10 Мар, 2021

For spreading false information about price changes

Anatoly Vyborny, a State Duma deputy from United Russia, has developed a bill criminalizing the dissemination of false information about changes in prices for socially important essential food products. He proposes to punish for this with a fine of 200 to 800 thousand rubles. or imprisonment for up to three years. The FAS generally supported the introduction of liability for price fakes.

Roskomnadzor demanded from Telegram to block bots collecting data

Roskomnadzor demanded that Telegram block bots that collect and distribute personal data of Russians. The department considered their activities illegal, and to find the owners they turned to law enforcement agencies, according to the Kommersant newspaper ..

Belarusian oppositionists made a film about corruption

The opposition Telegram channels NEXTA and NEXTA Live, coordinating the protests in Belarus after the presidential elections, announced the airing of the «investigation film about corruption» of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

Russian bailiffs have restricted the departure of debtors from the country

«The number of enforcement proceedings, within the framework of which decisions were made on temporary restrictions on the departure of debtors from the Russian Federation in January 605.6 thousand,» — said in the reporting which leads TASS ..

According to the ministry, every tenth debtor is a defaulter of alimony. At the beginning of the year, a decree restricting exit from the country was in effect for 3.8 million Russians. The FSSP has already collected more than 1.7 billion rubles. This year, bailiffs have accumulated about eight million productions.

The European Commission approved the merger of Microsoft and ZeniMax

The European Commission concluded that Microsoft’s takeover of ZeniMax does not threaten competition or violate European Union antitrust and other laws. The deal was approved by the regulator without additional conditions. This was reported by The Verge portal.

Milonov complained about the insufficient salaries of the State Duma deputies

The deputies may receive unreasonably large sums of money, but they are barely enough to support their families and the costs of maintaining employees. Everyone counts income, but many forget about spending, said Vitaly Milonov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. He told about this to «Evening Moscow». Milonov noted that he does not consider the salaries of the deputies to be greatly increased.

“If you divide this amount into the costs of maintaining millions of employees, on flights (I just live in two cities), on advertising, the election campaign, billboards and other procedures, then you will understand that you get no more than a middle manager in some a large corporation, ”he said.

Russian cameras will teach to recognize new violations

Developers of complexes for photo and video recording of traffic violations say that cameras can be trained to record any events. Including violations to which the traffic police inspectors from time to time turned a blind eye — like not wearing seat belts for … rear passengers.

Penalties for driving without a CTP policy are one of the nearest innovations that will add to the functionality of cameras.

Drivers who have not passed the official technical inspection will begin to receive fines from cameras for this in about a year — from March 1, 2022.

Already in the Moscow region, experts, together with the traffic police, are testing a system for recognizing headlights on or off.

Solutions using the technology for recognizing incidents and emergency situations have already begun to be implemented in Russia.

Cameras already know how to fix and send signals to the traffic center or to traffic police posts about suspicious behavior of motorists.

Patriarch Kirill awarded the head physician of the Togliatti Medgorodok

The Patriarchal Gratitude medal was established by the Russian Orthodox Church in 2012. This award is presented for the work and services incurred before Orthodoxy. On one side of it there are two hands, a miter, a cross and the inscription “I bless and thank”, on the other is written the name of Patriarch Kirill.

Russia exported a record amount of food in 2020

In 2020, Russia exported a record 79 million tons of agricultural products and food for $ 30.7 billion, RBC reports with reference to the federal center «Agroexport» of the Ministry of Agriculture. This is 20% more in both monetary and physical terms compared to 2019. Food exports in 2020 increased for all major groups of goods: grain, butter, meat and milk

Net profit of Otkritie Group in 2020

Otkritie Banking Group has published its annual consolidated financial statements for 2020 in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). At the end of the year, the group received 43.4 billion rubles in net profit.

Net profit of medium and large companies in Russia in 2020

Profit before taxes in 2020 in the economy decreased by 23.5%, according to the operational data of Rosstat. Last year’s net losses were recorded in five industries: production and distribution of steam and distribution of gas, hotel and restaurant business, rail passenger transportation, coal mining — they faced a sharp drop in demand. A decrease in the share of profitable organizations is observed in almost all types of activities, except for agriculture and forestry. Despite the decline in financial performance, the number of profitable companies in the power industry, postal services and courier activities increased.

Debts of Russians on loans transferred for collection

According to the Federal Bailiff Service, Russians’ debts on bank loans transferred for enforcement exceeded 1.8 trillion rubles this year, TASS reports.

Buying yen and yuan yields negative yields

The report of the Ministry of Finance on the placement of funds of the National Wealth Fund (NWF) says that its liquid part from mid-December 2020 to the end of February 2021 brought negative returns — minus $ 50 million (3.7 billion rubles).

“As soon as the [RF Ministry of Finance] department acquired 600.3 billion yen and 110.5 billion yuan, their rates went down,” writes Rosbalt, referring to the financial department’s report on the results of the placement of funds from the NWF.

Russian gambling business tax in 2020

The organizers of gambling have to pay 1.59 billion rubles of tax on gambling business at the end of 2020, follows from the data of the Federal Tax Service, which was reviewed by the portal «Rating of Bookmakers».

Australia reports record for solar energy production

The record for solar power generation was set in Australia, the Renew Economy news portal reported on March 7. It is indicated that on March 5, solar power plants in Australia (not including solar panels installed on the roofs of houses) delivered 3,474.8 MW to the national electricity market.

Young Americans decide to spend up to half of their government payments on stocks

The majority of young Americans intend to spend up to half of the upcoming stimulus payments from the state on investments in shares, Deutcshe Bank found out, according to a poll reported by CNBC.

World’s fastest supercomputer inaugurates in Japan

Supercomputer «Fugaku» was overclocked on Tuesday to the limit, the fastest supercomputer in the world began to look for a cure for coronavirus in the world. The Japanese machine can perform more than 415 quadrillion calculations per second and has already figured out how breath droplets propagate, according to the Computing Center of the Japan State Institute of Life Sciences in Kobe.

Eyeless worms see color

Researchers at Yale University write in Science that eyeless roundworms — the nematodes Caenorhabditis elegans — avoid certain types of light waves — that is, they simply do not like certain colors. Living in soil and in piles of rotting organic matter, they feed on bacteria. Among the bacteria there are not very tasty ones, for example, the poisonous Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The worms somehow distinguish Pseudomonas aeruginosa from other bacteria and avoid approaching it.

Source of hazardous particles detected in the Sun

The release of particles during solar activity can lead to unpleasant consequences, experts said. At this moment, they acquire a strong energy charge, writes the Science Advances portal.

Particles that have received such properties can lead to malfunctions in the operation of electrical appliances, as well as affect satellites. It turned out that these elements belong to the solar chromosphere. It was possible to study the phenomenon thanks to the NASA Wind apparatus

Scientists have discovered a new metabolic signal in plants

Researchers from the University of York have found that flowers are capable of setting up a kind of «alarm clock» before dark in order to maintain their vital activity at night.

Contact lenses specially designed for color blind people

Scientists from the United States have created safe contact lenses designed specifically for people with color blindness. Specialty lenses are created using gold nanoparticles, which means that these contact lenses are non-toxic and can be used for many years. Scientists have mixed nanoparticles into a hydrogel polymer that filters light in the 520-580 nm wavelength range, since it is in this limit that red and green colors overlap.

Sea slugs cut off their head to regenerate a new body

Everyone has heard of animals that can lose and then regain a tail or limb. But scientists have discovered two species of Sacoglossana sea slugs that can work even better by discarding and then regenerating a completely new body with a heart and other internal organs.

We were surprised to see the movement of the head immediately after the autotomy. We thought that the slug would soon die without a heart and other important organs, but we were again surprised to find that it regenerates the entire body. — Sayaka Mito of Nara University in Japan

A fragment of a disappeared ancient protoplanet found in Algeria

In Algeria, scientists have found a fragment of a protoplanet older than Earth. This meteorite fell in the Sahara Desert in 2020, the results of the analysis showed that its age is 4.6 billion years.

Astronomers have discovered the most distant known source of radio emission

Scientists have discovered the most distant quasar with powerful radio jets. The discovery was made by astronomers using the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (VLT ESO). The results of the study are published in The Astrophysical Journal.

The quasar was named P172 + 18. The source of radio emission is located 13 billion light years from Earth, and the telescope recorded its light as it was when the age of the universe was only 780 million years.

WhatsApp will stop working on iOS 9

The WhatsApp messenger app for iPhone will stop working on Apple phones running iOS 9. This was reported by the WABetaInfo resource — support for the outdated operating system (iOS 9 was released in 2015) has disappeared from the latest beta versions of WhatsApp.

New data extraction hole found in Intel processors

Scientists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have identified a new vulnerability in Intel processors that allows them to steal user data, including text typed on the keyboard.

The IOC did not recognize Viktor Lukashenko as the President of the NOC of Belarus

The Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee refused to recognize the election of the son of the President of Belarus Viktor Lukashenko as the head of the National Olympic Committee (NOC). The corresponding decision was made following a discussion by the IOC of the elective general assembly of the NOC of Belarus.

US Secretary of State calls Lukashenko the last dictator in Europe

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko the last dictator in Europe, reports the TV channel «360». He stressed that America will continue to seek the release of political prisoners in the republic.

A kind of pet to take care of

The creation of artificial superintelligence, which is predicted in the region of 2070, may lead to the fact that a person for him will become a kind of pet that needs to be taken care of, but which does not affect the development of the owner. This was stated in an interview with RIA Novosti by a member of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign Defense Policy, head of the Singularity University office in Moscow, futurologist Evgeny Kuznetsov.

A coup d’etat was being prepared in Abkhazia

The state security service of Abkhazia reported that the former commander of the Donetsk militia Akhra Avidzba and five of his guards were planning to participate in a coup d’état in the republic. The day before, the court arrested Avidzba for a month. The ex-commander of the militia was an assistant to the head of Abkhazia, but left this position «due to the loss of faith» in working in the Bzhania team.

Loans to economically active Russians

60% of economically active Russians have loans, and every 12th is overdue. The collectors’ association named the reasons for non-payments (RIA Novosti has the data):

  • 75% of debtors experience financial difficulties (a year earlier there were only 50% of them)
  • 6% are waiting for a court decision
  • 5% intend to declare bankrupt
  • 4% refer to «credit holidays»
  • 3% just don’t want to pay
  • 2% constantly change their legend
  • 1% blame the coronavirus

Global attack on the Microsoft Exchange Server mail program

Western publications write that hackers attacked the Microsoft Exchange Server mail program, gaining access to users’ e-mails. The FT writes that 30 thousand organizations from small businesses to federal departments became victims of the attack in the United States, the WSJ claims that hackers could have hacked more than 250 thousand servers, the Finnish authorities report that all organizations in the country using Microsoft Exchange were subjected to a cyberattack.

NYT, citing Microsoft representatives, writes that a group of Chinese hackers Hafnium, which is likely «sponsored by the state and operating outside of China», may be behind the cyberattack. The White House said the attack «could be far-reaching» and has created an interagency team to determine its scope.

Supreme Court overturns sentence to ex-President of Brazil

Chief Justice Fakin overturned former President Lula da Silva’s conviction and reinstated him in political rights, allowing the leftist leader to run for president again in the 2022 elections. A former trade union leader, Lula was twice elected President of the Workers’ Party (2002 and 2006) and launched popular anti-poverty programs. After the impeachment, Rousseff Lula became a defendant in a criminal corruption case and was imprisoned six months before the 2018 elections and was unable to run.

Russian government tightens price controls

According to RIA Novosti, the Russian government is strengthening price controls and introducing constant monitoring of prices for consumer goods and services. In case of an accelerated rise in price or its threat, the relevant departments will propose to the government response measures.

Control will be the prices for food, alcohol, tobacco, medicines, household appliances, furniture, computers and telephones, gasoline and diesel, communication services, housing and communal services, transport tickets (except for taxis), education services and prices for hotel rooms and in museums and theaters.