3 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/02/2020

Medical equipment delivered the day before to the new York airport from Russia was purchased (the US state Department claims that the equipment was purchased) by the United States and transferred to the Federal emergency management Agency, us state Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said.

“Following a telephone conversation between President trump and President Putin on March 30, the United States agreed to purchase necessary medical equipment from Russia, including breathing apparatus and personal protective equipment, which were transferred on April 1 in new York to the Federal emergency management Agency,” the us state Department said in a statement.

The foreign Ministry confirmed that the US bought medical equipment from Russia to fight the coronavirus.

“Half of the cost of the cargo of medical equipment delivered to the United States was paid by the RDIF, the other half – by the American side,” the Russian foreign Ministry said.

Earlier, the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov told TASS that it is about assistance of a ” humanitarian nature»

In the regions, funds were raised for the purchase of ventilators and masks for hospitals.

The heads of the Belgorod and Lipetsk regions addressed the residents with this appeal. The press Secretary of the Belgorod Governor Dmitry Tkachev told the newspaper “Rise” that the funds are already coming to the account of a special Fund.

There is indeed such an appeal. The first reviews are already available. Funds came from both large enterprises and ordinary citizens. I can’t name the amount yet. We appealed to all residents who have the opportunity to help with the purchase of funds that will help to prevent and treat coronavirus infection, because there are certain difficulties not only in our region, but in the whole country, in particular with ventilators and masks. The funds raised will only be used for these purposes, nothing else.

In the Lipetsk region, the authorities also asked citizens for money to fight the coronavirus. The administration called on companies and concerned citizens to transfer funds to the non-profit Foundation.

Message from the President and the decree on the weekends. The main thing:

  • The non-working days are extended until April 30, but they may be reduced.
  • The salary for this period will remain, and the responsibility is assigned to the employer.
  • Heads of regions have the right to establish a special procedure for the movement of people and vehicles, with the exception of interregional transport.
  • Officials and the media should determine the number of employees who ensure their functioning.
  • The severity of restrictions in the regions will depend on the epidemiological situation. Heads of subjects will be given additional powers.
  • Authorities, medical institutions, pharmacies and convenience stores will continue to operate.
  • The peak of the epidemic has not yet passed. Despite the measures taken, the situation in Moscow has not yet been reversed.

Russia will send specialists to Serbia to fight coronavirus

At the initiative of Serbia, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with his Serbian counterpart Alexander Vucic; the two leaders, in particular, agreed that Moscow would send specialists to Serbia to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moscow doctors ask you to Park for free. But there are refusals everywhere

Moscow doctors asked the transport Department to cancel paid Parking during the quarantine. One of the doctors told the newspaper “Rise” that in the conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, he changed from public transport to a personal car and now has to pay about 1.5 thousand rubles every day for Parking. According to him, other colleagues faced the same problem.

“I work in the center. I’m a doctor myself, I travel by car. For the safety of both my family and myself, I do not use public transport at the moment. I used to travel by public transport all the time, but I moved because of this situation. And Parking in Moscow is paid: at my place of work — 150 rubles/hour. Every day at work I spend from 8 to 5, at least 9 hours. I mean, it’s pretty expensive.

Sergei Sobyanin approved fines for violating the regime of self-isolation in Moscow.

A fine for violation of the high – alert regime, including self-isolation, up to 4 thousand rubles, for repeated-up to 5 thousand rubles

The authorities will detain the car from those who violated self-isolation on it

The fine for violating the suspension of business operations for citizens up to 40 thousand, for legal entities – up to 300 thousand, for repeated violations – up to 500 thousand

Public law enforcement points will help the authorities maintain order, and they will patrol the territory assigned to them.

Fines for violating the quarantine in Moscow will affect all citizens, not only those who are obliged to self-isolate

Governor of the Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov announced his resignation.

“For me, the opinion of the population and the President determines whether I will work as a Governor. Today it is clear to me that I need to appeal to the President of the Russian Federation to make a decision on who will prepare the Arkhangelsk region for the election of Governor. Based on this, I wrote a letter of resignation. I tried to do everything possible for Pomerania to develop for the benefit of the people of the region. I am grateful to everyone, ” Orlov said.

In February, Igor Orlov received the “Golden macaroni” anti-award for what he called “shelupon” residents of the region who oppose the construction of a dump on Shies. The anti-award is issued to officials for dubious statements.

Putin accepted the resignation of the Governor of the Arkhangelsk region, Igor Orlov, and appointed the head of the Nenets district, Alexander Tsybulsky, as the region’s acting Governor.

The head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov resigns.

This is my decision. It is accepted after long and serious consideration. I believe it is the only true one… Coincidentally, the moment of my resignation is associated with difficult times in our lives. I am sure that all our work will be a real help and a reliable Foundation for the subsequent fight against the problems that have arisen, which will be carried out by the new leadership of the region – Sergey Gaplikov said in his video message to the residents of the region.

Two interior Ministry generals in Moscow were detained in the case of a large bribe

Two generals from the investigative Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs and an investigator for particularly important cases were detained on suspicion of receiving a large bribe. This is reported by Interfax with reference to a source. The detained generals are Deputy heads of the investigative Department, the Agency said.

According to the investigation, which is transmitted by the publication, it is a bribe from a businessman who was detained in 2019 in the case of fraud for $ 10 million. TASS also quoted a source as saying that the FSB is conducting a search of the Department

Spain’s tenant unions go on strike

The main tenant unions in Spain started a strike on April 1 – many tenants stopped paying rent for housing due to the quarantine and lack of income.

We are forced to start a strike of tenants who were affected by the coronavirus. If we don’t get paid, we don’t pay. If the manufacturing economy is stopped, then the rental economy is also stopped, says the Manifesto, which was signed by more than 200 organizations and associations in the field of rental housing.

Tuva residents are not allowed to move

The head of Tuva, Sholban Kara-ool, signed a decree on restricting movement for residents of the Republic, according to the website of the Republican government. Violators of the regime would be detained by the police, traffic police and Regardie.

US launches large-scale anti-drug operation

Us President Donald trump has announced that the country will deploy ships to the Caribbean and Eastern Pacific to prevent the use of the coronavirus pandemic by drug cartels. In particular, we are talking about the smuggling of a large number of drugs.

The export price of Russian oil turned negative.

Within two days, the cost of shipping to ports, taxes and other costs exceeded the cost of selling the variety in European ports.

Double blow to the Russian economy

We have a double blow, this is the consequences for the economy of the coronavirus infection, the decline in business activity, – said Russian President Vladimir Putin – This is a serious test for the labor market, we all understand this, we all see it. And of course, the drop in prices for our main export product is very significant, serious, and deep.

Putin on the oil war

Vladimir Putin believes that the main oil producers and consumers should work out solutions to alleviate the situation on the market. The head of state said this at a meeting with members of the government on Wednesday.

“This [the current situation on the market] is all about, should worry consumers, because if the industry will be underfunded and work in this area will be discontinued for new fields, then splash, a very strong price surge in the market is inevitable, it is also not necessary – said the head of state. “Therefore, we will have to work out solutions together with the main producers and consumers that will alleviate the situation on the market as a whole.”

“We are discussing this with our colleagues both here at home and internationally with our partners in OPEC, and I recently discussed this issue with the President of the United States [Donald trump],” the head of state added.

Saudi Arabia refused to negotiate with Russia.

Saudi Arabia does not see the point of holding a new series of OPEC + talks in may-June. In addition, Saudi Aramco decided to reduce the contract price for propane for April 2020 by 46.5% from $ 430. US $ / t in March 2020 to us $ 230. US/T. this was reported by Interfax.

In April, the contract price for butane, which collapsed from $ 480, will also fall by 50%. US $ / t in March 2020 to us $ 240. These prices are the reference for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) sold from the Middle East region in Asia.

The FSO was allowed to use military equipment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing employees of the Federal security service (FSO) to use military equipment, physical force, weapons and special equipment. The document, previously adopted by the state Duma and approved by the Federation Council, is published on the legal information portal. At the same time, they will not be liable “for damage and losses caused to individuals and organizations when using physical force, special means, weapons and military equipment”, if their use was carried out in accordance with the procedure stipulated by law.

Volgograd residents complain about overcrowded buses.

Since April 1, public transport has stopped working in the city due to quarantine measures. Reference routes have been introduced for those who are required to continue working. According to local residents, special transport is extremely rare, so every bus is Packed to capacity. Residents of Voronezh and Rostov complain about the work of buses.

Information about e-wallets will be sent to the tax service

Banks will start transmitting information to the Federal tax service about the opening and closing of e-wallets by individuals (“Yandex.Money”, “QIWI wallet”, WebMoney, PayPal and other services). The corresponding changes to the Tax code came into force on April 1, 2020. The rule will apply to personalized e-wallets with both full and simplified identification of the holder. E-wallet services have their own settlement Bank, which is assigned this function.

Banks are already required to provide information to the tax service about opening or closing Bank accounts of legal entities and individuals, as well as about changing their details. The tax service may also request information about cash flows and account balances as part of a tax audit of an individual or his counterparty, in consultation with the head of the regional tax service or his Deputy.

In Russia, credit holidays were introduced due to coronavirus

In Russia, credit holidays were introduced due to coronavirus, the corresponding law was adopted by the state Duma, RIA Novosti reports. This applies to both citizens and individual entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses that have been affected by the virus.

Business is removed from the article about organized criminal communities

President Vladimir Putin signed a law on amendments to article 210 of the Criminal code, which do not allow to bring to justice managers or employees of business structures only for the fact that they were employees of a legal entity that committed an economic crime. Thus, a business that was not originally created to commit a crime cannot have the status of an OPS.

Putin submitted a draft law on mitigating liability for business structures to the state Duma in December last year. As stated in the explanatory note to the document, “there was an alarming trend” when judges and investigators equated working for a company that violated the law with participation in a criminal group.

Belarus will buy oil at a price of about $4 per barrel

2 million tons of Russian oil will be delivered “at a price of about $4 per barrel,” Prime Minister Sergei Rumas said on Thursday, while Belarus will continue to buy oil from other countries

“The result of this position is the price at which we will buy oil in April from the Russian Federation — about $4 per barrel,” Rumas explained (quoted by BelTA).

Authorities recognized the coronavirus in the deceased Perm journalist

The Perm Ministry of health recognized the death from coronavirus of the famous journalist Anastasia Petrova only after a reprimand from the Governor of the region. Yesterday, an employee of the regional Ministry of health assured Open media that both tests for coronavirus gave a negative result — and today the Department announced that the second test taken from Petrova showed the presence of the virus

The head of the Perm region, Dmitry mahonin, at a meeting of the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus on April 2, was outraged by this situation.

The death of journalist Anastasia Petrova caused a great public outcry. If it was known that she had the coronavirus, why was it kept quiet? It is unacceptable to hide information from the public! We shouldn’t lie to people!— no, he said.

The state lost its controlling stake in Rosneft

Russian state holding Rosneftegaz reduced its stake in Rosneft by 9.6%, receiving the company’s assets in Venezuela in return. This is reported by Reuters, citing a source familiar with the details of the deal.

Formally, the state now has no control [over Rosneft], the source said. Prior to this transaction, Rosneftegaz owned a controlling stake in Rosneft — 50% plus one share.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not comment on Rosneft’s sale of its assets in Venezuela to a company wholly owned by the Russian government.

You can ask a lot of questions, but I don’t comment in any way, Mr Peskov told reporters on Monday.

Depositors took almost $2 billion worth of currency from banks

In February, when the first wave of weakening of the ruble began, foreign currency depositors regarded this as a chance to fix their income. During the month, the amount of funds in foreign currency accounts decreased: Russians withdrew almost $2 billion from their foreign currency savings.

Potanin and Abramovich stopped arguing with RUSAL in London

In June 2018, RUSAL co-owner Oleg Deripaska won a case in the high court of London against Norilsk Nickel shareholders Vladimir Potanin and Roman Abramovich: the deal for Abramovich’s crispian company to sell 2.1% of MMC shares to Whiteleave Potanin was declared invalid.

Production of the largest Volkswagen crossover has started

Chinese joint venture FAW-Volkswagen has launched production of a new full-size crossover that will surpass Teramont in size and become the largest SUV of the German brand. A photo from the ceremony dedicated to the Assembly of the first model body was published by the local publication Autohome

Lamborghini started producing medical masks

Production will be handled by a workshop that works on finishing car interiors. The company will sew masks at its factory in Sant’agata Bolognese (Emilia-Romagna region). They intend to produce 1 thousand masks a day and 200 units of other protective equipment for doctors using 3D printers.

Russians who did not have time to leave the Schengen area will be extended their visas

Citizens of Russia and other countries who did not have time to leave the Schengen area before the borders were closed due to the COVID-19 coronavirus will not be fined. This was announced by the EU Ambassador to Russia Markus Ederer. Temporary restrictions in the EU were introduced on March 16.

Released a teaser for the horror ” Train to Busan 2: Peninsula»

The film is scheduled to premiere on August 6. The horror film will tell the story of a soldier who survived the zombie Apocalypse

In Korea, the TV series “Master and Margarita” will be filmed»

Filming will begin this month, and the series will not be released until the fall. It is not yet known whether it will be translated into Russian. Woland will be played by actor Won Bin, the Master will be played by So JI SOP, and the role of Margarita will be played by Han Ye Seul.

The “Guardians” Director will make a new horror film for Universal

Steven Williams, who directed episodes for the hbo series “the Guardians”, signed a contract with Universal film company to create an original horror film. This was announced on April 2 by the portal Screen Rant.

Lindsay Lohan started life with a clean slate, deleting everything on Instagram and recording a track

33-year-old Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) like a Phoenix reborn from the ashes. Nothing was heard about the red-haired party girl for a long time, although loyal subscribers of 8.3 million people updated the star’s Instagram in anticipation of news. Suddenly Lohan deleted all the previous photos, leaving only a preview of the new song

MSI introduced new laptops with Comet Lake H and fresh NVIDIA graphics

MSI has announced a number of its first laptops with new 10th-generation Intel processors from the Comet Lake H series and fresh GeForce mobile video cards based on Turing.

In the US, cases for the new generation of iPhones began to be sold

The new generation of budget iPhone 9 has not yet been announced by Apple. However, on the Best Buy website, there are cases for a new model that repeats the size of the iPhone SE case. The accessory is called Urban Armor Gear

Volvo and Veoneer split Zenuity joint venture

At the beginning of 2017, Volvo and Autoliv created Zenuity in equal shares. Its main task was to develop software for Autonomous cars. In 2018, Autoliv entrusted the development of autopilot to a new “daughter” of Veoneer and delegated its share in a joint project with Volvo

YouTube plans to release its own analog TikTok

This isn’t the first time YouTube has tried to compete with the short video service. It has already moved an analog of Instagram Stories to its platform. Experts believe that creating an alternative to TikTok for hosting is not surprising, given the huge number of users and a wide base of licensed music.

The brain of Australopithecus took as long to develop as that of man

Scientists from the max Planck society Institute for evolutionary anthropology conducted a study and concluded that the brain of Australopithecus developed like a human, but the structure was more similar to that of an APE.

Brain implants printed on a 3D printer

A group of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) has developed a technology for printing soft electrodes for implantation in the brain. Soft conductive polymers are safer than metal electrodes that are used to monitor brain activity.

Dolphins guard the females, simultaneously voicing their movements

Male bottlenose dolphins synchronize not only their movements, but also their vocalization when they attract females in a group. This was found out by a group of Australian scientists who analyzed data on formed groups of bottlenose dolphins in shark Bay, and combined them with data on their vocal communication. It turned out that male bottlenose dolphins not only adjust to the frequency of sounds produced by each other, but also enter into a kind of duet at intervals of up to 100 milliseconds. This not only ensures reproductive success, but also helps reduce stress within the group, scientists write in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B

In Chelyabinsk, scientists have taught rats not to be afraid of cats

Experts from the South Ural state University are conducting experiments to eliminate the fear of cats in rats. Research results will help in the fight against psychological trauma

Russian rocket launches from the Kuru cosmodrome have been stopped for six months

It became known that the launches of Russian Soyuz launch vehicles from the Kourou cosmodrome in French Guiana, which were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, may be resumed in September this year.

NASA is preparing to strike an asteroid flying towards Earth

The national Aeronautics and space administration of NASA said that it intends to neutralize an asteroid flying to Earth. The space Agency announced this on its official website.

“James Webb” successfully deployed its main mirror

The James Webb space telescope has successfully deployed its main mirror in recent tests, which guarantees its functionality for its future work in interplanetary space, according to the NASA website.

NASA launches new mission to explore the Sun

NASA explained that the new mission will help to better study the Sun and its influence on the space between planets. The mission will include six toaster-sized microsatellites operating as a single telescope, and will be called SunRISE. The cost of the new NASA project is $62.6 million.

Zemfira released a new song ” Crimea»

The last time the artist pleased her fans with new releases was two years ago. She released the song “Jozef”, written on the poems of the poet Joseph Brodsky. Prior to this, the singer presented a completely original song only in 2013.

Russia began to transfer front-line bombers to Syria.

The failure of the terrorists to observe the ceasefire, the refusal to withdraw weapons and the failure of the Turkish side to comply with the agreements of March 5, 2020, forced Russia to resume sending its su-24 front-line bombers to Syria

“Today, a pair of su-24 bombers (onboard 96 RED and 94 RED) arrived at the Khmeimim air base quietly, without noise and dust, as part of a planned rotation. We went without a leader this time, using a standard route through Iran with a planned refueling from two Il-78 tankers over the waters of the Caspian sea,” The telegram community “Notes of the hunter”reports.

The US has placed RC-12X aircraft in Lithuania to track Kaliningrad

The United States has stationed two Beechcraft RC-12X Guardrail electronic and electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the United States army at the Siauliai air base in Lithuania. The main task is to conduct reconnaissance in the area of the Russian border.

The US called the condition for providing assistance to Turkey against Syria

Washington is ready to help Turkey in the fight against Syria, if Ankara “removes” the s-400 air defense systems purchased from Russia. This was stated during a telephone briefing by the us Ambassador to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison, RIA Novosti reports.

US space forces armed with ” Space fence»

On March 27, 2020, the US space force adopted the Space Fence satellite surveillance system, which is based on the S-band radar (2 — 4 gigahertz). According to C4ISRNET, the military completed testing of the new system in December last year, and in February 2020-fully commissioned it.

Until now, the us military has relied on the Space Surveillance Network, which includes space and ground-based systems for detecting various space objects. This network provides support for about 26 thousand different space objects.

The Russian Navy group is being activated in the Mediterranean sea

From March 31 to April 1 and from April 9 to April 11, in a relatively remote area from the usual for such events in the Eastern part of the Mediterranean sea, it is planned to conduct intensive combat training activities by the forces of the Mediterranean group of the Russian Navy with the implementation of practical rocket and artillery firing, experts of the “Operational line”reported.