9 Мар, 2021

China and Russia have consolidated their efforts

Russia and China oppose color revolutions, encroachments on their sovereignty and political stability, and also intend to uphold the authority of the UN and protect the norms of international law, he explained. In modern conditions, partnership between Beijing and Moscow is necessary, added Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

«China and Russia have consolidated their efforts and are fighting shoulder to shoulder against the spread of the political virus amid a pandemic,» TASS quoted him as saying.

Russian instructor not injured in helicopter crash

A helicopter in the Central African Republic made a hard landing due to technical problems, Russian ambassador to the CAR, Vladimir Titorenko, said. According to him, the accident occurred on March 3, the Russian instructor on board was not injured.

“There were technical problems with the engine. The helicopter made a hard landing. Nobody was hurt — neither the pilot nor the lightly wounded Russian instructor. The CAR Ministry of Defense does not name from which country the Gazelle helicopters are leased, ”Mr. Titorenko told RIA Novosti.

The military enlistment office of the Leningrad region invited the girls to surrender their former boyfriends to the army

The military commissariat of the Leningrad region offered the girls as a gift on March 8 to hand over their former lovers to the army. A video greeting was posted to Instagram on Sunday, March 7th.

To support lamb producers

On Sunday, March 7, in the building of the Levashinsky district administration, a meeting was held on the issues of state support for Dagestan livestock breeders and the regulation of prices for mutton. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic said that 210 million rubles were allocated to support a new direction in sheep breeding in 2021.

Official was dismissed due to violation of the code of conduct for civil servants

A senior government official of Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga, who is considered to be a close associate of the Prime Minister, was removed from office due to suspicions of violating the code of conduct for civil servants. This was reported on Monday by the Kyodo agency.

This is the Vice Minister of Administrative Affairs and Communications Yasuhiko Taniwaki, who met three times for dinner with representatives of the country’s largest telecommunications company NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) between 2018 and 2020. It is reported that NTT representatives paid for the meals each time. In total, they cost 107 thousand yen ($ 987).

Switzerland has banned the wearing of the burqa in public places

The Swiss authorities decided to ban the wearing of burqas and niqabs in public places, this decision was made during a referendum. This is reported by Swiss Info, citing data from the public broadcaster SRG. In particular, the law provides for the imposition of a ban on hiding the face while in public places with the help of wardrobe items, for example, a balaclava, a scarf.

This initiative also applies to foreign tourists. An exception to this rule will be places of religious worship, as well as cases when a person is closed for medical reasons.

How many Russians have withdrawn from accounts in foreign currency per year

In 2020, Russians withdrew more than $ 28 billion of foreign currency from bank accounts in cash, which is 21 percent more than in 2019. This is reported by «Izvestia» with reference to the statistics of the Central Bank. The most popular withdrawal currencies were the dollar and the euro.

Debts of Russians on loans transferred for collection

In total, in January, bailiffs were executing 8 million enforcement proceedings to collect debts from individuals in favor of credit institutions for a total of 1.8 trillion rubles. A year ago, there were 5.8 million such documents, and the debts of citizens on them exceeded 1.6 trillion rubles.

Roskomnadzor demanded from Facebook to restore the notes of TASS and RBC

Russian news agencies RBC and TASS simultaneously complained that the social network Facebook removed their articles about the detention in Voronezh of alleged supporters of the Ukrainian youth radical group MKU. Both materials were written based on a press release from the FSB.

However, a Ukrainian expert conducted a study for StopFake and in it called the published information about the detainees’ belonging to the group a lie. After that, Facebook blocked the posts.

The agencies insist on the correctness of the information provided and have sent requests to the management of the social network. Roskomnadzor, in turn, threatened the social network with a fine of 1 million rubles

The royal family will be left without private planes

Queen Elizabeth II’s official aircraft fleet will be sold as part of the defense spending cuts. Thus, she and the other members of the royal family will be left without private planes. Four BAE-146 airliners will be withdrawn from the Air Force next year.

Whose salaries Russians consider unreasonably high

The poll participants most often named politicians (79%) and bankers (61%), the study showed. Their salaries were considered too high in the world — 74 and 41%, respectively. Among other professions whose representatives receive unjustifiably high salaries, a quarter of the Russians surveyed named police officers, another 14% — programmers.

In the opinion of the respondents, social workers in Russia receive too little wages — for example, those who help the elderly or people with disabilities (71%). Slightly fewer respondents called the salaries of nurses (70%) and childcare workers, such as daycare workers and nannies, unjustifiably low (69%). Insufficient pay for teachers was reported by 63% of Russians surveyed.