26 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/25/2020

The us Senate and the administration of President Donald trump came to an agreement on a $2 trillion stimulus package for the economy in connection with the situation with the coronavirus, the Washington Post reports.

“We have an agreement”,- leads edition of the words of the representative of the White house liaison with the legislative bodies of Eric Uhland.

According to the newspaper, the bill provides for one-time payments to American taxpayers of 1.2 thousand dollars. In addition, the package includes $ 367 billion to support small businesses, a $ 500 billion Fund to help industry, cities and States, a significant increase in unemployment insurance, and $ 130 billion for hospitals.

Entertainment venues will be closed in Russia’s regions

The corresponding order of the government is published on the website of the Cabinet of Ministers. Regional authorities are required to suspend the operation of night clubs, cinemas, children’s play centers and other leisure facilities.

Scientists have created a material that emits a narrow spectrum of light when heated

Employees of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a material that can emit light when heated, similar to that generated by LEDs and lasers, and whose range goes beyond Planck’s law. The scientists published their article in the journal Scientific Reports.

Why antimatter failed to defeat matter: a new hypothesis

In a new study published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Ko and Harigaya hypothesized why 13.8 middiards years ago, when the Big Bang occurred, and there were equal amounts of matter and antimatter, they did not annihilate each other, leaving only a bright flash of light.

To prove their hypotheses, scientists look for elusive axions in the experiment. The problem is that its exact mass is unknown. It is assumed that the axion is trillions of times lighter than an electron. So far, the particle has not been detected. Great hopes are pinned on the experiment at THE iaxo international Observatory.

A court in the United States banned the transfer of Gram tokens to buyers

The Federal court for the southern district of new York upheld the request of the us securities and exchange Commission (SEC) to prohibit the transfer of the gram cyber currency issued by Telegram Group Inc.to buyers. This was reported on March 25 by TASS with reference to the court ruling.

The Russian foreign Ministry refused to return Russians to their homeland after March 26

The official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that the lists for helping Russians return will be formed until March 26. After that, citizens will need to look for an opportunity to leave on their own.

Shopping center owners are asking the government for help

The Russian Union of shopping centers (RSTC) has sent a letter to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin requesting state support for retail real estate. The Union’s letter says that the total debt of shopping centers to banks is 1 trillion rubles, and about 1 million people may be reduced. To prevent this, the RSTC asks the government to subsidize interest rates on existing loans by at least 4%, defer payment of VAT and income tax for three months (with the possibility of extension until January next year) , etc. Requests to Mishustin’s office and the Ministry of industry and trade remained unanswered.

Squid recoded RNA outside the cell nucleus

Doryteuthis pealeii squids are able to change the sequence of nucleotides in RNA not only in the nuclei of cells, but also in axons — long processes of neurons that transmit nerve impulses. Moreover, this process is more intensive in axons than in cell bodies. This probably allows the mollusks to perform very fine-tuning of the nervous system. The article is published in Nuclear Acids Research.

There was a mysterious explosion on the other side of the Sun

On March 20, astronomers recorded an explosion on the back side of the Sun. This unusual event was recorded by the SOHO Observatory. Footage showing debris rising from the Eastern side of the celestial body was published by NASA and the European space Agency. Experts are still determining what triggered this explosion. But they suggest that it can’t be explained by sunspot formation processes.

Volkswagen will suspend production of cars in Russia

Volkswagen will suspend production of cars at its plants in Kaluga and Nizhny Novgorod due to a shortage of components supplied from Europe. The downtime will last almost two weeks – from March 30 to April 10, 2020, the press service of Volkswagen Group Rus reported.

The Polish foreign Ministry accused Russian media and politicians of misinformation

The Polish Embassy in Moscow “unequivocally rejects information appearing in the Russian media and comments by Russian politicians that the authorities of the Republic of Poland did not consent to the flight of Russian military aircraft through Polish airspace.”

The solar system appeared 100 million years later

Conducted by experts from Brazil, the study provides strong evidence that the Solar system with its current properties was formed over 100 million years. Previously, it was believed that the Solar system received its current properties as a result of turbulence that occurred 700 million years after its formation.

In the Samara region salaries decreased by 9,000 rubles

The average salary of a resident of the Samara region was 35,215 rubles. These figures were announced by representatives of Samarastat, having studied the data for January 2020. For comparison, in December 2019, the average salary was 44,670 rubles.

Altai territory will invest almost two billion rubles in tourism

The Governor approved the program for the development of the industry the Altai territory will allocate 1.79 billion rubles for the development of tourism over five years. The Governor Viktor Tomenko has approved the corresponding program.

Qiwi plans to close Rocketbank

Payment service QIWI plans to gradually wind down the activities of its subsidiary – “Roketbank”, as it has not found a buyer for its unprofitable “daughter”. The Bank’s business is expected to be completed by the end of 2020

The US Federal reserve announced unlimited measures to support the economy

The us Federal reserve, which acts as the country’s financial regulator, has announced that it will buy government bonds and securities issued by mortgage agencies in unlimited quantities, depending on the needs of the economy.

“The Federal open market Committee (FOMC) will buy Treasury and mortgage-backed securities in the amounts necessary to ensure the smooth functioning of the market and the effective transfer of monetary policy,” the regulator said in a statement

Talks on Albania and North Macedonia’s accession to the EU start

The European Union countries have reached a political agreement to start negotiations on the accession of Albania and North Macedonia to the EU, said European Commissioner for neighborhood and enlargement of the European Union Oliver Vargeli.

US to cut $ 1 billion in support for Afghanistan

Washington has decided to cut financial support to Kabul by $1 billion due to the fact that the Afghan authorities failed to agree on the creation of an” inclusive government, ” according to the US state Department. The day before, on March 23, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo paid an unannounced visit to Kabul

The Russian government has approved changes in obtaining Russian citizenship

On March 23, the government Commission on legislative work approved an initiative to radically simplify the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship. Foreigners living in Russia will be able to obtain a Russian passport without renouncing the citizenship of another state, and in some cases — without confirming the legal sources of income. The changes will take effect six months after the bill becomes law.

The trailer for “the Assistant to the stars»

The main role in the musical drama was played by Dakota Johnson, known to many for the film “Fifty shades of grey”. She plays a girl named Maggie, who works as an assistant to a famous singer.

The exhibition “in Anticipation of the twentieth century. Luminaries of Russian graphics»

As part of the program “Tretyakov gallery opens its storerooms”, the Museum presents an exhibition of graphics of the XIX — early XX centuries. The exhibition includes about 200 works by Viktor Vasnetsov, Mikhail Vrubel, Nikolai GE, Ilya Repin, Valentin Serov and Vasily Surikov.

Biennale “Artmosphere” postponed to 2021

The fourth Biennale of street art “Artmossfera”, which was supposed to take place in Moscow in August, has been moved to the late spring of 2021. This was reported by the press service of the Biennale. This decision was made due to the impossibility of planning, preparing and implementing a large-scale international project in the current situation and in conditions of limited air traffic.

The exact dates of the fourth Biennale will be announced later. And the theme is already known – “Monuments today”, as well as the fact that for the first time in the history of the Biennale, the main project will consist of two parts: a collective exhibition of participants in the Museum center “worker and Kolkhoznitsa” and a temporary exhibition of street art objects in the art Park “Muzeon” and in Gorky Park.

The capital’s museums combined into a single online project

The Committee for tourism of the capital together with museums and cultural venues is launching an online project “Moscow with you”, which gives you the opportunity to visit the exhibitions of leading museums online.

“Cultural trail” takes the idea of the art facilities

The all-Russian competition of ideas for new attractions “Cultural footprint” is being held for the third time. Until April 10, you can leave the idea of an art object on the official website of the contest. From this list, the jury, which includes urbanists, historians, cultural experts, local historians, will choose 5 of the most original and reasonable proposals. The winning ideas will be implemented by professional artists. At the moment, 862 people from 28 regions have applied, and they have proposed 82 projects.

The work of the Innovation 2020 competition has been suspended

The ceremony of awarding the state prize in the field of contemporary art “Innovation-2020” and the exhibition of nominees, which were supposed to take place at the end of may in Nizhny Novgorod, are postponed indefinitely. This was announced by the Director of the Pushkin Museum Marina Loshak.

Quantum repeaters are endowed with memory made of diamonds

American physicists created a quantum repeater based on spins in a diamond resonator and demonstrated the procedure for quantum distribution of the cipher key on it. With these types of repeaters, you can build large quantum networks that are used to implement the quantum Internet. The work is published in Nature.

Chronic stress affects sperm

Scientists have discovered the mechanism of epigenetic influence of stress on sperm and fetal development. In response to chronic stress, the composition of microRNAs and proteins changed in the extracellular vesicles of epithelial cells of the epididymis.these structures in turn affected the microRNAs of spermatozoa, which was observed in the sperm of humans and mice. This effect developed over a long period after stress and affected the development of the nervous system and the response to stress in the offspring. The article is published in the journal Nature Communications.

The Perseverance Rover received a system for processing soil samples

The Perseverance Rover of the future NASA Mars 2020 mission received two main components of the system for receiving and storing soil samples: a carousel with drill bits and a mechanism for moving and storing test tubes. The launch of the mission, scheduled for this summer, has not yet been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the website of the NASA jet propulsion Laboratory. The launch of the Mars 2020 mission into space is planned for the period from July 7 to August 5, 2020, and landing on the planet’s surface is scheduled for February 18, 2021.

Apple has updated the iPhone and iPad, adding many new features

Apple has released a software update for its mobile devices — iPhone and iPad. The iOS and iPadOS operating systems version 13.4 bring many new features, improvements, and fixes. For tablets, added support for connecting the mouse and trackpad.

Toyota will temporarily shut down five car factories

According to Automotive News, Toyota will suspend production at five factories in Japan next month. So, in April, the idle mode will be introduced at the plant in Hamur, from the conveyor of which Hino trucks descend. From April 3 to 7, it will be joined by a company in Takaoka that produces Corolla and RAV4. Next on the list is a factory in Tsutsumi that produces Prius and Prius PHV, Lexus ES hybrids and Camry sedans. The reason is called-a drop in demand for cars

Rostelecom and Litres open free access to e-books

Since March 26, Rostelecom and litres, One of the largest Russian e-book services, have been offering new subscribers free access to the Rostelecom Books digital library. The catalog contains more than 150 thousand e-books, and you can use them for free for 30 days.

Scientists have determined whether stress has a smell

500 volunteers aged up to 70 years participated in the experiment of specialists from Japan. Participants performed some physical exercises, some of which were difficult, to put them in a stressful state. At this time, special devices recognized the smell that came from men and women. Researchers were able to find out that stress has its own characteristics. It is similar to the one that highlights the greens of garlic or onions. In addition, the volunteers appeared tired and sleepy when they felt someone else’s ” smell of stress»

American engineers have assembled a transforming flexible robot

American scientists have managed to develop a soft Android that can Dodge a collision or obstacle. The isoperimetric robot is based on three different types of devices: flexible, beam, and collective

Rejuvenation of the immune system supports the recovery of the brain after injury

In a new study published in the journal Cell, scientists from the University of Queensland have identified a new method for treating brain injuries based on the rejuvenation of immune cells to support the recovery process.

Scientists have explained the shape of frog skulls

Frogs that cover the entrance to the shelter from predators with their heads are distinguished by a skull with cavities-caverns and small spines. The shape of the skull may also indicate the frog’s habitat. An animal that lives near water has a long and flat skull.

Human genes can be activated after death

Experts said that human genes can be activated even after his death. So far, the cause of this phenomenon has not been found, but the data obtained are very important for science. Experts from the University of Alabama conducted an experiment aimed at studying human genes

FBC released the second part of the investigation about Margarita Simonyan and Tigran Keosayan

This time the investigation is dedicated to the shooting of the film “Crimean bridge. Made with love.” It follows that 54 million rubles for the film was allocated by the Fund for the development of cinematography, education and culture. This money transfer is the only one for the entire existence of the Fund (since 2013). The money was transferred to the Fund’s account by Arkady Rotenberg, whose company built the Crimean bridge. Earlier, a representative of Rotenberg in an interview with the “Russian service of the BBC” said that the businessman did not provide financial assistance during the filming of the film.

Initially, 100 million rubles were allocated for the Crimean bridge on a non-refundable basis. 46 of them were paid by relatives of Simonyan and Keosayan. For comparison, 14 actors of the film received 10 million rubles.

Mexican city refuses to brew

The $ 1.4 billion brewery in the border city of Mexicali was supposed to produce Corona and Modelo beer. Local protest groups argued that the plant’s appearance would cause water shortages in one of Mexico’s driest regions.

What do the world’s poorest countries have in common?

All of them are either in a vulnerable or conflict-affected state (FCS), or are located in Black Africa (sub-Saharan Africa). Or both, 19 of them. The first graph shows the levels of poverty in FCS countries, the second in Black Africa, and the third in the rest of the world.

Ramzan Kadyrov offered to kill do not observe the quarantine, Chechens

At a meeting with representatives of the Chechen administration, Kadyrov criticized the actions of a man who returned to the Republic from Istanbul, where he made a small pilgrimage, and did not sit at home, but “arranged a reading of mawlids (praises of the prophet Muhammad), zikra (praises of Allah), gathered people and greeted people.”

“If he has this disease, thousands of people will get sick. The person who creates this problem for himself, if you ask me, should be killed. Not only does he get sick, his family, his sisters, brothers, neighbors, ” Kadyrov said.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia earned 2 trillion on the fall of the ruble

The Russian government bought up the currency while the exchange rate fluctuated between 56 and 66 rubles per dollar. When the dollar passed the 80 mark, it started selling. These operations started on March 16 as part of a deal with Sberbank shares, the press service of the Ministry of Finance explained to RBC.

The Federal tax service of Russia suspends checks on online sales registers

Until may 1, 2020, the Federal tax service of Russia suspends the appointment of on-site tax audits, verification of users of online cash registers, as well as control measures for compliance with currency legislation and issues of state regulated activities in the field of gambling and lotteries for all categories of taxpayers, including small and medium-sized businesses.

The corresponding order was signed by the head of the Federal tax service of Russia, Daniil Yegorov, as part of the execution of the order of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin, to minimize the risks of spreading coronavirus infection.

On-site inspections that started earlier have also been suspended.

Incomplete checks on the application of the KKT and currency legislation, as well as incomplete proceedings on administrative violations will be carried out without direct contact with taxpayers (via telecommunications channels, through the taxpayer’s personal account, by mail)

You will be able to apply for admission to a University in Russia remotely

It will be possible to apply for admission to a University in Russia remotely – through a special portal, Minister of science and higher education Valery Falkov said. According to him, it was initially planned that the portal will be able to submit documents to 50 universities, but the possibility of expanding their number is being considered

The Russian Ministry of defense is building a new hospital building in Pushkin

Residents of Radishchev street in the city of Pushkin are concerned about construction work, which is being carried out in a hospital belonging to the Ministry of defense. Work is carried out around the clock. People who complained about this were told that a new infectious diseases building was being built, which made them even more concerned, since not only residential buildings are located nearby, but also kindergartens.

The defense Ministry, at the request of the Fontanka newspaper, commented that planned work is underway on expanding the infrastructure at the facility. However, the site of public procurement does not list planned works at this object. Earlier, the defense Ministry ordered the urgent construction of infectious disease buildings throughout the country.

In Russia, they proposed to remove the funded part of pensions

As reported by Izvestia, the Russian Federation came up with the idea of withdrawing the funded part of the mandatory pension insurance system. This initiative was taken by the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia. The FNPR is confident that the funded part of the pension can only be formed on a voluntary basis, explained the organization’s Secretary, Igor Shanin, to Izvestia.

Channel “Eurosport” has suspended cooperation with the ex-tennis player

Russian tennis player Ekaterina Bychkova sharply criticized the activities of the author of the blog “Stalingulag” Alexander Gorbunov, who has suffered from spinal muscular atrophy since childhood and is a wheelchair user. The former 66th racket of the world called him “a vile and disgusting half-man”. For this statement, the athlete, who worked as a commentator for the Russian-language version of the European TV channel Eurosport, was suspended from her position.

The number of trips in the metro and ground transport in Moscow continues to fall

The number of passengers on the Moscow metro decreased by 44%, the press service of the Moscow transport Department reported. At the same time, it is specified that the number of cars from the Moscow region to Moscow, on the contrary, increased by 4%

Libraries and entertainment venues are being closed in Moscow. Statement of the mayor of Moscow.

1. City libraries and cultural and leisure institutions — cultural centers, clubs, etc. – will be temporarily closed.

2. Cinemas, cinemas, children’s entertainment centers and game rooms must be closed. By the way, many of them made such decisions themselves a few weeks ago, for which we thank them very much.

3. The activity of night clubs, discos, other similar facilities, and other entertainment and leisure establishments is temporarily suspended.

4. A ban on Smoking hookahs in restaurants, bars, cafes and other similar facilities is being introduced.

5. To suspend any cultural, recreational, sports, entertaining, educational, exhibition, reklamnyjj other leisure activities, including using theme, parks of culture and rest, shopping centers and other places of mass visiting citizens – indoors and outdoors. However, stores, banks and household services located in the shopping center remain open.

6. Dental offices will only provide emergency care for acute pain and other urgent conditions.

7. The “My documents” public service centers will go into operation by appointment and will only provide services that cannot be obtained in electronic form.

8. The suspension of free travel on public transport applies to students of colleges and universities, as well as to the elderly over 65 years of age and citizens suffering from chronic diseases.

The KHL decided to end the season early

The decision on the allocation of seats based on the results of the 2019/2020 championship will be made at one of the next meetings of the KHL Board of Directors