11 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/10/2020

The United States began the process of withdrawing its troops from Afghan territory as part of an earlier agreement with the radical Taliban movement (banned in Russia).

The US will warn violators of sanctions against Iran

The us authorities intend to warn sea carriers about the inadmissibility of violating the anti-Iranian sanctions regime, Reuters reported on March 9, citing a source from the US state Department. We are talking about the hidden transportation of Iranian oil, which involves ports, tankers, and other participants in the world market

The US has moved b-2 strategic bombers to Europe

The US has moved strategic low-visibility B-2 Spirit bombers to Europe, the European command of the US armed forces said in a press release. The bombers, whose number has not been named, arrived on Monday from an air base in Missouri to an air base in the Portuguese Azores.

The US has named weapons that want to be included in the extension of start-3

According to the US state Department, the task is to ensure that the Treaty covers not only the currently envisaged military means, but also “the range of new Russian weapons systems that are being developed and that would not fall under the start-3.”

“Some of them are somewhat exotic weapons, such as the nuclear-armed Poseidon nuclear-powered underwater vehicle, a nuclear-powered cruise missile and an air-launched ballistic missile,” a senior state Department official told reporters.

Russian intelligence officer “Baltika” is seen at the US naval base

A large Russian reconnaissance ship, the Baltika, is spotted near the us Pacific fleet’s naval base, pearl Harbor. The base is located on the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago. The movement of the reconnaissance ship was monitored by the American coast guard.

The draft law on penalties for illegal content on the Internet is being prepared by the Federation Council

The Federation Council and the safe Internet League are developing a bill on penalties for illegal content on the Internet. The Committee of the Federation Council for science, education and culture is preparing the project. Roskomnadzor was not involved in the development of the initiative. The initiators expect that fines can protect children from the promotion of extremism and drug addiction in the Network

In Russia, they decided to cancel fish protection zones

The Ministry of agriculture of Russia is preparing to submit to the state Duma a draft resolution canceling the definition of fish protection zones. The Ministry explained the appearance of the document by the implementation of the regulatory guillotine.

“The bill implies the abolition of all fish protection zones on the territory of Russia. In accordance with current legislation, the regime of fish protection zones is identical to water protection zones, which perform a complex protective function. The draft law is aimed at eliminating duplicate excessive regulation and is being developed as part of the “regulatory guillotine” measures, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture explained to Izvestia.

In Russia, they began to re-form the ” medical special forces»

In Russia, they began to re-form the “medical special forces”, which came under reduction during the military reform. Starting this year, the defense Ministry will deploy special purpose medical units (MOS) in each military district, Izvestia reports, citing sources in the Department.
Scientists have patented a system of energy supply to the Earth from space

The Moscow radio engineering Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences has received a patent for a system for transmitting energy from an orbiting solar power plant to Earth, according to data on the website of the Federal intellectual property service.

The EAO plans to expand the “Amuro-Khingan” TOP

The boundaries of the Territory of priority development “Amur-Khingan” in the Jewish Autonomous region are planning to expand. Investors intend to create new businesses under preferential regimes, according to TASS. The EAO has one TOR, created in 2016

As Galina Sokolova, acting Deputy Chairman of the regional government, explained to the Agency, the borders of the TOP should be expanded, since investors plan to implement projects outside the existing sites. One of these is the project of working out the tailings storage facility of the Khingan tin Deposit mining and processing plant and developing the Central and Berezovsky tin deposits by the company Maly Khingan Resources.

China has developed a facial recognition system in masks

“When wearing a mask, the level of recognition accuracy reaches about 95%, which can guarantee that most people can be identified,” said company Vice President Huan Lei, adding that the success rate for people without masks is about 99.5%.

According to Huan, the system can identify everyone in a crowd of up to 30 people “in a second”

Maduro announces surprise military exercises in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced new military exercises in the country. The first exercises were held in the state in mid-February. After that, Maduro said that security forces are preparing for sudden anti-terrorist exercises, RIA Novosti reported.

Muscovites will be able to complain about the sanitary condition of the taxi

Users of car sharing and taxis can now complain about the poor sanitary condition of the car, the press service of Moscow transport reports.

Egypt eases visa requirements for tourists

As reported in the OUTPUT.for example, Egypt has increased the allowable period of stay of tourists in the country and introduced a new type of visa – for five years. The changes will take effect on June 1 this year. New visas can be issued only through the Egyptian consulates or on the online portal.

Reshetnikov announced changes to the state investment management system

Against the background of surges in foreign markets, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed to prepare changes to the public investment management system. This was announced by the head of the Ministry of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov, whose words were passed to RBC by the press service of the Ministry of economic development

Apple presented a five-hour film about the Hermitage

The American company Apple presented a five-hour film about the Hermitage. The video was shot on the iPhone 11 Pro Max camera in one take and on a single charge of the smartphone’s battery

Trailer of the animated film Mortal Kombat

The cartoon itself will be released on April 12 (digital version). in two weeks, fans will be able to purchase it on media. Ethan Spalding (Director) and ed Boone (one of the authors of Mortal Kombat) took part in the work on the cartoon.

An anime trailer for “Modified carbon” has appeared»

Netflix has published an anime trailer for the “Modified carbon” universe. Dai Sato is responsible for the script of the new story (“Ghost in armor: loneliness Syndrome”, ” Cowboy Bebop»)

Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias to tour together

In September this year, Iglesias, 44, and Martin, 48, will embark on their first North American tour together. The tour is called “Arena” and will start on September 5 in Phoenix and end on October 30 in Atlanta. Rising Latin American star Sebastian Yatra will perform alongside two famous performers.

Group “Splin” will perform at the rock festival ” Chernozem-2020»

The organizers of the sixth rock festival “Chernozem” called the name of another participant, the group “Splin” will arrive. The band will take the stage on August 14 or 16, as the musicians will perform in Volgograd on August 15.

Tesla celebrates first million

Tesla CEO Musk posted on Twitter information that Tesla has released 1 million cars

To create a neural network of quantum computers

Google has made available tools for creating machine learning programs on quantum computers. Roughly speaking, for neural networks that will work on these same quantum computers.

Apple has allowed iPhone disinfection for the first time

Apple has updated recommendations for iPhone and iPad care. Now users are allowed to wipe gadgets with wet wipes. It is not recommended to use bleach or immerse the iPhone in cleaning agent. It is better to use Clorox Disinfecting Wipes or 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. Apple has previously opposed any kind of liquids and cleaning products.

EK Water Blocks has released high-speed Meltemi fans

The square design ensures optimal performance. The fan size is 120 mm. New ek Water Blocks Meltemi fans can be purchased in the EKWB online store at a price of 25.90 euros

Samsung and MediaTek unveil 8K TV with Wi-Fi 6

Samsung and MediaTek have introduced the world’s first 8K QLED TV with Wi-Fi 6 support. The line includes the Q950 and Q900 models, although it is not clear how they differ from each other. Note that the new data transfer standard will provide the maximum speed when viewing online broadcasts.

An ancient shell helped scientists measure the day in the Cretaceous period

A team of Belgian scientists from the free University of Brussels were able to determine the duration of the earth’s day 70 million years ago using an ancient shell. The results are published in the journal AGU Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology.

Researchers led by Niels De Winter found that the length of the day in the era of iguanodons, scolosaurs and giganatosaurs was 23 hours and 30 minutes, that is, in the late Cretaceous period, the day was half an hour shorter.

The first animals of the Earth were connected by a network of strange threads

Scientists at Cambridge and Oxford universities have discovered that the oldest animals have special threads that link several individuals into a single collective organism. on March 6, a press release on the portal reports Phys.org.

Found a way to create ultra-thin and flexible screens

Russian scientists have found for the first time that if you add fluorine to organic materials, they conduct substances better and Shine brighter. The results obtained can be used for the design of new organic semiconductors and the production of lasers and brighter flexible screens.

Metal for the production of robot transformers

A new alloy with unique qualities, which the authors conventionally call “liquid metal”, was created by a group of scientists from Beijing Tsinghua University (China), March 5, reports the new Scientist magazine

Japan’s space Agency to test return stages of launch vehicles

The Japanese space Agency (JAXA) will begin flight testing of the technology of return stages of launch vehicles, which should reduce the cost of launches by a hundred times, in June 2020, a source in the Japanese government said. This was reported by Kyodo.

Astrophysicists have discovered a new type of pulsating star in our galaxy

A team of astrophysicists led by Dr Simon Murphy from the Sydney Institute of astronomy at the University of Sydney have found a star 1,500 light-years away from Earth that does not pulsate like all previously found stars

45% of their income on loan servicing

The joint credit Bureau (OKB) has studied the debt burden of Russians who took out a mortgage loan in 2018-2019. According to data available in the Bureau, the average debt load (PD, the ratio of payments on all loans to monthly income) of a mortgage borrower in 2019 was 45.4% compared to 43.6% in 2018.

Artur Alexandrovich, General Director of OKB: “the Average size of a mortgage loan has grown rapidly in the past two years, as a result of which borrowers have tried to take a mortgage for a longer period to reduce their debt burden. A positive circumstance is that the debt burden of mortgage borrowers, after rapid growth in 2018, has stabilized in 2019, and is now at an acceptable level from the point of view of international indicators.”

“Rosneft” will begin to increase oil production

Rosneft will increase oil production by 300,000 barrels per day within a week or two from April 1, Bloomberg reports, citing a source close to the company. According to the source, the Russian company will increase oil production as soon as the current agreements with OPEC expire.

There will be no Reduction in gasoline prices

A sharp drop in gasoline prices is not expected, but the growth in the cost of fuel may slow down. This was stated to the REGNUM news Agency on March 9 by the head of the state Duma Committee on labor and social policy Yaroslav Nilov (LDPR).

I believe that the fall in the oil price will not lead to a decrease in fuel prices, unfortunately. But, perhaps, the growth in the cost of a liter of gasoline may not be as active — – zavil Nilov.

In Russia, the laws of the economy sometimes work differently than in other countries, he pointed out.

A sharp reduction in fuel prices will not be expected. Unfortunately, the laws of the economy work selectively in our country. when it comes to big business, they stop working — ” the MP said.

Winners of sports competitions were awarded with beer

An eyewitness told about the unusual prizes of TVK Krasnoyarsk. As the man explained, the ilansky Cup of mini-football in the snow was held on March 7. It was attended by a children’s sports school, a more adult team “locomotive” and a team of veterans.

After all the games, along with diplomas and medals, participants unexpectedly received a half liter of beer from the mayor of ilansky. However, according to eyewitnesses, the alcohol prize was given only by adults, and children were given candy. The city administration claims that there were no such “awards”.

AvtoVAZ may change the price of cars due to the collapse of the ruble.

AvtoVAZ closely monitors the development of the macroeconomic situation – the decline in oil prices, fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate and the cost of raw materials. We assess this situation as negative for the Russian automotive industry, and for AVTOVAZ in particular. … AvtoVAZ would welcome even more extended measures of support for the automotive market from the Russian government to mitigate the consequences of this situation,” the company’s official representative said.

On possible early elections to the state Duma

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin January 21, 2020:

“Such stuffing [about possible early elections to the state Duma] was carried out by foreign news agencies. As soon as this information from their side began to spread, it was picked up by some of our media.”

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin March 10, 2020:

Asks deputies to consider the amendment on early elections to the state Duma at today’s meeting.

From fake to early elections to the state Duma — a month and a half.

Prime Minister of Greece has called on erdoğan to take migrants from the Greek border

The Greek Prime Minister called on Erdogan to withdraw migrants from the Greek border, according to the iefimerida newspaper. The Kyriakos Mitsotakis said that the Turkish President “he has destroyed in practice the” Joint Declaration of the EU and Turkey on migration.

Mikhail Mishustin made changes to the Board of Directors of Russian Railways.

It no longer contains Maxim Akimov, Grigory Berezkin, Dmitry Patrushev, Vladimir Puchkov, and Arkady Dvorkovich.

The new Council includes Andrey Belousov (who will head the SD RZD), Maxim Reshetnikov, Sergey Frank and Dmitry Chernyshenko. And there was a representative of the Ministry of construction, first Deputy Minister of construction and housing Irek Faizullin.

Thus, Russian Railways now has two Deputy Prime Ministers, which, according to Government officials, underscores the company’s exceptional importance in implementing the “13 national project” – a Comprehensive plan for the modernization of transport infrastructure.