28 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/27/2020

The rating of US President Donald trump rose to 47.1%, updating the historical maximum. This is evidenced by the average data of the real Clear Politics portal.

Trump urged US citizens to return to work to save the economy

Us President Donald trump in an interview with Fox News said that Americans should return to work to save the economy, despite the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. According to him, many people die from the flu, but the US will lose even more people if the country is in a severe recession or depression. Trump noted that people will die, there will be thousands of suicide attempts.

In Indonesia you are planning to acquire 79 of the Russian BT-3F

The Indonesian defense Ministry announced plans to strengthen the marine Corps with Russian BT-3F floating armoured personnel carriers.this is 79 units of this equipment. The contract is valued at $ 286 million.

EU leaders have begun to develop plans for post-crisis recovery

The EU leaders agreed to develop a large-scale economic recovery plan for the period after overcoming the crisis associated with coronavirus, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said on March 26 following a video conference of EU leaders.

Serbia asked Russia for help in the fight against coronavirus

The government of Serbia has decided to appeal to Russia for help in the fight against a new type of coronavirus, reports TASS referring to the Serbian TV channel RTS

Taxation of deposits over 1 million rubles in Russia

Sberbank has received explanations from the Ministry of Finance regarding the taxation of deposits in excess of 1 million rubles, according to a letter from the head of the Bank, Herman Gref, to clients.

Interest income from the total amount of a person’s deposits in all banks is subject to taxation, if in total they exceed 1 million rubles and in part exceeding 1 million rubles,” Sberbank said in a statement, referring to the explanations of the Ministry of Finance. – Your income received on all your deposits is taxed. Not each Deposit separately, but the totality of your deposits, so it makes no sense to split your deposits

The tax on interest on Bank deposits over a million rubles will begin to be levied in 2022. The first notifications of its payment will relate to interest income received in 2021.

The doctors EN masse, wrote letters of resignation

Immediately 11 infectious diseases doctors left the hospital in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky, Rostov region, as the hospital is not ready to work – the doctors do not have masks and other means of protection. This is reported by the newspaper “PIK” with reference to medical workers. In addition, the Department does not have a sanitary inspector. And in such conditions, doctors have to take extra shifts, but no one appreciates their work – for one such shift, they receive an additional payment of 70 rubles. Interim chief physician Alexander Kramarenko promised to do everything possible to fix the situation

In Russia, reception and accommodation in boarding houses and holiday homes were banned.

This is stated in the instruction of Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. The document specifies that the reception and accommodation of citizens is suspended until June 1. Before the same date, places of mass recreation in Russian resorts are closed. Catering establishments in the regions-until the fifth of April.

Russian Orthodox Church against the authorities of St. Petersburg

The order of the authorities of St. Petersburg to prohibit visiting churches during non-working weeks due to the threat of infection with coronavirus does not comply with the Constitution. This was stated to Interfax by the head of the legal Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, abbess Xenia (Chernega).

“The Russian Constitution considers the right to freedom of conscience [and freedom of religion] to be an inalienable human and civil right. Such rights, according to the Basic law and the law on freedom of conscience, can only be limited by Federal law, but not by acts of the subjects of the Russian Federation, ” the abbess said.

She added that the ROC does not plan to challenge the order of the St. Petersburg authorities and that it “in no way regulates the ability of religious organizations to perform services.” The Saint Petersburg diocese stressed that its churches will continue to serve.

Putin allowed the government to freeze the price of medicines when the threat of an epidemic

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that allows the government to freeze prices for medicines and medical devices. The document is published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

According to the law, the government has the right to fix prices for medical devices and medicines in case of an emergency, a threat of an epidemic, or an increase in the cost of medicines in several regions by 30% or more within 30 days. The price freeze can last no more than 90 days.

The US supported Saudi Arabia in the oil war

US President Donald trump has expressed support for Saudi Arabia’s plans to oust Russia from the oil markets by increasing fuel production. This is reported by Politico, citing sources, the White house did not expect such a strong collapse in prices.

Russian employers warned of lower wages

To withstand the shocks due to the fall of the ruble and the consequences of coronavirus, every third company has changed personnel policy, one in five plans to cut salaries, the study by the Centre for strategic research, whose results are reviewed by RBC. The March survey involved top managers of 500 micro, small, medium and large businesses in various industries.

LSR group will almost triple its dividend

The Board of Directors of the LSR Group of developers recommended to the annual General meeting of shareholders to pay dividends for 2019 in the total amount of 3.09 billion rubles at the rate of 30 rubles per ordinary registered share.

The flour millers Union has warned of the risk of flour shortages

The Russian Union of flour and cereals enterprises said that there may be a risk of a shortage of flour in the country due to rising prices for wheat, the necessary stocks are left for only two or three weeks, Interfax reports, referring to a letter from the head of the Union Arkady Gurevich, sent to the Ministry of agriculture.

A constitutional amendment to reset Putin’s terms has split Russians

Opinions of Russians on the amendment to the Constitution to reset presidential terms were divided almost equally, according to data from the Levada center, which was reviewed by Vedomosti. The new norm that allows Vladimir Putin to be elected for two more terms after 2024 is approved by 48% of respondents, while 47% disapprove.

In Russia, groups of troops have been formed to fight the coronavirus.

More than two and a half thousand specialists of the radiation, chemical and biological protection forces are taking part in checking the readiness of the Russian army to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russian Ministry of defense reported on March 26.

Specialists of the RCB troops of the Western and Central districts perform training tasks for the deployment of special processing points for equipment, infrastructure and personnel. Radiation and chemical intelligence posts are also being deployed, and measures are being worked out to assess the epidemiological situation and isolate areas of conditional infection. Verification of the readiness of the Armed Forces to localize emergencies related to the spread of dangerous diseases will last until March 28

Russians started withdrawing money from Bank deposits

Russians began applying to banks to close deposits and withdraw cash from accounts after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the extension of personal income tax on income from deposits and investments in bonds.

Russian Railways cancels part of domestic trains

The Russian Railways explains that the measure concerns trains that have an alternative on the route, and which are not in demand at the moment due to coronavirus. Passengers will be offered to travel on the planned routes on the same or similar dates on other trains, or to return the full amount of money for tickets. The company calls this a temporary measure.

The list of applications for pre-installing Russian SOFTWARE has expanded.

The FAS has abandoned the phased introduction of requirements to pre-install Russian SOFTWARE on smartphones, computers, tablets and Smart TVs and expanded the list of programs that must be installed, according to the latest version of the draft government decree. Based on it, by July 1, 2020, 13 Russian programs should be pre — installed on smartphones, 10 on computers, and 3 on Smart TV.

On smartphones, in addition to previously known applications for search, antivirus, portal “public Services”, email and messengers, it is proposed to install cloud storage, voice and audio-visual assistants, and news aggregators. A similar list, as well as office software, must be pre-installed on computers and tablets.

Smart TV requires pre-installation of audio-visual services, news aggregators, and programs that allow you to watch mandatory public TV channels for Russians.

Biologists have rejuvenated human cells for the first time

Scientists from Stanford University were able to rejuvenate human cells for the first time. This is reported by IA Evo-rus.com the Researchers applied a special mechanism that was used in the creation of stem cells. With the help of special RNA, they’d force the cell to produce the Yamanaka factors – special proteins that play an important role in the formation of embryonic cells

Scientists have proved that you can’t turn back time

As reported by today News Ufa with reference to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the inability to turn back time was proved by the example of three black holes that affect each other. First their orbits were calculated, then two simulations were created. On the first, black holes are at rest, then one leaves the system. And in the second model, everything starts from the point where they try to turn the situation back to the original one. It turned out that this is impossible, because the slightest violations break the symmetry of time. And the main secret is hidden in the laws of nature. Even black holes cannot escape the direction of time.

Scientists have developed an ion engine for the DART mission to an asteroid

The HACA mission to test the redirection of the dart double asteroid is scheduled for July 22, 2021. And to get there, it will use an ion engine called Evolutionarys Xenon Thruster-Commercial (NEXT-C).

Astrophysicists are looking for exoplanets similar to Titan

Titan can hide an underground ocean of liquid water. Its atmosphere is dominated by nitrogen, where complex chemistry that leads to life can occur. Most searches for exoplanets focus on finding earth-like worlds. Astrophysicists would like to know whether it is possible to find habitable worlds that differ sharply from earth’s.

SpaceX accelerates production of a ship for flights to the moon and Mars

SpaceX plans to hire additional people to help speed up production and testing of its ambitious company idea, the Starship Mars project, in the coming months. The Starship Mars project consists of a 50-meter-high spacecraft called “Starship” that can carry up to 100 people. The starship will go into low-earth orbit on top of a huge rocket called “Super Heavy” and then head to the Red Planet or the moon.

NASA has completed a 17-year mission to study the Sun

For 17 years, SORCE has been collecting data on the only star in our system. Now representatives of the space Agency have announced the end of the program. The main goal of this and subsequent missions is to study the level of total luminosity of the star

Huawei has introduced a new line of flagship smartphones

Huawei has introduced a new line of flagship smartphones, the P40, P40 Pro and P40 Pro+, with dual tele-photolens, triple and tenfold magnification. Deprived of services and Google assistant, the Chinese Corporation logically began to build its own solution, which it does with other services from Google. According to the reviews of the first testers of Celia, it is very similar in functionality to the early versions of Google and Apple assistants and is aimed, obviously, at Western Europe and supports English, French and Spanish.

As for prices, in Russia, Huawei P40 can be purchased for 50,000 rubles, P40 Pro for 70,000 rubles, but whether we will have a top model P40 Pro+ is still unclear. In Europe, it will cost 1,400 euros and will go on sale on April 7.

Dua Lipa released the album ” Future Nostalgia»

British singer of Kosovar origin Dua Lipa released the album “Future Nostalgia”. You can listen to it in Vkontakte And Yandex.Music”, Apple Music.

The band Nine Inch Nails released two new album, “Ghosts»

The previous parts of the series “Ghosts I-IV” were released back in 2008. Songs from the new albums are available on the band’s official website, as well as on its YouTube channel.

Metallica has launched a series of free concerts on YouTube

American metal band Metallica announced the launch of weekly free concerts on the Network, reports NME. The band said they would post recordings of past concerts on YouTube and Facebook every Monday. MetallicaMondays is the name of the band’s project.

Art Basel exhibition moved to autumn

The exhibition, which was supposed to take place in June 2020, was decided to move to the autumn. The exhibition opens in Basel on September 17 and runs until September 20. At the same time, the exhibition halls will open for experts two days earlier – on September 15. The organizers noted that it will be possible to get to the exhibition using previously purchased tickets.