4 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/03/2020

The Federal security service (FSB) has proposed to change the list of published data about its activities on the Internet. This is evidenced by the draft presidential decree, which is published on the portal of draft normative legal acts.

The explanatory note clarifies that the FSB considers it necessary to “exclude [from publication] all redundant information” about the service, as well as “information that is placed in the public domain does not meet the specifics of the activities of the Federal security service.” It follows from the document that information will be excluded, in particular:

  • about the structure of the special service bodies;
  • mass media established by the FSB and their financing;
  • orders, orders and other acts of the Department, as well as changes made to them;
  • draft Federal laws that affect the rights, freedoms and duties of citizens are being developed by the FSB;
  • data on the FSB’s international activities;
  • information about the tasks and functions of territorial security agencies;
  • information about special service orders for the supply of goods, performance of works or provision of services for state needs;
  • articles about the visits and the visits of the heads of the FSB

Now the information that the FSB must share online is regulated by the presidential decree of August 2011. This document was signed by Dmitry Medvedev. The FSB proposes to make changes to it by its initiative.

The Governor of the Kamchatka territory has resigned

The Governor of the Kamchatka territory, Vladimir Ilyukhin, announced that he had submitted his resignation to the President of the Russian Federation at his own request. The official website of the regional administration says that Ilyukhin is leaving his post in connection with the transition to a new position.

6.6 million people applied for unemployment benefits in the United States.

This is twice as much as a week earlier, when, according to initial data, 3.283 million applications were accepted. In March, about 10 million Americans lost their jobs, the Ministry of labor of the country informed

Trees planted by war veterans were cut down in the Mound

Trees were demolished on the territory of the Kurgan regional hospital for war veterans. Social networks are buzzing: they say that the trees were healthy and could serve as a memory for a long time! But the regional health Ministry said the trees were a threat!

“The Kurgan regional hospital for war veterans, there are trees that pose a threat to the safety of patients and hospital workers, as well as impede passage of special vehicles, pose a threat to ground on power lines,” — commented the publication in the regional health Department.

The Ministry noted that in preparation for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, Rowan, pine and other ornamental plantings will be planted on the territory of the hospital.

Tambov deputies wrote out bonuses for themselves

Deputies of the Tambov city Duma wrote out bonuses for themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. Their amount is almost 600 thousand rubles, writes the telegram channel Mash.

So, the Chairman of the municipal Parliament Viktor Putintsev received 189.7 thousand, his first Deputy Marina Podgornova is awarded 155 thousand. In addition, the Chairman of the budget and municipal property Vladimir Sergeev will receive 63.5 thousand, and the head of Tambov Natalia Makarevich-168 thousand. At the same time, she eventually refused this award. The document does not say why they received such bonuses.

Georgian authorities decided to pay for utilities for residents

The government of Georgia has taken over the payment of utilities for March, April and may. Targeted assistance will also be provided to those who are out of work, Prime Minister George Gakharia promised. As reported by the Caucasian knot, a state of emergency was declared in Georgia on March 21, and a General quarantine and curfew were declared in Georgia on March 31.

Gas production in Russia has fallen record for 6 years

At the end of March, gas production in Russia collapsed by 12.3%, to 59.41 billion cubic meters, reported in the operational summary of the Central Department of fuel and energy. Compared to February (-2.4%), the decline in the gas industry accelerated 5 times and became a record since October 2014. During the quarter, Russia produced 185.3 billion cubic meters of gas – 6% less than in the same period a year ago.

According to Rystad Energy, the quarantine regime in European countries until the end of April will lead to a drop in gas demand by 4.1 billion cubic meters, the value of the annual consumption of countries such as Greece or Slovakia.

The mayor has postponed the introduction of the access regime in Moscow.

“The authorities will return to the issue of introducing permits in Moscow due to the coronavirus if the situation is bad or if the number of isolation violations increases,” the mayor said.

Russian Railways will cancel 53 long-distance trains

Russian Railways has been canceling a number of long-distance trains since April 7. the Sapsan train service between Moscow and Saint Petersburg will be reduced, the holding said in a statement.

The frequency of 37 trains of the Federal passenger company will be temporarily reduced, and 53 trains will be canceled. The changes will affect the schedule of high-speed trains “Sapsan”. Every day from Moscow to Saint Petersburg and back will be sent by 3 pairs of trains less.

Ramzan Kadyrov imposed a curfew in Chechnya.

From April 3, pedestrians and vehicles are prohibited in all localities of the Republic from 20:00 to 08:00. Since April 5, all types of transport will be closed in Chechnya.

“It is impossible to curb the coronavirus with half-hearted measures. It is important to break the distribution chain. This is what we intend to achieve!”,- Kadyrov wrote in his telegram channel.

NATO has decided to expand its mission in Iraq

The foreign Ministers of NATO countries agreed to strengthen the Alliance’s mission in Iraq. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, the foreign Ministers of NATO member countries have decided to expand the Alliance’s mission in Iraq. Stoltenberg noted that NATO will assume some of the functions of the international coalition in Iraq


Fines for violating self-isolation apply to unconscious Muscovites who gather in large groups – the mayor’s press service in comments for RIA Novosti

The decree does not provide for restrictions on the movement of personal, official, or special vehicles — website of the mayor of Moscow

Fines for violating self-isolation apply to unconscious Muscovites who gather in large groups – the mayor’s press service in comments for RIA Novosti


A resident of Moscow disputes the introduction of restrictions

The Moscow city court registered a lawsuit by a resident of the capital Dmitry Kisiev to the government of Moscow, in which he disputes the restrictions imposed because of the threat of spreading coronavirus infection, RIA Novosti reported in the press service of the court.

“The Moscow city court was administrative claim Kisieva Dmitry Teimurazovich to the Government of Moscow in which the claimant requests to declare invalid item 2 of the decree of the Mayor from March 23, 2020 number 26УМ as inappropriate, according to the plaintiff, the legislation of the Russian Federation”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

The main task is to maintain the price level at gas stations

The cost of oil production at old fields in the Russian Federation does not exceed $7 per barrel, at new ones – $15-20-head of the Ministry of energy Novak

Russian oil is unlikely to be sold at a negative price-Novak

The main task remains to keep the price level at gas stations not higher than the level of inflation – Novak

Journalist Ivan Golunov passed a psychological and psychiatric examination

Journalist Ivan Golunov said that he passed a psychological and psychiatric examination in the case of falsification of evidence by former police officers who detained him in the summer of 2019 on charges of drug possession.

“I passed a psychiatric examination in Kashchenko,” Golunov said during a live broadcast on Instagram, adding that its results will be known later. Earlier, the journalist’s lawyer, Sergey badamshin, said that such expertise is common practice in such cases.

Donald Trump has activated the law on production in wartime

Us President Donald Trump has invoked the wartime manufacturing act to provide resources for the production of the necessary number of ventilators for supportive treatment of coronavirus patients, the White house said.

“The Secretary of health, along with the Secretary of homeland security, must use all powers under the law (on defense production — ed.) to ensure the supply of materials to divisions or subsidiaries of the following manufacturers of ventilators,” – said in the Memorandum of Trump.

Fire damage on the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”

Damage from the fire on the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which occurred on December 12, is estimated at 500 million rubles. This was announced by the head of the United shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov.

Leave the house on different days of the week depending on the gender

Peruvian citizens will be able to leave their homes on different days of the week depending on their gender, the BBC reports. Such measures are introduced as part of the fight against coronavirus. Men will be able to go out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while women will be able to go out on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. No one is allowed to leave their homes on Sunday.

WhatsApp will allow you to use one account on two phones

This was written by the profile resource WABetainfo, which is one of the first to publish information about new features of the app. According to preliminary data, users will receive notifications about account activity on another device. The feature is expected to become publicly available soon.

In Prague, the monument to Marshal Konev was dismantled

A monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev was dismantled in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on Friday. The decision to remove the statue was made last year by the Council of the Prague-6 city district, on the territory of which the statue was installed. The date of dismantling was not announced in advance.

The Kremlin explained the lag of Putin’s watch from the real time broadcast of the address

Viewers noticed that the time on the wristwatch of the head of state does not coincide with the broadcast time. Vladimir Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov in a comment to the radio station “Says Moscow” explained this technical delay.

“There was a delay, which is associated with the installation and the stage”, — said Peskov.

Online stores have complained about the detention of couriers due to the virus

Participants in the online trading market have complained about interference with couriers and suppliers in the regions amid high alert and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the interlocutors in large firms and unions. According to them, local regulatory authorities stop couriers, prevent suppliers from reaching distribution centers, and force the closure of order pick-up points.

The US and EU blocked the Russian resolution at the UN

The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and Georgia blocked a draft Russian resolution at the UN General Assembly to lift sanctions that prevent other countries from countering the coronavirus pandemic. This is reported by Izvestia with reference to the website of the Russian permanent mission to the UN

“We would be very interested in hearing and seeing in writing the logic and arguments for blocking our draft Declaration by the EU, the US and the UK,” the message posted on the Russian diplomatic mission’s website reads.

Putin instructed to reduce the cost of mortgages

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the Central Bank to assess the costs of mortgage borrowers and take measures to reduce the full cost of housing loans. This follows from a list of instructions published on the Kremlin’s website following a meeting with government members.

The meeting of OPEC + Ministers will be held on April 6

The meeting of OPEC + Ministers will be held on Monday, April 6, and will be held via videoconference, the Ministry of energy of Azerbaijan reported. According to a RIA Novosti source, the meeting will discuss the possibility of reducing oil production by 10 million barrels per day.

Trade unions have proposed to the government to carry out nationalization in Russia

Mikhail Shmakov, Chairman of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR), sent a letter to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, in which he proposed to start nationalizing the country’s strategically important companies.

Authorities will pay extra to operators for garbage removal during the epidemic

At a meeting with Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko, which took place on Thursday, April 2, with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of environment, Ministry of Finance, “the Russian ecological operator” (REO, curator trash reform), discussed measures to support regional operators for the export of waste to the outbreak of coronavirus, said RBC a source in the office Abramchenko

The Russian government is preparing that oil prices in 2020 will be 20 dollars

In these conditions, it is planned to increase the placement of Federal loan bonds to compensate for the budget deficit, – reports Bloomberg, citing informed sources. According to the Agency’s interlocutors, the authorities can increase the volume of borrowings by one and a half trillion. The Ministry of Finance estimates a possible budget deficit of 3-4 trillion rubles this year. However, the Ministry itself did not respond to Bloomberg’s request.

Social funds may lose 2.3 trillion rubles

The pension Fund and other funds that depend on social payments can lose trillions of rubles due to the coronavirus. In the worst-case scenario, if the recovery is completed within nine months, losses are estimated at 2.5 trillion rubles, or up to 20% of revenues. The decline in income will also begin against the background of anti-crisis measures to reduce insurance premium rates to 15% from the current 30%.

Business suggested that the Russian government increase social payments

Consumer demand in Russia could be supported by additional payments to the unemployed, large families and pensioners totaling about 3 trillion rubles. Business associations made such a proposal to the authorities, Izvestia writes on April 3»

Russian gas transit through Ukraine to Europe decreased by 53%

The source of IA REGNUM stressed that the current transit volumes are 53% less compared to the same period in 2019. Thus, in March 2020, the Operator of the Ukrainian gas transport system guaranteed the transportation of about 4.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas from Russia to the EU and Moldova

In the US, oil companies supported sanctions against Saudi Arabia and Russia

The campaign in support of the introduction of sanctions against Russia and Saudi Arabia was launched by oil producers in the United States. Oil companies hope to influence the two oil-producing States through the leadership of their country so that they reduce production, the Financial Times (FT) newspaper reported on April 3, citing sources.

The publication notes that the United States proposes the introduction of duties on imported oil, the suspension of military assistance to Saudi Arabia, the introduction of tariffs on Russian energy resources and other measures. There is an option to cancel anti-Russian duties if Moscow agrees to cooperate with Washington.

Russia has created an air group to deliver aid to Serbia

The Russian defense Ministry, on behalf of Supreme commander-in-chief Vladimir Putin, has created an aviation group for the rapid delivery of aid to Serbia due to the coronavirus pandemic starting from April 3. This was reported by the Russian Ministry of defense.

“For the transfer of personnel and equipment, it is planned to perform 11 flights of military transport aviation of the Russian air force, which will deliver 87 military personnel to the Republic of Serbia, including military doctors, virologists of the rchbz troops, special medical equipment, protective equipment and 16 units of military equipment,” the defense Ministry said

The Russian foreign Ministry told about the refusal of Kiev from the agreements on the Donbass

Ukraine’s rejection of the agreements adopted on the Donbas negates all the progress made earlier, according to a statement published on the website of the Russian foreign Ministry.

The 1902 film Journey to the moon received sound and color

Modern technologies continue to make the world a better place. So, one of the YouTube users named Adam Maciaszek decided to improve the immortal classic-monochrome and silent picture “Journey to the moon”, created back in 1902.

Will Smith to release Comedy series on Quibi

The 51-year-old actor was the main performer and Executive producer of series in the genre of “standup” will Smith joined the growing cohort of Hollywood stars who will release projects on the new streaming service Quibi

The actors of “Clinic” launched a podcast about the series

Zach Braff and Donald Faison, who played the roles of JD and Turk in “the Clinic”, announced the launch of a podcast dedicated to the series. Actors will review and comment on episodes of the sitcom, tell stories from the set, answer questions from fans

Operators will divide regions to develop 5G networks

Mobile operators plan to develop 5G networks in Russia on the basis of regional division. At first, they will adhere to the principle of “one region — one 5G network”, RBC reports. Such details of cooperation are contained in the new version of the Concept of creating and developing 5G networks in Russia.

Risk of failure to pay for new LNG projects in Russia

New projects for liquefied natural gas in Russia risk not paying off, warns Deputy Chairman of the Board of Gazprom Vitaly Markelov.

“When implementing new Russian LNG projects in the absence of state control, the price of exported Russian gas will decrease due to increased supply and high competition between Russian suppliers,” Markelov said in a letter to Deputy energy Minister Pavel Sorokin sent in March.

The police detained the Chairman of the Union of health workers “Alliance of doctors”

For the first time, Vasileva and her accompanying people were detained on April 2 on the highway near Okulovka.. The Union members managed to hand over 500 respirators, protective coveralls, glasses and gloves to two local hospitals. Activists were accused of failing to comply with the rules of conduct in emergencies. They spent most of the day at the police station. About 22 hours they were released, after which Anastasia Vasilieva was again detained. An administrative report was drawn up on Vasileva under the article on disobedience to the requirements of police officers. She spent the night in the police station.

According to human rights activist Dinar Idrisov, Vasiliev was hit in the solar plexus. The trade Union suspects that Vasilieva may have a concussion. An ambulance was not allowed to see her for a long time.

Dmitry Peskov refused to comment on calls to introduce an emergency mode

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian President, declined to comment on the reasonableness of calls to introduce an emergency regime in the conditions of coronavirus to compensate businesses for lost revenue.

“I do not comment on these calls in any way. There is a coordination Commission that is authorized to make decisions that it considers appropriate, which this Commission does, headed by Prime Minister Mishustin,” Peskov said.

Peskov hopes that banks will set up a system of issuing preferential loans to entrepreneurs in the coming days

Former Austrian foreign Minister Karin Kneisl filed a police report against her husband

Former Austrian foreign Minister Karin Kneissl filed a police report against her husband, accusing him of assault. The incident occurred on the farm Kneisl in the South of Lower Austria. The ex-Minister said that during an argument with her husband, she hit him several times on the chest. Husband Kneisl, the financier Wolfgang Meilinger, in response to double-slapped his wife.

Kneisl filed a police report accusing her husband of domestic violence. Law enforcement officers issued a ban on staying in the same house and a ban on approaching, and also took the gun from Mailinger. Myself spouse Kneisl claims that he did not want to beat his wife and were only trying to calm down. According to him, because of the crisis with the coronavirus in recent years, Kneisl is extremely tense

Redmi Band: fitness tracker with heart rate sensor

The Redmi brand, created by Xiaomi, has officially introduced its first fitness tracker: the device called Redmi Band will go on sale on April 9. The gadget has a traditional design: it is a bracelet to wear on the wrist. The new product is equipped with a 1.08-inch rectangular color display. By disconnecting the strap, you can access the USB Type-A connector for charging. By the way, the stated battery life reaches 14 days. The estimated price of Redmi Band is us $ 13-14.

Zemfira released a new song ” Crimea»

The last time the artist pleased her fans with new releases was two years ago. She released the song “Jozef”, written on the poems of the poet Joseph Brodsky. Prior to this, the singer presented a completely original song only in 2013.

Tame Impala will launch a collaboration with rapper Mike Skinner’s band The Streets

Australian indie rockers Tame Impala will launch a collaboration with British rapper Mike Skinner’s band The Streets. The day before Skinner posted an excerpt of a track he shared with Tame Impala on instagram

Restrictive measures in Germany

The Berlin Senate, in light of the coronavirus pandemic, on Friday extended the restrictive measures until April 19 and determined what and how much citizens will be fined if they violate these measures, the documents are posted on the Senate’s website.

While you are on the street, you must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from citizens. For violation of this rule, you can be fined up to 500 euros. Anyone who should be under home quarantine and does not comply with it can be fined up to 2,500 euros. For being on the street without a valid reason, the fine can be up to 100 euros.

In Yakutia introduced a dry law

The head of Yakutia Aysen Nikolaev declared that introduction of “dry law” in the territory of four municipal districts of Yakutsk was necessary because of the increased consumption of alcohol by the population and an increase in the number of crimes.

“Zatarilis for a week ahead, – Nikolaev declared on air of “Russia 1″. – and decided that all zatarennoe it is necessary to drink right now”.

He added that already on Saturday and Sunday, “the crime rate went up.” High-profile crimes have been recorded, such as the murder of an entire family with children.

Putin approved fines for fakes and violation of quarantine

The Russian authorities have imposed penalties for spreading fakes and violating quarantine measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“For violation of quarantine measures that caused mass illness of people through negligence, Russians face a fine of up to one million rubles,” the document says. If such a violation leads to the death of one or more people, the term of imprisonment will increase to seven years.

For spreading false information about the epidemic, the authorities decided to punish citizens with fines of up to two million rubles. If the public dissemination of fake news leads to death, the violator will have to pay a fine of up to five million rubles.

Passengers from Moscow and St. Petersburg in Novosibirsk will be sent to quarantine

The authorities of the Novosibirsk region have introduced a mandatory 14-day home self-isolation regime for passengers from Moscow and St. Petersburg, the regional coronavirus operation center reported. Now in these cities, the largest increase in COVID cases is 19.

In Russia-new rules for marking cameras on roads

In Russia, new standards concerning road signs and markings have come into force — the new GOST R 52289-2019 (rules for the use of signs, markings, traffic lights) and the new version of GOST R 52290-2004 (only signs).

Before that, the warning sign should have been placed only in front of stationary cameras. Now this requirement also applies to mobile complexes: in localities, the sign must stand 100 m before the camera, and outside of them-300 m.

However, there is one important clarification. At the moment, both documents are only recommendations. But soon the new requirements will be written in the traffic Rules.

Russians will have to pay for loans in quarantine

On non-working days, which are announced in Russia until April 30, borrowers will have to pay for loans in the period stipulated by the contract, according to the statement of the Central Bank.

“The Bank of Russia proceeds from the fact that obligations under financial transactions, the term of execution of which falls on non-business days, must be fulfilled by debtors within the term stipulated in the contract,” the regulator said in a statement

In Orenburg, streets will be closed to prepare for the Victory parade

In the regional center began to block the streets during the preparation for mass events dedicated to the Victory Day. From 9 am on April 3 to 14 PM on may 20, traffic will be restricted. Work sites will be fenced, and appropriate temporary road signs will be installed on all sections.

The Metropolitan authorities commented on the holding of the procession in Moscow

The procession that took place in Moscow did not need to be coordinated with the Moscow authorities, since it took place on the territory of the Pokrovsky monastery. This was told by the head of the Department of national policy and interregional relations Vitaly Suchkov on Friday, April 3.

Zakharova complained about rocking the rights of tourists

Russians vacationing in Qatar consider the forced evacuation due to the coronavirus epidemic a violation of their constitutional rights and demand compensation. Letters of complaint showed the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova

Russia will suspend all flights on the return of Russians from abroad

Russia on the night of Friday to Saturday suspends all flights on the return of Russians and foreigners to their homeland. The corresponding order was sent by the Federal air transport Agency.

Turkey left the first virtual NATO conference with a scandal

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu blamed it on Greece. In response, his counterpart from this country, Nikos Dendias, accused Ankara of undermining the values of NATO. In the end, Cavusoglu left the conference ahead of schedule, not waiting for the speech of Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

Putin has banned Directive restrictions on economic activity in all regions

General guidelines for all regions in the fight against coronavirus should not be given in order to avoid harming the economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“We have a lot of small settlements, urban-type settlements, just villages and settlements. The situation is different everywhere. The economy is already in a difficult situation, so some General directives that undermine economic activity should not be given, ” Putin said at a meeting with members of the Russian security Council, which he held on Friday in a video conference.

Manufacturers of cigarettes was stopped by Russian factory

Tobacco companies Japan Tobacco International, Philip Morris International and British American Tobacco have temporarily halted the operation of their factories in Russia due to restrictions imposed by the authorities to combat the spread of the coronavirus

Saudi Arabia has put forward a condition for reducing oil production

Saudi Arabia is ready to limit oil production below 9 million barrels per day if other G20 countries join the cuts, the Wall Street Journal newspaper writes, citing representatives of the Kingdom

The Ministry of energy does not expect a drop in gasoline prices

The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation does not expect a drop in the price of gasoline in the low cost of oil, this is due to the peculiarities of the current tax system in Russia.

“As for gasoline prices, you know that the pricing system is formed in such a way as to offset periods of sharp growth and fall in prices, set up in this way at the expense of the tax system. The main task is to keep the price level below the level of inflation. I would like to note that today prices at gas stations are rising no higher than inflation. If you take the year to year, the price of gasoline is higher than last year by only 2%, and for diesel fuel-by 1.4%, which is also lower than inflation, “-said in an interview with” Russia-24 ” energy Minister Alexander Novak, answering the question whether to wait for the fall in fuel prices due to the low cost of oil.

Kazakhstan announced the call to military service on special charges

The decree on conscription for special duties was signed by the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev and published on the President’s website on April 2 akorda.kz. Special fees are announced for staffing the territorial troops of the armed forces of Kazakhstan.