27 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/26/2020

The G20 virtual summit, where heads of state discussed coronavirus, has ended

The joint statement adopted at the end of the summit States that the G20 countries will allocate funds to who to fight coronavirus, and calls on other States and international organizations to do the same. Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads of the G20 countries will develop an action plan to overcome the infection.

On the results of the G20 summit:

  • G20 countries will invest $5 trillion in the global economy to overcome the financial consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Finance Ministers and Central Bank heads of the G20 countries will develop an action plan to overcome the consequences of the pandemic.
  • The G20 countries welcome the IOC’s decision to postpone the Olympic games in Japan.
  • The summit participants agreed to expand who’s authority in the fight against coronavirus.
  • G20 countries are asking who, the IMF and the world Bank to help developing countries cope with the consequences of COVID-19.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s address to the nation

Total supply:

1. voting on amendments to the Constitution has been postponed, there is no new date;
2. weekend * * – from March 28 to April 5.

Benefits for individuals:

3. holidays for the payment of loans to individuals and sole proprietors who have lost 30% of their income;
4. automatic extension of social benefits for 6 months;
5. families with rights to matkapital — 5 thousand rubles per child under 3 years of age monthly for 3 months;
6. payment of 5.5 thousand rubles for a child 3-7 years old in June, not in July;
7. sick leave payments – at the rate of at least 1 minimum wage (12.13 thousand rubles) per month until the end of the year;
8. the maximum unemployment payment is 12.13 thousand rubles per month;
9. veterans and home front workers — 75 and 50 thousand rubles in April.

Tightening for individuals:

10. 13% tax on the amount of interest received on accounts (deposits and investment accounts) with a total amount of more than 1 million rubles.

Business benefits:

11. reduction of insurance premiums for small and medium-sized enterprises from 30% to 15% indefinitely***;
12. deferral of all taxes, except VAT, for small and medium-sized businesses for 6 months;
13. loan repayment holidays for small and medium-sized enterprises for 6 months;
14. moratorium on bankruptcy for companies affected by coronavirus for 6 months****.

Tightening for business:

15. 15% tax on the income of companies that go offshore.

*It is not known how the proposals will be formed and financed, and some of them do not specify the effective dates or duration of their validity.

** Hospitals, pharmacies, shops, banks, transport and authorities will continue to operate.

***If the employee’s salary is at or below the minimum wage, the rate remains the same — 30%.

****The order of the Federal tax service also suspended the blocking of accounts of small and medium-sized businesses in the presence of arrears until may 1.

Russia will stop air traffic with other countries

The Cabinet of Ministers instructed the Federal air transport Agency to completely stop regular and Charter flights from March 27. An exception will be made only for flights that are taken the Russians to the Motherland.

“The Federal air transport Agency should ensure the termination of regular and Charter flights from Russian airports to foreign airports and in the opposite direction from 00:00 on March 27, 2020, with the exception of flights related to the export of Russian citizens to the territory of the Russian Federation from foreign countries due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection, as well as flights carried out by separate decisions of the government of the Russian Federation,” the instruction reads after the meeting.

Thailand announced the closure of the border on entry and exit

Thai authorities have decided to close entry and exit from the country. The regime will be introduced from March 26. The decision applies to all border points at airports, as well as sea and river ports. The same will happen on the land borders.

Entertainment and leisure facilities in the Angara region will stop until may

The work of night clubs, discos, cinemas, children’s playrooms will be suspended in the Irkutsk region until may, the press service of the government of the Irkutsk region reported on March 25.

In Baghdad, the US Embassy was shelled

At least two missiles fell on Thursday, March 26, in the “green zone” of Baghdad. This is reported by TASS. The missiles exploded near the us Embassy. Data on the victims and destruction has not yet been received.

Putin proposed to tax 15% of income going to offshore companies

All payments of income in the form of interest and dividends going abroad-to offshore companies, should be taxed at 15%, not 2%, said Russian President Vladimir Putin. He noted that this initiative will require adjustments to existing agreements with other countries.

Currently, two-thirds of such funds, since they are the income of specific individuals, are subject to a real tax rate of only 2% as a result of various so-called optimization schemes. While citizens even with a small salary pay income tax of 13%. This is, to put it mildly, unfair. — Vladimir Putin

Putin postponed the vote on amendments to the Constitution

The all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution will be postponed from April 22 to a later date, Vladimir Putin said in a televised address to the nation. The document is published on the Kremlin’s website. According to the document, the new voting date will be approved by a separate presidential decree

Sberbank will introduce a Commission for transfers over 50 thousand rubles a month

Sberbank will start canceling traditional commissions for transfers between individuals within 50 thousand rubles from April, but if this limit is exceeded, customers will have to pay one percent of the transfer or sign up for a subscription.

Retailers warned Mishustin about returning to the XIX century

Russia’s consumer market may return to the level of the XIX or early XX century, if the authorities do not take urgent measures to support the segment. This is stated in the collective appeal of retailers to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin (RBC has a copy).

Soyuzmultfilm has released a new animated series ” Pirate school»

The premiere of the new cartoon “Pirate school” has already taken place On the YouTube channel “Soyuzmultfilm”, the press service of the film Studio reported.



Putin proposed to introduce a tax on interest on Bank deposits

President Vladimir Putin in an address to the Russians because of the situation with coronavirus proposed to introduce a tax on personal income with a standard rate of 13 percent on income on deposits and securities. This initiative affects those citizens whose total assets exceed one million rubles.

Accounting chamber: orphans are waiting for housing from seven to 30 years

Orphaned children who are eligible for free housing from the state wait for it for an average of seven years. In five regions – Chechnya, Ingushetia, Mordovia, Kabardino-Balkaria, and the Jewish Autonomous region – waiting times exceed 30 years. In 12 regions, housing is provided only on the basis of court decisions. This was reported by the accounting chamber of Russia after checking the implementation of instructions from the President and the government aimed at improving the lives of orphaned children for the period 2017-2019.

The tax service will suspend blocking accounts of small and medium-sized businesses

The Federal tax service (FTS) of Russia will suspend blocking small and medium-sized business accounts until may 1, 2020 if there are debts to pay taxes, fees and insurance premiums. This is reported by TASS with reference to the order of the head of the Department.

Texas refused to restrict shale oil production in the United States

The railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), the regulator of oil and gas development in Texas, does not consider it necessary to impose restrictions on oil production in the state. This is stated in a published statement by RRC Chairman Wayne Christian.

“First, Texas doesn’t work in a vacuum. If we start producing oil proportionally, there is no guarantee that other countries or States will not follow this example,” the head of the RRC continued. “The Railroad Commission of Texas has not used the proportional principle for more than 40 years for practical reasons, our Commission has no employees with experience in this process, and has at best limited resources needed to do so,” Christian acknowledged.

Germany has accepted a package of economic assistance worth 156 billion euros

The German Bundestag has accepted a 156 billion Euro aid package for the economy. The decision was made by a majority vote. Now the decision of the Bundestag must be confirmed by representatives of the Federal States of Germany in the Bundesrat

Chief hospital doctors are being dismissed in Russia’s regions

In Perm, the chief doctor of the regional cancer clinic Maxim Mezentsev who returned from the Seychelles with the infection is dismissed — he managed to hold a planer and now 40 doctors of the Department are quarantined!

The Ministry of health of the Orenburg region has terminated contracts with three chief doctors of major public hospitals. They went on vacation abroad during the coronavirus pandemic. The Minister of health of the Orenburg region Tatyana Savinova announced the termination of contracts with doctors.

In Celovecernji region offered to resign the head physician of clinical hospital for the trip to Thailand.

In Stavropol, the chief infectious disease doctor of the region, Irina Sannikova, was dismissed — she brought a coronavirus from Spain to the region, infecting a lot of people..!

The US accused Maduro of drug trafficking and weapons possession

According to the US justice Department, Maduro has been one of the leaders of the cartel de Los Soles (“cartel of the suns”), which trafficked cocaine from Colombia to the US via Venezuela, since at least 1999. Thus, the cartel members wanted “not only to enrich themselves and strengthen their power, but also to flood the US with cocaine”, “to undermine the health and well-being” of Americans, according to the Ministry of justice.

Maduro has been charged with four counts, each of which carries a sentence of up to life in prison. US authorities have announced a $ 15 million reward for information that will help lead to his capture.

Kadyrov held Grand celebrations in Grozny

Ramzan Kadyrov held Grand celebrations in Grozny on the occasion of the opening of the Palace of culture-with the participation of several hundred people and a “bright concert program”,”Open media” drew attention. The day before, the head of Chechnya called on citizens to “observe the measures of quarantine and self-isolation”, and even said that violators of the quarantine should be killed.

Belarus reveals details of oil supplies from Russia

The head of the Belarusian government, Sergei Rumas, said that Russian companies will de facto supply oil without a premium, part of which will be compensated by the Russian government through inter-budget calculations.

The Ministry of Finance of Russia does not work on the issue of compensation to Russian companies for oil supplies to Belarus. This was announced today, March 25, by the state Secretary, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Sazanov. According to him, he does not know about the compensation scheme and does not work with anyone on this issue.

China resumed purchasing liquefied natural gas from the United States

Beijing resumed buying liquefied natural gas from Washington as part of the first stage of the Sino-American deal. This was announced on Wednesday, March 25, according to the portal Energyworld with reference to Reuters.

Putin bans foreigners from owning land in Crimea

President Vladimir Putin has expanded the list of territories where land plots cannot be owned by foreigners and foreign legal entities.the decree was published on the legal information portal. In particular, stateless persons, foreign citizens, as well as legal entities own land plots in the Crimea and the Astrakhan and Kaliningrad regions.

Based on the results of the G7 Ministerial meeting held via videoconference

“The group also spent a lot of time discussing the need to hold Russia accountable for its aggression in Ukraine. Progress in Eastern Ukraine should begin with Russia fulfilling its obligations under the Minsk agreements, ” Pompeo said at a briefing for journalists following the G7 Ministerial meeting held via videoconference.

According to Pompeo, during the last virtual Ministerial meeting of the Group of seven, the parties also touched on the Syrian problem, “where Russia, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah and the Assad regime,” they believe, hinder a political solution to the problem in accordance with UN security Council resolution 2254.

A dump of hazardous chemical waste was found near Kazan

According to investigators, in 2019, the suspects-local residents 35 and 39 years old-organized illegal storage of hazardous chemical waste on a land plot in the Pestrechinsky district. The territory was not intended for this purpose.

Warner Bros. looking for an actor to star in the new “Aquaman»

Warner Bros. Film Company announced the start of the search for a performer for the main role in future parts of the Aquaman franchise. According to the portal We Got This Covered, Jason Momoa will still play the role of Aquaman – in the second and third films.

Released the trailer for a new animated series from the Creator of “Rick and Morty»

The animated series is called” Solar opposites “(Solar Opposites) and looks exactly like”Rick and Morty”. Outwardly and inwardly.

Apple is ready to postpone the release of the iPhone 12 until winter

Apple is preparing for the possible postponement of the release of its first iPhone smartphones with 5G networks from the beginning of autumn to a later date. This is written by Nikkei Asian Review with reference to knowledgeable sources.

Apple has updated six-year-old iPhones and iPads to iOS 13.4

Apple presented a SOFTWARE update for iPhone and iPad. In the iOS and iPadOS 13.4 operating systems, we made improvements, built in new features and fixed existing errors

Nokia introduced the Nokia 5310 push button phone

The Nokia 5310 phone is suitable for music lovers. There is an MP3 player and a wireless FM radio. Dual front-facing speakers with high volume. The phone comes in red-black and red-white colors. The Nokia 5310 phone supports microSD cards. There is a Bluetooth, 3.5 mm headphone Jack, and a charger with a Micro USB connector.

Xiaomi introduced a giant redmi TV MAX

The new TV has a 4K LCD display, HDR support, and 85% NTSC color space coverage. Dynamic lighting from 192 zones is located at the back. The heart of the device is a 4-core processor with 4 GB of RAM and 64 flash memory.

Redmi TV Max has three HDMI, two USB and S/PDIF ports. A TV running Android TV with the Patchwell shell works. The cost of Redmi TV Max is 19,999 yuan (about 222 thousand rubles at the exchange rate). The giant will be on sale in the Chinese market from April 9, and it is unknown when it will reach the European part.

Apple Safari browser has strengthened its protection against surveillance

Apple has significantly updated Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP), a system built into the Safari browser that prevents Internet activity from being tracked. According to John Wilander, an engineer and developer of the Apple WebKit engine, the mechanism now blocks any third-party cookies.

The Google Podcasts app is now available on iOS

It’s been 2 years since Google split the Podcasts and Play Music apps. During these two years, Podcasts were exclusive to Android. However, today the situation has changed, as Google has released a version of the app for iOS, as well as radically updated the interface of the app for Android.

Facebook is in talks to buy a stake in Reliance Jio

According to online sources, Facebook is in talks to buy a “multibillion-dollar stake” in the telecommunications company Reliance Jio from India. It is noted that Google is also interested in acquiring a share of the Indian company and is currently considering such a possibility.

Scientists told how microplastic gets into the depths of the oceans

A joint research project between the universities of Manchester, Utrecht and Durham and the National Oceanographic center has shown for the first time how underwater avalanches can transport microplastics from land to the ocean floor. A new study published in Environmental Science & Technology

More than 10 million tons of plastic are exported to the oceans every year. It is believed that about 99% of this amount is stored in deep water areas, often pre-accumulating in underwater canyons.

A new cathode material for metal-ion batteries has been developed

In search of an alternative, much effort has been put into creating batteries that are built using more affordable and less expensive elements, such as potassium instead of lithium. Cobalt in the cathode can be replaced with materials that are much more environmentally friendly.

Released a teaser of the series “Great” about Catherine II

Streaming service Hulu has published a teaser trailer for the series “the Great”, which tells about Catherine II and her husband, Emperor Peter III. The premiere of the project is scheduled for may 15. The main role was played by Elle fanning, Catherine’s wife was played by Nicholas Holt.



Scientists have found that cats meow specifically for humans

Scientists have found out an interesting fact that our domestic cats meow only for people. According to St. Petersburg specialists, four-legged animals are learning the basics of human language with great success. To feel full and comfortable.

Russian su-27 fighter jet crashed into the Black sea

The su-27 fighter jet disappeared during a planned flight over the Black sea, the Russian defense Ministry told Interfax. The plane disappeared 50 kilometers from Feodosia. An emergency signal was registered in this area

The police will monitor violators of the self-isolation regime

The video surveillance system will be used in Moscow to identify violators of the self-isolation regime. This was reported to TASS in the press service of the capital’s interior Ministry.

“Moscow police remind citizens of the need to observe self-isolation in order to prevent infection and spread of coronavirus infection. A video surveillance system is used in conjunction with automatic identification of persons to identify violators of the regime, to which administrative responsibility can be applied”

Moscow authorities announced new measures in connection with the coronavirus:

  • Restaurants, cafes, canteens and buffets are suspended from March 28 to April 5
  • At the same time they will be able to work on takeaway and delivery of orders
  • Only pharmacies and stores with food and essential goods will work
  • Services that require personal presence, such as hairdressers, are no longer available
  • Medical, rehabilitation, transport, banking, funeral and insurance services, social sphere, housing and utilities, communications will be available
  • Visits to VDNH, culture Park, Zaryadye, Sokolniki, Tsaritsyno and Kolomenskoye estates are suspended
  • Residents of the capital are advised to refrain from visiting religious sites
  • Employers will be required to measure the temperature of employees, suspend those who have it raised.

Khorkina considered the postponement of the Olympics God’s punishment for the oppression of Russia

Former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia from the United Russia party and two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina supports the decision to postpone the Olympics in Tokyo for 2021. However, Khorkina said in an interview with Sport-Express that she sees this as “God’s punishment”.

“In my opinion, this all happened because it was impossible to offend Russia, including our athletes,” said Svetlana Khorkina. – It is not for nothing that our hymn says that God protects our land. Now such serious and deadly stuff is being spread around the world, but it was not necessary to arrange these political distortions. And in my opinion, this is a kind of God’s punishment.”

Recall that Colonel Khorkina, who is now in the leadership of CSKA, in the late 90’s starred Nude for Playboy magazine. This did not prevent her from joining the Patriarchal Council for culture in 2010.

Traffic police officers were ordered to minimize communication with citizens.

Earlier, the media wrote that inspectors should only draw up reports on gross violations, ignoring smaller ones, and road trips will be carried out only if there are victims. The order of the Ministry of internal Affairs also States that the traffic police temporarily transfers online services for registering cars, taking exams for rights and issuing certificates. Also, sanctions for violating the terms of car registration are temporarily lifted.

Concert organizers asked Putin for permission not to return the money

Representatives of non-state cultural institutions asked Russian President Vladimir Putin for subsidies for the industry, as well as assistance similar to support of state cultural institutions, in order to fulfill obligations to the audience and preserve the country’s theater and concert market

BlaBlaCar will suspend the service in Moscow

The blablacar travel search service on the night of March 30 suspends the service in Moscow at the request of the city authorities, the aggregator is ready to introduce similar measures in other regions, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the service

Mostotrest will build a bridge across the Moscow river for 24 billion rubles

PJSC Mostotrest won the competition for the construction of a bridge over the Moscow river with a multi-level transport interchange on the Kashirskoye highway from the Caspian to Highway streets for 24.1 billion rubles, according to materials on the public procurement portal.

PJSC Mostotrest is one of the largest Russian companies engaged in infrastructure construction. it built a bridge across the Kerch Strait. Arkady Rotenberg controls 94.2% of the company through TFC-Finance, the rest is in free circulation.

Russia’s international reserves fell by $30 billion over the week

The Central Bank of Russia announced a decrease in the country’s international reserves. This is stated on the regulator’s website. “International reserves as of March 20 amounted to $551.2 billion, having decreased by $29.8 billion, or 5.1%, over the week,” the statement said.

China purchased 1.6 million tons of oil from Russia

China has purchased a record 1.6 million tons of Russian oil for delivery over the next four weeks, taking advantage of low prices for the Russian Urals grade and falling demand in Europe. This is reported by Reuters with reference to traders.

MegaFon increased revenue in 2019

MegaFon’s revenue grew by 4% in 2019, amounting to 348 billion rubles, according to the operator’s financial statements. Service revenue as a whole increased by 1.2%, to RUB 310 billion.the growth in revenue from mobile services, including revenue from data transmission, was 1.6%. The company’s revenue from fixed-line communications decreased by 1.6%, to RUB 30 billion, and sales of equipment and accessories increased by 33.7%, to RUB 38 billion.

US completes formation of aehf satellite system

The United States has scheduled for March 26 the launch of the last satellite needed to complete the formation of the aehf (Advanced Extremely High Frequency) system. It is responsible for providing secure and jam-resistant communications between the American command (including the President and the joint chiefs of staff) and deployed military units.

In the US, an active ankle exoskeleton was created

Experts from Stanford University have developed an active ankle exoskeleton that reduces the load on the legs when walking or running, and have tested a prototype of the device.


Norway’s wealth Fund lost $124 billion and changed its head

The Norwegian sovereign wealth Fund announced a change of head after disastrous losses due to the global recession, on March 26, according to Reuters. The head of the Fund, whose current assets are estimated at $930 billion, will be a native of Norway, the current head of AKO Capital, Nikolai Tangen.

The losses of the Norwegian national wealth Fund in 2020 due to the collapse of stock markets amounted to $124 billion.

Three black holes can disrupt the reversibility of time

Classical physics claims that the picture of the present can predict the future and restore the past. New scientific work shows that this is not always the case, and it is not because of our limited knowledge or insufficiently powerful computers. Three black holes are enough for the universe to stop being predictable. Details are provided in a scientific article published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

New buildings in the North of Moscow have risen in price by almost 20% over the year

According to the calculations of Metrium analysts, mass new buildings in the Northern administrative district of Moscow have risen in price by 19% over the past year, demonstrating the highest price growth among all districts of the capital. The average cost per square meter in Sao also set an absolute record, reaching 203 thousand rubles per square meter.

Uzbekistan will reduce the cost of AI-92 gasoline

The cost of imported AI-92 gasoline in Uzbekistan will decrease by 3.2%, to 6.2 thousand soums (51.7 rubles) per liter. This was reported on March 25 in the official telegram channel of the company “Uzbekneftegaz»

Italian newspaper La Stampa called Russia’s aid “useless”

The newspaper writes that by supporting Italy, Russia can allegedly pursue its political and diplomatic interests, and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte could accept it out of a desire to “strengthen personal relations” with Moscow. In addition, the publication emphasizes that the Russian specialists who arrived in Italy are not doctors, but military men with high army ranks.

Minsk asked Moscow to evacuate Belarusians from third countries

Belarusian foreign Minister Vladimir Makei asked his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov during a telephone conversation to evacuate Belarusians from third countries along with Russians

The US has expanded sanctions against Iran

The United States on Thursday added five individuals and 15 legal entities to the list of anti-Iranian sanctions. This was reported by the us Department of Finance. According to the Agency, the Iranian citizens who fell under the sanctions are associated with the special forces “al-Quds” of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC, elite units of the armed forces of Iran).

Dua Lipa revealed a new song from her early album

Dua Lipa’s song and video “Break My Heart” premiered on March 26, 2020. The single uses a quote from the 1987 INXS hit “Need You Tonight”, co-produced by Monsters Strangerz and Andrew watt.

On Netflix will be a series on Angry Birds

Angry Birds: Summer Madness will consist of 40 episodes of eight minutes and will be available to subscribers of the service in 2021. The series will be produced by Cake Entertainment, which previously worked with the franchise for Finnish television.

Sony will merge several of its businesses into a holding company

The new holding company will combine three companies that produce products from the Electronics Products & Solutions segment. These companies work in the field of creating platforms for image processing, home entertainment and audio equipment, as well as mobile communications.

Google Pixel Buds 2 wireless headphones pass FCC tests

Google’s next-generation Pixel Buds wireless headphones are one step closer to entering the market. Information about the approval of Pixel Buds 2 appeared this week on the website of the Federal communications Commission (FCC).

Swiss brand Swatch has introduced a smart watch Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

The assortment of the famous Swiss manufacturer Swatch already has several models of smart watches. However, these models have not become particularly popular with users. However, today Swatch introduced another smart watch called Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar.

Google allows businesses to mark places as ” temporarily closed»

Of course, the usefulness of this feature still depends on whether companies are in a hurry to update their status. However, Google has previously stated that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to ask businesses to confirm and update their working hours.

A poorly understood Android feature lets you take a digital fingerprint

Researchers analyzed one of the functions of the Android mobile operating system, which for a long time was little known. However, experts believe that these features may threaten users ‘ privacy.

The study notes that today more and more Android applications use IAM — Installed Application Methods) – a set of Android system APIs that allows developers to get a list of applications installed on the device. Google originally created these API calls so that developers could detect app incompatibilities. However, the expert report suggests that IAM can also be used to take a digital fingerprint or track a user.

Huawei Mate Xs folding smartphone

It became known that Huawei Mate XS will appear in Russia at a price of 200,000 rubles. Orders for it will start accepting on March 27, and sales will begin on March 31. Recall that Huawei Mate XS is an improved version of last year’s folding smartphone, which has a Kirin 990 processor, support for working in fifth-generation networks, as well as a more robust design.

The tail of the lesser killer whale was the most effective

American scientists have modeled the movement of the caudal fin of some cetacean species depending on the shape and kinematics of movement and selected the most effective tail based on this. Its owner was a small killer whale, with the most favorable kinematic characteristics — the Beluga, and the fastest tail – the big-browed prodelfin. The article is published in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface.