9 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/07-08/2020

Russian energy Minister Alexander Novak, following the results of the OPEC+ talks, said that the deal will cease to exist from April 1, and its participants will no longer have any obligations. He also told RIA Novosti that OPEC + cooperation will continue within the framework of the Charter on indefinite cooperation, and the former partners in the deal will monitor the market in the format of a Ministerial monitoring Committee.

“This is a very unexpected and irrational decision, to put it mildly. Russia will lose between $ 100 million and $ 150 million a day on it,” LUKOIL co – owner Leonid Fedun told the Bell newspaper.

The increase in oil production in Russia now depends on the plans of domestic companies, energy Minister Alexander Novak said after the OPEC + meeting.

“First of all, this will depend on the companies’ plans. We will need to consult with them, because we have not discussed this option yet»

Saudi Arabia will increase oil production due to the failure of the OPEC deal

In April, Saudi Arabia will increase oil production to 10 million barrels per day. This is reported by Bloomberg, citing its sources in the Kingdom. Riyadh has hinted that it is ready to increase production of black gold in the event if Russia will not return to the negotiating table.

Saudi Arabia foiled coup attempt

Last night, Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz, the monarch’s younger brother, and Muhammad bin Nayif, the king’s nephew, were arrested. The Wall Street Journal claims that the arrested members of the Royal family were planning a coup

In Germany, they opposed the construction of ” Nord stream-2»

In Germany, the environmental protection society has called for a review of the construction permit for Nord stream 2, according to WirtschaftsWoche. So, according to the head of the society, Sasha Mueller-Krenner, the project must be closed because of the “harmful effects of methane gas” on the environment

The Minister of transport of Russia called the cause of the collapse of the bridge in Orenburg

According to Yevgeny Dietrich, a large number of overpasses in the country are in poor condition and require repair. In order to fix all of them, it takes superhuman efforts.

On other problematic overpasses, the movement of buses is restricted, since it is impossible for heavy buses and cars and a large number of people to be here at the same time. These restrictions are imposed by regions and cities. No one will send people anywhere to the bridges that swing under their feet. The situations that occurred when bridges collapsed in the Amur and Orenburg regions are caused by the fact that heavy transport went to such dilapidated objects where traffic was restricted, and it should not appear there, ” Dietrich said.

At the time of the collapse of the bridge in Orenburg, there was no road sign at the entrance to it, restricting the movement of cars with a permissible load on the axle. A road sign restricting the movement of vehicles with an axle load of 25 tons appeared on the collapsed overpass only on the morning of December 3. Whereas the bridge collapsed the day before.

In Antarctica, a Church will be erected in honor of St. Nicholas.

A visit to the Antarctic research station “Novolazarevskaya” with the blessing of Patriarch Kirill was made by the Archbishop of the Gorno-Altai and Chemal Kallistrat. Together with the participants of the 64th expedition, the Archbishop consecrated the site for the construction of a temple-chapel in honor of St. Nicholas, the patron Saint of travelers and sailors.

There is only one Orthodox Church in Antarctica so far: the Church of the Holy Trinity, built in 2004 at the Russian Bellingshausen station on Waterloo island. Also at the Ukrainian station” Akademik Vernadsky ” in 2011, the chapel of St. Vladimir was opened.

Sales of tours to Turkey have been suspended in Russia

Tour operators report that the demand for tours to Turkey among Russians has sharply decreased against the background of the political situation. Several companies reported that sales in this area from Russia were almost frozen.

Lebanon defaulted on Eurobonds

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said the government would suspend the payment of $1.2 billion in loans, marking the first sovereign debt in the country’s crisis-hit history.

Poland’s PGNiG has started drilling the first production well in Pakistan.

The operational branch of PGNiG in Pakistan began drilling the Rehman-7 well at the Rehman field in Sindh province, near Dadu.

The Japanese ISS module Kibo will be able to function until 2028

The Japanese Kibo module on the International space station (ISS) can technically continue functioning until 2028, Koichi Wakata, Vice President of the Agency, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

About state support in breeding snails

Putin instructed the government to study the question on expediency of the state support of companies that are engaged in snail farming. The corresponding decree was published on the Kremlin’s website. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was appointed responsible for the fate of state support for snails. The government’s report on this issue should be submitted by April 10.

Putin took care of the fate of Russian snails after a meeting with members of the public in Adygea, which took place at the end of 2019. On it, farmer Sergey Balaev announced his intention to breed snails and asked to include it in the list of agricultural activities. Putin supported this idea.

Erdogan made a statement about the Russian S-400 and American Patriot

Erdogan still expects that the American side will supply Turkey with patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMS). The President stressed that Turkey will also use Russian s-400 systems “despite Washington’s objections” and plans to put them into operation in April.

Chinese tourists were surprised by the unsmiling Russians

A traveler from China, Liu Xiaoshun, told in a blog on the Sohu portal about his impressions of his first trip to Russia. According to him, for many foreigners, Russia is a country with a very “tough” image, and the Russians are called a “militant people”, which already creates a “certain impression”.

“I remember that the most profound impression on me during my first trip to Russia was the unsmiling nature of the Russians: they seem to be completely unable to smile, most of the time they walk with indifferent faces, as if they are never happy,” the traveler wrote. Given that Russians are often “tall and have a strong physique,” this often puts “psychological pressure,” Xiaoshun added.

A trailer for the war drama “Greyhound” based on a script by Tom Hanks has been released

The Network has a trailer for the movie “Greyhound” based on the script of American actor Tom Hanks. He also played a major role in the war drama. Greyhound is set in 1942.

In Russia, the procedure for passing the inspection was changed

According to the new version of the bill published on the website regulation.gov.ru each car will be photographed twice-before and after the inspection, and the images should be clearly distinguishable model, body color and number of a particular car. In addition, the Agency required photographers to link the geographical coordinates of where the images were taken and the inspection was carried out, they must match. In addition, operators will have to protect images with an enhanced digital signature – a kind of fight against fakes.

The photos themselves will be included in the diagnostic maps and stored in a single information system: after the next inspection, they will be replaced with fresh ones. Thus, the EAISTO should always contain up-to-date images of each specific car.

The us Congress has identified those responsible for the Boeing 737 MAX disasters

The House of representatives of the us Congress believes that the company itself, together with the us Federal aviation administration, is responsible for the Boeing 737 MAX plane crashes.

The US has increased the level of danger for trips to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan

The US state Department has raised the risk of travel to Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan for Americans to the third level, when it is necessary to refuse such trips without special need, according to documents distributed by the press service of the Department.

The Ministry of Finance proposed to confiscate illegally withdrawn currency from the Russian Federation

Funds illegally withdrawn from Russia in foreign currency may begin to be withdrawn. The corresponding proposal was made by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, whose initiative is published on the website of the draft regulations.

The Russian Finance Ministry has proposed a bill on the confiscation of currency from the population and businesses.

The Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance are leading Russia to a state monopoly on currency ownership. The less foreign currency businesses and people have, the better, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseyev said bluntly.

According to Vedomosti, the Ministry has prepared amendments to the criminal code, which introduce the possibility of confiscation of currency from the population and businesses for violations of currency control. This measure of liability may occur for currency transfers based on forged documents, as well as violation of the requirements for the return of foreign exchange earnings

The Ministry of health proposed to introduce a tax on childlessness.

Chief reproductologist of the Ministry of health Oleg Apolikhin called for a tax for childless Russians, which will be sent to help young families. According to the official, such a contribution to large families will provide older people with payments from the young working-age population.

The tax should be introduced not in order to punish people, but to help those young families who have decided to give birth to children-the second, third, if these taxes are not just collected in the state’s income, but redirected to young families, – Apolikhin told the radio station “Says Moscow”. – This is a joint responsibility, that is, to help allocate their funds for the maintenance of a small number of young families with many children. Because these children will then provide for the elderly, – said Apolikhin.

The official noted that today the younger generation cannot provide social payments to pensioners, and in the future this gap will only grow. So you need a tax

Housing debtors will be forcibly relocated to remote villages

Residents who have long-term debts for housing and communal services to the management company will be sued. This decision was announced by the head of the municipal infrastructure Department of the Sergiev Posad city district administration, Alexander Afanasiev, at a meeting with representatives of the management company “ZHKC-Peresvet” and non-payers.

Without housing, of course, the defaulter will not remain. Resettlement is carried out according to the norms of the hostel on the territory of the municipality – from Fedorcova to District, from County boundaries with the red army artoriginal to village Sarnevo. Without paying for housing and communal services, a person must understand that it is possible to move from the city of Peresvet, where there are schools and kindergartens, to a remote village.

Criminal liability for destruction or damage to military graves

Vladimir Putin submitted a draft law to the state Duma establishing criminal liability for the destruction or damage of monuments, steles and other memorial structures.

The crime will be punished by a fine of up to 5 million rubles, community service or imprisonment for up to five years. The adoption of the law will not require additional Federal appropriations, the document says.

Canada will provide Ukraine with support for the country’s National police

Canada will provide Ukraine with about $ 1.5 million to support the country’s National police. This was announced by the head of the canadian foreign Ministry, Francois-Philippe Champagne, following the visit to Ukraine. It is noted that these funds will be allocated in the framework of reforms carried out in Ukraine.

“The Minister announced the allocation of more than 2 million canadian dollars over three years to strengthen the capacity of the National police of Ukraine,” the report said.

Putin ordered an inventory of all tax benefits

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an inventory of all existing tax benefits to highlight those that are provided in exchange for investment. The corresponding order was published on the Kremlin’s website.

The work must be completed by July 1, 2020. Mikhail Mishustin, the Prime Minister, was named responsible. After that, from January 1, 2021, only investment benefits will remain in Russia. The recipient will be required to enter into a special agreement, which will indicate the volume and timing of investments.

Russia intends to strengthen state regulation of electricity tariffs

In Russia, in the first half of 2021, a unified state policy for setting electricity tariffs may appear. According to the newspaper “Izvestia”, the corresponding initiative was made by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko.

Russian defense companies will be debited

Russian enterprises of the military-industrial complex (defense industry) will write off about 375 billion rubles of debts, and the same amount will be restructured at 3% per annum, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said, speaking at the Board of the Ministry of industry and trade of Tatarstan

“I will give you a few figures here: 750 billion rubles will be restructured for defense enterprises. Half of them will almost be written off, and the rest will be restructured for 15 years at 3% per annum. This is a very serious measure that will allow you to get rid of huge payments to bankers, free up funds for your own development, ” Borisov said.

China’s Tianjin launches direct cargo transportation to Europe

The North Chinese city of Tianjin, according to the Xinhua news Agency, has launched direct road freight services to Europe. The first destination will be Germany, where a truck loaded with aircraft parts should arrive in 14 days.

Norilsk Nickel to launch battery recycling in Finland

On March 6, Fortum, BASF and Norilsk Nickel signed an agreement on their intention to create a battery recycling cluster for electric vehicles in Finland.

In the US, Marines will be armed with a ground version of the Tomahawk

The us Marines are planning to be armed with a ground-based version of the Tomahawk by the end of 2020. It is expected that about 48 such cruise missiles will be purchased for the relevant purposes. Tomahawk is expected to be used on mobile coastal launchers.

The US state Department approved the sale of Javelin missile systems to Poland

Poland will be able to purchase American Javelin anti-tank missile systems, including 79 launchers and 180 missiles to them. The US state Department has approved the possible sale of military equipment.

Ukraine will strengthen its fleet with decommissioned American ships

Ukraine can strengthen the capabilities of the fleet by decommissioning American ships, which will change the balance of power in the Black sea. This was stated by the Deputy Director of the Kiev center of researches of army, conversion and disarmament Michael Samus.

The Taliban are not going to comply with the agreement

American intelligence told the White house that the Afghan Taliban group (banned in Russia) does not intend to comply with the terms of the peace agreement signed a week ago. This was reported to NBC by three sources in the us administration.

Alfa-Bank massively blocked Russian cards

Russians EN masse are left without cards of Alfa-Bank after the credit organisation has blocked it on suspicion of being compromised. Messages about customer problems began to appear in the social network “Vkontakte”, attention was paid to them by the publication Baza

Lukashenka received “a lot” of offers on oil supplies

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he received “a lot” of offers for oil supplies. He met with Belneftekhim Chairman Andrey Rybakov and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Nazarov to discuss how to buy oil and what is “more cost-effective”.

The fuel supplier for Roscosmos was declared bankrupt

The only Russian manufacturer of highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide for Roscosmos, Sintez-PV, was declared bankrupt by the court. The corresponding decision was made in December. Bankruptcy proceedings have been opened for Sintez-PV. In 2014-2015, the company already stopped working, but then it managed to avoid bankruptcy proceedings

The investigation explained the blocking of accounts of Navalny and his relatives

According to the documents, the accounts were blocked because Navalny and his relatives are supporters of the “Navalny headquarters” and may be involved “in the legalization of funds acquired by criminal means»

Residence permit in China

The Chinese government may soon simplify the system for obtaining permanent residence permits for foreign citizens. This was reported by the Ministry of justice of the PRC.

A notice was published on the Agency’s website, according to which this measure is aimed at attracting talented and professional personnel from abroad, as well as foreign capital for the purpose of state construction. This idea is still under consideration. Public authorities in China interview residents to take into account their wishes. In addition, as part of this initiative, the Chinese government intends to improve the migration control system….

According to the current rules of the PRC, only a few foreign citizens of four categories can get the right to permanent residence in China. Among them are those who have invested in the Chinese economy from 500 thousand to two million dollars, and have established themselves as a reliable investor and taxpayer….

Turkey has banned refugees from crossing the Aegean sea to the EU

The Turkish coast guard has banned refugees from crossing the sea border with Greece. According to the Turkish authorities, the ban is related to the danger of this route.

“Illegal immigrants are not allowed to cross the Aegean sea because of the threat to their safety,” the Turkish NTV channel quoted the coast guard as saying

The Crimean authorities said that they do not intend to touch the water from Ukraine

The head of the Crimean Parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, said that Crimea does not need the Dnieper water until the Ukrainian authorities abandon their claims to the Russian Peninsula and guarantee the safety of supplies, RIA “Novosti”reports.

The permanent mission of the President of Ukraine in Crimea published a statement on its Facebook page, which States that the resumption of water supplies to Crimea is impossible until “the moment of its de-occupation”.

A trailer for the war drama “Greyhound” based on a script by Tom Hanks has been released

Greyhound is set in 1942. American captain Ernest Krause, who was first entrusted with the command of the destroyer, led an allied convoy moving across the Atlantic ocean under attack by German submarines, according to the description for the video.

В Германии провели испытание крылатого аэротакси Tensor 600X.

В соответствии с планами инженеров-разработчиков, тестирование будет продолжаться до конца текущего года. Начало коммерческого использования аппарата намечено на 2021 год


Корабль Тихоокеанского флота «Адмирал Виноградов» приплыл на Шри-Ланку

Корабль Тихоокеанского флота «Адмирал Виноградов» в соответствии с ранее заключёнными договорённостями приплыл на Шри-Ланку в порт Коломбо с деловым заходом. Об этом сообщает пресс-служба ВВО по ТОФ.

«Новый значимый ответ» на бездумную критику

Бездумная критика со стороны Европы деятельности Северной Кореи по самообороне вызовет новый значимый ответ, заявил представитель МИД КНДР, 7 марта сообщает Центральное телеграфное агентство Кореи (ЦТАК).

Таким образом северокорейское ведомство прокомментировало прозвучавшую на заседании Совбеза ООН критику по проведенным в Северной Корее артиллерийским учениям. Так, например, представитель ФРГ Кристоф Хойсген заявил, что своими учениями Пхеньян нарушил международное право.

NASA has teamed up with 17 companies to develop urban aircraft

The US national Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) has signed a space Act Agreement with 17 companies in the aviation industry, including Boeing, Uber, and AirMap.

In “Cinderella”, a gender-neutral dark-skinned fairy godmother will appear

Sony’s new Cinderella movie will feature a gender-neutral dark-skinned fairy godmother. Billy porter is invited to one of the roles of the remake, according to SVS News. The premiere of the fairy-tale film is scheduled for 2021.

Motorola introduced the Moto G8 smartphone

Motorola introduced smartphones from the Moto G8 line 4 months ago. It included models called Moto G8 Play and Moto G8 Plus, but the device with the same name line was not there. Today, the company decided to fix this flaw and introduced The Moto G8 smartphone.

The Americans experienced an enlarged kamikaze drone

The American company AeroVironment developed an enlarged version of the Switchblade barrage munition and began testing it. According to Flightglobal, the improved kamikaze drone is able to carry a larger warhead over a greater distance. Development of the munition has been underway since 2019.

Intel chipsets found an unrecoverable vulnerability

Positive Technologies experts have discovered an unrecoverable vulnerability in most Intel chipsets released over the past five years, with the help of which an attacker can extract confidential information from the victim’s computers. The press service of Positive Technologies told TASS about this.

Stratolaunch announced the timing of the resumption of flights of the Stratolaunch Model 351

From September 2020, Stratolaunch plans to resume test flights of the Stratolaunch Model 351-the aircraft with the longest wing in the world, according to SpaceNews, referring to the speech of the company’s Vice President. However, in the coming years, the aircraft will not be used for launching missiles, but for testing various technologies and tools in atmospheric and suborbital hypersonic flights

Caffeine doesn’t stimulate creativity

Scientists from the University of Arkansas noted that caffeine contributes to increased concentration and effective problem solving. As reported by today News Ufa with reference to Consciousness and Cognition, caffeine does not affect creativity.

Sponge for cleaning water from petroleum products

Scientists of the Tomsk Polytechnic University (NI TPU) together with their colleagues from the University of Lille (France) have developed a new material for combating oil spills on the water. Its main feature is a regular household sponge made of polyurethane

Canadian scientists are working on creating organic batteries

Scientists in Canada have created an organic molecule that can make lithium-ion batteries much safer for the environment. Organic batteries, which are being developed by York University employees, will be no less productive, capacious and stable than conventional batteries, but they will contain fewer toxic substances.

British rock band Enter Shikari will perform in Moscow.

The artists will present a new album, according to a press release. The release of the band’s sixth album, Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible, is scheduled for April 17. Enter Shikari has already released a video for the album’s first single, the track The Dreamers Hotel

“Golden judge” Elena Khakhaleva complained to Vladimir Putin

The Kommersant newspaper published an open letter from Krasnodar judge Elena Khakhaleva (known in the media as the “Golden judge”) to Russian President Vladimir Putin, to whom she complains of harassment.

“My family and I have been subjected to an information attack from a large business structure for three years. By the hands of unscrupulous journalists and PR people, they are trying to remove me from the position to which I was appointed by you in 2000, ” Khakhaleva writes

A new CTP policy format has come into force in Russia

A new format of the compulsory civil liability insurance policy for vehicle owners (CTP) has come into force in Russia. According to the Central Bank’s instructions, from March 8, drivers can enter information about the CASCO agreement on the reverse side of the CTP policy.

Putin instructed to carry out migration reform in Russia

President Vladimir Putin has given his administration and government a number of instructions to reform Russia’s migration regimes and citizenship institutions, according to the Kremlin’s website. They should be implemented within the framework of the state migration policy concept until 2025. the reform will be based on the proposals prepared by the working group. Here are the main ones.

  • It is proposed to create favorable conditions for resettlement and citizenship in Russia for people who speak the Russian language and are “close to us in mentality and culture”.
  • The need to introduce digital technologies in the field of migration management is emphasized.
  • The main migration status will be a residence permit. A temporary residence permit will be considered only a step before obtaining a residence permit, as a separate migration status, it has outlived itself, the instructions say. To obtain a residence permit, it is enough to register in the state information system, live in Russia, comply with the laws, not get sick with dangerous diseases and know the Russian language. The validity of the residence permit is not limited.
  • It is proposed to establish three types of procedure for admission to citizenship: General, simplified and special.
  • In addition to the existing requirements (knowledge of the Russian language, residence in Russia, compliance with the laws, etc.), it is proposed to introduce a Commission procedure for evaluating applicants for citizenship at the level of Russian regions.
  • Simplified treatment is provided for people from countries “close to us in socio-cultural terms”, for those who have “positive social ties with Russia” or who are in a “vulnerable position”. Simplified granting of citizenship by “economic” criteria (qualification, investment, etc.) is not expected.
  • In a special order, “especially valuable” foreigners for Russia will be accepted for citizenship. The decision regarding them will not be made by the Ministry of internal Affairs, as in other cases, but by the President himself.
  • Mandatory conditions for obtaining the right to stay in Russia for a long time will be the delivery of biometric data for the state information system, the absence of dangerous diseases and the receipt of a single document with an electronic data carrier.
  • It is proposed to divide foreign workers into three categories: employed citizens from the countries of the Eurasian economic Union (who will pay the same income tax as Russians), employed citizens from countries with visa-free entry to Russia, and self-employed foreign citizens.
  • It is proposed to introduce a special migration status – “controlled stay”. It will include additional responsibilities for the migrant (regular personal appearance, restriction of movement, application of additional controls, etc.).
  • The introduction of the “loyalty agreement” Institute is also envisaged. This is a mechanism under which foreign citizens officially assume obligations for entering Russia, the violation of which may lead to the Declaration of undesirability of stay. Such obligations may include compliance with laws, non-participation in political activities, activities of prohibited organizations, etc.

The Ministry of natural resources proposed to cancel fees from the population for separate garbage

The Ministry of natural resources has finalized the concept of extended producer responsibility (ROP), offering to reset tariffs for the population for the export of waste collected separately, and allow businesses to independently dispose of goods and packaging in the presence of their own capacities

RBC has a copy of the document prepared by the Agency. Its authenticity was confirmed by a Federal official and several company employees who were at the meeting at the Ministry of natural resources

Baltika sold its closed plant in Chelyabinsk

Baltika brewing company sold the property complex of its enterprise in Chelyabinsk – the amount of the transaction is not disclosed, the funds will be used for business development, the correspondent of the Access news Agency reports. The site was closed in 2015.

Poland has published new rules for Russian gas transit

The operator of the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline has published a draft of new rules for gas transportation. They will take effect from may, when the current contract for the transit of Russian gas ends. As reported by EADaily, Gazprom will have to buy capacity at an auction, and if there is a certain reduction in transit, the operator can break the contract.

The Taliban denied information about the refusal to comply with the agreement with the United States

The Taliban (the movement is banned in Russia) will comply with all the conditions of the peace agreement signed with the United States on February 29, and rejects the accusations of American intelligence in the desire to abandon it

Russian military in the Baltic sea worked out strikes ” Iskander»

“As part of the planned camp gathering of units of the army corps missile unit, calculations of operational and tactical Iskander missile systems conducted a training on the application of conditional missile strikes,” Interfax quotes the words of the official representative of the baltflot Roman Martov

The US wants to supply Kiev with radar and patrol boats for 125 million dollars

The Ministry of defense has already informed the Pentagon of the relevant plans, TASS reports. We are talking about half of the new tranche of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 250 million. The Pentagon intends to deliver to Kiev including antiartillery radars and patrol boats Mark VI
The Donetsk Parliament recognized Russian as the only state language

Until now, the DPR had two official languages-Russian and Ukrainian. But, as noted in the Parliament, ” the use of the Ukrainian language as a state language has not yet found practical implementation.” The changes will come into force after signing by the head of the DPR and publication on the website of the People’s Council

The head of a strategic enterprise was arrested

In the Novosibirsk region arrested the Director of the strategic enterprises “Anoit” Igor Kukanov. In addition, his Deputy for commercial Affairs, Yuri Khromushkin, was taken into custody. Both are charged under the article “fraud on a large scale”, Interfax notes.

Federal enterprise “Anoit” until recently bore the name of “Kuibyshev chemical plant”. It is the only manufacturer in Russia of ammonium perchlorate — the main component of solid rocket fuels. The company is included in the list of strategic companies.

In an Italian village, rose wine poured from taps instead of water

Frothy pink wine poured from taps instead of water in the Italian village of Castelvetro di Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region. A curious incident occurred due to a failure at the Setticani winery.