14 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/13/2020

Chinese foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao lijian suggested that a new type of coronavirus had entered the Chinese city of Wuhan, where an outbreak was registered at the end of December last year, due to the fault of the us military. He wrote about this on Thursday on his Twitter page

The question arises: how could the US military end up in Wuhan?
A possible answer is that at the end of October last year, it was in Wuhan that the world army games were held, in which a large US team of 172 people participated.

Trump banned US operators from using Huawei equipment

Us President Donald trump signed a law on Thursday prohibiting Telecom operators from using subsidies from the us Federal budget to purchase network equipment from Huawei Technologies and other companies that are considered a threat to national security.

Facebook and Twitter reported the removal of hundreds of accounts from Russia

Facebook and Twitter announced the removal of a total of about 300 pages and accounts allegedly linked to Russia and whose content was aimed at interfering in the us presidential election. This is reported by RIA “Novosti”, referring to the statements of these American companies.

The head of “Yabloka” stood in a single picket against the amendments to the Constitution

Chairman of the Yabloko party Nikolai Rybakov stood in a single picket outside the state Duma against the adoption of amendments to the Constitution. Deputies of the lower house of Parliament at the same time began to look at the bill on amendments in the second reading

US strikes Shiite group’s warehouses in Iraq

The United States struck five weapons depots of the Shiite group Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq on Friday night, March 13, in response to a missile attack in Iraq that killed American soldiers. So the American side intends to significantly weaken the group’s ability to carry out future attacks on the forces of the US-led anti-terrorist coalition.

The US has ordered the development of mobile nuclear reactors for bases abroad

The Pentagon has signed contracts with three companies for a total of about $ 40 million to develop a mobile nuclear reactor intended for deployment on American bases both inside and outside the United States, writes the defense News publication, citing the Ministry of defense of the country

The US refused to purchase the Israeli missile DEFENSE system ” Iron dome»

The United States will not purchase the iron Dome MISSILE defense system from Israel. The possibility of concluding a contract for the purchase of this system from Israel by the US ground forces was reported in 2019. The amount of the contract under consideration was $ 1 billion.

North Korea conducted another long-range artillery exercise

“The next firing drills were conducted in order to test the ability of front-line long-range artillery units to a sudden military counterattack, “Yonhap reported, citing the Korean Central Telegraph Agency.

As noted, Kim Jong-UN expressed “great satisfaction” with the result of the exercise, calling on the unit to ” go in the direction of further strengthening artillery training.”

In the United States court freed the Wikileaks informant Chelsea manning

In the United States, an activist and former analyst of the us air force, Chelsea manning, was released from a detention center in Alexandria (Virginia). she was arrested for passing secret data to Wikileaks. This is reported by the Huffington Post.

The US has imposed sanctions against another” daughter “of Rosneft”

The United States has imposed sanctions against another subsidiary of the company “Rosneft” from-for cooperation with Venezuela. We are talking about TNK Trading International, a company registered in Switzerland. This was announced by the Minister of Finance of the United States Steven Mnuchin.

Us Secretary of state Maiko Pompeo commented on this decision — ” sanctions were imposed to bring Maduro to the negotiating table.”

Mikhelson bought shares in NOVATEK for almost half a billion rubles

The founder, Chairman of the Board and the largest (24.76%) shareholder of NOVATEK, Leonid Mikhelson, bought the company’s securities for almost $7 million at the beginning of the week, according to NOVATEK’s disclosure. The first transaction took place on Monday on the London stock exchange – the businessman bought Depositary receipts for $4.687 million.

Airline “Yamal” – tied the losses with the problem of “Superjet”

Yamal airlines has worsened its operating indicators for 2019, including due to problems with maintaining the airworthiness of the Sukhoi Superjet 100, Interfax-Ural writes. The airline’s share in the total number of passengers carried in 2019 was 1.4% compared to 1.7% in 2018.

Nerve and muscle cells accelerated each other’s development

Scientists have created a platform on which you can grow simultaneously a culture of neurons and artificial muscles. The processes of nerve cells in such a system grew towards the muscle tissue, their spontaneous impulses increased the contractions of muscle fibers and contributed to their organization in sarcomeres. The substances released by the muscle cells accelerated the formation of electrical activity and its synchronization between neurons. The article is published in the journal APL Bioengineering.

Stamp duty for foreign buyers of real estate

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the exchequer of great Britain, announced on March 11, 2020 that an additional stamp duty of 2% is being introduced for foreign buyers of real estate. It will begin to be charged from April 2021, writes Mansion Global

The rate for garbage collection was charged to deserted houses

Residents of the village of Polovinnoye in the Krasnozersky district of the Novosibirsk region demand that the company “Ecology-Novosibirsk” recalculate debts for the removal and disposal of solid municipal waste. They complained about the accrual of debts for garbage collection to abandoned houses. One of the residents of the village, Tatyana Mosina, told reporters of the “Precedent” program that debts for providing services for the export of MSW are accrued, including to abandoned houses where no one lives for several years.

How many Russians are satisfied with the quality of housing and utilities

“The survey showed that 73% of respondents are not satisfied with the quality of Russian housing and utilities services. One in four (24%) find shortcomings, but generally consider the work of this sphere satisfactory. Only 3% of respondents are fully satisfied with the work of housing and utilities services, ” – stated in the results of the research project Dom Mail.ru, held on the eve of the day of housing and utilities employees.

The materials also say that 55% of respondents pay more than 5 thousand rubles a month for housing and utilities services, another 33% – from 3 to 5 thousand, the expenses of the rest do not exceed 3 thousand. At the same time, 49% consider the cost of housing and utilities services to be unreasonably high.

The national Bank of Ukraine lowered the discount rate

“The Board of the National Bank decided to reduce the discount rate to 10% per annum from March 13,” Smoliy said. The broadcast was conducted on the regulator’s Youtube channel. According to Smoliy, the forecast of a reduction in the discount rate until the end of the year remains in force.

Rosreestr classified information about Tereshkova’s real estate

This is reported by the newspaper “Sobesednik”. The article entitled “Rosreestr zeroed out the property of Valentina Tereshkova” States that, according to a recent statement, there is no data about the owner. The publication reminds that, according to the Declaration, Tereshkova owns a house with an area of almost 700 meters and three apartments. One of them in Granatny pereulok costs about two hundred million rubles

Disney and Pixar have released a full trailer for the new animated film “Soul”.

The film tells about a music teacher, Joe Gardner, who gets a chance to play in the best jazz club in the city. But due to carelessness on the streets of new York, his spirit falls into a kind of purgatory


Russia needs to create a “digital special forces” in a short time»

This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin at a meeting with Deputy heads of Federal Executive bodies responsible for digital transformation. As Mishustin pointed out, the digital transformation of state power is of particular importance today. Its success will depend on how quickly the government can use the latest generation of technologies.

“We need special people for this, with special skills and special experience — if you want, the government’s “digital special forces”. Therefore, the requirements for you are also special,” the Prime Minister said, comparing digital data with natural resources. According to him, this is “the new oil of the XXI century”, but inexhaustible.

The premiere of the film “fast and furious 9” postponed

The premiere of the movie “fast and furious 9” was postponed for almost a year. This was announced by the creators of the picture on Twitter. The new part of “fast and Furious” was planned to be released on may 22 this year

Francis bacon’s triptych will be auctioned at Sotheby’s.

The 1981 creation, inspired by Aeschylus ‘ Oresteia, will go on sale on may 13 in new York. This is one of 28 large-format triptychs that bacon created. This lot is only the sixth of those that were put up for auction. The painting comes from the collection of a Norwegian magnate, the founder of a private Museum in Oslo. The cost of the work is estimated at 60 million dollars. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the sender’s family Foundation, which funds the Museum’s maintenance and development.

Soyuzmultfilm will release an animated series about Umka

Soyuzmultfilm Studio is preparing a series-a continuation of the famous cartoon about the bear Umku. This was told to journalists on Thursday by the Chairman of the Board of the film Studio Juliana slashcheva.

The last of Us composer will write music for the new HBO series

Gustavo Santaolaglia, who wrote the music for the game The Last Of Us, will become the composer of the new hbo series. The plot will be based on this popular game. This was announced by screenwriter Neil Drakmann on his Twitter page.

Irkutsk will host the festival ” Baikal strings”

From March 19 to 22, Irkutsk will host the IX all-Russian music festival “Baikal strings”, dedicated to folk instrumental creativity and playing folk instruments. Concerts will take place in the Irkutsk regional Philharmonic

Eliso Virsaladze will give a concert in Moscow

Georgian and Russian pianist, music teacher, and people’s artist of the USSR Eliso Virsaladze will perform with the Moscow Conservatory Symphony orchestra on April 2. The concert, which will take place in the Great hall of the Moscow Conservatory, is timed to the 180th anniversary of the birth of P. I. Tchaikovsky.

Tatarstan will host an international music festival

The VIII international festival L’arte del arco will be held in Tatarstan from March 14 to 22. Among the invited soloists are Grammy nominees, winners of prestigious awards from music critics, holders of contracts with the world’s leading record labels. They will give free master classes for young musicians. The festival concerts will take place in Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny and Nizhnekamsk, the press service RT Ministry of culture.

Roskomnadzor has launched a system for monitoring search engines and proxy servers

Roskomnadzor has launched a new automated system for monitoring search engines, proxy and VPN services that allow you to bypass blocking in Russia. This was told to TASS on Thursday in the press service of the Department.

Google will revoke licenses for Android TV manufacturers for cooperation with competitors

Now more than 50% of the world’s largest manufacturers of televisions and set-top boxes will not be able to easily choose a software platform for their products for fear of losing access to Google SOFTWARE and services, according to the publication Protocol.

Samsung has shown new batteries for electric cars

Researchers from the Samsung Higher Institute of technology (SAIT) and the Samsung Research Institute in Japan (SRJ) decided to remove the metal lithium anodes used in solid-state batteries and replace them with a thin silver-carbon layer.

The new battery created by the team allowed electric cars to travel about 805 kilometers and has a life cycle of more than 1,000 recharges. In addition, the battery created in the study was 50 percent smaller than a conventional lithium-ion battery.

Sales of antidepressants have increased in Russia

Sales of antidepressants in Russia showed a steady increase during the last two weeks of February 2020 compared to the same period last year.

Mail of Russia were allowed to send parcels by phone number.

So far, the new option has only appeared in the iOS app and not for all users. Thanks to the new feature the user no longer needs to specify the recipient’s address or know their full name

Google Chrome browser has been taught to simulate visual impairment

The Google Chrome browser has added a new feature-it allows you to simulate visual disorders, in particular, reduced visual acuity, all known types of color blindness, as well as the complete absence of color vision. The user can activate this function on any page.

Netbynet launched a free TV viewing service

The service is available without authorization and registration in the web version https://wifire.tv, as well as in applications for smart TV produced by LG and Samsung. Wifire TV Lite offers more than 140 channels,including Ultra HD Cinema in ultra-high definition.

The rotation of the nucleus of an atom has learned to control with the help of an electric field

The discovery of physicists will help develop quantum computers and ultra-sensitive electromagnetic sensors, writes the press service of the University of New South Wales (UNSW, Australia), referring to an article in the scientific journal Nature.

An Australian University has developed flexible concrete from industrial waste

Researchers from Australia’s Swinburne University, Dr Behzad Nematollahi and Professor Jay Sanjayan have developed and patented a new type of concrete that is made from waste and can bend and not break under load. Concrete is made from industrial slag without the use of cement.

Nitrogen, carbon, and water did not appear on Earth immediately. How and from where — no one knows

Previously, many scientists believed that these elements were already present when the Earth began to form. However, now geological studies show that most of the water was actually delivered to Earth when its formation was almost complete. The new findings, which were the result of collaboration between scientists from Germany, Denmark, Wales, Australia and Japan, will be published in the journal Nature.

Putin spoke about the high salaries of state-owned companies

When asked by journalist Andrey Vandenko how the state of corporations fights with the fact that their management receives very large amounts of money — up to a million a day, the President admitted that it does not fight well.

He explained that the state-owned company employs the best foreign specialists on the market, who require world-class salaries. But in this regard, the bosses should receive even more, because this is how it works everywhere.

Earlier, the President said that he considers representatives of small businesses, mainly engaged in trade, crooks. According to him, this attitude is fixed in the minds of the people, and he is a part of this people.

Czech Republic suspends issuing of Schengen visas

From March 14, 2020, all diplomatic missions of the Czech Republic, including visa centers, will suspend the acceptance of applications for Schengen visas and long-term visas.

The arrears on the mortgage crisis threatens the market

Overdue mortgage debt for the purchase of housing under construction in Russia by January of this year increased by 297 million rubles in absolute terms. The situation is such that in the future, the market may experience a crisis associated with “bad” debt. This was mentioned by specialists of the Debt Consultant collection Agency after analyzing the Bank of Russia’s data and its own documentation. The total debt level for this period was 5.8 billion rubles.

The beaches of Hong Kong are filled with medical masks

Many used medical masks have accumulated on the beaches and nature trails of Hong Kong. Environmentalists warn that hygiene items pose a huge threat to marine life, according to Reuters.

The main winner from the collapse of oil was named

The main winner from the sharp drop in oil prices will be India, which imports more than 80 percent of energy resources. This conclusion was reached by experts interviewed by CNBC.

On the stock exchange in South Korea, trading was suspended due to the collapse of quotations

Trading on the South Korean stock exchange KOSPI was suspended due to a sharp drop in quotations, according to March 13 Agency Yonhap.

The US Federal reserve will provide the market with $1.5 trillion in short-term liquidity

The us Federal reserve will provide $1.5 trillion to the short-term repo market, where banks take out short loans secured by Treasury bonds. Three auctions will be held on Thursday and Friday: two for $500 billion each for three-month repos and one for $500 billion for one-month repos.

Russians will start buying apartments for investment purposes

Against the background of falling financial markets, the share of citizens who buy housing for investment purposes and to save their money in major cities may double. This forecast is for the “News” participants of the market. The purchase of the most liquid apartments can bring an income of 30-40% in three years.

Human rights activists in the United States filed a lawsuit against the authorities for the use of facial recognition systems

The American civil liberties Union (ACLU), a human rights organization, filed a lawsuit against the US authorities in connection with their use of facial recognition systems at airports in the country. This is stated in a statement released on Thursday by the organization.

Attacks on Tereshkova because of her amendment attacks on Russia

State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin on Thursday at the beginning of the plenary session of the chamber said that attacks from abroad on the United Russia Deputy Valentina Tereshkova, related to her amendment on the right of the current President to be re-elected for a new term, are attacks on Russia as a whole.

The attacks that are taking place today on Tereshkova are attacks on our country. – Vyacheslav Volodin, Russian politician

Turkey has issued an ultimatum to Russia on Syria

The Minister of defence of Turkey, Hulusi Akar, said that Turkey does not intend to withdraw its troops from Syria. In addition, the Minister stressed that he personally set conditions for Russia, threatening war.

“We have reached an excellent agreement in the negotiations,” Akar was quoted as saying by local TV channel TRT. But he immediately stressed that ” Turkey remains in Idlib, the withdrawal of its forces is not an option.”

He noted that in case of violation of the ceasefire, the Turkish military will continue to strike Syrian government forces, he said insayder.su.

Nepal has suspended visa issuance

The government of Nepal has suspended the issuance of tourist visas until the end of April and canceled all mountaineering expeditions for this period, including to the highest peak of the planet Everest. According to the Nepalese newspaper The Kathmandu Post, citing a government source, these restrictions come into force on March 14.

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks out against the cult of Vladimir Putin’s personality

“The cult of Vladimir Putin’s personality is something that Vladimir Putin categorically does not agree with. He has long clearly formulated his attitude to any manifestations of the cult of personality of Vladimir Putin, he definitely does not like it, and he does not agree with it,” his press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

Presidential press Secretary – about the children’s section of the Kremlin’s website

Medusa: in connection with Tereshkova’s amendment, social networks began actively quoting a fragment from the Kremlin’s website for children, which States that ” the President is forbidden to cheat and violate the Constitution. Even if all citizens are completely delighted with their President, you can’t choose him three times in a row.” Do site administrators plan to correct these statements so as not to mislead children?

Dmitry Peskov: No, this is not a reason for this. In this case, we are talking about a completely different situation, and, in fact, Tereshkova’s initiative was explained in detail to her. Once again, the maximum number of terms is fixed in the Constitution. It doesn’t disappear from there.

All Russian parliaments are in FAVOR!

The Federation Council received the results of voting on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation from all 85 regional parliaments, all reviews are positive-Klishas

Sentences for former Bank of Moscow executives

According to Kommersant, former Bank President Andrey Borodin was sentenced to a total of 14 years in a penal colony and a fine of $ 2.5 million for three episodes of embezzlement on a particularly large scale. His Deputy Dmitry Akulinin was sentenced to 12 years in prison and a fine of two million rubles. Other defendants in the case are Alexey Sytnikov (seven years in prison, 800 thousand rubles fine), Dmitry Stroganov (six years in prison and 500 thousand rubles fine) and Boris Shemyakin (six years in prison and 500 thousand rubles fine).

All the convicts currently live abroad, Borodin, Akulinin and Shemyakin – in the UK. According to some reports, the former head of the Bank received the status of a political refugee.

Why are there no medical masks in pharmacies?

Manufacturers stopped supplying masks to commercial pharmacies three weeks ago, according to the monitoring of the Alliance of pharmacy institutions “soyuzfarma”, commissioned by”Open media”. Only the capital’s state institutions have purchased more masks since the beginning of the year than in the whole of last year. Manufacturers primarily sell their products to these customers, and manufacturers simply do not have the capacity to meet both government orders and the needs of private pharmacies.

Net capital outflow from Russia, billion $:

2008: 133.6
2009: 57.5
2010: 30.8
2011: 81.4
2012: 53.9
2013: 60.3
2014: 152.1
2015: 58.1
2016: 19.8
2017: 31.3
2018: 76.0
2019: 26.7

Mortgage rates may rise as the ruble weakens

A decision on the increase may be made in the near future, Mutko said, but the banks will be able to work in the same mode for another week or two.

“Of course, now a lot depends on how the Central Bank behaves, making a decision on the key rate up or down. If this happens, the rates may go back one or two percentage points, ” said former Minister Vitaly Mutko

Now the average base rate for mortgage loans is at 8.5%, he recalled, adding that the demand for such loans is increasing.