21 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/20/2020

The state Department recommends that US citizens refrain from any foreign travel due to the spread of the coronavirus in the world. In countries where commercial flights are still possible, US citizens are advised to immediately return to their homeland, – the text of the statement of the foreign Ministry TASS.

US satellites monitor the new base of the Russian aerospace forces

According to sources “avia.pro”, the Russian Federation has started construction work on the newest air base in the Syrian city of Qamishli. It will be equipped not worse than the “Hamina”. This is evidenced by satellite images. Experts suggest that the future military airfield will allow Russia to take control of the entire East of the Arab Republic.

The US space force received the first weapon

The US space force received the first weapon. This was reported by journalists from Popular Mechanics. This article is about a ground-based satellite signal jammer. It will be hosted on a system called Counter Communications System (CCS) Block 10.2. The silencer will work to prevent the transmission of signals from enemy satellites from reaching their intended destination.

Cash loans increased in Russia

According to the United credit Bureau (OKB), banks in January-February 2020 issued 2.83 million cash loans to individuals for a total of 782.5 billion rubles. Compared to the same period last year, the number of new issues increased by 21%, and the volume – by 23%.

The average cash loan amount in January-February 2020 was 275.8 thousand rubles, which is 5.5 thousand rubles more than a year earlier. The average loan term increased from 36 to 38 months, and the total cost of the loan on average decreased by 0.4 percentage points from 17.1% to 16.6%.

The US may impose sanctions against Russia because of oil prices

The United States is studying the possibility of introducing new sanctions against Russia as one of the levers to influence the oil market in order to stabilize prices. This is reported by the Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

The Kremlin called the spring aggravation of calls made in the United States to impose new sanctions against Russia in connection with the collapse of oil prices.

“These throw-ins about possible sanctions-this, rather, belongs to the category of spring exacerbation, provoked by the coronavirus, and suffering from Russophobia,” -said the press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov in response to a request from journalists to comment on such calls.

High alert mode has been introduced throughout Russia

The authorities of all 85 regions of Russia have decided to introduce a high-alert mode. Schools and universities have been switched to distance learning, and all sports and other mass events have been canceled, according to the orders signed by the authorities of all Russian regions.

Russian Railways radically reforms the tariff model

JSC “Russian Railways” is going to completely revise the tariff system, which has not changed for 15 years. According to Vadim Mikhailov, the first Deputy CEO of the company, the need for reform is due to the fact that in 2003 there was a different structure of the economy, Kommersant reports. For example, the main direction was West, and now – East. Cargo began to travel long distances, which requires balancing the cost of transporting goods and its cost in the market.

The company plans to introduce a universal fare unit per car. The new system will depend on the length and gross weight of the car. It is planned to take into account the type of cargo being transported.

The CEC adopted a resolution on the form of the ballot in the all-Russian vote.

It will ask whether the citizen approves of changes to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, and the answer options are “Yes” or “no”.

The Bank of Russia kept the key rate at 6% per annum.

As for inflation, the Central Bank said that it may temporarily exceed the target level this year. Then it is expected to return to 4% in 2021.

The monument to Zhukov was replaced on Manezhnaya square.

The new Zhukov had a slightly different posture: the Marshal’s arm was stretched out before, but now it was drawn to his temple. In addition, they added orders to his chest. There is a version that Hitler’s banners were removed from under the horse’s hooves – they were previously depicted with a swastika. They say that the old version of Zhukov will be sent to his homeland – to Kaluga.

A representative of the Moscow Department of cultural heritage told open media That this Department does not know anything about replacing the monument, since the monument is not a cultural heritage object.

The Prefecture of the Central district of the capital also refused to give an explanation. “I am trying, like all the media, to find out, but there is nothing to report yet, “a spokeswoman for the Prefecture told Open media.

Public health expenditure by country



Republican senators managed to sell shares before the collapse.

Senator Richard Burr, who heads the Senate intelligence Committee, began selling off shares owned by him and his wife, estimated at between $ 628,000 and $ 1.7 million, on February 13 this year. Now he is being asked to resign voluntarily, accusing him of insider trading in stocks and hiding important information about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic

IKEA closes stores

The company is closing all its stores in the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and India indefinitely. Stores in Austria are closed until March 23, in the Czech Republic until March 24, in Italy until March 25, in Slovakia and Spain until March 29, and in Switzerland until April 19. Stores in Hungary will continue to operate, but their opening hours will be reduced. As RIA Novosti explained to the group’s press service, all Ingka divisions in Russia are operating normally.

The Russian government has prepared a plan to support stores

The Russian government has prepared a plan of necessary measures to support domestic retailers and trading companies in the event of food shortages. In particular, the government is ready to subsidize interest rates on loans from retail chains that will attract funds for such needs

The first production of extra large rolling rolls has been launched in Russia

Russian experts are betting on the development of production capacities in the factories for the production of metallurgical products. The information portal “Made with us” told about the launch of the first mass production in Russia of especially large rolling rolls made of cast iron at the Kushvinsky plant.

The state Duma adopted the law on investment protection and promotion

The state Duma has adopted a law on the procedure and conditions for concluding agreements on the protection and promotion of investment (NWPC). The state guarantees that tax and other working conditions will remain unchanged if an entrepreneur or company undertakes to invest from 250 million rubles to 10 billion rubles or more in projects.

As for investments in the amount of 250-500 million rubles, we are talking about projects in the field of health, education, culture, physical education and sports.

Russian Railways reported the suspension of the train Adler-Kaliningrad

The movement of trains passing through the territory of Lithuania was stopped due to a note from the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Republic. From March 19, only two trains will transit through Lithuania to the Kaliningrad region – from Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

In Chicago, road fines and evacuations were canceled

By order of the mayor’s office in Chicago until April 30, it is forbidden to issue fines and evacuate those cars whose Parking is not paid for or overdue

Vietnam Airlines canceled all international flights

Vietnam Airlines, the national airline of Vietnam, announced on Thursday the cancellation of international flights in all directions until April 30, according to Vietnam’s state news Agency VNA

Migratory birds are increasingly staying for the winter in Komi

Syktyvkar residents in early March posted photos of ducks that swam in the Kirov Park in social networks. A few days ago, residents of obyachevo filmed a Swan. As the candidate of biological Sciences of the Institute of biology of the KNC Uro RAS Gleb Nakul told, meteorologists point out that this year the winter in Komi was the warmest for all the years of meteorological observations.

“Now the weather corresponds to the beginning of April. This is a big plus for wintering birds — ” the scientist said. – Temperatures are high, which means that the cost of thermoregulation is less, therefore, less food is required to make up for thermoregulation losses, which means less energy-intensive search flights and movements. High temperatures are favorable for the survival of wintering birds.”

The Bank of Russia begins selling currency from the Federal reserve

The Bank of Russia will start selling foreign currency on the domestic market from the national welfare Fund (NWF). Operations will be carried out as part of payment for the purchased stake in Sberbank.

China’s Central Bank kept the main LPR rate

The people’s Bank of China (Central Bank) left unchanged the main rate on loans for first-class borrowers (LPR, loan prime rate) at 4.05%, according to data on the regulator’s website

South Korea to allocate $39 billion to support businesses

South Korean President moon Jae-In at an urgent meeting on economic issues presented an anti-crisis package of measures to support small and medium-sized businesses worth 50 trillion won ($39 billion), suffering from the global spread of the Chinese coronavirus.

Georgia is looking for money for the stimulus package

The government of Georgia is negotiating with the IMF to receive additional funds, President of the national Bank of Georgia Koba Gvenetadze told reporters. Previously, it was decided to postpone the payment of property tax and income tax, return excess VAT and spend money on infrastructure to help business representatives. Georgian Finance Minister Ivane Machavariani estimated the government’s business support measures at one billion lari ($314.5 million at today’s exchange rate).

China turns away from Russian oil because of US sanctions

Sinochem state company has already refused to purchase raw materials from Rosneft from Venezuela. According to experts, this decision is related to US sanctions. We will remind that earlier the US imposed sanctions against Rosneft Rosneft and TNK Trading Trading.

American airlines asked for immediate financial support

American air carriers have asked the Federal government for immediate support for the organization of transportation amid growing losses. About this on Thursday, March 19, the Association of airlines Airlines for America (A4A) told in an official statement.

Putin’s nephew is going into politics

Entrepreneur Roman Putin, a great-nephew of Russian President Vladimir Putin, intends to create a party based on the People of business movement. This is reported by Kommersant.

According To Roman Putin, the main goal of the party is to get to the state Duma. The Council of the movement includes the rector of the Moscow Institute of modern academic education Larisa Astanina, the President of the Russian Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Lazos Tsilfidis, entrepreneurs, and lawyers.

Ukraine’s foreign Ministry protested over Putin’s trip to Crimea

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has passed a note of protest to Russia over Vladimir Putin’s trip to Crimea. The corresponding message is published on the website of the foreign Ministry.

Physicists have modeled a new type of quantum state of photons

Scientists from ITMO University in Saint Petersburg presented the results of their research. They were able to simulate a new type of quantum States of photons. To conduct the experiment, they took a chain of capacitors and conductors, which were placed on a special Board.

Experts have dispelled the main myths about turbocharged engines

According to experts, the opinion about the lack of reliability of turbo engines was formed at the dawn of mass production of such power plants in the early eighties, when manufacturers simply added turbochargers to serial engines. But modern turbo engines are designed to work in conjunction with a turbine, and therefore are always equipped with connecting rods and pistons of reinforced construction, moreover, they often use modified crankshafts. In addition, such installations are often equipped with special cooling systems, a special cylinder head and heat-resistant materials of the valve mechanism.

The conflict zone in the Donbas was visited by the new Minister of defense of Ukraine

The conflict zone in the Donbas was visited by the new Minister of defense of Ukraine Andrey Taran and the chief of the General staff, commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine Ruslan Khomchak, the press service of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine reports.

During their working visit, representatives from the defense Ministry visited the front line of the demarcation line and studied the state of Affairs in the area of hostilities. After his visit, the Minister of defense of Ukraine said that the results of the working group in the Donbass will be analyzed in detail, after which appropriate decisions will be made.

Turkey captured a T-90 tank in Idlib

The t-90 tank captured by the militants was transported to Turkey. The Syrian militants who captured the T-90 tank about a month ago could easily have transported one of the best heavy armored vehicles to Turkey.

Moscow will buy tests for coronavirus from a company without a medical license.

The Moscow Department of health has signed a contract for the purchase of portable laboratories and tests for the diagnosis and detection of coronavirus with a domestic company that does not have a license to manufacture medical equipment. This is reported by Novaya Gazeta with reference to the center for anti-corruption policy of the Yabloko party.

In addition, according to official data, no one works at Medpromresurs, and the company’s phone number from the state contract card is not available for calling. Under the terms of the contract, Medpromresurs LLC will supply 56 mini-laboratories and 100,000 kits for rapid diagnostics for a total of 192 million rubles. The contract was concluded with a single supplier “due to an emergency situation under the contract system act”. The developer of the equipment is the company “Smartlifkea” from Kazan with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles. The company does not have a phone number or website.

NYSE will conduct trading only in electronic mode

The new York stock exchange (NYSE) from Monday, March 23 will temporarily conduct trading only in electronic mode, the trading platform said in a statement. The President of the trading platform, Stacy Cunningham, did not specify when the halls will reopen to the public, but assured that all markets will continue to work during normal trading hours.

Tesla suspends production of electric cars in the United States

We have decided to temporarily suspend production at our plant in Fremont (California-ed.) from the end of the day on March 23, which will allow the work to be completed accordingly, — the company said in a statement.

At the same time, the plant will continue to perform basic operations in accordance with the instructions of the authorities, which include support for stations for charging electric vehicle batteries. The new York plant will also suspend operations.

Stanford has created a changing soft robot

Stanford engineers have created a soft robot that changes shape, according to the University’s website, with reference to the work published in Science Robotics. In the simplest version, the robot is a tube passing through three mechanisms that compress it into a triangle.



“Three heroes” will campaign for amendments to the Constitution

Cartoon characters about the “Three heroes” are used to advertise amendments to the Constitution. This “Open media” was told by a source in the company “Our cinema”, which was engaged in the rental of a series of films about Ilya Muromets and other heroes.

The creation of advertising will be handled by the animation Studio “Melnitsa”, which created a series of cartoons about heroes. The stories of the videos should coincide with the themes of the main amendments to the Constitution, says the source of the OM. For example, you will need to make cartoons about guarantees of annual indexation of pensions, the availability and quality of medical care, a ban on officials having foreign citizenship and the Russian people-peacemaker. It is separately stipulated that the King is not an anti — hero.

Stages of the world championship in the Formula 1 car class have been postponed

The stages of the world championship in the Formula 1 car class in the Netherlands, Spain and Monaco have been postponed due to the coronavirus, the press service of the International automobile Federation (FIA) reports. The Dutch Grand Prix was scheduled for may 1-3, Spain for may 8-10, and Monaco for may 21-24.

Earlier, the Formula 1 stage in Australia was canceled, as well as the Grand Prix of Bahrain, Vietnam and China were postponed. Thus, the first in the calendar at the moment is the Azerbaijani Grand Prix, the stage in Baku is scheduled for June 5-7.

The Olympic flame arrived from Greece to Japan

The fire was met at a Japanese air force base. Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has not lost hope of holding a” full-fledged ” Olympics

American oil companies are restructuring their debts

Private oil and gas companies in the United States are restructuring billions of dollars in debt or looking for ways to support businesses amid the collapse in oil prices and rising bond yields. Such conditions threaten bankruptcy, writes the Financial Times on March 19.

Chesapeake Energy hired employees of the law firm Kirkland & Ellis and financial consultants Rothschild & Co to settle a debt of almost $9 billion. another company, Occidental Petroleum, cut its dividend by up to 90% and capital expenditures to get investor support.

Apple has limited the sale of iPhones to two pieces per hand

Apple has restricted the sale of iPhone smartphones in online stores in a number of countries, including the United States and China, to two phones of the same model per person. This was reported by Reuters on Friday

Microsoft announced DirectX 12 Ultimate

The American Corporation of modern technologies Microsoft recently introduced DirectX 12 Ultimate — the culmination of the best graphics technology.

The state Hermitage Museum will have the post of President.

The corresponding resolution on amendments to the Agency’s Charter is published on the legal information portal. According to the document, the General Director manages the financial, economic and production activities of the Museum, represents its interests in state authorities, and approves the Museum’s staff schedule.

The President is also engaged in the international activities of the Hermitage, developing conceptual and strategic development tasks, coordinating and ensuring the Museum’s scientific activities. The President of the Hermitage is appointed for a term of no more than five years and can be released early by the Russian government. Since 1992, the Hermitage has been run by Mikhail Piotrovsky.

The WRC 9 rally simulator will also be released on the next generation consoles

Publisher Nacon and developers from KT Racing announced that the official world rally Championship simulator WRC 9 will be released on September 3 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Epic Games Store), and later will reach the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Firefox refuses to support the FTP Protocol

Mozilla plans to stop supporting the file transfer Protocol (FTP) in the Firefox browser in early 2021, said software engineer at Mozilla Corporation Michal Novotny on March 19, according to ZDNet.

Europe will build two dams to protect against rising sea levels

German and Dutch scientists have developed a Grand project-NEED to create two huge megadumps to protect Europe from rising sea levels at a cost of 500 billion euros.

One of the dams will connect Norway with the North of Scotland, and the second will be built between the West of France and the UK. Thus, the Baltic and North seas, as well as the Straits of Pas-de-Calais and the English channel, will be separated from the Atlantic and will become a Grand isolated lake, the level of which will be kept under control. Scientists are confident that humanity has all the resources necessary for the implementation of this Grand project.

Scientists have discovered that insomnia is a new way to fight depression

Experts in the course of research on the treatment of depression managed to come to the conclusion that despite all the useful processes that occur during sleep, insomnia can help in the fight against mental illness.

How the polluted air of megacities affects the human body

American scientists have found that polluted air, which is breathed by residents of large cities, causes great damage to the bacteria in their intestines. Due to changes in the structure and function of the intestinal microbiome, a person has an increased risk of obesity and diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, and other diseases.

Greenland lost 600 billion tons of ice in 2019

The unusually warm summer of 2019 in Greenland melted 600 billion tons of ice. This is stated in the NASA study. As a result of the melting of glaciers on the largest island in the world, the ocean level rose by half a centimeter.

Scientists reminded that the melting of glaciers in Antarctica continues. Particularly heavy losses are observed in the Amundsen Bay in the Western part of the continent

High levels of testosterone in women increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Scientists have found that too high levels of the male hormone in women can lead to negative consequences. With an excess of testosterone, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases by 37%. However, testosterone has the opposite effect on men.

NASA will suspend the Assembly of rockets for flights to the moon and Mars

From March 20, NASA will suspend the Assembly of the Space Launch System (SLS) and Orion spacecraft, which are scheduled to fly to the moon and Mars. This is stated in a statement by the Director General of the space Agency, Jim Bridenstine.

In Florida, a Falcon 9 rocket was launched with starlink Internet satellites

The launch vehicle was launched at 08.16 local time (15.16 Moscow time) from the Cape Canaveral spaceport (Florida). The launch was supposed to take place on Sunday, March 15, but was canceled for technical reasons. Falcon 9 puts a group of 60 Starlink satellites into orbit.

NASA repaired the probe on Mars by hitting the bucket on the body

The Mars probe of the American Agency NASA InSight managed to escape from the “trap” and continue its mission on the surface of the red planet. According to the press, the Agency’s engineers managed to find a way out of the situation with the help of a shovel built into the device itself, or rather a bucket.