20 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/19/2020

The Russian ruble has risen to second place in the ranking of the world’s most volatile currencies against the us dollar, according to data from Bloomberg. Its imputed volatility (how the market estimates the future amplitude of exchange rate fluctuations), calculated from the prices of three-month options, is 24.9%. Ahead of the ruble, only the Mexican peso with a volatility of 26.5%.

The date April 22 was removed from posters about voting on the Constitution

The Federal center has instructed the regions not to use the date of April 22 on products intended to inform citizens about the all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution. This was told to RBC by an interlocutor close to the leadership of one of the regions.

“We brought the following information: all citylights (one of the types of outdoor advertising. – RBC), banners and billboards with the date of April 22 are not hung out, but are removed to the warehouse,” the source told RBC. The regional election commissions promised to send mock-UPS of the logo without dates, he said.

For restoring the foundations of the constitutional order

An open collective appeal to the Council of Europe on the need for urgent legal expertise of the proposed changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the procedure for their adoption was supported by more than 100 thousand people (according to the morning of March 19). Under a petition published on the website Сһапде.огд initially, 120 Russian human rights defenders, lawyers, political scientists and other experts signed their signatures.

“Large-scale changes to the Constitution initiated by Vladimir Putin strengthen the already powerful and undemocratic vertical of power, reduce human rights guarantees, increase the imbalance in the system of checks and balances, weaken the independence of the judicial system, further centralize state administration to the detriment of the subjects of the Russian Federation and significantly reduce the autonomy of local self — government,” the appeal says.

The date April 22 was removed from posters about voting on the Constitution

The Federal center has instructed the regions not to use the date of April 22 on products intended to inform citizens about the all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution. This was told to RBC by an interlocutor close to the leadership of one of the regions.

Putin explained Lukashenko’s refusal to recognize Crimea as Russian

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko does not officially recognize Crimea as Russian, because he wants to build good-neighborly relations with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes

Putin signed the law on the age of retirement for non-state pensions

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law according to which women have the right to receive a non-state pension under voluntary pension insurance from the age of 55, and men from the age of 60. The document was published on Wednesday, March 18, on the official Internet portal of legal information.

Scientists have modeled a new type of quantum States

A group of scientists predicted a new type of quantum topological States of two photons, in which the photons form a connected pair and settle on the edge of a chain of qubits, and also offered an available method of experimental verification of the predictions made by them. In the new method, the researchers used resonant electrical circuits. According to experts, their results can bring the creation of optical chips or quantum computers closer without the need for expensive experiments.

Britain allocates 330 billion pounds to support business

On March 17, 2020, British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced that the government had approved the allocation of 330 billion pounds to support businesses. This is the second package of measures to support the economy.

Putin signed a law on the government’s purchase of Sberbank shares

Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a bill on the government’s purchase of Sberbank shares from the Central Bank. The corresponding document is published on the legal information portal.

The bakers Guild commented on the possibility of bread shortages

“The shortage of flour and bread is simply impossible. The bread market is growing today, the import component is minimal, since there are enough ingredients for the production of bakery products in the country,” commented Yuri Kanelson, President of Rospik.

He stressed that the Guild constantly monitors the prices of bakery products. According to observations, suppliers do not expect factors to raise prices for bakery products, RIA Novosti reports

Yakutia opens flights from Magadan to Vladivostok

From April 1, 2020, Yakutia airlines opens a flight on the route Vladivostok-Magadan-Vladivostok, the press service of the airline reports. The flight will be operated twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, on Boeing-737-700 and Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft.

NordStar will operate a flight from Tomsk to Kyzyl

From March 30, NordStar will start operating regular direct flights from Tomsk — Kyzyl — Tomsk. Flights will be operated twice a week. Earlier it was reported that the Federal air transport Agency has compiled a list of subsidized direct flights from Tomsk and back in 2020.

Families with children will get a discount on ” communal services»

The state Duma has introduced a bill on a discount for families with children under 14 years of age to pay for garbage collection services. Currently, tariffs for the export of solid municipal waste (MSW) are calculated either by the number of registered citizens in a residential building, or by the number of square meters of residential space.

Mountainous Principality of Andorra

On the southern slopes of the Pyrenees hides a miniature state with a ski resort and the largest thermal complex in Western Europe. Andorra is the most mountainous Principality, and here, as nowhere else, you can feel the European spirit, and, thanks to the size of the state, you can see a small Europe quickly and without spending large amounts on vacation.

Scientists are closer to creating an inexhaustible source of energy

Russian physicists from the Ioffe Institute of Physics and technology in Saint Petersburg described ionic heat transfer processes in a spherical tokamak. The results of the study, which brings scientists one step closer to solving the problem of thermonuclear fusion, are published in the journal Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion.

If scientists manage to implement the idea of controlled thermonuclear fusion, humanity will get an almost inexhaustible source of energy. Thermonuclear power plants are recognized as safe and environmentally friendly: compared to nuclear power plants, they do not produce explosive reactions, and unlike the combustion of hydrocarbons, there are no emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides that contribute to global warming and pollute the environment. Moreover, the neutrons produced during thermonuclear fusion can destroy radioactive waste in nuclear power plants.

Eurovision 2020 was officially canceled

The Eurovision song contest 2020, which was supposed to be held in may in the Netherlands, was officially canceled, the organizers said in a message on Twitter.

US closes border with Canada

US President Donald Trump announced the closure of the borders with Canada, which are used for trade. He wrote about this on Twitter.

By mutual agreement, we will temporarily close the Northern border with Canada, which is used for secondary transport. He stressed that trade would not be affected by such measures.

Emma stone called off the wedding

According to the Daily Mail, the ceremony was supposed to take place in mid-March. Fans attribute this fact to the fact that US President Donald trump canceled mass events of more than 10 people.

“Gazprom” discussed with Hungary to increase gas supplies

Negotiations on increasing gas supplies were held between the Russian company Gazprom and Hungary. This was announced on Wednesday, March 18, by the official representative of the gas holding Sergey Kupriyanov. It is reported that the parties to the talks discussed increasing fuel supplies next year to 4.2 billion cubic meters.

The US suspends issuing visas in most countries of the world

The US state Department suspends visa services on a regular basis in most countries of the world. This was announced on Wednesday by the official representative of the American foreign Ministry TASS.

The provision of visa services on a regular basis will resume as soon as possible, but we can not yet name a specific date, – the Bureau said in a message on Twitter

The US has imposed sanctions on five Iranian scientists

“In connection with Iran’s unacceptable nuclear activities, the us Department of Commerce is imposing sanctions on five Iranian scientists who participated in the development of the nuclear program in 2004 and work for the government to this day,” Pompeo said.

Four us States are closing indoor shopping and entertainment centers

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in his microblog on Twitter announced the closure of all indoor shopping centers and entertainment centers in four us States: new York, new Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Russia has restricted entry for residents of Donetsk without Russian citizenship

Residents of the DPR who do not have Russian citizenship are temporarily banned from entering the territory of the Russian Federation. This is reported by TASS with reference to the border management of the Federal security service of the Russian Federation in the Rostov region.

The arbitration in the Hague refused to recognize Crimea as part of Ukraine

International arbitration, established through the mediation of the Permanent court of arbitration in the Hague, refused to rule on the sovereignty of Crimea in the proceedings between the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

According to the documents published by the arbitration court, cited by TASS, the arbitration court does not have jurisdiction in proceedings where a decision is required on the sovereignty of Russia or Ukraine over the Peninsula. As a result, the court cannot decide on Ukraine’s claim, since the claim is based only on Ukraine’s claim to have sovereignty over Crimea.

The state Duma called the amendment on presidential terms the desire of society

The amendment to the Constitution to remove restrictions on the number of presidential terms for the current head of state was a request from society, this will continue the stable and progressive development of the country, according to the head of the Duma Committee on nationalities Valery Gazzaev

Shnurov could not clearly answer the question about Crimea’s identity

Musician Sergei Shnurov, who recently joined the party of growth, did not give a clear answer to the question about the state of Crimea. During a blitz interview on the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Tina Kandelaki asked the leader of the group “Leningrad “” our Crimea?”. Shnurov thought for 10 seconds, then replied “we’ll See.”

Ukraine declared a provocation in the Black sea

The crew of the Ukrainian Navy missile boat “Priluki” practiced tactical maneuvering and fighting for survivability when crossing the sea. After setting up the ” Priluk “at anchor, the patrol guard ship of the FSB of Russia”Impeccable” appeared. A few hours later, the black sea fleet’s missile boat Shuya was also spotted on the spot.

“Impeccable” at night approached the Ukrainian boat without running lights. It came 30 times closer than the international rules for preventing collisions allow. Then, using a searchlight, the Russian military blinded the crew on the bridge.

Exercises of the British special forces in Belarus

Joint training of British special forces and Belarusian paratroopers near Vitebsk was shown on video. Soldiers are trained to provide first aid to the wounded and evacuate them from the battlefield. Separately, elements of survival in the wild and melee tactics are practiced.



The Russian Ministry of defense has formed a stock of medicines

It is reported that infectious diseases departments and laboratories have been prepared in all subordinate medical institutions. Every day in all divisions and divisions, military and civilian personnel are measured temperature, and a survey is conducted. Thus, the army has taken all measures for early detection of dangerous infection.

“The Russian Armed forces have formed a stock of necessary medicines and medications, as well as personal protective equipment for rapid provision of qualified medical care,”RIA Novosti quotes a statement from the defense Ministry.

A resident of the Amur region will appear in court for fakes about coronavirus

Police officers of the Amur region revealed the fact of spreading false information about the coronavirus in the region and are sending a case to the court against a resident of the city of Svobodny, according to the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs for the region on Thursday

“During the monitoring of social networks, police officers revealed the facts of dissemination of false information about the coronavirus. In particular, it was reported about sick citizens on the territory of the Amur region. This information is false. Employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia “Svobodnensky” identified a local resident involved in the dissemination of the above information. Administrative material has been compiled for the woman, which will be submitted to the court for consideration,” the report says.

“Tinkoff mobile” started to make virtual SIM card

Recall that Tele2 in 2019 began to issue eSim in a test mode, but a few days after the launch of the service, the Ministry of communications asked the operator to stop issuing electronic SIM cards

In the US, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 occurred

In the salt lake Valley, located in the us state of Utah, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.7 occurred, according to data from the us Geological survey (USGS). The epicenter of the earthquake is located four kilometers from the city of Magna in the same state.

A criminal case against traffic police officers has been opened in the Krasnoyarsk territory

As investigators from the Internal security Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs suspect, the police have been collecting tribute from carriers for a long time, for allowing unhindered cargo transport without the necessary documents. Under investigation-seven traffic police officers in four districts of the Krasnoyarsk region, as well as two Deputy heads of the local traffic police. Apparently, an organized criminal group was operating.

Cultural institutions of the Kursk region will become virtual

As ALREADY reported by the kurskcity news Agency, mass cultural events have been temporarily canceled in the Kursk region. However, the Committee on culture of the Kursk region noted that this does not mean that the Kurds during the quarantine period will remain without a cultural life at all. The Internet will come to the aid of cultural institutions, where many of them have already offered online broadcasts, virtual exhibitions and video tours as alternatives.


Production of the film adaptation of Uncharted stopped

The film adaptation of Uncharted from Sony studios was suspended for six weeks. Filming was due to start next month in Berlin. The production of the film will be handled by the Creator of “venom” and two parts of “Zombieland” Ruben Fleischer. The script was written by the showrunner of the multi-part film adaptation of ” Wheel of time “Rafe Judkins and the authors of the first” Iron man ” Arthur Markam and Matt Holloway. Sony Studio as the premiere date so far calls March 5, 2021.

The Metropolitan Opera broadcasts its productions online for free

This is reported on the official website of the Metropolitan Opera. The report quotes the Director of the theater, Peter Gelb: broadcasts of the theater’s best performances in YD-quality are designed to support Opera lovers in difficult times. Broadcast starts at 2.30 am GMT.

In Yakutsk, the international film festival was canceled

VI Yakut international film festival was canceled, the TV channel “Yakutia 24” with reference to the press service of the Ministry of culture of the region. It is reported that the jury members will evaluate all films included in the event’s program remotely. Within two weeks, the results will be published on the official website of the film festival. Prizes in the form of snow points will be sent to all winners.

NOFX started releasing new songs

The musicians of the California punk band NOFX decided to cheer everyone up and started releasing new songs, which were planned for release in the summer. The first of them is “I Love You More Than I Hate Me”, the next will be released in the next two weeks.

Mosfilm recorded the band’s single ” thank you Very much»

According to the press service of the cinema concern, the group “thank you Very much “is a project of a journalist, the main character of the satirical blog Glavred and ex-keyboardist of the group” Kvartal ” Alexey Yablokov and programmer and guitarist Anatoly Starostin.

The star of” Very strange things ” released a music album

Canadian actor Finn Wolfard, known as the performer of one of the main roles in the series “Very strange things”, released a music album. He recorded the release as part of the Duo The Aubreys. The mini-album includes three songs: Loved One, Brother and African To Drink.

Keyboardist The Cure recorded a track with singer Jennifer Paig



Apple announced the new iPad Pro and MacBook Air

The new iPad Pro is equipped with an A12Z Bionic chip and an 8-core GPU, a 12 MP wide — angle camera, a 10 MP “ultra-wide-angle” camera, and a LIDAR scanner-a technology for measuring the distance by the duration of the movement of light to and from an object to obtain a more realistic augmented reality (AR).

Another feature of the iPad is the new Magic Keyboard with a built-in trackpad, which can hold the iPad on its weight and change its tilt angle so that you can fold the device into a laptop. The charge will last for ten hours. The gadget will be available in an 11-inch version for $799 and a 12.9-inch version for $949. the iPad Pro will be released in the US next week, and the keyboard in may.

In Windows 10 (2004), you can disable the reserved space on the disk

In the may 2019 update, the Reserved Storage feature was added, which reserved part of the disk for updates, temporary files, language packs, and drivers. All this took up about 10 GB or more. However, as it turned out, this place can be returned by disabling some branches of the Windows registry. But now the situation is even more simplified. In Windows 10 (2004), you can disable backups directly from the system, without using the registry. You can also find out the exact amount of disk space you are using.

To do this, you will need to use the command line (CMD). The following commands are available there:

DISM.exe /Online /Get-ReservedStorageState
DISM.exe /Online /Set-ReservedStorageState /State:Enabled
DISM.exe /Online /Set-ReservedStorageState /State:Disabled

The first one allows you to view the status of the reserved storage. Second and third: enable or disable redundancy, respectively

The first TV with two displays and a resolution of 8K is presented

Presented the world’s first TV with two screens and a resolution of 8K. Created by the company Hisense and will sell at a high price. The TV received an 85-inch main panel and a 28-inch additional panel.

In Opera, you can buy bitcoins via Apple Pay

The Opera browser now allows users in the US to easily buy a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin by paying with Apple Pay. If you use the Android version of the browser, you can just use a debit card.

Women feel better about their body if they look at it from the outside

Spanish scientists have found that women start to feel better about their body when they look at it from the outside. When participants of the experiment studied their body from the point of view of another person, it became more attractive in their eyes

The ancestors of wild cats in Madagascar were domestic Arab cats

American scientists from the universities of Colorado and Missouri collected DNA samples of wild cats in Madagascar and analyzed them, looking for matches among modern tailed ones. The closest DNA was found to be domestic cats from Oman and Kuwait

Found genomes, leading to the improvement of the crop

Scientists have discovered the genes that underlie the unique methods of producing carbon and nitrogen by plants. According to scientists, their results can lead to the development of crops that produce higher yields using less synthetic fertilizers.

Dinosaur tracks have been found in Scotland

Fossils of dinosaur footprints have been found on the coast of the Scottish island of Skye. Experts found 50 tracks on coastal mudflats. The results of the analysis indicate that these tracks belong to a stegosaurus-a plate-like dinosaur.

“Captain Dranitsyn” will become a floating scientific station

The icebreaker “Captain Dranitsyn” will be frozen in the ice of the Arctic ocean by the fall of 2020 for a polar expedition. This was stated at a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences, according to the electronic publication “Scientific Russia”.

Mass spectrometry can measure individual molecules

A group of physicists from the Netherlands managed to develop a mass spectrometer that can directly measure the mass of individual molecules. Before it was possible to work only with molecular ensembles, which gave rise to difficulties in the measurement of large molecules

The missing link in the evolution of the human hand

An international team of paleontologists from Flinders University in Australia and the University of Quebec studied the fossilized remains of a creature that looked like a shark with powerful sharp fangs, a flat head, a long snout and small round eyes, but special attention was paid to the fins. The creature had four limbs and each of them had unusual finger-like bones, which made it look like a quadrupedal-a group that includes humans and most modern animals.

Vladimir Putin signed a law on the purchase of shares in Sberbank

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a Federal law on the government’s purchase of Sberbank shares from the Bank of Russia. The document is published on the legal information portal.

The law came into force from the date of its publication. According to the document, the sale of ordinary shares is carried out at the weighted average price determined by the results of trading for the period specified in the first securities purchase and sale agreement. It should not exceed 30 days

The Bank of Russia increased the sale of currency

The Bank of Russia began selling currency from the Federal reserve last week in the amount of $50 million a day (rubles received from these operations will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance in order to compensate for the loss of budget revenues). This week, the Central Bank is already selling $75 million a day

Bank of Brazil lowered its key interest rate

The Bank of Brazil lowered the key rate immediately by 50 bps to 3.75% per annum (it was expected to decrease by 25 bps). Inflation in Brazil in February was 4.01% yoy, the inflation target of the Bank of Brazil this year is 4.0%, in 2021 – 3.75%.

The Brazilian real is among the three weakest currencies this year, along with the Mexican peso and the Russian ruble. All these currencies have fallen 21-23 against the us dollar since the beginning of the year%

Bank of Indonesia lowered rates

As expected, the Bank of Indonesia lowered rates by 25 points to 4.5% on the background of a deterioration in the global economic environment.

Draft instructions for summing up the results of voting for the Constitution

The draft instructions prepared by the Central election Commission on summing up the results of voting for amendments to the Russian Constitution provide additional opportunities for fraud, Open media found.

It follows from the text of the instructions that precinct commissions will be able to independently print ballots, and report on the results of voting via technical communication channels even before the Protocol is drawn up, in the absence of observers. Previously, this option was provided only for long-distance ships, the ISS, polar stations, and other hard-to-reach areas.

Exams for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus were canceled

President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the abolition of the exam for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus to obtain the status of native Russian speakers. According to the law, citizens of Ukraine and Belarus who speak Russian fluently can be recognized as native speakers upon personal application, if there are special grounds — if they or their direct relatives permanently reside or previously permanently resided in Russia, on the territory of the USSR or the Russian Empire within the current Russian state border

The decision whether to recognize foreigners or stateless persons as native speakers of Russian was previously made based on the results of an interview conducted by a specialized Commission. The acquisition of this status allows you to obtain Russian citizenship in a simplified manner.

Saudi Arabia has reserved all the reserve capacity of the Egyptian Sumed oil pipeline, which is an alternative to the Suez canal for transporting oil from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean sea. Saudi Aramco offers oil to Europe for delivery in April for $ 12.93./barrel.

The Russian foreign Ministry has launched a portal for those who want to return from abroad

The Russian foreign Ministry has launched a portal (https://sos.midhelp.ru/) to help Russians who want to return from abroad. Using this site, you can quickly contact foreign institutions of the Russian Federation, as well as get up-to-date information on the development of the situation in the world. There are 100 thousand organized tourists from Russia abroad, and Rosturizm asks them to contact consulates – message of the Ministry

Australia and New Zealand close their borders to non-residents.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that from March 20, entry to the country for foreigners is prohibited due to the spread of the coronavirus. An exception will be made for those foreign citizens who are direct relatives of Australians, reports NB with reference to CNN.

The Russian government will monitor the situation online

The Russian government will monitor the situation with the presence of masks in pharmacies online, Mishustin said. Here are some more statements from the Prime Minister:

  • The Ministry of industry and trade and other agencies will start monitoring prices for products, medicines and protective equipment in all regions and networks on Friday;
  • a three-month moratorium on insurance premiums for small and medium-sized businesses and a deferred payment of lease payments is being introduced;
  • test systems for coronavirus will be delivered to all regions and control logistics;
  • restrictions on deliveries of essential goods, including customs ones, are lifted for a month;
  • Russia has created a stock of 700 thousand test systems for coronavirus.

Rospotrebnadzor told about the main conditions of 14-day home quarantine

  • do not leave your home during the entire quarantine period — even to receive a parcel, buy food, or throw out trash;
  • if possible stay in a separate room;
  • use separate dishes, personal hygiene products, linen and towels;
  • purchase products and necessary household goods remotely (online) or with the help of volunteers;
  • exclude contact with your family members and others;
  • use personal protective equipment and disinfectants (mask, alcohol wipes);
  • be sure to wash your hands with soap and water or treat them with skin antiseptics-before eating, before contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, mouth, nose, after visiting the toilet;
  • regularly ventilate the room and conduct wet cleaning using household chemicals with a washing or cleaning and disinfecting effect;
  • household garbage should be Packed in double strong garbage bags, tightly closed and put outside the apartment. You can ask friends, acquaintances, or volunteers to dispose of this garbage

The Communist party postponed the celebrations for Lenin’s birthday

The Communist party has moved the celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin from April to autumn, said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma Committee on education, Deputy of the Communist party Oleg Smolin.

“The faction of the Communist party of the Russian Federation moved the celebration of Lenin’s birthday from April to autumn precisely in order to minimize communication with foreigners,” Smolin said at a meeting of the education Committee on Thursday.

Putin instructed to support folklore expeditions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the Ministry of culture to provide financial support for folklore research and folklore expeditions conducted by the Polenov state Russian house of folk art. According to the official website of the Kremlin, the head of state gave this instruction after a meeting with students of leading universities, schoolchildren, teachers and mentors, held in Sochi on January 22.

Daily processions against coronavirus will begin in the center of Moscow

The inhabitants of the Vysoko-Petrovsky monastery in Moscow decided to go around their monastery every evening in a procession with a prayer singing about getting rid of the coronavirus, the first procession was held on March 18 in the evening. This was announced on instagram by the vicar of the monastery, Abbot Peter (Yeremeyev). The monks walked along the sidewalks around the monastery with the Blachernae icon of the mother of God, keeping a safe distance

In St. Petersburg a municipal Deputy wrote out a bonus for himself

The Deputy head of the municipal Council of the Ligovka-Yamskaya district of Saint Petersburg, Sergey Ilyin (United Russia), wrote out a bonus of 120 thousand rubles for himself.

The municipal Deputy of this district Alexander Izotov told MBH media that Sergey Ilyin signed the order on payment of the bonus, without submitting it for General discussion.

Trump signed the law on the defence industry for protection against coronavirus.

This law allows companies to be forced to fulfill orders for military needs and will be used to fight coronavirus. He expressed the hope that this would not be necessary.

All Russian schools will go on vacation until April 12

All Russian schools will be on vacation from March 23 to April 12. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov.

The Federal penitentiary service temporarily banned visits to pre-trial detention centers and colonies

Since March 16, the Federal penitentiary service has temporarily canceled long-term and short-term visits with accused, suspects and convicts. This is reported on the Department’s website. Restrictions were introduced “until further notice”, there is no specific date in the message of the Federal penitentiary service.

About the use of location data for users of technology companies

Facebook, Google and other major technology companies are actively negotiating with us authorities about using their users ‘ location data to fight the spread of the coronavirus, the Washington Post reports.

In order to get the data, the US health authorities are interested, which could use them to create a map of the spread of infection, sources told the newspaper. This information will help the authorities identify future foci of infection and decide where to send more medical resources, the publication says.

The KFC chain started collecting orders only in the “takeaway” format

In response to the global situation, the fast food chain KFC has stepped up measures aimed at ensuring the safety of guests and employees in its more than 900 restaurants across Russia. All orders are collected only in the “takeaway” format, while guests can still choose to stay in the restaurant or eat outside, the company said in a statement.

“Cannes lions” – moved from the third decade of June to October

One of the most prestigious advertising festivals – “Cannes lions” -was moved from the third decade of June to October due to the situation with coronavirus in France, the organizers said in a statement.

UFC 249 Absolute fighting championship tournament will not take place

The UFC 249 Absolute fighting championship tournament, where Russian mixed-style (MMA) fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov is scheduled to fight against American Tony Ferguson, will not take place in new York. This is stated in a statement by the new York state athletic Commission, which is cited by the New York Times. The Nurmagomedov – Ferguson fight was originally scheduled to take place in new York on April 18.

Turkey has closed its land border with Bulgaria and Greece

Turkey has been closing its land border with Bulgaria and Greece since March 19, TRT TV reported. According to media reports, the border crossings “Edirne” and “kyrklareli” will be closed, this measure was taken in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Leading car factories in the United States stop working

The leadership of the leading automakers in the United States-General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler-on Wednesday decided to temporarily close factories for the production of cars in the United States, Mexico and Canada. According to the Wall Street Journal, an agreement to suspend production of cars was reached in Detroit.

Tennis players suspend all tournaments

The Association of tennis professionals (ATP) and the Women’s tennis Association (WTA) have announced that they will not hold tournaments until June 7. The ATP and WTA also reported that they are freezing ratings until the season resumes. And from June 8, all tournaments must resume according to the competition calendar.

A curfew is being imposed in Serbia

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that the country is introducing a curfew in the daytime for citizens over 65 years of age (up to 70 years in villages) and for all citizens from 20.00 (22.00 Moscow time) to 5.00 (7.00 Moscow time). For violating self-isolation in Serbia, you can face up to 12 years in prison, said the country’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

Drivers under the influence of alcohol are a big problem today

More than half a million drivers who got drunk behind the wheel were identified on Russian roads last year, said Mikhail Chernikov, head of the Main Department for road safety of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. He expressed the opinion that in order to effectively combat this problem, it is necessary to tighten the law up to the confiscation of vehicles by such violators.

“The state of intoxication is a big problem today. We identified more than 500,000 drivers under the influence of alcohol last year. Of these, 68 thousand were brought to criminal responsibility, ” – Chernikov on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Ceremony of handing over the Olympic flame to Japan in Athens

The ceremony was broadcast live by the Greek public television ERT. For the first time, such an event was held “behind closed doors” – without guests, without spectators and without journalists, due to the authorities ‘ recommendations not to hold public events. Otherwise, the ceremony was held in the usual order and began with the raising of the Olympic flag and the performance of the Olympic anthem. Earlier, the IOC announced that it aims to successfully hold the Olympics in Tokyo, which is to be held from July 24 to August 9