12 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/11/2020

The state Duma has supported the nullification of presidential terms after the vote to change the Constitution. The corresponding amendment was proposed by state Duma Deputy Valentina Tereshkova. 380 deputies were in favor of zeroing, and 43 were against it. One person abstained.

The amendment of MS Tereshkova said that limit for one person in the form of two terms “does not preclude the person holding and (or) holding the office of President of the Russian Federation at the time of entry of the amendment into force, to participate as a candidate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation after the inclusion of the specified revision in the text of the Constitution of the Russian Federation on the amendment established the maximum number of terms, regardless of the number of terms for which the said person has held and (or) took this position at the time of entry of the amendment into force”.

Kadyrov supported the amendment allowing Putin to participate in the elections

The head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, supported the decision of President Vladimir Putin on the amendment on presidential terms. He stressed that Russia is now at a critical stage of development and the future of the country depends on the choice made today.

The interests of the state and the people must prevail over the formal aspects of any issue. Therefore, I declare with full responsibility that it is impossible to maintain the current norm on the number of terms of the President’s tenure under any pretext. – Ramzan Kadyrov, Russian politician

The state Duma did not support fixing the minimum wage in the Constitution

The state Duma rejected an amendment to the Constitution fixing the minimum wage( minimum wage), the correspondent of IA REGNUM reports

“The minimum wage in the Russian Federation may not be less than twice the subsistence minimum of able-bodied population in the Russian Federation and twice the subsistence minimum of the working population in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation where the citizen resides-recipient”, — follows from the document.

The amendment was proposed by deputies of the Fair Russia faction headed by Sergei Mironov.

Trump suggested that because of the coronavirus, the payroll tax should be canceled by the end of the year

Us President Donald trump wants to exempt residents from payroll taxes by the end of the year to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the country, said the head of the national economic Council of the White house, Lawrence Kudlow. He noted that the President is preparing a package of measures to stimulate the economy in the face of the spread of the virus.

“We are working on the details right now, so I don’t want to give numbers right now. This program is aimed at stimulating the economy.- “B”) is very important. The payroll tax exemption is probably the most important item, ” Mr. Kudlow said at a briefing (quoted by Fox News).

Moscow drivers were outraged by the dangerous control system for their health

The introduction of the latest system for 1.7 billion rubles provoked discontent among Mosgortrans employees. Drivers of Mosgortrans complain about the Antison system, claiming that infrared radiation leads to eye fatigue, itching and pain

In the Netherlands, postponed hearings in the case of the mh17 crash

The court decided to postpone the hearing in the case of the crash of flight MH17 in Eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, until Monday, March 23, said the presiding judge Hendrik Steenhuis at a meeting on Tuesday.

Bailiffs suspended the work of the armored plant in Chita

Bailiffs in the Chita region suspended the activities of JSC “103 armored repair plant” for 30 days due to the threat to the safety of life and health of employees

As have told in a press-service UFSSP of Russia on Transbaikalian edge, in the course of the inspection of the plant by employees of Transbaikalian management of Rostechnadzor revealed numerous violations of the norms and rules of technical operation of electrical installations which are a source of danger. These violations may lead to the creation of emergency situations, accidents, and harm to the life and health of the plant’s employees.

Justice Minister Chuichenko urged to make the jail “less brutal»

Chuichenko called for making the appearance of the jail less brutal. He stressed that people whose guilt has not been proven are being held in pre-trial detention centers. According to the Minister, it is necessary to get rid of barbed wire and other elements of intimidation.

People whose guilt has not yet been proven are kept in isolation cells. We need to think about making the buildings of the system’s institutions less brutal. We don’t need to see barbed wire, we don’t need elements of intimidation. – Konstantin Chuichenko

Microsoft conducted an operation against a large network of hackers Necurs

Microsoft has defused malicious software from one of the world’s largest networks of cybercriminals called Necurs, according to the new York Times.

Necurs infected about 9 million computers worldwide with malware in order to keep them under control and use them to send spam. The group also engaged in stock market fraud, spreading viruses that blocked the computer until the owner paid a Commission.

Preparation for the operation against cybercriminals lasted eight years. Specialists from Microsoft’s digital crime division coordinated work with law enforcement agencies in 35 countries. According to the newspaper, the hacker network is supposedly based in Russia and does not have support at the state level.

Boeing will lose about $19 billion due to problems with the 737 MAX

Direct and indirect losses of the Boeing aerospace Corporation as a result of the consequences of the disasters of two Boeing 737 MAX model aircraft will exceed $18.7 billion, such calculations were presented by CNN on Tuesday.

Defective parts found on two proton-M missiles»

Earlier, the Khrunichev center reported technical problems with only one missile. Because of this, the launch of two Express satellites was postponed from the end of March to may

The property of a family of Nazarbayev was arrested in London

British authorities have revealed the names of the owners of two mansions and apartments in London, who were arrested last year as ” unreasonable wealth.” According to the BBC, citing an investigation by Transparency International and Finance Uncovered, they were the daughter of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the speaker of the Senate of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva, as well as her eldest son Nurali Aliyev and his wife Aida. They bought the property for more than $100 million. the Current market value of the property may be much higher.

The American F-35 for the first time to intercept Russian fighters

The network reported that American f-35 fighters, but belonging to the Norwegian air force, were first used to intercept Russian Tu-142 and MiG-31 combat aircraft.

The secret to the longevity of naked diggers was found in the mitochondria

Mitochondria are intracellular organelles that provide energy to the cell. At the same time, mitochondria produce extremely toxic substances-reactive oxygen species (ROS). With age, the production of ROS increases and this fact has long been associated with the aging process, since ROS produced by mitochondria damage proteins, lipids and make mutations in DNA.

In a study conducted by scientists from MSU in collaboration with several foreign and Russian laboratories, it was shown that the mitochondria of cells in most mammalian tissues have a special mechanism that prevents the production of ROS.

Russia has a new way to steal money on the Internet

The attackers came up with a new scheme of fraud through branded sites with surveys for remuneration, which was called “White rabbit”. This “Izvestia” said the head of the Department of innovative brand protection Group-IB’s Andrei Basargin.

Attackers in social networks on behalf of stars or using fake videos offer to get a reward for completing a survey on a site (for example, a Bank or mobile operator). After that, the client receives an email message about the win. The link leads to a website without logos, where the fraudster can ask for a” test ” payment for hundreds of rubles, as well as specify the CVC code or username and password from the Internet Bank.

Vitamin B12 was the driver of cancer cell suicide

Vitamin B12 was able to launch a” suicide program ” of cancer cells. The discovery was made at the Institute of theoretical and experimental Biophysics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. According to “Science and life”, in the course of research on the interaction of anti-cancer drugs-oxidants and B12, it turned out that in the company with this vitamin, such drugs work more effectively. Moreover, B12 is able to trick cancer cells, which quickly learn to resist the “suicide” process that triggers the Pro-oxidant in them. If B12 is added to this substance, then the process of paraptosis begins in the tumor. That is, in cancer cells, there are huge bubbles-vacuoles that break the cytoskeleton and mitochondria and kill the tumor. Healthy cells are not damaged.

Squatting is good for health, scientists say

The team of Professor Brian wood of the University of California, Los Angeles, studied representatives of the African hadza people, who still hunt and gather and often serve as “models” for studying this way of life. The researchers found that on average they spend as much as 9.9 hours a day sitting — for comparison, a typical American sits for up to 6.4 hours, and a teenager for up to 8.2 hours. In a typical modern society, sitting for 10 hours increases the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by a factor of one and a half. However, for hadza, a sedentary lifestyle does not seem to entail such consequences.

The authors suggest that it’s not about sitting as such, but the way to do it. Hadza usually do not perch on chairs and sofas, but sit “actively” — on their haunches, on their knees — or recline on the ground. Apparently, this provides a sufficient level of stress on the muscles and ligaments, even while resting on the spot

The Power of Siberia gas pipeline will be suspended for prevention

According to the company, Gazprom and the Chinese state-owned company CNPC agreed to carry out planned prevention of the pipeline twice a year, in the spring and autumn, and are now finalizing the exact timing of the pipeline suspension. “Now we are talking about the second half of March, “Gazprom said.

The new carbon membrane created will generate a hundred times more energy

A new ultra-thin carbon membrane, created by scientists from the University of Leiden, allows you to get a hundred times more energy from sea water than all known analogues, according to the resource phys.org.

The principle of operation of such a membrane is as follows. In the interaction of fresh and salt water there is an exchange of molecules of salts and other particles. A membrane placed in such a medium can store energy from particles moving through it. A similar process is used in seawater desalination plants.

Pilots of long-range aviation passed tests on tactics for money

An officer of the 79th heavy bomber aviation order of the red Star regiment stationed at the Ukrainka air base in the Amur region, Vladimir Spina took tests from crews on long-range aviation tactics. However, instead of conducting a real exam, he called the squadron commanders to him one at a time and announced that their subordinates would receive credits if they paid 500 rubles each without a formal knowledge check.

As a result, He was charged with five dozen episodes of crimes under part 1 of article 291.2 of the Criminal code of Russia (“receiving a bribe, giving a bribe in person or through an intermediary in an amount not exceeding 10 thousand rubles”). The accused did not admit his guilt, saying that he collected money for the needs of the unit. Nevertheless, the court sentenced Spina to a fine of 180 thousand rubles.

A completely new type of pulsar has been detected

Researchers have discovered a star that pulsates in only one hemisphere. An unusual space body called HD7442 is located in the milky Way at a distance of 1500 light years from Earth, and its mass is 1.7 times that of the Sun. According to astronomers, this is the first star of its kind.

The pipe-laying company “Akademik Chersky” is guarded by “Yaroslav the Wise”.

Russian warships guard the Akademik Chersky pipe-laying ship, which is capable of completing the Nord stream–2. They follow the ship’s route to the Egyptian port of Suez. This is evidenced by data from the Vesselfinder navigation portal and reports from the Ministry of defense.

Biden leads in democratic primaries in three of the six States

A total of 352 delegates will be allocated votes based on Tuesday’s results. They will choose a single democratic presidential candidate at the General party Congress in November. Earlier, pre-elections were held in 18 States, with 670 delegates for Biden and 574 for Sanders.

The starting price for the reconstruction of Tolmachevo increased by 0.7 billion rubles

The maximum contract price for the first stage of reconstruction of the Tolmachevo airport terminal complex has been increased from 13.5 to 14.2 billion rubles. the Corresponding data is published on the public procurement website.

Roskomnadzor will study the possibility of blocking TOR and the Internet of things

General radio frequency centre (FSUE “GRCC”, is run by Roskomnadzor) has posted on the portal of public procurement order information for the research device of decentralized networks and the Internet of things (IoT). Information about the purchase from a single supplier was posted on March 3, and Kommersant was the first to pay attention to it.

The purpose of the work in the technical task for the contractor-the Federal research center “Informatics and management” of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIC) — is called “analysis of threats and risks in ensuring access restrictions”…> to services and information resources <…> containing information that is prohibited from being distributed in the Russian Federation.”

The second person in history to be completely cured of HIV

The authoritative medical journal The Lancet reported that the so-called “London patient” who was treated for HIV had a remission within 18 months after stopping antiretroviral therapy, that is, the absence of any signs or symptoms of the disease.

Evidence of the destruction of an ancient human settlement by a meteorite has been found

Researchers from the UK and the US have found the earliest evidence of a space object falling on a human settlement. The authors reported the discovery in the journal Scientific Reports.

A large mound under Abu Huraira notes the settlement, which now lies under lake Assad. In the 1970-ies of the dam Takbo jammed the river Euphrates in Northern Syria, and the monument disappeared under the water.

An example of reverse evolution was shown by the study of ants

An article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, using the example of tortoiseshell ants, argues that evolution does not always go in the direction of greater specialization — sometimes it turns the species into”generalists”.
Turkey begins withdrawal of heavy weapons in Idlib

According to RIA Novosti, citing a Turkish military source, the Turkish armed forces have withdrawn some heavy weapons from the Syrian Idlib to their territory. According to the source, this is how the Turkish side fulfills the agreement reached in Moscow on March 5.

Trump will not come to Moscow for Victory Day

Us President Donald trump will not attend the celebrations held in Moscow in honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

“Through diplomatic channels, we received information that the US President will not come,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

Earlier, invitations to come to Moscow on may 9 were sent to the heads of many States. The leaders of India, Cuba, France, the Czech Republic, Venezuela, Belarus, Armenia, and Bulgaria have already confirmed their participation.

Finance and insurance have become the most profitable industries in Russia

Employees of the financial and insurance sectors were able to earn the most over the past year. Their average salary was 102 thousand 992 rubles a month. These data are presented in the report of Rosstat at the end of 2019.

The US is moving air defense systems to Iraq to protect it from Iran

The United States is moving air defense systems to Iraq to protect against “a potential attack from Iran.” This was stated by the head of the Central command of the us armed forces Kenneth Mackenzie at a hearing in the US house of representatives

Thailand has tightened the rules of entry for Russians

Thailand has stopped issuing visas on arrival for Russian tourists, thereby tightening the rules of entry into the territory of the state. This was stated in the Ministry of internal Affairs of the country, reports on Wednesday, March 11, Reuters.

Similar measures were taken for 17 other countries, including Bhutan, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, India, Kazakhstan, Malta, Mexico, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan and Vanuatu. At the same time, Thailand plans to cancel the previously established “visa-free regime” for tourists from South Korea, Italy and Hong Kong.

Previously, citizens of these countries could use their passports or travel documents to apply for a visa on arrival at Thai immigration points.

Manufacturers have warned of rising prices

Manufacturers and importers of electronics, beverages and tires opposed the abolition of self-recycling of products. They warned Deputy Prime Minister Viktoriya Abramchenko that the introduction of mandatory eco-collection will lead to an increase in prices by 22%

“The simplest refrigerator worth 18 thousand rubles will rise in price by at least 2.6 thousand due to the eco — collection: the manufacturer will simply include it in the price of the product, “said Vladislav Bondarev, head of SKO” electronics — recycling”, answering a question from RBC.

Mercedes-Benz has revealed an all-electric Vito Tourer van

The Mercedes eVito is powered by a 204 HP eATS electric power plant. the Unit combines the engine and transmission controls into a single compact device located under the hood, consuming energy from a 90 kW/h battery that, according to Mercedes, can be recharged up to 80 percent in less than 45 minutes. The company says that the range is just over 260 miles. The model will also receive a regenerative braking system.

Russia is behind the military operation in the Syrian province of Idlib

The us Ambassador to Turkey, David Satterfield, accused Russia of being behind the military operation in the Syrian province of Idlib, not Damascus.

“I emphasize that this is Russian aggression, because the Syrian regime could not conduct this campaign on its own. It was made possible thanks to Russia’s constant activity in the air and on the ground, but especially thanks to air support, ” the Ambassador said.

According to him, Russia, having caused a mass Exodus of refugees in Idlib to the borders of Turkey, tried to force Ankara to make decisions favorable to Moscow.

Turkey will not receive the Patriot SAM until it returns the S-400 to Russia

Turkey will not receive the us patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAMS) it is asking for until it returns the S-400 systems to Russia, Pentagon assistant chief Jonathan Hoffman said.

“The position of the Minister (us defense Mark Esper) was clear in fact from the moment he became Minister (in the summer of 2019). It is that Turkey will not receive patriot batteries until it returns the S-400 to Russia, ” Hoffman said at a briefing.

Flights will rise sharply in price due to the collapse of the ruble

This is reported on the website Of the Association of tour operators of Russia with reference to the data of the International civil aviation Association (IATA). It is noted that from March 12, tickets abroad will rise in price by 9-12 percent. Thus, international flights to dollar destinations will increase in price by 9 percent, and the cost of air tickets to Europe will increase by 11.5 percent. Experts advise buying tickets on Wednesday, March 11, while they can still be purchased at the same price. From March 12 to 17, the internal exchange rate of the IATA Euro will be 82 rubles, and the dollar-72.5 rubles.

Employees of STG Vostok organized a spontaneous rally on Russian island

About 1,000 employees of STG Vostok staged a spontaneous rally on Russian island in Vladivostok because of fraud with payment of salaries. Promised 100-120 thousand rubles, and issued forty!

Workers suspect that it is all because of an overabundance of workers. More than 2000 people from all over the country work for the construction of the theater complex, and there is nothing to pay! The object is Federal. In addition, there are not enough tools and … toilets for everyone!!! At the same time, new employees are hired every day!

Russian pharmacies are preparing for a big rise in drug prices

The Russian Association of pharmacy chains (including pharmacy chain 36.6, Rigla, Nevis pharmacies, Erkafarm, Neopharm, and others) expects a large increase in drug prices due to changes in the exchange rate. TASS was informed about this by the Association’s Executive Director Nelly Ignatieva.

“The drug market is completely import-dependent. More than 90% of medicines produced in Russia depend on foreign substances. Currency hikes will inevitably affect drug prices, ” she said.

FBC released an investigation about Margarita Simonyan

The FBC released an investigation into Margarita Simonyan and her civil husband Tigran Keosayan — and how they earned hundreds of millions of rubles on contracts with Aeroflot. Here is the shortest retelling

Margarita Simonyan and Tigran Keosayan are parasites on the Russian budget. Simonyan is the artistic Director of the “International sawmill” on NTV, which is led by Keosayan. The TV channel pays 120 million rubles a year to the gold vision Studio for its production — the Studio belongs to Keosayan.

Aeroflot has spent a billion rubles on advertising in International sawmill issues over the past four years. All contracts are signed with the Agency “Inventory” – it belongs to Simonyan. On contracts, “Inventory” earned 657 million rubles — most of them go to the salaries of Simonyan and Keosayan. Aeroflot paid another 398 million rubles to Invento for laudatory news on other TV channels.

Keosayan and Simonyan have two other advertising agencies: one of them was ordered by the SKOLKOVO Foundation and the world Cup organizing Committee, the other is paid by the Ministry of internal Affairs — 100 million rubles a year for improving the image. In total, Simonyan and her husband earned 720 million rubles for all these schemes over three years.

Kaluga will host the international space film festival

From April 9 to 12, Kaluga will host the international film festival of films and programs about space “Tsiolkovsky” Space Fest. More than 1,000 films from 80 countries are competing, according to the festival’s organizers on Tuesday, March 10.

Ozzy Osbourne in the new video for the song “Ordinary Man”

“Ordinary Man” was released on February 21 and was Osbourne’s first solo album since 2010. The record was recorded in just four weeks, and Ozzy admitted last September that he felt like he was dying until he started playing music again



Golden crow film festival opens in Anadyr»

The opening ceremony of the IV international Arctic film festival “Golden crow” was held in Anadyr on March 10, reports IA Chukotka. The ceremony was held at the Polar cinema.

The jury included the famous actor Goiko mitich, program Director of the Kinotavr film festival Sitora Aliyev, Director Alexey Gusev, head of German Films Simone Baumann, film critic Vsevolod Korshunov, producers Vladimir Ignatiev and Malcolm Dixlius, as well as the head of the documentary film Directorate of channel One Svetlana Kolosova.

The app menu will appear in iOS 14

The company decided to borrow one of the main “chips” of Android after 13 years. Although the implementation will be slightly different. In Android, as you know, this is a separate application menu that is located “under” the home screen. in the case of iOS 14, the source is talking about an additional page, that is, an additional desktop.

Rostec has created the first Russian thermal imager with a cooling system

“Roselectronics holding of the rostec state Corporation has created the first fully domestic thermal imager with a cooling system. The equipment is designed to solve problems where a long detection range, high resolution and maximum frame detail are required, ” the report says.

Adidas and Google have developed “smart” insoles for shoes

Thanks to Adidas GMR technology, which was developed by the sports brand, EA Sports FIFA Mobile and Jacquard from Google, you can combine the game with real sports. In particular, playing in the real world can improve the overall rating of FIFA Mobile Ultimate Team (OVR) in the virtual space.

Montblanc priced wireless smart headphones at $600

Representatives of the brand announced that the Montblanc MB 01 headphones can work up to 20 hours without recharging. In addition, they have applied advanced sound quality, which many well-known analogues can not give out.

«Yandex.Zen ” built Into viber messenger

«Yandex.Zen has agreed to embed its recommendation feed in Viber, the second most popular messenger in Russia. The latter hopes to increase the time that users spend in the app through the partnership, now it is inferior to WhatsApp and Telegram. «Yandex.Zen also hopes to attract at least 10% of Russian users of the messenger, the total number of which reaches 36 million per month.

“Alice” learned to read texts in Yandex.Webbrowser

Yandex has added a new feature to the voice assistant “Alice” – voicing texts on Yandex pages.Web browser. Users can ask an assistant to read an article, blog post, or even a poem.

Facebook Instagram will be able to share ” Stories»

Facebook instagram is working on a new feature-users will be able to publish “Stories” (Stories) at the same time in the main social network and Instagram. The innovation was discovered by application researcher Jane Wong.

The red pigment carotene proved to be a protector of plants from overheating

Molecular biologists have for the first time tracked how plants protect their chlorophyll from overheating and destruction. To do this, they use carotenes – red pigment molecules that dissipate excess solar energy in the form of heat.

Solved the 70-year-old mystery of a molecule with a structure in 126 dimensions

Australian scientists have identified the complex electronic structure of benzene, which they have been trying to determine since 1930. The solution to the 70-year-old chemical mystery is reported in a press release on Phys.org.

Scientists applied a complex method based on an algorithm called dynamic Voronoi Metropolis sampling (DVMS). The key to solving this complex problem is a new mathematical algorithm that allows you to divide a multidimensional space into “tiles”, each of which corresponds to the coordinates of electrons. This made it possible to display the wave function of all 126 measurements.

An updated Mitsubishi Outlander has appeared in Russia

Production of the updated Mitsubishi Outlander SUV has started in Russia. The car of the 2020 model year received a number of new options, but the cost of complete sets remained at the level of last year.

Cross-coupe with a steering wheel instead of a steering wheel and a “fast and furious” handle»

The Chinese company Aiways held a presentation of the U6 electric concept cross-coupe. The all-terrain vehicle was distinguished by its extraordinary details in the cabin: the steering wheel is stylized as a steering wheel, instead of the usual selector for selecting driving modes, there is a handle that resembles the engine control lever on an airplane.

Porsche will release an ultralight version of the new 911 Turbo S

The chief engineer of the Porsche 911 project, Frank-Steffen Walliser, said that the German firm is developing an even faster version of the new Turbo S. Engineers plan to lighten the supercar by abandoning the rear seats and part of the noise insulation materials

Bentley Continental GT received a version for horse lovers

Specialists of the Bentley Mulliner Collections division released an exclusive Continental GT Convertible in the Equestrian Edition version, the convertible is made in a single copy and in the equestrian style