25 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/24/2020

The Moscow city election Commission has identified a polling station where people without registration at their place of residence can vote on amendments to the Constitution, the Moscow news Agency reports.

For this purpose, a section will be organized at one of the capital’s railway stations, as it became known during a meeting of the IPCC Commission. It is specified that you can find the plot number 4003 at the Kazan railway station at the address: Komsomolskaya square, house 2.

The first virtual race in the history of Formula 1

On March 22, the first virtual race in the history of Formula 1 was held, officially supported by the championship organizers. The season was suspended due to coronavirus, so current and former Formula 1 drivers competed with eSports players and guest stars in the F1 2019 game. The victory in the virtual Grand Prix of Bahrain was won by the Chinese test driver of the Renault team Guan Yu Zhou.

Alexander Zharov left the post of head of Roskomnadzor

Alexander Zharov was dismissed from the post of head of Roskomnadzor. This is stated in the order of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, published on the government’s website. The document says that Zharov was dismissed at his own request.

The Board of Directors of Gazprom-media has announced the appointment of Alexander Zharov as General Director of the holding.

The EU suspended the Pact of stability and growth

The European economic and financial Council has approved the European Commission’s proposal to temporarily suspend the Euro area’s core document, the stability and growth Pact. This is stated in the Council’s statement.

The stability and growth Pact limits the level of the budget deficit of the Eurozone countries to 3% of GDP, and the level of public debt to 60% of GDP. Suspending the document will allow governments to inject additional funds into the economy.

The decision to postpone the 2020 Olympics has already been made

The 2020 Olympics will be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, international Olympic Committee (IOC) member Richard pound told USA Today. He suggested that the Olympics could be moved to 2021.

“Based on the information available to the IOC, the decision to transfer has been made. The details have not yet been determined, but as far as I know, the Games will not start on July 24,” pound said.

IOC official mark Adams, when asked to comment on pound’s words, said that “every IOC member has the right to interpret the decision of the IOC Executive Board, which was announced the day before.”

The US stock market continues to fall

The us Federal reserve system (FRS) has announced new measures to support the country’s economy. Information about this is published on the regulator’s website. In particular, the fed lifted restrictions on the purchase of government bonds and securities of us mortgage agencies. Before that, the fed’s reserves for buying bonds were limited to $ 500 billion, and mortgage-backed securities to $ 200 billion. The fed will also allocate 300 billion dollars in loans to citizens and businesses

Ural airlines stopped feeding passengers

The airline said that on most flights, meals on Board will be excluded, “to prevent ticket prices from rising.” Now passengers will only be able to get tea and a sandwich in several directions. Others are offered to take food with them or pay for it additionally when buying a ticket.

We will not go to patients without the necessary equipment

According to the newspaper “Rise”, in the Vladimir region, emergency doctors refuse to go to patients with suspected coronavirus because of poor-quality equipment. According to paramedics, is protivoepidemicheskih suits they were given conventional surgery, which did not include protective eyewear, oversleeves and aprons.

Suppliers have started to raise wholesale prices for retailers

According to Vedomosti, supermarket chains Lenta and Magnit received notifications of a 30% increase in the cost of rice. The purchase price for buckwheat also increased — most suppliers increased the cost of cereals by 15-20%. They explained their decision by increased energy costs, maintenance of foreign equipment and transportation of goods.

Rosselkhoznadzor suspended the export of buckwheat and other cereals from Russia

The ban is imposed for 10 days-until the special instructions of the working group on countering the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in Russia. Russia mainly supplies rice abroad, experts say

In Bashkortostan, the old-age pension has increased slightly more than twice in 10 years

The average old-age pension by the beginning of this year reached 15.3 thousand rubles in Bashkortsotan against 7.1 thousand rubles in 2010, according to Bashstat.
And let’s count in dollars?
2020, pension – $190 (15300/80. 15=190)
2010, pension – $242 (7100/29. 3=245)

Gas station owners warned of the risk of rising petrol prices

The independent fuel Union (NTS) has asked the country’s Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, to help the industry with the risk of rising gasoline prices due to the spread of the coronavirus. The corresponding statement is published on the organization’s website.

Owners of independent gas stations believe that the demand for petroleum products will decrease due to the fact that people are moving less as a result of quarantine and self-isolation. Also, as noted in the statement, due to the refusal of OPEC+ participants to extend the deal on reducing oil production, many Russian companies in the industry are “at risk”.

Gasoline in the US has fallen to 8 rubles per liter

The price of gasoline fell by more than 30% and reached 38 cents per gallon (3.785 liters), which at the current exchange rate of the dollar to the ruble is about 8 rubles per liter. A week ago, the average cost of a gallon of gasoline at a gas station in the United States was $2.14 (45 rubles per liter).

All passenger rail services have been discontinued in India

All passenger rail services across the country are interrupted in India until March 31 due to coronavirus, Indian Railways announced on March 22.

Ryazan has stopped accepting travel cards from schoolchildren and students

The corresponding measure is stated in the Governor’s order of March 23. According to the recommendation, preferential monthly travel cards “School” and “Student” in Ryazan will not work from March 24 to April 12 (during the quarantine period). Recall that students and schoolchildren in the Ryazan region were transferred to distance learning.

Pochta Bank will conduct an additional issue for 9.9 billion rubles in 2020

Pochta Bank plans to issue additional shares for a total of 9.9 billion rubles in 2020. This was during a phone call with journalists said the member of the management Board, financial Director of the Bank Natalia Stroman.

In Australia, the oldest ancestor of many modern animals was found.

The fossil footprints found, called Helminthoids, date back to the Ediacaran period (in particular, about 551-560 million years ago) and are believed to be the legacy of an ancient two-sided life form. Thanks to new research made possible by laser scanning of rock deposits, this assumption looks confirmed. Geologist Mary Droser of UC Riverside said that this sluggish, rice-grain-sized organism may be the oldest specimen ever discovered.

Greece to receive financial aid due to coronavirus

A special European investment Fund will allocate 1.8 billion euros to Greece to support the economy, Greek Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said at a briefing on Wednesday, announcing a new package of measures to support businesses.

The debt of Russians to banks for the first time exceeded 18 trillion rubles

On March 23, 2020, it became known that the debt of Russians on Bank loans for the first time in history exceeded 18 trillion rubles. This is evidenced by data from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

The government of Ukraine decided to reduce the wholesale price of gas for the population

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decided to reduce the wholesale price of natural gas for the population by 14%, such measures were taken to minimize the cost of public utilities in the conditions of quarantine

As reported by Reuters, this week all tenders for Urals ended without result

Trafigura, the world’s largest independent oil supplier, offered shipments from Primorsk and Ust-Luga on March 30-April 3 at a price 3.35 dollars lower than Brent (about 23 dollars per barrel), but did not find a single buyer.

Swiss Glencore put up for sale 100 thousand tons of Urals with delivery through the Baltic ports on April 4-8, offering a discount of $ 3.7 to Brent. But it also did not meet demand.

Glencore offered an even bigger discount for oil with shipment in two weeks (March 27-31), but the result was the same: there were no buyers.

We could not find a demand for 100 thousand tons of Urals and British Shell, despite a discount of $ 3.35 to Brent.

With the same result, the attempt of the French Total to sell Urals with shipment on March 28 – April 1 at the price of Brent minus 3.3 dollars ended.

The price of wheat on the domestic market has updated the historical maximum

On average, almost 13.3 thousand rubles are paid per ton. The reason was high world prices and a weak ruble, which encourage domestic farmers to increase exports. Selling wheat in dollars and converting them profitably into rubles, farmers get a good income, but the increase in export pushes up prices inside the country, which logically should lead to a rise in the price of wheat products such as bread, flour and pasta. Beef may also become more expensive.

Rosneft starts buy-back of its shares

On March 23, UBS Bank started buying Rosneft shares on the open market, the oil company said on the evening of March 23. As a result of trading on the Moscow and London stock exchanges, the Bank bought a total of 1.5 million shares. Based on the price of the stock on the Moscow exchange at the end of the day, the shares could cost about 411 million rubles, or about $5 million at the exchange rate of the Central Bank.

Rosneft approved a share buyback program in 2018, but has not yet activated it. In total, the company planned to buy up to 340 million shares (3.2% of the UK and just over 10% of free float) for up to $2 billion.

Montenegro police arrested a Russian citizen for a Facebook post

As reported by the national television of Montenegro RTCG with reference to the data of the country’s police Department, a Russian citizen was arrested in the city of Tivat. She is suspected of ” trying to sow panic and provoke riots by spreading false information.” According to the TV channel, 35-year-old AG in her Facebook profile allegedly published information that 1 thousand people were infected with the coronavirus in Montenegro, six people died, and the country is waiting for an epidemic scenario that will be worse than the Italian one.

Smartphone and home appliance retailers have started raising prices

Retailers DNS and re: Store in a conversation with TASS explained that the increase in prices for some products “is due to the market situation.” In “the Messenger” from comments have refrained. In the group “M. Video-Eldorado” TASS confirmed that “they are negotiating with manufacturers about purchase prices for new supplies.”

“The market is going up, apparently, because the equipment is imported, new batches of goods will cost much more, working capital is needed for their purchase (loans are starting to cost very expensive). We also need funds to provide a safety cushion in the event of a negative quarantine scenario – stores will be closed, and employees will still need to pay their salaries, ” the DNS company noted.

The Russian government decided not to suspend the operation of the Platon system»

Earlier, transport companies sent a letter asking them to support car carriers. The abolition of Plato would simplify and reduce the costs associated with the delivery of food and essential goods

Chinese authorities lift restrictions on transport links with Wuhan

Chinese authorities will remove restrictions on transport links with the city of Wuhan. This is reported by RIA “Novosti” with reference to the statement of the city headquarters for the prevention and control of the spread of COVID-19. As noted, the restrictions will be lifted from midnight on April 8.

Voronezh official was fired after a scandal with children’s travel packages

The Governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev decided to dismiss the Director of the social protection Department of vorobyevsky district after a scandal with permits. This was announced via social networks by the press service of the regional government

According to the Prosecutor’s office of the region, of the nine vouchers to the Yalta sanatorium allocated in 2019 to the vorobyevsky district, four vouchers were given out of turn to the children of employees of the social protection Department

Elon Musk purchased more than 1.2 thousand ventilators for California

The authorities of the state of California (USA) received more than 1,2 thousand artificial ventilation devices (ventilators) from the entrepreneur Elon Musk, who owns the companies Tesla and SpaceX. This was stated at a press conference by California Governor Gavin Newsom

Mortgage and Deposit rates in Russian banks have started to rise

Russian banks have begun to raise mortgage and Deposit rates, according to a survey by RIA Novosti. At the same time, the Bank of Russia last week left the key rate unchanged at 6% per annum.

The US Federal reserve will direct trillions of dollars to support the economy

Us Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said the Federal reserve will allocate up to $4 trillion in liquidity to support the economy during the coronavirus period. We will have up to $4 trillion in liquidity that we can use to support the economy, ” the Minister said in an interview with Fox News.

Opposition leader Bzhania won the presidential election in Abkhazia

Aslan Bzhania, 57-year-old Deputy and leader of the opposition, won the re-election of the President of Abkhazia. According to preliminary data of the CEC, after processing 100% of the protocols, it receives 56.5% of the votes, TASS reports.

Abkhazia declared its readiness for dialogue with Georgia

Abkhazia and Georgia, in addition to the Geneva format, need a bilateral negotiating platform for resolving cross-border issues. This was stated by Aslan Bzhania, RIA Novosti writes.

“Georgians and the Georgian state are our neighbors. Whether we want to or not, we have a large number of contacts at the level of citizens of both Georgia and Abkhazia. These are people who live, cross the border, visit there, ” he said, stressing that citizens face a lot of problems that need to be solved.

Poland got the opportunity to influence the ” Nord stream-2»

Poland has the opportunity to influence the fate of the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” in Europe. This follows from the statement of the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG, posted on the organization’s website.

PGNiG and its subsidiary in Germany have secured the right to join the procedure initiated by Nord Stream 2 (the operator of the gas pipeline in Europe) to withdraw Nord stream 2 from the third EU energy package.

Released a trailer for the series “Great” with Elle fanning

The main roles in the multi-part film were played by Elle fanning and Nicholas Holt. The script for the series was written by the author of “Favorites” Tony McNamara. The project will tell the story of the young Sofia Frederika August of Anhalt-Cerbet, who married the Russian Emperor Peter III.

Samara Opera and ballet theater will show performances online

Samara academic Opera and ballet theater will show its best performances on its official website and in social networks. This was reported on Tuesday by the press service of the regional government.

TRANS-Siberian Art festival goes online

Concert programs of the Seventh TRANS-Siberian Art festival, which were supposed to take place in March, have been translated into the format of Internet and television broadcasts. So, live broadcasts of the concert programs “Life of heroes” and “Vadim Repin and friends” will be shown on March 25 and 26 on the website of the Novosibirsk Philharmonic and the OTS TV channel.

The exhibition “from Durer to Matisse” in Pushkin opened live

Those wishing to live could see rarely exhibited works of outstanding masters. According to the curator of the exhibition Vitaly Mishin, the graphic collection of the Pushkin Museum has about 27 thousand drawings, which is one of the most significant collections of this kind in Russia.

YouTube launches round-the-clock broadcast with performances by foreign artists

YouTube channel Colors with the support of YouTube Music launches a round-the-clock video broadcast of live performances of musicians. The broadcast began on March 23, at 21: 00 Moscow time. The broadcast will last for 30 days. The organizers will observe all necessary safety and hygiene measures

As a music platform, we want to support the arts during this difficult period. Our channel will provide artists with a safe space to present their work, and fans with the opportunity to learn about music culture and help Fund it, ” the statement explained.

The Ministry of communications has limited the “free Internet” to sites in Russian SOFTWARE

Russian socially significant resources, which will be available free of charge to Russians, must belong to Russian citizens, as well as provide access only to Russian content. Such criteria are contained in the amendments to the laws “on information, information technologies and information protection” and “on communications”, developed by the Ministry of digital development and communications together with market participants in February. RBC has a copy of the document, its authenticity was confirmed by two sources in the telecommunications market and a source close to the Ministry of communications. According to the latter, this is not the final version of the document, it may still change.

In Russia began to prepare the aircraft for testing the electric motor

Flight tests are expected to be conducted in 2022. One of the three Yak-40 engines, which are located in the tail section, will be replaced with a turboshaft gas turbine engine with an electric generator, developed jointly with the Ufa aviation technical University

A 20 dollar wireless charging column

ZMI has introduced a Bluetooth speaker with the function of wireless charging of mobile devices. The ZMI portable speaker is a 20W wireless charging station for a wide variety of devices. The manufacturer claims that the device allows you to charge Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro half in just 39 minutes. Samsung, iPhone and other smartphones are also supported. Charging is carried out at a distance of 4 mm, so the smartphone can be charged in any case. The speaker power is only 5 W, the gadget supports Bluetooth 5.0, as well as voice control. The built-in backlight can be adjusted (7 modes) and combined with a musical rhythm. In addition, there is a special mode in dynamics for those who have problems falling asleep.

WhatsApp will allow people to check fake messages

WhatsApp is working on a useful feature that will allow people to search the Internet for the content of a redirected message that they have received. The feature is part of the beta version and will allow people to check even videos. The search is performed via Google, and before searching the Internet, WhatsApp informs the user that the message will be uploaded to Google.

Have living in darkness squids found complex light language

Humboldt squid (Dosidicus gigas) have a complex system of bioluminescent signals, although they spend most of their lives in the dark, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

Daily meditation slows down brain aging

In their paper published in the journal Neurocase, the researchers describe a study of the brain of Yonge Mingyur Rinpoche, a 41-year-old Buddhist Tibetan monk who practiced meditation almost every day of his life.

Gas prices in Europe have fallen record

Problems in the global economy and as a result, a sharp decline in demand for gas led to the fact that the cost of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the European market has fallen record. The spot price at the most liquid European hub, the Netherlands TTF, in terms of a thousand cubic meters fell below $ 100, according to the site.

French Total to cut investment program due to falling oil prices

French oil and gas company Total will reduce capital investment in 2020 by more than 20% — to about $15 billion — due to a sharp drop in oil prices, the company said in a statement.

Turkey has reduced its purchases of gas from “Gazprom»

Russian gas supplies to Turkey declined in February, Sergei Komlev, head of Gazprom export’s contract structuring and pricing Department, told Gazprom magazine. In February 2019, 1,239 billion cubic meters of Russian gas were delivered to Turkey (according to Turkey — 1,215 billion cubic meters).

LUKOIL to cut costs by $1.5 billion

In view of the collapse in oil prices on the world market, LUKOIL’s management decided to reduce corporate expenses. It is assumed that as a result, savings of $1.5 billion will be achieved, co-owner and head of the company Vagit Alekperov said.

Azerbaijan has shipped the second batch of oil for Belarus

Azerbaijan’s state oil company SOCAR has sent a second shipment of 85,000 tons of oil to Belarus from the Georgian port of Supsa. This was reported by TASS Deputy head of the Department for events and public relations of the company Ibrahim Akhmedov

Shoigu held talks with Assad in Syria

Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The head of the Russian defense Ministry made a working trip to Syria on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During the talks, they discussed issues of ensuring a stable truce in the Idlib de-escalation zone, humanitarian assistance to Syria and the country’s economic recovery with the help of specialists from Russia.

46 million for the film about the Crimean bridge

Alexey Navalny’s anti-corruption Foundation found out that RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan, her husband Tigran Keosayan and their relatives received 46 million rubles allocated for the creation of the film “Crimean bridge. Made with love!”. They received the funds in the form of a fee. In total, the film Fund allocated 100 million rubles for the picture.

Kaspersky lab has discovered a new malicious Trojan

Kaspersky Lab told about the distribution of the new Milum Trojan, which allows you to get remote control of devices at various enterprises. A detected Trojan can download and execute commands from its operator, collect various information from the attacked machine and send it to the command and control server, and update to a newer version.

Google error causes messages to disappear from Android smartphones

Users of the Google Messages app complain about a number of problems in its operation, including deleting messages. Complaints are received throughout the year. This is the official Google messaging program for Android smartphones