2 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/01/2020

According to the information resource Rosbalt, the government of the Belgorod region appealed to the heads of enterprises and residents of the region with a request for donations for the purchase of medical equipment. As stated in the appeal on the website of the Belgorod authorities, financial support is needed to re-equip medical organizations “in order to ensure full-scale readiness of the region to provide effective and timely assistance” to patients who may need treatment for the consequences of coronavirus infection. In particular, donations will be used to purchase artificial ventilation devices and other medical equipment.

Five caviar dishes priced at 25 thousand rubles each

The Department of Affairs of the Governor of the Astrakhan region purchased five caviar dishes at a price of 25 thousand rubles each. Information about the contract is available on the public procurement website. 125 thousand rubles were allocated from the regional budget for the purchase of expensive products. Caviar dishes should be added to the gift Fund of the Governor of the Astrakhan region. The supplier was “Workshops of folk crafts of the Urals”.

The housing and utilities Department of Almetyevsk asks citizens to help with gloves and whiteness

According to “BUSINESS Online”, the head of the Almetyevsk Department of housing and communal services appealed to residents of apartment buildings with a request to help management companies (CC) with gloves and cleaning products. Because of the spread of the coronavirus, entrances have started to be processed, but there is not enough disinfection means.

The airline “Victory” have ceased to pay for the leasing of aircraft.

This decision was made after the airline announced the suspension of all flights, including domestic ones. It is noted that we are talking about 30 Boeing 737-800 aircraft that will stop flying after April 1. In total, the company has several lessors: Sberbank leasing, China’s BOC Aviation, Japan’s SMBC Aviation Capital and Ireland’s Avolon, as well as Ireland’s Elladoll ltd. and Jeritt ltd. Pobeda must pay $350-400 thousand per month for the lease of each aircraft.

Aeroflot noted that in the current situation, lessors can pick up aircraft for non-payment of rent, but there is no sense in this, since it is unknown what to do with them further in the conditions of cancellation of a significant number of flights. Under these conditions, it is assumed that lessors will defer payments.

Open Russia against social monitoring

The head of “Open Russia “Anastasia Burakova sent a complaint to Roskomnadzor, in which she asks to recognize as illegal the application” Social monitoring”, created to track residents of Moscow during quarantine due to the spread of coronavirus.

For humanitarian aid, customs requires $300 thousand.

Businessman Igor Altushkin purchased in China for the Sverdlovsk region 10 million medical masks, thousands of protective kits for doctors, but … Customs requires to pay taxes and fees — 30% of the cost of the cargo, which is equal to the cost of delivery..!

Earlier, the regional Governor said that masks, protective suits and gloves will be enough for doctors for 2-3 days. And now they may even be left without protection against the coronavirus!

Vladimir Putin filed a Declaration of income for 2019

President Vladimir Putin filed a Declaration of income for 2019 within the time frame established by law, that is, before April 1. This was stated by the press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov. The document itself has not yet been published.

According to the Declaration, in 2018, Putin earned 8.648 million rubles. the President owned two apartments (77 and 153.7 square meters), a garage and garage space (18 square meters each), as well as two cars-GAZ-M21, “Niva” – and a trailer ” SKIF»

Activity of Russian enterprises as of March 30

Due to restrictions and problems related to coronavirus, 37% of retail outlets in Russia have been suspended, the IT company “Evotor” estimates. The company’s analysts analyzed the activity of enterprises as of March 30 compared to February 2020.

85% of clothing stores, 78% of flower shops, 75% of electronics stores, 71% of fitness centers, 65% of hotels were suspended.

About 65% of canteens and 42% of cafes and restaurants temporarily closed, some continued to work in delivery mode.

About 25% of super – and minimarkets, bakeries, and pet stores have temporarily closed due to a decrease in the flow of customers, employee illness, or difficulties with deliveries.

With the introduction of the quarantine, only the number of operating alcohol stores has not changed.

In Moscow, 73% of retail outlets were temporarily closed, and in Saint Petersburg-58%. In the Central district, 46% of retail outlets were closed for quarantine, in the North-West – 43%, in the Ural – 39%, in the Volga – 36%, in the South – 34%, in the Siberian and far East – 27%.

Aggregators Gett and Citymobil are negotiating a strategic partnership.

A source close to one of the companies tells TASS that it is not about merging businesses, but only that Citymobil will help Gett in transporting passengers. Thus, the companies are discussing the option when orders of only the Gett economy fare will get into the Citymobil system, and then be distributed to drivers connected to Citymobil. The press service of Citymobil declined to comment on this topic, TASS also does not yet have a comment from Gett.

Expired deals on the reduction of oil production OPEC+

On April 1, the OPEC+ oil production reduction deal, which OPEC countries, Russia and several other oil-producing States concluded at the end of 2016, expired. For more than three years, it has kept prices at or above $50 per barrel.

At the last meeting of OPEC+ participants, held on March 6 in Vienna, the partners failed to agree on an extension of the agreement, because Russia offered to keep production at the same level, and Saudi Arabia, the largest OPEC member, insisted on additional cuts due to falling demand caused by the spread of coronavirus in China and other countries.

Governor Alexander Drozdenko called employees of enterprises in the region slaves

“You heard me. Slaves and employers, all construction towns, all dormitories, all hostels, ” Drozdenko said at one of the meetings, calling for the introduction of quarantine at the enterprises of the Leningrad region in the places where guest workers live.

The Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko really called the employees of the enterprises of the region slaves, the representative of the Governor confirmed to “Open media”. However, this was only a reservation, he insists: Drozdenko pronounced the word “slaves” instead of”workers”.

“It was a slip of the tongue, not even in meaning. It’s just that the thought goes faster than the speech, especially in such a stressful situation. Well, a person stumbled, and there is nothing to comment on, ” said a representative of the Leningrad region administration.

The US will reduce the requirements for the environmental class of cars.

The trump administration will make car emissions and fuel consumption standards less stringent. Automakers are required to increase the fuel efficiency of new cars every year by 1.5 % (the average for the model range), starting in 2021

In Russia, a new criminal case was opened for violating the quarantine.

The isolation regime was violated by a 35-year-old resident of the capital. She should have been at home, since she was traveling on the same train with the infected COVID-19. However, the woman flew to Saint Petersburg, where she took a train to Murmansk, according to REN TV. The criminal case was initiated under article 236 of the criminal code “Violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules”.

Novosibirsk developers are asking to be allowed to work

On March 30 and 31, the heads of Novosibirsk construction companies received a letter signed by Alexey Kondratiev, head of the Department of construction and architecture of the Novosibirsk city hall . In the letter, Kondratev asks to temporarily suspend “all possible construction and installation work on the entrusted objects” until April 5.

Now the developers are discussing an initiative to coordinate with the authorities the organization of work on construction sites, maybe in a less crowded mode — – said RBC Novosibirsk General Director of the Meta Group of companies Vladimir Martynenkov. — I believe that this should also be in the interests of the authorities, because non-working builders are a potential social tension.

In Russia, the order of technical inspection of cars has been changed

In Russia, from March 1 next year, cars under four years old will be exempt from the need to pass technical inspection – the corresponding law was adopted by the state Duma. In addition, cars between the ages of 4 and 10 will have to pass a technical inspection every two years, and older cars will have to pass an annual inspection. Also, according to the new rules, the car diagnostics process will be recorded in the photo.

Volgograd MP asks Putin to rescue him from Fiji

As it became known v1.ru Ilya Koshkarev, Chairman of the budget and tax policy Committee of the Volgograd regional Duma, along with his wife Tatyana, cannot return to their homeland for more than ten days together with a group of Russian tourists who became hostages of the border closure on the island of Fiji.

Russian court considers WhatsApp case for the first Time

The court in the Sverdlovsk region held a video session for the first time in the history of Russian justice. The case of violation of the decree on suspension of activities of the Nevyansky city court of the Sverdlovsk region was considered using the WhatsApp messenger

Transneft named the expected volume of oil supplies to Belarus in April

Russian oil companies have submitted applications for the delivery of 1.008 million tons of oil to Belarus in April 2020. This was announced by the official representative of Transneft I. Demin

Saudi Arabia gives record discounts on LNG

The state-owned company Saudi Aramco went on an unprecedented decline in LNG prices with delivery in April. The contract price for propane next month will be reduced by almost half (46.5%) from $430 per ton to $230.

Gazprom is studying the decision of the Stockholm arbitration in the dispute with Poland

Russian energy company Gazprom has received a decision from the Stockholm arbitration court to review gas prices under a contract with the Polish oil and gas company PGNiG, RIA Novosti reports. Currently, Gazprom is studying the court’s decision, and it is premature to assess possible payments to the Polish side, the company said.

Earlier, PGNiG reported that the Stockholm arbitration court changed the formula for the formation of the price for the purchase of Russian gas from January 1, 2014, which indicates that there is a difference of $1.5 billion, which should be returned by Gazprom.

The Yamal contract, under which Russia supplies 10 billion cubic meters of gas to Poland, is valid until 2022. The Polish side considers the gas price under this contract to be too high

Lukashenko and Pashinyan consider the price of Russian gas too high

Alexander Lukashenko and Nikol Pashinyan stated the inflated level of natural gas prices, noting that they obviously do not correspond to the world level and the current situation in General, the website of the President of Belarus reports.

Production of the budget analog of the Nissan X-Trail has begun

Nissan and Dongfeng have started mass production of the new Venucia Star crossover for the Chinese market. The new product, positioned as a budget analog of the Nissan X-Trail, will go on sale at the end of April 2020.

China announced the end of the coronavirus epidemic in the country

Chinese authorities have announced that the coronavirus epidemic in the country is over. This was announced by the official representative of the state health Committee Mi Feng.

As of March 28, the number of confirmed cases of infection is less than three thousand, the spread of the epidemic in China is generally stopped, – said Feng.

China suspected of hiding the real number of deaths from coronavirus

Chinese authorities suspected of hiding the real number of deaths from COVID-19 pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus. This was reported by Bloomberg.

Earlier, it was reported about the complaint of American intelligence officers who collect information about the pandemic: according to them, Chinese, Russian and North Korean data are under strict state control.

Turkey has sent aid to Italy and Spain to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

On April 1, a military transport plane A-400M of the Turkish armed forces with medical supplies took off from Ankara airport at 09:04 local time. This was reported in the press service of the Turkish defense Ministry.

On behalf of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, medical supplies prepared for Spain and Italy, which were seriously affected by COVID-19 and are currently fighting the virus, were sent from Ankara airport, the Ministry said.

China has started exporting a clone of the American Javelin ATGM

China has started exporting a “clone” of the American anti-tank missile system “Javelin”, which was named HJ-12″Red Arrow”. Information is provided by the portal “defenseworld.net”, referring to the statement of the Chinese Corporation “Norinco” on the implementation of the first export contract for this weapon

Fernando Alonso provided medical assistance to Spain

Former Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso has helped Spain fight the coronavirus. The 38-year-old rider purchased and handed over 4,000 protective suits and 300,000 masks to medics.

Belarus asks Russia for help

President Alexander Lukashenko, who recently declared that “Russia is burning with coronavirus”, claims that everything is under control and quarantine is not necessary. The country is hosting sports events, preparing for a major international festival, and most importantly, for the presidential elections scheduled for August. In parallel, as Kommersant found out, the Belarusian authorities are asking Moscow to help the ally with medical masks, test systems and artificial lung ventilation (ventilator) devices.

Venezuela rejected US proposals to create an interim government

The Venezuelan foreign Ministry criticized and rejected the proposal of US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo to create a provisional government in the country and hold elections for the subsequent lifting of sanctions, according to a statement by the head of the Department, Jorge Arreaza.

The Bolivarian government insists that it does not accept and will never accept any guardianship, from any foreign government, ” the head of the Venezuelan foreign Ministry wrote on Twitter

The US defense Department has ordered 78 f-35 fighters

The us Department of defense has signed an agreement with Lockheed Martin to supply 78 fifth-generation f-35 Lightning II multirole fighters with a total cost of $ 4.7 billion. This is stated in the press service of the Department.

Peskov explained that the government has the right to introduce an emergency regime

Since the main staff works in the government, it is quite natural that the government should have expanded powers in the situation that we are all going through, ” the Kremlin representative said.

When asked why the head of state cannot make a decision on the introduction of an emergency regime, Peskov replied that the President has a whole set of powers.

It can do this de jure and de facto. But the direct management of the situation to combat the spread of coronavirus is carried out at the government level, and the government is headed by Mishustin, Peskov said.

Azerbaijan and the European Union did not recognize the elections in Nagorno Karabakh

According to the “Caucasian knot”, on March 31, voting took place in the presidential and parliamentary elections in Nagorno-Karabakh. The final voter turnout was 72.6%, the Central election Commission said. The opposition reported that they recorded many violations during the voting.

Unknown people cut the Rostelecom cable in Aldan

Unknown people cut the main cable of Rostelecom in eight kilometers from Aldan, which caused a violation of the Internet on Wednesday, April 1, the TV channel “Yakutia 24” with reference to the company’s press service

The Basel Museum has started publishing recipes for artists ‘ favorite dishes

The art Museum in Basel (Kunsthalle Basel) decided to share recipes of favorite dishes of famous artists. In this way, the gallery representatives want to support people who are in isolation. Claude Monet, Cindy Sherman and Paul Cezanne were the first artists whose favorite food was told by the Museum staff. You can find out how to cook their favorite dishes in the Instagram gallery.

The Weeknd released three new songs

Canadian singer Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd, has released three new songs at once. The Weeknd presented songs called “Nothing Compares”, “Missed You”and” Final Lullaby”. The tracks are included in the new album “After Hours”.

The last book by Eduard Limonov appeared in electronic form

The last book of Eduard Limonov “the Old man travels” appeared in a digital version on the vastness of the digital library Bookmate. The printed version of the publication will be available later. This was told by the editor-in-chief of the publishing house “Individual” Felix Sandalov.

Planet Computers has introduced a new 5g smartphone Astro Slide

Planet Computers has demonstrated a smartphone transformer that supports operation in fifth-generation networks. In addition, the advantage of this model is the QWERTY keyboard, which was abandoned by many manufacturers.

Apple buys Dark Sky weather forecast app

Apple has acquired the Dark Sky weather forecast app, which is highly regarded for its radar maps and the accuracy of its hyperlocal, minute-by-minute weather forecasts. As expected, it will be available in the iOS App Store, but the Android and Wear OS versions will be closed on July 1.

Data from 42 million Telegram accounts leaked to the Network

Cybersecurity specialist Bob Dyachenko discovered the data of 42 million Iranian users of the messenger in open access. According to comparitech, the data was published by a group called “hunting System”. Anyone could download the database containing the IDS, phone numbers, names and secret keys of Telegram users. In addition, it has already spread to hacker forums.

Colonization of Mars: the problem with oxygen and organic matter is solved

Eight years ago, scientists from the University of California and the National laboratory. Lawrence at Berkeley developed a prototype of a biotechnical system that uses electrons to convert carbon dioxide and water into oxygen and acetate molecules. Acetate or acetic acid is the building block for more complex organic compounds. To implement this surprisingly photosynthetic process, scientists equipped specific bacteria with an “exoskeleton” of silicon nanowires that supplied the necessary electrons to the bacteria.

In the successful experiment of nanowires made of silicon was used just as conductors for the electrons produced by solar panels. In reality, nanowires will absorb the energy of the sun, emit electrons and deliver them to the table of bacteria that feed on carbon dioxide. The acetate molecules produced by the bacteria’s” meal ” will become the building blocks for a range of organic molecules, from fuels and plastics to drugs. This solves the problem of expensive supplies from Earth

Artificial intelligence has converted brain signals into text

Joseph makin and his colleagues at the University of California, San Francisco, developed a technology for converting thoughts into text with the help of four volunteers, whose brains were implanted with electrodes that monitor epileptic seizures. They had to read sentences aloud several times while neuroscientists monitored their brain activity.

The data was then loaded into a machine learning algorithm that converted it into a string of numbers. To make sure that this data only applies to speech, the system compared sounds generated from brain activity with recordings of real sounds. After that, the second part of the AI converted them into a sequence of words, says the Guardian

An ozone hole of record size has appeared over the Arctic

The cause was not volatile chlorine-containing freons, but global climate change and the weakening of the cold polar vortex. This is reported in the journal Nature. Temperatures in the Arctic are not so low and stable, and even in winter, there is usually enough ozone stored here. However, this year the region has accumulated huge masses of icy air, locked in high-altitude eddies of the polar cell.

Scientists use soy to grow beef tissue

Meat was grown from cell culture in a simple and cheap way. To do this, soy texturate was used as a frame for the fabric, and ordinary muscle fibers were diluted with smooth muscle. According to the volunteers who tasted the meat, it really is almost indistinguishable in taste, smell and texture from natural. The article is published in the journal Nature Food.

Scientists have found bacteria that can process plastic

Scientists have discovered a bacterium of the genus Pseudomonas that can use the oligomer of polyurethane and its monomer toluoldiamine as the sole source of carbon, nitrogen and energy. The authors proposed a metabolic pathway for splitting these substances and found genes for enzymes that can catalyze the described reactions. The article is published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

Scientists have been able to rejuvenate human cells for the first time

Stanford scientists may have found a way to return old cells to a younger state. According to today News Ufa, cells are processed with a mixture of early embryonic development proteins, which eliminates many of the molecular signs of aging. The authors found that after just four days of treatment, the older cells more closely resembled the younger ones in their gene expression. The treated elderly cells were on average 1.5-3.5 years younger than the untreated ones. Blood vessel cells are also 7.5 years younger.