7 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/06/2020

Russia and Turkey agreed to a truce in Idlib

According to Putin, the parties agreed on a document that should help establish peace in Idlib. Erdogan also said that the agreements in Sochi violated the “regime forces” (Syrian President Bashar al-Assad) and 1.5 million refugees are at the borders of Turkey, which was the reason for the entry of Turkish troops.

The truce in Syria lasted exactly 18 minutes

Despite the fact that the Turkish President announced that a ceasefire would be established in Syria from midnight, guaranteeing this to Vladimir Putin, it became known that 18 minutes later, artillery strikes were launched on the strategically important Syrian city of Serakib – the fire was allegedly conducted with the use of mortars.

Senator Warren refused to participate in the presidential race in the United States

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has decided to drop out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. This became known from her appeal to supporters, published on the page of the election headquarters.


The state Duma of Russia has lowered the age for entering a non-state pension

In the third reading, the necessary amendments to the law “on non – state budget funds” were finally adopted, which gives the right to receive a non-state pension upon reaching the previously established retirement age-five years earlier.. This bill was published on the website of the legislative support System.

Putin has a choice-to become the fifth Stalin

On March 5, Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov laid flowers at the grave of Joseph Stalin on the 67th anniversary of his death. After visiting the Mausoleum, Zyuganov visited Stalin’s grave, where he reflected on the power of the former, present and future. According to the head of the Communists, there were already four Stalins in Russia and now there should be a fifth, writes MK.

The first Stalin was Vladimir the Baptist, who, praying, took the commandments of Jesus Christ and put them in the basis of the ideological connection of many peoples, – said Zyuganov

Then he named Ivan the terrible, Peter the Great, and Joseph Stalin himself.

Putin has a choice – to become the fifth Stalin or to continue the destructive Yeltsin policy, – Gennady Zyuganov summed up

According to the politician, the President of Russia should go “along the path of statesmen-patriots”.

Tax burden on individual entrepreneurs

The proposal of the Ministry of Finance of Russia to increase insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs (IE) will lead to an increase in the tax burden on this category of business, and by 2024 it will increase by 50 billion rubles, the newspaper ” Izvestia»

Russian Bank cards were forged more often

This was reported in the press center of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, RIA Novosti reported. According to the Agency, the number of detected fakes in 2019 increased by 57.2 percent. In addition, fraudsters were more likely to forge car insurance (26.7 percent for the year) and seals (15.3 percent).

Total crimes under the article “Fraud” for the year has increased by 14 percent — 219 thousand. Crimes are gradually moving into this area — they make up 10.8 percent of all committed illegal actions, the Department noted.

In New Moscow there is less affordable housing

The company added that the cost of the most affordable offer in the NAO is 2.9 million rubles, in the TAO-2.7 million rubles. Earlier, SG reported that a residential complex for 5090 apartments was built in New Moscow.

The controller on public transport will be able to demand a passport from passengers

The government Commission on legislative activity considered draft amendments to the “Charter of road transport and urban ground electric transport” and the administrative Code, among other things, allowing controllers on public transport to require passports from passengers. In addition, it is planned to legislatively prohibit children who do not have tickets on their hands from being dropped off from buses.

The Deputy didn’t find the way in Crimea

Crimean state Council Deputy Viktor ZHILENKO posted a video on Instagram, where he wonders how it can be like this-there is a sign, but there is no road. We are talking about a pointer to Yalta before the entrance to Simferopol from Feodosia. There is a sign that you can go to Yalta on a short route, but there is no road. That is popetlyat on secondary paved, you will pass by TPP “Tauride” will move to the primer (where you see another sign “Yalta”) and swallowed a lot of dust rested in a tank firing range at the saddle, where the route Simferopol-Yalta near the kilometer, but you can drive only in an armored car.

Residents of the Barnaul house require 500 thousand rubles from the developer

The court will consider a lawsuit filed by the Altai regional public organization for consumer protection “Solidarity” in order to protect the interests of residents of an apartment building at 31 Sergey Uskov street.

It is noted that the owners of apartments from the very moment of commissioning of the building are watching how it collapses. This has been going on for five years, and the developer is allegedly not interested in repairing the house. The public organization demanded to eliminate all construction defects free of charge, as well as to pay 500 thousand rubles to each of the owners. At the time of the appeal, 34 apartment owners joined the claim.

Ash from a forest fire can feed phytoplankton

Most of the ocean’s surface is a barren, nutrient-poor wasteland. Tiny organisms floating there, called phytoplankton, are constantly in need of food, and get it from where they can, even from atmospheric sources. For example, past studies have shown that volcanic eruptions feed phytoplankton, releasing iron-rich ash into the atmosphere that is blown into the ocean by wind, and dust from the Sahara has long been recognized as a “sand fertilizer” for ocean plants.

More than half of the Orthodox doubt the existence of God

The poll on the attitude of Russians to religion was conducted by sociologists of the Levada center. According to the survey, 68% of Russians call themselves Orthodox. 7% consider themselves to be Islam, 22% do not adhere to any religion.

Among the Orthodox, there are those who do not believe in God at all — there were 3% of them.
6% do not know if there is a God, and doubt that it can be verified.
13% of Orthodox people do not believe in God, but believe in some higher power, and another 12% say that sometimes they believe, and sometimes they do not.
22% believe in God, but sometimes doubt his existence.
41% of Orthodox Christians claim that they know”that God exists and have no doubts about it.”

The all-inclusive system will disappear from hotels in Turkey forever

This statement was made after a study of the industry by specialists from Ipsos. Although everyone knows that the country was famous for its all inclusive package tours. Most vacationers chose Antalya and its picturesque surroundings only thanks to the all-inclusive option. Now the authorities of the Turkish state are thinking of paying special attention to events and individual tours.

However, the biggest problem of the country is quite low indicators in tourist ratings. For example, Turkey ranks 125th (out of 140 participants) in terms of safety, and 126 in terms of environmental safety.

Experts classified 38 Russian banks as a risk group

Despite the decrease in the rate of revocation of licenses from banks, in 2020, 38 credit institutions will be at risk, according to a study by the rating Agency “Expert RA” (RBC has one). According to analysts ‘ estimates, 9.5% of existing banks face default within the next 12 months (the list is not disclosed). According to the Central Bank, as of January 1, 442 credit institutions were operating in Russia. Expert RA’s calculations included only those that disclose reports on the regulator’s website — 402 banks.

A resident of Kaluga received a sentence for justifying terrorism in the Network

Tatiana Molokanova, a lawyer for the human rights group Agora, told RIA Novosti that the Second Western district military court on Thursday sentenced a resident of Kaluga, Ivan Liubshin, to five years and two months in prison for justifying terrorism because of a comment on the social network Vkontakte. Pavel Chikov, the head of the Agora human rights organization, said in his Telegram channel that the Prosecutor initially requested six years and one month in prison for him.

Russia’s secret exports amounted to more than $ 55 billion

Exports from Russia of goods of hidden categories of customs statistics (codes-SS, SSSS, etc.), including weapons, ammunition, military equipment, aircraft and natural gas, decreased by 13% in 2019. This is evidenced by open statistics from the Federal customs service (FCS), which RBC has studied.

In 2018, the volume of secret exports in the widest possible scope (at the level of ten marks of the commodity nomenclature) was $63.8 billion.

In 2019, the comparable figure decreased by $8.5 billion, to $55.3 billion.

Classified exports in 2019 accounted for 13% of total exports of Russian goods ($422.8 billion).

This study is based solely on the analysis of open data from the FCS (a database available at stat.customs.ru), as well as the UN Comtrade public database, public information from the Bank of Russia and the Ministry of economic development, and statements from Rosoboronexport in the media.

Putin was personally involved in solving the problem with shortage of money in the Republic of Khakassia

According to the RBC Agency, the head of state instructed the Russian government to conduct a comprehensive audit of the regional budget for 2019 and check data on overdue accounts payable in the region.

In early February, it became known that the consolidated budget of Khakassia is not balanced by 14 billion rubles. This is more than a third of the region’s planned expenditures. The regional Finance Ministry said that kindergartens and schools may be left without electricity and power, and added that they plan to seek help in Moscow.

Saudi Arabia to Finance Uzbekistan’s energy sector

Three agreements totaling up to $ 2 billion with the Saudi company ACWA Power for the construction of two new power plants were signed by the Ministry of energy of Uzbekistan, on March 5, according to the telegram channel of the Ministry of energy.

“We have chosen ACWA Power as a strategic partner in expanding power generation capacity in Uzbekistan because of their exceptional experience in achieving results. … and will allow us to create a more stable, safe and accessible energy ecosystem for our country, ” said Alisher Sultanov, the energy Ministry.

The tax service will again bankrupt the TRANS-Ural blacksmith and foundry plant

This time, the amount of claims is 19 million rubles, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports with reference to the card file of the Arbitration court of the Kurgan region.

Recall that the tax authorities in September 2019 have already demanded more than 52.8 million rubles from the company. The parties came to an amicable agreement: the company sold part of the property to pay off debts.

Ukraine sold the “daughter” of the Russian VEB, violating the court’s ban

On March 2, 2019, the Stockholm arbitration court made a final decision to ban the sale of Prominvestbank, but the Kiev authorities violated this ban. VEB announced its intention to challenge the sale of shares of Prominvestbank in the courts of Russia, Ukraine and in international arbitration.

Energy is partially de-energized “CHTZ-Uraltrak” from-for debts

In Chelyabinsk, LLC Uralenergosbyt (joint venture of JSC ek Vostok and PJSC Fortum) partially cut off the power supply of LLC CHTZ-Uraltrak (part of the rostec group of companies, previously controlled by NPK Uralvagonzavod) due to multimillion-dollar debts.

According to the energy sales company, the company does not pay for electricity since September 2019, writes Kommersant – South Ural. As previously reported by Pravda UrFO, the structure’s debts for electricity reached 145 million rubles – the largest among consumers of UES in the southern Urals.

The head of Concord refused to submit the requested documents to the US

The court of the Metropolitan district of Columbia (USA) demanded at the request of the American Prosecutor’s office from the St. Petersburg businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin a report on his daily routine and meetings, starting in 2014. In response, the entrepreneur explained why he could not fulfill this request. Prigogine was appointed as the company’s CEO on February 1, 2018. To this day, the “Concord” did not fix his schedule. Therefore, the company’s documentation simply does not contain such information.

In addition, the U.S. attorney’s office requested documentation for the same period. But according to the internal rules and legislation of the Russian Federation, Concord is not obliged to keep it. The firm’s instructions, which have been in effect since spring 2014, stipulate that all email messages and records are automatically deleted.

Erdogan invited Putin to Turkey for the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said that he invited Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to Turkey in connection with the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

AMD has created the world’s most powerful supercomputer El Capitan

The American company AMD has posted a press release on its website, which talks about the features of the new El Capitan supercomputer. The exascale level device (1018 floating-point operations per second) is created by Cray, commissioned by the US Department of energy. It is expected that at the time of its introduction it will be the fastest supercomputer in the world (about 2 ExaFLOPS). It turns out that El Capitan will be more powerful than the 200 most productive supercomputers to date

Minsk urged to solve the oil problem before deepening integration

Belarus does not see any point in continuing to work with Russia on “road maps” to deepen integration until issues with oil supplies to the Republic are resolved, Belarusian foreign Minister Vladimir Makei said on Thursday.

Putin ordered an inventory of tax benefits

“Ensure that an inventory of existing tax benefits is carried out and determine the list of benefits that are of an investment nature,” the list of instructions published on the Kremlin’s website reads. The deadline for execution of the order is July 1.

In addition, the government has been instructed to consider whether it is appropriate to create a specialized interregional inspection in the structure of the Federal tax service, which should monitor the correctness of the calculation of taxes, fees and insurance premiums by taxpayers participating in the implementation of national projects. The deadline for execution of this order is April 30.

Trump will offer Russia and China an arms control initiative

“I will propose a bold new initiative for trilateral arms control with Russia and China to help avoid a costly arms race,” said the letter, which was read to the UN by us Deputy Secretary of state for nonproliferation Christopher Ford at the UN.

Beijing does not intend to join talks with Russia and the United States on arms control-Chinese foreign Ministry in response to trump’s initiative

The ban on real estate abroad is not prescribed in the Constitution

The ban on foreign real estate ownership was not included in the draft amendments to the Constitution, as dozens of parliamentarians and officials would have to abandon it or resign from their posts. Interlocutors in the presidential administration and the state Duma told Vedomosti about this

The state Duma introduces initiative budgeting

The state Duma adopted a package of bills on initiative budgeting at the municipal level in the first reading, the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports

When officials decide everything for people, when they are not listened to or heard, our citizens often get something that they really need. But residents always know better how to make life better on their territory. That is why they should be able to influence the situation. – Andrey Turchak, Russian politician

The fifth Russian Navy ship in a week is going to Syria

A large landing ship of the Russian Navy, the Caesar Kunikov, entered the Mediterranean sea after passing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles, according to local information portals that publish photos of its passage through the Straits.

According to Istanbul websites, the black sea fleet’s BDK “Caesar Kunikov” is going to the Syrian port of Tartus, where the Russian Navy’s logistics base is located in the Mediterranean sea.

The most free and unfree countries in the world

According to the latest Freedom in the World 2020 report, freedom is good in the West, India, Australia, and places in South America and Africa. The level of freedom in Ghana is slightly lower than in the United States, and in Mongolia it is at the level of Poland. Chile is freer than Greece, and only Sweden, Norway, and Finland are freer than Uruguay. Russia is slightly behind Egypt and Ethiopia in the freedom index, but slightly ahead of Venezuela. We are on the same level as the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The EU will not allow Turkey to blackmail him with refugees

The European Union will not allow Turkey to engage in blackmail by organizing the flow of illegal migrants. This was stated by Austrian foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg on Friday after arriving at an informal meeting of EU foreign Ministers in Zagreb. According to him, the behavior of Turkey, which cynically puts pressure on the EU with the help of unprotected people, is unacceptable.

“The important point is that we will not allow ourselves to be blackmailed,” the Austrian foreign Minister said.

200 people that Kiev would like to receive as part of the exchange

The Ukrainian side handed over a list of 200 people in Minsk that Kiev would like to receive as part of the exchange, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said. He noted that some people whom Ukraine wants to exchange could have already died.

“This is very important. We learned the names of these people, where they are. We don’t know when and from which regions we will return these people, but we certainly want this,” Zelensky said in an interview with Turkish TV channel TRT.

Who got the “Melody” – along with the music rights

In early February, the little-known FORMAX company bought the most famous Russian music label, Melodiya, from the state. The legendary organization, which owns the rights to hundreds of thousands of Soviet records, was sold for 330 million rubles, which roughly coincides with expert estimates of the cost of two buildings that belong to “Melody”.

The archive of “Melody”, founded in 1964 as an all — Union record company, contains 238 thousand films-from performances of Vladimir Lenin and Vladimir Mayakovsky to stars of the Soviet stage and the Russian performing school, including Svyatoslav Richter, David Oistrakh, Galina Vishnevskaya, Elena Obraztsova, Mstislav Rostropovich. It also released records by Anna Herman, Mikael Tariverdiev, Alexandra Pakhmutova, Bulat Okudzhava, Andrey Mironov, Vladimir Vysotsky and the group “Aquarium”. There is also a children’s catalog of performances and songs-for example, the fairy tale “Ali Baba and the forty thieves”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Cinderella”, voiced by the stars of Soviet cinema, says Karina Abrahamyan, PR Director of “Melody”. At the moment, this archive is digitized by about 80%.

SK sent Ivan Golunov for psychiatric examination

The examination will check him for “mental disorders, adequacy of perception and dependence on psychoactive substances”. According to Baza, the management of the UK insisted on the examination after “it became known that in early childhood Ivan was observed by a psychiatrist”.

“They created a card of observation assistance and in 2002 handed it over to the archive. And in 2013, I received a seaman’s passport, where I had a psychiatric examination, that is, I was healthy, ” Golunov said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sues Russian company

The role of the terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger has filed a lawsuit against the Russian company Promobot, who created his robot double. The machine can speak and move its eyes, eyebrows, and neck. Ironically, this is not a terminator, but a nanny robot designed to keep track of children when their parents are not at home. The lawsuit was reported by TMZ.

Perm company Promobot denies that Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a lawsuit against it demanding to pay $10 million for creating a robot with his face.

“There is no lawsuit. We have been in touch with the actor’s representatives for several months, we are negotiating, since the laws are very different (in Russia, for example, a person’s appearance is not an object of copyright), ” Promobot spokesman Yegor Umnov told Open media.

In the Samara region, the author of the Leningrad Symphony was named Shostokovich.

In the materials released for the 75th anniversary of the Victory and dedicated to the seventh Symphony of Dmitry Shostakovich, the composer’s name was written with an error. A booklet with a map of “Symphony processions” was released in the local branch of United Russia with the signature of the regional Governor Dmitry Azarov

Yekaterinburg city hall ordered anti-listening devices for 2.6 million rubles

Officials ordered more than 20 technical means of active protection of speech information from all sorts of leaks, including by creating masking acoustic interference in rooms and vibration interference in enclosing structures (frames and glazing of Windows, walls, doors). The signed contract is already available on the public procurement portal.


the Pope urged young people to live life, not to prepare a report about it on social networks


Telegram Open Network cryptocurrency investors

The structures of Roman Abramovich, former Minister Mikhail Abyzov and businessman Mikhail Gutseriev were among the investors of the telegram Open Network cryptocurrency developed by Pavel Durov’s team. This was revealed from a previously unpublished report by Stephen McKeon. He conducted an analysis of the work of the blockchain project as part of the proceedings with the us securities and exchange Commission SEC. McKeon’s list includes 98 investors, including individuals and companies. In addition, McKeon’s list also includes 9 other investors whose names are hidden. In total, they invested $91 million in the TON project.

In total, $1.7 billion was raised for the development of TON. the Launch of the main cryptocurrency network was to take place in mid-autumn. But it was delayed until April 30 because the SEC filed a lawsuit against Telegram in Federal court in Manhattan, accusing the company of illegally distributing securities.

Villas in the Italian resort of Forte dei Marmi worth 350 million rubles

The daughter of the Governor of the Moscow region Andrey Vorobyov Ekaterina became the owner of a Villa in the Italian resort of Forte dei Marmi worth 350 million rubles, writes ” MBH-media”

Ekaterina Vorobyova has never had a business of her own, and her husband was a co-owner of three companies in 2017, but then gave up doing business. It is assumed that the Villa was bought by the parents of Ekaterina Vorobyova and Mark Tipikin-her husband. At the same time, the earnings of the Governor of the Moscow region for 2018, according to the latest Declaration, amounted to about 95 million rubles..

In Yekaterinburg, a large-scale salute was held in honor of the 67th anniversary of the death of Joseph Stalin

“The most terrible period of bloody repression under Stalin should not be forgotten. No tyrant has killed so many people, and the day of his death should become a national holiday of liberation — if this did not happen, the number of victims would be much higher,” the activists said.

Environmental disaster in New Moscow.

Reports are coming in from villages and SNT Azovo that in New Moscow. At the military airfield, there was a breakthrough of fuel tanks, as a result, more than 50 tons of aviation fuel poured into local ponds. People began to leave the surrounding localities. Everything happened on March 1. Chernevsky ponds in Butovo began to overflow their banks: they were filled with aviation fuel. At the same time, residents felt a heavy smell of gasoline.

Kogalymavia demanded $ 200 million from the Egyptian authorities

The bankrupt Kogalymavia company, whose Airbus A321 plane exploded on October 31, 2015 over the Sinai Peninsula, is demanding about $ 200 million from the Egyptian authorities.

Passports of Russian citizens were received by almost 83 thousand residents of the Donetsk people’s Republic

Passports of Russian citizens were received by almost 83 thousand residents of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday in the migration service of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the DPR.

“At the moment, almost 83 thousand residents of the Donetsk people’s Republic have received Russian passports,” said a representative of the DPR migration service.

Turkey to close borders for return of migrants

Turkey will send a thousand special forces soldiers to the border with Greece to prevent the return of migrants. This was stated by Turkish interior Minister Suleyman Soylu:

“They (the Greek side) again tried to push almost 5 thousand people to us. This is one of the most serious violations. We are deploying a thousand special forces on the border to prevent this from happening. They will be fully equipped. At the moment, 137 thousand people have passed through the EU border only from the province of Edirne, ” said the Minister, who visited the checkpoint on the Turkish-Greek border.

Key points of state policy in the Arctic

  • the increase in military potential in the Arctic by foreign States and the increase in conflict potential in the region are among the national security challenges;
  • threats are considered, among other things, the reduction in the population of the Arctic zone, the low level of development of social, transport and information and communication infrastructure;
  • The Russian Federation has created a group of troops in the Arctic that can ensure the country’s military and political security, and it will be strengthened and improved;
  • work will continue on delineating the continental shelf in the Arctic ocean.

The widow of the pilot who died on the flight cannot get compensation from Aeroflot.

According to the wife of the deceased pilot, the husband worked hard: he arrived, slept, and flew away again. I often spent the night in Moscow between flights. Before his death, the man complained a lot that he was constantly put on night flights, which is why he is very exhausted and does not have time to rest properly.

Last November, Damir Akhmetov died at the controls of a plane. Representatives of Aeroflot transported his body home to Omsk, paid the widow 15 thousand rubles for the funeral and gave the rest of the salary for half a month. However, in cases where a person dies at work, compensation is supposed to be 10 annual salaries, according to the contract with the trade Union. And this is about 25.5 million rubles

NASA has shown the most detailed panorama of Mars.

NASA has published the most detailed panorama of Mars ever made. The panorama consists of more than 1,200 images and has a resolution of 1.8 billion pixels. The photo shows the Glen Torridon area, located on the slope of mount sharp. The panorama was taken by the Curiosity Rover, which took pictures of the planet’s surface from November 24 to December 1, 2019.



Anxiety was typical for most dogs

Finnish scientists have found that behavioral problems associated with anxiety are typical for most domestic dogs, regardless of breed. To do this, they asked the owners of 13.7 thousand dogs to tell in detail about the fears and behavior of their Pets. Some behavior problems were observed in 72.5 percent of Pets, and the most common was sensitivity to loud sounds. The article was published in the journal Scientific Reports.

Bacterial spores can help in targeted drug delivery

A large group of scientists around the world is engaged in various ways of targeted delivery of biologically active substances. When developing a delivery method, it is always a task to extract active substances from the capsule container

A team of authors from Pushchino, led by Sergey Tikhonenko, candidate of biological Sciences, leading researcher at ITEB RAS, conducted a study of decapsulation of dextran by destroying the nanoscale shell of a polyelectrolyte microcapsule with Bacillus subtilis bacteria. The results are published in the journal Nanomaterials.

Neural mechanisms that generate the desire for revenge have been discovered

The biological cause of vindictiveness is named. This was stated by Chinese researchers in the scientific publication Elifesciences. An important role in the desire to take revenge is played by the hormone oxytocin. Its level increases when a person sees pain caused to their immediate environment.

Women live longer than men because of differences in sex chromosomes

This conclusion is made by experts from the Australian University of New South Wales. As a rule, males in mammals have Y-and X-chromosomes, while females have two X-chromosomes. Biologists claim that the Y chromosome is not able to fully protect the body from harmful mutations in the X chromosome. But in female mammals, one defective DNA can be compensated for by the DNA helix itself.

Scientists examined data on the life span of not only people, they also looked at mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. And almost everywhere, individuals with Y and X chromosomes died earlier than those with two X chromosomes.

Found a way to suppress the mechanism of “immortality” of cancer cells

Found a way to suppress the mechanism of” immortality ” of cancer cells. This was stated by scientists from northwestern and Chicago universities in the United States. The researchers ‘ work is published in the scientific publication ACS Chemical Biology.

Physicists from Zurich created a local network for a quantum computer

A group of physicists from the Higher technical school of Zurich (ETH Zurich) demonstrated a five-meter-long microwave quantum line. This is the longest line of its kind to date. It can be used for future quantum computer networks, as well as for experiments in the field of fundamental research of quantum physics.

Scientists have created a luminous fabric that is not afraid of water

Canadian engineers have created a thin two-layer nylon fabric that can glow under the influence of electricity. It consists of two layers of nylon-polyurethane fabric with a layer of gold applied, acting as a pair of electrodes, as well as an elastic and translucent radiating layer located between them. This fabric can be washed, stretched, and touched, despite the electric current. The article was published in the journal Matter.

Scientists have proved the possibility of combining a protein and a polymer

Scientists from the Federal scientific and clinical center for physical and chemical medicine( fncc FHM), the Moscow Institute of physics and technology (MIPT), and Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov (MSU) proved the possibility of combining two immiscible components (polymer and protein) in a single fiber of the matrix obtained by electrospinning, and showed that the protein can be prolonged released from the matrix.

Saffron extract helps improve sleep quality

The researchers used a double blind control to improve the reliability of the research. Volunteers filled out a questionnaire every week that assessed the quality of sleep. The researchers found a noticeable improvement in the group that took saffron extract after the first week of research.

An energy-efficient potassium-metal battery has been created

A team of American scientists has developed a self-healing potassium battery technology that cleans the anodes from dangerous dendrites and prevents their growth. They hope that it will now make it possible to produce cheap and reliable potassium-based batteries.

NASA’s new Mars Rover gets official name

NASA has announced the name of its next Rover, which will be sent to the Red planet as part of the Mars 2020 mission this summer. It is now officially called Perseverance. Information is available on the NASA website.

Voyager 2 has resumed operations and is transmitting scientific data again

NASA reported that the Voyager 2 spacecraft has been successfully repaired. All its systems and instruments are functioning perfectly and the probe can once again transmit scientific data to the center normally.

The ALMA telescope observes the birth OF the w43a planetary nebula

The old star W43A began to emit bipolar gas jets, which according to preliminary estimates of astronomers is only 60 years old, into the surrounding space, creating an unusual structure. For the first time, scientists can observe the birth of a planetary nebula.