides for a significant reduction in the thresholds for voluntary participation of companies in this type of tax control, as well as simplification of its procedures. Thus, under the new rules, starting from 2022, tax monitoring will include organizations with annual revenues of 1 billion rubles, assets-1 billion rubles, and the total amount of taxes calculated for the year-100 million rubles. this will take into account not only the taxes calculated by the company, but also the amounts of personal income tax and insurance premiums. According to experts ‘ forecasts, the number of potential participants in tax monitoring may increase to almost four thousand.

The state Duma Committee rejected the amendment on restrictions for children and wives of deputies

On March 4, the lower house Committee on legislation and state construction discussed the amendments received for the second reading of the draft law on amendments to the Constitution. He approved and took into account 45 amendments, rejected 42 (RBC has a list).

Three initiatives of deputies from the Communist party were included in the list. One of them prohibits deputies from having property abroad, the second obliges the spouses and minor children of deputies to permanently reside in Russia, and the third introduces a similar restriction for the families of senators. A RBC source in the Committee clarified that the “take into account in the wording” mark means that the amendment will not be included in the final text, but another amendment on a similar topic will be adopted.

“This means that this amendment has been taken into account, but the wording of another amendment that is similar in meaning is approved,” explains political analyst Alexander Pozhalov. — And the amendment has the “accept” status, which does not prohibit the children and wives of parliamentarians from permanently living abroad.” He suggested that this was done to increase the number of non-rejected amendments from the parliamentary opposition.

The new Prime Minister of Ukraine called Crimea and Donbass priorities

The new Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denis Shmygal, called the return of Crimea and the end of the war in the Donbass as priorities in the work of the future government. He said this when speaking in the Verkhovna Rada during the presentation of his candidacy by President Vladimir Zelensky, UKRINFORM reports.

Impose new sanctions against Russia for trains to Crimea

Ukraine’s permanent representative to the European Union, Mykola Tochytskyi, expressed hope for new EU sanctions against Russia over the opening of a railway link with Crimea. He said this on Wednesday, March 4, in his Facebook.

“We hope for further practical steps by the EU in response to the start of Russia’s railway link with the occupied Crimea,” he wrote on Facebook, commenting on the approval by the Committee of permanent representatives of the EU of the extension of sanctions against individuals and organizations.

Rada allowed foreign military to participate in exercises in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Parliament has passed a law allowing the admission of units of the armed forces of other States to the territory of Ukraine in 2020 to participate in multinational exercises. This decision was supported by 289 parliamentarians at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday, with the necessary minimum of 226 votes.

NATO condemned the actions of government forces in Syria

NATO condemns the bombing carried out by government forces in Syria. This was stated on Wednesday in Zagreb after talks with Croatian Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance Jens Stoltenberg.

Russia has increased its military presence in Syria

Russia has increased its military presence in Syria, Reuters reports, citing the results of monitoring shipping in the Bosphorus Strait. According to the Agency, Russia began increasing sea and air supplies to Syria on February 28, the day after the Syrian army attacked a column of Turkish soldiers in Idlib province.

“This incident has raised concerns in Moscow that Turkey may close the Bosphorus to Russian warships and prohibit Russian military transport aircraft from using Turkish airspace,” Reuters writes.

The Americans came up with an unmanned fighter

Judging by the published image, the device is developed on the basis of the MQ-25 Stingray deck drone, with which General Atomics participated in the us Navy tender for the development of a deck-mounted tanker drone, but lost.

In Syria, they tried to shoot down a Turkish fighter with the S-200

The Syrian military tried to shoot down a Turkish f-16 fighter jet using the s-200 anti-aircraft missile system (SAM) in the North-West of the country, al Masdar News reported. According to the online newspaper, the s-200 missiles were aimed at the Turkish fighter, but there is no exact information about hitting the target.

Europe’s largest regional carrier declared bankruptcy

According to the FT, after several months of negotiations with the country’s authorities, Europe’s largest regional airline has not been able to secure a state loan of £100 million.

Flybe confirmed that an interim administration has already been appointed after negotiations with the authorities have been completed. As a result, more than 2 thousand jobs were eliminated. In addition, there will be a problem with many regional air routes in the UK.

Apple, Microsoft and Google are fleeing China

Google has asked a manufacturing partner in Thailand to prepare production lines for its” smart ” home products, such as smart speakers.

Microsoft hopes to start manufacturing its Surface line of laptops and PCs in Vietnam in the second quarter.

According to media reports, in 2019, Apple was going to start trial production of AirPods in Vietnam and asked suppliers to consider moving 15-30% of production from China to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Erdogan requested ammunition from trump for operation in Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has asked us leader Donald trump for ammunition support in connection with the Turkish military operation in Idlib, Syria. This was announced on Wednesday, March 4, by NTV. “I passed our requests to Trump,” Erdogan said.

Created a device that hides a person from night vision devices

Scientists have developed a device that can hide a person from heat-detecting sensors. Many researchers are working on thermal camouflage technologies that aim to hide a person from night vision devices and other sensors that detect heat.

The Russian Finance Ministry will reduce the purchase of currency under the budget rule

The reduction in the purchase of currency by the Ministry of Finance under the budget rule is due to the fall in oil prices, which reduces the amount of additional oil and gas revenues. According to experts, the Ministry’s actions on the foreign exchange market may reduce the demand for risk on the Russian stock market in the coming weeks in favor of” quality ” assets. This somewhat stabilizes volatility, but if oil prices continue to fall, the idea of investing from the accumulated funds of the NWF will be a big question.

The Ministry of Finance in March will reduce daily currency purchases under the budget rule by 1.8 times. Their volume in the period from March 6 to April 6 will be 133.3 billion rubles — 6.3 billion rubles a day, the Ministry said. This is the minimum value since the beginning of 2018, when the current budget rule started working. In the previous period — from February 7 to March 5 — purchases should amount to 214.2 billion rubles, or 11.3 billion per day. In total, in 2019, the Ministry of Finance sent 2.9 trillion rubles for the purchase of currency.

In 2019, private investors invested in commercial real estate

In 2019, according to the Wealth Report, private investors invested $333 billion in commercial real estate worldwide, or a third of the total investment in the industry. Investors are choosing commercial real estate in the face of low and falling returns on competing assets, says William Matthews, head of capital markets research at Knight Frank.

Most millionaires in Russia and the CIS invest in commercial real estate in the UK. Italy, Israel, Spain and the United States are also in the top five for attractiveness. Last year, private investors invested the most in apartments (they accounted for $122 billion), followed by offices ($85 billion), and offices and retail space ($45 billion). $37 billion has been invested in alternative investments, such as hotels, healthcare facilities and nursing homes

In which countries do people steal the most cars?

If we take the figures per 100,000 people, then in Uruguay: 457 cars per 100,000 Uruguayans. But in General, the top of the rating is quite interesting. Starting from the 2nd place with the results of about 250 cars per 100 thousand inhabitants, Italy, Sweden, France and the United States are a dense group. In Russia, only 24 cars per 100 thousand are stolen.

And if you just really want to not worry about the safety of your cars-we can offer you to move to Senegal, Kenya, Honduras, or at least Armenia (in Armenia, by the way, they steal less than 2 cars per 100 thousand inhabitants per year!).

VEB state Corporation is suing the head of the presidential human rights Council

VEB wants to get his share in one of the companies of the media holding “Expert”, where Fadeev in the past held the position of General Director. Seven years ago, the holding company started having problems, and last year it was declared bankrupt. Fadeev left the leadership in 2017-went to the Public chamber, then became a human rights activist.

Kaluga official offered to send disgruntled citizens “to the branch of hell on Earth»

Vladimir Vasin, head Of The Kaluga Department of economy and property relations, who came from Moscow, criticized local residents for their skeptical attitude to their native city. The official himself said that Kaluga caused him “quiet delight”. Vladimir Vasin suggested sending citizens who complain about dirt and unsettled conditions on a tour of a really dirty city.

“I propose to find these anti-corruption leaders, unite them and send them, for example, on a four-day, no more than a touristic trip to the city of Delhi, to India, at the expense of some city’s business,” said the official, quoted by Kaluga news.

Vladimir Vasin called the Indian city of Delhi “a branch of hell on Earth”. The official said that after returning from this city, the first thing he did was take off all his outer clothing and throw it away. “This is dirt. This is an unsettled situation, ” the Kaluga official said.

Contents of the leadership of the United Russia party»

The content of the governing bodies of United Russia in 2019 cost taxpayers and donors 100 million rubles more than in the previous year, Open media calculated on the basis of financial statements published on the website of the Central election Commission. On Wednesday, data for the last quarter of last year appeared on the site. According to data for four quarters, the party spent 1.054 billion rubles for these purposes last year. In 2015, this item of expenditure was 550 million rubles.

New Prosecutor General — new chairs for his guests

The Prosecutor General’s office announced an auction for the supply of 12 chairs for the Presidium for 131,000 each. In total, 1.58 million rubles will be spent on furniture. The corresponding document “Open media” was found on the public procurement website

The chair should be “upholstered in high-quality natural leather of the luxury class “green color”, the back should be decorated with gold embossing, and the armrests are made of natural wood with leather pads. Furniture must withstand a person sitting on it weighing 120 kilograms

Difficulties of media employees in covering the work of the Russian Parliament

Foreign media employees complain about obstacles in covering the work of the Russian Parliament. Now, according to the interlocutors of Open media, they can’t get into the building quickly, they are necessarily accompanied by press service employees, they are thoroughly searched many times, they are forced to stand at the entrance in queues with students who arrived on the tour.

All this is explained by the fight against foreign interference in internal Affairs. But Russian media journalists also have difficulties: they lost access to the speaker and other leaders of the chamber after meetings of the Duma Council. Vyacheslav Volodin’s floor is cordoned off by the FSO these days

1 billion rubles for incentive payments for cancer detection

The government of the Russian Federation will allocate about 20 billion rubles for the remuneration of doctors and mid-level medical staff, as well as for incentive payments to medical workers for the detection of cancer. This was stated by Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a government meeting on Thursday.

“The government will allocate more than 18 billion rubles to increase the salary funds of medical organizations to attract new specialists. In addition, we will allocate over 1 billion rubles for payments of a stimulating nature to medical workers for quality diagnostics of cancer diseases, ” the Prime Minister said.

Inventor Artashes Ikonomov loses court case with Apple

The inventor of the” mobile phone with emergency communication ” Artashes Ikonomov lost a lawsuit with Apple. He demanded to destroy all iPhones with the SOS button (that is, simply-all iPhones). Ikonomov registered a patent not for the button itself, but for a phone that can make emergency calls to the rescue service when there is no money or even a SIM card. For such calls under the Ikonomov patent, the phone must have a special module — it is through this module that emergency calls pass. Ikonomov lost the court and is now waiting for the decision of another process: the fact that the Company also sued Ikonomov to recognize his patents invalid

To find out who is right — Artashes or Apple-attracted specialists from MSTU im. Bauman and even the investigators. Ikonomov appealed to the TFR to recognize the conclusions of experts from Baumanka invalid (as you have already understood, these conclusions were not in favor of the Russian inventor), because one of the employees who conducted the examination, allegedly did not work in Baumanka.

Street art festival “Cultural code” will be held in Tatarstan

Tatarstan, along with the Chelyabinsk and Nizhny Novgorod regions and the Stavropol territory, will host the street art festival “Cultural code”. This is reported by the press service of the ANO “Russia is a country of opportunities”, writes TASS

Apple allowed ads in push notifications

Apple has allowed push notifications to be used in apps to send ads. The owner of the “Apple” device must agree to receive such messages. However, users should also be able to opt out of ads.

“MegaFon” will sell a smart watch for a trade-in

MegaFon has launched a trade-in program for smart watches in its retail network: now customers can hand over Apple or Samsung smart watches and buy a new device with a discount of up to 20%

SETI@home alien search project completed

The SETI@home project officially started on may 17, 1999. Anyone on earth could participate freely: all They had to do was download a program to process the observations that came regularly from the giant Arecibo telescope in South America.

VKontakte introduces voice message recognition technology

The social network Vkontakte is testing the technology for recognizing voice messages in text messages. The social network intends to introduce a new feature that will allow you to recognize voice messages in Russian using its own technology

The Oppo Watch smartwatch runs on the Wear OS operating system

The Oppo Watch display has a 1.91-inch diagonal with a resolution of 440×440 pixels and 100% coverage of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The device functions thanks to the Wear OS operating system. The world presentation of smart watches will be held on March 6

Google Assistant has learned to read web pages aloud

The Google Assistant virtual assistant for the Android platform is becoming more useful for people who have vision problems, as well as those who are learning foreign languages. The developers added the ability to read aloud the contents of web pages to the assistant.

The secret of Makerovsky’s portrait from the Tretyakov gallery is revealed

The secret of the painting by Dmitry Levitsky “Portrait of F. p. Makerovsky in fancy dress”, stored in the Tretyakov gallery, allowed the Museum to solve the collaboration with chemists and physicists. The results of the research are published in the journal Heritage Science.

The mystery of the painting was that its canvas consists of three parts, and art historians did not know whether all the parts of the picture were painted by Levitsky himself. Researchers believe that the artist at the first stage of work on the picture did not calculate the boundaries of the composition and the picture went beyond the prepared canvas. Levitsky decided to increase the canvas and added two extensions in turn, on which he finished drawing the boy’s legs below the knees.