31 Mar, 2020

News digest for 03/30/2020

Extend the self-isolation regime to all regions of Russia

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin asked the authorities of the Russian regions to pay attention to the restrictive measures introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region in the light of the coronavirus pandemic and to consider the possibility of introducing similar ones at home.

Self-isolation is imposed for all ages, except when you need emergency medical care or need to go to the store for food or drive to work, if it is not suspended by these decrees and for other, really good reasons. In the current situation, this will help protect yourself and your loved ones. I ask the heads of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to pay attention to the experience of their colleagues and work out the possibility of introducing such measures in their regions, ” Mishustin said during a meeting with the Deputy Prime Ministers.

Additional quarantine measures have been introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region

  • Home self-isolation regime has been in effect for all Muscovites, regardless of age, since March 30
  • Residents of the capital are not prohibited from coming to or leaving the city
  • A smart home mode control system will monitor the movement of citizens
  • In Moscow you will be able to go out on the street if you have a special pass
  • Doctors will get free antivirus drugs
  • Ambulance and volunteers will distribute free medications to patients with a mild form of the coronavirus
  • Residents who lost their jobs due to coronavirus will receive benefits in the amount of 19.5 thousand rubles a month, in the Moscow region 15 thousand rubles
  • Muscovites who have not violated the rules of self-isolation at home will have their travel tickets extended for 9 days
  • The Moscow authorities will gradually tighten the necessary control in this situation
  • On the territory of the Moscow region will operate similar measures to Moscow

The main thing about the self-isolation regime introduced in Moscow and the Moscow region

According to a Medusa source close to the Moscow operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus, the “Smart control system” that Sobyanin talks about implies that every resident will have to register on the official website of the mayor of Moscow and declare where they actually live now (registration will not be taken into account).

After that, each resident will be given a QR code — these codes will be the passes for leaving the house, which Sobyanin said in his address. They will need to be presented to the police on demand.

Following the capital and the Moscow region

Arkhangelsk region
Bryansk region
Vologda region
Irkutsk region
Kaliningrad region
Leningrad region
Lipetsk region
Murmansk region
Ryazan region
Saratov region
Sverdlovsk region

Measures to restrict movement in Moscow were agreed with Vladimir Putin.

“Any regional head of the Russian Federation in such a situation is in close coordination with the Federal authorities and the head of state. Moreover, Sobyanin heads one of the divisions of the General staff for the fight against coronavirus and coordinates between the regions, ” said presidential press Secretary Dmitry Peskov

According to Peskov, the measures taken in the capital and the Moscow region to combat coronavirus correspond to the tasks of countering infection and are taken in the interests of citizens. Peskov forwarded the question of special passes for moving around Moscow to the mayor’s office.

Security measures as in cases of particularly dangerous infections

In Kazakhstan, the deceased from the coronavirus will be buried at a separate landfill in specialized boxes. The bodies will not be autopsied or cremated. According to the authorities of Almaty, this algorithm was approved by the operational headquarters. Security measures will be applied to COVID-19 victims “as in cases of particularly dangerous infections, “Interfax explains.

“In case of detection of fatal cases with a coronavirus infection, they are not subjected to autopsy, the body is immediately disinfected, placed in a certain isolated means of isolation, it can be a means of a protective plan. A limited number of burials are also allowed. The landfill has already been determined.”

Two employees of the apparatus of the liberal democratic party was charged in the theft.

Two members of the LDPR staff were charged with embezzling money from the party’s youth organizations, the interior Ministry said. The police did not specify the amount in question.

According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, the accused insisted on a confrontation with the Deputy speaker of the state Duma, Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s son Igor Lebedev, on whose instructions, they said, they spent the stolen money. Lebedev refused to face-off, the Ministry of internal Affairs said.

Zhirinovsky’s son reacted to suspicions of involvement in the theft of money

“I know about this information, I read the website of the Ministry of internal Affairs. I believe that employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs, before giving a comment on a criminal case that has not yet been completed, must comply with the current legislation. In my opinion, disclosure of the case materials and such comments violate the law, ” Lebedev said in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” – I didn’t refuse any confrontations. All investigative actions that were necessary on my part have been completed in full

Unemployed Muscovites will receive compensation

“As a first step, a regional compensation payment for the unemployed is being introduced. The total amount of unemployment benefits (scholarships) and the new payment will be 19,500 rubles per month. The payment will be assigned automatically, without statements, ” the mayor said in a statement.

VGTRK partially replaces informational talk shows with series.

“The changes will affect 60 minutes. The daily issue leaves, and the evening issue increases by 1.5 hours. Accordingly, there will be series instead of daytime ones. All other programs-Vesti, BRILYOV, Kiselyov, and Solovyov-are broadcast live, without an audience, in the usual normal mode. According to “60 minutes”, the situation is still with us for this week. There is no information about the reasons for this decision.”

It industry asks to include victims in the list

The Association of computer and information technology enterprises (APKIT), whose members include 1°C, ABBYY, Acer, IBM, Kaspersky Lab, and others, asks the Ministry of communications to include the it industry in the list of industries most affected by the pandemic and economic crisis. This is stated in a letter from the Executive Director of APKIT Nikolay Komlev, sent to the head of the Ministry Maksut Shadayev.

In a crisis, the it industry is one of the first to suffer due to a decrease in the purchasing power of customers and their costs for non-core activities, Komlev said. “The decline in the industry inevitably leads to the departure of highly qualified programmers from Russia and to a decrease in opportunities for digital transformation of the economy,” as well as the quality of digital services, including public ones, he explained

Russians want to introduce an age limit for the President

62% of Russians want to introduce an age limit for the President, according to a survey by the Levada center, commissioned by Open media. 35% of them do not want the leader of the country to be a pensioner, another 23% believe that he should not be older than 70.

Regardless of age, wealth and place of residence, the relative majority is in favor of a change of power in the country: they believe that it is now more important than political stability. This is the opinion of 50% of respondents, while 37% prefer stability.

Russian MP Stebenkova compared Soviet apartments to garbage

A former staff member of the representative office of the Democratic party of the United States in Russia, and now a member of the Moscow city Duma from United Russia, Lyudmila Stebenkova compared Soviet apartments to garbage. A member of the health and public health Commission wrote about this on her Twitter account. Stebenkova commented on one of the videos, which showed an apartment with a Soviet interior.

“This is how we lived under the Communists. Want to go back to this dump?”- the Deputy wrote.

«Newspaper. ” Stebenkova explained her words. In her opinion, people at that time were actually living in poverty. “Then you could buy 50 kilograms of meat on a doctor’s salary, but today you can buy five times more on a doctor’s salary,” the MP said.

The opening of the Olympic games in Tokyo will be held on July 23, 2021.

This was officially announced by the organizing Committee of the Olympic Games. The decision was agreed with the IOC. The Olympics will retain its name ” Olympic games-2020″

Russia started producing engines for civil aviation

Serial production of PD-14 engines for the MS-21 medium-haul airliner has begun in Russia. This was announced by the Executive Director of Rostec, Oleg Yevtushenko.

In January 2020, the Irkutsk aircraft factory has already delivered the first products for installation on the newest Russian aircraft MS-21, – RIA Novosti quotes him as saying.

“Accessible Internet” starts on April 1

First Deputy head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko said that the partial launch of the “Accessible Internet” project is scheduled for April 1, not July 1. According to the official, this feature will appear for PC and laptop users. The launch date for this feature on mobile devices is not reported.

However, it is unclear how this will be implemented, because mobile operators most often charge for traffic over the limit, while cable providers have long since switched to a fixed tariff.

In Bashkiria, an official hid a trip to the Dominican Republic and went to work for a week

According to ToDay News Ufa, we are talking about the head of the rural settlement of Yermolaevskoye in the kuyurgazinsky district of the Republic. Roman Baranovsky returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic, hid the fact of the trip and immediately returned to his duties. The official’s wife, a doctor, also went to her workplace.

This is disgusting, what can you say, scoundrelly behavior, irresponsible. These people must be parted from. They’re hitting us. We have a moral right to demand something from people, although there are officials like this among us. So that his foot was no longer in the municipal authorities. – Radiy Khabirov, Russian politician

World oil prices are falling

World oil prices are declining on Monday, March 30. This is evidenced by the auction data. May WTI crude futures were down 4.51% at $20.54 per barrel. Brent crude futures for may delivery fell 5.90% to $23.46 per barrel

Released a short anime series ” Rick and Morty»

The Adult Swim project published a short film about the title characters of the animated series “Rick and Morty” in the anime style. It was called the “Samurai and shogun”. In a picture posted on YouTube, Rick fights the ninja Ricks from parallel universes to protect the kidnapped Morty shogun

In Russia, the punishment for violating the quarantine has been tightened

So, according to the text of amendments to the Code on administrative violations, the fine for non-compliance with quarantine measures, if another person became infected and died because of this, will be from 150 to 300 thousand rubles, for officials — from 300 to 500 thousand.

From citizens whose actions during the quarantine pose a danger to others, they can collect from 15 to 40 thousand rubles; from officials – from 50 to 150 thousand rubles. The maximum fine is up to one million rubles: this penalty is provided for legal entities whose actions led to someone’s death.

Yekaterinburg mayor’s office will spend 6 million on PR of deputies

The total amount of contracts is 5.9 million rubles. The main part of this amount — 4.08 million-will go to “provide services for the preparation and placement on television of interviews with representatives (deputies) of the Yekaterinburg city Duma in 2020.”

Encouraged everyone to stay at home, then went to a party

Aston Villa footballer Jack Grealish as team captain recorded a useful video for residents of the city, urging them to stay at home, then went to a party, grossly violating their own recommendations. After the party, not sufficiently sobered up, Grealish got behind the wheel of a Range Rover And rammed several cars in the Parking lot, then left his contacts and left on foot

Japan has closed the border to foreigners from a number of countries

Japan has announced a ban on entry to its territory for foreigners from the United States, China, South Korea and most of Europe. The country’s authorities took such measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the Kyodo news Agency reports.

Obuv Rossii increased its net profit under IFRS

The net profit margin in 2019 was 12.3%. The group’s consolidated unaudited revenue increased by 18.6% to RUB 13.702 billion last year, while the group’s total comparable revenue increased by 5.2%. EBITDA increased by 25.5% to RUB 3.583 billion.

VEB. RF received a subsidy from the state for 242 billion rubles.

At the end of 2019, the state development Corporation VEB.RF received 242 billion rubles of subsidies from the state to compensate for losses from old projects. The subsidy allowed VEB to reduce the loss for the year to 53 billion rubles, according to RBC with reference to the Corporation’s reports.

Natural gas imports have increased in Lithuania

In Lithuania, natural gas imports increased by more than 40 percent, according to the State energy regulatory service. In the second half of 2019, the Republic imported almost 44 percent more natural gas than in the same period of 2018. At the same time, natural gas consumption decreased by 0.1 percent.
In China, 21 million telephone subscribers disappeared during the epidemic

The Ministry of industry and Informatization of the PRC reported that in February, the number of phone users in all provinces of the country sharply decreased. And we are talking about both mobile and stationary. The data was compared with similar data for November 2019.

There were 1,600,957,000 mobile phone users, which became— 1 579 927 000. That is 21 million less. Landline phone users decreased by 840 thousand.

F/A-18 Hornet fighters of the USMC began to be equipped with new radars

The contract to upgrade the fighters came 14 months after Raytheon announced that it had been selected to install AN/APG-79(V)4 radars on 98 marine Corps F/A-18C/D aircraft. The new radars will replace the outdated an/APG-73 radar with mechanical scanning

Dmitry Gudkov left the party ” Civil initiative»

Former state Duma Deputy Dmitry Gudkov said that he decided to leave the Civil initiative party together with the team. This information was confirmed to Interfax by the party’s press service. Civic initiative will continue to work under the leadership of its founder, Andrey Nechaev, and Mr. Gudkov’s team plans to participate in the Duma elections in single-member districts. Recall that the Civil initiative party was created in 2013 with the participation of former head of the Ministry of economy Andrey Nechaev.

Us-led international coalition leaves K-1 air base in Iraq

The international coalition led by the United States to combat the terrorist organization “Islamic state” banned on the territory of the Russian Federation* announced that it will leave the K-1 base on the territory of Iraq as part of the relocation of forces, leaving it to the Iraqi military. The information is transmitted by RIA Novosti.

North Korea reported tests of a multi-shot launcher

North Korea has tested a large-sized multi-shot launcher to test its strategic and technical characteristics. At the moment, the type of installation is not reported, but it is specified that the tests were successful, writes the Central newspaper of the Republic Rodong Sinmun.

USA to replace the AH-64 Apache

By 2023, the US army will receive the first demonstration samples of new helicopters to replace the Apache. This was reported by vertical journalists. The publication stated that the competition was won by Bell (a subsidiary of Textron) and Sikorsky (purchased by Lockheed Martin). They will supply new helicopters to the us army based on the results of the Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) competition.

Companies must provide their own equipment on the replacement of 200 multi-purpose Bell OH-58D Kiowa. The military also plans to replace half of The McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache fleet. By the fall of 2023, the first demonstration samples of the latest Bell 360 Invictus and Sikorsky Raider x will arrive in the army.

Russian military defected to the US in Syria

A Russian serviceman defected to the us military in Syria. Data about this is given by the American media, reporting that the soldier is providing the US army with great assistance, passing information about the Russians.

When we stop on a mission, I’m in the background and I don’t even tell them that I speak Russian, because the whole job is to gather information,” says Sergeant Vlad. He is a former Russian soldier who ended up in North Carolina and joined the US army. He asked that his full name not be used for security reasons. Vlad says that recently Russians have been playing jokes on the roads-speeding up and jumping between American columns , and from time to time you will be lucky when a Russian car gets stuck in the mud and they can’t do anything, “national Public Radio reports»

OneRepublic released the song Better days

American rock band OneRepublic released the track Better days, recorded by musicians in quarantine. The song is included in the album Human, which is scheduled for release in may.

The trailer for the Comedy “Flawless” with Hugh Jackman has been released

HBO has released a trailer for the Comedy film “Flawless” directed by Corey Finley. The main role in the film was played by Australian Hugh Jackman. The tape tells about the head of the school, who together with colleagues decided to appropriate the money allocated for education.

A new Windows bug has made it harder to work from home.

Some important services, such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Internet Explorer 11, have started experiencing connection problems. The error concerns the current Windows 10 operating system. It seems that the error affects users who updated the system after February 27. Microsoft claims that the problem concerns computers that use a proxy or VPN. Microsoft experts say that you can solve the problem by simply restarting your PC. The standard solution for Windows.

In the social network “Odnoklassniki” has launched services government services

Odnoklassniki social network together with the portal of public services has launched an application that allows you to use public services within the social network. At the moment, six services are available for users, in particular, car registration and registration of a foreign passport, and you can also apply for maternity capital. This is reported by the press service of the social network.

The price for the Honor 30S smartphone will start at $380

A few hours before the announcement of the Honor 30S smartphone, a photo appeared in the network, which was made in the official Honor Store, where you can see a sign indicating the price of the new product. So, the starting price for the Honor 30S will start at $380.

Presented luxury smartphone 8848 M6 with two screens

The new product is equipped with a 6.01-inch AMOLED display (2160:1080 pixels), an additional 1.19-inch AMOLED display, a single-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 system, a face scanner, a main triple camera for 64, 13 (televik) and 2 MP, a fingerprint reader on the front panel, a 4380 mAh battery with 27 W fast charging support, an NFC contactless payment module, 8/12 GB of RAM, built-in 256 or 512 or 1024 GB of memory, and also the operating system for Android 10.

Spirit and MVP “Svemel” confirmed compatibility of their SOFTWARE

Spirit and svemel announced the successful completion of testing of the software server and clients for videoconferencing and unified communications VideoMost produced by Spirit and the software complex “Zircon 36ST” developed by svemel.

Microsoft will start mining cryptocurrencies with the help of physical activity of users

Microsoft has announced that it is ready to create a system that can mine cryptocurrencies, using as a source of energy data about training or other active activities that a person performs during the day. Microsoft claims that the system can be used to encourage users in various areas. Scanners can detect activity in certain types of tasks, such as mental concentration when reading ads, which can reward the user with cryptocurrencies.

Russia will launch a service for renting out powerful computers

The Russian company Playkey intends to develop the service. It is already testing a decentralized platform for remote computer rentals. For today, as writes VC.ru, there are 11 users connected to the network. It is reported that the owner of a computer whose characteristics meet the minimum requirements will be able to receive $50 per month.

Scientists present a new drug against HIV type 1

A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has demonstrated the effectiveness of the drug fostemsavir in the fight against drug-resistant HIV type 1.

Scientists told how nightmares are arranged

Fear is not the main reason that a person has nightmares. Most often they are based on feelings of guilt, pain of loss, or disgust. The researchers noted that emotions are stronger and longer-lived than fear. Researchers have found that nightmares can even bring relief.

Bad dreams indicate anxiety and stress. The brain plays out a person’s fears with a complete story. Scientists believe that this is very good for the psyche. When people Wake up, they often remember their bad dream. Due to the fact that there is a higher-quality processing of the psyche, a person is easier to cope with experiences.

At the moment when nightmares occur, the brain is in a state of wakefulness. The REM sleep phase usually occurs every hour and a half. Only in it, when the motor abilities of the body are reduced, usually a person sees nightmares. This creates a feeling of helplessness. The benefit for the body is that the circulatory system begins to actively transport the necessary substances. As a result, the immune system is strengthened, blood pressure is normalized, and the effects of stress are reduced.

Scientists have noted that nightmares occur because a person eats before going to bed. There are also chemical reasons, such as taking various medications. The researchers noted that a person can change the plot of a dream at any time, since the brain is awake