10 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/09/2020

The trial begins in the Hague over the death of a Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 flying on flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. On July 17, 2014, the plane was shot down over the territory of the Donetsk region. All 298 people on Board were killed, most of them citizens of the Netherlands, Malaysia, as well as Australia, Indonesia, the UK and other countries. The trial in the Hague may be delayed for six months, the lawyer of one of the accused Elena Kutina told RIA Novosti. There are four defendants in the case.e.

Unified quality management system will appear in all Russian hospitals

On Sunday journalists were told by the Minister of health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko in Kazan after visiting the Republican clinical hospital. A unified quality management system will be gradually implemented in all medical institutions in the country, and internal processes in hospitals should be digitized to ensure high-quality and safe medical care for patients.

Foreign diplomats from Pyongyang arrived in Vladivostok on a special flight

A special Air Koryo flight brought foreign diplomats from Pyongyang (Democratic people’s Republic of Korea) to Vladivostok, RIA Novosti reported, citing a representative of the airline. The Agency does not have information about whether this is the only special flight or others are planned.

Earlier, it was reported that the North Korean authorities intend to meet the request of European diplomatic missions and organize a flight from Pyongyang to Vladivostok. This way, Embassy staff can return to their homeland. Diplomats from Switzerland, great Britain, Germany and members of the delegations in Pyongyang planned to reach their countries via Vladivostok.

Bloomberg learned the content of Putin’s conversation with oil companies before the breakup of the OPEC deal

Russia’s position was that American shale oil producers should share the damage from falling demand for raw materials and go for a reduction in production in the United States, one of the participants in the meeting of President Vladimir Putin with Russian oil producers and key Ministers, which took place a few days before the talks with OPEC in Vienna, told Bloomberg.

In Russia, vegetarianism was called particularly dangerous

According to today News Ufa, the culture of vegetarianism in Russia is undeveloped. For this reason, there is a risk of the manifestation of vitamin deficiency. In Russia, there is no agro-industrial industry that can provide vegetarians with a full diet. These people are at risk of nutritional deficiencies and may develop anemia.

The state Duma rejected the proposal to charge interest on escrow accounts

The state Duma Committee on natural resources, property and land relations rejected suggestions that interest could be charged to escrow accounts for home buyers

Archpriest Smirnov called migrants the future of Russia

Archpriest Dimitri Smirnov called on Russians to reconsider their attitude to migrants, who, in his opinion, will make up the majority of the country’s population in the future. He said this on radio Radonezh on March 9.

The Ministry of Finance explained the increase in contributions for entrepreneurs

Insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs for themselves will grow by 10.6% in 2021, which is 2.65 times higher than inflation, the Ministry of Finance confirmed. The Agency said that indexing payments for insurance premiums for individual entrepreneurs is a “standard procedure” that is carried out in accordance with current legislation. Such indexation ahead of inflation is necessary to “preserve the pension rights that are being formed today,” the Ministry of Finance points out.

The collapse in global markets.

On March 9, the price of Brent North sea oil fell more than 27%, falling below $32 per barrel, and WTI fell below $30 per barrel. In the course of trading, Brent fell as much as 31% to $31.27 per barrel.

Against the background of the collapse of oil prices in the international currency market, the rates of the us and European currencies soared. The dollar was trading at 72 rubles apiece, while the Euro was trading at 82 rubles.

The fall in oil prices and the strengthening of the dollar and the Euro affected Asian indices. The Hang Seng index of the Hong Kong stock exchange fell 1064 points (4.07%) to 25,071, as of 04:54 GMT. The Nikkei 225 index of the Tokyo stock exchange also declined at the opening of trading. It fell 1,196 (5.77%) points to 19,553 points as of 05:10 GMT. As of 05:17 Moscow time, the SSEC index fell by 2.11% to 2,970. 75 points on the Shanghai stock exchange.

The share price of Saudi Arabia’s oil company Saudi Aramco fell by 9.09% to 30 rials (about $8) after the OPEC agreement was broken at the end of trading on March 8, the first time it fell below the IPO level.

The chamber of accounts questioned the reduction of poverty in Russia in 2020

The implementation of social measures from the President’s address may not be enough to reduce poverty to 10.8% in 2020. This is stated in the conclusion of the accounting chamber to the amendments to the budget for 2020 and the planning period 2021-2022, reports “TASS”.

The personal computer market in Russia fell by almost 8%

At the end of 2019, sales of personal computers in Russia fell by 7.8% compared to 2018. This is evidenced by the results of the IDC PC Quarterly Tracker study published on the company’s website.

The head of the traffic police made an important statement for all drivers

Mikhail Chernikov, the head of the State road safety Inspectorate (traffic police) of Russia, said that car inspectors are required to make a video recording of the violation procedure from drivers on the road, PRIMPRESS reports.

“There are video recorders in traffic police cars now. Why don’t you oblige the inspectors to make a video recording of the violation and the proceedings with the driver? This would avoid extortion, ” Elena Kalinkina, a motorist from Ulan-Ude, told Chernikov

Answering the question, the head of the traffic police stressed that this requirement is already enshrined in the administrative regulations of the Department.

Near Irkutsk, orphans are evicted from apartments because of a debt on a communal apartment

In the Irkutsk district of the Irkutsk region, orphaned children who live in houses in the village of Malaya Topka may soon lose their allocated housing. According to “Vesti-Irkutsk”, because of the accumulated debts for housing and communal services, the Ministry of property of the Irkutsk region decided to evict the orphans as unscrupulous payers.

Guests of Thailand are invited to a fascinating journey on an old steam locomotive.

Traditionally, the train departs from the Bangkok railway station. The rare steam train will leave the Thai capital for Ayutthaya at the end of March. The fare is about $8. The sale is carried out at the ticket offices of Hua Lamphong Station.

The Thai rarity train leaves the route four times a year. Each flight is timed to a specific event. Thus, March 26 marks the anniversary of the opening of the first public railway, August 12-the Queen’s birthday, October 23-the anniversary of the death of king Rama V and December 5-the anniversary of the birth of king Rama IX.

British companies are ready to spend £12 billion on electric cars

British commercial companies are ready to invest more than 12 billion pounds in electric transport due to higher fuel taxes. This data is shown by a study conducted by gas and electricity supplier Centrica, on March 8, the Guardian reports.

Gas force majeure declared in China

China’s largest oil and gas Corporation CNPC intends to freeze imports of natural gas due to the force majeure caused by the coronavirus epidemic. Caixin writes about This, citing sources in the Corporation. It is noted that both LNG and pipeline deliveries will be stopped for a short period of time.

Thus, it is possible to freeze supplies for the Power of Siberia gas pipeline, which was put into operation in December last year, a joint project of Gazprom and CNPC, through which 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas is planned to be delivered to China annually.

Venezuela swapped millions of tons of oil for products

Venezuela traded millions of barrels of crude oil for water carriers and corn as part of an Oil-for-food agreement with Mexico’s Libre Abordo to secure imports under U.S. sanctions, according to the company’s report and export schedule, Reuters reports.

Erdogan declared Turkey’s right to military action in Syria

Ankara will achieve the goals of operation Spring shield with its own military resources if ” Moscow does not fulfill its obligations on Syria,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned. According to him, Turkey has never wanted to Annex Syrian lands. The politician pointed out that his task is to create safe conditions in which 3.6 million Syrians from Turkey and 1.5 million Idlib residents who are on the border will return to their homes.

The US has shown a submarine capable of attacking without military orders

The United States Navy demonstrated a submarine controlled by artificial intelligence and able to make a decision about an attack without an order from the military. The us Navy will receive this submarine for service within the next three years.

Japan opened the largest plant for the production of hydrogen

The partners hope to eventually move the hydrogen production technology abroad. “Hydrogen can be produced in other countries with lower renewable energy costs and sent to Japan,” said Iwatani Executive Director Manabu Tsuyoshi.

Putin appointed Siluanov as a member of Rostec’s Supervisory Board»

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree appointing Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov as a member of the Supervisory Board of the rostec state Corporation. The document was published on Sunday on the official portal of legal information

Two anti-submarine strike groups of the Navy were formed in Kamchatka

The Pacific fleet has formed two anti-submarine strike groups to search for possible enemy submarines, the press service of the fleet told reporters.

“Two anti-submarine strike groups were formed in the connection of ships protecting the water area of the troops and forces in the North — East of Russia after the successful completion of tasks by combat ships at sea with the implementation of practical firing from all types of ship weapons,” the report says.

North Korea launches three missiles towards the sea of Japan

The North Korean military launched three missiles on Monday night, Yonhap news Agency reported, citing the General staff of the Republic of Korea. According to the South Korean military command, the missiles were launched towards the sea of Japan from areas adjacent to the Eastern city of Songdok in Hamgyong-namdo province. Data on the type of missiles, their range and altitude are not given in Seoul.

Erdogan announced a tender for the construction of the Istanbul canal»

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that soon a tender will be held for the construction of the Istanbul canal, which will go between the Black and Marmara seas bypassing the Bosphorus Strait

Russian Tu-142 simulated attack on the NATO fleet

In the area where the NATO military fleet was located, several Russian combat aircraft were detected, which were practicing an attack on surface and underwater ships of a simulated enemy. Seeing the threat to the fleet, the UK sent two Eurofigher Typhoon fighters to intercept.

Loans for gifts for International women’s day

The number of loans for gifts for International women’s day increased by 4% compared to the previous year, and most of these loans were issued by residents of the Moscow region, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk. In the pre-holiday week, the average loan size of male borrowers was 19.3 thousand rubles.

On the eve of March 8, 260 thousand men issued loans for gifts for International women’s day in the amount of 2.5-2.7 billion rubles. It is noted that last year there were 250 thousand of them in the amount of 2 billion rubles, experts estimate. At the same time, most of the loans were issued by men living in Moscow and the Moscow region, Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.

“Dirt cemetery” by Martin o’kane

For the first time, Corpus publishing house is publishing one of the most famous Irish novels in Russian — Martin o’cain’s “Dirt of the cemetery”. It was first published in 1949 — a book consisting of dialogues of corpses in an Irish cemetery, considered one of the best examples of Irish modernism. It was only translated into English in 2016, and now it is published in Russian, translated from the Irish by Yuri Andreychuk (editor Shashi Martynov)

Putin defined Medvedev’s powers in the security Council.

The Deputy Chairman of the security Council, in particular, informs the President on national security issues, coordinates the annual report of the Council and explains its decisions, and participates in the development and implementation of Russia’s foreign policy. The duties of the Deputy Chairman of the security Council partially duplicate the powers of the Secretary of the security Council, which are also described in the presidential decree.

The Grand collapse of Russian securities in London:

X5 Retail Group -22.5%
VTB -17.2%
MMC Norilsk Nickel -6.7%
Gazprom -20.4%
Gazpromneft -13.6%
Evraz -15.9%
Tape -7.7%
LUKOIL -22.1%
MMK -7.3%
Magnet -19.9%
NLMK -14.2%
Rosneft -24.2%
Rostelecom -8%
Rusagro -8%
Sberbank -25.5%
Severstal -15.4%
Surgutneftegaz -21.6%
TCS Bank -27.8%
Tatneft -25.4%

Released a trailer for the series ” Scary tales: City of angels»

The film stars Daniel Zovatto, Nathan lane, Adrian Barras, Natalie Dormer and others. The film was directed by Cherie Foxon and Paco Cabezas. The premiere Of “city of angels” is expected on April 26, 2020.



Christina Aguilera recorded a song for the film “Mulan»

Aguilera published on her page on the social network Twitter one of the trailers for the film under the composition of her own performance Loyal Brave True, the name of which coincides with the slogan of the tape. According to the singer, “Mulan” is a special experience for her, and this composition is “a beautiful continuation of this story”.

Speaking about the continuation of the story, 39-year-old Aguilera meant that it is not the first time that she performs the song for “Mulan”. In 1998, the audience heard it in this story in the composition Reflection. Then the song was played in the final credits.

Melodiya published an album by composer and pianist Anton Batagov

The Gnessin virtuosos orchestra consists of high school students from the Gnessin school where Batagov was trained. The composer himself said that adult musicians can learn from them not only enthusiasm and drive, but also the quality of the game.

Konstantin Kinchev announced a new rock festival in St. Petersburg

As it became known on Saturday, March 7, the frontman of the group “Alice” Konstantin Kinchev announced the creation of the annual rock festival “KKinchevFest”. The artist told about this the night before in the official Instagram account of his project

Moscow will host the Tchaikovsky and Beethoven festival

The double anniversary – 250 years of Beethoven and 180 years of Tchaikovsky – is celebrated in Zaryadye with a large-scale festival of music by two classics. This evening, perhaps the most famous and widely reproduced works of composers will be performed – Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Tchaikovsky’s Fourth.

Released the final trailer for the cartoon “Scooby-Doo”



Apple Watch will add a function for detecting blood oxygen

Apple plans to add at least two new features to the Apple Watch smartwatch by the end of the year. Experts suggest that the function of determining blood oxygen will be available in iOS 14, which will be released with the next generation of iPhone in the early autumn of 2020.

Buffalo has introduced a rugged pocket SSD drive weighing 15 g

Buffalo, the manufacturer of data storage devices, introduced a miniature SSD-PSMU3, a portable SSD format, weighing 15 g. it is small in size and has high strength properties.

The 75-inch Xiaomi Mi TV 5 will go on sale on March 13

55 -, and 65-inch TVs went on sale almost immediately, but the company postponed the start of sales of 75-inch models for some reason. Today, Xiaomi finally announced that the 75-inch Mi TV 5 and Mi TV 5 Pro will go on sale on March 13.

Acer has introduced two monitors with a frequency of 240 Hz

The Japanese division of Acer introduced the first Predator brand monitors with Fast IPS matrices and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. These are models with 24-and 27-inch diagonals.

Mini-computers on non-existent processors

On the Intel Corporation website, a description of two new computers of the small form factor Next Unit of Computing (NUC)-devices of the Bean Canyon Lite family. In particular, the nuc8i3behs and NUC8i5BEHS models were announced. They use Core i3-8140U and Core i5-8260U processors that have not yet been officially presented.

Mini-computers allow installation of up to 64 GB of ddr4-2400 RAM in the form of two SO-DIMM modules. Inside the case, there is space for one 2.5-inch drive. In addition, the M. 2 solid-state module can be used.

For the first time, the structure of the molecule was studied in 126 dimensions

Scientists were able to solve the mystery of benzene, a unique molecule that is located simultaneously-it’s hard to believe! — in 126 dimensions at once. According to media Stream, a group of researchers has solved one of the fundamental mysteries of chemistry.

Gray rats refused to harm their relatives even for food

Experts from the Netherlands Institute found that gray rats are trying to get food so that under no circumstances do not harm their relatives. During the experiment, scientists tried to understand whether the animals care about their relatives.

Scientists told about the epidemic of early aging

In a recent study, Canadian scientists have found evidence that obesity accelerates the aging process and is even a form of aging. The researchers came to this conclusion after analyzing the biological processes of aging and obesity, because they were identical. Thus, experts focus on the need for timely control of excess weight.

When our brain cells become saturated they change their shape

When our body gets enough calories, the best thing we should do is stop eating. The team, led By Danaé Nuzzaci from the French National science center (CNRS), studied in detail how this signal is generated in the brain and transmitted further. The result was completely unexpected for the researchers.

As Nuzachi’s team discovered in an experiment with mice, cells of a different type responded to the increase in sugar levels in the rodent brain instead of POMC neurons: astrocytes, which surround neurons and act as a kind of “brake”when transmitting a signal. If the concentration of glucose in the blood increased, the astrocytes changed their shape and retreated slightly from the POMC neurons, which only then could trigger a satiety signal. The entire process took place in rodents within an hour after a balanced meal, the authors report in Cell Reports. Interestingly, astrocytes did not react this way when animals were given very fatty foods.

Developed contact lenses that correct color blindness

Experts from Israel have developed contact lenses that correct color blindness. To make the development work, the experts applied an ultra-thin layer of gold particles that were elliptical in shape to the lenses. Note that red-green color blindness is manifested by the fact that a person can not recognize red and green colors. Basically, this disease is common among men. In this disease, the photoreceptors responsible for detecting the green color respond to light that is associated with more red colors

New connection for storing information

A group of chemists synthesized new molecular iron complexes with switchable magnetic properties and proposed a completely new principle for their construction. Attaching different “tails” to organic frames allows you to control their sensitivity to an external signal over wide temperature ranges. The development will help develop devices for ultra-dense storage and ultra-fast information processing. The work was supported by a grant from the Russian science Foundation. The results of the study are presented in the journal Chemistry — a European Journal.

A marine rescue robot was developed in Singapore

Employees of the Singapore-based company Zycraft have developed an improved version of the Dolphin marine rescue robot, which is designed to deliver tools and medicines, as well as evacuate people from emergency vessels.

The fully electric robot is able to perform its work for 30 minutes on a single battery charge. The maximum speed of the robot is 8 knots thanks to two water jet engines with electric motors. The robot is equipped with fog lights and a communication system that allows the operator to control the device using a remote control at a distance of 500 meters

6,000 stone glaciers with fresh water were found in the Altai mountains

After finding thousands of stone glaciers with fresh water, their main task is to estimate the volume of ice in stone glaciers using geophysical methods. According to scientists, stone glaciers are quite complex objects for research, they are located in the remote highlands. Specialists will also have to calculate the volume of fresh water contained in glacial-permafrost rock formations.

From one potato 60 units of seedlings

The technology for growing potato seedlings was developed by scientists of the South Ural research Institute of horticulture and potato growing (UUNIISK) in Chelyabinsk, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation reported on March 4.

According to the report, the new technology is to use a phytotron plant, which allows you to get up to 60 units of healthy and cheap seedlings from one plant. Thus, in 35-40 days, scientists can get up to 600 units of seedlings per square meter. It is noted that the creation of the phytotron installation took three months. At the moment more than 1.5 thousand plants of 8 varieties have already been grown