1 Apr, 2020

News digest for 03/31/2020

The law on emergency powers of the Russian government has been adopted

The state Duma at a meeting on Tuesday, March 31, adopted in three readings a comprehensive bill on granting the Cabinet of Ministers additional powers in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, reports TASS

“It is proposed to give the government of the Russian Federation (…) the right to introduce high-alert or emergency conditions throughout the territory of the Russian Federation, ” the explanatory note to the document says.

In addition, the Cabinet will have the right to establish mandatory rules of conduct for citizens during such situations. Earlier it was reported that we are also talking about rules for organizations.

Sechin’s anti-shale plan will boost oil prices

Igor Sechin of Rosneft said that as soon as shale producers leave the market, prices will recover and reach $60 per barrel. And if it seemed to many until recently that this was impossible, now American shale producers may well do so

The Venezuelan assets of Rosneft brought in a state company “ROSZARUBEJSENTR»

The Venezuelan assets of Rosneft started on the newly created state company “ROSZARUBEJCENTER”. Rosneft shares could be valued at 317 rubles apiece during the transaction. This was reported by Interfax, referring to the data of the unified state register.

Interfax analysts give interesting details: “Roszarubezhneft has a huge authorized capital for the new company – 322 billion 752.01 million rubles. If we assume that it was paid for by Rosneft shares, and this is the package that the state paid for the Venezuelan assets of the NC (9.6%), then the estimate was based on the cost of 1 share of approximately 317 rubles (the closing price on the Moscow Exchange on Friday was 302.8 rubles, weighted average for six months before the announcement of the transaction – 379.6 rubles).”

Russia sent a plane with medical equipment to the United States

Us President Donald trump on Monday said that Russia had sent a plane with medical equipment to the US in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic (a disease caused by a new coronavirus).

“Russia sent us a very, very large plane filled with medical supplies, it was very nice,” Trump said.”

Moscow doesn’t have enough protective suits for doctors

Moscow does not have enough disposable protective suits for doctors, mayor Sobyanin said at a meeting of the state Council’s working group on countering the spread of coronavirus, which was held in a video conference format.

According to the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation, 140 suits are currently produced per day. At the same time, according to Sobyanin, 150 thousand pieces are needed. It was decided to analyze all the production that can be re-qualified until the evening, the source says Znak.com, present at the meeting.

US to send $100 million in medical aid to Italy

President of the United States Donald trump in connection with the spread of the coronavirus promised to send medical assistance to Italy for $100 million, he said on March 30 at a press conference in Washington. According to the American leader, the decision was made after a conversation with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Industrial production resumes in China

In China, as of Saturday, about 98.6% of large industrial enterprises across the country have resumed work, the Ministry of industry and Informatization reported. At the same time, about 89.9% of employees returned to their jobs. In Hubei province, the most seriously affected by the coronavirus outbreak, industrial production resumed by 95%, according to the Xinhua news Agency.

Pichugin’s third request for clemency

Former head of the Yukos security service Alexey Pichugin, who was previously found guilty of organizing three murders and four attempted murders and sentenced to life in prison, has filed a petition for clemency addressed to President Vladimir Putin. As his lawyer Ksenia Kostromina clarified to TASS, this is Pichugin’s third request for clemency.

Russian stores will stop accepting cash

Major Russian retail chains will stop accepting cash from customers as part of the fight against the spread of coronavirus, according to a report from the online store Wildberries (available at the disposal of ” Lenta.ru»).

According to the new rules, trading halls will be closed, and work will be performed only in the mode of the order pick-up point. Companies will be prohibited from accepting cash or Bank cards at points where orders are issued. Only pre-paid purchases on the site or in the app will be issued

Altai carriers appealed to the authorities for help

Altai road carriers appealed to the regional Ministry of transport, tax and business Administration with a request to support the industry. Their incomes have fallen due to quarantine measures, Vesti-Altay reports. The letter says that passenger traffic and revenue only in Barnaul decreased by a third.

European gasoline will arrive in Russia

Now gasoline in Europe is much cheaper than in Russia, because of the fall in oil prices. At the same time, Russian oil companies cannot reduce the price within the country, as they pay deductions for the damper to the budget. Experts believe that the damper was not designed for such low prices and needs to be adjusted, although this will lead to a decrease in budget revenues. But the Finance Ministry told Kommersant that this option is not currently being considered.

According to Reuters estimates, gasoline from Russia is more expensive than the imported alternative by at least 6-8 thousand rubles per ton. At the same time, gasoline on the Spbmtsb exchange continues to fall in price: the cost of AI-92 and AI-95 decreased on March 30 by 3% and 4%, to 41.5 thousand rubles and 43 thousand rubles per ton, respectively. At the same time, according to Reuters calculations, taking into account the import duty of 5%, the current exchange rate of the ruble, excise duty and VAT, imported gasoline in the European part of the Russian Federation will cost 37 thousand rubles per ton.

Traffic of foreign Internet resources may be restricted

Anton Gorelkin, a member of the United Russia faction, suggested obliging Telecom operators to give priority to traffic of domestic Internet services during the quarantine, as well as foreign ones paying taxes in Russia. The initiative may affect Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, and others

Net profit of Tatneft under IFRS in 2019

Tatneft’s net profit under IFRS in 2019 decreased by 9.2% compared to the previous year and amounted to 192.26 billion rubles, according to the company’s report.

Norway is preparing to increase the excess oil on the market

Norway, despite the low prices of the barrel and the surplus of oil supply, plans to further increase its surplus on the world market. This is reported by Bloomberg

Production at the first stage of the Johan Sverdrup field will reach a maximum of 470,000 barrels per day in may, several months ahead of schedule. Now it produces 440 thousand barrels per day. Total production will increase by 30 thousand barrels per day. The capacity of the second stage of the field is 220 thousand barrels per day, but its launch is expected only at the end of 2022.

In Russia, we found a source of budget replenishment

Deputies allowed the Russian government to sell more precious stones and metals stored in the state Fund. This source will help partially compensate for the resulting budget deficit. The second step will be to increase spending on funds from the sale of Sberbank shares and non-oil and gas revenues in excess of the amount recorded in the Treasury. The initiative is recommended for adoption in the second reading.

Italian authorities have allocated 400 million euros to buy food for those in need

The head of the national civil defense service of Italy, Angelo Borrelli, on Monday, March 30, signed a decree on the allocation of 400 million euros to local authorities, which they will be able to transfer to citizens most affected by “coronavirus” restrictions, or directly buy food and distribute it to such citizens

In the system “Unistream” was replaced by the President

This position was taken by Ksenia Chernysheva, who previously oversaw the online business, reports Kommersant. The press service of the company told the newspaper about the personnel changes.

The world Bank lowered its forecast for China’s GDP growth

The world Bank (WB) on Monday, amid the economic consequences of the outbreak of a new coronavirus, lowered its forecast for China’s GDP growth to 2.3% under the “baseline scenario” and to 0.1% under the “worst-case” scenario. This is reported in the WB report published on Monday.

Negative oil prices were recorded in the US

The first company to put a negative price on oil to unload storage was Wyoming Asphalt Sour, which sells raw materials to bitumen producers, reports Bloomberg

Small businesses will be given loans for employees ‘ salaries

According to the Prime Minister, support measures are being prepared for organizations that work in the field of culture, leisure, entertainment, physical education and sports, as well as in tourism, hotel business, and public catering.

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation sold the currency for 13.3 billion rubles

The Central Bank of the Russian Federation sold 13.3 billion rubles worth of currency on the domestic market as part of pre-emptive measures to reduce volatility. This is reported on the website of the Central Bank

Shell pulled out of construction of a liquefied gas plant in the United States

Anglo-Dutch Shell has decided to withdraw from the joint construction of a liquefied gas plant with Energy Transfer at the Lake Charles LNG terminal in the United States. The main reason is unfavorable current market conditions, the company said in a statement.

Angola cuts budget and predicts the decline of the economy

Angola’s economy will contract by 1.21% in 2020, marking the fifth year of recession, Finance Minister Vera Daves de Sousa said on March 29, according to Reuters. According to her, Angola freezes budget expenditures on “goods and services” by 30%

Refineries are closing in North America

In the canadian province of Newfoundland, the only oil refinery with a capacity of 130 thousand barrels per day has closed. The reason was a sharp decline in demand for raw materials, due to the complex epidemic situation in the world. According to Bloomberg, the plant can be idle for two to six months.

Gazpromneft-Khantos increased its reserves

Gazpromneft-Khantos received the right to develop deep layers of the southern part of the Priobskoye field in the KHMAO. Thus, the company increased its oil reserves by 10.4 million tons, of which 2.5 million tons are recoverable.

The US deployed the Patriot SAM at a military base in Iraq

The United States has begun deploying Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems in Iraq, the Lebanese TV channel al-Mayadin reported. According to available information, the us military “began deploying Patriot SAMS in the Iraqi province of Anbar”, located in the West of the country.

A van Gogh painting was stolen from a Museum in the Netherlands

A painting by Vincent van Gogh was stolen from the Dutch Museum Singer Laren (city of Laren), RIA Novosti reports. We are talking about the painting “the Garden at the Vicarage in Nuenen in the spring”, written in 1884. The theft occurred around 03: 15 am local time.

A Chinese copy of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 appeared in the video

Chinese full-size SUV Hengtian L4600, which became an “unlicensed copy” of the Toyota Land Cruiser 200, was captured on video for the first time. As reported by “Autonovosti of the day”, the authors of the video showed in detail the body, interior and trunk of the new product.

Presented smartphones Honor 30S and Honor 9A

The new product is equipped with a 5000 mAh battery, a 6.3-inch screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio, an eight-core MediaTek Helio P35 chipset, a fingerprint scanner on the back panel, the ability to charge other devices, and a speaker system with a volume of 88 dB.

The newest frigates “Admiral Gorshkov” will be placed in the Black sea

The newest project 22350 frigates of the Admiral Gorshkov type are deployed in the black sea fleet, and a fundamental decision on this issue has already been made. Sources in the defense Ministry told Izvestia about this. To accommodate the ships, the fleet bases will be provided with coastal infrastructure.

The European Union allocates 80 million euros to Ukraine

The European Union has decided to allocate eighty million euros to Ukraine to counter the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported on Monday, March 30, posted on the website of the European Union representative office in Ukraine.

New jet systems have appeared in Kaliningrad

A jet division of the Smerch system was deployed in the Kaliningrad region as part of the camp training of artillery units of various military units. The local newspaper Strazh Baltiki writes about military exercises in the westernmost region of Russia.

The main temple of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is being built around the clock

The Main temple of the Russian Armed Forces is around the clock, according to the defense Ministry. They noted that The main temple and Museum “Road of memory” will open its doors to visitors on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Stratolaunch will develop two hypersonic gliders and a space plane

The Stratolaunch company presented updated designs of three aircraft that it plans to launch from under the wing of the Stratolaunch Model 351-the aircraft with the largest wing in the world (117.3 meters). Only one of them is still in active development, which is a hypersonic glider for flights at speeds of Mach five to seven, and it should begin flights in 2022.

Japan will create a new generation fighter

Japan plans to create a new generation of fighter aircraft. The country of the rising sun will not cooperate with companies that specialize in building such combat vehicles.

China has introduced a new Internet Protocol

The Protocol is called New IP and is intended to replace the outdated TCP / IP. It was presented by Huawei and telecommunications operators from China, the financial Times reports, citing the presentation materials.

According to the Chinese company, New IP provides more efficient network addressing and management than the existing TCP/IP standard. In this case, the Protocol involves the use of cookies, which will allow authoritarian regimes to establish control over Internet users. In particular, the Protocol has a “disconnect command” that allows you to remove data from the Central network that comes to or from a specific address.

The Chinese are preparing a premium sedan with a design in the style of the 21st ” Volga»

Chinese carmaker FAW is working on a new premium sedan Hongqi L4. The new product, designed to compete with the German Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series, will receive an authentic retro design with elements of the 21st “Volga”.

Microsoft will rename the Office 365 service to Microsoft 365

Microsoft will rename the Office 365 service (which provides a subscription set of classic Microsoft Office tools for working with documents) to Microsoft 365 and introduce a number of new features and programs, the company said in a statement.

Samsung closes production of LCD displays

Back in October, the company announced that it had suspended one production line of LCD displays due to falling demand. At the moment, Samsung has two production lines in factories in South Korea, and two specialized factories in China.

Telegram now has folders for chats and channels

New useful features have appeared in the popular telegram messenger. According to ToDay News Ufa, during the last update, the option to distribute chats, channels and bots by folders was added there. This feature is available for version 6.0

Binance will launch a new crypto exchange based on Binance Cloud in South Korea

The Binance KR crypto exchange is powered by Binance Cloud, “an infrastructure solution for clients and partners to launch digital asset exchanges using Binance’s advanced technology, security, and liquidity,” which was launched on February 17.

A new group of immune cells was found in the lungs of mice

The new cells are part of a group of macrophages, and they were also found to alleviate inflammation in the lungs during coronavirus, which is an important part of the innate immune response to potentially harmful foreign material


The price of Russian Urals oil in North-Western Europe has fallen to the lowest level since March 1999 – $ 13 per barrel.

In Peru, under the ancient pyramids discovered burial of the whales and sharks

Archaeologists have described unique burial sites of the Moche culture found on the historical site of Pampa La Cruz in Peru under a ritual platform, next to the high pyramids of the Sun and moon

In Antarctica, the glacier began to rapidly melt

The Denman ice sheet in East Antarctica has already lost more than 250 billion tons of ice and is ready to collapse. At the end of last year, research for the first time showed that this glacier covers a land canyon that is considered the deepest in the world.

The state Duma will adopt a bill on deferred payment of taxes, fees and insurance premiums.

  • Week of paid vacation under the condition of self-isolation
  • Automatic extension of benefits
  • Support for mothers and payment of an additional five thousand rubles for each child
  • Advance payment to veterans for the 75th anniversary of Victory
  • Payment of sick leave at the rate not less than the minimum wage
  • Halving of insurance premiums for small and medium-sized businesses from 30% to 15%
  • Guarantees for loans to pay wages that small businesses will take from systemically important banks and a specialized SME Bank
  • Deferred payments on loans for companies operating in the affected sectors of the economy, a third of them will be paid by the state
  • Six-month deferred tax, other than VAT
  • A moratorium on the accrual of penalties and bankruptcy proceedings

Special passes-codes for leaving home and visiting work

In Tatarstan, where the home self-isolation regime has also been introduced, residents need to get special passes-codes for leaving home and visiting work. To do this, you need to register in a special service. Passes are different – for actually leaving the house and visiting the workplace. Every time when leaving the house, Tatarstan citizens need to send messages with the text “Exit” and receive a pass code via SMS. Passes are valid for only 60 minutes, and their radius is 1 kilometer. Failure to comply with these rules will result in a fine. One resident of the Republic can get no more than two permits per day to leave the place of self-isolation.

The state Duma adopted a law on the right of regions to independently impose a tax on the self-employed

The law, according to which the regions will have the right to introduce a tax regime for the self-employed, was adopted by the State Duma(the majority of those who voted from the United Russia party). The corresponding draft law was previously initiated by Nikolai Zhuravlev, a member of the Federation Council, and Andrey Makarov, Chairman of the state Duma Committee on budget and taxes.

In the Omsk region, 16 people will receive a fine for violating self-isolation

Sixteen protocols for violating the conditions of self-isolation were drawn up for residents of Omsk and the region, the press service of the Department of Rospotrebnadzor of the Omsk region reported on Tuesday. As explained in Rospotrebnadzor RIA Novosti, about violators of the self-isolation regime, neighbors, relatives, and employers report to the Rospotrebnadzor hotline.

“There was an appeal from a dentist of a private clinic, to which a young patient with a tan came. In a conversation with the patient, it turned out that she returned from the Emirates and violated the quarantine. A Protocol was drawn up for her, and everything was processed in the clinic, ” the source said.

US sets conditions for lifting sanctions on Venezuela

The US proposes to create a provisional government in Venezuela from members of the National Assembly, which is recognized by both Maduro and Guaido, us Secretary of state Pompeo said. Washington also offers to hold elections in Venezuela in 6-12 months, if they are honest, they promise to lift all sanctions