7 Apr, 2020

News digest for 04/06/2020

Deferred payments, which are provided as part of the “credit holidays” due to the coronavirus, will not be free for borrowers, announced the Central Bank of Elvira Nabiullina. During the grace period for which the loan is granted, banks will continue to charge interest on the loan, which will increase the amount of debt. In particular, interest on mortgage loans will be charged at the rate set by the loan agreement.

For consumer loans and credit cards, a preferential rate of 2/3 of the average market rate is set, which is calculated by the Central Bank. For such borrowers, the rate calculated by the regulator on the day of sending the application for deferral to the Bank will be relevant

Maximum amount of credits for requests for credit holidays

for consumer loans-250 thousand rubles.

for similar IP loans-300 thousand;

for car loans-600 thousand.

obligations secured by a mortgage — 1.5 million rubles

Singapore will pay $1.1 thousand to every citizen over 21 years of age

The government of Singapore will pay 1.6 thousand Singapore dollars ($1.1 thousand) to each citizen over 21 years of age as support due to the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister hen Swee Keith, presenting in Parliament the next package of additional measures for the period of the pandemic

Suspended accruals of penalties for non-payment of utilities

Prime Minister Mishustin signed a decree that will suspend the accrual of penalties for non-payment of utilities, as well as contributions for major repairs until January 1, 2021. In addition, it refers to the suspension of accrual of penalties for resource supply contracts by management organizations and homeowners ‘ associations. At the same time, as indicated in the decree, a ban will be imposed on disabling non-payers ‘ access to services.

List of sectors of the economy most affected

The Russian government has approved a list of economic sectors most affected by the spread of coronavirus. The state will provide assistance to these sectors in the first place.

  • air transport, airport operations, road transport;
  • culture, leisure and entertainment;
  • sports and recreation activities;
  • activities of travel agencies and other organizations in the field of tourism;
  • hotel business;
  • public catering;
  • activities of organizations of additional education and non-governmental educational institutions;
  • organization of conferences and exhibitions;
  • activities that provide household services to the population (repairs, Laundry, dry cleaning, hairdressing and beauty salons).

In Samara, a doctor complained about traffic police officers

Gennady Kuropatkin, head of the orthopedic Department of Seredavin hospital, wrote on Instagram that the police took half an hour to draw up a Protocol. During this time, according to him, the patient lost half a liter of blood. The traffic police reported that they started a service check after the doctor’s publications.

“I was called urgently to the clinic to see a patient who had a massive life-threatening hemorrhage in the postoperative period. Was stopped by a traffic police post. He showed all the necessary documents, asked to skip it faster, since the patient’s life depends on it, and even tried to go around the post. But in response, I was stopped, and a Protocol was issued for 35 minutes. The main character of this outrage in the photo-Senior Lieutenant Komarov Oleg Lvovich. On the conscience of the traffic police inspector is almost half a liter of blood.”

A month of self-isolation will cost the EU 2.5-3% of GDP

They (the economic consequences) will be very severe. If the self-isolation measures last one month, we will lose from 2.5% to 3% of GDP and from 5% to 6% with two months of self-isolation – – said the European Commissioner for internal market Affairs Thierry Breton

The Prime Minister of Japan declare a state of emergency in Tokyo and Osaka

According to the Kyodo news Agency, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the introduction of a local emergency regime in a number of cities in the country in connection with the spread of the coronavirus.

“The emergency mode will be introduced in the near future in two cities – Tokyo and Osaka, where in recent days there has been a sharp outbreak of the number of infected COVID-2019,” the report says.

The number of bankrupts in the Novosibirsk region increased by a quarter

The Novosibirsk arbitration court declared 609 citizens bankrupt. This is 25% more than in January – March last year, when the number of insolvent was about 490, according to the unified state register of bankruptcy information. Basically, claims for bankruptcy are filed by debtors themselves-93 %.

In the overall rating of regions by the number of bankruptcies in the first quarter, the Novosibirsk region occupies the 11th place. The leaders are Moscow and the Moscow region, Krasnodar territory, Bashkiria, and Samara region.

The Soyuz-2.1 a rocket was taken to the launch site for the first flight with people

Soyuz-2 Rocket.1A ” was taken out and installed at the launch complex of the Baikonur cosmodrome for the first manned launch on this carrier, according to Roscosmos Twitter

A new method for improving the efficiency of led lamps

Experts suggested making additional layers of led lamps from perovskite. Until this technology was developed, they resorted to using carbon quantum dots, which increased the efficiency of LEDs by thirteen percent

The new solar cycle may start in April 2020

Many do not know, but our star goes through certain cycles of activity, each of which lasts about 11 years. Right now, the Sun is quite calm, as it completes what scientists call the solar cycle-24, and begins the solar cycle-25

As solar activity increases, more sunspots will appear on the surface of the star – dark, cold nodes of the magnetic field. Sunspots are the source of solar flares, such as coronal mass ejections, which spread radiation and charged particles throughout the Solar system. Around the Earth, such events can cause auroras, interfering with the operation of satellites in orbit.

Banks filed 200 thousand lawsuits against debtors on loans in Novosibirsk

Banks have become more likely to file financial claims against debtors on loans in the Novosibirsk region, statistics Of the judicial Department of the Department leads the publication ” RBC.Novosibirsk». It is noted that the number of lawsuits filed in court has increased by a third in quantitative terms, and by almost 40% in monetary terms. The total amount of claims satisfied by the courts exceeded 28 billion rubles.

Xiaomi released mijia Sneakers 4 for 28 dollars

Chinese manufacturing giant Xiaomi has a variety of shoes, most of Them from the mijia brand. Recently, the company announced the release of mijia 4th generation sneakers. Xiaomi Mijia Sneakers 4 has several improvements over its predecessor.

Scientists have solved the mystery of the space phenomenon over Japan

Scientists have managed to solve the 1400-year-old mystery of the “red sign” that appeared in the sky over Japan. The” pheasant’s tail ” was taken by the ancients as a bad omen. It was actually the Aurora Borealis

The words of the Russian defense Ministry are perceived by the Italian authorities as a threat

The words of the representative of the Russian defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov are perceived by the Italian authorities as a threat to the Italian journalist Jacopo Iacoboni, April 4 reports the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

“It is impossible not to notice the inappropriate tone of certain expressions. Freedom of speech and opinion is the main value of our country, ” the publication quotes Italian foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

Recall that Igor Konashenkov gave an assessment of three articles by Iacoboni, which were published on their pages by the Turin newspaper La Stampa. In these articles, the author gives his assessment of the allegedly genuine goals and practical benefits of the assistance that Russia provides to the Italian authorities in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection. According to Iacoboni, medical care in Russia is “80% useless”.

“Hiding behind the ideals of freedom of speech and pluralism of opinions, the press ignites the cold war by spreading fake news, referring to the “opinions” expressed by anonymous “high officials”. Moreover, the press is not afraid to use everything that the authors can come up with based on recommendations they found in books on anti — Soviet propaganda,” Konashenkov wrote on Facebook.

A military transport plane was shot down near Tripoli

A military transport plane belonging to the Libyan national army (LNA) under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar was shot down near Tripoli, Reuters reports.

Released the trailer for the continuation of the anime series “Pokemon”

The network posted a new trailer for the continuation of the series “Pokemon”. The video was published on April 5 on the official Twitter page of the project. The video makes it clear to fans of the popular anime series in which direction the plot will develop. They can also see who ash and his champion will have to fight.

The script for “ant-Man 3” will be written by the author of “Rick and Morty»

The screenwriter has already worked on the storyline of films from the Marvel film Studio, which adapts the comics of the same name. These include the previous parts of “ant-Man”, “Guardians of the galaxy” and others.

The premiere of “Top gun: Maverick” was postponed to December

Paramount Pictures decided to postpone the premiere of “Top gun: Maverick” with Tom cruise in the title role. Thus, the producers want to avoid large financial losses during the rental due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mail.ru Group restarts ICQ messenger

Mail.ru Group will release a new ICQ New-based on one of the oldest messengers in Russia. About this newspaper “Kommersant” was told by the band itself. The focus was on group communication: ICQ New introduced audio and video calls with up to 30 participants.

Xiaomi releases RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition

The range of Xiaomi has been expanded with a new laptop called RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition. The release of the original RedmiBook 14 took place back in may 2019 and the Ryzen Edition version retained some of its characteristics. In particular, the updated laptop inherited a 14-inch display with a screen-to-body ratio of 81.2%. The new product is offered with two processor options. This can be AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, or AMD Ryzen 7 3700U. Both versions come with 8 GB/16 GB RAM versions and 512 GB flash memory. As for prices, the basic version of RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition on 8+512 GB is offered for $ 464. The top version with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of flash memory is priced at $ 563

RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition supports file transfer between devices of other brands. This feature is the result of joint work of brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. It allows you to transfer files between laptops and smartphones of these companies without limiting the size Xiaomi has introduced a low cost waterproof electric shaver

Xiaomi introduced an ultra-cheap waterproof electric shaver

Xiaomi announced a budget electric shaver Mijia Electric Shaver S300, the cost of which is only 13 dollars (about 1 thousand rubles). RA file.

Russia has created a neural network computer on a flash drive

Russian electronics developer STC Modul created Russia’s first neural network hardware and software single-Board computer in the form factor of a flash drive. The new product is called NM Stick. This module, according to its creators, is intended for use as a portable platform for receiving, processing, storing and transmitting data streams as part of a PC, digital signal processing systems and machine vision. Applications include neural networks and artificial intelligence, telecommunications systems, robotic systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, and process automation systems. The Module does not specify what specific effect companies and individuals can achieve with the help of the new product

“While there are no examples of actual use of NM Stick, since the SOFTWARE for IT is at the final stage of development,” Ivan Sharoshkin told CNews,”however, pilot instances of the module have already been released.”

Elon Musk banned SpaceX employees from using Zoom

SpaceX, which is headed by entrepreneur Elon Musk, banned the use of the Zoom video conferencing platform after a warning issued by the us Federal Bureau of investigation.

Chronic stress changes the human brain

As reported by today News Ufa with reference to scientists, constant stress and anxiety are the cause of inflammation in the human body, which, in turn, leads to cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

A method for programming cells has been developed

Researchers from America created artificial proteins. They function as molecular logic gates. The authors of the development noted that their logic elements can be used in a wide range of biomedical applications, because they are more versatile and modular.

American scientists have recorded a record melting of glaciers in the Himalayas

American scientists in the study recorded a record melting of glaciers in the Himalayas. According to the results of 2019, the territory’s ice sheet is losing ice reserves about twice as fast as 40 years ago.

A way to restore marine ecosystems by 2050 has been found

An international team of scientists from ten countries has found out what measures need to be taken in the coming years to restore marine ecosystems and animal populations damaged by human activity and climate change. The scientists wrote about this in the journal Nature.

One of the key elements identified for success is the mitigation of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The consequences of conscious and unavoidable climate change are already limiting the ability to restore tropical corals to a certain level, and it is not yet possible to restore them completely. The goal of restoring an abundance of marine life can only be achieved if the most ambitious goals of the Paris agreement are met.

Genetic markers of myopia detected

Experts have found three genetic mechanisms that are responsible for myopia. During the new study, scientists analyzed DNA for the presence of vision and the degree of myopia. Experts studied the data of half a million people.

China has developed a neuroimaging marker for the diagnosis of schizophrenia

Scientists from the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, together with employees of other research institutions in China, have developed a new neuroimaging biomarker for the identification, prediction and subtyping of schizophrenia based on the functional pathology of the striatum

Results of the first quarter on the market of new buildings in New Moscow

According to analysts of Metrium, at the end of the first quarter of 2020, 29 new buildings were presented in the primary housing market of New Moscow. The volume of supply has increased slightly since the end of last year in the number of apartments (9,390 units, +0.8%) and at the same time decreased in the total area (503.9 thousand square meters, -3.1%). The average offer price increased by 6.3% and reached 135,780 rubles per sq. m.

Only companies with a pharmaceutical license will be able to sell

Roskhimzashchita is responsible for supplying the regions with masks, gloves and respirators. Only companies with a pharmaceutical license can sell masks, respirators, and gloves. At each stage of sales, the price for them can increase by no more than 10% and no more than 10 kopecks per piece

In Lipetsk introduced a mask mode

Mayor Yevgenia Uvarkina said in her Instagram that from April 6, public transport will only be allowed if you have a mask.

“Bus and tram drivers are already wearing masks. And now this requirement will be mandatory for passengers. Drivers are strictly forbidden to leave the stop if a person enters the car without a mask. He will be asked to get out, and if the remark is ignored, the driver will be obliged to call the police.”

Don’t confuse regional powers with Federal ones

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the heads of Federal subjects do not have the right to close the borders of regions in order to combat the spread of coronavirus

Domestic violence has increased in Paris

According to The Minister of internal Affairs, the authorities had to introduce special measures for victims of aggression by cohabiting partners. You can report domestic violence at a pharmacy – just call the code word” mask 19″, and the pharmacist will call the police, so that the gendarmes will arrest the offender. A similar system was previously established in Spain. You can also report domestic violence by SMS to 114

Over 10 years, Russians have purchased 225 million smartphones

Millions of devices cost the people of Russia 2.8 trillion rubles. The same amount is now listed in the Bank accounts of businessman Elon Musk. The number of smartphones sold during this time exceeds the country’s population by 53%

Us oil company wells shelled in Iraq

In Basra, Iraq, five missiles were fired at the enterprises of an American company working in the oil sector. This is reported by Sky News Arabia, citing sources. The name of the company, as well as data on possible damage and casualties are not reported.

Apple has started to produce protective face shields for doctors

Apple Corporation plans to produce protective face shields for doctors working with patients with coronavirus. The company will produce 1 million of these products a week, Apple CEO Tim cook said.

In Russia, drones will be allowed to drive on normal roads without a driver

Russian President Vladimir Putin has instructed the government to develop a law allowing testing drones without an insurance driver on ordinary roads. The order must be executed by the government before may 31 of this year.Chi

Georgian authorities have extended the ban on regular flights

The ban on regular flights in Georgia has been extended until April 30. This was announced on April 5 by the press service of the country’s civil aviation Agency.

All trains between Belarus and Russia have been canceled

Belarus has decided to stop running trains to Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Such measures were introduced due to the threat of spreading coronavirus infection and the closure of the Russian border.

Croatia launches campaign to promote virtual tourism

The tourist Board of the Zagreb district promotes a virtual ” experience” of its destinations. Publications are promoted with the hashtag #TravelVirtually, #ostanidoma, and #ExploreZagrebCountyOnline. Tourists are offered to walk through the municipalities and all nine cities of the district. You can also virtually visit all the museums in the area of Zagreb County

Bulgaria opens first resort after quarantine

The ski resort of Bansko has become the first tourist center in Bulgaria, where the quarantine has already ended. For two weeks, standard quarantine rules were in effect: only stores and pharmacies were open, and tourists were evacuated. Now the bus service is resumed in the city, the first to leave it will be nonresident residents who are stuck in Bansko during the quarantine, says ia “Focus”. Strict anti-epidemic measures continue to operate both in the city and across the country. Nevertheless, Bulgaria expects to receive tourists this summer.

The Russian government has introduced quotas for grain exports

Quotas for grain exports were introduced by the Russian government on March 31, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation reported. This restrictive measure, which is in effect from April 1 to June 30, 2020, will help to stabilize grain prices and provide the country’s population with bread and flour at an affordable cost.

Restrictions are imposed on the export of wheat, meslin, rye, barley and corn outside the EEU in the total amount of 7 million tons, with the exception of grain seeds, the government decree says.

The international monetary Fund approved the loan for Rwanda

109.4 million us dollars will be allocated by the leadership of the International monetary Fund to support the economy of Rwanda during the new type of viral pneumonia pandemic, reports the EastAfrican.

Bloomberg: Moscow and Riyadh will not be able to agree on a deal on oil

Russia and the Saudis cannot agree on the terms of a new deal to reduce oil production. Moscow and Riyadh will try to persuade the US to join the agreement at the G20 meeting of energy Ministers. Russia is ready to reduce production by 10% if America joins the agreement, writes Bloomberg.

Gazprom’s gas export revenues have halved in two months

Gazprom’s revenue from gas exports in January—February 2020 decreased by 51.3% compared to the same period in 2019, TASS reports, citing data from the Federal customs service. In total, the Corporation received $5.05 billion from gas exports in two months.

Transneft has started supplying Russian oil to Belarus

Deliveries of oil from Russian companies to Belarusian refineries are carried out in accordance with the issued route instructions. This was stated to journalists by Igor Demin, the press Secretary of Transneft.

In Uzbekistan, state regulation of prices for AI-80 gasoline will be canceled

State regulation of prices for AI-80 gasoline in Uzbekistan will be canceled from may 1, 2020, the press service of the Ministry of justice of the Republic reported, referring to the relevant presidential decree.

Frigate “Admiral Kasatonov” completed tests in the Northern fleet

The frigate Admiral Kasatonov has completed state tests in the Northern fleet and is moving to the Baltic, the TASS news Agency reports, citing the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation. The military clarifies that the tests took place in several stages. First, a Kalibr cruise missile was launched from the ship at a ground target

The Pentagon will replace outdated ammunition with B61-12 nuclear bombs

The Pentagon plans to upgrade its nuclear Arsenal in Germany, replacing outdated bombs with modern ones. Now the us air force nuclear bombs that have remained on the territory of Germany since the cold war are located at the Luftwaffe air base in Buchel. What exactly Washington plans, the Newspaper understood.Ru”.

In Russia, medical examinations were suspended due to coronavirus

Medical examinations of the population were suspended in Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a decree of the government of the Russian Federation, published on April 6. The decree comes into force from the date of publication and will be valid until the end of 2020

The Colombian army has begun exercises on the border with Venezuela

The US has launched the largest intimidation campaign in the Caribbean. Today, April 6, it became known that the army of Colombia has begun military exercises on the border with Venezuela. The exercise involves various units-infantry, air force and armored troops.

S-300 went on combat duty in Yakutia

The anti-aircraft missile regiment of the air defense of the Northern fleet, which was formed in 2019 in the North of Yakutia and is equipped with S-300PS systems, has begun combat duty. The information is transmitted by the press service of the Ministry of defense of Russia

The coalition led by the USA leaves the airbase of al-Taqadum in Iraq

Forces of the international anti-terrorist coalition led by the United States are leaving the al-Taqadum air base, located in the province of Anbar in the Central part of Iraq. This was announced on Saturday on Twitter by the representative of the headquarters of operation “Unwavering determination” Colonel miles Kaggins.

Disney announced new premiere dates for postponed movies

According to the publication, the picture “Mulan” will be released on big screens on July 24, “Black widow” – November 6. Other films have been moved to a later date. The premiere of the blockbuster “Eternal” will take place on February 12, 2021, the release of the film “Thor: love and thunder” – February 28, 2022, the continuation of “Indiana Jones” – July 29, 2022. Some films are still without a premiere date, among them “the Personal story of David Copperfield”, “Antlers”, ” the Woman in the window “and” New mutants”.

The first festival of films about space will be held on the Internet

International film festival of films and programs about space “Tsiolkovsky”(“Tsiolkovsky” Space Fest) will be held on April 9-12. This year’s festival was planned to be held in Kaluga – the “cradle of cosmonautics”, but due to the increasing measures to combat coronavirus in our country and the ban on mass events, competitive screenings and the announcement of the winners of the festival were moved to the Internet

Disable software for slowing down smartphones

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has proposed to prohibit the use of software in products that “unreasonably reduces” the period of their operation, including linking the functionality of the device with the period of battery wear.

Skype allowed you to use video calls without registration and installation

According to Engadget, with Meet Now, organizers will be able to create and invite users to free video conferences in three clicks. At the same time, the interlocutors do not need to have the Skype app on their computer or smartphone. You can start a video call on the service’s website. You can use a link to invite users.

The first Realme TV will have a 43-inch diagonal

Indian network informant Mukul Sharma shared information about the first TV company Realme. The new product will receive a 43-inch panel. The TV was certified in the database of the Indian regulator Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

Ten cores and a frequency of up to 5.3 GHz

Intel introduced high-performance Comet Lake-h chips. Next in line are desktop CPUs of the same line. According to official data, the frequency of the flagship 10-core Core i9-10900K will reach 5.3 GHz, and the 8-core Core i7-10700K will reach 5.1 GHz. The peak frequency of the 6-core Core i5-10600K model will be 4.8 GHz. Note that we are talking about maximum frequencies when loading only one core, so in reality, users are unlikely to see them often.

In Africa discovered the remains of a pterosaur

Paleobiologists from the University of Portsmouth have identified another new species of pterosaur. The fossilized remains of a flying lizard were found in Morocco (Africa). The new species belongs to the family of pterosaurs from the superfamily Azhdarchoidea – tapejarids.

Collect energy from the magnetic fields of electrical wiring

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania proposed to extract electricity from “air” ― from the electromagnetic fields of electrical wiring, vibrations, and light. they published their research in the journal Energy & Environmental Science

According to scientists, the magnetic fields of nearby electrical wiring can produce several milliwatts of electricity, which is enough, for example, to power a digital alarm clock. For this purpose, converters of electromagnetic fields into electric current are used.

How did the Yamal nomads manage to adapt to the tundra

Nomads find plenty of ways to use one thing and stick to the minimalism, this is the conclusion reached by scientists. They use the knife for hunting, making crafts and cooking, as well as as a symbol of status and dignity.

Reindeer herders, when they buy a new thing, take into account its functionality and compactness. Yagushka women’s fur jacket is used as clothing and a blanket for sleeping, chum can be turned into a dining room, bedroom or workshop if desired.

Tesla has released a record number of its electric vehicles

Tesla Motors produced a record number of cars in the first three months of this year, and the company also showed the largest sales in its history. During the reporting period, Tesla factories produced 102.6 thousand electric cars, and dealer cents sold 88.4 thousand cars