12 Apr, 2019

News digest for 04/11/2019

Russian State Duma adopted in the second reading a draft law on sustainable RuNet

The State Duma adopted in the second reading a bill on the safe and sustainable work of the Runet. This is stated on the website of the lower house of parliament. It is noted that the document provides for the creation of a national system for routing Internet traffic.

This is a law on the creation of additional conditions for the stable operation of the Russian segment of the Internet in the context of attempts to exert external influence, regardless of external and internal conditions. – Leonid Levin, deputy

British police arrest Julian Assange

“47-year-old Julian Assandzh today, on Thursday, April 11, was arrested by officers of the London Metropolitan Police at the Ecuadorian embassy on a warrant issued by the Westminster Magistrates Court on June 29, 2012 for failing to appear in court,” the police said.

It is noted that police officers were invited to the Ecuadorian embassy after the refusal of the government of this country to grant Assange diplomatic asylum. In recent years, the founder of WikiLeaks was hiding in the building of the Ecuadorian diplomatic mission. In a statement, WikiLeaks stresses that the authorities of Ecuador illegally terminated Assange’s political asylum, violating international law.

London promised not to extrad Assange to a country where he could be executed

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno said that London had promised not to extradite WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested on Thursday to a country where he could be executed.

I demanded that the UK guarantee that Assange will not be extradited to a country where he could face torture or the death penalty. The British government in writing confirmed this in accordance with its rules. – Lenin Moreno, Ecuadorian lawyer

Lukashenko compared with the sanctions actions of Moscow against Minsk

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko compared with the sanctions a ban on the import of a number of Belarusian products to Russia.

If you need to put on repair oil pipelines and oil pipelines that go through Belarus, install and repair. Because the good that we do for the Russian Federation, it turns around us constantly evil. They have already become arrogant to such an extent that they begin to twist our arms. – Alexander Lukashenko

Egypt refused to participate in the creation of “Arab NATO”

Egypt refused to participate in the so-called “Arab NATO”. Cairo decided not to send its delegation to the conference of the Middle East Strategic Alliance. The United States is trying to create a bloc of Sunni states in the Middle East to counter Shiite Iran, the Russia 24 TV channel reminds.

The reason for the non-admission of the sail boat “Sedov” in the waters of Estonia is named

Estonia has banned the entry of the Russian sailboat “Sedov” into its territorial waters because of the cadets of the Kerch State Marine Technological University on board. It is reported by the press service of the Foreign Ministry of the Baltic republic on Thursday, April 11.

In Sudan, there was a military coup

The army of Sudan made a coup in the country. This is reported by the Arab TV channel Al-Mayadin. It clarifies that the military decided to remove from all the posts of President Omar al-Bashir and disperse the government.

The Japanese military apologized for the incident with the crashed F-35A

The leadership of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan has formally apologized for the incident with the F-35A, which crashed this week in the Pacific in the northern prefecture of Aomori

Anton Shipulin applied for participation in the United Russia primaries

A well-known biathlete Anton Shipulin was the first to apply for participation in the United Russia primaries in the by-election to the State Duma in the Serov district, the Sverdlovsk branch of the party reported.

Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia to meet in Moscow on April 15

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan reports that Foreign Ministers Elmar Mammadyarovai and Zohrab Mnatsakanyan will meet in Moscow on Monday, April 15. The Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Armenia will discuss the settlement of the Karabakh conflict.

Trailer for the last film of Stanislav Govorukhin appeared on the web

A trailer of military adventure drama based on real events “To Paris” appeared on the web, which was produced and directed by businessman Sergey Sarkisov

Gun “boa” is approved for mass production

The interdepartmental commission allowed the Udav pistol to be produced, which will replace the Makarov pistol. On it informs RIA “News” with reference to the industrial director of the cluster of weapons “Rostec” Sergei Abramov.

In France, the “anti-bullying” law came into force

“The law, aimed at strengthening and ensuring the maintenance of public order during demonstrations, was published in the Journal Officiel and entered into force this morning,” wrote the head of the country’s Interior Ministry, Christoph Castaner, on Twitter.

He noted that the law guarantees security to the French and protects them from violence. According to the minister, this document protects the institutions and freedoms of France. The text of the document is published in the State Gazette Journal Officiel.

The Ministry of Defense of India told about the final rejection of the Su-57

The head of the Indian Air Force headquarters, Birender Singh Dhanoa, speaking to reporters, openly stated that India had finally abandoned the fifth generation Russian combat aircraft, and would no longer return to this. The Chief of Staff of the Indian Air Force stressed that the key problem of the Russian Su-57 fighter is the lack of low radar visibility, which is in the presence of the American F-35 and F-22, as well as the Chinese fighter J-21.

Dkhanoa noted that the replacement for the Russian Su-57 is already there – this is the AMCA fighter project, which is currently being created taking into account all the basic wishes and modern requirements.

Nigerian Army expelled all residents of the city for the operation

The Nigerian army evacuated the entire population of the city of Jakan in order to conduct an operation in the region, according to Reuters, citing a UN statement.

US preparing a bunch of F-35 and F-15X

In the pair to the F-35 will add a brand new F-15X, which will protect the “thirty-fifth” in melee from the Russian Su-35S and Su-30SM. During training battles, which in the US are called dogfights, that is, “dog fights,” it turned out that the F-35 is the first to detect any fourth-generation fighter.

Netflix’s Pooi trailer appears on the Web

On the YouTube-channel of the Netflix service, the trailer for the series “Poci” appeared, the main role in the series was played by Sivan Alira Rose, reports on Thursday Gazeta.ru.



Syria has declared its readiness to return the Golan Heights by military means

Syria has the right to return the Golan, captured by Israel, with the help of weapons, said the director of the Golan department in the government of the country Midhat Salih. “The Golan is an integral part of Syrian territory,” says Salih. He is convinced that Israel understands only the “language of the power of resistance.”

In the State Duma discussed the speed limit on Russian roads

In the lower house of parliament, public hearings were held to discuss the speed limit on Russian roads, as well as the possibility of changing the non-punishable speed limit.

A member of the faction “United Russia” noted that, according to scientific data, with an increase in speed limit on the routes of the corresponding categorization, there is no correlation with an increase in traffic accidents. In addition, the parliamentarian pointed to the problem of commercialization of the organization of traffic.

“In all ways, by any means, using the most modern technical methods, often – systems of automatic photo and video recording, the executive authorities of the regions set themselves one task – this is a tool for raising money to replenish the budget,” the deputy added.

Traffic police proposed to raise the penalty for speeding six times

Alexander Bashkin, deputy chairman of the Federation Council’s committee on constitutional legislation, did not support the traffic police’s proposal to increase the penalty for speeding by 20–40 kilometers per hour by six times.

Let the roads be put in order first. – Yevgeny Moskvichev, deputy

State Duma changes the rules of public procurement for the organization of children’s activities

The State Duma adopted a draft law that changes the rules of public procurement of services for the organization of children’s recreation and rehabilitation, in a second, decisive reading, a REGNUM correspondent reports on April 11. Purchases of services for the organization of recreation for children belong to public procurement and are held according to the norms of the relevant law.

Medvedev: resetting VAT for domestic flights will solve several problems

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that resetting VAT on domestic flights would boost the growth of purchases by regional companies of Russian MS-21 aircraft and unload Moscow airports.

Resident of the Moscow Technopolis created an artificial heart for children

The Zelenograd Innovation and Technology Center (SITC) has become the author of the first implantable blood pump Sputnik-D in Russia. This is a reduced model of the auxiliary blood circulation apparatus of the AVK-N Sputnik.

Russian students began to write off more often

In the survey, experts tried to sharpen the attention of teachers on how often they pay attention to the dishonest behavior of students. According to the results of the survey, it was revealed that in 2017, 21% of students during exams and various test works are charged with cheat sheets.

The university in Tatarstan has become the most expensive university in Russia

Among higher educational institutions in Russia, Innopolis University in Tatarstan became the most expensive at the cost of education. Education in it in one of the directions is worth 1.2 million rubles a year.

An official from Chita demanded to plant blogger Varlamov

The head of the administration of the Zheleznodorozhny district of the city of Chita, Yuri Konoplev, in a conversation with the correspondent of the Chita.Ru news agency on April 10, suggested that urban urban blogger Ilya Varlamov be planted behind mats in a video about the littered streets of this district of Chita.

“What he shoots … you probably have to put him in the matershinschina, which he gives to youngsters and other people,” said Konoplev.

At the same time, the head of the district said that he had not seen his blog, so he could not comment on the presence of landfills in the Zheleznodorozhny district, reports chita.

Released a new trailer for the cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets 2”

The trailer for the upcoming cartoon “The Secret Life of Pets-2” appeared on the network. The main character of this film will be Greyhound Rooster, who was voiced by Harrison Ford. In the second part, it will again be shown what animals are busy while the owners are not at home.

Chechnya Supreme Court reversed decision to write off gas debts

The Chechen Supreme Court canceled on Thursday, April 11, the decision of the Grozny district court to write off debts for gas from the population of the republic.

Impressions from visiting Kamchatka.

Vyacheslav Chernov came to the peninsula to meet with his son – a participant in the Russian Alpine Skiing Championship which took place on Mount Frosty from March 28 to April 2. According to the blogger, he looked at Kamchatka “through the eyes of an outside traveler.”

“To say that I am shocked by what I saw there is to say nothing,” writes Chernov. In his opinion, everything that man has done in Kamchatka is terrible and defies any explanation.

“The general impression of the settlements is as if you were in the midst of the 90s. Although, obviously, 25 years ago, all of this looked, of course, fresher, ”the author of the post believes. “Petropavlovsk is covered with a thick layer of either soot, or dust, or sand. There is no accomplishment. Nowhere. The roads are bad. All the roadsides and adjacent lawns are plowed up with wheels and turned into a messy mess. People made one huge dustbin out of the city. Everything is thrown right under your feet. The land is everywhere swollen, dug over, littered with dirt and debris, ”writes Chernov.

The most well-groomed in Petropavlovsk, as he believes, is the building of the regional government. However, just a hundred meters from it, the ancient buildings and ruin begin.

New movie trailer for Luc Besson released

Luc Besson again enters the gender-shifted waters of the cinema on the very eyebrows, making a film about harsh but beautiful women: the trailer for the action movie “Anna” is published on the project’s official YouTube channel.

Children from Akademgorodok in Novosibirsk go to school through heating pipes

Residents of the Kirovo village turned to a public organization, who, so far unsuccessfully, are trying to achieve repair of Teplaya street. According to them, neither ambulance nor taxi can reach the houses on Zelenaya Street.

“Children are forced to go through the pipes of the heating main, although we forbid them to do it. But there is no choice, either through the mud or through the pipes, through the river below and above the ravine, where the depth is ten meters. Every day we are afraid that someone will fall, ”Anna Uskova, a resident of Zelenaya Street, told public figures.

The Supreme Court wants to limit the special order of criminal cases

The Supreme Court proposes to limit the simplified court proceedings. The Plenum of the Supreme Court (VS) took a legislative initiative: to consider in a special court procedure only criminal cases of small and medium gravity.

An Orthodox exhibition will open on Cosmonautics Day in Blagoveshchensk

Representatives of the largest churches and monasteries of Russia, Moldova, Greece, Palestine and Belarus will arrive in Blagoveshchensk. From April 12 to April 17, the city will host the Orthodox exhibition “From Repentance to the Resurrection of Russia.”

A baby was born in Greece from three parents

In Greece, a baby was born from three parents: an embryo from the germ cells of one man and two women was transplanted to the patient. A boy weighing 2.9 kilograms was born on April 9. Doctors are closely monitoring the health of women and newborns, and note that as long as they are all right, according to the BBC.

Sanctions companies and banks were allowed to classify 18 types of data

The list of information that issuers have the right not to disclose or disclose to a limited extent, consists of 18 points, follows from a government decree. These include, in particular,:

  • information about company management;
  • about the transactions made by the company;
  • ownership structure (holdings, subsidiaries and parent companies);
  • about shareholders (minority and majority);
  • about the company’s business partners;
  • about the financial investments of the company;
  • about the risks taken by the company and their assessment;
  • about corporate disputes;
  • about the counterparties of the company, including their geographical and industry structure.

Credit organizations (banks and non-bank credit organizations) also have the right not to disclose information:

  • on transactions in foreign currency;
  • about the distribution of funds in the accounts, depending on the type of customers;
  • about the segments of its activities (for example, retail, corporate services, investment services, and so on).

In which cases it is allowed not to disclose data

  • they disclose information about a person under sanctions, which may contribute to the introduction of Western restrictions against the issuer or other persons;
  • the company itself is under sanctions;
  • if the issuer is a bank that works with the state defense order (First of all, it is Promsvyazbank, on the basis of which the government created a special bank to work with the defense sector, as well as other credit organizations that have the status of authorized representatives. Their list is classified in the fall of 2017, to continue working with defense industry “, in particular, said Novikombank.);
  • publication of information reveals the details of the transaction related to the defense order or military-technical cooperation;
  • the information concerns an employee of a company under sanctions or a bank serving the defense industry.

About 70% of Russian citizens live in austerity mode

Most people in Russia (68%) prefer to save money, while reducing daily expenses (in 2018 – 63%). Quickly spend a salary or pension of 20%. Such data presented the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM).

The EU has blocked the request of Russia to arbitrate a dispute in the WTO

The European Union has blocked Russia’s request to convene a dispute panel at the World Trade Organization (WTO) for duties on cold-rolled steel. This was reported to RBC in the press service of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia.

Russian companies have stopped buying business abroad

The total amount of transactions on the purchase of foreign companies by Russian companies since the beginning of the year amounted to 6.8 million dollars – this is the second lowest figure in the last twenty years. In the first quarter of 2017, not a single transaction took place, and this is the minimum figure.

 “United Russia” asks the Central Bank to check prices for CTP

United Russia checked the cost of policies for three categories of drivers with cars with a capacity of 100-120 horsepower in 67 regions. The first category includes drivers aged 22-24 years, the second – 35-39 years, the third – over 50 years.

The cost of compulsory motor TPL insurance for the first category of drivers increased in 90% of the regions checked. For the second and third categories, the price of OSAGO increased in 58% and 54% of the regions of the Federation, respectively.

“The price increase for the first category compared to 2018 was 13%, for the second category – 2%, and for the third – 11.6%,” said the coordinator of the party project “ER”, “Safe Roads” Vladimir Afonsky

The coordinator of the Secure Roads project of the project noted that all data on tariff increases were transferred to the Central Bank.

“It is necessary to check and find out why such a rise in prices is justified,” he said. According to the legislator, party members will seek to increase the availability of CTP policies and reduce them to real value.

Georgia reached an agreement with Gazprom on gas supplies

Georgia agreed with Gazprom to purchase gas in small quantities. This was stated on Thursday by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, Giorgi Kobulia, to journalists, without specifying specific parameters of the agreements.

Accounts Chamber: RZD frustrated the modernization of BAM and Transsib

As the controlling authority pointed out, last year RZD was to build 11 junctions and 78 km of additional tracks, but only one object was accepted. The bottom line: at 17 sites of BAM and Transsib, the capacity was not increased as planned, the Accounts Chamber emphasized.

The head of Xiaomi will give a billion dollars to charity

The founder and CEO of the Chinese company Xiaomi, Lei Jun, is ready to give his annual bonus of one billion dollars to charity, BBC reports.

The head of Rosatom revealed the cost of building the Leader icebreaker

The construction of the first atomic icebreaker of the new generation “Leader” will cost 120 billion rubles in current year prices. Such data was given by the head of Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev, during the International Arctic Forum.

In the Minstroy told about the mortgage for private homes

The head of the Ministry of Construction Vladimir Yakushev announced his intention to bring the mortgage for the construction of houses as close as possible to the conditions put forward to the apartments. As planned, mortgages for private houses will be issued for the same 20 years. The interest rate at the same time should be commensurate with the rates on loans for apartments, said Yakushev.

Released the first trailer anime adaptation of the game “Ni No Kuni”

The trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the game “Ni no Kuni” from the studio Warner Bros. The video was published on YouTube. In the anime story, the main characters fall into a parallel world where magical creatures dwell.

Shell confirmed withdrawal from Baltic LNG project

Shell no longer works with Gazprom on the project to build a gas liquefaction plant in Ust-Luga, Cedric Kremers, chairman of the concern in Russia, told Vedomosti via a company representative.

Central Bank will limit lending to a number of large groups of companies

To limit the debt burden, the Central Bank offered to check a corporate borrower, who already has over 100 billion rubles in front of the bank. debt, according to the criteria of high debt load, follows from the message of the Central Bank.

“Given the fact that lending to the largest companies is mainly concentrated in systemically important banks, regulation is supposed to be applied primarily in relation to large credit institutions,” the Central Bank said in a statement.

National projects by raising taxes in the non-oil sector

The decision of the Ministry of Finance to assign the status of tax payments to existing and new collections indicates that the government intends to control the price of oil balancing the budget and plans to finance national projects by increasing the taxation of the non-oil sector

Unistream offers online cash to entrepreneurs

The client pays only for banking services, only 2 500 Rubles per month, says Vadim Ignatiev, director of the department of sales development RKO. We actively support small business and help it to easily adapt to changes in legislation on the mandatory availability of online cash registers.

US resumed oil supplies from Venezuela

From March 11 to March 29, according to statistics, oil was not delivered. Prior to this, purchases were made for the week of March 8, when the figure was 112 thousand barrels per day. Previously, the US authorities recommended oil companies around the world to abandon deals with the Venezuelan authorities.

Customs officers disclose the amount of illegally withdrawn capital from Russia

In 2018, illegally withdrawn capital in the amount of 370 billion rubles was not returned to Russia from abroad. On this, as RIA Novosti reports, the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia reported. As a result, 417 criminal cases in the amount of more than 47.5 billion rubles were initiated in the country.

Started selling tickets for the festival Locals Only

The festival of music and sports Locals Only will be held in three cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. First, the port will be the port of Sevkabel on the shores of the Gulf of Finland: this year’s headliners will be Rae SREMMURD, Denzel Curry, “The Forward Molly” and the group OFFMI.

Festival “Times and Epochs” became the winner of the international award

Mossovetinfo.ru – The Times and Epoch Festival has become the winner of the prestigious international Global Eventex Awards-2019, the Moscow City Council press service reported to the Mossovet news agency. “Times and Epochs” became the winner in the nomination “Festival”.

Found the performer of the main male role in the “Black Widow”

Oleg T. Fagbenli (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) joined the cast of the film “The Black Widow”. He got the main male role in the solo film about the super spy.

Released teaser of the revived series “Lucifer”

On the YouTube-channel of the service Netflix the teaser of the fourth season of the scandalous mystical detective “Lucifer”, based on the comics of Neil Gaiman, is published. In the video, the actor Tom Ellis, who plays the title role, slowly leaves the pool with a serious air, tied to a glass.

Hawkeye of the Avengers will receive a solo series

Disney Studios is about to release a mini-series about one of the members of the Avengers squad, Falcon Eye (Clint Baton). As in the films, he will be played by Jeremy Renner. The episodic picture will consist of a maximum of eight episodes.

Netflix will release its own magazine

Netflix Streaming Service plans to release a magazine to promote its programs before the American Emmy television award. It will include interviews, articles, and other materials about Netflix projects and the people working on them, reports Bloomberg.

The IX Bach Music Festival opens in the Organ Hall in Chisinau

The ninth Johann Sebastian Bach International Festival opens in the organ hall in the capital of Moldova. The festival is expected to become one of the most significant musical events of the spring in Moldova.

Eurovision will not be shown on American TV

Logo for the first time officially showed Eurovision to the American audience in 2016, last year’s broadcast on the channel was watched by 74 thousand viewers – 10 thousand more than in 2017. It is not yet known whether another American Broadcaster will qualify for broadcast.

Telegram launched closed testing of its blockchain

In fact, the teams got the opportunity to install the TON blockchain network node in their heads, the leaders of the two companies explained, but there are no specific test results yet, they stated. The first test results show “extremely high transaction speed,” says one of them.

Bloomberg: Amazon’s Voice Assistant User Overheard

Amazon still uses the work of thousands of employees around the world to train voice recognition assistant Alexa for speech recognition, as well as recordings of private conversations from users, according to a journalist investigation published by Bloomberg on April 11.

Google Docs for the first time began to correctly edit MS Office documents

Not yet for everyone The new rules for working with Google Docs with documents, spreadsheets and presentations of Microsoft Office include only one limitation – they do not apply to ordinary users yet

Taxi applications found dangerous vulnerabilities

Roskachestvo analyzed the work of taxi applications and found dangerous vulnerabilities in them, the newspaper Izvestia reported.

Verbatim Introduces New 7mm Solid State Drive

The new Verbatim SSD delivers data read speeds of up to 560 MB / s – 20 times faster than a regular hard drive. 3D NAND flash memory chips combined with the latest generation controller will improve the response time of your system.

MerliONCloud Starts Providing SkyDNS Cloud Solutions

Merlion, the Russian VAD distributor, has signed a distribution agreement with SkyDNS for the sale of cloud solutions as part of the development of the MerliONCloud platform.

For 8 days, domestic OS Elbrus downloaded about 50 thousand times

Whether representatives of the developer are going to hold any advertising campaigns to popularize the product is not reported. Previously, RSpectr experts figured out how Russian state-owned companies would fulfill the requirement to switch to domestic software.

Official support of the Windows XP operating system is complete

Recently, the actual completion of the era of Windows XP. This became known after April 9 ended support for Embedded POSReady 2009, the final version of the product.

Huawei introduced a laptop with Snapdragon 850 and Windows 10

At the heart of the Matebook E 2019 is a mobile Snapdragon 850 processor, the RAM in the device is 4 or 8 GB, the drive will be attached to 128 or 256 GB. With a laptop keyboard weighs about 1 kg, and without it, the weight of the device is 680 grams.

Smartphones were more dangerous than drinking and driving

The study revealed a new category of dangerous drivers – dependent on smartphones. And they were more dangerous than even drunk drivers. As noted by Zendrive, last year in the United States, such gadzhetomany caused the death of 6227 pedestrians.

Hi-tech backpack

At the site of collective funding Kickstarter started a fundraiser for a high-tech backpack called Agazzi. There are four versions available. The most expensive of them – Agazzi Pro received a fingerprint scanner, external and internal illumination. The price for this model starts from 246 dollars. The Agazzi Liberty version, priced from $ 207, is only equipped with a scanner, and the Agazzi Lumi, too, from $ 207 – just the highlight inside and outside. The most affordable version of Agazzi Stile at a price of $ 168 offers basic features that are also found in other versions, such as charging for mobile devices, protection against water, more than 15 pockets, a spacious main compartment, a protected laptop compartment, a total capacity of 23 liters , Italian design and lifetime warranty.

Raidmax Attila: original case with a slope for a gaming PC

Raidmax has announced a curious new product – the Attila computer case, on the basis of which it is possible to form a gaming desktop system with a spectacular look. One of the features of the product is an inclined design.

Google has introduced a new service Currents

The US corporation Google has announced the launch of the corporate service Currents. It is planned that the new communication service for corporate communication will be an improved version of Google+, which was previously closed due to low ratings and vulnerabilities.

Ads may appear on Google Maps.

No, you will not see ads pop up on the left and right when you view the map, or at least we hope that this will not happen. This will make using Google Maps not only annoying, but also dangerous, and we hope Google understands this.

Google Duo has a new traffic saving mode.

To reduce traffic consumption, Google Duo reduces video chat resolution. Before you decide whether to use the new mode, you can take a look at the preview, which clearly shows the difference.

Pay for gasoline at the UAE gas stations can now be without leaving the car

Users can link their account with the vehicle identification number to replenish their account, pay for fuel, and also make purchases at Zoom and Pronto stores. The application also allows you to make remote payments by entering the data of a particular gas station and column number.

The remains of people of the new species found in the Philippines

Archaeologists have found on the Philippine island of Luzon the remains of ancient people who belong, scientists suggest, a previously unknown human species. The new “ancient man” combined the features of both the early hominids and the later members of the genus Homo, according to the journal Nature.

A new device identifies and captures cancer cells from the blood.

American scientists at a university in Michigan have developed and are currently testing a device that can detect cancer cells faster and more efficiently than doctors now do with a biopsy, or through a series of complex and painful procedures.

Korean paleontologists found footprints of the smallest dinosaur

Tiny traces are left by the smallest of theropods known to science – under 20 centimeters of dinosaurs Minisauripus. Once the reptiles ran through a thin, millimeter layer of soft dirt.

Scientists: Long beard in men indicates small testicles

Scientists from Australia found that a long beard in men may indicate small testicles. The reason lies in the need to draw the attention of potential sexual partners to their appearance.

Scientists have learned how to cheer up quickly

Researchers collected 500 volunteers and conducted a large-scale experiment. Study participants were divided into four equal groups. In the first, volunteers for a certain period wished happiness to passersby, in the second, they studied the feelings of the people around them. The participants in the experiment in the third and fourth groups criticized people on the way for their appearance and demonstrated their superiority.

Scientists evaluated the emotional state of volunteers before and after the experiment. As a result, it turned out that the research participants from the first group raised their spirits. In the second group, the volunteers felt sympathy towards others and received satisfaction.

Sugar consumption makes a person less attentive

Scientists have dispelled the myth that sugar gives strength during mental work. Researchers from Germany and the UK, after analyzing the data from 31 studies, came to the conclusion that sugar is likely to make you feel only worse. During the work, data from more than 1,200 adults were investigated, according to N + 1

Scientists from China have introduced the monkeys of the human brain to monkeys

In order to test how the human form of MCPH1 affects the development of the brain, Bin-soo with co-authors decided on rather ethically questionable experiments. Using the virus as a vector – a carrier of the target gene, the scientists succeeded in inserting MCPH1 into the genome of rhesus monkey embryos.

Scientists explain the difference between alcoholism and drunkenness

Specialists from the University of Pennsylvania observed the lives of 275,000 people and conducted DNA analysis. They identified 18 genetic combinations associated with regular alcohol abuse. Only five of these combinations led to the development of alcoholism, in which people could not cope with alcoholic beverages and became alcoholics, writes Izvestia, citing a study.

A method for the treatment of bacterial meningitis without antibiotics

Swedish and Danish scientists reported on the development of an innovative method for the treatment of bacterial meningitis, which makes it possible to abandon antibiotics, without which modern medicine rarely manages to defeat the disease.

Scientists have learned exactly how the brain responds to thirst

American researchers at Stanford University decided to find out exactly how the brain registers the lack of water in the body and creates a feeling of thirst. The results of the relevant scientific work were published in the publication Science.

“We used a special device for reading brain signals to understand which neural structures the subforical organ sends signals when it detects a water shortage. Experiments in rodents have shown that almost twenty-four thousand neurons, which are located in thirty-four areas, are associated with thirst. of the brain, “says Carl Deisseroth, lead author of the study.

Rogozin reported on the transfer of launches of the stations “Luna-26” and “Luna-27”

The launches of the Russian interplanetary stations Luna-26 and Luna-27 will take place a year later – in 2024 and 2025, the general director of the Roscosmos state corporation Dmitry Rogozin said on Thursday. Earlier, the launches were planned in 2023 and 2024, respectively.

“Luna Resource-1 (Luna-26) – … this work is due to problems with financing shifted so far by 2024 and Luna-27” is 2025, “he said at a press conference at the MIA” Russia Today “.

Methane failed to be detected in Mars atmosphere

The Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IKI RAS) reports that the participants of the EkzoMars 2016 project have published the first results of the analysis of data from the instruments of the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) orbiter. One of the main goals of the TGO mission is to detect methane, which may indicate life on Mars, or at least current volcanic activity.

Space debris company raised over $ 100 million

Japanese Astroscale, which intends to do space debris, has attracted an investment of $ 102 million, reports the Financial Times. According to experts, such services will quickly become in demand, since debris in Earth orbit poses a danger to satellites and space stations. According to the estimates of the European Space Agency, about 900,000 objects more than 1 cm in size are located within 2,000 km from the Earth.

The terms of launching the first Soyuz-2 rocket on the new fuel are named.

“The first launch of the Soyuz-2 launch vehicle from the Vostochny cosmodrome is fully planned using naphthyl as fuel after 2020,” Dmitry Baranov, Director General of the Rocket and Space Center Progress, quotes in its news feed.

Astronomers have discovered the second Sun

Two astronomers managed to detect the second Sun almost simultaneously on the cosmic expanses. Anomalous object experts discovered through powerful telescopes. Scientists claim that previously unknown object is similar to the Sun

Lockheed Martin introduced a prototype of the lunar module

The company Lockheed Martin has presented a project of a spacecraft that will help Americans return to the moon. The creators of the ship claim that with sufficient funding it can be built by 2024.

“To create space cities you need a single plan”

Constellations of satellites, space hotels, billboards and residential stations – at a distance of 160-2000 km above the Earth new industry is growing. Ariel Ekblau, founder of the space exploration program at the MIT Media Lab, compares the process with the growth of large cities in the 19th century.

Coupe-crossover Renault Arkana will enter the Russian market this year

This year, the Russian market will have a new coupe-crossover Renault Arkana. On this April 11, the press service of the French brand. The serial version of the car is built on a new modular platform.

Updated Isuzu D-Max pickup unveiled in Russia

The Japanese company Isuzu has expanded the Russian car market with a new version of the Isuzu D-Max pickup truck, which was presented to the public in 2017. It is known that now the appearance is expressed by a more aggressive form of optics, as well as a unique grille and modern bumpers.

Electric sedan infiniti shown before the premiere

On the Internet, they showed a photo of a concept Infiniti Qs Inspiration sedan, the world debut of which will take place at the automobile show in Shanghai on April 16. The new model will get the appearance in the style of the show-car QX Inspiration, and will also be a precursor of the production model.

Published the first photo of the new Subaru Outback

The Japanese manufacturer introduced the first image of the next generation off-road wagon Subaru Outback of the next generation. New model officially debuts on April 17 at the New York Auto Show

Toyota will release an affordable sports car in the style of the old Audi TT

Recently, company representatives are increasingly talking about intentions to create a line of sports cars. And these intentions are being realized – they released the new Toyota Supra. Therefore, the appearance of the youngest model does not seem illogical.

“Black Arrow” from the descendants of the Vikings

The well-known Swedish company Husqvarna began selling the restyled version of the Svartpilen 701 motorcycle. Black Arrow, as translated from the Swedish word Svartpilen, is a city motorcycle that combines the features of a classic and a scrambler, which allows it to travel in any conditions.

Sport Audi S6 and S7 got diesel versions

The “pumped” S-modifications of the Audi A6 and A7 models were always equipped with gasoline engines before, but the new-generation cars shown in Europe received a diesel power unit. Under the hood of the updated diesel Audi S6 and S7 will be located 3-liter turbo engine V6.

New Toyota RAV4 enters home market

Events dedicated to the start of sales of the new crossover will be held at Toyota dealerships in Japan on April 20 and 21. In the home market, the company intends to sell about 3000 copies of the new RAV4 monthly.

“Mail of Russia” has registered a “daughter” in China

Pochta Rossii has completed the registration of a subsidiary in China, the FSUE share in the authorized capital of the new company is 100%. This is stated in the materials of the postal operator.