18 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/17/2020

The reduction in the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation is postponed

On March 20, the Central Bank of Russia will hold a meeting of the Board of Directors. Against the backdrop of falling oil prices and the ruble’s depreciation, we expect the key rate to remain at the current level of 6.0%.

The regulator points out that in the medium term, disinflationary risks are increasing in the economy, and the weakening of the ruble is a significant, but short-term inflationary factor. Thus, we believe that the rate increase will be an excessive step. We also expect to update forecasts for economic growth and inflation due to changes in macroeconomic conditions.

Russia increased its investment in US government bonds by $536 million

In January, Russia increased its investments in Treasury obligations of the us Treasury (US Treasuries) by $536 million compared to the previous month, according to data from the us Treasury, writes Interfax»

The Central Bank of Nigeria announced measures to save the economy

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emediele, said at a press conference in Abuja that the Bank will allocate 135 million soft loans to households and small businesses. Also earlier, the Central Bank of Nigeria lowered the base interest rate from 9% to 5%.

Russia closes border for foreigners

Russia for the period from March 18 to may 1 restricts entry to the territory of the country for foreign citizens and stateless persons. The corresponding decision was made by the government of the country.

Automakers stop factories in Europe

Factories for the production of Peugeot, Citroen and DS cars in France, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia, Opel plants in Germany and Poland and Vauxhall plants in the UK will be stopped, the company said.

Housing prices in Dubai came to a standstill, sales have doubled

According to the consulting company ValuStrat, in February 2020, average prices for residential real estate in Dubai decreased by 0.8%. Thus, the trend of slowing down the market decline, which analysts have noted since June 2019, continues, writes Arabian Business. Housing in Dubai fell by 10.1% year-on-year. Its average value amounted to $2 560 per sq. m.

In Kuban, 1.3 billion rubles were allocated for the construction and repair of bridges

According to the press service of the Kuban administration, the largest project of interregional significance is the construction of the “double” Yablonovsky bridge, which will connect Krasnodar with Adygea. The work is planned to be completed in 2024, and about 7.2 billion rubles will be spent on construction in total.

Concierge services are subject to VAT

Implementation of the management organization of services for the protection of the local area and Concierge services is subject to VAT. This is stated in the letter of the Ministry of Finance dated 03.03.2020 № 03-07-07/15433

In St. Petersburg, they demand to stop the pilgrimage to the relics of John the Baptist

The Deputy of the St. Petersburg legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky (“Yabloko”) demands to stop the process of applying thousands of believers to the relics of John the Baptist every day, as this carries risks of spreading the coronavirus

Cuba is not going to close its borders

This is reported by officials. Russian tourists can easily get to Cuba. Charter programs are provided to resorts.

Another Japanese airline has started flights to Primorye.

For the first time, an All Nippon Airways plane landed at Vladivostok international airport. The new flight connected the capitals of the Far East and Japan with a regular line.

The Ministry of agriculture instructed the regions to create food stocks for two months

The regions should provide reserves “for at least two months” and work out the possibility of increasing agricultural production in the shortest possible time, the report says. In addition, the Ministry of agriculture has established an operational headquarters for monitoring and monitoring the situation on food markets.

Russia will ban the issue and circulation of cryptocurrencies

The bill “on digital financial assets” will indicate a ban on the issuance and organization of cryptocurrency circulation, said Alexey Guznov, Director of the legal Department of the Bank of Russia, in an interview with Interfax.

He added that we are talking about banning organizations that issue digital assets on the territory of the Russian Federation. At the same time, there are no unambiguous plans to restrict the ownership of cryptocurrency, since this is “to some extent absurd,” the Director of the legal Department of the Central Bank stressed.

Saudi Aramco’s entry into the capital of the Russian “Novomet” has been suspended»

RDIF and Saudi Aramco have suspended talks on their first investment in Russia. We are talking about the purchase of 30.76% of the oilfield services company Novomet. The process was suspended after the collapse of the OPEC deal+

Bankruptcy of companies can become easier and faster.

The Ministry of economic development of Russia wants to reduce the time and costs of the procedure and significantly increase the amount of repayment of creditors ‘ claims. it has sent such a bill to the ministries and departments for approval.

Business rescue in bankruptcy in Russia, in principle, tends to zero, said Deputy Minister of economic development Ilya Torosov. Creditors do not receive money in almost 70% of cases, less than 2% of enterprises that have started bankruptcy, restore their solvency, according to the presentation of the Ministry of economic development. In nine years the number of bankruptcies has nearly doubled, according to Medresurs. To reduce costs, the Ministry of economic development offers to restructure debts, if the majority of creditors consider it possible.

Deposit rates have started to rise in Russia

Deposit rates increased by Dom. RF, Loko-Bank, Investtorgbank and Transcapitalbank launched new ruble deposits with higher rates. At the same time, VTB, Promsvyazbank and MKB do not plan to change Deposit rates, writes Kommersant.

In 2019, the share of individuals ‘ funds in current accounts, rather than in deposits in Russian banks, reached 26% of the total volume of attracted retail resources.

Annual inflation in Zimbabwe was 540%

According to the statistical Agency of Zimbabwe, the annual rate of consumer price inflation in the country was 540.16%, March 16, Agence France-Presse reports.

Samara will take a loan of 1 billion rubles to cover debts

Samara city hall will try again to take out a loan in the amount of one billion rubles to pay off debts. At the moment, two repeat auctions have been announced for the choice of banks. They will have to open two credit lines to the regional capital for a year of 500 million rubles. It is known that the city will take the money at seven percent per annum. And it is planned to spend 70 million rubles on maintenance.

Bakkt announced the closing of the investment round

Bakkt crypto platform announced the closing of the series B investment round and raising $300 million in funding. The company said that now the number of employees has reached 350, it has started serving loyalty programs for “7 of the 10 leading financial institutions”, as well as more than 4,500 loyalty programs, including two unnamed us airlines.

The new York stock exchange operator ICE, Bakkt’s parent company, M12 as part of Microsoft, PayU, Boston Cinsulting Group, Goldfinch Partners, CMT Digita and Pantera Capital participated in the investment round. CEO of the crypto project Mike Blandina confirmed that the launch of the payment application should take place in the summer of 2020.

Russian refineries will reorient gasoline exports to the domestic market

Russian refineries are reorienting significant volumes of gasoline and diesel exports to the domestic market due to the fact that gasoline in Russia is currently traded at a premium to exports. This was stated by Anton Rubtsov, Director of the Department of oil and gas processing of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation, during a speech at the conference-seminar “SMART gas stations: efficiency, innovation, modern service”.

Shanghai authorities cut electricity and gas prices to support businesses

Shanghai authorities have lowered the price of electricity and gas for corporate consumers to support the resumption of their work in the face of the coronavirus outbreak. This was stated in the Shanghai municipal development and reform Commission on March 15, Xinhua news Agency reports.

Bryansk Senator criticized the oligarchs because of the rise in price of gasoline

Sergei Kalashnikov, a member of the Federation Council from the Bryansk region, criticized the oil oligarchs. He was outraged by the fact that with the fall in prices for hydrocarbons, gasoline in Russia continues to become more expensive

In my long life, I have not seen any cases of cheaper gasoline. Whatever happened: oil fell, rose, became free-the price of gasoline only grew, – the Senator said at a press conference in the National news service.

The representative of the Bryansk region cited the example of the United States, where the cost of fuel has decreased. And he expressed confidence that it will only increase in Russia

Sberbank began to attract convicts to work

Sberbank is launching a joint project with the Federal penitentiary service( FSIN), under which the Bank will provide jobs to convicts. This was announced by RBC Deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Anatoly Popov. The pilot project has already started in Novosibirsk.

Turkey to take part in S-400 production

Russia and Turkey may sign a contract for the supply of a second s-400 regiment in the near future. Under this agreement, the Turkish side can participate in the production process.

In Suzdal, the best cartoons of “Suzdalfest” were determined»

Prizes for the best animated films for children were awarded to Marina Karpova and her work “7 goats”, as well as the cartoon “the Princess and the bandit” directed by Maria Sosnina and Mikhail Aldashin. For the best debut work, the diploma was awarded to the picture “Shepherds of clouds” by Eugene Fadeev.

The new season of the series “Masha and the Bear” will be released in the fall of 2020

The authors created 26 episodes with a time limit of 7 minutes. This became known in Suzdal at the XXV Open Russian festival of animated films. Daria katiba, marketing Director of Animaccord group of companies, said that new episodes are planned to be released this fall. In the fifth season, the children’s audience will see the classic stories of the first seasons. Katiba reported that new episodes will be released with a regularity of 1-1. 5 months.

Mikhail Levitin has put on a new performance based on Daniil Kharms’s ” I’m not home”

Mikhail Levitin is a people’s artist who has been the head of the Hermitage theatre in Moscow for many years. “I am not at home” is Levitin’s third performance of harms. The fate of Kharms, like the fate of all Soviet writers, is tragic. He is a victim of repression.

Exhibition ” Noah’s ark of writers. Evacuation 1941-1944″

From March 18 to may 10, 2020, the exhibition halls Of the state Museum of the history of Russian literature named after V. I. dal will host the exhibition “Noah’s ark of writers. Evacuation 1941-1944”. The focus is on the history of the evacuation of writers and film figures to the interior of the country: Yelabuga, Tashkent, and Alma-ATA.

Heroes of the exhibition: Marina Tsvetaeva, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, Alexey Tolstoy, Korney Chukovsky, Arseniy Tarkovsky, Konstantin Simonov, Mikhail Zoshchenko, Viktor Shklovsky, Sergei Eisenstein and others.

Golden raspberry award for dubious achievements in cinema

The musical “Cats” directed by Tom Hooper received the “Golden raspberry” in the category “Worst film”. A video with the announcement of the winners of this “award” for the most dubious achievements in cinema was posted on the YouTube portal. Hooper also won the Golden raspberry award for Worst Director.

John Travolta was recognized as the worst actor for his roles in the films” Fan “and”Side by side”. In the Worst actress category, Hilary Duff won the Golden raspberry for her role in the film the Ghosts of Sharon Tate.

The “Example of intonation” Foundation accepts applications for participation in the film debut competition

Created seven years ago, the non-profit Foundation “Example of intonation” supports young authors and helps them make cinematic debuts. Among the paintings realized on the basis of the Fund are “Tightness” by Kantemir Balagov, “Deep rivers” by Vladimir Bitokov and other films.

In 2020, the reception of scripts for full-length feature films, synopses and questionnaires will last a month – until April 15. Then all applications will be carefully studied, the most interesting ideas will be included in the Fund’s reserve or will be included in the scenario portfolio of the Lenfilm Studio, and the main winner will get the right to make a film and release it.

One of the most important conditions is that the film should take place on the territory of Russia, reflecting the specifics and problems of the regions of our country. In addition, the relevance, artistic and social significance of the topics covered in the application will be evaluated.

Rock band Editors will give two concerts in Russia

Editors is not the first time will perform in Russia, they regularly come with concert tours and festivals. The group’s founder Tom Smith notes that Russian fans are “a violent and passionate audience”

A “hut” made of woolly mammoth bones was found near Voronezh

Near Voronezh, at the Kostenkovskaya Parking lot, scientists found the remains of a structure made of mammoth bones, the naked Science portal reported with reference to the Voronezh University. Now scientists are preparing an article about this discovery in the journal Antiquity. The structure differs not only in size, but also in age. It is about 25 thousand years old

Microsoft has published full specifications for the Xbox Series X

As previously reported, the console is based on an eight-core processor Zen 2 with a frequency of 3.8 GHz, which was created specifically for the game console. The graphics system is RDNA 2 with 52 computing blocks, 1.825 GHz, and the declared performance is 12 teraflops. The console has 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM and a 320 MB memory bus. The drive in the Xbox Series X has a capacity of 1 TB and is an NVME SSD. Drive in the 4K UHD Blu-Ray console. According to the company, the set-top box will output a 4K image with 60 frames per second and an increase to 120 frames.

AMD introduced Ryzen 4000 processors

Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD, has officially introduced a new generation of processors designed to work in laptops. These are 7-nanometer Ryzen 4000 chips based on the Zen 2 architecture. This type of processor belongs to the Renoir family

Medical images will be analyzed by artificial intelligence

Russian developers have created a software project that allows automated analysis of data from fluorography, mammography and cardiogram images based on artificial intelligence. The accuracy of this analysis is 93%.

Starbucks has started accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

In the Starbucks app, some users have the opportunity to pay for purchases using cryptocurrencies through the “Bakkt Cash” option. The feature is available in limited beta testing mode, writes Cointelegraph. The coffee chain noted that they expect a high demand for cryptocurrencies among customers.

Samsung has started mass production of the fastest memory for smartphones

Samsung has launched production of 512 GB flash memory modules made in the eUFS (embedded Universal Flash Storage) 3.1 standard, which is capable of recording information at speeds up to 1200 MB per second.

According to the South Korean giant, this is three times faster than memory models made by previous standards. The manufacturer notes that the new product is currently the fastest memory in the world. Using it in gadgets will allow you to make video recordings and play videos of the 8K standard without visible delays

Apple releases new Powerbeats wireless headphones

The company has released a new Beats wireless headphones Powerbeats. The device is an improved version of Powerbeats 3. They are positioned as a simpler version of Powerbeats Pro. Powerbeats have a 15-hour battery life with Fast Fuel charging support. Beats Powerbeats headphones will appear in Russia on March 18 for 11,490 rubles.

The impenetrability of graphene has been disproved

A team of physicists reported that they were able to disprove the theory that graphene is impenetrable. Graphene is one of the modifications of pure carbon, which is sheets of monatomic thickness with a hexagonal bond structure.

Google was accused of violating EU data protection laws

The management of the Brave web browser accused Google Inc. in violation of the General data protection regulation (GDPR), as the company allegedly transfers users ‘ personal data between its services without obtaining their consent properly, the Financial Times reports.

Darkness can help to remove memories

Staff at the University of Tokyo erased the memory of a fruit fly, leaving the insect in the dark for several days. Experiments on fruit flies may lead to the development of technologies that will help people get rid of traumatic memories.

We were able to detect the molecular mechanism that is responsible for erasing the memory of insects in the dark. Long-term memory in General is quite difficult to remove, but our research shows that this is possible. In the future, there may be technologies that will allow you to erase the memory of a traumatic experience, — say the authors of the scientific work.

Eight-month-old children understand the basics of grammar

Current Biology published the results of a study by French scientists who tried to understand how children distinguish parts of speech. It turned out that kids respond best to phrases that are built according to the rules of French grammar (in them, the service words come before the main ones). Scientists have concluded that children intuitively learn grammar, even if they do not yet understand the meaning of spoken words. Moreover, even three-day-old babies are able to isolate parts of speech in the flow of words by phonetic features.

Swedish scientists have found colonies of chlamydia in the Arctic ocean

As Swedish scientists have found out, chlamydia colonies live at a depth of three kilometers, a few meters below the bottom sediments. They are subjected to high pressure and are almost devoid of oxygen. However, such conditions do not prevent bacteria from successfully developing and even dominating some parts of the ocean floor.

Experts noted that the detected bacteria are “relatives” of Chlamydia trachomatis, which cause venereal disease. Most micro-organisms of this species are parasites and need a host-carrier for survival. However, the bacteria in the ocean have learned to exist on their own.

The cortex of the brain was formed earlier than is commonly believed

By studying the structure of the visual centers of primitive lampreys, biologists have found that the cortex appeared in ancient vertebrates 500 million years ago. This is 300 million years earlier than scientists had expected. The research was published in the scientific journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

New microparticles force the body to accept the graft

Researchers from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) have developed tiny particles that can make the body accept the transplanted tissue as its own, EurekAlert portal reports!. The particles work on the same principle as cancer cells trick the immune system by masquerading as the body’s native cells.

The hydrogel has helped to clean up the paintings of Jackson Pollock

Florentine chemists created a hydrogel based on polyvinyl alcohol of different molecular weights and used it to clean the surface of Jackson Pollock’s paintings “Burning eyes” and”two”.

The early universe was filled with supermassive black holes

The oldest supermassive black hole, which was formed just 900 years after the Big Bang, in the era of early galaxies, was discovered by astronomers from the National radio astronomy Observatory. It is about a billion times larger than the Sun.